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Thousands ogle NZs topless paradeTopless porn stars pass a large crowd of onlookers during the 'Boobs on Bikes' parade of topless women down Queen Street to promote this weekend's Erotica Adult Expo in Auckland.A parade of 20 topless female porn stars on motorbikes brought the centre of Auckland to a standstill as crowds craned their necks for a glimpse in the noon of Aug 23.The "Boobs on Bikes" parade went ahead despite Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard labelling the promotion for an erotica show as "morally repugnant".The porn stars in studded knee-high boots, black leather pants and little else travelled in a convoy down the city's main thoroughfare Queen Street.A mostly male crowd wielding camera phones and cameras massed along the street as two armoured ex-military vehicles and motorbikes carrying 20 topless women and a few men drove by.Afuroreover the parade -- which has been held for the last several years in New Zealand's largest city -- brought out the biggest crowds ever for the spectacle.Parade organizer Steve Crow had applied to Hubbard's city council for a permit to hold the parade but was turned down at last. However, the spectacle could not be stopped because there is no law against women baring their breasts in public."The only way they could legally stop it would be to change the constitution of New Zealand and remove women's rights to bare their breasts in public," Crow said.8月23日中午,20名露点“色情女星”坐着托车在奥克兰市中心巡游,很多人前来围观,把奥克兰市中心堵的水泄不通。尽管奥克兰市市长迪克·哈巴德将这个为某“色情艺术展”所做的宣传活动评价为“道德败坏”,但 “坦胸托行”仍然进行的如火如荼。这些露点明星脚穿镶有饰钉的过膝长靴,下着黑色皮裤,上身,坐着托车沿着奥克兰市的中央大道“皇后街”巡游。当两辆原军用装甲车和托车载着20名露点女星和几个男人驶过大街,围在街道旁边的一群男人纷纷举起手机和摄像机拍照。过去几年,人们对这个在新西兰最大城市举行的游行一直很狂热。而今年的游行引来的围观者是这几年来最多的。之前,哈巴德领导的市议会没有批准游行组织者史蒂夫·克劳提出的游行申请,但游行还是照常举行了,因为没有法律规定女性不能在公共场合袒露上身。克劳说:“除非修改新西兰宪法,禁止女性在公共场所袒胸露怀,否则,市政府没有合法权力阻止我们举办这个游行。”Vocabulary:morally repugnant : 道德败坏furore: frenzy(狂热) /200808/46205




  Altruism(1), one of the most difficult human behaviors to define, can be detected in brain scans, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.They found activity in a specific area of the brain could predict altruistic behavior -- and people's own reports of how selfish or giving they are."Although understanding the function of this brain region may not necessarily(2) identify what drives people like Mother Theresa, it may give clues(3) to the origins of important social behaviors like altruism," said Scott Huettel, a neuroscientist(4) at Duke University who led the study.They set up an experiment in which they put 45 college students into a functional magnetic(5) resonance(6) imaging scanner, which can take real-time images of brain activity.They gave the students various games to play, and told them that winning earned cash for either themselves or for a charity. The students had chosen the charities beforehand(7) from a list, the researchers report.The students reacted differently depending on whether they won for themselves or for charity with the ones who described themselves as altruistic responding more strongly."The game involved reacting as fast as one can to the appearance of a target; if one responds fast enough, then money was earned," Huettel said.The task was fairly simple, and the students did not give up any payments to themselves to give to the charities. But it cost enough effort that Huettel believes it did represent altruistic intent."Conversely, trying to watch people in their daily lives would make data collection nearly impossible. So, we settled on(8) self-reports as a good, albeit(9) imperfect, measure."Huettel believes it is valid(10) to try to assess altruism scientifically."It is hardly the case that all altruistic acts come from people who are religiously faithful; there are undoubtedly many altruistic atheists(11)," He said."And, a religious explanation would have considerable(12) difficulty explaining why some animals help others of their species at significant cost or danger to themselves."Next his team hopes to test children, and find out how and when altruism develops. 