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上饶横峰县激光祛疤多少钱上饶余干县唇部激光脱毛价格横峰县妇幼保健人民中医院激光去斑手术多少钱 Fears that almost all of Britain’s ash trees face annihilation may be exaggerated, according to a comprehensive genetic analysis of ash across the UK and Europe.根据在英国和欧洲大陆对白蜡树(ash tree)进行的全面遗传分析,有关英国几乎所有白蜡树都面临灭绝的担心可能被夸大了。The study, carried out by a collaboration of 12 academic research teams and published in Nature, found that British trees are more likely than their continental counterparts to carry genes that protect against ash dieback, a fungal infection with the potential to wipe out 90 per cent of the European ash population.这项研究由12个学术研究团队协同开展,结果发表于《自然》(Nature)杂志。研究发现,相比欧洲大陆的白蜡树,英国的白蜡树更有可能携带抵御白蜡树枯梢病(ash dieback)的基因;这是一种真菌感染,有可能杀死90%的欧洲白蜡树种群。“It’s an encouraging hint that things may not be as bad as we had feared,” said study leader Richard Buggs of Queen Mary University of London and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.“这是一个令人鼓舞的消息,表明事情可能不像我们此前担心的那样糟糕,”伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院(Queen Mary University of London)和皇家植物园邱园(Royal Botanic Gardens Kew)的研究带头人理查德.巴格斯(Richard Buggs)表示。“But these are preliminary indications and I wouldn’t want to see government policy on ash dieback shaped by the research until we have more evidence for the susceptibility of British trees.”“但这些都是初步迹象,在我们有更多据表明英国白蜡树的易感性之前,我不想看到针对白蜡树枯梢病的政府政策受到此项研究的影响。”The encouraging news comes from the discovery of a link between reduced susceptibility to ash dieback and lower levels of plant chemicals called iridoid glycosides. Most British ash trees produce less of these compounds than continental ones, the genetic analysis suggests.这一令人鼓舞的消息源于这样一个发现:较低的白蜡树枯梢病易感性与较低水平的植物化学物质“环烯醚萜苷类”(iridoid glycosides)之间存在关联。遗传分析似乎表明,相比欧洲大陆的白蜡树,多数英国白蜡树生成的这类化合物较少。Mr Buggs said the findings might explain why ash dieback has not sp as rapidly in the UK as feared in 2012 when the fungus first arrived from continental Europe. “Most of our early models were based on the Danish experience,” he said.巴格斯表示,这些研究结果可能解释了为什么2012年白蜡树枯梢病从欧洲大陆传播至英国时,没有像人们担心的那样快速传播。“我们使用的多数初期模型都是基于丹麦的经验,”他说。The disease causes trees to lose their leaves and eventually die. It has killed millions of plants in eastern and northern Europe since reaching Poland in 1992. Young trees die fast while mature ash often take several years to succumb.这种疾病会导致白蜡树落叶,最终枯萎而死。自1992年传播至波兰以来,它已在东欧和北欧杀死了数以百万计的白蜡树。幼树很快死亡,而成年白蜡树往往在几年后死亡。“Plants use a vast range of chemicals to defend against fungal attack, and the primary objective [of the project] was to identify differences which could be used to screen young ash trees and choose the best ones for replanting,” said co-author Murray Grant of the University of Warwick. “Our findings underline the need for further research to ensure that we select ash trees resilient to present and future threats.”“植物利用多种多样的化学物质来抵御真菌侵袭,(该项目的)主要目标是识别差异,以便筛选幼树,挑选出最佳的树进行补种,”研究报告联名作者、华威大学(University of Warwick)的默里.格兰特(Murray Grant)表示。“我们的研究结果突显了进一步研究的需要,以确保我们筛选出对当前乃至未来的威胁具有抵抗力的白蜡树。”While the genetic analysis is encouraging news for the fungal resistance of British ash, it may have a downside, too. Iridoid glycosides help to protect plants against insect pests, so low levels could make the British trees more vulnerable to the other big threat to European ash, a beetle called the emerald ash borer.虽然遗传分析在英国白蜡树的真菌抗性上带来了令人鼓舞的消息,但它也可能意味着一个弱点。环烯醚萜苷类有助于保护植物免受虫害,因此这类化合物的含量较低可能使英国白蜡树在另一大威胁——一种被称为白蜡窄吉丁(emerald ash borer)的甲虫——面前更为脆弱。The beetle has devastated vast tracts of ash in North America and is sping westward from Russia into Europe. Although emerald ash borer has not reached the UK, arboriculturists fear its arrival is just a matter of time.这种甲虫在北美摧毁了大量白蜡树,并正从俄罗斯向西扩散,直扑欧洲。虽然白蜡窄吉丁尚未抵达英国,但树木栽培者担心,它们的到来只是一个时间问题。 /201612/485706上饶韩美医院整形中心

