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Chinese bull trainer Wang Youxiu says he didn#39;t realize Spanish bullfights end with the matador slaying the bull. Too cruel for Chinese bull owners, he says. #39;We are too emotionally attached to our bulls,#39; he explains. #39;Even when they get old, we don#39;t kill them. We sell them to far-away places.#39; 中国驯牛师王优秀(音)说,他以前并不知道西班牙斗牛是以斗牛士将牛刺死而结束比赛的。他认为,对公牛的主人们而言,这样做太残忍了。王优秀说,“我们与牛有着难以割舍的感情。即使他们老了,我们也只会将他卖到远乡,绝不会屠杀他们。” Though hardly a well known pastime, Chinese bullfighting has grown in tandem with the country#39;s economy. Where farmers used to stage showdowns in fields for beer money, matches these days can involve purses as high as 50,000 yuan (nearly ,000), and one town in Yunnan province - where the tradition was born - even has a new bullfighting arena. 中国式斗牛虽然算不上是一种广为人知的活动,但这项比赛随着经济的发展也变得颇具人气。过去,斗牛只是农民赚点零花钱的田间消遣,现如今,这项赛事的奖金已高达五万元(将近8000美元),而作为斗牛比赛发源地的云南某小镇甚至已专门为此新建了一座斗牛场。 But some animal-rights advocates think the Chinese sport ought to be halted because it#39;s also cruel to pit bull against bull even if the bulls survive the fight. #39;There shouldn#39;t be any type of animal fighting or performing for human entertainment,#39; says Hua Ning, a Beijing manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The bulls #39;may hurt themselves during the fight and the noisy crowds who are watching the fighting make the animals very stressful.#39; 一些动物权利保护人士认为,即使参赛的公牛能够在比赛结束后幸存下来,但人们让牛在角斗场上互相厮杀、一决胜负的过程也很残忍,所以应该禁止这项运动。国际爱护动物基金会(International Fund for Animal Welfare)中国项目主任华宁说,不应该出于目的而进行任何形式的动物角斗或表演活动。她还表示,公牛可能在角斗中负伤,而观战的人群声音嘈杂,这会让角斗动物压力倍增。 Some bulls do die in the Chinese-style bullfighting. Bull trainers say that one dominant bull, Optimus Prime, has killed one or two opponents with his fierce charges and maimed perhaps a dozen others so severely that they can#39;t fight again. His fans say that shows he is #39;meng#39;-a Chinese word that translates roughly as scary-fierce. #39;This is a pretty dangerous sport,#39; says Mr. Wang. 的确有公牛在比赛中毙命。驯牛师王优秀称,牛王擎天柱就曾用猛攻让一两位对手当场死亡,还曾使十几头公牛高度伤残,他们后来再也无法参加比赛。擎天柱的粉丝们认为,这恰恰彰显了他的“猛”。王优秀说,“中国的斗牛是非常危险的运动。” University of Washington anthropologist Stevan Harrell explains that bullfighting has long been associated with Torch Festival, a harvest festival celebrated by China#39;s Yi minority. The bull fights illustrate #39;the spirit of sport and competition between and clans and communities and the importance of livestock in people#39;s lives,#39; he says. There are also horse races and wrestling matches during the festival, he adds. 美国华盛顿大学(University of Washington)的人类学家郝瑞(Stevan Harrell)解释说,斗牛一直是中国彝族人民在庆丰节日“火把节”上的传统活动。斗牛比赛诠释了运动精神,展现了宗族、部落间的竞争关系,也凸显了牲畜在人们生活中的重要性。郝瑞补充说,在火把节上,除了斗牛,还有赛马、摔跤等活动。 The bull trainers say they take good care of the bulls, which sometimes get gored during the fights. The ground around the bull fights in Damogu was littered with empty boxes of lidocaine hydrochloride, a local anesthetic, used for wounds. The trainers say they don#39;t give the animals drugs to make them act more fiercely and they need to keep the bulls healthy to fight again and to work as farm animals between matches. 