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广州长安不孕不育医院治疗胎停育广州六个月做引产多少钱Two might be company and three a crowd, but it seems four is perfect when it comes to friends.The average woman needs this number at any one time in her life, a study suggests.Researchers say females are becoming far more selective and will bother forming close bonds only with those they know they can trust and share experiences.Having four friends is also ideal as it makes up a group of five - which ensures no one is ever left out, the researchers say.If two or three women begin confiding in each other or sharing a joke there is always another person for the others to talk to.A study of 1,000 women aged 18 to 45 found that just under half (49 per cent) believe that four is the perfect number of best friends to have.By contrast just one in five thought having three close friendships was best.This finding contradicts the famous scenario in the Sex and the City TV series and films in which Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw is content to have three close friends - Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.A better example might be the five protagonists of the TV series Desperate Housewives, although Teri Hatcher's character Susan Mayer's fellow housewives Bree, Edie, Lynette and Gabrielle may not always act in the most loyal, friendly way.The poll, commissioned by the Silver Bay Point wine range, found that only one in 25 thought it preferable to have more than 50 close friendships.The study also found that within each group there are usually clearly defined roles such as the agony aunt, the homemaker, the career girl, the socialite and the quiet one.Females responding to the survey said that the most important factors determining friendships were being able to share confidences and experiences.Vocabulary:agony aunt: a person who gives advice to people about their personal problems 知心大homemaker: a person, especially a woman, who works at home and takes care of the house and family 料理家务者;(尤指未出外工作的)主妇socialite: a person who goes to a lot of fashionable parties and who is well known because of this 社交名流背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106407广东省广州市长安医院输卵管检查 Business capital crippled Mumbai may have been attacked for the very reason it is loved by Western business. CNN's Jim Boulden reports. A city under siege, a financial capital crippled, Mumbai is India’s commercial heart and that may be why it and its top hotels were targeted. Everybody’s doing businesses in India and that now is pretty much every big company in the world and will her pass through the gates of the Taj Mahal palace hotel. It is the place where business gets done. The other hotel the Oberoi, had airline crew members among the guests called up in the attacks. It’s very likely Mumbai will take a financial hits.if only briefly. My concern at the moment is this kind of media attention will perhaps to track asset meets, the smaller businesses or the mid-cap companies that maybe going to be put off thinking. I must analyze my risks. It’s too risky maybe I should go to other markets. That’s safer. And an old Indian song says Mumbai is a door to the east with its face to the west. As Bombay,it was the center of British business for centuries. Its deep harbor the main of attraction. Today that harbor is full of luxury yachts. Mumbai also benefits from its time zone. Its work day starts when Tokyo is up and running. It shares many hours with London and ends its day after New York is open for business. One reason why many western banks and IT firms had basis there, the Mumbai was aly suffering as a stiff fall in property