上饶韩美整形美容医院祛疤多少钱Zheng Jiajia, 31, decided to marry with a robot after failing to find a human spouse, his friend told Qianjiang Evening News.在找不到一个人性配偶后,31岁的郑佳佳决定与一个机器人结婚,这是他的朋友向《钱江晚报》透露的。Zheng had also become tired of the constant nagging from his family and pressure to get married, so he turned to a robot he built late last year and named Yingying.郑某也厌倦了家人的唠唠叨叨和被催婚的压力,于是在去年底开发了一个机器人,并将其命名为莹莹。After two months of ;dating;, he donned a black suit to ;marry; her at a ceremony attended by his mother and friends last weekend in the eastern city of Hangzhou.在经过两个月的“约会”后,他身着黑色西装,于上周末在杭州东部的一个城市和莹莹举行了婚礼,他的母亲和朋友出席了仪式。While not officially recognised by the authorities, the union had all the trappings of a typical Chinese wedding, with Yingying#39;s head covered with a red cloth in accordance with local tradition.虽然没有得到当局的正式认可,但这个联姻完全按照典型中国婚礼的规矩来进行,莹莹的头部按照当地的传统用红布覆盖。China has one of the worst gender gaps in the world, mainly due to sex-selective abortions after the introduction of the country#39;s widely criticised one-child policy, which for decades controlled how many children each family could have.中国是世界上性别差距最大的国家之一,这主要是由于几十年来广受批评的独生子女政策,该政策控制了每个家庭可以拥有的孩子数量,并导致了性别选择性堕胎。There are 113.5 men for every 100 women in China, according to the latest figures published by the World Economic Forum. The gender imbalance, coupled with changing attitudes towards marriage among the country#39;s middle class, means many men will never find wives.根据世界经济论坛发布的最新数据显示,中国每100名女性对应了113.5名男性。性别不平衡,加上中产阶级对婚姻态度的改变,意味着许多男人将永远找不到妻子。For now Yingying can only some Chinese characters and images and speak a few simple words, but Zheng plans to upgrade his ;bride; to be able to walk and do household chores. Until then he has to carry the 30kg robot to move her.现在莹莹只能阅读一些汉字和图片,并且说几句简单的话,但郑先生计划要升级他的“新娘”,令她能够走路和做家务。在此之前,这个30公斤的机器人妻子必须靠他来移动。 /201704/503701上饶伤疤 According to an article on The Information (paywall), Uber reportedly implemented an algorithm to figure out the lowest possible offer it could give to new hires.根据The Information(paywall)上的文章所说,据说Uber实行了一个算法来实现给新员工发放最低薪酬的目标。Investors were supposedly becoming worried that the company was doling out too much equity, so Travis Kalanick allegedly approved this new system in 2015, which helped the company save millions of dollars by significantly reducing what it offered to applicants.据说可能因为投资者开始担心公司发放的股权过多,所以2015年特拉维斯·卡兰尼克启用了这个新的算法,通过大幅降低求职者的工资这种方式帮助公司节省了数百美元。The computer program factored in a candidate#39;s previous pay and stock options to calculate the offer, and since women are systematically paid less, a perhaps unintended result was that the algorithm helped perpetuate the gender wage gap.这个电脑程序把求职者此前的工资和股票期权均计算在内,然后得出一个可提供给求职者的工资水平,然而因为女性的工资通常比男性的低,所以这种用这种算法有可能会得到让人意想不到的结果,就是使男女收入差距持久存在。Of course this practice isn#39;t exclusive to Uber; asking about previous pay has been such a driving factor in keeping the pay gap in place that Massachusetts recently signed a law outlawing the practice. Uber just found a way to automate it.当然无独有偶,除Uber外也存在采取同样方法的公司。询问求职者之前的工资一直以来都是收入差异无法消除的驱动因素。为此,马萨诸塞州最近通过了法律来禁止这种做法。而Uber是换汤不换药,把这种方法自动化了。 /201706/513354余干县上睑下垂矫正多少钱

