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本文选自Two and a half men 《好汉两个半,Charlie开车带Jake去医院,但是他却不知道医院在哪他很着急但是又怕Jake看出来,所以假装说自己知道医院在哪 Charlie: How's it going there, pal? You are still bleeding?Jake: I don't know.Charlie: No, don't look. Don't look. You just hang in there, we'll get you fixed up and we'll be back home bee you know it. Just as soon as we find the freaking hospital.Jake: You don't know where the hospital is?Charlie: Of course I know where it is.重点讲解:1.pal (非正式)好友,密友例如:an old pal of mine 我的一位老朋友We've been pals years. 我们已是多年的好朋友!Pal还有“老家伙,小子”的意思例如:Listen, pal, I don't want you talking to my sister anymore, see? 听着,小子,我不让你再和我说话了,知道吗?. hang in there 挺下去,坚持到底例如:Hang in there, the doctor is on the way. 坚持住,医生马上就来了3. fix up 安顿,安排例如:Can you fix me up with a bed the night? 你能安排我过夜吗?. freak 反常的,稀罕的例如:a freak storm 稀奇反常的暴风雨a freak result 异乎寻常的结果汉语译文:Charlie: 你还好吗,伙计?还在流血吗?Jake: 我不知道Charlie: 不,不要看不要看撑住,我们马上就帮你处理好伤口送你回去一转眼就好了找到医院就好了Jake: 你连医院在哪都不知道?Charlie: 我当然知道了常用句型:1. Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the hospital? 打扰一下,能告诉我去医院的路吗?. Is this the right way to the hospital? 去医院走这条路对吗?3. Would you tell me where the hospital is? 能告诉我医院在哪吗?. Excuse me, I'm locating this address. 打扰一下,我想到这个地址去 585.Novelty Food5.精巧的食物While novelty foods are something you can find in dedicated candy shops, theyre not particularly popular amongst Americans and Europeans. Most people usually buy them as a joke family and friends.精巧的食品一般可以在糖果专卖店买得到,但它们在欧美地区不是很流行,人们买它们最多是逗家人朋友开心But Japan has built up an obsession with novelty food, making it a huge industry. It difficult to explain how this phenomenon came about, but many brands will put out far ranging alternatives people to try. Kit Kat, example, has hundreds of different varieties of their standard chocolate bar, leading to the brand becoming incredibly popular. Flavors include soy sauce, royal tea, corn and strawberry cheesecake. It is not just candy — fast food places and fancy restaurants all offer a variety of themed or limited edition food that they introduce on a regular basis. From watermelon-flavored soda to pumpkin burgers, the list goes on and on.但日本很痴迷精巧食品,并已形成庞大产业很难解释这种现象是如何形成的,但很多品牌都将会为顾客提供广泛的选择比如说雀巢Kit Kat就拥有上百种不同种类规格的威化饼,从而使得这一牌子变得十分受欢迎,有奶油、红茶、玉米、草莓芝士等口味不仅仅是糖果,在快餐店和漂亮的餐厅里,都会提供各类主题或限量餐点并定期进行介绍,从西瓜味苏打水到南瓜馅饼,绝不重样儿!.Capsule Hotels.胶囊旅馆Have you ever wanted a place to sleep while traveling but dont have need all the facilities that come with a traditional hotel? If youre not going to use them then it can seem like a waste of money.你是否曾经在旅行途中想找个地方歇脚,但觉得又犯不着去拥有标准规格的旅馆?因为好多东西都用不上,看上去实在是有点浪费Japan has come up with an answer those seeking just a bed the night. Capsule hotels are exactly what they sound like — rooms big enough to fit just a bed and perhaps a small mounted television. The capsules are stacked two high like lockers, often feature Wi-Fi and only cost around $ to a night. Vending machines, snack bars and washrooms are all shared public amenities to save space. This allows hotels to have up to 700 capsules in only a small area. Most of these facilities only cater men, although a select few do offer separate floors women.日本则为这些仅仅找个地儿歇脚的人寻求到了解决方法,胶囊旅馆,正如它听上去的那样——只够容纳一张床的空间或者还有一台小电视胶囊旅馆就像储物柜一样,一般提供wifi,一晚上只需~30美元为节省空间,贩卖机、快餐柜和洗衣间等都在公共区域,如此一来即便是很小的区域也能打造700个胶囊房这些大部分都是为男性准备的,不过也有少数会为女性提供单独的层间3.Christmas Eve KFC Tradition3.