prices and layoffs by likes of the Citi groups and others. It hits the Mumbai hard time but used to the overall Indian picture, 6% growth forecast for this year, a lot of countries will be very pleased with that. And it’s a, you know it says to a reselling economy. And it’s a I don’t think it’s going to have a long time affect. Indian is no stranger to terrorism. Mumbai has been hit before. But this is different. The targets are popular with tourists and businesses. But Bombay will recover quickly say those who know it soul. Jim Bolton, CNN, London. 参考中文翻译:孟买被袭击是因为它深受西方商业喜爱。现在陷入攻击而瘫痪的商业城市孟买是印度的商业中心,这或许是它如此奢华的酒店成为恐怖分子目标的原因。每个人都在印度做生意,很多世界上大型的公司都有商业往来,希望能够通过泰姬酒店的恐怖事件。这是做生意的地方。另外一家酒店Oberoi,客人中有人是航空公司员工,在恐怖袭击中曾经打电话。孟买商业方面很有可能受到冲击。希望只是短暂的。我目前担忧的是,媒体的关注可能会引起资产外流,小公司或者中型的公司可能会放弃孟买市场。我会分析存在的风险。现在风险太大了我可能会选择相对更安全的其他市场。有一首古老的印度歌曲说,印度面向西方,是通向东方的大门。在名为Bombay的时候,几世纪以来都是英国的商业中心。它的海港吸引了注意力。现在,孟买海港到处停泊这奢华的游艇。孟买也由于时区受益。当东京市场开始运转的时候,孟买的工作日开始,同时和伦敦享有很多共同点时间,当纽约开始工作的时候,孟买结束了它的一天。很多西方和IT公司在这里设有基地。因此,由于花旗集团和其他一些公司的问题,目前孟买的财产价格急剧下滑,引发大规模的裁员。这给了孟买致命的打击,但是考虑到印度的整体形势,预计今年经济增长6%,对于目前低迷的经济形势来说,很多国家都为此感到欣慰。但是我认为这种形势不会有长远的影响。200812/57572天河无痛人流手术哪家好

广州治疗尿道炎最好的医院Schumpeter熊彼特How to make college cheaper怎样才能让大学更便宜一些Better management would allow American universities to do more with less改善下管理就能让美国大学少花钱多办事Jul 7th 2011 | from the print editionDEREK BOK, a former president of Harvard, once observed that “universities share one characteristic with compulsive gamblers and exiled royalty: there is never enough money to satisfy their desires.” This is a bit hard on compulsive gamblers and exiled royals. America’s universities have raised their fees five times as fast as inflation over the past 30 years. Student debt in America exceeds credit-card debt. Yet still the universities keep sending begging letters to alumni and philanthropists.哈佛前校长德里克·克曾经注意到,“大学与病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们有一个共同特征:永远没有足够的钱来满足他们的欲望。”这对于病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们未免有些刻薄。在过去30年中,美国大学提高费用的速度是通货膨胀速度的5倍。在美国的学生债务超过信用卡债务。然而,大学依然向校友们和慈善家们发募捐信。This insatiable appetite for money was bad enough during the boom years. It is truly irritating now that middle-class incomes are stagnant and students are struggling to find good jobs. Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education. Are universities inevitably expensive? Vance Fried, of Oklahoma State University, recently conducted a fascinating thought experiment, backed up by detailed calculations. Is it possible to provide a first-class undergraduate education for ,700 a year rather than the ,900 charged by public research universities or the ,500 charged by their private peers? He concluded that it is.在经济景气的年份,这种对金钱贪得无厌的胃口让人厌烦。而在目前中产阶级收入缩水、学生为找一份好工作绞尽脑汁之际,这种胃口简直是让人愤怒。因此也就有了一阵对高等教育的重新思考。大学是不是非要如此昂贵呢?最近,俄克拉荷马州立大学的Vance Fried完成了一个迷人的思维实验(有详细计算持)。提供第一流的本科教育仅花费6700美元,而非公立研究型大学收取的25900美元或私立研究型大学收取的51500美元,这是否可能?Vance Fried认为是肯定的。201107/144402广东省第二人民医院医生在线咨询 The space shuttle Endeavour has lifted off on its 25th and final mission.美国航天飞机“奋进”号,已经在最后一次任务中升空。"8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ... and liftoff for the final launch of Endeavour, expanding our knowledge and expanding our lives in space."“8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.....‘奋进’号航天飞机升空了。它扩展了我们的太空知识,也拓展了我们的太空生活。”And, with that, six astronauts and the youngest shuttle in NASA's fleet, Endeavour, blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, bound for the International Space Station.美国航空航天所属机队里最年轻的航天飞机‘奋进’号,搭载着六名宇航员,从佛罗里达州肯尼迪太空中心发射升空,飞向国际空间站。Astronaut Mark Kelly is commanding Endeavour's final mission. 在‘奋进’号这最后一次任务中,担任指挥的是美国宇航员马克·凯利。