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惠州激光包茎手术多少钱博罗县中医医院男科挂号Russia on Monday unblocked the sale to Iran of one of the world’s most advanced air-defence systems, in a move that will irk the US and other world powers involved in talks to limit Tehran’s nuclear programme.周一,俄罗斯解除了向伊朗销售S-300系统的禁令,此举或激怒美国及其他参加限制伊朗核计划谈判的国家。S-300系统是目前世界上最先进的防空系统之一。President Vladimir Putin cancelled a decree under which he had banned delivery of the S-300 system to the Islamic Republic in September , a restriction imposed under intense diplomatic pressure from the US and Israel.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)取消了一项禁止向伊朗提供S-300系统的禁令。该禁令009月,普京在美国和以色列的强大外交压力下提出的。His move comes at a highly sensitive point in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme, with the White House attempting to sell this month’s framework agreement with Tehran to a highly sceptical US Congress.普京此举恰逢伊朗核计划磋商进入高度敏感时刻,白宫方面正试图向十分多疑的美国国会推销本月与伊朗政府达成的框架协议。Opponents of the nuclear deal which imposes conditions on Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief see the resumption of Russian arms sales as evidence of Iran winning space to hone its capabilities and better protect nuclear facilities from outside military action.伊朗核协议为伊朗的核计划设置了限制条件,以换取其他国家解除对伊朗的制裁。该协议的反对者认为,俄罗斯恢复对伊军售明,伊朗赢得了锻炼自身能力、更好地保护其核设施免受外来军事攻击的空间。On Monday, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli intelligence minister, said that the green light for S-300 sales was “a direct result of the legitimisation that Iran is receiving from the nuclear dealthis month, of which Israel’s government has been fiercely critical.周一,以色列情报部长尤瓦#8226;施泰尼茨(Yuval Steinitz)表示,S-300系统销售解禁是这个月“核计划协议赋予伊朗合法性的直接后果”。以色列政府对该协议始终持强烈批评态度。“Instead of demanding Iran stop its terrorist activities which it is sping in the Middle East and around the world, they are enabling it to arm with advanced weapons which will only increase its aggression,Mr Steinitz said.施泰尼茨表示:“他们并未要求伊朗停止在中东和全球不断蔓延的恐怖活动。相反,他们却令伊朗得以装备先进武器,这只会增加伊朗的侵略行为。”Washington and Israel have long objected to the possible sale of the S-300s to Iran, saying they would destabilise the military balance in the region. Since 2006 successive US presidents have raised the issue with Mr Putin.长期以来,美国政府和以色列政府一直反对向伊朗销售S-300系统,并表示这么做会打破该地区军事平衡。自2006年以来,连续多任美国总统都曾向普京提出这个问题。The Obama administration played down the potential impact of the Russian announcement. Marie Harf, spokeswoman at the state department, said that the US does “not believe it’s constructive at this time for Russia to move forward withthe sale of the missiles. However, she added that “we don’t think this will have an impact on unity in terms of inside the negotiating rooms奥巴马政府则试图淡化俄罗斯声明的潜在影响。美国国务院发言人玛#8226;哈夫(Marie Harf)表示,美国“认为,俄罗斯在这个节点上推进”对伊导弹销售“毫无建设性”。不过,她补充说“我们认为这不会影响谈判桌上的团结”。US secretary of state John Kerry talked to his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Monday and repeated Washington’s longstanding concerns about the potential deal, she said.她说,美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)周一与俄罗斯外长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)举行了磋商,并重申了美国政府长期以来对俄伊潜在协议的担忧。Some analysts in the US questioned whether Russia would actually ever deliver the missiles.美国部分分析人士则质疑俄罗斯是否真的会向伊朗供应这批导弹。