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黑龙江哈市第二医院公立还是私立哈市维多利亚女子医院做流产咨询富裕县看乳腺检查多少钱 Evidence of humanity#39;s lost #39;sixth sense#39; may have been found.能够明人类拥有“第六感”的据也许已经被找到了。Joe Kirschvink, a researcher from the California Institute of Technology, claims to have confirmation that humans can subconsciously detect Earth#39;s magnetic field.乔·科臣雪夫斯基是来自加州理工大学的一名研究人员,他声称自己已经实了人类能够潜意识地感知到地球的磁场。Using a Faraday cage and EEG monitor, Kirschvink observed reproducible changes in human alpha brain waves when adjustments were made to the magnetic field around them.利用法拉第笼和脑电波监测仪器,科臣雪夫斯基发现,当对人体周围的磁场做出调整时,实验者的а脑波产生了重复性的变化。#39;It#39;s part of our evolutionary history,#39; said Kirschvink. #39;Magnetoreception may be the primal sense.#39;乔说道:“这是我们进化史的一部分。磁感可能是人类最初的感觉。”The ability to sense Earth#39;s magnetic field has been found in certain creatures such as bird, insects and other mammals that use the power for migration or orient to their surrounding environment.某些特定的生物也能感受到地球磁场,例如鸟类、昆虫和其他一些哺乳动物,它们利用这种能力来迁徙,或者对自己周围的环境进行定位。For decades, researchers has been studying this phenomenon in animals and discovered that dogs, foxes and bears also have the field-sensing molecule cryptochrome in their eyes – this work was published earlier this year.数十年来,研究人员一直在研究动物身上的这种现象,他们发现、狐狸和熊的眼睛中都有磁场传感分子隐花色素--该研究在今年早些时候被发布。Other experts say this #39;sixth sense#39; harnesses its power from iron mineral and magnetite to act as #39;compass needles#39;, while others say it relies on protein in the retina called cryptochrome , reports Science magazine.据《科学》杂志报道,其他一些专家则表示,“第六感”来自于铁矿和磁铁矿,有点类似于“指南针”,而其他人则认为“第六感”来源于视网膜中一种被称为隐花色素的蛋白质。During the recent trial, Kirschvink and his team built a Faraday cage to test the ability in humans. This structure is a thin, aluminium box that blocks out any and all electromagnetic background noise using wire coils, called Merritt coils.在最近的实验中,乔和他的研究小组搭建了一个法拉第笼,以此来测试人类的磁场感应能力。这个装置是一个由铝制成的很薄的箱子,它使用了梅利特线圈,能够阻挡一切电磁背景噪声的干扰。Participants sit in complete darkness, where they are only exposed to a pure magnetic field – no stimulus or interference is able to get in the enclosure.实验参与者们身处一个完全漆黑的地方,在那里他们只能够接触到一个纯粹的磁场--没有其他的刺激或者干扰能够进入实验场中。Kirschvink recruited 24 volunteers for his experiments, which he hooked up to EEG monitors in order to analyze their brain activity when exposed to a rotating magnetic field that mimics that of the Earth.乔为他的实验招募了24名志愿者。在试验中,乔使用了脑电波监测仪器来分析参与者们的大脑活动。在实验中,参与者们接触到了一个模拟地球情况的旋转磁场。The team found that when the magnetic field was rotating clockwise, there was a drop in alpha waves. This event suggests that participants#39; were responding to and processing the magnetic field.该研究小组发现,当磁场顺时针旋转的时候,参与者的а脑波出现了下降。研究结果最终显示,参与者们能够对磁场产生反应,并对磁场信息做出处理。Besides this observation, Kirschvink found that the neural response was delayed a few hundred milliseconds – suggesting an active brain response, he said.除了这一发现之外,乔还发现神经反应被延迟了几百毫秒--他表示,这显示了一个积极的大脑活动反应。This may be linked to the notion that magnetic fields can influence #39;electric currents in the brain that mimic an EEG signal#39;.与此相关的一个观点是,磁场可以影响“在大脑中模仿脑电波的电流”。Kirschvink found a a similar response when the magnetic field was contorted on the floor of the box, but not when the magnetic field twisted upwards or rotated clockwise.当磁场在箱子的底部被扭曲时,乔发现参与者们有类似的反应,但是当磁场向上或顺时针旋转扭曲时,就不能够再观测到这一现象了。 /201607/453176哈尔滨人流包干价