圣诞前夕的KFCMost countries in the West have their own Christmas traditions because theyre predominantly Christian nations. In Japan only around 1% of the population is Christian, yet they have one of the most dedicated and bizarre Christmas tradition in the world.大部分西方国家由于基督教传统,都各自有着圣诞节前夕的习俗在日本只有约1%的基督徒,但在世界上也算有着自己独特的圣诞节习俗Every year on Christmas Eve, KFC becomes the prime place to be. People will wait in line up to two hours to get their hands on some fried chicken, cake and champagne from the Colonel. Some even book their meals months in advance in order to avoid having to wait in line. It all started in 197 thanks to an advertising campaign inspired by the fact that tourists who couldnt get hold of turkey Christmas dinner instead went fried chicken. The huge popularity is believed to have come about because of the positive American connotations with the fast food restaurant, and the fact that there are no religious messages associated with the campaign.每年圣诞节前夕,KFC就成了最火爆的地方人们会排队等待两个小时以上,为了从上校手中拿到炸鸡、蛋糕和香槟有些人为了不用排队,甚至会提前几个月订餐所有的一切源于197年一竞争性广告:如果游客在圣诞节吃不到火鸡大餐,那么完全可以来顿炸鸡大餐相信这种强烈追捧是受到了美式快餐内涵的促发和与宗教方面毫不相关的商业竞争.Cosmetic Surgery Teeth.牙齿矫正Around the world, having teeth that arent perfectly straight is often seen as a sign of imperfection. Children are encouraged to have braces fit to fix misaligned teeth. However, over the last couple of years in Japan a new craze has been growing where people do the exact opposite. Many women and girls are having cosmetic surgery done to their teeth in order to make them deliberately imperfect.国际普遍认为拥有一口不太整齐的牙齿是一种缺陷,也会鼓励小孩去矫正牙齿但在过去几年的日本,人们狂热追求与之完全相反的效果很多女性和子们接受牙齿的整容手术,就是故意让牙齿看上去有缺陷The procedure involves capping the canine teeth so that they appear to be more fang-like than normal. It something that occurs naturally when the molars crowd the teeth, pushing the canines outwards. The style supposedly looks youthful but has been helped greatly by celebrities and pop stars having the procedure. It can cost around A: I want to exchange this DVD player.我想换台DVD播放机B: No problem. Do you have your receipt?没问题你有收据吗?A: That one thing I never get.收据我永远不会忘B: Now, what seems to be the problem?机器有什么问题?A: This DVD player wont play DVDs.它不播放碟片B: Well, at least you kept your receipt. One moment, please.至少你能留着收据稍等A: I spent almost an hour trying to make it work.我花了近一个小时想让机器正常播放B: If this one doesnt work, just bring it back.如果这台还不能播放,拿回来换就行了 56 to have the teeth altered, and dental clinics also offer temporary versions that patients can remove later.这个过程包括推挤虎牙,使其看上去比普通的虎牙更加突出,一般在睡觉磨牙的人群中很常见,会自然地将虎牙向外推挤这或许是年轻人的风潮,但明星们在此过程中也有所推动调整牙齿一般费用约在00美元左右,也有牙科诊所可以提供“临时产品”,过后人们可以选择移除1.Tipping1.小费Tipping is a common practice in North America, although it can sometimes be a controversial subject, especially over who should be tipped and how much they should get. In Europe there are far fewer times when it appropriate to tip, but tipping in some m is seen in most parts of the world.小费在北美是一种普遍现象,虽说常会引起争议,尤其是关于付小费的对象和小费金额,在欧洲更是极少有付小费的机会,但在绝大部分地区小费还是被视为一种形式In Japan though, tipping is almost non-existent. Waiters, hotel workers, taxi drivers and others do not expect to be tipped at all. In fact, many will consider it rude you to attempt to give them extra cash. There have even been reports of workers chasing after tourists who have left tips to return their money. Some tourism businesses will accept tips, but most companies and businesses in Japan will not expect anyone to offer them money good service, as they believe that should be part of the price youre paying.而在日本,小费基本上是没有的,侍者、酒店员工、出租车司机还有其他本应付小费的人,都没有实际上,很多人还会认为你要给小费的这种行为是十分无礼的, 甚至有报道说收银员在消费者留下消费后令其收回虽说一些旅游行业会收取小费,但大部分日本的企业和行业绝不会由于良好务而获得钱财,因为他们一切已经包含在你已付的费用里了编辑:青卉 来源:前十网 66

