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芜湖市中医医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱芜湖二院尿科皖南芜湖第二附属医院龟头炎症 A weird and scary were wolf like creture was caught on camera in the town of S?o Gon?alo de Campos, in the state of Bahia. The grainy 44-second clip emerged on YouTube after a spate of sightings of the terrifying cryptid in the town of S?o Gon?alo de Campos, near Feira de Santana, in the state of Bahia.巴西巴伊亚州一座小镇的监控摄像头近日拍到了狼人的影像。为了保护居民安全,该小镇不得不从晚上9点就实施宵禁。The mysterious lupine was first spotted by a local man known only as Pingo. Pingo claims the creature ran at him but that he managed to escape by the narrowest of margins. He described the creature as a five foot tall black monster.拍到的这个神秘怪物最先是一名叫平戈的当地人发现的。平戈说这个怪物高5英尺(约1.5米),全身黝黑。它向平戈发起攻击,但平戈逃脱了。人们起初嘲笑平戈,直到越来越多的人也目击了这个怪物,才相信狼人真的出现了。现在,监控摄像头更是直接拍到了狼人的影像。这段44秒的雪花屏录像已经被上传到了视频网站YouTube上。At first people made fun of him but others have since had similar encounters with the beast, which they are calling a werewolf. In the wake of these sightings, government officials have put in place a 9pm curfew.考虑到居民的安全,当地政府不得不从晚上9点就开始实施宵禁。 /201402/277398Fitness trackers–the Bluetooth-enabled bracelets and wearable devices that monitor things like a person’s heart rate, steps taken and calories burned–had a moment last year. Then everyone realized that knowing how many steps they’d taken each day wasn’t all that helpful. What do you do with that information? Reports surfaced that half of fitness tracking devices had become inactive; industry experts suggest that number is closer to 85%.健康追踪器(也就是基于蓝牙技术的腕带和可穿戴设备,能监测人们的心率、行走步数和消耗的卡路里)去年着实热闹了一阵。然后所有人都意识到,光知道自己每天走了多少步其实没什么用。您会拿这些信息做什么用呢?一些研究报告发现,这类设备有半数最终都闲置了起来;业内专家则认为这个数字要接近85%。The fitness tracker moment has passed. The next wave of connected devices is taking a different approach: Instead of incentivizing users to exercise or sleep or eat healthy, and rewarding them for it with virtual badges and digital high-fives, this new class of devices use shame, guilt, and in one case, a physical shock, to keep their owners in line.健康追踪设备可谓大势己去。下一波互联设备则采取了全新的互动方式:它们不再鼓励用户去锻炼,也不是鼓励他们保持饮食和睡眠健康,同时用什么虚拟奖牌和数字化击掌致意来奖励他们;相反,这些全新设备用羞耻感、负罪感,以及某种情况下的物理震动来让用户守规矩。Where first-generation fitness trackers offered the carrot, the latest class is offering the stick. Soon everything you own, from your chair, to your lighter, to your fork or belt, will be able to scold you.如果说第一代健康追踪设备奉上的是胡萝卜,那最新一代设备挥舞的就是大棒了。很快,你所拥有的一切东西,从板凳到打火机,从叉子到皮带,都能把你骂上一顿。Take Quitbit. It’s a “smart lighter,” which measures how much its owner smokes, in hopes that that information will motivate them to cut back on the habit. Its designers created the device after they tried to track their own smoking with Google Docs and iPhone notes. They realized they weren’t always proud of how much they smoked, and therefore weren’t motivated to continue recording the behavior. So they built a lighter that records the data for them. In addition to tracking the data, which founders Takuji Nakano and Ata Ghofrani say is proven to help smokers decrease their smoking, Quitbit can be programmed to only work a certain number of times each day. They’re careful not to push the guilt factor, since it takes time for smokers to come around to the idea of quitting. “We have to be really gentle with it and will continually ease them into it by making them more cognitive about how much they’re smoking,” Nakano says. “We want to empower them to just try to quit.” The Quitbit crossed its funding goal on Kickstarter and will be available for purchase later this year.