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年口语黄金80题() -- :55:39 来源:qnr .杂志,小说,诗歌,喜欢哪个Personally speaking, I prefer magazines to fictions or poems. Cuz they are good in some way and fill current trends and demands in different ways. I just want to keep myself inmed of what’s going on in the world. I five or six magazines per month and I buy two magazines regularly—fashion and beauty magazines. Cuz they are worth ing their entertainment news and fashion and beauty tips. Which I most prefer is a magazine called ‘enjoy yourself’, it makes me more confident in myself..喜欢一个人住还是和室友住I definitely prefer to live alone. Cuz I enjoy a comparatively quiet environment to relax myself after a day’s hard work. I can do what I want to do such as singing, ing , listening to music and telephone to somebody no matter where and when. I can adore my room with various adornments. Moreover, I am a neat freak, I could not bear there is any dirt in my dorm room. But there’s always a mess up at my roommate’s area.18.和朋友在一起,喜欢在restaurant,café还是在家Personally speaking, I definitely prefer staying at home with my friends the following reasons. Firstly, we can totally relax at home after a week’s hard work. we don’t need to care the weather and the temperature outdoor and then we can enjoy our time more relaxed. Secondly, it is convenient we friends have a close chat including some secrets of us at home. More importantly, we can do what we want to do such as watching tv and listening to music.19.Computer have improved our lives while others think computers have caused problemsin my opinion I think computer does have more positive effects towards our lives than its negative sides. First, we can keep in touch more closely with the help of computer. example, by using Emails or MSN, I can leave messages to my friends in the ed States no matter when. But bee computer was invented, one has to wait nearly several months to get a letter from friends abroad. Second, with computer, we can get inmation from all over the world easier and more convenient. I just want to keep myself inmed of what’s going on in the world. They can equip me with knowledge and inmation..老师的characterAs far as I am concerned, a good teacher should have the following qualities: confident, kind and patient enough. The teacher should be confident both of himself and his students. Every time he walks in the classroom, he should bring a strong feeling of authority, and makes his students feel a definite sense of trust. And the teachers should be kind to his students. If a teacher is too strict, his students would be afraid to ask questions, and that will decrease the efficiency of their study. In addition, a good teacher should never lose their patience in class when students ask questions repeatedly. Most of all, a good teacher should update his knowledge cuz further learning can make a good teacher re-discover the beauty of the teaching profession. 词汇 口语 黄金必会语法:主谓一致 -- 18:: 来源: 主谓一致是指:1)、语法形式上要一致,即单复数形式与谓语要一致)、意义上要一致,即主语意义上的单复数要与谓语的单复数形式一致3)、就近原则,即谓语动词的单复形式取决于最靠近它的词语,一般来说,不可数名词用动词单数,可数名词复数用动词复数There is much water in the thermos.但当不可数名词前有表示数量的复数名词时,谓语动词用复数形式Ten thousand tons of coal were produced last year.1、并列结构作主语时谓语用复数Reading and writing are very important.注意: 当主语由and连结时,如果它表示一个单一的概念,即指同一人或同一物时,谓语动词用单数,and 此时连接的两个词前只有一个冠词The iron and steel industry is very important to our life.典型例题:The League secretary and monitor ___ asked to make a speech at the meeting.A、is B、was C、are D、wereB. 注: 先从时态上考虑这是过去发生的事情应用过去时,先排除A.,C.本题易误选D,因为The League secretary and monitor 好象是两个人,但仔细辨别, monitor 前没有the,在英语中,当一人兼数职时只在第一个职务前加定冠词后面的职务用and 相连这样本题主语为一个人,所以应选B、主谓一致中的靠近原则1)、当there be 句型的主语是一系列事物时,谓语应与最邻近的主语保持一致There is a pen, a knife and several books on the desk..There are twenty boy-students and twenty-three girl-students in the class.)、当either; or; 与neither; nor,连接两个主语时,谓语动词与最邻近的主语保持一致 如果句子是由here, there引导,而主语又不止一个时,谓语通常也和最邻近的主语一致Either you or she is to go.Here is a pen, a few envelops and some paper you.3、谓语动词与前面的主语一致当主语后面跟有with, together with, like, except, but, no less than, as well as 等词引起的短语时,谓语动词与前面的主语一致The teacher together with some students is visiting the factory.He as well as I wants to go boating. 语法 主谓一致3. To carry out the important thought of Three Represents, it is essential to bring all positive factors into full play and bring new ces to the great cause of rejuvenating the Chinese nation. The interests of the overwhelming majority of the people and the initiative and creativity of the whole society and the entire nation are always the most decisive factors advancing the cause of the Party and state. In the process of profound social changes in our country and the rapid development of the cause of the Party and state, it is vitally important to properly balance the interests of all quarters and fully mobilize and rally all positive factors.