Mexico, with its rich cultural heritage and traditions related to death, has become a fertile ground ;dark tourism,; a Mexican scholar said.一名墨西哥学者日前表示,墨西哥拥有丰富的与死亡有关的文化遗产和传统,它已经成为;暗黑旅游业;的沃土Dark tourism, which offers experiences linked to death, risks and disasters, is growing every year and has become a genuine tourist sector, Alvaro Lopez, a tourism researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said.墨西哥国立自治大学的一名名叫阿尔瓦罗·洛佩兹的旅游研究人员表示,提供与死亡、冒险以及灾难相关体验的暗黑旅游正在逐年壮大,已经成为一种真正的旅游方式Lopez, who is currently trying to track dark tourism in all ms in Mexico, believes that dark tourism helps remove social taboos and fears of people about visiting places once considered unthinkable.目前在试图监测墨西哥所有形式;暗黑旅游业;的洛佩兹认为,暗黑旅游有助于消除关于曾被认为难以想象的观光地的社会禁忌,让人们不再恐惧Another tourist attraction is to feel the experience of being an illegal immigrant, he said. In Hidalgo, one company offers ;night walks,; where tourists can pretend to be illegal immigrants trying to cross the US border, with locals acting as guards or people smugglers.他表示,另外一种对游客的吸引力是感受成为非法移民的经历在伊达戈尔州,一家公司提供;夜行;项目,游客可以假扮成跨越美国边境的非法移民,当地人则扮演卫兵或人口走私者The terrain is rough, the trip is uncomtable and throughout the experience, tourists are insulted, searched and roughed up by the actors.该旅行项目中的地形比较崎岖,甚至在此过程中,游客会被演员们侮辱,搜查和殴打There is also growing interest in exploring sites linked to drug trafficking.此外,对探索与贩毒有关的地点的兴趣也在增加 570

导购口语:There are some good silk T-shirts over there in the clothing department.那边成衣部有一些很好的真丝T恤Why dont you try this other T-shirt?你为什么不试穿另外这件T恤看看呢?I think tight wearing T-shirts is really all the rage.我认为穿紧身T恤很时髦语句:Silk T-shirts 意为“真丝T恤”;try this other T-shirt表示“试穿另外这件T恤看看”;all the rage固定搭配,意思是“风行一时”情景再现:These T-shirt are really nice.这些T恤真的很漂亮Do you have this T-shirt in size L?你们有没有大号的这件T恤呢?What wrong with that T-shirt? I think it hilarious.这T恤有什么问题?我认为挺别致的呀 1955


  A woman was attacked and had her hair ripped out talking too loudly on her phone on a bus in China.近日,中国一名女子因在公交车上大声打电话而遭到殴打,她的头发也被拽掉了一把The woman was riding a bus in Xian, north-west China Shaanxi province, when a male passenger and another woman punched her and pulled out her hair on January 3, reports the People Daily Online.据人民网报道,1月3日,该女子坐在中国西北部陕西省西安市的一辆公交车上,一名男性乘客和另外一名女子对她连踢带打,并拽掉了她的头发The woman surnamed Yang told reporters: He had two hands pulling my hair and dragged me to the ground. He even kicked and beat me and pulled my hair away.该杨姓女子告诉记者:“那个男的当时就两个手上来拽着我的头发,把我拖到地上,连踢带打,我的头发就被拽掉了”She said that the incident occurred when she was riding the number bus in the south of Xian at 6pm. Then she took a phone call when suddenly the man punched her in the neck.她表示,事发时自己乘坐的是西安市南部的路公交车,当时是下午6点随后她接了个电话,突然这个男子朝她脖子打了一拳She said: I turned around and asked him why he hit me. He said I hit you because you were making a loud noise.