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A haze of greenish smoke was hovering over the scene.一股绿莹莹的烟雾在整个会场上空弥漫着。Both Neville and Justin were lying on the floor, panting;纳威和贾斯廷双双躺在地板上,气喘吁吁;Ron was holding up an ashen-faced Seamus, apologizing for whatever his broken wand had done;罗恩抓住脸色死灰的西莫,为他那根破魔杖闯下的大祸连连道歉;but Hermione and Millicent Bulstrode were still moving;而赫敏和米里森还在行动—米里森夹住赫敏的脑袋,Millicent had Hermione in a headlock and Hermione was whimpering in pain;赫敏痛苦地轻轻叫唤,both their wands lay forgotten on the floor.她们两个人的魔杖都被遗忘在地板上了。Harry leapt forward and pulled Millicent off.哈利急忙跳上前去,把米里森拉开了。It was difficult: She was a lot bigger than he was.这很不容易,米里森的块头比他大多了。Dear, dear, said Lockhart, skittering through the crowd, looking at the aftermath of the duels.天哪,天哪,洛哈特说着,在人群里跳来跳去,看着人们决斗的后果,Up you go, Macmillan. . . . Careful there, Miss Fawcett. . . Pinch it hard, it#39;ll stop bleeding in a second, Boot.你站起来,厄尼…留神,福西特…使劲捏住,血马上就能止住,布特…I think I#39;d better teach you how to block unfriendly spells, said Lockhart,我认为,我最好教你们怎样阻止不友好的魔法。standing flustered in the midst of the hall.洛哈特神色慌张地站在礼堂中央,说道。He glanced at Snape, whose black eyes glinted, and looked quickly away.他朝斯内普瞥了一眼,只见斯内普的黑眼睛里闪着寒光,便立刻将目光移开了。Let#39;s have a volunteer pair — Longbottom and Finch-Fletchley, how about you?请自愿上来一对—隆巴顿和芬列里,你们怎么样? /201304/236140《闪电侠第二季:西斯科现超能力 -- :7:5 来源: The Flash : You Won't Have to Wait to See Cisco's Powers Again《闪电侠:我们很快就能再看到西斯科的超能力啦After Harrison Wells revealed that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has meta-human abilities in The Flash's first season finale, we've been itching to see more of what he could do. tunately, we won't have to wait long.在《闪电侠第一季结尾时,哈里森·威尔斯士透露了西斯科(卡洛斯·瓦尔德斯饰)有超能力后,我们都很期待看到更多他能做的事好消息,我们不用等太久啦When the Atom Smasher crashes Central City's Flash Day celebration in the premiere, Cisco finds himself once again seeing into an alternate universe. Specifically, Cisco sees the Atom Smasher within Earth-Two, which intersected with their world through the wormhole that opened in the finale.当原子粉碎者破坏了中心城的庆典,西斯科发现自己又一次地看到了平行宇宙确切的说,西斯科看到原子粉碎者在二号地球上,通过最后打开的虫洞与他们的世界联系起来But unlike Barry (Grant Gustin), who took to his abilities with a childlike glee, Cisco is in complete denial, and is even keeping his powers secret from the rest of the team.但不像巴里(格兰特·古斯汀饰)那样,如孩子般快乐地接受自己的超能力,西斯科则完全抵制自己的能力,并且甚至对团队中的其他人也保密Something tells us that ignoring his powers will only make things worse.事实告诉我们,忽略他的能力只会让事情变得更糟糕美剧《纸牌屋第三季确认被续订   -- ::56 来源: 美剧《纸牌屋第三季确认被续订   "House of Cards" has been renewed a third season bee its second season has even premiered on Netflix, a rep the streaming site confirms to Zapit.  Netflix网站向Zapit网站确认,虽然《纸牌屋第二季还未开播,不过该网站已经决定要续订《纸牌屋第三季  Details about number of episodes or a premiere date have not been released, but both Season 1 and Season have episodes and spring premieres, so it's a safe bet that Season 3 will also have episodes and premiere in spring .关于第三季的具体集数和开播日期等细节还未发布,不过根据第一、二季的开播日期和集数可以推断,《纸牌屋第三季仍然会在春季档开播,第三季仍然会是集The critically-acclaimed series received nine Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations, with star Robin Wright winning best actress in a drama. It also recently won the Writers Guild of America award best new series. Wright tells The Wrap that Season 3 begins shooting soon and when asked if she could see the series going multiple years after that, she says, "Sure, bring it on."这部广受好评的剧集收获了艾美奖、金球奖的9项提名,Robin Wright拿下了剧集类最佳女演员的奖项而且还拿到了美国编剧工会奖的最佳新剧Wright透露,《纸牌屋第三季将会在近期开播,当被问到她会不会一直把这部剧演下去,她的回答是“当然,那必须的”

