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厦门欧菲整形医院祛眼袋手术多少钱漳州双眼皮吧The U.N. Security Council has expressed deep concern about the situation in the Darfur region of the Sudan, where violence has surged recently, and has called for all parties to observe a cease-fire.  联合国安理会对苏丹达尔富尔地区的局势深表担忧,最近该地区暴力活动激增。安理会呼吁所有各方遵守停火。Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin who is president of the Security Council this month, said members reiterated the need for the speedy deployment of the U.N.-African Union hybrid force known as UNAMID and underlined the importance of promoting the peace process in Darfur.  担任安理会本月轮值主席的俄罗斯驻联合国大使丘尔金说,安理会成员国重申,需要加快部署联合国和非洲联盟混合部队;成员国们还强调了促进达尔富尔地区和平进程的重要性。"The members of the Security Council expressed profound concern about the continuing complex security and humanitarian situation in Darfur," he said. "They urged in this context, all Sudanese parties to observe the cease-fire, refrain from any hostilities and respect the norms of international humanitarian law." 丘尔金说:“安理会成员国对达尔富尔安全形势和人道形势的复杂性感到深切担忧。他们敦促在这种情况下苏丹所有有关各方遵守停火,避免任何敌对行动,尊重国际人道法的准则。”The council was briefed by U.N. Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping, Edmond Mulet, who warned that the recent surge in Sudanese government air strikes and rebel attacks demonstrates a lack of commitment on either side for peace talks.  联合国负责维和事务的助理秘书长穆勒在安理会做了简短汇报。他警告说,最近苏丹政府的空袭和反叛分子袭击的激增表明,和谈双方都缺少和谈的决心。"On the one hand, negotiations are required to bring this crisis to an end, but with the government intent on military action and the rebels either fighting or fragmenting, it is difficult to see an opening for political negotiations," he said. "On the other hand, a peacekeeping operation alone cannot bring security to Darfur." 穆勒说:“在一方面,结束这场危机需要谈判。但是,现在苏丹政府准备采取军事行动,而反政府力量要么在战斗,要么在搞分裂,因此很难看到政治谈判的开始;在另一方面,单纯的维和行动不能为达尔富尔带来安全。”He added that the peacekeeping operation cannot be a substitute for political engagement, and is not a tool for addressing the causes of the conflict. 他补充说,维和行动不能替代政治接触,也不是解决冲突根源的工具。The Sudanese government has been partly blamed for the latest upsurge in fighting, including a large-scale ground and air campaign aimed at reestablishing its control over parts of West Darfur under rebel control. Sudanese Ambassador Abdalmahmood Mohamad defended the strikes, saying Khartoum is protecting its people from the rebels. 苏丹政府被谴责是造成最近冲突增加的部分原因,苏丹政府发动的袭击包括大规模的地面和空中行动,旨在夺回对反叛分子控制的达尔富尔西部地区的控制。苏丹大使穆罕默德为袭击做辩护,他说,喀土穆是在保护他们的人民不受到叛乱分子的袭击。"We are doing the responsibility any state should do when confronted with a rebellion activities, attacks on civilians," he said. "These attacks will continue. These attacks will continue as long as the rebels are threatening the people, are killing the people." 穆罕默德说:“我们所做的是任何国家在面对叛乱活动袭击平民时都会负担的责任。这些袭击还会继续。只要叛乱分子威胁人民杀害人民,这些袭击就会继续。”The council urged all parties to refrain from violence, and Ambassador Churkin, speaking in his national capacity, said Moscow has raised the subject of sanctions against parties that are blocking the peace process.  安理会敦促各方不要采取暴力行动。丘尔金大使代表俄罗斯表示,莫斯科已经提出对阻碍和平进程的各方进行制裁。More than 9,000 international military and police personnel are in Darfur. The ed Nations says in the coming weeks several more units will deploy, including an Egyptian transport unit, a Nigerian medical unit as well as regular troops from Egypt and Ethiopia. 在达尔富尔有将近9千多名国际军队和警方人员。联合国说,在未来几个星期内还将派遣更多的单位,这其中包括一个埃及的运输单位、一个尼日利亚的医疗单位以及来自埃及和埃塞俄比亚的正规军队。Deployment of troops has been slowed by Sudanese objections to the composition of the force and also by a lack of equipment, such as helicopters. The ed Nations hopes to have 26,000 troops and police on the ground in Darfur. 因为苏丹政府反对维和部队的组成,再加上设备短缺,军队部署被拖延。短缺的设备包括直升飞机等。联合国希望在达尔富尔的地面部队和警察能够达到2万6千多名。200803/30136在厦门地区仁安医院做隆鼻 Obama Leads McCain in 3 New Polls奥巴马谈国家安全麦凯恩讨论教育   In the U.S. presidential election campaign, Democratic candidate Barack Obama focused on national security Wednesday, while his Republican counterpart, John McCain, spent time discussing education.  美国民主党总统参选人奥巴马星期三竞选活动的重点是国家安全,而他的竞争对手、共和党总统参选人麦凯恩则集中讨论了教育问题。Senator Obama spoke at a meeting in Indiana that dealt with a range of national security threats including nuclear proliferation as well as cyber and bio-terrorism. 