周日,美国研究人员称,最难解释的人类行为之一—利他主义可以通过脑部扫描探测。他们发现脑部一块特殊区域的活动能预示利他主义行为—身体自己汇报自私度或者利他度。本研究组长、杜克大学神经学家Scott Huettel说:“尽管对这部分脑功能的认识还无法解释到底是什么可以让人们像德兰修女一样,但却能让我们更加靠近诸如利他主义这样的重要社会行为的根源。”研究人员将45位大学生送入能够实时记录脑部活动的功能磁共振成像扫描仪。他们让学生们玩不同的游戏,并每次让他们选择赢的钱是留给自己还是捐献福利机构。游戏开始前学生们可以从列表上选择受捐赠的福利机构。选择不同受益者,游戏结果大大不同,同时自称是利他主义者的学生的反应更为强烈。Huettel说:“其中一个游戏是让学生目击突然出现的目标,如果反应够快就能赢钱。”任务都很简单,学生们在此过程中不会有任何金钱损失。但是Huettel认为学生付出的努力足可以代表他们的利他意图。“相反地,通过观察人们的日常生活搜集数据几乎是不可能的。所以,我们认为自我汇报是一种虽然不完美,但还不错的方法。”Huettel认为这是评估利他主义的科学有效途径。他说:“并非所有的利他行为都来自有宗教信仰的人;毫无疑问太多无神论者同样是利他主义者。”“而且,宗教无法解释为什么有些动物会付出很大代价、冒很大风险帮助同类。”下一步,他的团队希望测试儿童,试图发现利他主义行为是从何时、如何发展的。 /200805/39176Travel 美国旅游风尚 It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. For many Americans, this is the season to travel. Why? Because school is out. Because the weather is great. And most of all, because we all deserve a break. When Americans take a break, they often head for their favorite vacation spot.夏天到了,生活很惬意。对很多美国人来说,这是个旅游的季节,为什么?因为学校放假,因为天气很好,但最重要的是,休个假是我们所应得的。美国人休假时经常会去他们最喜欢的渡假地点。 Throughout their history, Americans have been people on the move. The early immigrants had to travel to get to the New World. Once they arrived, they settled along the East Coast. But they weren't content to stay there. Explorers and traders journeyed to the unknown western territories. Later, settlers moved west to develop these new areas. As a result of this westward migration, Americans eventually occupied the whole continent-from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even today, Americans seem unable to stay put. Research says that the average American moves every five years. 纵观整个历史,美国人一直是个迁移的民族。早期的移民者必须长途跋涉才能抵达新大陆,他们一到达就沿着东岸定居,但却不满于长居那地,冒险家和商人旅行至未知的西部地区。稍后,移民者也向西迁移去开发这些新地区。由于向西迁移,美国人最后占据了整块新大陆--从大西洋到太平洋。即使到今天,美国人似乎仍然无法在一地久居。根据研究,美国人平均每五年要搬一次家。 Besides their habit of changing addresses, Americans are used to traveling. Some people make long-distance commutes to work daily. Their jobs may even require them to take frequent business trips. Most companies provide an annual vacation for their employees, and people often use that time to travel. Some people just visit friends or relatives in distant states. Others go on low-budget weekend excursions and stay in economy motels. Those with more expensive tastes choose luxurious resorts and hotels. Camping out in the great outdoors appeals to adventurous types. Some travel in recreational vehicles (RVs) to camp out in comfort, while others "rough it" by sleeping in tents. 除了搬家的习惯以外,美国人也很习惯旅行。有些人每天上下班得做长距离的通勤,工作上甚至经常需要因公旅行。大部分的公司每年会提供年假给员工,人们通常会利用这段时间去旅行。有些人去远一点的别州拜访朋友或亲戚,有些则在周末有个经济的小假期,并住在花费不高的旅馆里。品味较昂贵的人选择豪华的渡假地点和饭店;绝佳的户外露营则吸引冒险型的人。有些人开着旅行车出游,以舒适的方式露营;有些人则睡帐篷尝试野外生活。 Most Americans prefer to travel within their nation's borders. Why? For one thing, it's cheaper than traveling abroad, and there's no language problem. But besides that, the vast American territory offers numerous tourist attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and a wealth of natural wonders. Major cities offer visitors a multitude of urban delights. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as pie. 大部分美国人比较喜欢在国内旅游,为什么呢?其中一个原因是,国内旅游比国外旅游便宜,也没有语言不通的问题。但除此原因以外,占地极广的美国国土提供了许多能吸引游客的地点。爱好大自然的人可以到海滩、山上、峡谷、湖泊和很多大自然奇景地区游览。大城市也提供给游客们很多都市型态的。现代高速公路、铁路和飞机使得在美国旅行很容易。 