来 /201504/370407惠州市第一人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱 Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a news briefing yesterday that the 50,000-ton vessel is being built in the north-eastern port city of Dalian. He stressed that China remains committed to peaceful development and to a defence policy that is defensive in nature.国防部发言人杨宇军在昨天的新闻发布会上实,一艘排水量5万吨的航母正在东北部港口城市大连建造。同时他强调中国始终坚持和平发展道路和防御性的国防政策;China has a long coastline and a vast maritime area under its jurisdiction. To safeguard our maritime sovereignty, interests and rights is the sacred mission of the Chinese armed forces,; he said.杨宇军表示:“中国有着漫长的海岸线和广阔的管辖海域,维护国家领海主权和海洋权益,是中国武装力量的神圣职责。”China has ramped up its naval modernisation efforts since 2012 as it seeks to become a maritime power to protect its growing interests. In recent years, it has been embroiled in territorial disputes with regional nations in the East China Sea and South China Sea.012年以来,为保障不断增加的海上利益,中国加大了海军现代化的步伐。近几年来,中国卷入到了同东海和南海地区国家的领土争端。Until now, the Chinese government had neither denied nor confirmed its carrier-building programme - partly to allay concerns over its growing naval might, especially amid tensions with neighbours - though there had been leaks in recent years.此前,尽管有建造航母的消息流出,但中国政府一直对航母建造计划不置可否,这在一定程度上减轻了对其海军实力增长的担忧,特别是在与邻国关系紧张的时候。In January 2014, Liaoning provincial party chief Wang Min was ed in the Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao newspaper as saying that construction of a second carrier had begun and would be completed in six years, and that China planned to build four carriers in total.2014月,香港《大公报》援引辽宁省委书记王珉的话称,第二艘航母已经开始建造,并于六年后完工,中国共计划建造四艘航母。Experts say it is no surprise China is building its own carrier. Its sole carrier, the 60,000-ton Liaoning, bought from Ukraine in 1998 and commissioned in late 2012 after undergoing refitting, is over 25 years old and prone to mechanical problems. It is thus deemed more of a test model for building future carriers.专家表示,中国建造国产航母不足为奇。中国目前唯一的航母是排水万吨的辽宁号,该航母998年从乌克兰手中购得,经过改装后于2012年末役,已经超5年的寿命了,容易出现机械故障,因此被认为更多的是作为以后建造航母的试验模型。来 /201601/419647惠州医院看泌尿科怎么样

惠州中心人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州市妇幼保健人民中医院治疗男性不育多少钱 When the cargo train from the Chinese manufacturing hub of Yiwu arrived in Madrid on December 9, it was welcomed with a celebration of superlatives.12日,当一列来自中国制造业重镇义乌的货运火车抵达马德里时,它受到了最高级别的庆祝和欢迎。This 1st-century Silk Roadwas the “longest rail link in the world,longer than the Trans-Siberian railway and the Orient Express combined. And after spending 21 days covering more than 8,000 miles through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and Spain, it did set a distance record.这条1世纪的丝绸之路”是“全球最长的铁路”,比西伯利亚大铁路(Trans-Siberian railway)和东方快车(Orient Express)的线路加起来还要长。在21天的行程中,这列火车穿越中国、哈萨克斯坦、俄罗斯、白俄罗斯、波兰、德囀?法国和西班牙,总行驶路程超,000英里,创造了一项新纪录。The question is, does a commercial cargo service from China to Spain especially one whose maiden voyage to Madrid included a container filled with kidsspinning tops make economic sense?问题在于,这项从中国到西班牙的商业货运务——尤其是考虑到这趟前往马德里的处子秀包括一个装满儿童陀螺玩具的集装箱——真的能产生经济效益吗?While it may seem like a fanciful adventure, extreme long distance rail service is an important piece of the international shipping arsenal. Use of the so-called Eurasian Land Bridge between China and Europe is well established at least as far as Germany, which receives some five trains a week.