考研英语 考研英语:词汇大攻略! -- :9: 来源: 1.积极记忆新词汇需要注意的一点是,背诵单词不是单独进行的背诵单词的同时,也会进行英语阅读以及做一些历年试卷,这时候遇到的一些新的单词,也需要大家去记忆,因为考卷中会有一些超纲的词汇,量虽然不会很大,频率却很高,所以把、模拟题中的一些新词要背诵下来,阅读一些课外读物时遇到的单词,也要尽量去记忆.依据考纲,记忆新词做英文试题或者阅读英语文章时候,如果没有主动去对试题或文章中的陌生单词进行单独记忆或背诵的话,这些单词也不能成为自己的所以建议考生在背诵单词的时候,将单词拿到一个句子当中,甚至结合整篇文章去理解与背诵,就会发现效果会非常的好一般来讲,对大纲词汇的记忆,最好达到90%以上,减去自己已有的词汇量,还有两千到三千的新的单词需要去背诵3.循序渐进积累词汇考试前的个月的时间里,需要考生对英语单词开始进行一个持久攻坚战了冰冻三尺,非一日之寒,英语词汇的学习是一个长期积累的过程考研大纲规定的五千多的词汇与词组中,各位考生在从中小学到现在基本已经掌握了一千到三千的词汇量了;有些考生的词汇量在之前由于冲刺贮备了一些,已经超过大纲的要求了

  ×维生素感光只是后来承认的新:扔掉单词书 跟高手学习背单词 -- 18::51 来源:qnr Rule No.1 不要背单词书 光是背单词的效果不大,容易忘记,而且有时候明明知道的单词,听的时候又不知道是哪了很多人背单词都会拿一本单词书翻来覆去一遍一遍的背,结果大部分人都是背了后边忘了前边常规的单词书都是英语单词加汉语意思,非常枯燥,看看就困了而且英语一共就6个字母,单词背背就糊涂了不背单词书怎么办呢?根据我背单词的经验,可以在阅读中背单词Rule No. 利用零散的时间背单词印象中最好的时候是大一的时候每天起来背英语单词,那时真的很用功啊~相信很多朋友都有过每天专门划一块时间出来背单词的经历说实话,这样背一阵子自己会觉得生活特充实,但是收效如何就不一定了而且现在的生活节奏都很快, 对一些已经工作或者课业繁重的朋友来说这种方法不太经济实惠据说牛人们都有一个背单词的方法,就是小卡片,随身携带,没事就翻出来看两眼等车啊,等电 梯啊,这些零散的时间都可以用来背单词只要坚持不懈,效果一定好Rule No.3 分组记忆单词不管平时是阅读中 还是听歌看电影,积累起来的词汇肯定不只一两个这些单词如果从头背到尾那和背单词书没什么大区别所以要分组人的瞬时记忆是极其有限的,一次只能记忆 5-7个东西,所以单词也要分成5-7个一组,背一组,测试自己一组,背会了再背下一组5-7个单词看似不多,只要坚持下来数量也是很可观的著名英语 专家赖世雄老师都说过,学英语,少就是多Rule No. 在遗忘临界点复习大家可能都听过艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线这条 曲线告诉我们遗忘是有规律的,遗忘的进程不是均衡的,在记忆的最初阶段遗忘的速度很快,后来就逐渐减慢了,到了相当长的时候后,几乎就不再遗忘了所以说 及时复习那是相~当~重要的大家一定要掌握好自己的遗忘临界点,我以前是第一天背过的单词,第二天复习,然后再开始背新的记得就比较牢的Rule No.5 结合语境记忆活学活用自从四级考了第五次过去之后我才发现单纯的背单词毫无意义,要结合环境结合适当的情景才行觉得词汇量再大,如果不会应用,也白搭,毕竟口语、写作和单词都不是一回事词汇固然重要,灵活运用更为重要单纯记忆效果一般从大家发表的看法中我们也能看出大家普遍都认为单词背了要会用,不会用就不能说这个单词背会了那么要怎么才能会用呢?首先,背的时候就要结合语境来背结 合语境最便捷的方法就是例句体会在不同的句子中单词的不同含义千万不能只背意思然后,看完了例句顺便可以自己模仿着造个句子这样用一下可以加深记 忆Rule No.6 记单词也记发音说下单词的记忆吧:我中学学英语的时候很少背单词,除非很特殊的单词拼写会用心 记下,说的是实在话我由于中一的音标学的还算可以,每次学新的单词的时候注意对应的字母的音标发音,然后跟老师读正确的发音,这样不管是谁读的,只要你 熟悉单词的发音,dicitation绝对没有问题的到了大学由于基本没有学英语,感觉能力明显下降,或许这就是我CET6一直没有过的一个方面的原因 吧我也是喜欢根据音标记单词的不知道有多少人和我一样,上学的时候,即使老师照本宣科,听老师讲一遍和自己看书的效果也绝对不同,这是因为单纯的形象的效果是不同的另外英语本身也是一种拼音语言,只要掌握音标的对应规律,的确应该会读就会写的所以背单词会写了之后一定记得自己多读几遍一个是加深记忆,另外也是锻炼自己的语感,单词读准了才谈得上口语 词汇 背单词 单词 新 高手欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第63节】63. Aren’t you disappointed that you didnt get the promotion?四级词汇讲解:本句听力的难点和重点在于get the promotion,意为“得到晋升”本句用了否定疑问句,表示强烈的质疑语气,这类语气强烈的语句也往往是答题的关键点,值得引起注意英语四级考点归纳:promotion除了表示“提拔,晋升”之外,还有以下常见含义:※ 意为“促销,推销”如:The company is interested in the winter sales promotion.该公司对冬季促销活动很感兴趣※ 意为“促进,增进”如:What he concerns is the promotion of the academic center.他所关心的就是学术中心的发展学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

  6. I walked to the ticket counter. When the ticket-seller saw me, her otherwise attractive face turned sour, violently so.“You have a chill?” Royce asked.“你受寒了?”罗伊斯问。“Some,” Will muttered. “The wind, my lord.”“有点罢,”威尔喃喃道,“大人,是风的关系啊。”The young knight turned back to his grizzled man-at-arms. Frostfallen leaves whispered past them, and Royce’s destrier moved restlessly. “What do you think might have killed these men, Gared?” Ser Waymar asked casually. He adjusted the drape of his long sable cloak.年轻骑士转头面对灰发老兵。结霜的落叶在他们耳边低语飘零,罗伊斯的战马局促不安。“盖瑞,你觉得是谁杀了这些人?”威玛爵士随口问,顺手整了整貂皮长袍的褶裥。“It was the cold,” Gared said with iron certainty. “I saw men freeze last winter, and the one before, when I was half a boy. Everyone talks about snows forty feet deep, and how the ice wind comes howling out of the north, but the real enemy is the cold. It steals up on you quieter than Will, and at first you shiver and your teeth chatter and you stamp your feet and dream of mulled wine and nice hot fires. It burns, it does. Nothing burns like the cold. But only for a while. