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China is discharging water from a dam to the lower reaches of the Mekong River to alleviate drought in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.外交部在周二宣布,为帮助老挝、缅甸、泰国、柬埔寨和越南五国缓解旱情,我国决定向湄公河下游开闸放水。;We will release emergency water supply from Jinghong Hydropower Station from March 15 till April 10,; the ministry#39;s spokesperson Lu Kang said at a regular news briefing.外交部发言人陆慷在例行记者会上表示:“从3月15日到4月10日,我们将从景洪水电站释放应急供水.”Vietnam has asked China to discharge more water from the hydropower station in southwest China#39;s Yunnan Province to help overcome drought on the Mekong Delta.越南方面已经请求中国,希望在西南部云南省的水电站排放更多水量,以帮助克湄公河三角洲地区的干旱情况。Since late 2015, countries along the Lancang-Mekong River have suffered from drought to varying extents due to the impact of the El Nino phenomenon, the spokesperson said, adding the situation has worsened recently and threatens people#39;s livelihoods.该发言人表示,自2015年底以来,受厄尔尼诺现象影响,澜沧江-湄公河流域各国均遭受不同程度旱灾。近期,旱情进一步发展,给民众生产生活带来很大影响。;In order to accommodate the concerns of countries at the lower reach of the Mekong River, the Chinese government decides to overcome its own difficulties to offer emergency water flows,; Lu said.陆慷说道:“为了帮助湄公河下游的国家,中国政府决定克自身困难,提供紧急水流 ”He said water resources cooperation is an important component of the cooperation mechanism being worked on by China and other Mekong River countries.他表示,水资源方面的合作是中国和其他湄公河沿岸国家合作机制的重要组成部分。;China is willing to enhance coordination and practical cooperation with related countries in accordance with the mechanism in water resources management and disaster response to benefit the people in the region,; the spokesperson added.此外,陆慷还补充说道:“中方愿与相关国家加强协调和务实合作,按照水资源管理和救灾机制,来造福这一地区的人民。” /201603/432302。

  • Tang Dynasty唐朝Literature and Art文学与艺术The Tang period was the golden age of Chinese literature and art.唐朝时期是中国文学与艺术的黄金年代。A government system supported by a large class of Confucian literati selected through civil service examinations were perfected under Tang rule.由科举考试选拔出的一大批儒家文人在唐朝的管理下构成了政府系统。But perhaps an even greater consideration for the Tang rulers,aware that imperial dependence on powerful aristocratic families and warlords would have destabilizing consequences,唐朝的统治者更加意识到依赖于强盛的贵族世家和军阀的国家就极不稳定,was to create a body of career officials having no autonomous territorial or functional power base.因此应该组建大量不拥有自治区或操纵力的官员。As it turned out, these scholar-officials acquired status in their local communities, family ties,法令出台后,这些士大夫们在社会和家庭关系中获取了地位,and shared values that connected them to the imperial court.他们分享自己的价值观,使自己参与到朝廷之中。From Tang times until the closing days of the Qing Empire in 1911,从唐朝开始直到1911年的清朝时期,scholar officials functioned often as intermediaries between the grassroots level and the government.士大夫通常扮演者联系老百姓和政府的角色。 /201511/405206。
  • Glib Chinese web users have raised a challenge to the AI program that recently dethroned one of the top human Go players, demanding tongue-in-cheek that the AlphaGo program learn the nation#39;s real pastime - mahjong.人工智能程序“阿尔法Go”打败世界顶级围棋选手后,好事的中国网友向其发起挑战,戏称:应该让“阿尔法Go”学习一下另一项更具有中国特色的活动——麻将。China#39;s reaction toward the historic duel between human and artificial intelligence has been mixed. At first, there were questions on why the human player did not come from China, where the game was invented more than 2,500 years ago.中国人对这一历史性的“人机大战”反响不一。首先,有人提出质疑,为何“阿尔法Go”不是与中国选手对战,毕竟围棋起源于2500多年前的中国。Then, as AlphaGo marked three victories in the five-game match, defiant web users began calling for a challenge in an arena average Chinese are more comfortable in.