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特斯拉发生首宗自动驾驶致死车祸 正被美政府调查 -- ::36 来源: 美国当局正在调查可能由特斯拉自驾车技术引起的首例死亡案件 US authorities are investigating the first death potentially caused by self-driving technology.美国当局正在调查可能由自驾车技术引起的首例死亡案件The driver of a Tesla car died in Florida in May after colliding with a lorry.特斯拉汽车的司机于五月与一辆货车相撞后死亡Under scrutiny is Tesla’s Autopilot feature, which automatically changes lanes and reacts to traffic.受到审查的是特斯拉的自动驾驶仪功能,它可以自动改变车道和对交通作出反应In a statement, Tesla said it appeared the Model S car was unable to recognise "the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky" that had driven across the car’s path.在一份声明中,特斯拉称S模型的汽车没有能够识别出从其车道上开过的“明亮天光下拖拉机挂车的白边”The company said the crash was a "tragic loss".该公司说该事故是一个“悲剧性的损失”The collision led to the death of Tesla driver Joshua Brown, 0. The driver of the truck, which was pulling a trailer, was unhurt.该相撞导致了特斯拉司机约书亚·布朗的死亡,现年0岁卡车的司机当时牵引着挂车,没有受伤A on YouTube, which appears to have been posted by Mr Brown, shows a dashboard camera recording of a previous incident, with the car steering to avoid a lorry in the next lane.由布朗先生发布的一个Youtube视频,显示了仪表板照相机记录的一个之前的事故,该车正在躲避旁边车道行驶的货车He wrote: "Tesla Model S autopilot saved the car autonomously from a side collision from a boom lift truck.他写道:“特斯拉S模型自动驾驶仪自动让该车避免与一辆起升货车相撞”"Hands down the best car I have ever owned and use it to its full extent. It has done many, many amazing things, but this was one of the more interesting things caught on the dashcam."“毫无疑问这是我拥有的最好的车,我在充分地使用它它做了很多很多不可思议的事情,但是这是仪表板照相机拍到的更有趣的事情之一”超女们的十年,也是我们的十年 -- :: 来源:sohu 年,一位外国友人在“玉米”的游说下,拿出手机为李宇春投了一票 那年夏天,你给她们投过票吗?你持的她现在还活跃在歌坛吗?你还珍藏着与超女有关的记忆吗? :初生 年,芒果TV一档电视选秀小试啼声,给我们送来了酸酸甜甜的张含韵 The show was first produced in . Chinese singer, actress Zhang Hanyun gained nation-wide fame after taking the third prize at the Super Girl singing competition. :爆红 年夏天,这个名为《超级女声节目以近乎核爆的方式,闪耀了整个夏天,撼动了整个中国的圈人们突然发现,歌唱比赛的决赛是这样的: At its height 0 million people tuned in to watch the live, three-hour finale of ;Super Girls .; 粉丝群体是这样的: 他们以食物名称自居,例如玉米、凉粉和盒饭;听起来好亲切,可是拉票的时候真彪悍新偶像带动之下最潮的发型是这样的: 小编还是最近才发现David Bowie早在上世纪60年代就是梳的这种发型啦这场选秀的声浪太强,连《时代杂志都被震到了地上—— 对于这个当时刚刚出头却被无数人半是戏谑半是恶意地称为“春哥”的年轻姑娘,《时代周刊是这样评价的: What Li did possess was attitude,originality and a proud androgyny that defied Chinese norms... Li represents unabashed individuality, and that's why she's a national icon. 而当时国内媒体发出了这样的: :争议 又是一年夏天,在争议声中,人们迎来了新一届《超级女声依然是大行其道的中(ci)性(wei)风(tou): 依然有无数人随她们哭随她们笑 依然有各种批评、质疑之声 :又见超女 连续火了三年的一档节目,让无数观众疯狂尖叫,让老师家长忧心忡忡,让业界同行眼红磨牙……大概谁也没有料到,再见超女已是年之后 China's TV singing contest ;Super Girl; will return to screens after a ten-year hiatus. The show -- to be re-launched by Hunan Satellite TV -- is similar to ;American Idol; and among the earliest contests in China offering ordinary people a chance at stardom. About 6,000 people have registered to enter the contest, according to a press conference held on May 3rd. However, since the run-away success of the mat, Chinese TV producers have competed to make similar reality shows, like ;Voice of China.; There are concerns that ;Super Girl; may not be able to achieve its past glory. 十年,回望 年间,人们的手机从6和弦变成了iPhone6S;磁带彻底退出了历史舞台,就连CD都变得少见了,数字唱片大行其道年间,那个被人讥笑雌雄莫辨的姑娘蜕变成时尚icon Vogue网站在介绍她时用了这样一个标题: 当年在舞台上略显青涩的子晋级成为时尚辣妈,森蝶都已经上小学啦! 有些人变了模样 有些人依然是实力大获肯定,人气却总欠缺那么一点点 变化那么多,可能唯一不变的就是无论何时,只要她们出现,还是会被贴上超女的标签: 那么,你呢?还在爱着你粉过的她吗?十年后,你变成了何种模样? 