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  • 一个成熟的社会如何保一个孩子的安全?——从中国微信朋友圈“人贩死刑” 呼声到美国失踪儿童干预系统“亚当代码”与“安珀警报”Debate erupts on social media over death traffickersPictures that call the ;death penalty all child traffickers and immediate execution ; have gone viral on Wechat. As of Thursday night, more than 50,000 people have expressed agreement with a proposal that demands death all child traffickers, by warding it on Wechat.Facing public pressure, Chinese law professors are voicing their opinions on all online platms and media they can access, with some suggesting web users not to be taken in by some public pages that are just attracting hits.There were no official statistics about human trafficking in China. The frequent media reports on police raids on child trafficking gangs, and the universal notices missing children on lamp posts and on the Internet imply that it is prevalent. The rapid sp of the post on social media reflects the fact that it echoes people long-held concerns.The viral call the death sentence all child traffickers on Chinese social media has led to legal professors widesp defense of the existing punishments, although they also admit that greater punishment buyers may be part of the solution. Qi Xiaoling, a law professor, said prescribing death every trafficker may lead to more extreme cases– such as killing the kidnapped child, to prevent police from finding the evidence of his crime.According to China criminal law, whoever abducts and traffics a child shall be sentenced to at least five years in prison. Under eight aggravating circumstances, including trafficking more than three persons, sexual abuse, and use of violent means, the trafficker shall be sentenced to more than years, up to life imprisonment. If the circumstances are especially serious, heshe shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property. And the death sentence, which netizens have called , has never been ruled out. Vocabulary:Child trafficker, viral, take in, abduct, aggravating, confiscation of property, rule out 3870。
  • My first big date第一次重要约会One evening I was invited to dinner by a young man I had a crush on, a trumpeter. I was , and this was my first big date. There were candles and flowers on the table, and soft music playing in the background. Although the conversation was all about music, I was desperately in love as only a -year-old can be, so I didnt mind. After we had finished our dinner, my companion leaned across the table, looked into my eyes and smiled. ;You have a beautiful mouth, Katherine.; I waited, my heart beating faster. ;I bet you could play the trumpet.;一天晚上,我应邀去和热恋中的男子共进晚餐,他是个小号手那时我岁,是我第一次重大的约会桌子上摆着蜡烛和鲜花,还有柔和的背景音乐尽管我们聊的话题都是关于音乐的,而我却不在意岁的我被爱情完全陶醉了吃完后,他隔着桌子探过身子,凝视着我的眼睛,微笑着说:“凯瑟琳,你的嘴真漂亮”我等待着,心怦怦直跳“我敢说你能吹小号” 391。
  • observatory n. 天文台launch v. 发射initiative adj. 自发的; 创始的Nano craft n. 纳米飞行器light beam n. 光束significant adj. 重要的; 有意义的push the boundaries 突破……的极限Greetings toeverybody in China from NYC. At the One World Observatory in New York City, Yuri Milner and I launched a mission to the stars.我在纽约向中国的各位问好!在纽约城的一号楼观景台,我和尤里·米尔纳启动了“突破摄星”计划 (Breakthrough Starshot)Mark Zuckerberg lenthis support by joining the board of our new initiative, Breakthrough Starshot.马克·扎克伯格也加入了该计划的董事会,为“突破摄星”助一臂之力Within the nextgeneration, Breakthrough Starshot aims to develop a ‘nanocraft’ – a gram-scalerobotic space probe – and use a light beam to push it to percent of thespeed of light.在一代人的时间内,“突破摄星”旨在研发出一台“纳米飞行器” ——一台质量为克级的自动化太空探测器—— 并且通过光束把它推动到五分之一的光速If we aresuccessful, a flyby mission could reach Alpha Centauri about years afterlaunch, and send back images of any planets discovered in the system.如果我们成功的话,这个飞掠任务将会在发射后二十年左右到达半人马座阿尔发星,并发送回来在那个星系中发现的行星的图片Albert Einstein onceimagined riding on a light beam, and his thought experiment led him to thetheory of special relativity.爱因斯坦曾经幻想在宇宙中乘着一道光线飞驰,这个思想实验为他的狭义相对论奠定了基础A little over acentury later, we have the chance to attain a significant fraction of thatspeed: 0 million miles an hour. Only by going that fast can we reach thestars on the time-scale of a human life.一个多世纪后,我们有机会可以达到光速的一小部分:一亿英里每小时只有通过这么快的速度,我们才有希望在人类的时间尺度内到达那些恒星It is exciting to beinvolved in such an ambitious project, pushing the boundaries of ingenuity andengineering.这个项目耗资巨大,雄心勃勃地希望探索人类创新和工程学的极限能参与这样的项目,非常令人兴奋 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 57。
