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UK Economy Avoids Triple-Dip Recession Theres relief for the Chancellor as the first GDP estimate shows the economy grew by 0.3% in the first quarter of 2013. 英国国家统计局数据,今年第一季度英国国内生产总值环比增长0.31%,增幅高于市场普遍预期的0.1%,从而避免了在过去五年中出现第三次经济衰退。增长的主要动力来自于英国务业的复苏表现以及北海石油、天然气生产恢复正常。这是自2011年底以来,英国经济增长率最高的一次。不少英国分析机构认为,政府和央行需要出台更多刺激政策,以今年保持经济增长。The economy is growing again, this is good news, but how good? The chancellor says its encouraging, its a sign the economys healing again. Is he right? Well, we first went into recession back in 2008, and at a quite some speed, The following year, we get a recovery kicking in, a recovery of sorts, a kicking-in of sorts, it soon runs out of steam, and doesnt really get out of second year. By the end of 201, the economy, economic recovery is so feeble, bad weather pushes us back into a double dip. The shot in the arm for the Olympics was short-lived. The economy contracted in the last three months of last year. Today, it grows by 0.3%. The big picture though, hardly suggests health. Not only is the British economy smaller today than it was 5 years ago, but this is the weakest recovery in recorded economic history. Britains on the bottom here, the line in red, you should mean say, is 2.5%, smaller than it was before it entered recession. France, Germany and the ed States, they all went into recession in the same way. Almost as deep as we did. All three of them have bounced back more strongly than we have. Thats a headache for the chancellor to explain. He can, though, point to good news because there are a record number of people in work; go figure, unemployment hasnt risen or anything like the scale that had been feared. There are plenty of companies out there still making money. Weve heard from one of them in this morning, a house builder, the stock market is looking more buoyant that it was.But if you have managed to hold on to your job, the chances are, the average person is feeling worse off(恶化). What are these seemingly unpenetrable lines mean, theyll tell you that since for three years, uncounted pay has been rising at a slower pace than prices. Another headache for the chancellor, another reason the recovery is stuttering(结结巴巴). /201305/241233

中国第一超级模特独家专访201302/225713200809/47429The remainder of the Wilkins威尔金斯的剩余部分looks set to break apart soon.好似即将分崩离析Its the latest ice shelf一道洋流向南漂流to disintegrate in a wave thats been travelling southwards,一路上使新近形成的冰架破裂playing a major role in the loss of ice from the Peninsula.这种作用是造成半岛冰雪流失的主要原因Next in line, and aly weakening in places, are the ice shelves接下来便轮到已很脆弱的冰架that hold back Antarcticas gigantic continental ice sheet.这些冰架可防止南极巨大的冰原滑入海中And it would only take a small corner of this每次崩裂的只是冰原一角to slide into the sea不知不觉陷入大海to have major global consequences.却能带来严重的全球效应Weve only started to see我们最近才刚看到changes in the Arctic and Antarctic recently.北极和南极的变化So, its hard to predict exactly所以很难准确预言what impact these changes will have.这些改变带来的影响But we can see for ourselves that these places are changing但我们正目睹这些地区的改变and on a scale that is hard to ignore.其规模无法忽视The Poles, North and South, may seem very remote,南北两极看似地处偏远but what is happening here但这里发生的事情is likely to have a greater effect upon us对我们产生的影响than any other aspect of global warming.可能远大于全球变暖的其他方面If the Arctic sea ice continues to disappear,如果北极海冰继续融化it will drive up the planets temperature more quickly.地球气温升高的速度会更快And the melting ice sheets到本世纪末 融化的冰原could contribute to a sea level rise of a metre,能使海平面上升一米enough to threaten the homes of millions of people足以威胁全世界沿海地区around the worlds coasts by the end of the century.数百万人的家庭Weve seen that the animals我们看见are aly adapting to these changes,动物已经在适应这些变化but can we respond to what is happening now to the frozen planet?但我们能对冰冻星球的现象作出响应吗 /201301/220005