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. It’s easier just to sit down or go to sleep. They say you don’t feel any pain toward the end. First you go weak and drowsy, and everything starts to fade, and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk. Peaceful, like.”“是这该死的天气,”盖瑞斩钉截铁地说,“上个严冬,我亲眼见人活活冻死,再之前那次也看过,当时我还是个孩子。人人都说当时积雪深达四十尺,北风冷得跟玄冰似的,但真正要命的却是低温。它会无声无息地逮住你,比威尔还安静,起初你会发抖、牙齿打颤、两腿一伸,梦见滚烫的酒,温暖的营火。很烫人,是的,再也没什么像寒冷那样烫人了。但只消一会儿,它便会钻进你体内,填满你的身体,过不了多久你就没力气抵抗,渴望坐下休息或小睡片刻,据说到最后完全不觉痛苦。你只是浑身无力,昏昏欲睡,然后一切渐渐消逝,最后,就像淹没在热牛奶里一样,安详而恬静。”“Such eloquence, Gared,” Ser Waymar observed. “I never suspected you had it in you.”“我看你蛮有诗意嘛,”威玛爵士下了,“没想到你还有这方面的天分。”“I’ve had the cold in me too, lordling.” Gared pulled back his hood, giving Ser Waymar a good long look at the stumps where his ears had been. “Two ears, three toes, and the little finger off my left hand. I got off light. We found my brother frozen at his watch, with a smile on his face.”“大人,我亲身体验过严寒的威力,”盖瑞往后拉开他的兜帽,好让威玛爵士看清楚他耳朵冻掉之后剩下的肉团。“两只耳朵,三根脚趾,还有左手的小指,我这算是轻伤了。我大哥当年就是站岗的时候活活冻死的,等我们找到他,他脸上还挂着笑容。”读物介绍:《权力的游戏》是一部中世纪史诗奇幻题材的电视连续剧。该剧以美国作家乔治·R·R·马丁的奇幻巨作《冰与火之歌》七部曲为基础改编创作,由大卫·贝尼奥夫和丹尼尔·威斯编剧、HBO电视网推出。本剧第一季于2011年4月17日开播,第二季于2012年4月1日回归,第三季于2013年3月31日开始播出,第四季已获得预定,将在2014年春季回归。 Article/201307/247222欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第节】. ;No one can take one-sided action,;says Laird,who is exploring whether to seek an exemption from federal anti-trust laws so member colleges can discuss how they could jointly reduce merit aid.英语四级译文:莱尔德正在研究能否从联邦反垄断法中寻求豁免,以使成员学校可以讨论如何联合起来削减奖学金“没有学校可以单方面行动”他表示四级词汇讲解:引号内的内容为直接引语,本句的主干为says Lairdwho引导的是Laird的定语从句,其中包含so引导的结果状语从句,该结果状语从句中,how引导的是discuss的宾语从句,可见本句也包含多重从句;whether to seek an exemption from federal anti-trust laws是exploring的宾语one-sided的意思是“片面的,单方面的,一边倒的”如:The newspaper gave a one-sided of the issue.报纸对该事件做了片面的报道.explore意为“探索,探究”如:The scientists were exploring the sea floor.科学家们正对海底进行勘察merit aid在句中的意思是“奖学金”学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

考研英语 考研英语阅读模拟题 -- :56: 来源: 阅读理解是考研英语考试中的重点部分,需要我们不断练习下面爱语吧为大家整理了考研阅读,希望可以为大家带来帮助!  Plowing through the New York Times on a recent Sunday, I in the Metro Section that infertile couples in the market smart-kid genes regularly place advertisements in the newspapers of their own Ivy League alma maters offering female undergraduates ,500 a donated egg. Bee I could get that news comtably digested, I came across an in the Magazine section describing SAT prep courses which parents spend thousands in the hope of raising their child’s test scores enough to make admission to an Ivy League college possible. So how can people who have found a potential egg donor at an Ivy League college tell whether the donor carries genuine smart-kid genes or just pushy-parents genes?  The donor herself may not even be aware that such a distinction exists. After years of expensive private schooling and math tutors and tennis camps and SAT prep courses and letters of recommendation from important family friends, she’s been told that, unlike beneficiaries of affirmative action, she got into an Ivy League college on pure merit.  