驯牛师称,有时公牛在比赛中会被牛角划伤,但他们都受到了悉心的照料。在大莫古斗牛赛场周边,随处可见盐酸利多卡因的空盒子。盐酸利多卡因是一种局部麻醉剂,驯牛师用它来为公牛的伤口止痛。但驯牛师称,他们不会为了取得好成绩而使用兴奋剂,因为得保公牛身体健康,这样他们才能多次参加比赛,也能在没有比赛的日子里干点农活。 In the past few years, promoters say they have tried to reduce violence. Trainers are forbidden from sharpening a bull#39;s horns - though the rule didn#39;t seem to stop some of them from doing just that at Damogu. A match is also called off after six minutes to stop the bulls from exhausting themselves. At that point, bull handlers tie a rope around a back leg of each bull. Then 10 men grab each rope and pull the bulls apart. Both bulls are declared winners and advance to the next round. 斗牛赛的组织人员说,过去几年里,他们一直在尝试降低比赛的暴力程度。比如,禁止驯牛师削尖牛角。尽管如此,在大莫古的斗牛赛上,还是有人无视禁令,为了胜利铤而走险。再比如,如果双方对峙了六分钟还未分出胜负,比赛就会终止。驯牛师这时会用绳索套住牛的一只后腿,10名男子一起用力拉绳子,强制将两头牛分开。这种情况下,双方都算胜出,晋级下一轮比赛。 That isn#39;t sufficient, says Kitty Block, vice president for Humane Society International, who says #39;traditions founded on animal cruelty need to evolve.#39; She suggests celebrating cultural history #39;in dance and music where the animals are an element#39; in the performance. She points to England where hunting foxes with hounds was banned - though not completely - as an example of customs that change with the times. 但国际人道协会(Humane Society International)副总裁布洛克(Kitty Block)认为这些举措是不够的。她说,“这些基于动物虐待行为的传统需要改进了。”她建议将动物元素融入舞蹈和音乐中,通过表演的形式欢庆传统文化。她指出,英国已经禁止利用猎追捕狐狸的行为,虽然禁得不够彻底,但这也算是传统习俗与时俱进的例子。 Chinese Bull fight promoter Bi Jiangang, isn#39;t convinced. #39;We don#39;t think it#39;s a cruel sport,#39; he says. #39;We really treat the bulls very well. The owners of the bulls even have a hard time sleeping if the bulls are sick.#39; 中国斗牛比赛的组织人员毕建刚并不赞同上述看法,“我们觉得这不是一项残忍的运动,大家都善待自家的牛。如果牛病了,主人们会彻夜难眠。” /201209/198524

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Rams have a habit of pushing to the front of the line, both literally and figuratively. And while this quality has helped Aries get ahead, it can also compromise their relationships. Putting an animal, child or plant in their care can correct the problem. As soon as this sign#39;s nurturing qualities are cultivated, their selfishness will diminish.白羊:羊儿做什么事都急于求成。虽然它有助于白羊座获得成功,但也容易影响与他人的关系。多与动物、孩子和植物为伴不失为改掉这一坏毛病的好办法。一旦你变得更有爱心,自私自利的坏毛病就可以彻底消除了。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Bulls love clutter. Being surrounded by all their possessions gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion, and chaos. Storage systems that keep their stuff on display will prevent this sign from strewing their stuff all over the house. Stacking baskets, glass jars, and open shelving can promote organization.金牛:牛儿偏爱混乱。虽然身边堆满的东西能给你充实和安全的感觉,但它也会显得杂乱无章。制订一套有规律的贮藏方法可以帮助你纠正这个坏习惯。屋子里多放些整理柜、玻璃缸和书架都是不错的办法哦。 /201209/198999

Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping. When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, ;I#39;m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?;当空中给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中面前,说道:“ 我马上就要见到我妻子了。我怎么才能把口香糖从耳朵里面取出来呢?”

