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to have one’s fill of something 做某事过多 英文释义 To have more than enough of something; to be surfeited. 例句 After being director of my company’s international sales division for five years, I have had my fill of travel, and now want to work closer to home.在公司的国际销售部当了5年的总监,我对出差已经腻了,现在我想在离家更近的地方工作。 /201307/248868商务英语必备1000字 48暂无文本 /200708/16529

One of the most common reasons for holding a meeting is to solve a problem. A meeting can be a great place to do this, because it is possible for a variety of people with different experiences and perspectives to work together to identify the problem and come up with possible solutions. 人们开会的原因通常都是有问题要解决。召开会议是一个解决问题的绝佳方式。因为这样的话,每个参与者都具有各种不同的经验和观点。大家在一起可以对问题进行确诊并想出一个解决方案。 But, while we might have the right people at the meeting, the process is often flawed because one question hasn't clearly been asked and answered: "What is the problem?" So, in today's episode we're going to focus on how to define the problem through discussion and then restate the problem as a challenge. In the second part of this series, we'll look at how to evaluate and eliminate suggestions and then agree on a plan of action. 但即使我们有优秀的参与者,开会过程中还是会出现各种差错,原因就在于问题没有被明确地提出或回答。“问题究竟是什么?”在今天的节目里我们主要来看一看怎样通过讨论确定一个问题,然后再重新面对它。在本系列的第二部分,我们要看一下怎样对大家提出的建议进行评估和筛除,最后确定一个统一的行动方案。 We'll be listening to Kathryn, the head of Human Resources at a medium-sized company, who is meeting with department heads to discuss a problem they're having with low staff morale across all departments of the company. Morale is a word used to describe a general feeling or mood. 凯瑟琳是一家中型公司的人事部负责人。她正在与各部门的负责人开会,讨论一个全公司各部门都在面临的问题:员工士气低下。我们今天就来听一听他们的谈话。 Kathryn wants everyone to consider possible hidden reasons for low morale at the company. We'll see how she helps participants focus on breaking down the morale problem. As the dialog starts, Kathryn calls everyone to attention and begins the meeting. 针对员工普遍士气低下的问题,凯瑟琳要求大家每个人都深入考虑一下其中隐藏的原因。我们来看一下她是怎样帮助与会者解决这一问题的。一开始,凯瑟琳就要大家集中精神,然后会议开始。Listening Questions:1) What is the surface problem that Kathryn and the others can see?2) What does the group decide is the true cause of this problem?3) What is the challenge that the group faces at the end of the dialog? /201110/157932

Are you willing to travel?你愿意出差吗?The opportunity to travel is one of the key reasons why I choose this career track,with its international scope.有机会出差是我选择这一行的原因之一。I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures,and I love the idea of the challenges presented by doing business in an unfamiliar environment.我喜欢去新的地方走走看看,体验新文化;我也乐于在不熟悉的环境中从事商业活动时遇到挑战。I think on my feet very well,and I dont need a lot of structure or supervision.我善于独立思考,所以不需要太多的组织体系或者监督。Also,I know a key part of your companys growth strategy is China,and youll notice from my resume that Im fluent in Mandarin.我也知道,贵公司发展策略的一个关键部分是中国,而您从我的简历中科院看到我的中文很流利。So,not noly am I willing to travel,but I look forward to it and would consider it a significant factor in my overall development.因此,我不只是愿意出差,而且是非常渴望地出差,并且会把它当成自己全方位发展的一个重要因素。 /201309/257227