举世瞩目的英国女王钻石银禧庆典在英国伦敦威斯敏斯特大教堂隆重举行。Over to England, where dozens of celebrities and hundreds of horses and performers gathered on Sunday night to celebrate the 250 State and Commonwealth visits that UK monarch Queen Elizabeth II has made during her 60 year reign.The Queen, accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, attended the special Diamond Jubilee pageant at Windsor Castle aimed to take the audience on a journey around the world in 90 minutes.British actress Dame Helen Mirren, Australian TV entertainer Rolf Harris and British actor Sanjeev Bhaskar were among those who narrated the story of the Queens voyages around the globe, while Susan Boyle and Joss Stone were some of the singers who entertained the crowd.Performers around the world showcased their talents, among them the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Dhol drummers and dancers, Mexican singers and dancers, the New South Wales Mounted Police, Cook Island dancers and Aborigines and the Omani Mounted Activity Ride.The event will be broadcast by ITV during Jubilee celebrations in June.201205/182402This , rather than giving actual tips on how to elicit laughter from that special someone, coaches on how a man can become a funny partner.这段视频并不是教给你怎样逗某个人发笑,而是锻炼男性怎样成为更风趣的伴侣。Now, Im going to talk to you about how to make a girl laugh. This is actually much simpler than you might think. Initially,really, you need to make her feel comfortable.现在,我要教给你怎样让一个女孩子发笑。这比你想像的简单的多。首先,你要让她感觉到舒适。You need to chat to her. Ask her questions. Make her feel that youre really showing her your true attention, that youre listening, that you care, that youre being present with her.你要和她聊天,问她问题。让她感觉到你真正地对她比较关注,你在听她说话,你关心她的一切,你时时刻刻伴她左右。I dont know if you all realize this, but women love a masculine man who can make a fool of himself. You know why? Because shes looking for someone she can trust. Shes looking for the person she wants to settle down with, and believe me, I know they say women are free and easy, but I dont think so.我不知道大家有没有意识到,大部分女人比较喜欢那些可以自我解嘲的男子汉。你知道为什么吗?因为她在寻找可以信任的人。她在寻找可以依附的人。相信我,我知道大家都说女性是自由的,独立的,但是我不这么认为。Most women are looking for that love and most men are, too. So, shes looking for you and shes looking to see that she can trust you. So, if you can say, “Look, I can stretch out on a limb, and I dont even know if I can do it”, then she knows that when its up against it, when youre together, married and you dont know how, youre going to pay that next bill, youll stretch, youll do it.大部分女性都在寻找爱情,大部分男性也是如此。所以,她想查探你是否可以依靠。所以,如果你可以说,“看,我可以高高地悬在半空中,实际上我不知道自己能不能做到。”然后,她知道面对困难的时候,当你们两人在一起的时候,你们结婚之后,你将会付接下来的账单,你会做到一切。When you dont know whats going to happen with the children, and the childs got a cold or should you take them to hospital, youll stretch. All the rest is superfluous. So, show her your humor.当你不知道孩子发生什么事,孩子感冒了,或者你需要带他们去医院的时候,你都会主动承担。其他一切都是多余的。所以,向他展现你的幽默感。Show her your silliness. Show her you cant do it all, but you try, and youre funny with it. And youll be funny, anyway,because you are.向她展示你愚蠢的一面。向她展示你根本就做不到,但是你在努力,你为此感到很有趣。Thanks for watching How To Make A Girl Laugh.感谢收看“怎样成为更风趣的伴侣”视频节目。201210/206257

10年前回归时演唱《七子之歌》的小女孩容韵琳,清澈的眼神和带着“味儿”的独特童音,让人们一下子记住了这个9岁的小女孩。一晃10年过去了,小女孩长大成人,再度唱响《七子之歌》。Iong Wan Lam - Growth with singingA cute eight-year-old created a sensation ten years ago when she sang Qizizhige, a song about Macao, at the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. And now that little girl is a college student. With the tenth anniversary of the SAR coming up, Iong Wan Lam is very busy with performances around the city."Do you know that Macao is not my true name? What a long time since I was separated from my mother."Ten years ago, Iong Wan Lam's rendition of Qizizhige was so popular that almost everyone could hum it. But Iong told us she wasn't chosen for her singing technique, but rather, her Macao accent.Iong Wan Lam, Student of Macao Polytechnic Institute, said, "I had never been trained to sing, and wasn't even able to speak standard Chinese. But those who sang much better than I did were all rejected. The directors of the Gala were so sure that this was the real Macao flavor and people would like it."Ten years ago, Iong's voice was tender and innocent. But she wasn't really singing alone. She had a powerful back up, which became a support for all of Macao.Over the past decade, Macao and its people have achieved significant development. Macao has emerged from more than one economic downturn to now have the highest economic growth in Asia. Society is also stable and peaceful. Iong appreciates these two advantages. That's why she always says yes to public benefit performances like this.Iong Wan Lam said, "I know I am drawing public attention. But I like a peaceful life. I'm studying business administration. I don't intend to become a star."Iong's mother always goes along to keep an eye on her. This allows the girl to concentrate all her attention on her work. She gets along well with the rest of the cast and crew.Chan Chun Wah, President of Macao Chorus Association, said, "From the time I chose her, I have been witnessing her growth, along with the growth of Macao. "Iong Wan Lam said, "When I sang the song ten years ago, I didn't understand what it meant. but now it's different. The song has taught me many things, and let me know how to treasure the happy life today."12/92328Today in History: Tuesday, May28, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月28日,星期二May 28th 1934, a medical miracle that later turns tragic in Ontario, Canada where the Dionne quintuplets are born. Ontario’s provincial government deems the girl’s parents to beyond fit and puts the quints in a specially-built hospital. That’s where the identical sisters become a money-making tourist attraction during the Great Depression. Years later, the three surviving quints sue Ontario’s government and received a 2.8 million dollars settlement.1908, Ian Fleming, the novelist to created fictional British super spy James Bond is born in London.1972, the Duke of Windsor, the only British monarch to voluntarily relinquish the crown dies in Paris at age 77. The former King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee.1998, “When I was meditating.” “She was sleeping.” “Right, and she was just a lazy little girl for slept about 18 hours a day.”In California, actor and comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife Brynn who then kills herself.And 1957, Baseball’s National League approves moving the Brooklyn Dodges to Los Angeles and New York Giants to San Francisco.Today In History, May 28th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/241782

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