You’ve been in back-to-back meetings for what seems like two weeks, the un messages in your inbox have hit triple digits, and you can’t recall the last time you got more than five hours of sleep. Between work, workouts, your extracurricular activities, and attempting to maintain your relationships—you’re running on empty. And if one more item gets added to your to-do list, your head might explode.连轴转式的会议似乎都持续两周了,收件箱里未读短信都堆积成三位数了,你也记不起来上次睡够5个小时是在什么时候了。你空着肚子往返于工作、锻炼、闲暇之余的应酬活动,以及维持人际关系之间。如果此时还要再加办一件事,可能你的头就要炸开了。In our day-to-day lives, stress is inevitable. But when it’s left unmanaged, it can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. So, when things get extra-crazy, that’s exactly when you need to stop, slow down, and de-stress. We know, we know—you don’t have time. But even though spending a day at the spa or jetting off to a luxurious beach vacation aren’t options, there are plenty of other ways to take a breather.我们的日常生活中难免有压力。如果留着它不处理,那它会对我们的身心造成极大的伤害。当事态变得格外不正常时,这时候你就需要停下来、慢下来、缓解压力了。好吧,我们知道你很忙碌。虽然我们做不到花一天的时间做SPA,或是坐飞机到一个海滩边度假,但仍有很多种让我们喘口气的方式。Whether you have five minutes between meetings or can spare a few hours, here are some quick and simple methods to bring some calm into your day.不管在会议期间是有5分钟或是有几小时的休息时间,这里有几个简易的方法可以让你冷静下来。1. If You Have 5 Minutes1. 如果你有5分钟A lot of us tend to switch to staring at our phones when we have a momentary lull, but consciously doing nothing is a better way to unwind. Even if you only have a few minutes to decompress, you still can relax your mind and body with some simple techniques. If you’re at work, take a quick break from staring at your computer monitor to stand up, stretch, and take a few deep breaths. Or, if you’re somewhere else, say, waiting for a train or at the doctor’s office, close your eyes, pop in your headphones, and just take a minute to slow down. Have a hard time sitting still? Do something totally mindless, like cleaning the receipts out of your purse.当我们可以休息片刻时,我们很多人会把精力转移到我们的手机上,盯着它们看。但这里有一种更好的放松方式就是什么都不做。即使你只有几分钟时间来减压,你仍然可以通过一些简单的技巧放松你的大脑和身体。如果是在办公桌旁,那就不要再盯着电脑看了,请站起来伸展一下,做几次深呼吸。如果你是在其它地方,比如说是等火车或在医生的办公室里等待,请闭上你的眼睛,戴上耳麦,只需要一会儿工夫去放松自己。觉得静静地坐着是一种煎熬吗?那就做一些不需要动脑的事,比如清理一下你钱包里的票据。These quick fixes can also help ease your mind while traveling, before a big presentation, or in any other scenario that makes you feel nervous or overwhelmed.这些小窍门也可以帮助你放松大脑,比如说在旅行时、在一场重大的演讲前、或是在其它任何你会感到紧张焦虑的场合。2. If You Have 15 Minutes2. 如果你有15分钟When you have few more minutes—a break between meetings or time for quick lunch—taking a short walk is a good way to clear your head, even if it’s just around your office building. Getting away from your current environment gives your mind something new to focus on, plus even a little bit of exercise provides endorphins that elevate your mood.如果时间稍微多一点,比如会议之间的休息或者一顿简单中饭的午餐时间,那走一走也会是清清大脑思路的一种理想方式,即使就只是围着你的办公大楼走一圈。从你当前的工作环境中摆脱出来,让头脑关注一些新事物,再加上一点点的锻炼,所有的这些做法都有助于释放提升情绪的内啡肽。