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Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010缅甸反对党派质疑军队将移交权力The head of Burma's military junta, General Than Shwe, says he intends to give up control of the government to whoever wins elections in 2010. However, members of the opposition in Burma doubt the military will allow a transition to civilian rule. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将说,他准备把缅甸政府的控制权交给任何在2010年选举中获胜的人。不过缅甸反对党成员怀疑,军队是否会允许同意把权力移交给文职政府。Burmese general Than Shwe went on national television, Thursday, to mark the country's Armed Forces Day holiday. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将为纪念缅甸建军节在全国电视台上露面。A constitutional referendum is scheduled for May, paving the way for multi-party elections in 2010, at which time the general says power will be handed over. 缅甸定于5月份就一项宪法草案举行公投,为2010年的多党选举铺平道路。丹瑞大将说,届时他将交出权力。In his speech, he said his government has what he describes as "a sincere aim for developing the country without any cravings for power." 丹瑞在讲话中表示,他的政府是一个“对国家发展有着真诚目标,但对权力却没有任何欲望”的政府。But members of Burma's opposition are expressing doubt that the military has any intention of giving up power to civilians. Veteran opposition politician Thakin Chan Tun indicates it is likely General Than Shwe, who is now 77 years old, will have no choice but to give up power in two years' time, because of his age and health. But he says that does not mean the military will relinquish power.但是缅甸反对党成员对军政府是否会把权力移交给文职政府表示了怀疑。反对党资深成员德钦貌吞说,丹瑞大将现年77岁,由于他的年龄和健康,在未来两年里他没有其他选择,很可能不得不放弃权力。The politician says the basic principles of the constitution drafted by the military leaders allow for the military to retain control of much of the parliament and key posts in the government. He says the army will be able to continue to rule the country, even if Than Shwe gives up his post. 但是德钦貌吞说,这并不意味着军队也会放弃权力。他说,缅甸军队领导人起草的宪法草案的基本原则是,允许军队保持对议会的主要控制权,并保留关键的政府职位。即使丹瑞放弃他的职位,军队还会继续保持对缅甸的统治能力。The military has ruled Burma since a coup in 1962. The military took over virtually every aspect of the Burmese economy, which has gone from being one of the most diverse and prosperous in Southeast Asia to one of the poorest. Despite being rich in natural gas, timber and other resources, per capita income is less than 240 dollars a year. 自从军队1962年发动军事政变以来一直统治缅甸。军队实际上控制着缅甸经济的每一个层面。缅甸从一个经济最具多样性、最繁荣的东南亚国家之一,跌落到一个最贫困的东南亚国家之一。虽然缅甸有着丰富的天然气、木材和其他资源,但是缅甸的人均收入却每年不到240美元。A spike in fuel prices, last year, triggered mostly peaceful protests by thousands of Buddhist monks and others who demanded reforms. 去年燃油价格飙升引发了数千名佛教僧侣和其他人举行基本上和平的示威活动,要求实行改革。Government forces used violence to crush the demonstrations and have continued to imprison people suspected of participating in protest activities. ed Nations officials say more than 30 people were killed in the crackdown. Others say the figure is probably higher. 政府部队动用暴力镇压示威,并继续关押被怀疑参加了抗议活动的人士。联合国官员说,有30多人死于政府的镇压行动,但其他人说,这个数字可能更高。The ed States and other members of the international community have called on the Burmese leaders to undertake real democratic reforms and open a meaningful dialogue with political opponents, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for years. 美国和其他国际社会成员国呼吁缅甸领导人切实采取改革措施,并同包括反对派领袖昂山素季在内的政治反对派人士开展有实质意义的对话,昂山素季多年来一直被软禁。Burmese leaders have launched what they call a "road map to democracy," approving a draft constitution that will go before voters in May. Washington has labeled the referendum a sham because it was drafted in a closed process by a hand-picked committee dominated by senior officials of the military government. 缅甸领导人启动了他们所称的“民主路线图”。他们批准一项宪法草案,选民将于今年5月进行表决。美国政府称这项公投是骗局,因为宪法草案是由政府筛选出来的、以军政府高级官员为主的委员会秘密起草的。200803/32617探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 14And I like this 'coz everybody see that a human being can manage an illness like my illness. And everybody can see in this film there is a way to make known the best from your end of your life. So this is the story of the human body, a tale of fantastic changes and amazing achievements written over millions of years of evolution and told afresh by each of us during our lifetime. It surely is the greatest story ever told. And every one of us has a part in it. From newborn baby upwards, this line follows the journey we will all make through life. Each person is one year older than the last. All of us have a place somewhere along this line, looking forward, looking back, or perhaps a bit of both. Seen like this, stripped of the trappings of wealth and status, we have one thing in common--the one place we all inhabit, the one vehicle we all travel in, it's the human body. Seeing your body in ways you've never seen before, perhaps you'll share my sense of wonder at how it shapes us all into who we are.words and expressionsafresh:重新, 再度strip:To remove clothing or covering from.