她说道:“我就扭过来,问他为什么打我,他说因为你打电话声音太大了”The bus driver surnamed Chen told reporters: uddenly two passengers ran at the woman and I quickly pulled over to stop the bus and I said do not fight.公交车驾驶员陈师傅向记者透露:“突然有两名乘客冲向那个女人,我就赶紧靠边停车并劝说别打了”He then opened the door and called the police while the man and the other woman got off.而后,陈师傅把门打开并报了警,那名男子和女子也都下了车Yang told reporters: I am innocent and I did not provoke him. I am 55 years old. Just asked me to speak quieter and I would have listened. She has since reported the incident to police.杨女士告诉记者们:“当时我也没注意到影响到了他我一个55岁的人,你跟我说声音小点就行了,我会听”目前她已经向警方报了案People have been commenting on the story on social media site Weibo.人们纷纷在社交媒体新浪微上对这一报道进行了One user wrote: the man should be made bald punishment.一名用户写道:“这个男子应该被弄成秃顶以作惩罚”While another commented: why couldnt this man be more tolerant.另外一名用户则道:“为什么该男子就不能宽容点呢?” 9300。

  Visitors to the Eiffel tower now have a chance to stay a night in the iconic landmark, something that was never available since its opening in 1889.到埃菲尔铁塔游览的游客们,现在终于有机会在这个巴黎的标志性建筑上住上一夜了自埃菲尔铁塔于1889年开放以来,这还是破天荒头一次Rental company HomeAway said it was taking over part of the first floor of the 300-meter latticework the duration of the UEFA Euro football tournament slated June in Paris, and transming it into Hausmannian-style living quarters.据悉,为了迎接即将于6月日在巴黎拉开帷幕的年欧洲杯,房屋租赁公司HomeAway将在埃菲尔铁塔首层的部分区域隔出300平米,改造为奥斯曼风格的客房The competition opened on Thursday the chance to stay in the famous structure. lucky winners, each with up to five guests, will be able to spend a night on the first level, about 5 meters above the ground.在这个著名建筑逗留的机会于周四进行竞拍,获胜的幸运者每人最多可以邀请5名客人,在这座高达5米的建筑首层过夜;HomeAway is excited to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opporty to spend a whole night in our luxury Eiffel Tower Apartment,; the company said on its website.HomeAway租赁公司在其网站上写道:“在奢华的埃菲尔铁塔度过一个一生仅能体验一次的夜晚,我们对能提供这样的机会感到兴奋”Prospective tower tourists can register by giving personal inmation and suggesting ;What would you do if the Eiffel Tower Apartment was all yours the night?; The elevated apartment is under construction, with French designer Benoit Leleu in charge of the particulars.游客们可以通过注册个人信息并就“如果埃菲尔铁塔客房一整夜都是你的,你会做什么”这一话题提出自己的看法,从而赢得幸运机会该空中公寓尚在建设中,由法国设计师班诺特莱勒全权负责The Eiffel tower has attracted more than 50 million visitors so far.迄今为止,到埃菲尔铁塔参观的游客已经超过了.5亿人次 76

  导购口语:The spun silk is the best material pillowcase.绢丝是做枕套的最好料子This material is a mixture fabric of pure wool and plush.这种料子是纯羊毛与长毛绒的混纺织物Tweed is one of the best men clothes.粗花呢是一种最好的男装衣料 语句:Spun silk绢丝;mixture fabric混纺织物;丝织品,我们可以说“silk fabrics”;pure silk真丝;pure wool纯羊毛;one of the best…表示……中最好的一个 种 情景再现:You should choose a fabric that will wear well.你应该挑选耐穿的料子There is a great deal of wear in this stuff.这材料很耐磨损It velvety and the color is brilliant.这种绸缎如天鹅绒般光滑,而且颜色鲜亮 18In the few short weeks that it has been available around the world, Pokemon Go has invaded countless aspects of popular culture.短短几周,《Pokemon Go已经火遍全球,入侵了流行文化的方方面面Just one day after its July 6 release date, it had aly been installed on more Android devices than Tinder, and is now looking set to overtake Twitter when it comes to active users.在该游戏于7月6日发布的一天之后,其在安卓设备的安装量就已超过Tinder,现在其活跃用户量即将赶超TwitterA viral uploaded to Facebook of a dog dyed the colour of the popular Pokemon character, Pikachu.