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Caridad: Look at this! The president of McQuillan University is stepping down. He submitted his resignation this morning after an undergraduate student made allegations that they had an affair and that she’s pregnant with his baby. Nate: That’s terrible. Maybe they were in love. Caridad: In love? He’s married and has four kids, and when she first went public about the affair, he denied it and said that she had made up the whole story. Would someone in love try to cover up something like this? Nate: Who knows? The president of a major university is a person with a lot to lose. I’m not making excuses him, but maybe he lost his head. Caridad: Of course he had a lot to lose. Anyone who is in the public eye like he is shouldn’t be playing with fire. He’s an embarrassment to his family and to his university. Nate: I still think there could be extenuating circumstances. All you know you’ve learned from one newspaper . Caridad: That much is true, but I know one thing: Whatever happens to him, it serves him right!诗歌原文:Have Faith and Expect the Best 心怀信念并追求完美Faith begins by believing in your heart that what is right has a chance.信念始于内心对机缘深信不疑Faith is knowing in your heart that good can overcome evil, that the sun can shine in a rainstrom.信念是心底深信善良能战胜邪恶,太阳会在暴风雨中升起Faith is peaceful and comting, because it comes from within where no one can invade your private dreams.信念平静而给人慰藉,它源于心灵深处,在那里,无人能窥探只属于你的秘密Faith is not something you can demand or command; it is a result of commitment to belief.信念不可强求或控制,它是对信仰忠贞不渝的自然流露Faith is believing in something you cant see or hear, something deep inside that only you understand and only you control.信念是只有你能理解和驾驭的内心所想,它无法捉摸,但你要笃信不疑Faith is trusting in yourself enough to know that no matter how things turn out, you will make the best of them.信念就是坚信自己无论如何总能将糟糕的局面扭转,展现事态的最好一面 967When you are old《当你老了By William Butler Yeats叶芝When you are old and grey and full of sleepAnd nodding by the fire, take down this bookAnd slowly , and dream of the soft lookYour eyes had once, and of their shadows deep当你老了,头发花白,睡意沉沉,倦坐在炉边,取下这本书来,慢慢读着,追梦当年的眼神那柔美的神采与深幽的晕影How many loved your moments of glad graceAnd loved your beauty with love false or trueBut one man loved the pilgrim Soul in youAnd loved the sorrows of your changing face多少人爱过你青春的片影,爱过你的美貌,以虚伪或是真情,惟独一人爱你那朝圣者的灵魂,爱你哀戚的脸上岁月的留痕And bending down beside the glowing barsMurmur, a little sadly, how Love fledAnd paced upon the mountains overheadAnd hid his face amid a crowd of stars.在炉栅边,你弯下了腰,低语着,带着浅浅的伤感,爱情是怎样逝去,又怎样步上群山,怎样在繁星之间藏住了脸收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 866

William Shakespeare莎士比亚Of all the famous English writers,probably the best known is William Shakespeare.在所有举世闻名的英文作家中,最著名的的也许要数莎士比亚了He was born in Stratd-upon-Avon in 6 on April the 3rd.莎士比亚于6年月3日出生在埃文河畔的斯特拉特福德镇His father was an important man in town so Shakespeare had a good upbringing.其父亲在该镇是个重要人物,所以他接受过良好的教育Shakespeare probably went to school(although no records survive to prove this) but not university.莎士比亚很可能上过学,尽管没有记录能考这点,但没有上过大学He got married when he was 18 to Anne Hathaway and the couple had 3 children.他18岁时和安妮?海瑟薇结婚,婚后育有3个孩子Shakespeare wrote 38 plays and sonnets.莎士比亚写了38部戏剧和首十四行诗He began working in his home town of Stratd but by 9 was writing in London.他在自己的家乡斯特拉特福德镇开始工作,但到9年他去了伦敦开始写作He became rich enough to buy a house in the capital and one in Stratd.他富裕起来后就在首都和斯特拉特福德买了房子He wrote sad stories called tragedies,like Romeo and Juliet,funny stories or comedies, romantic stories and stories about historical figures such as Julius Caesar.莎士比亚写的悲惨故事,被称为悲剧,如《罗密欧与朱丽叶,他还写有趣的故事或喜剧,浪漫的故事以及有关历史人物的历史剧,如《尤里乌斯·恺撒Shakespeare died on his birthday in ,almost 00 years ago.莎士比亚死于00年前,也就是年他生日那天But why is his work still popular today?但为何他的作品如今仍受欢迎呢?His work looked at common human themes,such as betrayal, murder, lust, power, ambition and love.莎翁的作品着眼于大众主题,诸如背叛,谋杀,性欲,权力,野心以及爱情These themes are as much a part of human nature today as they were all those years ago and are the themes we see in modern soap operas and Hollywood films.这些主题从古到今都是人性的一部分,而且它们还经常贯穿于现代的肥皂剧和好莱坞电影当中Even though his theatre, The Globe, burned down in it was rebuilt in London in 1997 and you can still see his plays permed there today.尽管他的环球剧院在年被烧毁,但于1997年在伦敦得到重建,如今你仍然可以在那里欣赏他创作的戏剧Shakespeare influence on the English language can still be felt today.时至今日,我们仍然能感受到莎士比亚在英文语言中的影响力We talk about ;fair play;, meaning honest behaviour but this phrase was first used by Shakespeare.我们说公平竞争,那意味着正当的行为举止,而最先使用这个词的却是莎士比亚He coined the phrase ;you can have too much of a good thing;.他用短语杜撰了这样的表达—你能够从一个好的事物中得到许多好的东西(启示或启迪)And it was Shakespeare who came up with the expression to disappear ;into thin air;which we still use today when we lose something.当我们丢失某样东西时,我们现在仍然在用莎士比亚创造的短语消失的无影无踪Shakespeare work has been translated into every major language in the world.莎士比亚的作品被翻译为世界上各种主要的语言And perhaps well still be as fascinated by his work 00 years from now as weve been almost the last 00.或许在往后的00年里也跟过去这00年来一样,莎翁的作品仍会让世人为之倾倒 580

