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2019年06月17日 13:52:41 | 作者:求医中文 | 来源:新华社
BlackBerry has agreed to be bought by a consortium of Canadian investment companies for .7bn in cash and taken private, in a last-ditch move to ensure the survival of one of the pioneers of the global smartphone industry. 黑莓(BlackBerry)同意以47亿美元的现金价格被加拿大投资企业组成的一家财团收归私有。这一孤注一掷之举旨在保这家全球智能手机行业的先驱得以生存。 BlackBerry, whose handheld devices were nicknamed “CrackBerrys” because of their ubiquity in the suit pockets of the world’s business and political elite, has seen its market value plummet from a peak of bn in 2008 to just .2bn ahead of the announcement yesterday. 黑莓手持设备有“瘾莓”(CrackBerry)的昵称,因为在全球商界和政界精英的西装口袋中,黑莓的身影无所不在。在昨日宣布上述消息之前,其市值已经从2008年巅峰时的830亿美元跌至区区42亿美元。 The bid comes in the wake of BlackBerry’s admission on Friday that its turnround strategy – based on the launch of a new operating system and handsets – had failed and that it would abandon the consumer market with the loss of 4,500 jobs and report a bn operating loss in the latest quarter. 这家财团出价购买之前,上周五黑莓承认,其基于新版操作系统和手机的扭转战略失败了,该公司将放弃消费者市场,裁减4500个职位,并报告上季度运营损失达10亿美元。 The consortium is led by Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, which holds a 10 per cent stake in the Ontario-based company. Mr Watsa, an investor who has been described as Canada’s Warren Buffett, resigned from BlackBerry’s board last month when the company announced that it had set up a special committee to investigate its strategic options. 这家财团由普雷姆#8226;沃察(Prem Watsa)的Fairfax Financial Holdings牵头。该公司持有总部位于加拿大安大略省的黑莓公司10%的股份。沃察是一名投资人,有加拿大的沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)之称。他在上月辞去黑莓董事会职位,当时黑莓宣布已经组建了一个特别委员会来调查其战略选择。 His move was widely interpreted at the time as indicating that he would try to pull together a consortium including some of Canada’s leading pension funds to buy out the struggling company, once the adornment of the Canadian technology sector. 沃察当时的举动被普遍解读为,他将尝试整合一家包括加拿大领先的养老金基金的财团,收购陷入困境的黑莓。黑莓曾是加拿大科技行业的象征。 BlackBerry’s shares, which fell a further 5 per cent in trading yesterday after dropping 17 per cent on Friday when the company pre-announced its quarterly results, were suspended at .26 ahead of the announcement that the company had signed a Letter of Intent with a consortium led by Fairfax. 上周五黑莓预告了其季度业绩以后,股价下跌17%,昨日盘中再跌5%。在宣布公司已经与Fairfax牵头的财团签订了一项意向书之前,黑莓股票停盘,停盘价8.26美元。 /201309/258044It reported an operating profit of 11m in the first half of this year. But on an underlying basis its operating profit was 524m, giving it an adjusted margin of 9.4 per cent of sales, compared with minus 0.5 per cent for mobiles. NSN今年上半年的营运利润为1100万欧元。但其基本营业利润高达5.24亿欧元,这使其经调整后的销售利润率达到9.4%,远高于手机部门-0.5%的水平。 Crudely splitting out the mobile phone division would have left Nokia with about half of the 11.5bn in sales it reported in the first six months of this year. But it would still have nursed an operating loss because of the poor performance of its mapping division, which it will keep along with NSN and its portfolio of patents. 诺基亚今年前六个月的销售业绩为115亿欧元,若粗略剔除手机部门,将使销售额下降大约二分之一。但该公司仍将产生营业亏损,受地图部门的糟糕业绩拖累——诺基亚将保留该部门、NSN以及自身的专利组合。 Investors appear to be happy with Nokia’s new focus: its shares are up 41 per cent this week. “Nokia’s dismal earnings and cash development have been solely driven by its ailing devices business. 