其次,“阿尔法Go”四比一打败李世石后,网友们开始向它发起另一个普通中国人都熟悉的游戏挑战。;Can AI beat mahjong masters?; was posted several times in the comment section of stories about the AlphaGo-Lee Sedol match on Chinese microblog Sina Weibo, where they attracted a deluge of comments defending humanity#39; glory in mahjong.“人工智能打麻将的话也能赢吗?”在关于“阿尔法Go”与李世石之战的新浪微下面,这条多次出现,进而激起了网友们试图通过麻将之战挽回人类尊严的热潮。Mahjong, China#39;s answer to poker, is usually played by four people. Each turn, players draw tiles from a 144-tile pool, discard or intercept others#39; to form sets of tiles that can win. Scientists say compared with Go, mahjong has far fewer permutations for AI calculation, but involves a degree of chance and other factors in favor of humans.麻将类似于扑克,通常四人能凑一桌。每局中,四人从144张牌中取牌,通过出牌或吃牌将自己的牌凑成一定组合后可以赢得牌局。科学家称,与围棋的可通过计算实现的排列不同,麻将影响胜负的因素很多,比如运气等。人类在这方面会更胜一筹。;Sometimes with a glimpse of the other player#39;s facial expression, I know how he or she is going to play. Can AI do that?; asked one blogger.“有时候看看其他人的表情,我就知道他/她要怎么打,人工智能(AI)可以吗?”一位微用户问道。;Unlike Go, mahjong is not a quiet game that focuses on calculation. It involves a lot of interactions and teamwork between players,; another blogger commented.“麻将不同于围棋,麻将不仅需要计算,它还包含玩家间的交流和团队协作,”另一位用户称。Some netizens described mahjong as a competition on both IQ and EQ. Computers can undoubtedly blow humans out of water in math, but how about their ability of communication and interpreting emotions?一些网民称麻将是智商与情商的双重较量。毫无疑问,计算机能在计算方面完败人类,但它们交流和分析他人情绪的能力又如何呢?Sense and sensibility理智与情感Scientists have advised against exaggerating AI#39;s prowess after the Go victory. In the gaming field alone, AI researchers agree that computers, in their current stage, may not be able to beat humans in games that feature a high level of irrationality, including understanding of feelings and creativity.“阿尔法Go”获胜后,科学家们认为没必要过分夸大人工智能的水平。相关研究人员表示,目前的计算机在非常规游戏上可能还是无法击败人类,因为这些游戏需要理解力和创造力。;AlphaGo#39;s learning and calculation prowess is based on formulas and data, but mahjong involves luck and emotions. To my knowledge, no AI is powerful enough to manage them,; said Ren Yi, an expert on computer game AI and CEO of a Nanjing-based tech company.人工智能专家、南京一家科技公司的CEO任毅称:“‘阿尔法Go’的学习和计算技术都是基于公式和数据,但麻将更多地体现了运气和情绪因素。据我所知,还没有人工智能能够做到这点。”Feng Jianfeng, chief scientist for a brain science and AI project launched by the city of Shanghai, also refused to bet on AI#39;s definitive victory over human mahjong masters, as the game involves more human intelligence than calculation.上海脑科学与人工智能重大项目首席科学家冯建峰,也认为人工智能与在麻将上不一定能获胜,因为相对于计算能力,麻将更需要人类的智慧。;AlphaGo#39;s structure and arithmetic only emulates some primary functions of human brains, not including emotions, decision making, attention and creativity,; Feng said. ;It has just done something computers are very good at. It is a landmark and will greatly boost AI development, but AI still has a long way to go.;“‘阿尔法Go’依赖的结构和算法只是模拟了人脑的一些初级功能,但是如情感、决策、注意力、创造性等它都没有涉及。”冯说。“它只是做了计算机擅长的。这次人机大战是个里程碑,它将大大促进人工智能的发展,但人工智能还有很长一段路要走。”Feng#39;s team is studying Alzheimer#39;s disease with the help of AI, but defying public expectations of AI supplementing patients#39; declining brain abilities, Feng said what computers could do so far was helping make more accurate diagnoses by navigating through big data.冯建峰的团队正在利用人工智能帮助研究阿尔兹海默症(俗称“痴呆症”),但他表示,要人工智能填补病人逐渐丧失的脑功能是不可能的,目前计算机能做到的,只是通过大数据更精确地诊断病情。The disease affects tens of millions of elderly people worldwide and has no effective cure, though medical experts say playing games that activate brains could help with the prevention.世界范围内有数以千万计的老人正在遭受阿尔兹海默症的困扰,目前仍然没有有效的治疗办法,虽然有医学专家称,通过可以刺激大脑的游戏可能预防这种疾病。So for those worrying about the disease, the Chinese advice would be, instead of pinning hopes on AI, to sit with friends and enjoy a game of mahjong.所以中国人给你的建议就是:如果担心自己患阿尔兹海默症,别抱希望于人工智能了,快邀上朋友们一起愉快的打麻将吧。 /201603/431675。