When I do count the clock that tells the time,当我细数报时的钟声敲响,And see the brave day sunk in hideous night;眼看可怖夜色吞噬白昼光芒;When I behold the violet past prime,当我看到紫罗兰香消玉殒,And sable curls all silvered oer with white;黝黑的鬈发渐渐披上银霜;When lofty trees I see barren of leaves,当我看见木叶脱尽的高树,Which erst from heat did canopy the herd,曾帐篷般为牧芋人带来阴凉,And summer green, all girded up in sheaves,一度青翠的夏苗现在被捆打成束,Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard;载上灵车,连同白色坚脆的麦芒,Then of thy beauty do I question make,于是我不禁为你的美色担忧,That thou among the wastes of time must go,你也会迟早没入时间的荒凉,Since sweets and beauties do themselves sake,既然甘美的事物总是会自暴自弃,And die as fast as they see others grow,眼看后来者居上自已却快速地消亡,And nothing gainst Time scythe can make defense,所以没有什么能挡住时间的镰刀,Save breed, to brave him when he takes thee hence.除非你谢世之后留下了儿郎 5695

A Drinking Song by W.B.Yeats饮酒歌 叶芝Wine comes in at the mouth,美酒口中停,And love comes in at the eye;痴情止相看That all we shall know truth,此心既知今日意,Bee we grow old and die.何待衰年思惘然I lift the glass to my mouth,欲饮杯难举,I look at you, and I sigh.望君一声轻叹(联系方式:新浪微 @关爱抖森健康成长) 368831

Ms. Sanchez: Okay, kids. Irsquo;m Ms. Sanchez, your substitute this week. Irsquo;m taking all of you on the field trip tomorrow. Listen up. There are some ground rules we need to go over. First, each of you will have a partner and you will hold hands while we cross the streets.好了,孩子们我是桑切斯老师,你们这周的代课老师我明天将要带大家去实地考察听着有一些基本规则,我们需要要来复习下首先,你们每个人都会有一个合作伙伴,过街时你们要手牵手Student: Ms. Sanchez...?桑切斯老师... ...?Ms. Sanchez: Irsquo;ll take questions later. Let me get through all of my instructions first. Remember, donrsquo;t talk to strangers. There are predators out there who are looking to lure children away from their family and friends and to abduct them, so donrsquo;t let your guard down.稍后我再回答问题先让我说完所有的规定记住,不要和陌生人说话那里有坏人正在寻找引诱儿童远离家人和朋友,并绑架他们,所以不能让你的后卫Student: Ms. Sanchez...桑切斯老师;;Ms. Sanchez: As I said, Irsquo;ll take questions later. If you need to step away from the group, ask permission first. If a stranger tries to accost or waylay you, run away as fast as you can.正如我所说,我稍后回答问题如果你们要离开团队,先要征得许可如果一个陌生人试图搭话或挡截你,要尽快逃走Student: Uh, Ms. Sanchez?嗯,桑切斯老师?Ms. Sanchez: Yes?什么事?Student: I think yoursquo;ve got the wrong classroom. Wersquo;re the eighth graders. The first graders are on the second floor.我觉得你走错班了我们是八年级的学生一年级学生都在二楼Ms. Sanchez: Where are my glasses? Oh, here they are. Oh! Yoursquo;re not my first-graders! Why didnrsquo;t anyone say anything earlier?!我的眼镜在哪里?哦,在这儿哦!你不是我的一年级学生!为什么开始的时候没人告诉我?!1.substitute n. 代课老师.field trip (学生)实地考察旅行Are you going to have a field trip on Tuesday?你准备星期二去野外旅行吗? 3.ground rules 约定俗成的不成文法, 基本法则.hold hands 手搀手And why do lovers often hold hands?为什么恋爱的人要手拉着手?5.go over 复习Please go over it and see if everything is in order.请再过目一下,看看是否都符合规定6.get through 完成As soon as I get through with my work Ill join you.我工作一做完就来找你们. 7.let your guard down 不要放松警惕Never let your guard down when you are in the jungle.在密林里时,你绝不能放松警惕 8.step away from 远离,从;;走开Sometimes a sympathizer is one step away from a lover.有时侯,同情者与情人仅一步之遥 9.accost vt.搭话.waylay vt.拦截 960

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