Many American vacations are as unique as the people who take them. Families often plan their trips with the kids in mind. More and more "family friendly" vacation resorts offer special programs for children. History buffs seek out famous historical sites and museums. Environmentalists prefer "green vacations." These trips allow them to observe flora and fauna up-close without disturbing the sensitive balance of nature. Some people find sea cruises relaxing and refreshing. Others hit the water to go fishing, skiing or white-water rafting. Daring souls get the thrill of a lifetime on trekking expeditions and safaris in remote places from Africa to Asia. 很多美国假期非常特别,和参与此种假期的人一样特别。全家出游时通常会将孩子考虑在内,有愈来愈多「适合全家出游」的渡假地点为孩子提供特别的活动。对历史有兴趣的人会找一些著名的历史据点和物馆。有环保意识的人喜欢「环保假期」,这样的旅行使他们能近距离观察动植物,并且不会扰乱了大自然敏感的生态平衡。有些人觉得海上旅游能使心情放松并感到清爽,有些人则到水边钓鱼、滑水或泛舟。胆子大的人到亚洲和非洲去探险狩猎作长途旅行,享受一辈子难得一次的刺激。 Americans aren't the only people in the world who travel. International business, mass communication and jet airplanes have created a world of globetrotters. People all over the world enjoy going abroad to travel. And no matter where they live, people enjoy visiting scenic spots in their own country. But being on the go makes Americans what they are: people on the move. In America, almost every-body is a tourist sometime. 美国人不是世上唯一爱旅行的人。国际企业、大众传播与喷射机创造了一个环游世界者的世纪。全世界的人都喜欢到海外旅游,不管住在那里,人们都喜欢去造访自己国家内风景优美的地区。不过好动的本性使美国人变成今天的模样:成为爱迁移的人。在美国,几乎每个人都有旅游的经验。 /200804/34319

  "We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas…"Have you heard that song? Yup! It's Christmas time! This Christmas, I stayed with my "host family"1. It was an amazing experience to see how a typical American family would celebrate the biggest western festival of the year.   Christmas, like our Spring Festival, has a meaning in itself. Christmas Day, which is on December 25, is the birthday of Jesus Christ--the son of God. That's why it is called Christmas. On that day, Christians would get together with their families to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But nowadays, the religious meaning of Christmas has become less emphasized. To many families, it is just a time of family reunion and the ever-exciting present-giving.  Our school had been on winter vacation since December 11. I stayed at my friend, Stephen Stapczynski's house--his family was my "host family". Although Christmas was still more than ten days ahead, the festive spirit had aly been teeming everywhere. The Christmas tree had aly been set up, and on every windowsill, there were Christmas lights. On the first day I arrived at their house, Stephen and I helped Mrs. Stapczynski put decorations on the Christmas tree. The tree looked so nice with all the lights on and the beautiful ornaments dangling from its branches.  As Christmas came closer, the whole neighborhood had made preparations too. Some people would hold parties at their houses, inviting all their neighbors to come. So every night, if you went out, you would see a long line of cars parked in front of some house--a party's on!  What's more, the Christmas decorations that some people put on their windows and in gardens were just amazing. On one night, we went out in our car for a "tour of lights". There was one street that was so famous for its lights that it got its way into the local paper. We had a hard time finding the well-hidden street, but it turned out to be worth the effort. Lights shone brightly in front of nearly every house, on trees, bushes, doors, windows…everywhere, taking different shapes, making it seem almost like daytime. Huge inflatable figures in the front gardens were waving to us: there were Santa Clauses2, of course, chuckling merrily away; and there were also other Christmas figures, like Rudolph3--the red-nosed reindeer--with his red nose gleaming ever so brightly; even Bart Simpson--a character in the famous comedy The Simpsons--had joined the jolly party, wearing a Santa's hat. The street set off a lot of "ooh"s and "aah"s inside the car.4 When we left, there was a line of cars in the street, all there to see the lights.  