奥巴马参议员在印第安纳州举行的一次会议上谈到了美国面临的一系列安全威胁,其中包括核扩散以及网络和生物恐怖主义。Obama said his intention to wind down the U.S. involvement in Iraq would allow the ed States to take the lead in securing nuclear materials around the world. 奥巴马说,他希望逐渐结束美国在伊拉克的军事行动,目的是使美国能够带头落实全球核材料的安全。"For the amount of money that we are spending in Iraq in one month, if that same amount of money was spent over the course of the next four years, we could lock up all the loose nuclear material that exists out there," said Barack Obama. "That strikes me as a good investment to make." 他说:“如果我们把每个月花在伊拉克的钱用在核安全上,那么我们可以在今后四年里把世界上所有不安全的核材料全部控制起来。我认为这是一个很好的投资。”Obama's Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, focused on education reform during a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a leading civil rights organization. 奥巴马的共和党对手麦凯恩参议员在俄亥俄州辛辛那提向美国主要民权团体“全国有色人种协进会”发表演讲时重点讨论了教育改革问题。McCain said if elected he would make it easier for parents in low income areas to send their children to better performing private schools as an alternative to public education. 麦凯恩说,如果当选,他将让居住在低收入地区的家长能够更容易地把他们的孩子送到学生学习成绩更好的私立学校里去,作为公立教育之外的一个选择。McCain also spoke about the weakened domestic economy, which public opinion polls indicate is the top issue in the election campaign for voters. 麦凯恩还谈到了不景气的美国经济。民意调查结果显示,选民们认为这是总统竞选中的首要话题。The presumptive Republican nominee reiterated his commitment to cutting taxes. 麦凯恩重申了他对减税的承诺。"I believe that in a troubled economy where folks are struggling to afford the necessities of life, higher taxes are the last thing we need," said John McCain. "The economy is not hurting because workers and businesses are under-taxed." “我相信,当经济遇到麻烦、人们都在为日常生活而苦苦挣扎的时候,我们最不需要的就是更高的税率。经济不好并不是由于工人和公司纳税太少。”Three new public opinion polls give Senator Obama a lead over Senator McCain of between six and nine points. The surveys were conducted by CBS News and the New York Times, A News and the Washington Post, and Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. 三项新的民意调查结果显示,奥巴马参议员领先麦凯恩参议员六到九个百分点。这三项民意调查分别由哥伦比亚广播公司和纽约时报、美国广播公司和华盛顿邮报以及康涅迪克州的昆尼皮亚克大学所进行的。The CBS News-New York Times poll also suggests a racial divide remains among American voters. That survey found that 55 percent of white voters believe race relations in the country are good at the present time, while only 29 percent of African-Americans feel the same way. 哥伦比亚广播公司和纽约时报进行的民调还显示,在美国选民中仍然存在种族分裂。调查发现,百分之五十五的白人选民认为目前美国的种族关系是好的,而只有百分之二十九的非洲裔美国人有相同的感觉。However, majorities of both blacks and whites did agree that the country is y for an African-American president. 但是,大部分黑人和白人都认为,美国可以接受一位非洲裔美国人出任总统。200807/44268厦门治疗痘痘哪里好

福建厦门妇女医院丰胸多少钱;Something tells me that...; ------ “我感觉……”(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) Expression meaning ;I suspect that...; or ;I have an intuitive feeling that...; 例句Something tells me that the stock market values are going to increase over the coming twelve months, so I want to make more investments.我感觉,股票市场的价值在未来12个月内还要增长,因此我想追加一些投资。 /201611/471195厦门那个医院胎记好 (Healthy food)are proving so unpopular in some parts of the country. There is a warning that some catering services are in danger of collapse. 60 percent of English secondary schools who responded to a B survey reported a fall in the number of pupils wanting cooked meals. Now our correspondent Collette McBeth is at Chater High School in Ipswich for us. How is it looking there then Collette? Well, this was supposed to be the beginning of the school dinner's revolution. Out with fatty foods like chips and chicken nuggets, more things like chili vegetable pasta we can see on the here. But now that these healthy meals are on sale, many school caterers are asking exactly how many pupils want to eat them. Lunch time at Barr's Hill School in Coventry and there is a new healthier to choose from. This was one of the first secondary schools this term to adopt the government's new guidelines limiting the amount of fried and fatty food. Good news you may think but the canteen here has seen a fall in demand. Some children are simply choosing to eat elsewhere. I go out of school for meals here because I don't like healthy foods and I prefer chocolate and crisps. I think I'd rather have a packed lunch because I can have anything I want and I know that I will actually eat it. And it seems to