投资者似乎很满意诺基亚的新主营方向:该公司股价本周上涨了41%。北欧联合(Nordea)分析师萨米#8226;萨尔卡梅斯(Sami Sarkamies)在一份报告中写道:“诺基亚陷入困境的手机业务是导致该公司盈利惨淡以及现金流吃紧的唯一原因。” “Now that those problems are out of the way, we expect investors to gradually start viewing Nokia as the number three global mobile network supplier it is, along with a strong patent portfolio – in essence a smaller version of Ericsson,” Sami Sarkamies, analyst at Nordea, wrote in a report. “现在这些障碍都已被清除,我们预计投资者将逐渐正视诺基亚的市场地位,该公司是全球第三大移动网络设备供应商,并且拥有一个强大的专利组合——换句话说,诺基亚相当于规模略小的爱立信。” He says that, assuming a 1.50 per share extraordinary dividend from Nokia, Ericsson still trades at a 40 per cent premium based on next year’s estimated earnings. 萨尔卡梅斯指出,假设诺基亚派发每股1.5欧元的特别股息,按照明年的预期盈利计算,爱立信相对于诺基亚的股价溢价仍高达40%。 “We find this completely unwarranted considering that Nokia is now a potential acquisition target for Samsung, and faced with notable upside related to a potential US market entry” if the struggling Alcatel-Lucent withdraws, he adds. 萨尔卡梅斯补充称:“我们认为这种溢价是毫无道理的,因为诺基亚现已成为三星(Samsung)的潜在收购目标,而进军美国市场的可能性还使其具有很大的上行潜力——如果目前处境艰难的阿尔卡特朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent)退出的话。” Not everyone is so sanguine. A former senior Nokia executive says: “It’s obviously a tricky and risky decision to focus on NSN.” 不过不是所有人都如此乐观。诺基亚的一位前高管表示:“将NSN作为业务重点无疑是一个棘手而有风险的决定。” He frets that Nokia is in a way leaping out of the frying pan and into the fire with the likes of Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE proving to be formidable rivals. 他担心,诺基亚从某种意义上来说是刚跳出油锅、又落入火坑,将要面对爱立信、华为(Huawei)、中兴(ZTE)等已被明相当可怕的对手。 “The visibility is so much less than it used to be and the competitive landscape is so different. Can you be a winner among Ericsson and two or three Chinese companies?” he says. 他指出:“目前市场的能见度比过去大大降低,竞争版图已大不相同。你能在与爱立信以及两至三家中国企业的竞争中胜出吗?” Mr Siilasmaa refuses to be drawn, merely noting that NSN has come a long way in the past three years: from Nokia’s problem child to the cornerstone of the company. 斯拉斯玛拒绝被拉入争论,而只是指出NSN在过去三年中取得了很大进展:从诺基亚的问题儿童,变成了公司的业务基石。 That may be comforting to some because of its rebound in profitability, but NSN, run out of the glare of great publicity for much of the past six years, will now be firmly in the spotlights. NSN的盈利能力反弹可能会让某些人感到安慰。但是,过去六年来大部分时间里不受关注的NSN,现在将牢牢处于聚光灯下。 One person involved in the deal says: “Now NSN is going to become the core business, there is going to be a tremendous amount of focus on it.” 一名参与诺基亚出售手机业务交易的人士表示:“现在NSN将成为诺基亚的核心业务,并将受到密切关注。” /201309/255853

With the number of babies born through in vitro fertilization at an all-time high, some doctors are trying an alternative that potentially could be less expensive and less taxing on a woman#39;s body.随着试管婴儿的数量创下历史最高纪录,部分医生开始尝试有可能花费更低、对女性身体的损害也较轻的替代方法。Some fertility clinics are offering a gentler version of IVF that uses fewer, milder drugs and requires less frequent medical visits.一些妇产医院推出了更温和的试管受方案,它采用的药物更少更温和,患者也可减少去看医生的次数。Success rates aren#39;t well established. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine says pregnancy rates from minimal-stimulation IVF are likely to be lower than with traditional IVF. Indeed, if the milder kind doesn#39;t succeed and women return for additional cycles, the cost can quickly approach or exceed traditional IVF, some doctors say.不过,该类方案的成功率还不确定。