小编一直在这里,请把你们的故事讲给我听[国际]金砖国家大学排名 中国遥遥领先(双语) --5 :55: 来源:sohu 7 月 日QS组织(Quacquarelli Symonds,英国一家专门负责教育及升学就业的组织,QS世界大学排名得到了联合国教科文组织成立的IREG的承认,被认为是世界三大最具影响力的全球性大学排名之一)发布了金砖国家大学排行榜在巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非五国的优秀学府中,中国的高校遥遥领先 China's educational institutions have dominated the QS World University Rankings BRICS countries released on July , which offers a comparison among leading universities in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 在整体排名中,中国高校占据了前五名其中,中国清华大学摘得桂冠,其次是北京大学、复旦大学、中国科学技术大学和上海交通大学 In the overall rankings, China wins the top five positions with Tsinghua University taking the lead, followed by Peking University, Fudan University, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 通过QS 发表的统计报告显示,中国成为上榜最多的国家在排名前50 的高校中占据了3个位置,几乎是印度或俄罗斯上榜高校数量的三倍印度和俄罗斯分别有八所高校上榜,而巴西高校只在名单上出现了七次 Statistics published by QS shows China is notable being the most-represented country. With 3 listings in the top 50, it has almost three times as many entries as India or Russia, which each boast eight spots in the rankings.Brazilian institutions appear seven times on the list. 根据QS官方网站报告,;占世界人口%;的金砖五国,作为世界经济体中的新兴大国,都把教育放在了促进全面发展的优先位置 According to a report on topuniversities.com, ;ing % of the world's population;, the five BRICS countries, also known as the emerging major players in the world economy, have all given priority to education in enhancing comprehensive development.“@”在各种语言中分别叫什么? --1 :: 来源:chinadaily Talking about the “at” sign is much more interesting if you’re not speaking English. The Wikipedia entry @ lists names it in over 50 other languages, many of which are colourful interpretations of its shape – and which, in true online style, often involve animal analogies. 说起“at”符号(@),其他外语比英语的用法有趣得多维基百科上给出的“@”词条列举了50多种外语下的名称,在这之中很多都是对其形状的生动解释——通常是类比动物的网络流行语 Armenians call it ishnik, meaning a “puppy” (curled up on the floor, I assume). Chinese terms include xiao laoshu in Taiwan, meaning “little mouse” and quan ei on the mainland, meaning “circled A”. Danes, meanwhile, prefer snabela (an “elephant’s trunk A”). 亚美尼亚人称其为“ishnik”,这是“小”的意思(大概是@像蜷成一团的小吧)在中国,台湾人叫它“小老鼠”,大陆人叫它“圈A”,意思是“圈住的A”然而,丹麦人更喜欢叫他“snabela”(大象鼻子的形状A) Hungarians have the less savory kukac (“worm” or “maggot”), Italians the slightly more palatable chiocciola (“snail”), while – two personal favourites – Kazakhs see a айла? (“moon’s ear”) and some Germans a klammeraffe (“spider monkey” – or, more precisely, “cling monkey”). If you’re Greek, you say papaki, meaning “little duck.” 匈牙利人的叫法“kukac” (“虫子”、“蛆”)最倒胃口,而意大利人的叫法chiocciola(“蜗牛”)则相对可口一些,个人最喜欢的两种称呼是哈萨克人的айла?(“月之耳”)和德国人klammeraffe(“蜘蛛猴”)如果你是希腊人,你会叫它papaki,是小鸭子的意思 There’s interest outside the animal kingdom, too. Bosnians go ludo A (“crazy letter A”), while in Slovak it is a zavinac (“pickled fish roll”) and in Turkish a guzel A (“beautiful A”). There’s even a special Morse Code signal @ – the only new symbol added since World War One – med by running together the dots and dashes the letters “A” and “C” as a single character: (;--;-;). 除了描述动物王国,这些外语对@也有其它称呼比如波斯尼亚人称之为“ludoA”(“疯狂的字母A”),而斯洛伐克语中则叫“zavinac”(“腌鱼肉卷”),土耳其语中是“guzelA”(“漂亮的A”)@甚至还有特殊的尔斯电码符号——这是一战后唯一加入新符号——它是由点和横杠构成的单一字符(;--;-;),意思是字母A(;-)和C(-;-;) All of which brings us a long way from email. me, though, it adds a pleasant depth to the hastily tapped symbol on my keyboard: a little piece of the ancient Mediterranean lodged in modernity, and a supreme enabler of contemporary exchange. 不过这些都和电子邮件没什么大关系对我来说,它可以增加打字的乐趣:这个古老的地中海符号运用于现代社会,有效地促进着当代信息交流