Since it is probably safe to assume that people intent on securing high-priced Ivy League eggs are carrying some pushy-parents genes themselves, their joining ces with a donor who got into an Ivy League college by dint of her family’s willingness to k over grand to an SAT prep course could result in a child with somewhere between a dose and a half and doses of pushy-parents genes. Apparently the egg seekers aren’t troubled by the prospect of having their grandchildren raised by this sort of person.  If you have any doubts about whether the dosages I cite are based on a thorough grounding in genetics and statistics and advanced microbiology, rest assured that I attended an Ivy League college myself. That was in the days, I’ll admit, when any number of people were admitted to such institutions without having shown any evidence of carrying smart-kid genes even in trace elements. Somehow, m  most of these dimmer bulbs managed to graduate——every class needs a lower third in order to have an upper two-thirds——and somehow most of them are now millionaires on Wall Street.  One element many of them had going them in the admissions process was that they were identified as “legacies”——the offspring of alumni. In Ivy League colleges, alumni children are even now admitted at twice the rate of other applicants. that reason, egg seekers may not actually need genuine smart-kid genes their children: after all, an applicant whose mother and father and egg donor were all alumni could be considered a triple legacy.  But how about the college-admission prospects of the grandchildren? As methods are perfected of enhancing a college application through increasingly expensive services——one young man mentioned in the magazine had ,000 worth of SAT preparation——it might become more important to have a parent who’s a Wall Street millionaire than to have smart-kid genes. Maybe it would be prudent to add a sentence to those ads in college papers: “Preference given to respondents in the lower third of the class.”  注(1):本文选自Time;99, p;  注():本文习题命题模仿对象为:1、、3题模仿00年text 1-3题;、5题分别模仿1999年text1第题和text第题;  1. In the author‘s eyes, a female student from an Ivy League college is__________.  [A] an ideal egg donor  [B] not necessarily an intelligent person  [C] more influenced by her parents than by anything else  [D] more likely to carry smart-kid genes  . According to the author, what may chiefly be the reason the donor‘s admission in an  Ivy League college?  [A] her own merits  [B] the affirmative action  [C] her smart-kid genes  [D] her parents‘ efts  3. Which of the following is true according to the author?  [A] American parents would send their children into an Ivy League college at any cost  [B] Ivy Leaguecolleges used to admit students who showed no sign of intelligence  [C] alumni children stand a better chance to be admitted than other applicants  [D]egg-seekers care nothing about the pushy-parents genes  . The author‘s attitude towards the issue seems to be ____________.  [A] approving  [B] objective  [C] indifferent  [D] ironic  5. It could be inferred from the text that____________.  [A] wealth is more important than intelligence in application Ivy League colleges  [B] Ivy League colleges are increasingly expensive  [C] egg-seekers can get better genes from millionaires  [D] the prospects of college-admission are gloomy  :B D C D A  名词性从句包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句,它们中大多数可以适用“顺译法”——原文的顺序翻译但也有一些值得注意的地方:pride goes bee a fall 骄者必败 .

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