美国生殖医学协会(American Society for Reproductive Medicine,简称“ASRM”)称,微刺激试管受方案的妊娠率有可能低于传统方案的妊娠率。有些医生指出,假如温和方案没有成功,患者又重新开始新一轮治疗的话,其费用会很快接近甚或超过传统方案的花费。For the first time, the organization that publishes clinics#39; success rates, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology says it will break out success rates for minimal-stimulation cycles in its 2014 statistics, which will be released in 2016. The odds of successfully having a baby after any form of IVF averaged about 37% per cycle in 2012. The odds vary by factors including a woman#39;s age and the number of eggs retrieved.各医院试管婴儿成功率的发布机构――美国辅助生殖技术协会(Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology)表示,该机构将在2014年的数据中首次公布微刺激方案的成功率。该数据将于2016年出炉。2012年,在接受任一类型试管受治疗后,患者每周期成功生育的平均几率约为37%。成功几率依受女性的年龄及取出的卵子数量等因素而有所变化。Babies conceived using IVF made up 1.5% of all births in 2012, according to the ASRM. Those bundles of joy come at a cost -- an average of ,400 per IVF cycle not including drugs that can add thousands more. Insurance coverage varies.ASRM的数据显示,2012年试管婴儿数量占到新生儿总数的1.5%。这些新生命带来的喜悦也是有代价的――每个治疗周期的平均费用为12,400美元,这还不包括可能达数千美元的药费。保险的报销额度各有不同。In general, the cost of minimal stimulation could be 50% to 60% of the cost of a full stimulation cycle, says Suheil Muasher, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Duke Fertility Center in Durham, N.C.北卡罗来纳达勒姆(Durham)杜克生育医学中心(Duke Fertility Center)的生殖内分泌科医生苏海勒#12539;马阿谢尔(Suheil Muasher)称,总体而言,微刺激方案的费用可能要比充分刺激治疗周期的费用低50%到 60%。In conventional IVF, a woman typically is prescribed injectable drugs to stimulate her ovaries to make more eggs than they would without medication. Eggs are harvested, combined with sperm in a laboratory and the embryos later transferred into a woman#39;s uterus in the hopes they#39;ll successfully produce a pregnancy.在传统的试管婴儿治疗周期中,医生通常会给患者注射药物来刺激她们的卵巢排出比不注射药物要更多的卵子。他们会把卵子采集起来,在实验室中对它们进行受精处理,然后把培育出的胚胎移植入患者的子宫,期望借此让她们成功妊娠。There is no universal definition for mild or minimal-stimulation IVF. Terminology developed by the International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction defines it as a protocol consisting of milder doses of injectable drugs, oral drugs or a combination of both that aims for the collection of two to seven eggs, based on published research. Conventional IVF aims for more eggs.温和刺激或微刺激试管受方案没有通用的定义。根据已发表的研究,国际辅助生殖温和技术协会(International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction)制订的术语对它的定义是:一种由温和剂量的注射药、口药或注射药加口药构成,以采集两至七个卵子为目标的治疗方案。传统试管婴儿方案的卵子采集目标要更高。The minimal approach requires fewer doctor visits for blood work and ultrasound monitoring. The medication savings from this approach can be between ,000 and ,000, says Dr. Muasher. #39;It#39;s more patient-friendly, it#39;s less costly and for some patients it has fewer complications,#39; he says.如果采用微刺激方案,患者去看医生进行血检或超声波检查的次数会减少。马阿谢尔医生称,采用该方案可节省3,000 至8,000美元的费用。他说:“它更利于患者的身体,费用更低而且对某些患者来说引发的并发症更少。”Proponents say it is a particularly good option for patients who have a very strong response to fertility drugs and are at high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, a potentially dangerous complication. Women can be at high risk due to previous IVF history or risk factors like polycystic ovary syndrome or being young with irregular cycles.其持者称,对于对促药反应非常强烈以及患卵巢过度刺激综合征(一种潜在的危险并发症)风险较高的患者,它是一个特别好的选择。