  Unspoken Messages不言而喻的消息陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他散会后跟同事Amy一起往外走。(Office ambience)A: CH, What happened to you during your presentation?C: 你注意到什么了吗?A: You were doing a great job. You obviously had done extensive research. You had good materials. You were completely confident until half-way through.C: 这么说你能看出我后半截很不自在?A: Yes. You suddenly became unsure of your self.C: 唉,都是因为Mr. Stone, 上个月从纽约来的副总。A: What about him?C: 他根本没看我,一直在看其他文件。A: Did you try to ignore that?C: 我也试着不去管他,可注意力就是集中不起来。A: Did Mr. Stone do anything else?C: 他还在椅子上转来转去,不断看窗外。A: Hes the key decision maker these days.C: 是啊,现在公司一切都是他说了算,更糟糕的是,他刚刚让秘书通知我,要找我谈话。A: Try not to let this upset you too much until you meet with him. Let me know what happens, will you?陈豪下午去找Amy。A: How did things go with Mr. Stone?C: 完全是虚惊一场。Mr. Stone还表扬我,说我工作很有成绩。A: Thats great.C: 看他早上开会时的表现,难道我的担心是多余的吗?A: You were ing his body language this morning and he clearly wasnt sending a positive message.C: Body language? 肢体语言?A: Words arent the only way we communicate. We send messages with our bodies.C: 那Mr. Stone的肢体语言为什么跟他的想法不一样呢?A: Perhaps he was distracted or had something else on his mind. Evidently he was listening to you, but that is not the impression you got.C: 下次再遇到这种情况,我应该怎么办呢?A: Normally, you could have stopped at that point and asked for questions or opinions, specifically addressing the person who didnt seem to be involved.C: 停下来征求意见和问题?可Mr. Stone是老板啊?A: In this case, you were in a tough spot since he is the vice-president.C: 你别说,有了这件事,我今后肯定会特别注意自己的肢体语言。A: Thats a good lesson for all of us. Too often we send nonverbal messages without being aware of how others interpret them.C: 这么说来,很多误解都是在不知不觉之中产生的。A: Body language can be used to impress people or to turn them off. It is directly related to good manners if you think about it.C: 肢体语言怎么会跟一个人的礼貌和修养有关系呢?A: Positive body language like giving someone your full attention and having a pleasant expression on your face are all part of showing courtesy and respect.C: 注意听别人讲话本身就是对别人的尊重。 /201210/203269

  第一句:I havent seen you around for a few days.好几天没见到你了。A: How are you, Bill?你好吗,比尔?B: Not bad, and you?还行。你呢?A: Fine. I havent seen you around for a few days.很好。好几天没见到你了。B: Oh, I was out sick most of last week. Im still not completely over it. Youd better not get too close!噢,上星期我大部分时间在休病假。到现在还没全好呢。你最好别靠我太近。第二句:Why dont you join me for a hot cup of tea?来跟我一起喝杯热茶吧。A: Im sorry to hear about that. Why dont you join me for a cup of tea? Itll be good for you!非常遗憾。来跟我一起喝杯热茶吧。对你康复有好处。B: Sure, why not? I could use a rest.好啊,何乐而不为呢?我可以借机休息一下。A: Thats great.太好了。其他表达法:Whats up? 近来怎么样?How is it going? 一切还好吧?很多人都觉得白领们大都喜欢下班后搞个聚餐或是找个酒吧、咖啡厅聊聊天,似乎特别在意搞些情调,其实很大程度上是因为他们在工作时间根本没有机会闲聊或是与朋友们交流感情。 /201303/230667。

  Could you give me a brochure describing your company?能不能把你们公司的宣传册给我一份?Could you give me a brochure describing your company?能不能把你们公司的宣传册给我一份?Here you are.给您。Do you have any brochures?有宣传册吗?We do need a few more brochures if you can send some.还有没有宣传册了?我们还需要一些。Theyve also asked us for a large quantity of brochures, to help them in their marketing.他们还要求我们提供大量的宣传册,以便进行市场宣传。Are there any free gift product, accessory and samples? 有免费赠品,附件及试用装礼品吗?Are there any free gift product, accessory and samples?有免费赠品,附件及试用装礼品吗?Just a second, please.请稍等一下。We will provide the necessary equipment, such as information services to the probation agents.我们为代理商提供试用装等必要的宣传资料务。Here are some samples of our products. Do try them out.这儿有一些产品的试用装,请拿回去试试。Please visit the link below to complete the registration form to get your free sample pack.请访问以下网址,填写个人资料,即可免贽获赠试用装一套。 /201507/383770

  ,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/36014第4讲介绍:,,, /200809/49076Asking someone to waitA: Would you please take a seat over there, madam? I’ll let Mr. Emory know that you’re here.B: Thanks. I can wait here.A: Well, it may take some time. Mr. Emory’s at a meeting at the moment. It would probably be more comfortable over there.B: I see. All right, then. Thanks.请稍等A:您能在那里稍坐一下吗,夫人?我这就告诉埃莫里先生您已经到了。B:谢谢。我可以在这里等等。A:是这样,也许得等候一些时间。这会儿埃莫里先生正在开会。在那里等可能会更舒些。B:我明白了。那么好吧。谢谢。 /200705/12977