Christmas is the time for exchanging presents. Stephen and Niko had been thinking about their Christmas lists (a list of things they wish "Santa"to give them for Christmas) for a long time. I didn't want to ask for anything, but the Stapczynskis were so kind to "force"me make one list as well (Mr. Stapczynski told me if I didn't make one he would chop off my legs). So I wrote down a couple of things that I would like to have, and gave the list to them--sorry, my mistake--to Santa.   Finally, Christmas Eve came. There was a special Christmas service at the church at 6 p.m. It was certainly a very interesting experience for me. The priest started the service ing and sang out extractions from a holy book--The Divine Liturgy. For several times, we would stand up and pray. Sometimes, the church choir would start singing. The atmosphere was very quiet and holy. Then there was a ceremony called "The Receiving Communion". People waited in line to "receive"a spoonful of food from the priest. It was a very special Christmas tradition. The food was made from b and wine. The b represents the body of Jesus, and the wine represents his blood. After this ceremony, the priest had a speech. He reminded us not to forget the true meaning of Christmas, and let Jesus really live inside us--that is, to love the people around us wholeheartedly. I think that no matter if you are a Christian or not, this principle should be part of our lives. After the priest finished his speech, the part that I enjoyed most came: Christmas carols5. Christmas carols are songs that people sing at Christmas, such as "Jingle Bells", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Silent Night"and so on. Some were very merry, others sounded quite holy, but all of them were beautiful. I closed my eyes, and let all the peacefulness and happiness that were in the songs flow through me. What a feeling it was!  We went to sleep earlier that day for we had to get up early on Christmas Day to open our presents. Sure enough, when I was still half-way during a sweet dream, Stephen burst into my room and told me to get up and open presents. There were a huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree, and there was such a mysterious mist shrouding them that made me eager to see what they all were. So one by one, we went through all the presents. Mr. and Mrs. Stapczynski had bought me everything I had written on my Christmas list--and a lot more! I got music CDs, film DVDs, clothes, books… I was very happy, and I didn't know how to express my appreciation for what they had done for me. Stephen and Niko had gotten a lot of presents too, and they had aly been trying out their new games!  In the afternoon, we went to Mrs. Stapczynski's brother, Uncle Stan's house. They had prepared a marvelous meal for us. A lot of their friends and relatives also came. I saw Stephen and Niko's grandparents, Yiayia and Papou (words of grandma and grandpa in Greek--Mrs. Stapczynski's parents came from Greece, so they like the boys using Greek words to call them). They were very kind to me, and treated me just like one of their family members. We had a very luxurious meal, consisting of turkey, beef, pork, and all sorts of other food.   