尽管它听起来像是一种充满幻想色的大冒险,但超长距离的铁路运输的确是国际运输中重要的组成部分。在连接中国和欧洲的所谓欧亚大陆桥(Eurasian Land Bridge)上,至少远至德国的运输线路早已颇具规模。每周都有大约五列火车抵达德囀?The recently arrived 30-container train of cutlery, toys, and other consumer goods will return to China after Christmas loaded with wine, ham, and olive oil. In the first half of 2014, international container traffic on the Trans-Siberian rail line rose 8%, to 865,600 teu (20-foot equivalent units).最近抵达西班牙的火车包0节集装箱,装有餐具、玩具和其他日用消费品。在圣诞节后,这列火车将载满葡萄酒、火腿和橄榄油返程。在2014年上半年,西伯利亚大铁路的集装箱运输量提高了8%,增长至86.56万标准箱(即20英尺长的集装箱)。Long distance rail cargo splits the difference between airplane and boat delivery in terms of price and speed. According to Miklós Kopp, director of freight at the International Union of Railways, sending a 10-ton 40-foot container from Chengdu, China, to Lodz, Poland, takes 12 to 14 days by train, compared to several days by plane (if you include customs and delivery on each end) and some six weeks or longer by boat. The price tag comes to some ,000 by air, compared to ,000 by train, and as low as ,000 by boat, Kopp says.长距离铁路运输与空运和海运的区别在于成本和速度。据国际铁路联盟(International Union of Railways)货运部主任米克洛斯o科普介绍,把一0顿重0英尺长的集装箱从中国成都运到波兰罗兹,经火车需24天,经飞机只要几天(加上通过两国的海关和交货所需的时间),而走海路则需周甚至更长。科普表示,在价格方面,空运该箱子大约需万美元,铁路运输需万美元,而海运只需5,000美元。“If you go from the center of China to the center of Europe, it’s [rail travel] a good decision, though not as cheap as by sea,says Kopp.科普说:“如果你要从中国中部运货到欧洲中部,(采用火车)是一个不错的选择,尽管它没有走海路那么便宜。”Still, carrying rail freight across the Eurasian Land Bridge comes with many problems, says Jean-Paul Rodrigue, a professor of global studies and geography at Hofstra University and lead author of the textbook The Geography of Transport Systems.然而,霍夫斯特拉大学(Hofstra University)全球学和地理学教授、教科书《交通系统地理学》(The Geography of Transport Systems)的主要作者让-保罗o罗德里格表示,通过欧亚大陆桥进行铁路运输也存在许多问题。For one, freight trains in Europe carry less than half the cargo of such trains in the U.S. because low bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure problems prohibit the use of double-stack containers. Another problem, Rodrigue says, is that the trip from Germany to Spain adds another week to the journey, cutting out some of rail’s speed and cost advantages.比如说,由于桥和隧道建得较低,其他基础设施也有不足,欧洲铁路运输无法采用双层集装箱列车,装载的货物还不足美国同类火车的一半。罗德里格说,另一个问题是从德国到西班牙还需要一个星期,这削弱了铁路运输的速度和成本优势。“Spain is the worst place in Europe to do a train trip. It’s as far as you can get in continental Europe from Asia,he says. “I think it’s a bit for show, to demonstrate the technology and capability to put on these services. But I have some doubts that these services are commercially feasible.”罗德里格表示:“西班牙是欧洲最糟糕的铁路运输终点站。它到欧洲中部的距离和亚洲到欧洲中部的距离一样远。我认为这有点做秀的成分,是为了展现这项铁路运输务的技术和能力。但我怀疑该务在商业上是否可行。”Added to these problems, notes Joan Jané, a lecturer in production, technology and operations at Barcelona’s IESE Business School, is that the average winter high temperature in Kazakhstan is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Such cold temperatures require special containers for sensitive electronic goods, not to mention Spain’s big exports.此外,巴塞罗那IESE商学院(Barcelona’s IESE Business School)生产、技术和经营课程的讲师琼o简还指出,哈萨克斯坦冬季的平均最高温度是20华氏度。