You can also take 15 minutes to call to a friend or family member, a magazine, or scribble some thoughts down in a journal. Or, try something that requires even less energy, like browsing gorgeous vacation destinations on Pinterest. The key is to separate yourself from everything that’s wearing you down and find a moment of levity. Even a short escape from the grind can make you refreshed (and more productive) when you return.此外,你可以花15分钟给朋友或是家人打个电话,或读读杂志,或是把一些想法随手写在日志本上。你还可以试试其它不花精力的事,比如登录照片分享网站Pinterest,浏览度假胜地。关键要把你自己从劳心劳力的事情中分离开来,为自己找一刻清闲。即使是短暂的“回避”,当你再回来时,你会感到更加神清气爽。3. If You Have an Hour3. 如果你有一个小时When I have a good chunk of time to myself, I sometimes feel obligated to use it to get other things done, like errands or phone calls—but I’ve learned that the only way to use that time to truly reduce my stress level is to do something totally for me. A yoga class or quick burst of exercise is a good method to calm your spinning head, or enjoy some light-hearted TV or an ice cream or coffee date with a friend.当我有一块完整的时间,我常常会把它用来做其它事,像一些琐事或是打电话之类。但实践明,能减压的唯一方式是为自己做些事。上一堂瑜伽课,或是欣赏一些轻松愉快的电视节目,或是和朋友相约吃冰淇淋、喝咖啡。You could also spend an hour playing with the puppies at the pet store, indulging in the total silence of a library, or browsing for random treasures at a thrift store. And sometimes, what you need most to decompress might just be sitting by yourself and people-watching while you let your brain slow down.当然你也可以在宠物店和小玩上一小时,或是去图书馆享受那里的宁静,或是去二手店里看看能不能淘到好东西,但有时最能减压的一种方式是一个人自己坐着,看看其他人,这时大脑也放松下来了。4. If You Have a Half-Day4. 如果你有半天时间The next time you have even a half of a weekend day to yourself, try using it to get outside your traditional routine and duties. Take time to indulge in a nice experience that lets you relax and regroup. Take a day trip, attend a concert, go shopping, or treat yourself to a pedicure. In nicer weather, being outdoors—gardening, jogging, or walking your dog—can be a great way to spend time with zero stress (or cost). If you can do so without severe withdrawals, leave your iPhone at home (or at least silenced) to get the most out of your “me time.”下次如果你有半天的休息时间,试试一日游、听听音乐会、购物或是做个足疗。天气比较好的话,待在户外会是一种很棒的方式,无压力零成本,比如修剪花花草草、慢跑、遛等。如果不会造成太严重的后果,那么你还可以把手机留在家里(至少可以是静音状态),好好享受一段属于你自己的时光!It’s safe to assume that stress is a normal part of life for all of us, but the key is making sure it doesn’t run our lives or grow out of control. Even when free time is a luxury, carving out a few minutes or hours to calm down is an important part of self-care. So there you have it—an excuse to take a coffee break or cancel your plans tonight, and finally make some time for you.坦白说有压力是我们所有人正常生活状态里的一部分,重要的是我们不能让压力搅乱我们的生活,或者让压力超出了我们的控制范围。即使空闲时间是奢侈的,也请挤出几分钟或几小时放松自己,这是自我爱护的重要部分。那么你就有了理由,喝杯咖啡或是撤销今晚计划的理由,最终你拥有了属于你自己的时间。 /201301/222054#39;I Wanna Eat You Up!#39; Why We Go Crazy for Cute“快到碗里来!”为什么我们一见萌物就hold不住NEW ORLEANS — Ever reacted to the sight of a cute puppy or darling infant by squealing, ;I want to eat you up!;? Or maybe you can#39;t help but want to pinch your grandbaby#39;s adorable cheeks. You#39;re not alone. New research finds that seemingly strange aggressive responses to cuteness are actually the norm.有没有一看到萌犬或是可爱的北鼻就有一种景涛附身般想吼一句“快到碗里来!”的赶脚呢?或者你也不知道为什么就是想戳戳你亲孙子粉嘟嘟的小脸蛋呢?你不是一个人在战斗!最新研究发现面对萌物表面上毫无理由便飙升的攻击值其实十分正常。