之前有过做试管婴儿的经历、多囊卵巢综合征之类的风险因素或年轻时经期不规律等原因都会让女性面临高风险。They also say it is an alternative for women, including many older ones, who produce just a few eggs in response to drugs, regardless of the dose. It is also appropriate for women who don#39;t want to be faced with a decision about what to do with embryos they don#39;t use.他们还表示,它是一个替代方案,适用于无论用于刺激的药物剂量有多大都只排出几个卵子的女性,其中包括年纪较大的女性。它也适合不想面对未使用胚胎处理问题的女性。Neeburbunn Lewis, a 35-year-old nurse living near Portland, Maine, and her husband spent between ,000 and ,000 for the single cycle of conventional IVF that produced her first child. When the couple wanted a second child, #39;financially, going through another cycle was not feasible,#39; she says. She also experienced ovarian overstimulation that put her in the hospital when she went through IVF. #39;I could not put my body through that again,#39; she says. She heard about minimal-stimulation IVF from her OB-GYN and did one cycle at the Maine location of Boston IVF. Her cost this time: ,000. She is eight months pregnant with her second child.今年35岁的护士尼伯本#12539;刘易斯(Neeburbunn Lewis)家住缅因州波特兰附近,她与丈夫在一个周期的传统试管受治疗上花了20,000 到25,000美元,这给她带来了她的第一个孩子。她说,在他们二人想要第二个孩子时,“从经济状况上说,再进行一轮治疗是不可行的。”此外,她还得过卵巢过度刺激综合征,并因此在试管受期间入院治疗。她说:“我不能让我的身体再经受一次了。”她从自己的妇产科医生那儿听说了微刺激试管受,于是在波士顿人工受医疗中心(Boston IVF)的缅因分部接受了一周期治疗,这一次的花费是5,000美元。现在她怀第二胎已经八个月了。Ms. Lewis#39;s reproductive endocrinologist, Benjamin Lannon, says he sees minimal-stimulation IVF as an option #39;where cost is the primary barrier#39; to access. But patients need to understand their chances of getting pregnant per cycle are lower than with conventional stimulation, he says.刘易斯的生殖内分泌科医生本杰明#12539;兰农(Benjamin Lannon)说,他认为微刺激试管受是“费用为主要障碍”时采取的选择,但是患者需明白该方案每周期的受几率要低于传统刺激方案。To perform a milder course of IVF, Sherman Silber, director of the Infertility Center of St. Louis, uses an inexpensive oral drug and low, infrequent doses of injectable drugs to stimulate women to produce only a modest amount of eggs at one time, which he says increases their average quality. In some cases, if enough embryos aren#39;t produced in one cycle, they are frozen and the cycle is repeated until there are several more embryos to transfer.为了实施温和刺激试管受方案, 路易斯不症医疗中心(Infertility Center of St. Louis)主任舍曼#12539;西尔伯(Sherman Silber)采用了平价口药,并以较低频率为患者注射少量药物,以此刺激她们一次只排出数量适中的卵子。他说此举可提高卵子的平均质量。在某些情况下,如果医生在一个周期内没有培育出足够的胚胎,便会把它们冷冻起来,接着重复治疗周期直到有更多胚胎可供移植为止。Dr. Silber#39;s research, presented at the October ASRM meeting, found it was more effective, with a higher pregnancy rate per egg, and less expensive than traditional IVF for women 40 and older and for women with low ovarian reserve. Dr. Silber is preparing to submit his data to a peer-reviewed journal.西尔伯医生在10月份ASRM会议上提交的研究发现,该方案更为有效,每个卵子的受率更高,对于年龄在40岁及以上的女性以及卵巢储备较低的女性来说,它的费用也更低。西尔伯医生还准备向一家同行评议的期刊提交他的数据。Still, the likelihood of needing to repeat minimal-stimulation IVF for success has some doctors concerned. #39;I would argue that the evidence speaks against it,#39; says Norbert Gleicher, medical director of the Center for Human Reproduction, a fertility center in New York. He was an author of a 2012 study published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online that compared 14 women under age 38, with normal ovarian function who underwent low-intensity IVF to 14 who had regular IVF. The low-intensity regimen #39;reduced pregnancy chances without demonstrating cost advantages,#39; the study found. Dr. Gleicher is now trying to get funding for a randomized trial to compare the two approaches.