上饶韩美整形医院除皱价格好不好流浪汉变身好莱坞时尚新宠The newest sensation at the center of Hollywood's fashion scene isn't a famous designer or starlet. It's a 56-year-old homeless man who spends his days dancing on roller skates.John Wesley Jermyn has been a fixture in West Los Angeles for more than 20 years. Nicknamed 'The Crazy Robertson' and 'The Robertson Dancer,' he is a constant presence on a stretch of Robertson Boulevard that has become the city's trendiest shopping corridor and a prime strolling spot for tourists and movie stars. Among locals and online, there's much speculation about Mr. Jermyn's personal history, including one oft-repeated rumor that he's a secretive millionaire.In a plot twist worthy of Tinseltown, Mr. Jermyn now has a clothing label named after him. Since it was introduced last month, 'The Crazy Robertson' brand of T-shirts and sweatshirts, created by a trio of 23-year-olds, has flown off the shelves at Kitson, a haunt of tabloid stars like Paris Hilton. The clothes feature stylized images of Mr. Jermyn, including one design -- available on a hoodie -- that has a graphic of him dancing and the phrase 'No Money, No Problems' on the back. At the largest of Kitson's three boutiques on Robertson, shirts bearing Mr. Jermyn's likeness are sold alongside 0 'Victoria Beckham' jeans and baby shoes designed by pop star Gwen Stefani.The label's owners, who grew up in Beverly Hills, have created a MySpace page for Mr. Jermyn. It doubles as an ad for the clothing brand and their nightclub-promotion venture, which is also named 'The Crazy Robertson.' The young entrepreneurs spent months trying to forge a relationship with Mr. Jermyn -- who now goes by the name John Jermien -- before gaining his approval. They have consulted him on design decisions and had a photographer shoot him for publicity images.In May, Mr. Jermyn agreed to a deal that entitles him to 5% of 'net profit' from clothing sales, according to a copy of the contract seen by The Wall Street Journal. He signed the contract, without speaking to an attorney or family members. But so far he has refused to accept much cash, preferring to be paid in food, liquor and paper for his art projects, according to Teddy Hirsh, one of the label's founders. 'He tries not to involve money in his daily life,' says Mr. Hirsh, who says he is Mr. Jermyn's agent and manager for future endeavors.Mr. Hirsh says Mr. Jermyn has aly received several small payments, even though the company hasn't 'made much profit' so far. 'We haven't collected anything for ourselves,' says Mr. Hirsh.Mr. Jermyn's slide into homelessness is a painful subject for his sister Beverly. And so is the clothing deal. She believes 'The Crazy Robertson' founders are exploiting her brother's condition to build their brand. 'I think these guys saw an opportunity and they took it,' she says. 'I am not happy with the arrangement.'Ms. Jermyn, who lives close to the alley where Mr. Jermyn sleeps, says her brother has a form of schizophrenia. He refuses to take medication, she says, despite suffering from fits of shouting and cursing. In the years since his condition began deteriorating in the late 1970s, 'he slipped through my fingers like sand,' says Ms. Jermyn, 64, who manages facilities for Oracle Corp.In the late 1980s she testified in court in a proceeding to force her brother to seek help, but psychological evaluators found him 'lucid and gracious,' according to Ms. Jermyn. She has made countless attempts to provide him with shelter and therapy, and she still visits him twice a week with food. She also pays for his cellphone and collects his Social Security checks on his behalf.The repackaging of Mr. Jermyn as a fashion front man comes at a time of increased fascination with homelessness. The producers of 'Bumfights' -- a collection of taped street battles between vagrants -- claim to have sold more than 300,000 DVDs since 2002, and a British TV series called 'Filthy Rich and Homeless' made headlines this year for its depiction of