除去:除去衣物或覆盖层 200707/16014Matt: This morning on today's Two Cents: Getting your finances in order. The annual ride of packing up the kids and sending them off to school can be the perfect time for mom and dad to do a little financial homework of their own. Jonathan Murray is a senior vice president of Investments at Legg Mason in Baltimore, his brother David is vice president of Wealth Management at a private bank in Bloomfield, Michigan. Brothers Murray, good morning. (hey, Matt!) Nice to see you both. (Hi, Matt! Glad to be here!) David, let's start with you. Why now? Why is it such a good time?David: Back to school is all about preparing for a new start, a new beginning. Our kids have new school books, new classrooms, new teachers. It's a great time to take a same approach to managing your money.Matt: So get focused, it's a good time to get focused.(You've got a clean slate.) One of the things you guys talk about is this kind of massive paperwork (right)that everyone has lined around the house, bills, financial statements, (Yeah.) things like that. How do you know what to save, how do you know what to get rid of? You think it's important to weed it out.Jonathan: It really is. And I'm guilty of that myself, Matt. I've got the old shoe box thing going, you know, with receipts, (Right!) and writes and drawers and everything. But it's so important, I think, to try to consolidate that, so that you can get your arms around it because only then can you really be organized and structured with your finances.Matt: So things like monthly banking and investment statements, you keep those for how long?Jonathan: Keep them for one year. Everything's electronic now; keep a file for investment statements, banking statements. But you really don't have to keep them beyond one year and your financial institution has all of that electronically.Matt: Bills, tax returns, things like that.Jonathan: The other rest that you gotta keep that for three years. David: Now on the records, (Yeah!) On your tax records, keep them for three years. But on your returns, you wanna keep those forever.Jonathan: I would. Yeah.Matt: All right, you mentioned online, so many people, and so many institutions offer online access to our records now, so do you really need to keep the paperwork?Jonathan: Well, I still wear it as a backup. (In)short length of time you hold on to those paper records, maybe only hold them for a year or so with the exception of your tax return, but I don't know about you, but I still like to have that paper. (Right!) David: After the second(year) Jonathan's gonna go back to his closet and get rid of stuff, pretty 1973.Matt: And by the way you get rid of it, shred it, (absolutely) that's really important. David: Absolutely. That's really important.Jonathan: Absolutely. There are wackos out there to go through your trash. Matt: Alright. It's also a good time to update your portfolio. (Sure is!) Where do you turn if you're not great at doing this yourself?Jonathan: I think it's best, Matt, to talk to a live human being. You know, unfortunately, today, when you call your 401k administrator; you get for this, press 1, for that, press 2. If you can find a financial adviser who will help you rebalance and upgrade your portfolio, specially your 401k. I will do so.David: Take your last month's statement and bring it to a trusted financial adviser, and he or she can help work it through.Matt: And the rules to remember when you're updating or upgrading your portfolio, diversify, avoid the hot fund or yesterday's winner, because it's just that, it's yesterday's winner.Jonathan: But that's hard to do, and so many people at cocktail parties are bragging about what they made last year and it's going to be tempting for you to get in that fund now, only to see it fall down.Matt: And when you see a stock starting to do badly, if your goals are long term, don't sell it in a panic.