近日,一段上传到Facebook上的视频显示,一只小被染成了最流行的小精灵-皮卡丘的颜色They made their dog look like Pikachu, the accompanying caption to the Facebook post s. The clip shows a small dog that has been dyed yellow in colour. The pup also has dark stripes, in the style of Pikachu, as well as little red cheeks.这则Facebook状态上的标题写道:“他们把打扮得像皮卡丘一样”该视频中,一只小毛发被染成了黄色同时它还被染上了皮卡丘同款的深色条纹,以及红色的小脸蛋While the has proven popular on social media - at last count it had been viewed .1 million times - it has not passed without a huge deal of controversy.尽管这段视频在社交媒体上非常火--最新统计浏览次数为万次--但它同时也引发了广泛争议Why would you even do that to any animal, someone writes.有人写道:“你怎么能对小动物这么做?”Many have been quick to say that while they might be Pokemon fans, they think this act is animal cruelty.很多人迅速回应称,他们虽然也是Pokemon迷,但这种行为是动物虐待This is just the stupidest cruelest thing Ive seen in a while, one person says. I love Pokemon, but this is just plain moronic! Learn to treat animals with respect!.一位网友说:“这是这段时间以来我见过的最愚蠢、最残酷的事情我热爱小精灵,但这种做法纯属弱智!请学会尊重动物!” 589187.The Braconidae Wasp7.小茧蜂Braconidae is large family of parasitoid wasps (wasps that lay eggs inside other animals). Luckily them they are highly resistant to radiation, so they have a very high likelihood to survive nuclear fallout.小茧蜂科下有许多拟寄马蜂(拟寄马蜂是指在其他动物中产卵的一类马蜂)它们极其幸运地拥有了强大的抗辐射能力,所以极有可能在核放射环境中存活Researchers have discovered they can withstand up to 180,000 rads of radiation, making them one of the toughest animals alive today.研究人员发现它们能够忍受180000拉德的辐射,而这让他们成为世界上最坚强的动物There is some argument about whether or not they would find any prey species to lay eggs in but it is very possible that they might. After all, they arent the only animal on this list, right?但关于它们能否在那个核辐射的世界中寻找到拟寄的目标动物,人们是由所争议的,但它们该是能找到的,毕竟,他们不是这个存活清单上唯一的动物Additionally, here a fun fact about these insects: the braconidae wasps can actually be trained to sniff out harmful chemicals and explosives just like a sniffer dog. A stinging, creepy, not at all cute, sniffer dog.另外,关于这些小茧蜂还有一件很有趣的事情:它们在接受训练之后,能够像搜寻犬一样寻找有害化学物质——一只死追不舍的、贪婪的、一点也不可爱的搜寻犬6.The Lingulata6.舌形贝The lingulata is a type of brachiopod, or animal with a hinged shell (like a clam). The name comes from the Latin word meaning tongue due to the shape of their shell.舌形贝是一种拥有胶合壳的腕足类动物,就像捞蛤一样这个名字来自于拉丁语,是“舌头”的意思,因为它们壳的形状就像舌头一样In the history of the Earth there have been five mass extinctions (arguably, we are in the sixth, depending on who you ask), when the vast majority of life was wiped out. It was such an event that lead to the demise of the dinosaurs.在地球的历史上,有五次大灭绝(这一点有争议,有人说我们正处于第六次大灭亡中这个数字是多少取决于你问谁),每次都有大量的生命消失而其中一次则是恐龙的消失The lingulata has no issues with trivial mass extinctions and has survived all five without any issues. It appears that it able to burrow deeply into the ground in times of trouble and then emerge later.舌形贝对这些大灭亡毫不在意,并且毫无损伤地从五次大灭亡中存活了下来似乎它们能够在麻烦来临时深深地埋入地底下,然后在一切归于平静时再冒出来Despite their ability to survive no one really understands quite how they do it. Still, if they have outlived 99% of species which have ever existed, they would be odds on favorites to survive a nuclear war.尽管它们有如此强大的生命力,但是却没人知道它们是怎么做到的既然它们比有史以来99%的动物都活得长,它们也极有可能是能够在核战争中存活下来的奇特生物之一5.The Fruit Fly5.果蝇The common fruit fly, or Drosophilla if you want to be specific, can survive high doses of radiation up to around 6,000 rads. Most insects, as it happens, are quite capable of surviving radiation due to slow cell division, and extremely fast reproduction in the case of the fruit fly.