比如Quitbit,这是个“智能打火机”,它能测出用户抽了多少烟。它的设计意图是希望这类信息能让用户少抽点烟。它的设计师是在用“谷歌医生”(Google Docs)和iPhone notes追踪自己的抽烟情况后才有了设计它的念头。他们知道自己并不总会因为自己抽了多少烟而感到自豪,因此也不会很有动力地记录这种行为。所以他们才会打造这么一款打火机来记录抽烟数据。中野卓二和阿塔o高夫拉尼这两位创始人表示,这款设备确实能帮吸烟者少抽烟。除此之外,Quitbit还能设定每天有效工作的次数。他们很注意不要激发吸烟者的负罪感,因为吸烟者需要一定的时间来认识到戒烟的必要性。中野说:“我们不得不小心行事,通过让吸烟者逐步意识到自己的吸烟量,持续地推动他们慢慢戒烟。我们希望能让他们确实有动力试着戒烟。”Quitbit已在众筹网站Kickstarter上公布了募资目标,今年晚些时候就能上市销售。For drinkers, there are a myriad of iPhone breathalyzer tools that not only tell users how intoxicated they are and how long until they’ll be sober, but map out alcohol intake over time in a handy chart. The quantified drinker can choose from breathalyzer devices from BACTrack (which I reviewed last year),Breathometer, or Alcohoot.喝酒的人们则可以选用各种iPhone上的酒精测试工具。它们不仅能告诉用户他们到底醉到了什么程度,还需要多久才能清醒,还能通过一个简明的表格显示出一段时间以来的酒精摄入量。喜欢定量的饮酒者可以选择的工具有BACTrack(去年我评测过),Breathometer或Alcohoot。For speed-eaters, there’s Hapifork, an electronic fork that vibrates when its user eats too fast. The idea is that eating more slowly helps users consume less food, chewing more frequently to aid digestion and decrease gastric reflux. Naturally, there’s an app to go with it, tracking one’s eating speeds over time.吃得太快的人可以使用Hapifork。这是一款电子叉子,用户如果吃得太快,它就会开始震动。它的设计理念是,吃得慢一些可以让用户吃得少些,咀嚼更充分以帮助消化,同时减少肠胃返流。它自然也自带了一款应用,可以监测用户一段时间内的饮食速度。For fixing bad posture, there’s the LumoBack, a connected belt that vibrates any time its wearer slouches. A sensor can be set to pulse until the wearer has adjusted into a “good posture.” A related smartphone app allows users to “watch” their posture, assigning a score for how straight one is sitting or standing. In addition, the LumoBack tracks time spent standing, sitting, and sleeping.如果要纠正不良体态,可以用LumoBack,每当用户弓腰塌背时,这条联网的带子就会震动。带子上的一个传感器会不断跳动,直到用户调整到“正确姿势”为止。一个相关的智能手机应用可以让用户“看到”自己的体态,并给自己坐得或站得有多直打分。此外,它还能监测我们站立、端坐及睡觉各花了多少时间。For those uncomfortable wearing a vibrating belt, there’s Darma, the “smart cushion.” This device offers vibrating reminders to stand up (sitting kills, remember?) and to alert users to correct their bad posture. The company touts the cushion’s non-intrusiveness, since it is not stuck on your body.有些人不喜欢戴着震动带,他们可以用Darma,所谓的“智能靠垫”。这个设备能发出震动提示,让用户站起来(记得吗?坐着很难受),同时警告用户纠正自己的糟糕体态。生产这款设备的公司大谈这个“靠垫”是如何不烦人,因为它不需要挂在身体上。But the most punishing device, not yet available in the market, is the Pavlok, its name a nod to the father of classical conditioning research. Pavlok was created by Maneesh Sethi, a blogger who became Internet-famous when he hired a woman to slap him every time he mindlessly opened Facebook. The Pavlok bracelet, which has been beta testing several hundred users, grew out of that experiment. (The company will launch a crowdfunding campaign later this year, Sethi says.)而最具惩罚性、目前还没有上市的一款设备叫Pavlok,这个名字是为了纪念经典条件反射理论研究之父的。它的发明者是梅尼西o塞西,这是一位在网上暴得大名的主。之所以出名,是因为他曾经雇了一位女性,只要看到他不当心打开了Facebook就扇他一巴掌。Pavlok腕带就是从这种试验中打造出来的,而且正在几百位用户中进行测试(塞西称,公司今年晚些时候会为此发布一个众筹计划)。