尽管如此,为了成功妊娠需重复微刺激试管受治疗的可能性也让部分医生感到担忧。纽约一家生殖中心――人类生殖医学中心(Center for Human Reproduction)的医务主任诺伯特#12539;格莱谢尔(Norbert Gleicher)说:“我认为据是不利于它的。”他是2012年发表于《生殖生物医学在线》(Reproductive BioMedicine Online)的一项研究的作者之一。该研究将14名年龄在38岁以下、卵巢机能正常并接受了低强度试管受治疗的女性,与14名接受了常规试管受治疗的女性进行了比较。该研究发现,低强度方案“降低了受几率,而且没有表现出成本优势。”现在格莱谢尔医生正尝试为一项比较这两种方案的随机性实验筹集资金。Zev Rosenwaks, director of the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine, says while minimal stimulation might work for some women, his own experience suggests that moderate stimulation -- with nine or 10 eggs as the ideal and using the lowest dose of drugs possible -- produces the most success with the lowest risk of complications. He says he has seen #39;too many [women] to count#39; who have tried and failed with minimal stimulation at other clinics.纽约-长老会/韦尔康奈尔生殖医学中心(New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine)主任泽夫#12539;罗森瓦克斯(Zev Rosenwaks)指出,尽管微刺激方案或许对某些女性有效果,他自己的经验则表明适度刺激――以九至10个卵子为理想目标并尽可能采用最低剂量药物――可带来最高的成功率,而且引发并发症的风险最低。他说,他见过的曾在其他医院尝试微刺激方案但最终失败的女性“多到难以计数”。 /201403/281817

Most people have been there, trapped on an awkward date that is going nowhere. But relief could be on the way with a new app that provides an incoming rescue call.很多人都曾受困于尴尬的约会,无法逃脱。但一款新的应用程序可以使你的手机上突然响起救兵似的“伪装来电”,帮你解围。The Bad Date Rescue app, which was launched by the dating website eHarmony.com this week, lets users arrange for a call to appear on their iPhone to graciously allow them to bow out if a date isn#39;t going well.约会网站eHarmony.com本周最新发布了“糟糕约会营救程序”。如果约会进行不顺,使用者可以利用这款程序在iPhone手机上设置伪装来电,这样就能从容离开了。;There are all sorts of reasons for why people would want to get out of a date,; said Arvind Mishra, director of product management at eHarmony. ;We can all sympathize because we have all been on bad dates in our lifetime.;该网站的产品经营部经理阿凡德-米什拉说:“人们想结束约会有各种各样的理由,我们对此都表示同情,因为我们一生中都曾遇到过糟糕的约会。”The free app includes several ways to set up a rescue. Users can pick a number from their address book for the call, for example from their mother or a friend. If the person#39;s picture is stored on the app it will appear on the screen when the call comes through.这款免费应用程序可以通过若干种方式设置伪装来电。使用者可以从通讯录中挑选一个联系人作为伪装来电号码,比如母亲或者朋友。如果程序中存储了来电联系人的图像,伪装来电响起时图像还会显示在手机屏幕上。Scripts are available giving the reason for the call, such as a neighbor calling about a leaky pipe; a mother informing that a sister just had a baby; or a boss saying he needs help immediately.应用程序还会提示来电原因,比如邻居来电说水管漏水,母亲提醒说刚生了孩子,或者老板说让马上过去帮忙。;It graciously allows you to play along and to get out of that situation,; Mishra explained.米什拉解释说:“这会让你从容地找到理由去办事,逃离约会现场。”The free app can be pre-set before the date to call at a specific time and there is a quick rescue that can be triggered on the spot to ring in a few seconds or minutes.这款应用程序可以提前设置来电的具体时间,还有一种应急来电功能,可以在约会现场设置,来电铃声能响几秒钟到几分钟时间。;There are all sorts of reasons for why people want to get out of a date. We are helping them do it in a way that is fun and light and not abrupt,; he added.他补充说:“人们想结束约会有各种各样的理由,我们是在用轻松有趣,同时不生硬的方式帮人们逃走。” /201207/189884