be the same picture in many parts of the country. The B spoke to 59 of the 150 local authorities across England. Almost 60 percent of them said the number of children opting for school meals had fallen since last year. In Scotland too, the latest figures show a small drop in the number of secondary school pupils eating school meals. While in Wales, Denbighshire has become the first local authority to say its whole school meal service is under threat. Some local authorities say the changes were rushed in too quickly and even blame the so-called Jamie Oliver effect. His campaign may have got the government's attention but it seems many children remain unconvinced. I think the government have got it wrong in as much as they did not give the caterers enough time to do this. They have not given the manufactures enough time to actually get the products needed to comply with the regulations and to actually give enough information to schools and to pupils about why we are doing it. School food campaigners say there were always going to be teething problems and parents need to do more to encourage children to swap their chips and fizzy drinks for a healthier diet. So there are many possible explanations for this downturn. Jamie Oliver, who spearheaded the campaign, says that the government still aren't giving enough money. They have pledged 220 million over the next 3 years. But when you take that down to each individual kitchen like this one, and each individual pupil, it amounts to very little. The other reason is this may have all happened too quickly. Some campaigners say if you and I as parents were to swap the baked beans, for say, mung beans on the kitchen table, we too would meet with some resistance, and that's exactly what's happening in schools. Back to you.---------------------------------------------VOCABULARY1.nugget n. a small round piece of some types of food: chicken nuggets2.chili also chile or chilli n. pl. chilies also chiles or chilis or chillies(1). any of various pungent peppers related to the tomato. (2). a thick sauce of meat and chilies.3. pasta n.[it]: 1.a paste in processed form (as macaroni) or in the form of fresh dough (as ravioli). 2. a dish of cooked pasta.4. opt v. to make a choice; esp: to decide in favor of something5. downturn n. a downward turn especially in economic activity.6. spearhead n. a leading force, element, or influence. spearhead v. 200805/39568集美区治疗痘痘哪家医院好

厦门厦门中山医院做整形美容多少钱on the wrong scent ---- 沿着错误的方向(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) On a false, misleading trail while searching for something or someone. (NOTE: derived from the practice of using dogs for hunting)例句The clever thief evaded capture by putting the police on the wrong scent.这名聪明的窃贼使警方去追查错误的线索,从而逃避了抓捕。 /201609/466465 Here we go again.4 years of waiting are over, as the first of 64 matches that make up this tournament gets underway. 161 goals were scored during the last World Cup. It took the German team just a few minutes to notch up the first of this year's tally, scoring in their match against underdogs--Costa Rica. The organizers are expecting up to a million people to visit Germany for the tournament, as many as 10 percent, that's 100 thousand of them, from Britain alone. We stay in Frankfurt and we are obedient.And waiting for the fans, a familiar sight, British police walking German streets for the first time with their German counterparts. And another familiar face, Hard Man actor Ray Winston. Hey hello, English Cop. From England?Yeah, I am on high, Ah! Levy it, levy it. all right. he's up for the full game.Oh,I did, oh,I've done nothing. At the US team headquarters, there was added security, following a heightened terror threat after the death of Al Zarkawi. So ahead for these fans, 96 hours of televised giant-screen gut-wrenching tension crammed into 3 long weeks,with the hopes and fears of devoted fans from 32 countries around the world now hanging in the balance. Peter Sharp, Sky News.----------------------------------notch up[口]完成; 创下, 达到tally(比赛时的)比分, 得分, 分underdogOne that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.居于下风者指在运动或政治竞争中将会失败的人200805/39352厦门专业全面除皱厦门欧菲医院整形医院



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