Users can program the bracelet to change a variety of habits, from opening fewer tabs in their web browser, to meditating every day. Pavlok users assign themselves a goal and choose a “referee,” who gets a text message to check in every day at 7 p.m. If the user hasn’t completed their goal, they get a shock through the bracelet and charged money through the app. If they complete their goal, they get rewards like lottery tickets or money. Sethi says the bracelet starts with punishment for bad behavior, and moves to positive feedback for good behavior over time. “The negative gets you started and the positive keeps the habit going,” he says. “As you start to succeed, you can take away the negative reinforcement and give positive reinforcement. And then the habit comes more automatic and you don’t need it at all.”用户可以通过设定自己的腕带来改变很多习惯,既可以在浏览器里少开几个标签,也可以学会每天冥想。Pavlok的用户可以给自己设定一个目标,同时选择一位“仲裁者”。这位仲裁会收到一条短信,每天晚上七点对该用户进行检查。如果这名用户没有完成目标,腕带就会传给他们一阵震动,同时还会被从应用里扣钱。如果他们完成了目标,就能获得票或现金之类的奖励。塞西表示,这种腕带从惩戒坏习惯开始,随着时间推移开始逐渐奖励好行为。他说:“负面回馈先让你开始用上它,慢慢地正面奖励帮助你养成好习惯。当你开始养成好习惯时,就可以取消惩戒措施,代之以正面的奖励。随后,当这个习惯逐渐变得自然而然后,你就不再需要它了。”This wave of punishing devices may end up with same high abandonment rates as fitness trackers. But in the case of breaking bad habits, abandonment doesn’t mean failure–it could mean users have successfully broken their bad habits and no longer need a device to judge them.这一波惩罚神器的浪潮可能最终也会像健康追踪器一样以被丢在一边收场。但如果能借此改掉坏习惯,哪怕丢了也不代表失败——这反而说明用户成功改掉了坏习惯,再也不需要这么个玩意儿来看着自己了。 /201406/306062安徽芜湖市治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

皖南芜湖弋矶山医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱芜湖繁昌县男科医院男性专科 Like intimate and loyal friends, sweaters accompany us through the whole winter, protecting us from the cold and keeping us warm. But this indispensable wardrobe item is about much more than function —it’s about fashion, too. The following is an introduction to a few eye-catching styles of sweaters this season.毛衣如同“死党”一般,陪伴我们度过整个冬季,帮助我们御寒保暖。但作为衣橱必备单品,毛衣更是兼顾实用性以及时尚感。文中,我们为你推荐了几款本季最亮眼的毛衣。Mohair sweaters马海毛毛衣Mohair refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It’s one of the most trendy materials for women’s sweaters this season. For example, UK designer Stella McCartney revealed a line of stylish mohair sweaters with fur trim diamonds. Soft, fluffy and shiny mohair sweaters are very comfortable, so they can be worn directly on the skin. Mohair is also better at keeping you warm than other fabrics.马海毛指的是用安哥拉山羊毛织成的仿丝织物或纱线,是本季最热门的女士毛衣面料之一。例如,英国设计师品牌Stella McCartney就发布了一系列饰有皮草菱形块的充满时尚感的马海毛毛衣。柔软、蓬松且亮丽的马海毛毛衣穿着十分舒适,所以它们可以贴身穿着。同时,与其他面料相比,马海毛的保暖性更佳。There is one drawback to mohair sweaters —they lose hairs. Folding your mohair sweater, placing it in a sealed plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for a few hours should solve this problem.但马海毛毛衣也有一个美中不足的缺点——掉毛。将你的马海毛毛衣叠好,放入密封塑料袋中,然后放进冰箱几小时后便可以解决掉毛的问题了。How to wear them如何穿着?Loose mohair sweaters go well with leggings, giving women a slender and leisurely look. It’s also popular to wear them with pencil skirts or capri pants.宽松的马海毛毛衣与打底裤是绝配,为女士们打造出纤细苗条的休闲范儿。马海毛毛衣配铅笔裙或卡普里裤也是一种热门穿法。