常见的果蝇(更准确的称呼为:drosophilla),能够抵抗6000拉德的辐射事实明,许多生物凭借它们缓慢的细胞分裂以及极其迅速的繁殖,能够在核辐射环境中存活,而果蝇就是其中之一The ability to reproduce means they have the ability to evolve very quickly to any change in conditions.强大的繁殖能力让它们能够快速地适应环境变化Also the mere fact that theyre so small works in their favor too, as there are less cells to be affected by the radiation and less surface area to absorb it.同样的,体积小也提高了它们的生存能力,因为有更少的细胞和面积更小的表层受到辐射As we are beginning to see, the world after nuclear war would not be particularly cute and cuddly, but there would at least be some life.慢慢地我们意识到,核战争之后的世界并不可爱,但至少有生命.The Human.人类Surprised? Well, despite all that known about our ability to survive radiation, it quite possible that humans would survive nuclear war. There are several reasons this.惊讶吗?尽管我们都知道人类抗辐射的能力并不尽如人意,但人类还是极有可能在核战争之后的世界里寻求到一席之地有几个原因:First, the amount of nuclear weaponry in the world is actually decreasing, meaning fewer bombs. While the existing bombs could technically wipe everyone out, that would be unlikely as humans are too scattered around the world.首先,世界上核武器的数量正在减少,也就是说核弹头也在减少虽然现存的核弹头理论上能够杀死世界上每一个人,但因为人类太过于分散,所以这并不太可能Although bombs are around 1,000 times more powerful now than Hiroshima it doesnt mean that 1,000 times more people will die.并且,虽然现在核弹的威力是广岛核弹的00倍,但这并不意味着有00倍的人会而去世This is quite simply because there wont be that many people in the vicinity of where the bomb is dropped, although every person there would obviously be killed. With humans living in all parts of the world, and with nuclear shelters, it is possible that enough people would survive to keep a viable population and live off the remaining land.道理很简单,在核弹爆炸的地方并不一定有很多人,当然在那附近的人肯定会死生活在世界各地的人们,凭借着防辐射屏障,是能够有足够数量的人类存活下来,继续繁殖并且在残余的土地上重新开始生活Also, were tunate enough to possess the intelligence to engineer our way out of trouble. Or, you know, we could choose not to drop the bombs to begin with.进一步而言,人类拥有解决问题的能力而更简单的办法是,不要使用核武器 691

  A: Well, how does it look?毛衣看起啦如何?B: It a perfect fit.毛衣很适合你A: Let me pay it now.我现在就付钱B: Cash, credit card, or debit card?现金,信用卡还是借记卡?A: I think Ill use my credit card.我想我得用借记卡B: Your signature here, please, and were finished.在这里签字,完事了A: Here my John Hancock.这是我的签字B: Bye-bye. Visit us again soon!再见,欢迎你再次光临



  7.Derweze, Turkmenistan7.土库曼斯坦,达瓦扎Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia that borders Afghanistan. Within the country, there is a town called Derweze, which is in the Karakum (Black Sands) Desert. And not far from the town is a fiery crater that the locals have dubbed ;The Door to Hell.;土库曼斯坦是一个中亚国家,与阿富汗接壤在这个国家有一座小镇叫达瓦扎,位于卡拉库姆沙漠(黑沙漠)距离小镇的不远处有一个炽热的火坑,当地人称之为;地狱之门;The crater is 5 feet wide and 99 feet deep and while it does quite literally look like the entrance to hell, it actually a natural gas fire.火坑直径5英尺,深99英尺虽然它看起来很像地狱的入口,实际上却是一个天然气火口In 1971, there was some drilling going on in the area and the equipment hit a cavern and fell in. Luckily no one was hurt, but scientists were worried that the gas would be poisonous.1971年,地质学家在此地勘探,用设备钻出一个洞穴后地面出现塌陷所幸没有人受伤,但是科学家们担心这些气体有毒So in an incredible miscalculation, scientists suggested starting a fire, thinking it would burn off in a few days.因而做出了令人难以置信的错误判断,他们点燃了这些气体,以为它会在几天内燃烧掉It was afterwards that they found out that Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserve in the world and the fire still burns today. The country is hoping to turn the area into a tourist attraction.