He shared a few words with mission control about 10 minutes before launch."As Americans, we endeavor to build a better life than the generation before, and we endeavor to be a united nation," said Kelly. "In these efforts, we are often tested. This mission represents the power of teamwork, commitment and exploration. It is in the DNA of our great country to reach for the stars and explore. We must not stop."Kelly's wife, U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, attended Monday's launch. Giffords was severely wounded during a shooting rampage in Arizona in January and has been recovering at a medical center in Houston, Texas. 凯利的妻子,美国联邦众议员吉福兹,星期一也在场参观发射过程。吉福兹今年一月在亚利桑那州发生的击事件中受了重伤,如今正在德克萨斯州休斯顿的医院接受康复治疗中。She was among the estimated half-million spectators at the liftoff.她和大约五十万人群在现场观看次发射。201105/136446番禺计划生育医院治疗多囊

广州天河药流的费用是多少Transporter of delight传递快乐的使者Happiness is in your DNA; and different races may have different propensities for it基因决定幸福;而不同种族的幸福倾向不尽相同 Born smiling? 天生会笑?THE idea that the human personality is a blank slate, to be written upon only by experience, prevailed for most of the second half of the 20th century. Over the past two decades, however, that notion has been undermined. Studies comparing identical with non-identical twins have helped to establish the heritability of many aspects of behaviour, and examination of DNA has uncovered some of the genes responsible. Recent work on both these fronts suggests that happiness is highly heritable.人的性格有如一张白纸,唯有经历才能在上面挥毫泼墨——这个观点几乎在整个二十世纪下半叶都十分流行。然而近二十年来,此观点的说力已逐渐减弱。同卵及异卵双胞胎的对比研究为明行为的许多方面的遗传性带来了许多帮助,DNA检查也发现了与此相关的部分基因。最近,对这两个前沿问题的研究表明幸福感在很大程度上是遗传的。As any human being knows, many factors govern whether people are happy or unhappy. External circumstances are important: employed people are happier than unemployed ones and better-off people than poor ones. Age has a role, too: the young and the old are happier than the middle-aged. But personality is the single biggest determinant: extroverts are happier than introverts, and confident people happier than anxious ones.众所周知,决定一个人幸福与否的因素有很多。外部环境就十分重要:就业人群比失业人士更幸福,富裕阶层比家境贫寒的人更幸福。年龄也是一个因素:年轻人与老年人比中年人更幸福。但是,性格是唯一一个最大的决定性因素:性格外向的人比性格内向的人更幸福,自信的人比性格焦虑的人更幸福。That personality, along with intelligence, is at least partly heritable is becoming increasingly clear; so, presumably, the tendency to be happy or miserable is, to some extent, passed on through DNA. To try to establish just what that extent is, a group of scientists from University College, London; Harvard Medical School; the University of California, San Diego; and the University of Zurich examined over 1,000 pairs of twins from a huge study on the health of American adolescents. In “Genes, Economics and Happiness”, a working paper from the University of Zurich’s Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, they conclude that about a third of the variation in people’s happiness is heritable. That is along the lines of, though a little lower than, previous estimates on the subject.性格与智力至少在某种程度上是遗传的,这个观点正变得越来越明确;所以,在某种程度上,一个人感到幸福还是悲伤的倾向可能是由基因传递的。为了确定基因到底在多大程度上决定幸福,来自伦敦大学学院、哈佛大学医学院、圣地亚哥的加利福尼亚大学及苏黎世大学的一组科学家在一个针对美国青少年的大型健康研究中对1000对双胞胎进行了测试。在苏黎世大学经济学实研究院的一篇工作论文《基因、经济学与快乐》中,这些科学家们提出了以下结论:人的幸福感约有三分之一是遗传的。这个结论与之前的估计相一致,只是在程度上稍微低了一点。But while twin studies are useful for establishing the extent to which a characteristic is heritable, they do not finger the particular genes at work. One of the researchers, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, of University College, London, and the London School of Economics, has tried to do just that, by picking a popular suspect—the gene that encodes the serotonin-transporter protein, a molecule that shuffles a brain messenger called serotonin through cell membranes—and examining how variants of that gene affect levels of happiness.