(No.) Jonathan: Not necessarily. David: No. It really is based on the underlying fundamentals of the company, Matt. Sometimes when the stock goes down, it's a great time to add to it. Other times, it's time to sell.Jonathan: Yeah. That's a tough one, that depends on your individual goals and your time horizon. Matt: Good time of year also to pay down you debt, this is critically important. I think the average debt in this country per family's like 00.Jonathan: 00 is the average credit card balance, can you believe that? I mean, that's just staggering.Matt: So where do you start?David: The people are overwhelmed with that. I think that the most important thing is for individuals to assess their expenses. To figure out what they are paying and how often. Start with the highest paying interests first, if you had a home equity loan, and millions of Americans do. We've seen rates go from four and a half percent up to seven percent. That's gonna represent.Matt: A big jump.Jonathan: Yeah. Be careful with the home equity loan. Because it's variable rate. Right now the prime rate is up to six and half percent. (Right!) Folks might still be thinking that their home equity line is four percent, it's not. It's going up.David: That's going up. As well as your payment.Matt: Well, while we were doing all these other things, you say: Don't forget you must continue to save. What is the rule of summing turns of your yearly income? How much you should be putting aside.Jonathan: Generally, we advise people to start with 10%, and we think the way to do it is to sock it away before anything else, there is an old adage. It says: pay yourself first. If you can automate your savings, automate your 401 k contribution, so that at least 10% is going in to savings and investing. You're on a good start.David: It's not too late either, Matt. For example, if you started out with 000, if you're a baby boomer, and you're 50 years old, you're overwhelmed with credit card debt, and many are. And you think it's just too late, it's too late for me to save, it's not. 30 years ago, if you put 000 as a starting savings account into the Samp;P 500, feed it with 0 a month, and many Americans can afford that, especially if they're baby boomers. Today, that account would be worth one point two million dollars. You'd be a millionaire. Just adding 0 a month.Jonathan: It's not too late…Matt: And just quickly, another thing to lump upon here, don't forget to save for your retirement and you make a great point here. You can, if your, kids going off to college, you can borrow money to pay for their college, you can not borrow money to retire.Jonathan: That's exactly right, Matt. A lot of people make a mistake of taking from their 401k or their retirement plan to pay for their kids' college. Don't do that, folks. There're some really low-interest loans to pay for college, there are 529 plans, Coverdell education accounts, Custodial Accounts, so talk to you adviser about those.Matt: Again the bottom line focus at this time of year, because otherwise it's gonna be a new year, (All the time.)because we'll be talking about this next year. David and Jonathan Murray, good to have you guys here.Jonathan: Well, it's a pleasure. (Thanks) Matt: My pleasure as well. 200807/43920Atlanta, Georgia, a terrorist bomb explodes in Centennial Olympic Park, killing one woman and injuring hundreds. North Caldwell, New Jersey, an advertising executive is killed when he opens a mysterious package which explodes in his hands. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a powerful blast destroys the federal building, claiming 168 lives. In all three cases, it's a race against time. As an elite division of the FBI known as the Explosives attempts to catch the mad bombers before they strike again. FBI Explosives is the part of the FBI laboratory. It does the forensic examination of bomb components, unexploded bombs. They also do residue analysis of the explosives that are used in bombs. Explosives examiner, Donald Sachtleben, agreed to take us inside one of the nation's most secretive crime-fighting laboratories. Here, this team of highly trained technicians and forensic scientists carefully combs through evidence, searching for any clues that will help the FBI capture a bomber. In Atlanta, the search for answers begins at ground zero, the scene of the Olympic bombing where every step is fraught with danger. At any crime scene, you have to assume that there could be other devices there what we would call secondary devices or booby traps. We've seen that recently in some of the bombings around the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. In Atlanta, agents are sifting through the rubble of an abortion clinic bombing when suddenly, a secondary device explodes. Miraculously, no one is killed. But seven people are injured, including several federal agents. But in the aftermath of the Olympic bombing, investigators rely on surprisingly common technology to search for deadly booby traps. The most effective tool that we have is the X-Ray, the portable X-Ray. We can actually go up to a package and with a remote technique; we can put the X-Ray down, X-Ray the package and see whether or not it's a hazard.ground zero: is the exact location on the ground where any explosion occurs. The term has often been associated with nuclear