In fact, people not only verbalize these aggressive desires with phrases like, ;I just want to squeeze something!; they also really do act them out. In the study, presented Friday (Jan. 18) here at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, researchers found that people watching a slideshow of adorable pictures popped more bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap than did people viewing funny or neutral pictures.事实上,地球人不仅愿意把内心的残暴心理用简单粗暴的语言,比方说“我就想捏点啥!”,表达出来,还特热衷于付诸实践。在研究中,在周五呈现的个性与社会心理研究年会上,研究人员发现,人们在观看萌物系ppt的时候要比观看2B系或正常系捏破包装纸上的泡泡数更多。;We think it#39;s about high positive-affect, an approach orientation and almost a sense of lost control,; said study researcher Rebecca Dyer, a graduate student in psychology at Yale University. ;You know, you can#39;t stand it, you can#39;t handle it, that kind of thing.;“我们认为这是一种正能量的影响,一种想要接近的表示,甚至于一种失控力”,研究学者丽贝卡·黛儿(Rebecca Dyer)表示,她是耶鲁大学心理专业的研究生。“你懂的,你觉得受不了,欲罢不能,就是那种赶脚。”Too cute好萌Dyer got interested in what she and her colleagues call ;cute aggression; after chatting with a fellow student about how adorable Internet pictures often produce the desire to squish or squeeze the cute critter. All the existing research on cuteness suggests the reaction should be the opposite, she told LiveScience. People should want to treat a cute thing with gentleness and care. [Gallery: World#39;s Cutest Baby Wild Animals]黛儿与一位同学闲聊人们经常想对萌萌的小东西捏捏掐掐后,对她和她同事所谓的“激萌”产生了深厚的兴趣。目前所有的研究得出的都是相反的结论,她告诉趣味科学网(LiveScience)。人们正常来讲应该以温柔和爱护对待可爱的小动物的。And indeed, Dyer said, it#39;s not as though people really want to hurt a basketful of kittens when they see the furballs tumbling all over one another.而事实上,黛儿表示,人们看到像毛球一样相互滚来滚去的小猫崽儿时,也不是真想去伤害这一篮子萌物。;We don#39;t have a bunch of budding sociopaths in our studies that you have to worry about,; she said.“你也不用担心我们研究会有什么冉冉升起的暴力新猩,”她说。But something odd seemed to be going on. So Dyer and her co-author, fellow Yale graduate student Oriana Aragon, first ran an experiment to see if cuteness aggression was a real phenomenon. They recruited 109 participants online to look at pictures of cute, funny or neutral animals. A cute animal might be a fluffy puppy, while a funny animal could be a dog with its head out a car window, jowls flapping. A neutral animal might be an older dog with a serious expression.但奇怪的事也不是没有。于是黛儿和她的合著者,同样是耶鲁大学研究生的奥丽埃纳·阿拉贡(Oriana Aragon),就先做了个实验看看“激萌”到底是不是笔上谈兵。她们在网上找来了109个研究对象,让他们看萌系,二系和普通系动物的照片。萌系动物可以是个毛茸茸的汪星人,二系动物可能是个把脑袋伸出车窗的小哈的随风鼓动的下巴颏。正常系的呢可能就是有一只严肃的老的图片。The participants rated the pictures on cuteness and funniness, as well as on how much they felt the pictures made them lose control — for example, if they agreed with statements such as ;I can#39;t handle it!; The participants also rated the extent to which the pictures made them ;want to say something like #39;grr!#39;; and ;want to squeeze something.;研究对象按萌属性和二属性给图片打分,还要形容出他们对图片的失控程度——比方说,如果他们同意对这幅图让他们感到“我受不鸟啦”。同样地,研究对象按这幅图有多想让你“想发出‘额呜!’”和“想捏东西”也进行了打分。Sure enough, the cuter the animal, the less control and more desire to ;grrr; and squeeze something that people felt. Cute animals produced this feeling significantly more strongly than did funny animals. The funny critters in turn produced the feeling more strongly than did neutral animals, perhaps because the funny animals were perceived as cute, too, Dyer said.