后来他们才发现,土库曼斯坦拥有世界上第四大天然气储量,而大火至今还在燃烧,国家希望把该地区变成一个旅游景点6.Capela dos Ossos, Evora, Portugal6.葡萄牙,埃武拉市,人骨礼拜堂Capela dos Ossos, or ;Chapel of Bones; is the most popular tourist attraction in the medieval Portuguese city of Evora.人骨礼拜堂,是葡萄牙中世纪古城埃武拉市最受游客欢迎的景点The big draw of the th century chapel is a room that was constructed from the bones of 5,000 monks.这座礼拜堂始建于世纪,由5000名僧侣的尸骨搭建而成Then just to make it even creepier, there is also the body of a woman and a child hanging from a wall, but no one is really sure why their bodies are there.更令人毛骨悚然的是,还有一面墙上吊着一具妇女和一具男婴的骷髅,但是没人能说清她们的遗骸为何会挂在那里The reason the monks bones were used was because at the time it was constructed in the th century, Evora was running out of room to bury people.在世纪搭建这座礼拜堂的时候,埃武拉正面临墓地紧缺的困境,才使用了僧侣的尸骨There were aly 3 cemeteries and the city was going to get rid of a few. In order to save the souls of monks that died, 5,000 of their bodies were exhumed.当时已有3座墓园,而埃武拉准备撤掉几座为了保护去世僧侣的灵魂,他们的5000具遗骸被挖了出来With the remains, the church decided to use them as a message to the wealthy citizens of Evora. They constructed the room using the bones to remind people that once you were dead, you couldnt take your riches with you.教堂决定用这些遗骸给埃武拉的富裕市民以启示他们用尸骨搭成这座礼拜堂,以此提醒人们,财富并不能在死后一起带走Hence the message at the entrance, ;We bones that are here, your bones we wait.;所以入口才会写着:;我们的尸骨在此等待你们的尸骨;5.Hashima Island, Japan5.日本,端岛Hashima Island sits about nine miles off the coast of Nagasaki in Southern Japan.端岛坐落于日本南部的长崎市外约9英里处In the 1880s, coal was found on the sea floor of the island, and originally, workers were ferried to and from the island. Then the mining company thought it would just be easier to build places the workers to live.19世纪80年代,人们在这座岛屿的海底发现了煤起初,采煤工人们坐船往返于这座岛后来矿业公司认为,让工人们住在岛上会更方便On about 67,000 square feet, which is a little bit larger than a football field, the company created a commy complete with restaurants, bathhouses, apartments and even a graveyard.于是公司建了一个67000平方英尺的社区(比足球场稍大一点),里面餐馆、澡堂、公寓应有尽有,甚至还有一个墓地In 1959, 5,59 people were living on the island, making it the most densely populated place on Earth ever.1959年,岛上有559名居民,是当时地球上人口密度最大的地方In 197, the coal was all mined and the mining company made an announcement that there would be work on the mainland, but it would be on a first come, first serve basis.197年煤矿开采完后,矿业公司宣布内地有工作,但是要根据先来后到的原则招工This caused many people to pick up and leave quickly, leaving behind a lot of personal items like tea cups on tables and bikes leaning up against walls, which gives the island a very post-apocalyptic feel.很多人匆匆打包离开,留下了许多个人物品,比如桌上的茶杯、墙角的自行车等,使这个岛屿带上了一种;后启示录;的末日感.Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Pennsylvania.宾夕法尼亚州,潘赫斯特州立学校和医院The Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic opened in 19 in East Vincent, Pennsylvania. Shortly after opening, the institution was grossly misused.19年,专门为智能低下以及癫邪症患者所开设的东宾夕法尼亚州立机构在滨州东文森特成立这间机构开设后不久就违背了它原本的初衷Instead of only taking in people with disabilities, it also housed criminals, immigrants and anyone else who had no place to go, making it overcrowded within months of opening its doors.