In recent years, there has been a welter of complaints among Americans about heavy-handed airport security procedures. Little wonder: since 2001, the US has heavily increased overall homeland security at a cost of more than ,000bn and one consequence has been endless airport X-ray machines, body scanners, CCTV cameras and ;pat-downs;, which many Americans hate. 最近几年,美国人一直对过于严格的机场安检程序;怨声载道;。这也难怪:2001年以来,美国从整体上大大加强国土安全,投入的资金超过1万亿美元。后果之一就是机场无数的X光机、全身扫描机、监控摄像机,还有很多美国人痛恨的;搜身;。 But these days I have quite a different reason to feel profoundly irritated with airline security. Last week, my hand luggage mysteriously vanished as it went through those X-ray machines in JFK. And, to my shock, I have subsequently discovered that there is no way of telling what happened, since ;improved; CCTV only covers part of the airport. 但最近这些天,由于完全不同的一个原因,我对机场安检感到无比烦恼。最近在迪机场(JFK),我的手提行李在经过X光机的时候神秘消失。让我感到吃惊的是,后来我发现根本就无法查找到底发生了什么情况,因为;经过改善的;闭路电视只监控机场的部分地区。 Hence, I am not only feeling annoyed. I am also wondering afresh about the social and psychological impact of all these cameras. Has all that trillion-dollar security spending actually made us ;safer;? Or do such elaborate screening rituals cause us to turn off our brains? And how do we define safety anyway, at a time when political candidates for the 2012 election keep bandying about the word ;security;? 因此,我不仅觉得烦恼,还开始揣测所有这些摄像机带来的社会和心理影响。上万亿美元的安全投入真的让我们;更安全;了吗?或是这些复杂的筛查套路让我们的大脑变得迟钝?说到底,在2012年大选的候选人都在大吹大擂;安全;这个字眼的时候,我们该如何定义;安全;? My own story was grimly revealing. Last month, late one Friday night, I flew to England on American Airlines, via JFK. Since I was travelling to family celebrations, I had most of my favourite clothes with me in a black wheelie bag, which I took as hand luggage, ironically because I did not want to risk losing my belongings (according to a recent CBS report there are more than 200 reported thefts a day from checked luggage at JFK). 我自己的经历就颇能说明问题。上个月一个周五的深夜,我从肯尼迪机场乘坐美国航空公司的飞机前往英国。因为我是去参加一个家庭庆祝会的,我将所有最喜欢的衣放在一个黑色滑轮包里。很有讽刺意味的是,因为怕把行李弄丢了(哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)最近的一则报道显示,肯尼迪机场每天都有超过200件托运的行李被盗),所以我把它当手提行李随身携带。 Since it was late at night, the airport was half-empty, so I navigated the ticket line with ease and, half asleep, loaded my black bags on to the X-ray machine. But then, as I went into the body scanners, I looked away. And when I re-emerged, my black wheelie bag had completely disappeared. 因为已经是深夜,机场几乎是半空的,因此我轻松办理登记手续,然后(在半睡眠状态下)将我的黑色行李包放到X光机的传送带上。但随后,当我经过全身扫描机的时候,我把视线移开了。等我走出扫描机的时候,我那黑色的滑轮包就不见踪影了。 Shocked, I hunted around the X-ray machine ausing consternation among the guards and then we all dashed to the only other flight that was departing at the same time, to Qatar, to see if someone had my bag. But nobody on my flight, or the Qatar flight, confessed to taking it, and since the bag was scruffy, with a very wobbly handle, a mix-up seemed unlikely. Thus, when it had still not reappeared after several days, I came to the sad conclusion that somebody had probably stolen it, along with my favourite dresses. Or as Raymond Dilena, the charming police detective on my case, observed: ;With the ID you had in the bag, and the tag, I think it should have turned up by now, so I kind of agree with you about it being stolen.; 震惊之余,我开始在X光机周围疯狂地寻找,引发了警卫们的一阵恐慌,接着我们都冲向唯一一个在相同时间起飞的航班的登机口,那是飞往卡塔尔(Qatar)的,看有没有人拿了我的包。