灵敏的电子产品需要用特制集装箱来防护这样的低温,更不用说西班牙的大量出口商品了。“The train can spend six to eight days in places with very low temperatures,he says. “And you can’t have frozen wine or ham.”琼o简表示:“火车在低温地区要待上六到八天,你不能让葡萄酒和火腿被冻着。”The three operators of the Spain train InterRail, DB Schenker Rail, and Transfesa are still deciding whether to add twice monthly China-to-Spain service in spring 2015. If they do, the service will likely have to take a different form to be profitable.西班牙铁路的三大运营商InterRail、DB Schenker Rail和Transfesa仍在考虑是否015年春季加开两列中国至西班牙的月度列车。如果决定加开,这项务可能会采用一种不同的盈利模式。Higher travel costs mean that this kind of train service will be best for high-value goods like electronics and medicines, not cheap toys, says Libor Lochman, executive director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) trade association.欧洲铁路和基础设施联合会(Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies,CER)执行理事利尔o洛赫曼表示,高昂的运输成本意味着这类列车最适合运输电子产品或药品等高价值商品,而不是便宜的玩具。The service could also offer more competitive prices if it were regular and direct to Spain (instead of dropping off and picking up goods along the way), says Jané of IESE. And, he adds, operators could further lower costs by finding high-value goods to sell back to China, making sure containers do not return empty. That will be difficult, as Spain ran a EUR13 billion trade deficit with China in 2013. (Right now, many containers are sent back from Europe empty; others are filled with cars, car parts, and manufacturing equipment.)IESE的琼o简表示,如果该列车能定期运营,并直达西班牙(而不在中途卸货装货),那它就能提供更具竞争力的价格。他还补充道,如果能找到高价值商品卖给中国,让集装箱列车不至于空手而归,就可以进一步降低运营成本。这并不容易,因013年西班牙对中国的贸易逆差高达130亿欧元。(目前,许多集装箱列车从欧洲返回时都是空驶,另一些则装有汽车、汽车配件和制造设备。)Despite the hurdles, China-Europe rail trade will most likely grow in the coming years. The CER’s Lochman notes that, in the future, a new tunnel opened from the Asian to the European sides of Istanbul could be used for a new Eurasian Land Bridge. And, he says, while it will continue to be impossible to double stack containers, European rail freight authorities are trying to make rail more competitive by upgrading infrastructure to allow for longer, 1,000- to 1,500-meter trains, compared to the 600-meter trains used today.尽管有这些障碍,义新欧铁路的贸易额在未来几年很可能将会增长。欧洲铁路和基础设施联合会的洛赫曼指出,未来在伊斯坦布尔开辟的欧亚新隧道可以用来架设新的欧亚大陆桥。他表示,尽管仍然无法采用双层集装箱列车,但欧洲铁路运输当局正试着升级基础设施来增强铁路的竞争力。这样可以让1,000米到1,500米的火车得以通行,而不是目前采用的600米火车。Still, while traversing a gaggle of countries on the 21st-Century Silk Road may seem romantic (and perhaps even profitable), the method comes with geopolitical problems that planes and boats don’t have to contend with, says Rodrigue of Hoftra.霍夫斯特拉大学的罗德里格表示,尽管穿越许多国家的21世纪丝绸之路听起来十分浪漫(也许甚至有利可图),但陆路需要面对航路和海路可以避免的地缘政治问题。“You have a lot of border issues,he says. “You have to think entering Russia with the embargo, that’s going to be a lot of fun.”他说:“你会碰到许多边界问题。想想在有禁运令的情况下进入俄罗斯吧,那会十分有趣。”(财富中文网) /201501/352966惠州社区医院