Trim sweaters有皮草装饰的毛衣Another hot trend this season is sweaters and cardigans with fur trims, which can be seen in the collections of brands like Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chloe. Most designers use pieces of fur located on the front of the sweater, but leather and suede trims are equally important. Italian luxury fashion house Iceberg has been successful in this aspect by mixing soft mohair with leather, which creates a nice contrast.本季的另一件热门时尚单品便是有毛皮镶边的毛衣或开衫,在Philip Lim、 Alexander Wang以及Chloe等大牌时装中,你都可以找到它们的身影。大部分设计师在毛衣胸前添加皮草元素,而皮革与绒面革的镶边也是同样不可或缺。在这方面,意大利奢侈品牌Iceberg可谓是个中翘楚,该品牌将皮草元素添加到柔软的马海毛中,使得两者完美混搭。How to wear them如何穿着?Add them to some skinny jeans and ankle boots to give you a fashionable and attractive look.搭配紧身牛仔裤以及短靴,将会打造出充满时尚感的魅力造型。Print sweaters印花毛衣Sweaters with printed images or patterns, especially stripes and animal prints, are popular this year thanks to the trend of mixing casual and dress pieces. They have gradually become a must for women, with more updated designs such as animals, quirky patterns, es and other statement-making designs. For example, leopard print sweaters have been in style for years and they will keep going for some time. But it’s not just any kind of leopard print —this season is all about unconventional prints, like brightly-colored ones for example.由于休闲混搭风走红,图案印花毛衣,尤其是条纹毛衣和动物花纹毛衣,纷纷成为今年的流行时尚。它们已经逐渐成为女士们的必备单品,并与时俱进地加入动物花纹、奇特的图案、标语等个性设计元素。例如,豹纹毛衣是近年来的流行饰,其热度还会持续一段时间。然而并非所有的豹纹都会这么“好命”——本季是非常规印花的天下,例如一些亮色的图案。How to wear them如何穿着?It’s best to wear sweaters with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots, which creates a casual, comfortable and chic style. Also, remember to look for oversized sweaters that you can wear with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat.最好选择那些较大印花图案的毛衣,例如超大豹纹;穿上它,便可塑造出休闲、舒适的时尚风格。同时,记得去淘些大码宽松版的毛衣,用它们搭配紧身牛仔裤、搭扣平底靴以及松软的小毡帽,简直是绝配! /201312/267162芜湖南陵县人民医院看男科好吗

芜湖治疗包皮哪家医院好This may be a statement of the obvious at Christmas, but our families can sometimes let us down. Evidence comes from a little-noticed survey published by the US Census Bureau in September.我们的家庭有时会让我们失望。美国人口普查局(US Census Bureau) 2013年9月发布的一项调查为这一观点提供了明,不过没引起多少关注。The findings are conveyed in a sad and simple graph. It reports a survey of “households experiencing hardship” in 2011 - and who helped them when times were tough. What counted as tough times? Having a phone disconnected, missing utility bill payments, falling into rent or mortgage arrears, or not seeing a doctor or dentist when needed.该项调查针对2011年“经历困境的家庭”,以及陷入困境时得到过谁的帮助,调查结果通过一幅简单而令人悲哀的图表呈现。那么怎样算是陷入困境呢?电话停机,漏缴公用事业账单,拖欠房租或房贷,或者生病了看不起医生或牙医。More than half of such households expected help from family members, as did almost half from friends. Rather fewer - about a fifth - hoped for help from a social agency, charity or church.一多半家庭期望得到家人的帮助,还有近一半则指望朋友帮助。只有很少一部分家庭(大约五分之一)希望得到社会机构、慈善团体或教堂的援助。The overwhelming majority were disappointed. It was rare for family members to provide help with rent arrears - about one time in six - and it was rarer still to receive financial help from other sources or for other purposes.结果绝大多数家庭的希望都落了空。家人极少帮忙付租金(大约六分之一),而从其他来源(或者为了其他目的)获得资金援助就更加罕见了。In short, hard-up Americans were confident of help in need from those close to them - and that confidence was misplaced. (If you#39;re looking for an explanation of the popularity of payday loans, this finding isn#39;t a bad start.)简言之,手头拮据的美国人相信能从亲友那儿得到帮助,但这种信任是没有根据的。(如果你想了解“发薪日贷款”为何如此流行,不妨从这份报告入手。)