首页>英语>英文歌词 亚瑟小子Usher前妻争取儿子的抚养权 -- :9:1 来源: 亚瑟小子Usher前妻争取儿子的抚养权RB 歌手亚瑟小子的一个儿子本周在亚特兰大一家游泳池发生事故住院后,其前妻提出要两个儿子的抚养权The ex-wife of RB singer Usher is seeking custody of their two young sons after one of them was hospitalized in Atlanta following a swimming pool accident this week, court papers released on Wednesday showed.In the documents filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia on Tuesday, Tameka Foster, , requested an emergency hearing and temporary primary custody of sons, 5-year-old Usher Raymond V and his younger brother Naviyd, .Usher, whose full name is Usher Raymond IV, is a -year-old Grammy-winning singer and coach on N's TV singing competition "The Voice." He won custody of the boys last year. He was not at his home on Monday when Usher Raymond V's arm got caught in a swimming pool drain when he tried to retrieve a toy.In the court documents, Foster said Usher had failed to personally exercise physical custody of the children and "continues to excessively travel, utilizes third-party caregivers to supervise the minor children rather than personally exercising parenting time and providing supervision the minor children."Attorneys Usher and Foster were not available to comment.The couple divorced in . A hearing on the emergency motion is set Friday afternoon.The boys' aunt, Rena Oden, and two other women tried to save the child but could not. Contractors working at the house jumped into the pool and rescued him.In a 9 call released by the police, Oden is heard telling an operator about the accident."I need an ambulance," she said. "My nephew was in the pool, and I couldn't get him. I tried."After the contractors got to the child she added, "They're doing CPR on him now."The boy is recovering in an Atlanta hospital.Last year Foster's older child and Usher's stepson, -year-old Kile Glover, died after suffering a brain injury during a jet-ski accident.

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两会政府工作报告新词 -- 19:57: 来源: 两会政府工作报告新词十二届全国人大二次会议3月5日上午9时在人民大会堂开幕,听取国务院总理李克强作政府工作报告,这也是本届政府的首份工作报告这份报告提出了8个“新词”,涉及领域广泛全民阅读 nationwide ing政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:发展文化艺术、新闻出版、广播电影电视、档案等事业,繁荣发展哲学社会科学,倡导全民阅读We will develop culture and arts, the press and publishing, and radio, television and film, and run archives well. We will promote the flourishing of philosophy and social sciences. We will encourage the people to .阳光财政 transparency of public finance政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:所有财政拨款的“三公”经费都要公开,打造阳光财政,让群众看明白、能监督All public spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles and public receptions should be made public. We will ensure transparency of public finance and make it easy people to understand and oversee it.精准扶贫 to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:地方要优化整合扶贫资源,实行精准扶贫,确保扶贫到村到户Local governments need to merge poverty alleviation resources to make better use of them and take targeted measures to ensure that assistance reaches poverty-stricken villages and households.权力清单 power list政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:确需设置的行政审批事项,要建立权力清单制度,一律向社会公开We will introduce a system to list all items over which government review and approval are required and release the list to the public.互联网金融 Internet banking政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:促进互联网金融健康发展We will promote the healthy development of Internet banking.黑名单制度 blacklisting system政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:对违背市场竞争原则和侵害消费者权益的企业建立黑名单制度,让失信者寸步难行We will implement a blacklisting system enterprises that violate market competition principles and infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, and make those who lose credibility pay the price.中国式办法 Chinese solution政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:我们一定要坚定不移推进医改,用中国式办法解决好这个世界性难题We must resolutely press ahead with medical rem and work out a Chinese solution to this global problem.舌尖上的安全 safety of every bite of food政府工作报告中的8个“新词”语境:用最严格监管、最严厉处罚、最严肃问责,坚决治理餐桌上的污染,切实保障“舌尖上的安全”We will strictly follow laws and regulations and comply with standards, and apply the strictest possible oversight, punishment and ability to prevent and control food contamination and ensure that every bite of food we eat is safe.

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