北极的雪草莓般粉嫩却令人担忧 --7 :: 来源: 新研究发现,雪藻和其他喜冷物种之间发生化学反应导致极地的雪呈现红色,加剧气候变化 Pink snow was a high-latitude curiosity described by Arctic explorers.粉红色的雪被北极探险家描述为高纬度的奇观Biologists know now that the red hue is the result of a chemical reaction within the algae Chlamydomonas nivalis and other cold-loving species.生物学家现在知道,雪呈现红色的色调是极地雪藻和其他喜冷物种之间发生化学反应的结果These algae are normally green, but as they start to suck up ultraviolet rays, they turn red.这些藻类通常是绿色的,但当它们开始吸收紫外线就会变成红色The unusual phenomenon is also found in high altitudes, and sometimes called watermelon snow or blood snow.这种不寻常的现象在高海拔地区也时候发生,被称为西瓜雪或雪血According to a new study, the algae cause Arctic melts, which are aly happening at an unprecedented pace because of climate change, to worsen.根据一项新研究显示,由于气候变化,北极冰川以前所未有的速度在消融,而藻类更是加剧了这个状况In their paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers examined 0 red-snow samples, representing glaciers and snowfields from four Arctic countries: Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.周三发表在《自然传播期刊上的论文显示,研究人员检测了0种红雪样本,这些样本代表了格陵兰,挪威,瑞典和冰岛这四个国家的个北极冰川和雪原The red algae darkens the snow, they found, causing it to melt faster than its white counterpart.他们发现,红藻让雪变暗,导致其比白色的雪融化得更快Specifically, the European scientists measured the red snow’s albedo, the proportion of light reflected from a surface.具体而言,欧洲的科学家们测量到的红雪的反照率,即表面反射光的比重It is a property of color: Dark objects, by definition, absorb a higher percentage of incoming light.Because light is energy, objects that take in more light become hotter. Conversely, lighter-colored objects reflect more energy and stay cooler.这是色的特性:根据定义,暗的物体吸收入射光的比例更高由于光线是能量,吸收光线更多的物体会变得更热相反,浅色的物体反射更多的能量并保持凉爽The presence of red algae, on average, decreased albedo by percent over the duration of the melting season.红藻的出现,平均来讲,在融雪期降低了%的反照率“Our results point out that the ‘bio-albedo’ effect is important and has to be considered in future climate models,” Lutz said in a statement.“我们的结果显示‘生物反照率’效应很重要,必需在未来的气候模型中被考虑进去,”Lutz在一份声明中说The researchers note that current climate-change models details such as black carbon from est fires and Saharan dust. The scientists suggest algae, too, needs to be considered.研究人员认识到目前的气候变化模型考虑了比如来自森林火灾或撒哈拉沙尘的黑碳但科学家建议,藻类也应该被考虑进去Exactly how large or small a role algae plays in melting glaciers is unclear, and the scientists plan to study it in more depth.藻类到底对冰川融化有多大影响还不清楚,科学家计划对此深入研究But the geobiologists are concerned that the decrease in albedo may act like a positive feedback loop.但地缘生物学家担心,反照率的下降可能像一个正反馈循环As more algae bloom, more snow thaws — and, nourished by the unfrozen water, even more of the microorganisms are able to grow.当更多的藻类生长,就会有更多的雪被解冻——而由于冰雪融水的滋养,将会有更多的微生物生长

8岁俄罗斯演员与年仅岁的女友喜结良缘,两人相差60岁 -- 18::18 来源: 俄罗斯著名演员上演爷孙恋:在8高龄与比自己小60岁的女友组建家庭,之前已有3任妻子,6个孩子,已是3个孩子的祖父 An 8-year-old Russian actor famous more than 0 roles in Soviet and Russian films has announced he plans to start a family with his new wife who is 60 years his junior.曾出演前苏联以及俄罗斯电影,塑造超过0个角色的著名俄罗斯男演员,在今年8岁时宣布将与比自己小60岁的女友组建新家庭Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his -year-old fiancée Natalia Shevel, a mer student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family yesterday in St Petersburg.传奇的俄罗斯演员伊万·科拉斯科将迎娶岁的娇妻娜塔莉,她曾是伊万的学生他们昨日在圣彼得堡低调举行了婚礼,婚礼只邀请了家人及好友Despite criticism from many, the pair described their relationship in an interview with Russian media as a ’match made in heaven’.