real-life millionaires posing as London beggars.Across the U.S., a growing number of homeless people have gained attention through the Internet. More than 17,500 s on YouTube are tagged with the word 'homeless.' Leslie Cochran, a street resident in Austin, Texas, who has twice run for mayor, has 10,775 'friends' on his MySpace page. In Boston, the profile of Harold Madison Jr. -- a homeless man better known as 'Mr. Butch' -- rose through online clips and a Web site made in his honor.Mr. Jermyn was raised in Hancock Park, a historic L.A. neighborhood that's home to some of the city's wealthiest families. His father managed one of L.A.'s largest Chevrolet dealerships.A star athlete in high school, Mr. Jermyn was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 1969 Major League Baseball draft. He attended Pepperdine University and played a season for a Los Angeles Dodgers' minor-league team in Bellingham, Wash. (He hit just .205 and made 12 errors in 63 games, according to the Society for American Baseball Research.)Joel John Roberts, chief executive of People Assisting the Homeless, which provides shelters for L.A.'s street residents, says the branding of Mr. Jermyn is 'like designing a line of clothing patterned after Iraqi refugees fleeing the war.'Mr. Hirsh and Vic Ackerman, one of the other founders of the clothing line, are sensitive to Ms. Jermyn's concerns about her brother, but say Mr. Jermyn 'specifically asked' them not to contact her about the clothing line or the contract. They view Mr. Jermyn as a 'business partner' and say they make sure he's aware of how his image is being used.'He knows everything that's going on,' says Mr. Ackerman, noting that Mr. Jermyn nixed a set of promotional photos because he didn't like his outfit and thought he 'looked a little puffy.'In conversation, Mr. Jermyn speaks softly and mixes short, lucid sentences with longer, less coherent remarks. He has been arrested more than a dozen times since 1986 for violations such as trespassing and jaywalking, according to court records. Most of his skating and curb-side dancing now takes place near Robertson Boulevard, but in the past he roamed throughout Beverly Hills and West L.A., often cradling a boombox and shimmying to loud music. 'He was always an extraordinary dancer,' says Jim Horne, a classmate of Mr. Jermyn's at Los Angeles Baptist High School.In addition to his sister, Mr. Jermyn speaks regularly with Ginny Berliner, a 64-year-old woman who befriended him when she owned an antique shop on Robertson. Mrs. Berliner, who now lives in Maryland, used to pay for Mr. Jermyn to sleep in a motel and covered his monthly coffee bill at Michel Richard, the well-known patisserie. 'He wants notoriety and glory, but he can't accept money,' she says.On a recent afternoon, clad in his trademark black leggings and visor, Mr. Jermyn said he is 'a facilitator' for the brand, and hopes it will expand into music or film. He has become a one-man marketing team, plastering company stickers and pictures of himself on a wall that faces pedestrians on Robertson.At Kitson's boutiques and on its Web site, the first shipment of 'Crazy Robertson' women's clothes -- about 35 items -- sold out in three days, and the store immediately ordered about 90 more pieces, according to owner Fraser Ross. Many of the online buyers were not from Los Angeles and presumably not familiar with Mr. Jermyn, he says. The brand may have appeal beyond L.A., says Mr. Ross, because its name includes 'Robertson,' which like Rodeo Drive is a destination associated with glamorous shopping.Mr. Hirsh says the success at Kitson has aly generated interest from other retailers. He calls Mr. Jermyn 'our Michael Jordan' and is looking into a trademark for 'the Crazy Robertson' name and logo.Ms. Jermyn, meanwhile, has different hopes. 