  • State System : The Shang Dynasty practiced hereditary system, in which the throne was transmitted from elder brother to younger one or from father to son. At the late stage of the Shang Dynasty, that the title was passed down to son via primogeniture was finally established, and the first born of the queen was usually the heir. It laid an important foundation for the feudal-patriarchal system in the Zhou Dynasty.国家制度:商朝基本上是王位世袭制,从兄终弟及、父死子继到商后期确立了嫡长子继承制,这也是后来周朝宗法制的重要基础。Meanwhile, the Shang Dynasty was also famous for its divination. The existent inscriptions on the oracle bones are the records of it.同时,商的占卜也很出名,现存的甲骨文便是占卜的记录。The rule of king was confined to the narrow central land, the around areas and peripheries were manors of royal members and clans. The centralized-power had not come into being.商王的统治仅仅限于狭小的中央地带,四周及边缘地区是王室诸子及各族的领地,中央集权还没有形成。State Organs:The state organization was more perfect, mainly embodied in the official system, army and penal code.国家机构:商的国家机构比夏代更加完善,主要表现在官制、军队和刑罚三个方面。The king of the Shang Dynasty was the imperator, arrogating all powers to himself; under him was the minister, the head of all officials, assisting the king to rule the country. Other officials under the prime minister took charge of agriculture,handicraft industry and military affairs, etc.商王是最高统治者,独揽大权;王之下设相,是百官之长,辅佐商王以统治全国;相之下有官员,管理农业、手工业生产和军事。Others with religious functions were the shamans, the recorders and the diviners.还有卜、史、巫、尹等,为卜筮、记事之官。The dynasty had a large army with certain division.商朝的军队庞大,有一定的编制。Oracle-bone inscriptions stated that the king had set up three army units—the right, the center and the left. Solders were mainly commoners, sometimes including slaves.据甲骨文记载商王编军队为左、中、右 三师,士兵主要由平民组成,有时也有奴隶。It was also recorded that the king dispatched an army of three thousand or five thousand, sometimes even thirteen thousand to go to war.有史料经载,商王曾派3 000 ~5 000人出兵打仗,更有参战士兵多达13000人的时候。Shang had many prisons as well as statute laws, including cruel punishments, which reflected the development of slavery.商朝的监狱很多,刑罚很残酷,这是奴隶制度发展的反映。Penal Code of Tang in the Shang Dynasty is the written law with cruel penalty.商有《汤刑》,为成 文法,刑罚很残酷。Slave owners and nobles wielded such a colossal state apparatus to exploit and oppress the majority of slaves and common-ers.商朝奴隶主贵族依靠这样庞大的国家机器对广大奴隶和平民 进行残酷的经济剥削和政治压迫。 /201510/407419。
  • ;Failure to maintain focus can leave the mind lost in repeating loops of chronic anxiety… The power to disengage our attention from one thing and move it to another is essential for well-being.; ~ Daniel Goleman, ;Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence;;注意力不集中会导致大脑长期陷入焦虑的恶性循环中……我们要把注意力从一件事情转移到另外一件,这种能力对于一个人的生活至关重要。;丹尼尔·戈尔曼说,;专注:它是驱使人们更加优秀的内在动力;。Busyness is the norm in most people#39;s lives! People are racing from task to task without a pause. It is like being on tmill without being able to shut it off. Then we wonder why stress is rampant in society.Cultivating a mindfulness practice can provide a way to take small breaks during your hectic day thus reducing your stress levels. Reducing your stress levels and slowing yourself down are also great ways to be more productive, healthy and happy.Mindfulness is a form of meditation that is not done using the traditional meditation techniques, rather it is done while engaging in everyday activities.The focus of mindfulness is turning our attention to the present moment.It is easier than you think. Ready to try?