尽管两人的结合受到不少非议,但二人在一次俄罗斯媒体的采访中说到两人是天作之合They met while the father-of-six was teaching fine art at St Petersburg Institute of Liberal Education and Ms Shevel, one of his students, began writing him poetry which he said had made a ’huge impression’ on him.两人相识时伊万正在圣彼得堡自由教育学院教艺术,当时伊万已经是六个孩子的父亲而娜塔莉,作为他的学生,开始给他写一些诗歌,据伊万回忆,这让他印象深刻The actor, who has been married three times bee toy younger wives, said: ’As a result of her words, I started to feel like a man in a way that I thought had long since vanished. But it was like being rebooted, and something which was missing returned.’伊万之前已经有三任妻子,对于现在的娇妻,他说道:“在于她的相处过程中,我开始感觉到自己是一个男人,而这种感觉我已经很久都没有感受到了那种感觉就像重新启动了一样,就像消失的东西又重新回来了一样”In the interview shortly bee the ceremony the pair said they feel they cannot spend a single day apart and are living together in the actor’s apartment in central Moscow.婚礼不久前,这对新人接受了采访在采访中,他们说到他们现在一起住在伊万位于莫斯科中心的公寓,他们每天都在一起Mr Krasko, who will turn 85 in two weeks, added that the relationship prior to their marriage remained platonic, but he now hopes they will have a family together as they ’both wanted children’ and that there was a mutual attraction between them both.再过两周,伊万就85岁了,他说道随着婚礼的举行,他们之间柏拉图式的恋爱也就结束了,他们都喜欢孩子,他希望他们能一起组建家庭,这也可以加深他们之间的关系The grandfather-of-three said: ’Naturally she has some worries about the future, but me this is an exciting new time in my life.’伊万已经是三个孩子的祖父,他说:“娜塔莉对于未来仍有许多担忧,但对于我来说,这是人生的新起点,我很高兴”He said he had not yet met her family, although she had been introduced to his sons.他说现在他还没有见过娜塔莉的家人,娜塔莉已经见过自己的儿子们The actor proposed by getting down on one knee on the St Petersburg metro and presenting Ms Shevel with a diamond ring.他们的求婚是在圣彼得堡地铁里,伊万单膝跪地,手捧钻戒The very next day the couple then went to register an application to become married.就在第二天,这对新人注册结婚Mr Krasko added one of the first things his sons asked him was who was going to get the family’s country estate, but he had assured them that nothing in his will would be changed.伊万又说到他的儿子们问起的第一件事是谁将得到他的财产,他和他们保到将来他的遗嘱不会有任何变化When a journalist implied the marriage was simply a publicity stunt by the young woman to shortcut the usual career ladder by linking herself with a famous fiance, Mr Krasko rejected the idea.一位记者暗指这场婚姻只是年轻的娜塔莉想通过嫁个名人而出名的手段而已,但伊万否定了这种猜测He said that it was a fact that she was currently unemployed but added he would not be attempting to boost her career saying: ’An actor is always best off when they work on their name and by creating their brand on their own.’他解释道娜塔莉确实现在没有工作,但是自己并不准备帮助她的事业,他说:“只有以自己的名义努力工作,并且打造出自己的品牌,才能成功”The couple said they wanted a quiet wedding with and had only invited close relatives and friends.这对新人说到他们的婚礼希望低调,只邀请了一些好友

面对沙特威胁,联合国选择了妥协 -- :: 来源: 此前沙特曾威胁联合国,称将不再资助联合国的项目为此联合国做出妥协,潘基文宣布将沙特从儿童权利黑名单中移除 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has admitted he has removed Saudi Arabia from a blacklist violating child rights in Yemen after the Saudis threatened to stop funding many UN programs.联合国秘书长潘基文已经承认了这一事实,由于沙特威胁将不再资助联合国的许多项目,联合国被迫将沙特从也门儿童权利侵犯的黑名单中移除Ban said he had no choice because there was a ’very real prospect’ that millions of children in Syria, South Sudan and Palestine ’would suffer grievously’ if the UN programs had to be closed down lack of cash.潘基文说他别无选择,因为如果没有资金的话联合国的项目就不得不被迫停止,那么可以预见,叙利亚、南苏丹和巴勒斯坦等地数以百万计的儿童“必将”“遭受严酷的磨难”He said: ’This was one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make.’