An optimistic ing of this research is that there are plenty of people whose families or friends did help them and thus never featured in the sample. Perhaps.这份研究当然也不乏乐观解读:也许有许多人得到了亲友的帮助,因此根本不在调查对象之列——或许吧。But as the economist Timothy Taylor comments, enough people experience disappointment to leave “lasting shadows”.但正如经济学家蒂莫西#8226;泰勒(Timothy Taylor)所言,生活中有太多人经历深切失望,这种失望给他们留下“持久的阴影”。This dispiriting stuff reminded me of Mark Granovetter#39;s work on “the strength of weak ties”, published in 1973. Granovetter, a sociologist, brought together two disparate strands of work: a survey of how people with professional or managerial jobs had found those jobs; and a theoretical analysis of the structure of social networks.这种令人沮丧的现实让我想起马克#8226;葛兰诺维特(Mark Granovetter)在1973年发表的《弱纽带的力量》(the strength of weak ties)。葛兰诺维特是社会学家,他将两项不相干的研究拉到一起:一个是关于人们怎样找到专业或管理工作的调查;另一个是对社会关系网结构的理论分析。Start with the theoretical observation first: the most irreplaceable social connections, paradoxically, are often rather weak or distant ones. A family group or clique of close friends all tend to know each other and know similar things at similar times. Their social ties are strong but also redundant, in the sense that there are many different paths through which information could pass from one member of that group to another.先谈理论观察:最不可取代的社会关系(听上去有点矛盾)往往是相当薄弱或者遥远的关系。家族或朋友圈成员倾向于在圈子内互相结交,他们在同一个时期知道的事情也大致相同。这种社会纽带虽强但也累赘,也就是说,信息在这些圈子内部的传播渠道非常多。By contrast, “weak ties” between one social cluster and another are valuable precisely because the social contact is unusual. Information passed along a weak tie will often be totally new - and if it doesn#39;t arrive through the weak tie, it is unlikely to arrive at all.与此形成反差的是,不同社会群体之间的“弱纽带”有价值,正是因为这样的社会联系不寻常。通过弱纽带传递的信息往往是全新的——换言之,如果不通过弱纽带,新信息可能压根传递不过来。Granovetter then supplemented this theoretical idea with his survey, showing that it was very common for people to find jobs - especially managerial jobs and jobs with which they were satisfied - through personal contacts. The old saw is true: it#39;s not what you know, it#39;s who you know. Or as Granovetter put it in his book Finding a Job, what matters most is “one#39;s position in a social network”.葛兰诺维特接着通过自己的调查对上述理论进行补充。调查显示,人们常常通过个人关系找到工作(尤其是管理工作,或者是称心如意的工作)。老话说得对:知道什么不重要,认识谁才重要。或套用葛兰诺维特在其著作《怎样找工作》(Finding a Job)中的说法,最重要的是“一个人在社会关系网中的位置”。But this is not because of crude nepotism: the key contacts who helped job-seekers find jobs were typically distant rather than close friends - old college contacts, perhaps, or former colleagues. Granovetter#39;s analysis made this finding make sense: it#39;s the more peripheral contacts who tell you things you don#39;t aly know.但这不同于裸的裙带关系:帮助求职者找到工作的关键联系人,一般关系并不密切,算不上老同学、前同事等密友。葛兰诺维特的分析为调查结果提供了合理的解释:比较的联系人才能提供你不知道的信息。More recent research - for instance, a “big data” analysis of millions of mobile phone records conducted by Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and others - has backed up Granovetter#39;s argument that the weaker ties are the vital ones.就拿最近一项研究为例,尤卡-佩卡#8226;翁内拉(Jukka-Pekka Onnela),奥尔贝特-拉斯洛#8226;鲍劳巴希(Albert-Laszlo Barabasi)等人分析了数以百万计的手机通话记录,用这些“大数据”对葛兰诺维特的观点提供了持,即弱纽带才是必不可少的。 /201401/273666 芜湖县妇幼保健人民男科中医院看男科好吗芜湖治疗生殖器疱疹的男子医院



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