惠州阳痿早泄治疗好的医院The “global war on terrorwas shot down in a hale of ridicule. Sceptics scoffed that President George W Bush’s GWOT was not global and it was not a war since terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. On taking office as US president in , Barack Obama quietly dropped the term.The GWOT may have been a clumsy phrase and an inexact idea but, sadly, linguistic quibbles have not removed the underlying issue. However you want to label it, the world has a problem with jihadi violence and it is getting worse.There are two specific ways in which the threat from militant Islamism has worsened over the past five years. First, jihadi groups are operating in more parts of the world. Second, the frequency of attacks and number of deaths is increasing.The massacre of 148 people, mainly children, at a school in Peshawar on December 16 was the worst atrocity in Pakistan since 2007. It was followed, this month, by the murder of up to 2,000 people by Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the killing of 17 in two separate attacks in Paris.Three brutal attacks on three separate continents give the impression that the frequency of Islamist terror attacks is rising. That impression is confirmed by the data.A recent study by the Rand Corporation identified 49 Salafist-Jihadi groups operating around the world in 2013, compared with 28 in 2007. These groups staged 950 recorded attacks in 2013, up from 100 six years earlier. And that Rand report was published before a big surge in violence in Nigeria. A recent US state department report estimated that 18,000 people were killed by terrorism in 2013 but also noted that the number of Americans killed was very low and going down.That decline in the numbers killed by terrorism in the west ensured the problem received only sporadic attention in the US and Europe. But, in the rest of the world, the number of lawless areas in which jihadi militias can freely operate and train has increased.A decade ago, the main area of concern for western counter-terrorism efforts was Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan with Somalia another significant worry. But now the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) controls a large swath of Syria and Iraq, including Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.In Africa, Boko Haram possibly inspired by the success of Isis has also seized territory and now controls a part of northern Nigeria the size of Belgium, as well as threatening neighbouring states such as Cameroon and Nigeria. Much of Libya has slipped into violent anarchy and jihadism is also endemic in Yemen.The obvious questions are why the problem is escalating and what needs to be done. In the solipsistic world of US politics, it is natural for politicians to assume the problem somehow begins in Washington. Democrats cite President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. The Republicans claim President Obama withdrew from Iraq prematurely.Actually, recent history teaches ambiguous lessons about the impact of western military intervention. The failure of the US to intervene earlier in Syria is sometimes blamed for the rise of Isis. On the other hand, western military intervention in Libya helped to reduce the country to anarchy creating space for jihadi groups to thrive. In reality, this is a problem that is not primarily about US foreign policy and the iniquities of the west. In recent years, every single permanent member of the UN Security Council has been hit. The US was struck on September 11 2001. The UK experienced the 7/7 