潘基文说:“这是我不得不做出的又一个痛苦而困难的决定”The ed Nations blacklisted the Saudi-led coalition after concluding in a report last week ago that it was responsible 60 per cent of the 785 children killed in Yemen last year.也门去年共丧生了785名儿童,而根据联合国上周发布了一份报告显示,以沙特为首的联盟要为60%的死亡儿童负责,联合国将沙特及其盟友列入了黑名单Ban is due to step down as Secretary-General at the end of the year, which could explain why he was a little less diplomatic than usual.今年年底潘基文将不再担任联合国秘书长,也许这也是为什么他现在显得有点缺乏外交手腕The South Korean - who is tipped to be replaced by a woman, possibly mer New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark - did not identify Saudi Arabia by name but said: ’It is unacceptable member states to exert undue pressure.’潘基文(他的继任者将是一名女性,很可能是新西兰前总理海伦·克拉克)并没有提及沙特的名字,但是他说道:“成员国家不应该施加过多的压力”Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, Abdullah al-Mouallimi denied his government had put pressure on the ed Nations to reverse its decision by threatening to cut off millions of dollars in funding.沙特驻联合国大使阿卜杜拉否认了外界对于沙特政府的猜测,表示沙特没有通过威胁减少百万美元资金的手段,来迫使联合国改变其决定He said: ’We did say that such a listing and such unfair treatment would obviously have an impact on relations.他说道:“我们是这样表示的--把沙特列入这样一个名单和对沙特的不公平待遇将很明显地影响双方的关系”’But we did not use threats or intimidation and we did not talk about funding,’ he added.他补充道:“但是我们没有威胁或者恐吓,我们根本就没有谈论资金的事情”Human rights groups accused Ban of caving in to Saudi Arabia but he admitted the conflict in Yemen had led to ’horrors no child should have to face’ but said he had no choice because the UN programs were so important.人权组织指责潘基文向沙特屈潘基文承认也门的冲突使得该地发生了“孩子们不应该面对的恐惧”,但是他又说他没有其他选择,因为联合国的这些项目非常重要The Saudi-led coalition launched an air campaign in support of Yemen’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in March to push back Huthi rebels after they seized the capital Sanaa and many parts of the country.年三月,为持也门总统曼苏尔,以沙特为首的联军对也门进行了空袭当时也门胡塞武装控制了首都萨那和国内许多地方,联军帮助也门政府军以求击退叛军The war has killed some 6,00 people, with more than 80 percent of the population in desperate need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN.据联合国透露,这场战役已经导致了600人死亡,也门80%的国民在绝望地等待着人道主义救援

世界首架载人无人机将在美国测试 -- :18:58 来源:sohu “亿航18”载人无人机[Photo: jinghua.cn] 没人开有人坐:世界第一架能够载人飞行3分钟的无人机将在美国内华达州进行进一步测试 The world's first drone capable of autonomously flying a passenger 3 minutes has been approved further testing in the state of Nevada, the ed States. 载人无人机“亿航18”年1月由中国广州亿航公司在发布内华达州州长经济发展办公室的航空国防专家汤姆;维尔切克在内华达自制系统研究所表示,内华达州愿意帮助亿航实现安全飞行的目的,通过联邦航空标准 The electric ;Ehang-18; passenger drone was released in Las Vegas this January by Ehang, a Chinese company based in the country's southern province of Guangdong. Tom Wilczek, an aerospace and defense specialist from the Governor's Office of Economic Development in Nevada, said through the Nevada Institute Autonomous Systems, the state would help guide Ehang through the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) regulatory process with the ultimate goal of achieving safe flight. “亿航18”载人无人机[Photo: Xinhua] 亿航公司希望在今年下半年开始进行测试,并在大规模生产之前向联邦航空明产品的适航性亿航公司的首席执行官胡华智表示,这将推动未来无人机的商品化并加速民营航空制造业的发展 Ehang hopes to begin testing later this year and will have to prove airworthiness to the FAA bee operating in a bigger scale. The company's CEO Hu Huazhi said it would promote the drone's commercialization in the future and fuel the autonomous civil aviation industry. 使用“亿航18”的用户可以进入连接无人机的智能手机应用无人机可垂直起飞,飞行时速可达到每小时0公里 Passengers using the ;Ehang-18; enter a destination into the drone's linked smartphone app. It takes off vertically, flying at up to 0kmph.