非但没有招收残疾人,反而开始收容罪犯、移民者以及那些无家可归的人,导致这里在刚开始的几个月就变得十分拥挤By the 1960s, the name had been changed to the Pennhurst State School and Hospital and there were over ,700 residents, mostly children. The problem was that conditions, like many other state intuitions at the time, were horrible.世纪60年代,它正式改名为潘赫斯特州立学校和医院,容纳了700多人,其中大部分都是孩子很快,这里也和其他许多州立机构一样,出现了很多严重的问题The staff was minimal and a vast majority of the children were not properly helped. Some doctors were also a bit sadistic.员工少,大部分孩子得不到有效救助有些医生还有虐待癖 example, in a news expose from the mid-1960s, a doctor talked about what he did with one patient he described as ;a bully.;例如,新闻曾曝光过,在世纪60年代中期,有一位医生坦白了他对一个;横行霸道;的病人所做的一切The doctor said he discussed with his colleagues, what he could inject into the patient that would cause the most pain but wouldnt leave permanent damage.那个医生曾和同事一起讨论要给病人注射一种药剂,这种药剂可以让病人痛不欲生,但是却不会对病人造成永久性的伤害After the discussion, he pulled the patient aside and used the substance to chemically torture him.讨论完,他就把这个病人拉到一边,给他注射了这种用来折磨他的药剂The expose brought the conditions of the hospital to light, which signaled the end and by 1987, the school was closed and abandoned.这段新闻将医院的一些情况公之于众,也预示着这家医院的终结1987年,学校也关门了Today it is privately owned and the owners run a haunted house attraction that has drawn criticism because some people feel it exploitative.如今的这个地方属于私人所有,所有者将其经营成一座鬼屋景点,受到了公众的指责,因为很多人都觉得这个地方像是个剥削工厂 66356

  It isnt every day that a mystery from the deep swims into plain sight. But on Christmas Eve, spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid.并不是每天都有来自深海神秘生物游弋到浅海,但平安夜晚上,许多游客在日本中部富山湾的一个港口看到了难得一遇的巨型乌贼The creature swam under fishing boats and close to the surface of Toyama Bay, better known its firefly squid, and reportedly hung around the bay several hours bee it was ushered back to open water.这条乌贼浮在渔船下面,游到了富山湾的水面上,据称它在水中逗留了数小时之后才被引回开阔水域富山湾比较出名的则是萤火乌贼It was captured on by a submersible camera, and even joined by a diver, Akinobu Kimura, owner of Diving Shop Kaiyu, who swam in close proximity to the red-and-white real-life sea monster.巨型乌贼被水下摄像机拍摄,甚至还有一名潜水店的老板Akinobu Kimura潜入水中,近距离观察这条活生生、红白相间的海怪;My curiosity was way bigger than fear, so I jumped into the water and go close to it,; he told CNN.Akinobu Kimura告诉CNN记者:“我的好奇心战胜了胆怯,跳入水中去接近它”;This squid was not damaged and looked lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around me. I guided the squid toward to the ocean, several hundred meters from the area it was found in, and it disappeared into the deep sea.;“这条乌贼并没有攻击性,看起来很健康,它喷出墨汁还试图用触角缠绕我,之后我引导它游向开阔的水域,它在离被发现地点几百米的地方消失在了深海中”Yuki Ikushi, the curator of Uozu Aquarium in Uozu, Toyama, told CNN that there were reports of Architeuthis squid trapped by fishing nets last season, and this one is the first sighting this season, which runs from November to March.富山市鱼津水族馆的馆长Yuki Ikushi告诉CNN称,上个期有起渔网捕获大王乌贼的报道,这是本鱼期内第一次见到巨型乌贼,当地的鱼期从月一直持续到来年3月;We might see more in this season, but it very rare them to be found swimming around (the fishing boats) moorings.;“以后还可能见到更多巨型乌贼,但主动游到渔船停泊港口的并不多见”The Toyama squid is a fairly small example of the species, estimated at around 3.7 meters (.1 feet) long, and may be a juvenile. Giant squid are thought to grow as large as meters (3 feet) long. They typically inhabit deep waters, and it is unclear why this one wandered into the bay.富山乌贼是众多巨型乌贼种类中的一小类,这条乌贼体长大约3.7米(.1英尺),可能还处于成长期巨型乌贼最长可达米(3英尺),通常生活在深海中,目前还不清楚它游到浅湾中的原因 01963


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