bombings that killed London commuters in 2005. Russia has waged a long and brutal struggle with Chechen jihadis. China has experienced a bombing in Tiananmen Square and killings around the country. Now France has been struck. India, too, is on the frontline.Tempting as it is for western powers to make common cause with all countries that have been hit by Islamist terror, it is also politically difficult since that potentially involves accepting the Russian narrative on Chechnya, the Israeli narrative on Gaza and the Chinese view of Qinjiang.The factors behind the recent upsurge in violence include the increased fragility of several states in the aftermath of the revolutions in the Arab world as well as the amplifying effect of social media, which allows jihadi messages to sp fast and to reach ever-larger audiences.As Islamist militias have gained ground, so the conflict with them has come increasingly to resemble a conventional war. There are now several parts of the world where regular armies are battling jihadi groups for control of territory. American and European air-forces are bombing Isis. The Nigerian army, aided by troops from Chad and Niger, is fighting Boko Haram albeit not very effectively. The French army deployed in Mali to beat back a jihadi threat. The Pakistanis, goaded by the attacks on Peshawar, have renewed military action against the Taliban.“全球反恐战争”曾在一阵奚落中被击落在地。怀疑论者讥笑称,乔#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)的全球反恐战争并非全球性的,甚至连一场战争都不是,因为恐怖主义是一种战术,而非敌人009年巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)就任美国总统后,悄悄地放弃了这种提法。全球反恐战争或许只是一个蹩脚的提法和一个模糊的构想,但不幸的是,语言上的吹毛求疵并没有消除潜在的问题。不管你给它贴什么样的标签,世界正面临着圣战暴力的问题,而且正在日趋恶化。在过去5年里,激进伊斯兰主义带来的威胁在两个具体方面已经恶化。首先,圣战组织的活动范围已扩大到世界更多地区。其次,袭击的频率和死亡人数都在增加26日,巴基斯坦白沙瓦市的一所学校148人(大部分是儿童)遭到屠杀,这是自2007年以来巴基斯坦发生的最残暴的恐怖事件。随后是在本月,多达2000人在尼日利亚被恐怖组织科圣Boko Haram)杀害,另有17人在巴黎发生的两次独立的袭击中遇难。发生在三个不同大洲的三次残暴的袭击给人们留下的印象是,伊斯兰主义恐怖袭击的频率正在上升。这样的印象得到了数据实。兰德公Rand Corporation)近期的一项研究发现,2013年有49个伊斯兰教沙Salafist)圣战组织在世界各地活动,007年时只有28个。这些组织发动的记录在案的袭击从6年前00起增加到2013年的950起。兰德的报告发布之后,尼日利亚的暴力事件又呈现大幅激增。美国国务院近期的一份报告估计,2013年有1.8万人死于恐怖主义袭击,但同时指出,被杀害美国人的数量非常低,而且下降。西方国家被恐怖主义杀害的人数下降,使得这一问题在美国和欧洲只受到零星关注。但在世界其他地方,圣战武装分子能够自由行动和训练的无法律地带的数量已经增多0年前,西方反恐努力关注的主要地区是阿富汗以及巴基斯坦边境地区(索马里是另一大担忧对象)。但如今,自封的“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)控制了叙利亚和伊拉克的大片地区,包括伊拉克第二大城市苏尔。在非洲,科圣地——或许是受到Isis成功的启发——也占领了土地,目前控制着尼日利亚北部、面积相当于比利时大小的部分地区,同时对喀麦隆等邻国造成了威胁。利比亚大部分地区已陷入混乱的无政府状态,圣战主义在也门的气焰也很嚣张。显而易见的是,为什么这一问题正在恶化,而我们又需要做什么。在唯我论的美国政治世界里,政客们很自然地认为问题某种程度上产生于华盛顿。民主党批评布什总统入侵伊拉克的决定。而共和党称奥巴马总统过于草率地从伊拉克撤军。实际上,西方军事干预的影响在近期历史上带来的教训是双面的。Isis的崛起有时被归咎于美国没有更早对叙利亚进行干预。另一方面,西方对利比亚的军事干预却使该国陷入无政府状态,为圣战组织的兴起创造了空间。事实上,从根本上说,这并非美国对外政策以及西方的种种罪恶造成的问题。最近几年,联合国安理会(UN Security Council)每一个常任理事国都遭遇过恐怖袭击0011日,美国遭受袭击005年,英国经历了伦敦.7”爆炸案,造成通勤人员死亡。俄罗斯对车臣的圣战分子发动了长期而残酷的斗争。中国的天安门广场遭受过一次爆炸袭击,全国各地时有暴恐事件发生。如今,法国也遭到了袭击。印度同样也处于恐怖袭击的前线。与所有遭受伊斯兰主义恐怖袭击的国家联合起来,这对西方国家来说看上去很诱人,但在政治上也有困难,因为这样就会暗含接受俄罗斯对车臣、以色列对加沙以及中国对新疆的种种说辞或态度。近期暴力事件激增的原因包括,一些国家在阿拉伯世界革命之后变得更加脆弱,以及社交媒体的放大效应,使圣战信息能够快速传播并覆盖更大范围的受众。随着伊斯兰主义武装分子的发展壮大,与他们的冲突已经越来越像一场常规战争。目前,在世界的几个地区,正规军正在为争夺领土控制权与圣战组织交战。美国与欧洲的空军在对Isis进行空袭。在乍得和尼日尔军队的帮助下,尼日利亚军方正在打击科圣地——尽管不是非常有效。法军在马里展开部署以击退圣战组织的进攻。白沙瓦的袭击事件促使巴基斯坦人重新开始对塔利Taliban)进行军事打击。长远来看,解决圣战暴力问题更是一场理念之争而非军队间的斗争。但与此同时,打击伊斯兰主义暴恐运动的军事行动正在非洲、亚洲和中东展开。