虽然关于双胞胎的研究有助于确定一个性格特征在多大程度上能被遗传,但是这项研究并未指出到底是哪个基因起到了遗传作用。伦敦大学学院及伦敦经济学院的一位研究人员简-以内马利·德·内弗已选出一个被认为最有可能起作用的基因,即编码血清素转运体蛋白质(这个蛋白质分子将名为血清素的大脑信使带入细胞膜中)的基因,并尝试检验这个基因的各种变异对幸福感的影响有多大。Serotonin is involved in mood regulation. Serotonin transporters are crucial to this job. The serotonin-transporter gene comes in two functional variants—long and short. The long one produces more transporter-protein molecules than the short one. People have two versions (known as alleles) of each gene, one from each parent. So some have two short alleles, some have two long ones, and the rest have one of each.血清素与情绪调节有关,而血清素转运体在其中的作用至关重要。从功能角度上区分,血清素转运提基因有两种变体:长型和短型,长型能比短型制造出更多的转运体蛋白质分子。人类拥有分别来自父亲与母亲的两个血清素转运体基因,每个基因有两种版本(被称为等位基因)。所以,有些人拥有两个短型等位基因,有些人拥有两个长型等位基因,剩下的则长型短型各一个。The adolescents in Dr De Neve’s study were asked to grade themselves from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. Dr De Neve found that those with one long allele were 8% more likely than those with none to describe themselves as very satisfied; those with two long alleles were 17% more likely.德#8226;内弗士在研究中要求青少年在“非常满意”到“非常不满”之间对自己作出评价。德#8226;内弗士发现,拥有一个长型基因的人对自身评价“非常满意”的比例比没有长型基因的人多8%;而拥有两个长型基因的人则多17%。Which is interesting. Where the story could become controversial is when the ethnic origins of the volunteers are taken into account. All were Americans, but they were asked to classify themselves by race as well. On average, the Asian Americans in the sample had 0.69 long genes, the black Americans had 1.47 and the white Americans had 1.12.以上现象相当有趣。而研究有争议之处在于,志愿者的种族也被考虑了进去。所有志愿者都是美国人,但他们同样被要求区分自己属于哪个种族。在样本中,平均而言,亚裔美国人拥有0.69个长型基因,黑人美国人拥有1.47个,白人美国人有1.2个。That result sits comfortably with other studies showing that, on average, Asian countries report lower levels of happiness than their GDP per head would suggest. African countries, however, are all over the place, happinesswise. But that is not surprising, either. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent, because that is where humanity evolved (Asians, Europeans, Aboriginal Australians and Amerindians are all descended from a few adventurers who left Africa about 60,000 years ago). Black Americans, mostly the descendants of slaves carried away from a few places in west Africa, cannot possibly be representative of the whole continent.毫无疑问,以上结果与另一些研究的结果相符。这些研究表明,亚洲国家人民的平均幸福程度比其人均GDP所预示的要低。然而,在非洲,不论哪国的人民都感到很幸福。不过这也并不出乎意料。非洲是基因最多样化的大洲,因为那里是人类进化的地方(亚洲人、欧洲人、澳大利亚原住民以及美洲印第安人都是大约六万年前离开非洲的一些探险家们的后代)。美国黑人则大多是被人从非洲西部某些地区带来的奴隶的后代,因此他们不可能代表整个大洲。That some populations have more of the long version of the serotonin-transporter gene has been noticed before, though the association has previously been made at a national, rather than a racial, level. In a paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, published in , Joan Chiao and Katherine Blizinsky of Northwestern University, in Illinois, found a positive correlation between higher levels of the short version of the gene and mood disorders (China and Japan have lots of both) and with collectivist political systems. Their hypothesis is that cultures prone to anxiety tend towards systems that emphasise social harmony and away from ones that emphasise individuals’ independence of each other.之前也有人注意到一些人拥有更多的长型血清素转运体基因,不过研究角度是国家而非种族。伊利诺斯州西北大学的约翰#8226;乔和凯瑟林#8226;Blizinsky于年在英国皇家学院学报发表了一篇论文,他们在文中指出,拥有短型基因及情绪障碍症(中国和日本的这两种人群都数目庞大)与实行集体主义的政治制度呈正相关关系。他们的假设是:有焦虑倾向的文化趋于实行强调社会和谐的制度,而远离强调个人独立的制度。