  第50期:商务午餐你愿意在午餐中讨论这件亊情吗?Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?For example:A: Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?你愿意在午餐中讨论这件事情吗?B: Sure.当然。你推荐什么呢?What do you recommend?For example:A: What do you recommend?你推荐什么呢?B: Everythings is good.什么都可以。我们讨论正事吧。Lets talk business.For example:A: Lets talk business.我们讨论正事吧。B: Where shall we begin? 我们从哪里开始呢?不要空着肚子谈生意。Never talk business on an empty stomach.For example:A: Lets break for lunch now.我们休息一会儿吃午餐吧?B: Thats a good idea. Never talk business on an empty stomach.好主意,不要空着肚子谈生意。你喜欢中餐还是西餐?Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?For example:A: Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?你喜欢中餐还是西餐?B: Either one is OK with me.都可以。这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.For example:A: This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。B: Its my honor to be given so much attention.受此殊荣我十分荣幸。入乡随俗。When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do.For example:A: Do you like to use the chopsticks or the fork and knife?您喜欢用筷子还是刀叉?B: When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do. Id take the chop-sticks.入乡随俗,我想用筷子。为何我们不休息一会儿,下午再回到这边呢?Why dont we take a break and come back to this in the afternoon?我想要回到我们刚才讨论的话题。Id like to get back to what we were talking about. /201503/362416May I see your entry card and passport,please?(You entry card and passport please.)我能看一下您的入境和护照吗?Certainly.Here you are.当然可以,给您。Whats the purpose of your visit?您此行的目的是什么?Business.(To attend an international conference)(To visit some friends.)(Sightseeing.)商务(参加一个国际会议),(拜访朋友),(观光)。I see.How long are you going to stay?(How long do you intend to stay?)我明白了。您将呆多久?For about two weeks.大约两周。Good.Thatll be all,thank you.好,到此为止,谢谢。Your customs declaration card,please.请出示您的申报关税卡。Here it is.给您。Do you have anything to declare?您有什么要申报的吗?I dont think so.I have only personal belongings.我想应该没有,我只有个人物品。Please open your bags.请打开您的包。All right.There you are.好的,您看吧。You have two cameras.Are they German cameras?您有两架照相机,它们是德国货吗?Yes,they are.是的。Since they are both of the same make,only one camera is exempted from tax.因为他们是同一型号,所以只有一架能免税。Youll have to pay the custom duty on the second one.Please take your card and pay in cash.您必须付另一架照相机的关税,请出示卡,并付现金。Excuse me.打扰一下。Yes?有什么事?If I am not wrong,you must be Mr.Parl William from Chicago.如果我没认错人的话,您是来自芝加哥的保罗?威廉先生吧。Yes,I am.Whats the matter?我就是,有什么事吗?I am Jean,clerk of the Gold Company.我叫简,固德公司的职员。How do you do?您好。Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你。My company asked me to pick you up.公司派我来接你。Thanks.Its very considerate of you to come to meet me.I was a little bit worried(about where Im heading for).多谢。你们来接我,考虑得太周到了!我正为该往哪儿走发愁呢。You know,Im not familiar with this place.你知道,我对这儿不熟。Sorry,but I would have been here earlier if I had not been trapped in a traffic jam.对不起。要不是碰上交通堵塞的话,我早就该到了。Never mind.After all,you are here.没关系。毕竟你来了。I was expecting your arrival.How was your flight?我正期待你的到来。旅途怎样?It was quite nice.十分好。Do you fly very often?您经常旅行吗?Yes,Im used to a lot of air travel as a result of many years experience.是的,由于多年做生意的缘故,我已习惯经常坐飞机旅行。Thats true.Do you have any luggage?的确如此。您有行李吗?Yes,Ive brought some catalogues and samples for your company.是的,我为你们公司带了一些目录和样本。I think they will be helpful to your company.我认为会对你们公司有帮助。If you are y.Lets go.My car is parked outside.如果您准备好了,我们就出机场吧,我的车就在外面。OK.好的。May I help you with your luggage?我能帮你拿行李吗?No,thanks,I think I can handle it by myself.不用了,谢谢…我认为我能行。Excuse me.Are you Ms.Nan?请问,您是南女士吗?Yes,Im.From Nade Tree of England.是的,我是英格兰Nade Tree公司的代表。Im Brad Smith,sales manager at G.T.Hi.(extends hand first,they shake hands)我是不莱迪?史密斯,G.T公司的业务经理。您好,(伸手与对方握手)I came to welcome you,because unfortunately the general manager was tied up this morning.我来迎接您,因为总经理今早不巧有事无法脱身。He is very eager to see you,and he sends the warmest regards on his behalf.他非常想见您,要我先代他向您致意。Nice to meet you.And would you please just call me Nan?I do not take formality seriously.我非常高兴认识你。叫我南就可以了,我比较随便。 /201501/355144