'I don't want to see my brother get hurt,' she says. 'They're taking advantage of someone who is very vulnerable and very trusting.' /200803/32400 I studied psychology as a subsidiary to my politics degree at university. In the mid-1970s, psychology was the media studies of its day — fashionable but usually chosen because it was easy, and most of the stuff we were taught was frictionless. There was not a lot to get to grips with.我大学时主修政治,辅修心理学。上世纪70年代中期的心理学就像现在的媒体学:时髦,但选修这门课通常是因为学起来容易,而且我们学的绝大部分东西都毫无难度,没多少东西要认真对待的。One lecture, however, has stayed with me. It was about ergonomics, the science of designing machines, systems and processes that are efficient and comfortable to use. It was the heyday of awful design and I was so taken with the thought of a job in which you could spend your time improving things, I flirted briefly with the idea of becoming an ergonomist.但有个讲座给我留下了深刻印象,那就是人体工程学。这是一门研究如何恰当设计机器、系统和流程,使其用起来更高效更舒适的学科。当时是烂设计横行的年代,我对你可以投入时间去改良事物的职业如此神往,以至于一度想成为一名人体工程学专家。It did not happen, and I have never knowingly met one. But I get the sense — ergonomists will doubtless send me user-friendly emails to confirm or deny this — that ergonomists are not rock stars of modern industrial enterprise.那没能成为现实,我也从没遇到一位人体工程学专家。但我能感觉到,人体工程学专家不是现代工业企业的摇滚明星。(他们肯定会给我发送深入浅出的邮件来实或否认这一点。)In kitchen appliances especially, the ergonomist’s voice is ignored — at least if the absurd counterintuitiveness of so many products is any guide.尤其是在厨房电器上,人体工程学专家的声音被忽视了——至少从如此多奇葩的反直观产品来看是这样。A friend who knows Heston Blumenthal has just adopted a microwave which, he told me, the British chef and restaurateur was not using at home because it was “too complicated”. That must be one complicated microwave.一位认识赫斯顿.布鲁门塔尔(Heston Blumenthal)的朋友刚刚采用了一台微波炉,他跟我说,这位英国大厨和餐馆老板在自己家里不用,因为它“太复杂”了。那肯定是一台非常复杂的微波炉。For simplicity and ergonomic bliss, the most perfect mechanism for controlling levels has to be the old-fashioned rotary knob. I say old-fashioned because knobs — volume controls you turn, tuning knobs, treble and bass controls, brightness on a television, all of them — have almost disappeared over the past 20 years.就简洁和符合人体工程学而言,控制水平的最完美机械装置当属老式旋钮。我说老式是因为旋钮在过去20年几乎完全消失了,比如音量旋钮、调谐旋钮、高低音控制旋钮、电视亮度旋钮,诸如此类。In the mid 1990s they were supplanted by buttons with left, right, up and down arrows on them, by which you “incrementally” (some might say jumpily) increased or decreased a level. They needed a display to show you what your hand and ear, in a wholly intuitive neurological combo, had previously told you.20世纪90年代中期,旋钮被上下左右箭头按钮取代,让你可以“逐步地”(有些人或许会说“跳跃地”)调高或调低一级。这种按钮需要一个显示器来向你展示的东西,过去你的手和耳朵(两者构成一个完全直观的神经系统组合)可以告诉你。Knobs fell into demise for understandable reasons. Behind the volume and tone, knobs in the pre-digital age were potentiometers — mechanically variable resistances, which as you turned them provided a smooth, analogue change in the energy reaching the amplifier.出于可以理解的原因,旋钮遭到淘汰。在数字化之前的时代,控制音量音调的旋钮是电位器,即机械可变电阻,当你转动它们时,可以平稳、相应地改变输出到扩音器的电量。Tuning was done with a variable capacitor, also wholly mechanical — a stack of fins that intermeshed in concert with your knob-turning to change the capacitance, which, in combination with a tight coil of wire, determined the frequency you heard.完成调谐的是一个可变电容器,它也是全机械的,由一叠相互啮合的翅片构成。当你转动旋钮时,可变电容器改变电容,配合一个紧密缠绕的线圈,可以决定你收听到的频率。