explosions but is also used in relation to earthquakes, epidemics and other disasters to mark the point of the most severe damage or destruction. Damage gradually decreases with distance from this pointbooby trap: an explosive device designed to be triggered when an unsuspecting victim touches or disturbs a seemingly harmless objectfraught with: filled with (something undesirable)200809/50674Now as co-host of the A's "The View", Star Jones has made quite a reputation for herself. Tonight she tells 20/20 about how she found God and lost weight. A's Lynn Sherr joins us with the preview. Ur, Lynn, were you interested in, in what you heard from her?Well, I was interested, and guess what, Laura, lots of folks out there were interested, a lot of people've called me said they really can't wait to see this interview. Ur, Star does get people's attention. And, I must tell you, um, it really all began, of course, with her mom,who back in North Carolina, christened the little girl, Starlet, little wonder she grew into that name.I just wanna to be the diva. I did, I admitted I wanted to be the diva.Even as a kid, Star Jones knew how to irritate her peers.I was popular, well-known but annoying.As a co-host of "The View", she's become the woman many fans love to hate.Now I am a lawyer, and what this means is that there were 50 planes, and now there are 100 planes, and that's almost twice as mini-planes. I know....In her new book, Shine, she says that at 43 she's connected with God, found love and lost weight. She had to lose weight.Let me be blunt. How fat were you ?300 pounds.And how tall are you?5'5. Yeah, go ahead to say it, you were fat. I went from full-figured to fat, to obese, to morbidly obese. I was killing myself.Wow, she looks amazing now.She does, um, she looks great now, those beautiful eyes and um,she is sticking to it. Um,she is an interesting woman, the problem is that if you really wanna know how Star Jones lost all that weight, you are not gonna find out by ing her book, she wasn't saying in the book and she doesn't tell us, yeah.That's interesting. Well, 'cause Lynn, I am sorry,what I meant to say was not are you interested in, of course you are interested in, and we all are interested in what she has to say. Were you surprised by anything that she said?Well,I was not surpriesd that she would not tell me exactly how she lost the weight. You know, there have been rumors. We have no idea if it is true,that she had the gastric bypass surgery, the same one Al Roker and Carnie Wilson had, that they have publicly credited it with losing so much weight themselves. Um, Star says that she dosen't want to be the poster child for anyone who wants to lose weight to use this as a certain method of doing it. So she won't , so that didn't surprise me.Interesting.Um,we also talked about that other burning issue on so many people's mind. You know there've been some questions about her relationship with her husband. Ur, there've been rumors in the Gossip collums and she says all those rumors are silly. She and Al have a great relationship and everything is just peachy.Well, it should be very interesting to see. Looking forward to it , Lynn, and you can all catch Lynn's complete interview on 20/20 tonight at 10, 9 central time. Thank you so much, Lynn, for being with us,we do appreciate it. 200808/46465

In the summer of 1204, Temujin(铁木真) rode west to confront his blood brother. The outcome would be decisive for the future of the Mongol people. In the foothills of the Khangai Mountains (杭爱山脉), on the eve of battle, Temujin called his generals to him. "I told them, one tribe was like a single arrow, easily broken. But many tribes together would be strong. They could never be broken."But Temujin didn't just rely on inspirational speeches. He practiced psychological warfare. "I knew Jamuqa's(扎木和) scouts would be watching as my men prepared for battle. I ordered each man to light not one, but five fires."Jamuqa's scouts reported that Temujin's army was so large; they had more fires than there were stars in the sky. At daybreak, Jamuqa led his army onto the heights of Chakirma'ut, and this was the sight that confronted him. "I saw the man who had been my friend, who had sworn the sacred vow of anda(安答,意为义兄弟), but he had broken that vow."Jamuqa was about to become the first commander to face an army that would eventually conquer twelve million square milespsychological warfare: war which includes using methods which influence the psyche scout : a soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information about the enemy's position, strength, or movements200809/49555

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