After the meal, when all the stomachs were full and everyone was feeling drowsy6 from all the food, we just sat around the table and chatted, just like what we Chinese people do at the Spring Festival. After all, Christmas, like the Spring Festival, is a time for us to get away from our busy lives, a time for family gathering, and a time to have some fun.  Notes:  1. host family: 寄住家庭或接待家庭。学校安排那些圣诞节仍留在美国的国际学生住在当地的寄住家庭中。  2. Santa Claus: 圣诞老人。  3. Rudolph: 每到圣诞节,圣诞老人乘坐驯鹿雪撬给孩子们送礼物,其中指路的驯鹿的名字叫Rudolph,它的鼻子是红色的,所以称其为"red-nose reindeer"。  4. 街上的景象使车中响起一片惊奇的声音。set off: 激起,引起。   5. carol: (圣诞)颂歌。   6. drowsy: 困倦的。 /200803/29061

  Apple is to release a whole host of new products in the coming weeks, according to rumours.谣传苹果公司将在接下来的几周中发布一整套新产品。The company will hold its fairly regular spring event this year and use it to introduce updates to the iPad Pro as well as new models of the iPhone, according to reports.据报道,苹果公司将在今年继续举办其相当有规律的春季发布会,并在该发布会上介绍苹果平板电脑的更新情况以及新款的苹果手机。Though Apple hasn#39;t yet announced that event – and there are only a few days left in spring – the company is still expected to unveil the new hardware in the coming weeks, and perhaps in early April, according to rumours.据传,虽然苹果公司还没宣布此次活动,而且春季也只剩下几天了,但该公司仍有望在接下来的几周,也可能是四月初,推出新的硬件设备。The headline release is likely to be new versions of the iPad Pro, the larger version of which hasn#39;t been updated since September 2015. Alongside updates to both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the tablet, it#39;s expected to launch a 10.5-inch model that might also bring with it a new design and new features.发布的重点产品可能是新版的平板电脑(iPad Pro),这款平板自2015年9月就没再更新过了,而新版本的平板屏幕会更大。除了这款平板9.7英寸和12.9英寸的更新版本,苹果公司还有望推出一款10.5英寸的平板,这款平板可能会带来新的外观设计以及新的特色。As well as the iPad Pro, Apple is expected to unveil a red version of its iPhone 7, however, it isn#39;t expected to bring with it any major updates apart from the colour.除了平板电脑(iPad Pro),苹果有望推出一款红色的苹果7,不过,除了颜色,这款手机预计不会再有其他重要更新了。The iPhone 8 and 7s, which together will bring far more significant updates to the iPhone, are expected to be unveiled in September.苹果8以及苹果7s预计会在9月推出,这两款手机将同时带来更重要的更新。It#39;s not clear where the company will hold the event. In recent years it has held those events on its campus, but it is currently in the middle of moving away from that Town Hall.目前并不清楚苹果公司会在何处举办这场发布会。最近几年,苹果公司都是在公司园区“苹果校园”中举办这些活动的,然而目前苹果公司正处于搬离市政厅的途中。It said in its statement on the new version of that campus, the Apple Park, that its Steve Jobs Theater would be opening ;later this year;. That was presumed to mean later than April, but it#39;s possible that the spring event could also serve as the reveal of that campus.苹果公司在新园区“苹果公园”的声明中指出,史蒂芬·乔布斯剧院将“在今年晚些时候”营业。人们以为这意味着会晚于4月,但是,苹果公司也可能在春季发布会上公开新园区。 /201703/498506



  A sublime coincidence slipped by unnoticed last month. While audiences were thrilling to premieres of Tim Burton’s film Alice Through the Looking Glass, in which Alice steps into a strange world where everything is “contrariwise”, physicists in Hungary announced they had possibly found the key to an unseen portion of the universe.今年5月,一个令人叹为观止的巧合被世人忽视了。就在观众们为蒂姆#8226;波顿(Tim Burton)的电影《爱丽丝梦游仙境2:镜中奇遇记》(Alice Through the Looking Glass)兴奋不已的同时,匈牙利物理学家宣称,他们可能发现了通往宇宙不可见部分的钥匙。在《爱丽丝》一片中,爱丽丝进入了一个奇异的世界,那里的一切东西都是“反的”。The results, which are a talking point in laboratories the world over, are remarkable because they might point to the existence of a fifth fundamental force. The current model for nature’s physical laws allows for four forces: the electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear interaction, the weak nuclear interaction, and gravitation. A fifth would, literally, be a force for revolutionary change.匈牙利物理学家的研究结果正成为世界各地实验室的热门话题。这些成果之所以引人注目,是因为它们可能指向第五种基本作用力的存在。