但不管是我搭乘的航班还是飞往卡塔尔的航班,都没有人承认拿了我的包。由于我的包非常破旧,手柄还是摇摇晃晃的,拿错是不太可能的。因此,几天之后它仍然没有出现,我就悲伤地断定,很可能有人偷了那个放满我最喜欢的衣的包。用那位颇有魅力的警探雷蒙德-戴雷娜(Raymond Dilena)的话说,;既然包里有你的身份件,外面还挂着标签,现在早就应该被送回来了,因此我也觉得它可能是被偷了。; But, I asked, why not just scan all those cameras to see who picked it up? That, it turned out, was impossible: though the CCTV cameras had filmed me as I placed my bag on to the X-ray belt, ;There was no camera coverage on the exit side of the machine,; Dilena explained. Apparently, the Port Authority, which oversees those CCTV cameras, films the entry, but not the exit to the X-ray machines. 但我又问了,为什么不看看监控录像,看到底是谁拿的?不料这是不可能的:尽管监控摄像头拍下了我把包放到X光机传送带上的画面,;但机器出口的地方不在摄像头的覆盖范围内。;戴雷娜解释说。显然,主管这些监控摄像头的港务局(Port Authority)只拍摄X光机的入口,而不管X光机的出口。 This is bizarre, and thought-provoking for several reasons. Most obviously, it should serve as a warning for other travellers. To be fair, the Transport Security Administration#39;s own website does try to warn passengers about the risks of X-ray machines, noting that passengers should ;ALWAYS watch your belongings as they advance through the X-ray equipment at the security checkpoints for secondary screening, INSIST that your belongings be brought to you!; But it is sometimes impossible to do that in body scanners, and many people (like me) get lulled into a false sense of safety, precisely because there are lots of police are around. Little wonder, then, that the TSA says that while thefts from X-ray lines are ;not common;, they occur, usually because people whip things out of bags, such as wallets. ;Just because someone has bought a plane ticket doesn#39;t make them trustworthy,; one TSA official explains. 这非常奇怪也值得深思,原因有以下几点。最明显的是,其他乘客应该以此为鉴。说句公道话,美国运输安全(TSA)的网站上确实就X光机的风险向乘客发出警示,指出乘客应当;在行李通过安检处X光机设备的时候始终看好,若被要求接受二次筛查,应坚持带上自己的行李!;但是,若人在全身扫描机内,有时会看不到X光机,再说很多人(像我一样)被周围到处是警察的场面误导,产生一种安全的错觉。因而也就难怪,尽管运输安全表示X光机传送带上偷盗的事故;不常见;,但确实也会发生,通常是因为人们把钱包等东西从包里拿出来。运输安全的一名官员解释说,;仅仅因为某人买了飞机票,并不能说明他们老实。; That points to a bigger question: namely whether this surveillance spend is lulling us into a false sense of security in a wider sense. The TSA and other Washington agencies insist that they need to keep spending heavily because the terrorist threat is very real. But some critics in Congress are now questioning whether this surveillance is effective, either in security or cash terms. 这让人意识到了一个更大的问题:巨额的安检开是否在更广泛的意义上让我们陷入一种安全错觉。运输安全和华盛顿的其他机构坚持认为,他们需要维持这笔巨大的开,因为恐怖主义威胁是切实存在的。但现在美国国会的一些批评人士对这种安检在安全和现金两方面的有效性提出了质疑。 In truth, settling this debate either way is tough, since so much data is secret. There is no public information, for example, on whether the bizarre practice of filming only half an X-ray machine is widesp, or whether I was just unlucky. Nor are there any statistics on how many bag disappearances occur at security checkpoints, or whether these are thefts. 实际上,这场辩论很难得出明确结果,因为很多数据都是保密的。比如说,人们无法知道只拍摄X光机一半的奇怪做法是不是普遍存在,或是说我只是运气不好。也没有任何关于安检处有多少行李包丢失的统计数据,或者说这些丢失是否是因为被盗。 As it happens, my own particular story has a happy ending: a week after my bag first vanished it reappeared in the hands of a delightfully friendly American Airline employee in Dallas, seemingly with its contents intact (though I have yet to see the bag to verify it.) But the mystery of why it vanished in the first place will never be resolved without CCTV footage. Either way, the whole experience has been a potent wake-up call. Security is not always as ;secure; as we like to hope. 我的这次;奇遇;最终以欢喜收场:消失一周之后,我的包终于出现在达拉斯机场一位友善热情的美国航空员工手上,里面的东西似乎没有被动过(尽管我还需要亲眼看到包,检查一下)。但是,没有监控录像,这个包神秘消失的原因是永远无法水落石出的。无论如何,这段经历都有力地敲响了警钟。安全并不总是像我们期盼的那样;万无一失;。 /201206/186408

Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle and the tech industry’s second-richest man, has stepped aside as chief executive of the US database software company to take on a new role as its chairman and chief technology officer.The move closely mirrors the decision 14 years ago by Bill Gates, long Mr Ellison’s arch nemesis in the software world, to hand over the reins at Microsoft while keeping control of its technical direction and taking charge in the boardroom.Oracle, whose stock market value of 2bn puts it second only to Microsoft, will be run instead by joint chief executives, an arrangement that remains extremely rare in corporate America.The leadership reshuffle comes as Oracle faces a seismic shift in business software markets as its customers shift to cloud computing. Some analysts immediately questioned the new arrangement, which cements Mr Ellison’s influence over the company’s technology strategy, even though he moved more slowly than some rivals in the shift to the cloud, hitting Oracle’s growth.In a sign of the race under way to remake the biggest business software companies, German software company SAP also on Thursday announced a deal to buy Concur, an expenses management company that has shifted its own business to the cloud, for .3bnThe news came as Oracle reported quarterly results that fell short of analysts’ estimates. Its stock price slipped 2 per cent in after-market trading as it reported revenues of .6bn, up 3 per cent, with pro forma earnings per share of 62 cents, up from 59 cents a year before.The new joint chief executives will be Mark Hurd, who was chief executive of Hewlett-Packard until he was forced out four years ago after an investigation into sexual harassment, and Safra Catz, a former investment banker and long-time Ellison dealmaker and lieutenant.“It’s the same people, nothing’s really changed – that’s not a good thing,” said John Rymer, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Quarter after quarter are quarter they continue to slide, they’re not making the transition quickly.”甲骨文公司(Oracle)共同创始人、高科技行业第二大富豪拉里#8226;埃里森(Larry Ellison)已从这家美国数据库软件公司的首席执行官一职上退下,他将担任公司董事长和首席技术官的新职务。此举与14年前比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)所做决定十分类似。长期以来,盖茨一直是埃里森的死对头,他在14年前交出了微软的帅印,继续控制着微软的技术方向,并掌管董事会。甲骨文公司的市值为1820亿美元,在软件企业中仅次于微软(Microsoft)。埃里森退出后,该公司将交由多名首席执行官联合运营,这种体制在美国企业中极为罕见。在甲骨文领导层这次洗牌之际,随着该公司客户纷纷转向云计算,甲骨文正面临商业软件市场的一次大地震。消息传来,部分分析师立刻对这一新的人事安排提出了质疑。他们认为,埃里森在转向云计算的过程中被部分竞争对手抢先一步,从而对甲骨文公司的成长造成了伤害,而这一人事安排却强化了埃里森对甲骨文公司技术战略的影响力。新的联合首席执行官将由马克#8226;赫德(Mark Hurd)和萨夫拉#8226;卡兹(Safra Catz)担任。赫德曾任惠普(Hewlett-Packard)首席执行官,四年前他曾在遭遇性骚扰调查后被迫辞去惠普首席执行官一职。卡兹曾是一位投资家,他曾长期担任埃里森的交易商和副手。在上世纪八九十年代脱颖而出的那批高科技企业中,埃里森是仍在掌权的最后几个创业者之一。那批高科技企业的崛起,是借助了互联网兴起之前出现的客户端-务器技术潮流。在埃里森的同一代创业者中,盖茨于2008年退出了微软管理岗位,而埃里森的朋友和邻居史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)则在三年前病逝。据《福布斯》(Forbes)估计,埃里森个人财富为513亿美元,相比之下盖茨个人财富为813亿美元。埃里森多数财富都与甲骨文公司有关,他持有该公司四分之一的股份。 /201409/331366

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