This latter study may be a few steps too far along the road to genetic determinism for some people. But there is growing interest in the study of happiness, not just among geneticists but also among economists and policymakers dissatisfied with current ways of measuring humanity’s achievements. Future work in this field will be avidly in those circles.对某些人而言,后一个研究可能在基因决定论这条路上走得有点远了。不过,不仅是遗传学家,就连经济学家、政治决策者也对研究幸福越来越感兴趣。因为政治决策者们对现在衡量人类成就的方式不甚满意。所以以上各界人士将会十分关注这个领域的未来研究成果。201110/158149 Crunch Time For Football Finances Despite Kaka's proposed pound;100m move to Manchester City, many football clubs are struggling in the economic conditions. Ian Dovaston has been to two very different clubs to see how they're coping. This is Pierre resistor, this is first real Madrid chair, war against. I am trying to confront it, but. . . John Ryan proves a life time fascination with football. I have a passion for my hometown Dovaston. I said that I would do it when I was 20. So you know. That was a calling for me really. But if it was a business decision I would torture? you with batch poll. He's dragged his club from conference to championship pouring in perhaps 5 million pounds of his own money. It is a familiar story, but never more pertinent. Part from Saman city, I think the cold wind recession is reaching every club. Doncaster Rover is debt free, thanks largely to Ryan, but too many aren't. And the banks are wanting their money back. In the next few months, you will see, you might see some big casualties, I mean, who knows. But can morals go both. You know, in 1998 business. Who knows. These are treacherous times for football clubs. When Doncaster Rover emerged from M league, its wage bill was 800 , 000 pounds. Now just over 4 years later, it is 5 million pounds, or almost 60% of the clubs' turnover. As for so many others, the challenge for Doncaster and their chairman John Ryan is for the club to sustain itself financially. Here at Queen's Park ranges they have not just one, but three very wealthy individuals on board, but it seems suspiciously prudent. Edman Betty represents those wealthy men, Flobia Victory, Berly Achostood and Lachely Mitown, each of whom has significant sums in recent months. So far even they have spent less than 2 million pounds on 5 players in the transfer window. As I travel with the team for three months and speak to a lot of different clubs boards is that all of them are affected. And they are probably, you know, have less appetite to spend that they would did 12 or 18 months in some cases. And they have no appetite at all. C* have premier ambitions. But they are pledged to be building patiently. Football it would seem in general slowly coming around to that view. When the January transfer window began in 2003, 33 million pounds were spent in the premier league alone. Four years later, that spending hit doubled. But just one year later in 2008, that figure had almost tripled again to 175 million pounds. Unless Manchester city get that man, the figure this year is expected to be down. But the QPR the believes old habits die hard. We may see a year or two, you know, maybe less spending. But I think eventually it will go back to the times when money is paid for quality. That's something that's always happened in football. Back to Doncaster, however, John Ryan believes recession could prove to be football saver. In a strange way, it might bring it back to reality. There are some problems with football. It lives in this fantasy world. Manchester city's Large Ace created perhaps a dangerous illusion. Football has hit lean times. No question. In Dovaston, Sky News. NOTES:transfer window 在“转会市场”中可以选择合适的球员并签约到自己的球队中。QPR Queens Park Rangers. 女王公园巡游者02/61635广州天河妇幼医院网上咨询白云区人民医院输卵管通水



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