  • Clinton, show us the real you希拉里“健康门”沸沸扬扬,求真相The media storm around Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ;stumble,; which was due to heat exposure while she suffers from walking pneumonia, highlights the double standard being applied to Clinton and Trump in terms of transparency and fitness to lead.围绕着民主党总统候选人希拉里由于轻度肺炎和中暑所引发的“跌倒风波”引起的媒体风暴凸显了希拉里与特朗普两人在健康及透明度上的双重标准Clinton stumble should cause us, as citizens and as human beings, to pause as well. Has the onslaught of messages of hate and division during this campaign damaged us so much as a nation that we cant cross party lines to offer healing thoughts and sympathy a 68-year-old individual who simply pushed herself momentarily beyond her limit? Jeers and jubilant speculation that Clinton might have Parkinson or some other disease dont seem the right reactions to the footage of the event.此次跌倒事件无论是从公民的角度,还是从人类的角度,都应使我们暂时叫停难道大选期间的那些大量满含仇恨与对立的攻击性言论已经使我们这个国家离破碎,以至于我们无法放下党伐之见,向一位68岁高龄,身体暂时超越了极限的承受力的个人给出祝福与同情吗?在观看事件视频时,“吃瓜群众”们一边奚落嘲笑一边欢欣鼓舞地猜测希拉里可能患有帕金森症或某种其它疾病,这种行为很不恰当Clinton stumble was a lucky thing Trump. It played right into a mainstay of his strategy: to delegitimize her by claiming she weak of body and mind. He made Clinton health an issue, while keeping his own health inmation secret, other than a strangely worded letter from his doctor that raised more questions than it answered. Greater transparency might seem risky to her campaign, as it will undoubtedly bring greater attacks. It will also help to increase what Clinton needs most at this point: the American public trust.希拉里的跌倒是特朗普的幸运此次事件恰好成为他策略的核心:通过声称她身心俱疲来抹黑她他对希拉里的健康大做文章,同时对自己健康状况严加保密,尤其是那一封来自其医生的语焉不详的信件不但没有解答公众疑惑,却引发了更多问题对于希拉里的竞选之路,更大的透明度似乎意味着风险,因为这无疑会引发更猛烈的攻击但同时这也能为此时此刻的希拉里雪中送炭:获得美国公众的信任 6897。
  • 上期听力文本如下:小念君:好久不见呀,S,最近在忙什么呀?J:Hey, S, long time no see, what up? S:春节以后,我一直在考虑一件事,现在我终于做出决定了:我想辞职Miss S:Well, after the Spring Festival, I ’ve had something on my mind, it my job that bothers me. You know I ve been thinking about quitting it, and I finally made up my mind.小念君:啊!辞职啊?为什么呢?你不工作得挺好的吗?J: What ? You wanna quit? Why? Dont you find it satisfying?S:哎,是这样的:我以前公司的主管春节后给我打了电话,他让我回去工作,给的工资让我挺满意的,所以现在我有点犹豫要不要辞职回原来的公司干Miss S: Well, after the Spring Festival holiday, I got a call from my mer manager, he asked me to go back to work and said he would give me a salary that would put a smile on my face. Now I’m having second thoughts about quitting.小念君:我不知道怎么给你建议,但如果是我的话,如果面对一份我不喜欢的工作,不管工资怎样,我都不会考虑的J: I don’t know what to say. But if I don’t like my job, regardless of the salary, I wouldn’t even consider it.S:我倒是不介意做的这份工是不是自己喜欢的,毕竟哪有那么容易能做上自己喜欢做的事?只要工资不错,上班不太累,我就满意对了,还有另外一个原因让我想辞职Miss S: Well I dont mind if I like the job or not, after all, it not easy to find a job that you like. I just look a good salary and a light workload. And there’s another reason that makes me want to quit.小念君:还有什么原因?J: Like what? What else?Miss S:我觉得在一个地方呆久了我就会感觉很烦,想要换一个环境,我在现在这个公司已经待了两年了Miss S: I’ll be bored if I stay in one place too long. So I want to be in a new environment. I’ve been working this company years!小念君:才两年你就烦了?那你最好做好准备,任何一份工作都会面临同样的问题,除非你不断的换工作,所以你要问问自己,这个工作到底是不是你喜欢的J: You’re bored after only two years? You’ll have the same problem no matter what job it is unless you change constantly.So you have to ask yourself, what exactly do you want to do?Miss S:嗯,我知道了,其实我也不太清楚自己到底想要什么也许这就是我不开心的原因吧!不过,我决定还是继续留下来工作,谢谢你的建议Miss S: Well, I got it. My problem is that I actually dont know what I like to do. That makes me unhappy about my work. OK, I guess I’ll stay here and keep up working. Thank you your suggestion.小念君:不客气J: You’re welcome.Miss S: 你呢?你年前不是说年后回来也想换工作的吗?Miss S: How about you? Didn’t you say you were gonna change your job after the Spring Festival?小念君:对呀,但是我现在还没有找到自己满意的工作,我还在寻觅中J: Yeah. But I couldn’t find one that I liked. And I am still hunting itMiss S: 那你想找什么样的工作?Miss S: What kind of job are you looking ?小念君:我想找外贸类的工作吧!J: One that involves eign trade!Miss S:外贸类的工作对英语的要求很高吧!Miss S:That kind of job requires top notch English skills.小念君:对呀,所以我现在坚持听《英语PK台,我希望自己的英语有很大的提升J: Yeah, so I am still listening to Going Gold. I hope that it can improve my English a bit.Miss S:那希望你学好英语后找到自己喜欢的工作!Miss S:You can find your favorite job when you learn English well.小念君:嗯,谢谢!J: Thanks!New words dialogue:[something] puts a smile on my face [something] makes me happy (某事)让某人高兴、满意Have second thoughts about something think twice about doing something 仔细考虑(某事),再想一想Top notch the best, very high quality 高水平的 368331。
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