Both components could be miniaturised. Old transistor radios had tiny versions of each. But when devices began to be run by software, “pots” and variable capacitors became redundant. Level changes and tuning could be done “solid state” — meaning without mechanical parts, which was cheaper for manufacturers and looked futuristic.这两个部件都可以小型化,老式晶体管收音机就有微型音量旋钮和调谐旋钮。但当电子设备开始通过软件运行时,电位器和可变电容器变得多余。水平变化和调谐能够在“固态”下实现,意思就是没有机械部件,这对制造商来说更加便宜,看上去还有未来感。The downside was that the new forms of software control were horrible to use — fiddly, slow and imprecise. Car radios, where all-button controls were enthusiastically adopted, were dangerous because they required you to take your eyes off the road to squint at the display.缺点是软件控制这种新方式并不好用,繁琐、缓慢且不精确。积极采用全按钮控制的汽车收音机带来危险,因为它们要求你把目光从道路上收回,眯着眼去看显示屏。Almost overnight, anything with a volume control — the older and ergonomically superior choice — came to be seen as retro and quirky.几乎一夜之间,任何有音量控制——老式、从人体工程学上说更加优越的选择——的产品,都被看成复古和怪异。In 1999, Tom DeVesto, a Boston audio engineer, had the idea of building a radio with no controls other than volume, tuning knobs and simple dials.1999年,波士顿音频工程师汤姆.德维斯特(Tom DeVesto)想做出一个只有音量、调谐旋钮和简单调谐度盘的收音机。“They’re nicer to use,” he says. “Other people might like holding buttons down, but to me the intuitive way to control things was to turn a knob. There was no need to reinvent the wheel.”他说:“它们用起来更顺手。其他人可能喜欢按下按钮,但对我来说,旋转旋钮才是更直观的控制方式。没必要重新发明车轮。”But when he started showing his Tivoli One radio to stores, retail buyers in the US did not get it. “I still remember one shaking his head. He said, ‘You have to have a dial, a display, that lights up, with all kinds of levels on it.’”但当他开始向商家展示他的Tivoli One收音机时,美国的零售买家们并不买账。“我还记得其中一个人摇着头说,你必须有一个调谐度盘,一个显示器,能亮起来的,上面能看到一级一级的。”Mr DeVesto says his Tivoli radios went on to sell more than 10m units globally, usually in the nicer, John Lewis-type stores. Como Audio, a radio company he founded this year, also majors on knobs — even if today, with old-style components having almost disappeared, the knobs synthesise mechanical controls.德维斯特说,他的Tivoli收音机后来在全球售出超过1000万台,通常是在约翰.刘易斯(John Lewis,英国百货商店——译者注)这类较高档的商店。今年他创建了Como Audio,这家收音机公司仍主打旋钮。即使当今老式组件几乎已消失,但可以用旋钮来合成机械控制。“You have to work today to give it some feeling that turning the knob is doing something, when all it’s really doing is sending zeroes and ones to the computer,” says Mr DeVesto.德维斯特说:“如今你得想办法,让转动旋钮的人得到一些反馈,即便其真正用途是向计算机发送一堆0和1。”Knobs still feature on some expensive HiFi equipment and recording engineers’ control panels, but other attempts to reintroduce the joy of the knob to a younger generation have, sadly, not been very successful.旋钮仍出现在一些昂贵的高保真音响设备和录音工程师的控制面板上,但是很可惜,将旋钮之乐趣重新介绍给年轻一代的其他尝试不怎么成功。Marshall, the British guitar amplifier-maker, launched a mobile phone last year called the London, which had a thumb-wheel control knob that it called a “scroll wheel”. The phone is still available but it is not one you often see in use.英国吉他音箱制造商Marshall去年推出一款手机,名为“London”,该手机有一个被称作“滚轮”的拇指旋轮控制旋钮。市面上仍能看到这款手机,但你不常见到人们使用它。LG had even less of a breakthrough in 2013 when it brought out a 32-inch LED television, the Classic, with old-school on/off, channel change and volume knobs. You can still get them, but the Classic did not precipitate a rush back to knobs.LG在2013年推出了32英寸LED电视“Classic”,设有老式的开关、频道调节和音量旋钮,该产品甚至更谈不上突破。Classic现在仍能买到,但它没有带来旋钮的回归。A shame. Knobs you turn (and, while we are at it, big, chunky buttons you press) are not some atavistic relic, but an ergonomic advance — albeit a nostalgic one. In a perfect technological world, they would be the next big thing, not a throwback.太可惜了。你转动的旋钮(既然说到这里,还有我们现在使用的胖乎乎的大按钮)并不是什么返祖余孽,而是人体工程学的一大进步——尽管带有怀旧情怀。在一个完美的技术世界里,它们将成为下一款轰动产品,而不是个复古玩意儿。 /201612/485394上饶市肿瘤医院隆胸多少钱上饶中医院冰点脱毛多少钱



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