必然的是,动物越可爱,人们就越容易失控,就越想低吟一声“额呜”,就越想捏点什么。萌物比二货动物更容易让人产生这种感觉。而二货动物在这方面又比普通动物略胜一筹,可能是因为人们觉得二二的动物也挺有爱的,黛儿解释道。Dealing with adorable抗萌Still, those results could have merely identified a verbal expression for cuteness, rather than a real feeling. So Dyer and her colleagues asked 90 male and female volunteers to come into a psychology laboratory and view a slideshow of cute, funny and neutral animals.尽管如此,这些研究结果只能明人们对萌物有一种言语表达的倾向,而不能明真实情感。于是黛儿和她的同事邀请了90名志愿者参与一个心理实验室,并观看萌系动物,二货动物,正常动物的组图。Researchers told the participants that this was a study of motor activity and memory, and then gave the subjects sheets of bubble wrap. The participants were instructed to pop as many or as few bubbles as they wanted, just as long as they were doing something involving motion.研究人员告知研究对象这是一个有关肌肉活动与记忆能力的研究,然后把泡泡包装纸发给研究对象。这些人也被告知可以按自己意愿捏破任意多个泡泡,只要他们是在动就行。In fact, the researchers really wanted to know if people would respond to cute animals with an outward display of aggression, popping more bubbles, compared with people looking at neutral or funny animals.实际上,研究人员真正的目的是想了解,与对二货动物和正常动物相比,人们是否会对萌物产生一种直接外向的攻击性,也就是捏爆更多泡泡。That#39;s exactly what happened. The people watching a cute slideshow popped 120 bubbles, on average, compared with 80 for the funny slideshow and just a hair over 100 for the neutral one.而事实就是这样。看萌物组图的人们平均捏破120个泡泡,看搞笑系的平均捏破80个,而看正常系的差不多平均捏破的泡泡数量则为100出头。Dyer said she and her colleagues aren#39;t yet sure why cuteness seems to trigger expressions of aggression, even relatively harmless ones. It#39;s possible that seeing a wide-eyed baby or roly-poly pup triggers our drive to care for that creature, Dyer said. But since the animal is just a picture, and since even in real life we might not be able to care for the creature as much as we want, this urge may be frustrated, she said. That frustration could lead to aggression. [10 Things You Didn#39;t Know About the Brain]黛儿表示她和她的同事还没搞清楚为什么萌属性,甚至是相对来讲无害的小东西们,会引发有暴力特征的行为。可能是看到一个闪烁着大眼睛的北鼻或者是圆滚滚的小汪星人会激发我们对这种生物的爱护,黛儿说道。但因为这个动物只是一张图片,并且在现实生活中,即使我们想,可能也没机会照看这样一只萌物,于是挫败感油然而生。这种挫败感则可能导致强烈的攻击性。Alternatively, people could be trying so hard not to hurt the animal that they actually do so, much as a child wanting to care for a cat might squeeze it too tightly (and get scratched for the effort).或者说,人们其实是在刻意控制自己不去伤害小动物以至于他们伤害了这些小动物,就好像一个孩子想轻抚小猫但未曾想抓得太紧了(有可能还为此被猫挠了一下)。Or the reason might not be specific to cuteness, Dyer said. Many overwhelmingly positive emotions look negative, as when Miss America sobs while receiving her crown. Such high levels of positive emotion may overwhelm people.也有可能,原因不光在于萌属性,黛儿说道。许多泛滥的正能量可能看起来是消极的,就像当美国接受加冕时却哽咽了一样。人们可能会被过高的积极情绪所湮没。;It might be that how we deal with high positive-emotion is to sort of give it a negative pitch somehow, Dyer said. ;That sort of regulates, keeps us level and releases that energy.;“可能是因为我们处理正能量的方式使其变了味,”黛儿解释道。“而这刚好做了下调节,让我们保持情绪上的平衡并且释放富余能量。” /201301/222934

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