大多数人好像永远也忙不完似的!人们总是马不停蹄地忙完一件事又忙另外一件事,就好像是站在一台没有刹车的踏车上。所以我们常常困惑为什么社会上有这么大的压力。培养一种专注的习惯能够让你在忙碌的一天中偷得几时空闲,从而减轻自己的压力。通过减轻压力,放慢步调,你会变得更健康和快乐。思维专注是冥想的一种方式,但它并不借助一些传统的冥想技巧,而是与我们的日常活动紧密相连。保持专注使得我们更关注当下。不过这并非想象中的那般复杂,你准备好试试了吗?10.Smile10.微笑This may sound too simple, but it isn#39;t. When was the last you stop during your day and smiled at nothing in particular? Studies have proven that a smile changes our body chemistry and helps relieve stress. So, get out there and smile. Smile at yourself, smile at others, smile for no reason at all.这个听起来非常简单,但其实并不是这样。想一想,你最后一次停下工作,并非为了什么特别的事而展现笑颜是什么时候呢?研究明,一个微笑可以改变我们体内的化学物质,有利于缓解压力。所以,走出去大胆地展露笑容吧。对自己微笑,也可以对别人微笑,想笑就笑,无需顾忌。Taking a few moments during the day to be mindful can reduce stress, make you more productive, give you clearer insights and be happier.一天当中花一点时间来保持专注可以减少压力,使你更有效率,更善于洞察世事,从而变得更快乐。9.Celebrate your little achievements during the day9.庆祝一天之中的小成就Our days are filled with tasks that we complete and then move on the next one. It can very robotic. To appreciate what you have done take a few moments to celebrate completing a task. This can be as simple as stopping and saying, ;Yahoo, job well done; or giving yourself a little reward. My reward is a 5 minute stretch or break.我们生活充满了各种各样的任务,完成了这件,又要去做另一件。这个过程会非常机械枯燥。要想充分认识到你所完成工作的价值,那就花几分钟为此庆祝一下吧。这很简单,你只需停下工作,对自己说,;哈哈,工作完成的不错嘛!;或者给自己一个小奖励。就我自己而言,奖励就是5分钟的拉伸运动或休息时间。8.Get in touch with your senses8.更加关注自我感官When you are eating something pay close attention to the texture, taste, shape, of the food you have in your mouth. If you walking in Nature pay close attention to all the smell that come to you. Right now stop ing and pick up something and feel its texture and shape and warmth. Next time you hear a new song, stop and listen intently to the words and rhythms. We take our senses for granted. Isn#39;t it time to pay attention to the gifts they bring us?吃东西的时候,仔细留心食物的质感、味道及形状。在大自然中散步时,仔细感受迎面扑向你的气息。现在立刻停止阅读,拿起某样东西,仔细体会它的质地、形状和温度。下一次,当你听到一首新歌的时候,停下来,专注聆听歌曲的歌词和旋律。我们总是把感官视为理所当然的存在。现在不正是时候好好看看它们为我们带来了怎样美好的体验吗?7.Let your mind wander7.发呆At various times during the day stop what you are doing and let your mind wander. If you are in an office without windows let your mind rest on something that gives you great joy. Imagine it and then let yourself feel the happy sensations in your body. If you have a window to look out, let your gaze go where it wants to. When your gaze stops take note of what you are looking at. Try not to think, but don#39;t worry if you do. When you return to your task you will feel more relaxed.在一天之中,你可以几次停下手中的工作,让自己发会儿呆。如果你是在一个没有窗户的办公室里,那就想一些很高兴的事情,放松一下精神。这样试一下,然后尽情的享受这种充斥全身的幸福感吧。如果你能有个向外看的窗户,那就请随意远眺。结束之后,你可以随手记下你看到的东西。尽量不要乱想,如果想了也不要担心。这样当你重新开始工作时就会感到更加放松。6.Hit the reset6.善于调节You started your day with great intention and all was going well, then a series of things happen that disrupt your calm feeling. No problem! As soon as you notice that your day is falling apart you can reset the tone. Take a few deep breathes restate your intention. Take a few moments for the intention to settle and then you can resume what you were doing with you calm restored.你野心勃勃地开始了你的一天,一切都进展顺利,然后突然发生了一些扰乱你心绪的事情。不过,没有关系。当发现你的一天马上要搞糟的时候,立刻调整一下心态。做几个深呼吸重新梳理一下工作目标,然后赶紧把目标确定下来,像之前一样继续工作。审校:晴晴晴天 橘子 前十网 /201601/420917。
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