自然界物理定律的当前模型允许存在四种作用力:电磁力、强相互作用、弱相互作用和万有引力。毫不夸张地说,第五种基本力会成为一场革命性变革的推动力。In truth, a revolution is a little overdue. The reason is so-called dark matter, the hidden stuff that makes up more than 80 per cent of the mass of the universe. Astronomers know it is there because of the gravitational effect it exerts on celestial bodies, but it behaves differently from the matter that makes up the visible world.说实在的,革命来得晚了一些。原因在于所谓的暗物质,这种隐藏的物质占了宇宙质量的80%以上。天文学家知道暗物质的存在,因为它对天体产生了引力效应。不过,暗物质的行为方式与组成可见世界的物质大不相同。One way of investigating matter is to engineer collisions between particles, and then detect the particles that flutter out of the debris; this is how the elementary有一种研究物质的方法,是想办法让粒子相互碰撞,然后检测从残骸中飞出的粒子——这正是欧洲粒子物理研究中心(CERN)预言希格斯玻色子这种基本粒子的办法。为此,匈牙利核物理研究所(Institute for Nuclear Physics)的奥蒂洛#8226;克劳斯瑙霍尔考伊(Attila Krasznahorkay)用质子轰击锂同位素,产生了不稳定的铍原子核。这些铍原子核接着就像预期的那样,衰变成了以不同角度飞离彼此的电子-正电子偶。Higgs boson particle was conjured up at Cern. To this end, Attila Krasznahorkay at Hungary’s Institute for Nuclear Physics, fired protons at lithium isotopes, which produced unstable beryllium nuclei. These beryllium nuclei then decayed, as expected, into electron-positron pairs that flew away from each other at various angles.然而,不同寻常的是,这些电子-正电子偶似乎喜欢以140度角彼此散开。对此,最简单的解释是这一放射性衰变组合中有一种新的中介粒子。计算似乎表明,这种粒子的质量为17兆电子伏(MeV),大约是希格斯波色子的七千分之一。But, anomalously, these electron-positron pairs seemed to have a fondness for shooting away from each other at 140 degrees. The simplest explanation was a new, intermediate particle in the radioactive decay mix. Calculations suggested a mass of 17 megaelectronvolts (MeV), around 7,000 times lighter than the Higgs boson.尽管科学家曾预言过希格斯波色子的存在,但这种新的活跃粒子没有被预言过。出于这个原因,该团队在公诸于众之前用了三年时间检验自己的结果。正如爱丽丝在被红桃皇后(Red Queen)迷惑时的想法,这完全是一道没有的谜题。While the Higgs was forecast to exist, this new nimble particle was not. That is why the team spent three years checking their results before going public. It is, as Alice muses while being bamboozled by the Red Queen, exactly like a riddle with no answer.有一种激动人心的可能性是,这种新粒子正是我们熟悉的物质世界与我们看不见的暗物质世界之间缺失的一环。有一种理论认为,新粒子是一种“暗光子”,是一种可能与暗物质有关的尚不为人知的作用力的载体。由加州大学欧文分校(UCI)的冯孝仁(Jonathan Feng)领队开展的重新分析,并不完全持这种“暗光子”的提议,但确实持新粒子代表在超短程作用的第五种力的构想。One exciting possibility is that the new particle is a missing link between our familiar world of matter and the unseen world of dark matter. One theory is that it is a “dark photon”, the carrier of an as yet unidentified force that might be connected with dark matter. A reanalysis led by Jonathan Feng at the University of California, Irvine, does not quite support the “dark photon” suggestion but does back the idea that it represents a fifth force operating over super-short distances.这一发现也引起了“暗光”(DarkLight)项目实施者的好奇心。他们正在探索包括暗物质和暗能量在内的“黑暗地带”,目前正在寻找10到100兆电子伏之间的暗光子。如今,他们重点关注17兆电子伏,试图揭开相同粒子的面纱。The finding has also piqued the curiosity of those on the DarkLight project, who are exploring the “dark sector” (both dark matter and dark energy), and are looking for dark photons at between 10 and 100 MeV. They will now target 17 MeV as a priority, in an attempt to unmask the same particle.如果说这种确认将令人兴奋不已,那就说得太轻了。物理学理论也许十分优美,然而它们并不完善,只能解释可观测宇宙的一小部分。发现一种横跨可见物质世界和不可见暗物质世界的新粒子,会开辟物理学的新天地。To say that confirmation would be thrilling is an understatement. The theories of physics may be elegant but they are incomplete, capable of explaining only a small fraction of the observable universe. To uncover a new particle that straddles our visible world and the invisible world of dark matter would unlock a new realm of physics.即便如此,对于我们已知存在于宇宙中的事物,可见物质和暗物质加起来也只能解释不到一半。最大的组成部分据信是暗能量,而暗能量反而可能与暗物质毫无关系。我们了解得越多,真相就越发吊诡。那位自傲于能在早餐前相信六件不可能的事的白皇后,必然会开心地拍起手来。 /201608/459318


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