世界上最幸福的员工在哪个国家? -- :38:5 来源:chinadaily If you are ing this sat at your desk, wishing you were anywhere else other than at work, you might think you share the same attitude towards your job as people around the world.此刻坐在桌前阅读这篇文章的你,假如你的心飞到了办公室外,你大概会以为世界上其他人对工作的态度都和你一样But more than seven in of us don’t mind the daily grind and are actually pretty happy at work, according to the results of an annual survey.但是,一份年度调查结果显示,我们当中超过十分之七的人并不讨厌日复一日的工作,事实上,多数人在工作时挺快乐的The findings come from the latest well-being work barometer, carried out by Edenred-Ipsos, which questioned ,00 employees in countries around the world and found that 71 percent of people reported feeling positive about their work.该调查结果来自最新的幸福工作晴雨表,该项目由艾登瑞德-益普索机构实施,对来自全球个国家共00名员工进行了调查,发现有71%的员工持有积极乐观的工作态度As you might expect, well-being at work came down to a mix of factors, including the working environment, how much people feel appreciated and how they feel about the work they do.正如你所预期的那样,工作幸福感取决于多种因素,包括工作环境,感觉到自己受重视的程度,以及对工作内容的看法However, while the report found a high level of well-being overall, there were differences between countries.然而,尽管报告结果显示人们的工作幸福感总体较高,但是不同国家之间还是有所差别Indian employees came out top of the pile, with 88 percent of workers reportedly feeling positive about their work. While Japan fared far worse, with just percent of employees surveyed responding positively about their jobs.印度员工的工作幸福感最强,据报道,有88%的员工对工作充满热情然而,日本的情况却糟糕得多,受访员工中,只有%回应称对工作持乐观态度The UK and China were on equal footing, with an average of 71 percent of workers scoring positively workplace well-being, with the US nudging higher with 77 percent.英国与中国旗鼓相当,平均71%的员工的工作幸福感较高而美国比例略高,达77%According to the team behind the annual survey, items related to well-being at work were identified, broken down into three ‘pillars’ of ‘environment’, ‘appreciation’ and ‘emotion’.开展年度调查的团队表示,已确定有种因素与工作幸福感相关,它们可以分为“环境因素”、“受重视度”和“情感因素”三类They found that across all countries, environmental factors scored highest, including knowing what was required of them at work.该团队发现,在参与调查的所有国家中,环境因素得分最高,其中包括了解自己的工作要求But employees across the world are falling short when it comes to appreciating their workers, as are ‘emotion’-related scores – such as how much someone enjoys going to work in the morning and how interested they are in their job.但是,当提到受重视度时,世界各地的员工都打分偏低情感因素也是如此,情感因素包括员工是否喜欢早晨起床去上班的感觉,以及对工作的兴趣有多大Trends emerged across countries in terms of what was most important to them. Well-being was most related to environment Japan, Turkey, China, Italy and Poland.哪类因素对工作幸福感最重要?不同的国家有不同的倾向在日本、土耳其、中国、意大利和波兰这些国家中,环境因素与工作幸福感的联系最为密切In India, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, emotional factors such as enjoying coming to work and being stimulated by the job were most important.而在印度、墨西哥、巴西和智利,情感因素,如享受工作以及受工作激励等,最为重要While Spain, the UK and the US, the three categories were more equal, with less emotional factors having an impact on well-being compared to employees in other nations.然而,对于西班牙、英国和美国而言,这三类因素对于工作幸福感的重要程度更均衡,相较于其他国家,情感因素对工作幸福感产生的影响较小英文来源:每日邮报译者:卢珊珊审校#38;编辑:丹妮

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