  职场社交英语 Lesson 55:你这是在闹小孩子脾气SCENE② C 吉娜与艾文继续在走道上说话 【你这是在闹小孩子脾气】Zina: You're being 1) childish. Your nose will heal. And so will your 2) pride, if you let it.吉娜: 你这是在闹小孩子脾气。你鼻子的伤会好。你受损的自尊也是,就看你自己要不要。Elvin: I'll have us y for Stars.com by the end of next week. After that, I don't know.艾文: 我们下星期之前,就会把给Stars.com的东西准备好。之后的事,我就不知道了。 Zina: Don't know what?吉娜: 不知道什么?Elvin: 3) Let's just say there could be some big changes around here.艾文: 我们姑且就说这里会有大变动吧。Zina: Is that right? Like what kind of changes?吉娜: 是这样吗?哪一种变动?Elvin: 4) You'll see. Oh, yeah, you'll see.艾文: 你到时就会知道。没错,你到时就知道。Zina: Come on, grow up. Have you seen Vince around?吉娜: 你长大一点行吧。你看到文斯在附近吗?语言详解:A: Rob hasn't been the same since his girlfriend dumped him. 罗伯被女朋友甩了之后,就变了个人。B: I think she really hurt his pride. 我想她真的伤了他的自尊心。【Grow up! 你成熟点!】grow up 大家都知道,是指生理及心理上的成熟。A: Uncle Ted, I haven't seen you for so long. 泰德叔叔,我好久没看到你了。B: Karen, you're grown up to be a beautiful young woman. 凯伦,你已经出落成年轻美姑娘了。另外,当你看到有人明明已经七老八十了,却还是幼稚异常,耍孩子脾气,你巴不得他们成熟一点,这时候用 grow up ,就是希望他们在心态个性上能够“成熟,长大”一点。A: Angie is a dork. Angie is a dork. 安姬真蠢。安姬真蠢。B: Why don't you just grow up? 你成熟一点好不好?1) childish (a.) 幼稚的,孩子气的2) pride (n.) 自尊3) Let's just say... 我们姑且说……4) You'll see 你等着看。你到时就会知道。 /200602/4271

  商务英语口语999句 第5课[00:03.10]You can change your PIN at the ATM. 你可以在自动柜员机更改你的密码。[00:19.04]Tina pays her phone bill with an automatic bill payment. 蒂娜利用自动转帐务付电话账单。[00:36.36]If you keep a balance of ,000, you won't have to pay the monthly-service fee. 如果您维持一千元存款余额,就不必付每月二十元的务费。[01:02.56]How do I open a bank account here 我要怎么开户?[01:14.01]What happens if payday falls on a bank holiday 发薪日如果碰上国定假日该怎么办?[01:30.39]Could you sign me up for online banking 你可以帮我申请网络务吗?[01:44.86]Wads of banknotes were hidden in the bag. 袋子里藏了数迭纸钞。[01:58.98]Redeeming your certificate of deposit before maturity may result in withdrawal penalties. 如果你定存提前解约,可能必须付提前解约金。[02:22.41]I need to make a withdrawal from my checking account. 我要从我的票存款账户里提款。[02:37.75]I didn't get my pay deposit this month. 我这个月薪资存款没有入帐。 /200810/51933。


  愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 15 /200710/18740

  商务英语必备1000字 47暂无文本 /200708/16528

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