最终结果可能还是要进行一场“反恐战争” China objected Wednesday to Washingtons imposing new sanctions against eight companies it said a Chinese businessman used in the alleged sale of ballistic missile parts to Iran.中国政府周三反对华盛顿对八家公司实施的新制裁。美国方面称,一位中国商人涉嫌通过这八家公司非法向伊朗出售弹道导弹零部件。Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said that instead of unilaterally levying sanctions, the U.S. should deal with its concerns according to Chinese law. He didnt name the companies and the businessman, Li Fangwei, nor mention the million reward Washington offered to secure his arrest, but said that the U.S. actions, announced Tuesday, would hinder efforts to reduce proliferation.中国外交部发言人秦刚表示,中方坚决反对美国实施单边制裁,美方的有关关切应通过与中方开展执法合作予以解决。秦刚并未提及被制裁公司的名称和这位名为李方伟的商人,也未提到美国政府悬00万美元缉拿李方伟一事,但称美方周二宣布的做法有损双方防扩散合作We believe the relevant actions taken by the U.S. wont help solve the problem and will also impair our nonproliferation cooperation, said spokesman Qin Gang at a briefing. We urge the U.S. to stop sanctions of companies and individuals and come back to the right track of nonproliferation cooperation.秦刚在一次记者会上表示,美方有关做法无助于问题解决,而且有损双方防扩散合作。他还说,中方敦促美方停止制裁中国公司、个人的错误做法,回到防扩散合作的正确轨道上来。China has long-standing objections to Washingtons use of unilateral sanctions, a position the spokesman reiterated. The businessman, Mr. Li, has figured in previous discussions between Washington and Beijing over the transfer of components and materials for missiles to Iran.中国一直反对华盛顿实施单边制裁,秦刚也重申了中方的这一立场。两国政府之前讨论过李方伟涉嫌向伊朗出售导弹零部件和材料一事。Mr. Li, who also goes by Karl Lee, was targeted by sanctions and indicted by U.S. authorities in . The U.S. doesnt have an extradition treaty with China, and officials have said Mr. Li hasnt traveled to countries that might hand him over to U.S. authorities.李方伟又名Karl Lee,他009年成为制裁目标并被美国政府起诉。中美之间没有引渡条约。一些官员表示,李方伟也未前往那些可能将他交给美国政府的国家。Mr. Li couldnt be reached for comment on Tuesday. He has previously denied allegations of wrongdoing, including in a interview with The Wall Street Journal when he said his products arent used to make weapons.记者周二无法联系上李方伟发表。此前李方伟一直否认有关他行为不当的指控,包括年《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)的一次采访。当时他表示,自己的产品并未被用于生产武器。Reached for comment on Wednesday, officials at two of the companies on the new sanctions list either denied wrongdoing or said they had no knowledge of Mr. Li.记者周三联系到了新制裁名单上两家公司的管理人士置评。这些管理人士要么否认有不当行为,要么表示不认识李方伟。The charges unsealed by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan on Tuesday allege that Mr. Li worked to conceal his transactions in the U.S. financial system by adding new layers of shell companies once U.S. authorities began targeting his businesses.美国曼哈顿地区检察官周二宣布相关指控说,李方伟在美国政府开始瞄准他的公司时,通过增添一层层“壳公司”的手段掩盖自己在美国金融系统中的交易,The Treasury Department on Tuesday also sanctioned eight Chinese companies that it said acted for Mr. Li or on his behalf. The measures have highlighted Washingtons ongoing efforts to undermine efforts by Iran to develop its nuclear and missile programs.美国财政部周二也宣布制裁其认为给李方伟代办或代理相关事务的八家中国公司。这些措施表明,华盛顿在继续采取措施削弱伊朗发展核项目和导弹项目的努力。The U.S. Embassy in Beijing didnt have an immediate comment on the foreign ministrys remarks.美国驻北京大使馆未立即就中国外交部的言论置评。来 /201405/295245惠州治疗无菌性前列腺炎的价格惠州治早泄的价格




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