哈尔滨好的妇科病医院哈尔滨市中西医结合医院专业的医生 Smudge the cat is a big fan of his teddy bear, perhaps too much so.一只名为“小污”的猫是他家泰迪熊的超级粉丝,不过他可能粉得有点太过火了。A strange shows the young feline essentially French kissing his cuddly toy.一个视频播放了这样一个奇异的画面:一只小猫在亲它的毛绒玩具,而且还是法式热吻。In the footage, uploaded on Facebook by East Surrey Cats Protection, Smudge grabs the bear and moves in for a lot more than a quick peck on the cheek.可不只是在脸颊上轻轻一碰,视频上“小污”抓着小熊,径直凑上去深深一吻。脸书上的这一视频是由东萨里猫咪保护协会上传的。The poor teddy has to withstand the cat#39;s sharp claws when Smudge presses them into its face.“小污”双爪按着它的脸,可怜的泰迪不得不忍受那尖利的爪子。In the corner of the shot another cat peers onto the sofa to check what is going on, perhaps rather jealous of Smudge#39;s adoration for the soft toy.在视频的小角落里,另一只猫盯着沙发,查看发生了什么,也许很嫉妒小污对毛绒玩具的爱呢。Underneath the Lilia Palma was unconvinced the cat#39;s affection was completely genuine, writing: #39;Looks like someone had put something on teddy bears mouth that attracted the cat to lick.#39;莉莉娅#8226;帕尔马不相信这只猫的感情是真实的,她在视频下方写道:“看着好像有人往泰迪熊的嘴上抹了东西吸引猫来舔。”But Cats Protection disagreed, writing: #39;This was my foster cat last summer and honestly, nothing was put on the teddy bear#39;s nose!#39;但是猫咪保护协会不同意这个说法,写道:“这是我去年夏天收养的猫,而且真的,什么都没往泰迪熊的鼻子上涂!”Another commenter, Jackie Ingram, posted: #39;lol! my ginger cat humps furry toys and blankets! now that is weird, vet had never heard of a neutered cat doing that.#39;另外一个者,杰姬#8226;英格拉姆发贴说:“哈哈哈!我的小黄猫爱上了毛绒玩具和毯子!那这就奇怪了,兽医可从没听说过绝育的猫会做那样的事。”Cats Protection assured her: #39;I know of several that do it. All neutered!#39;猫咪保护协会肯定地回应:“我知道有几只猫都做过类似的事。它们都做过绝育!”All perfectly natural then it seems.这样看来这就是很自然的事了。Smudge was given to the centre, which covers Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey, when he was just four months old.小污在只有四个月大的时候就被送到了猫咪保护协会,此协会在凯特勒姆、雷德希尔和东萨里都有分机构。Cats Protection has been in operation since 2008 and is run entirely by volunteers.猫咪保护协会自2008年开始运营,完全由志愿者管理。 /201605/445762哈尔滨想做四维彩超哪家医院好

哈尔滨市南岗区妇产医院妇科专家 The 5 Foods You Could EVER Eat for Your Body永远都有利于身体的5种食物Avocado牛油果The guac staple is rich in monounsaturated fats, the good fats that keep you full and help your heart. Plus, a recent study published in the Nutrition Journal found that people who ate half an avocado at lunch reported feeling less hungry throughout the afternoon than those who didn#39;t have one.鳄梨酱主食富含单一不饱和的脂肪,这种脂肪可以使人感觉不到饿,而且有助于心脏健康。另外,《营养杂志》最新发布的一项研究表明:午餐期间吃半个牛油果的人比那些没有吃的人更不容易在下午感到饥饿。Coffee咖啡Caffeine not only gets your brain clicking on more cylinders in the morning, but it can also help bolster your metabolism. A Danish study found that caffeine increases the number of calories you burn at rest by as much as 25 percent for three hours after it#39;s ingested. Other research discovered that caffeine also makes you inclined to eat less, meaning your body will have fewer stored calories.咖啡因不仅能使你在早上的工作效率更高,而且还能促进新陈代谢。丹麦的一项研究表明消化完咖啡因的3小时内,在休息时间它能加快卡路里的燃烧,加快率可达25%。其它研究还表明,咖啡因也会让你吃的更少,这就意味着你身体内储藏的卡路里量更少。Homemade Pizza自制披萨Instead of takeout, try the homemade version made with frozen whole-wheat dough to boost fibre; part-skim mozzarella to slash unhealthy saturated fats; veggies for antioxidants; and lean protein-such as pre-cooked shrimp or chicken strips-to keep you feeling full longer.可以尝试用冷冻全麦面团自制披萨,而不是选择外卖,来促进纤维;部分脱脂奶酪可减少不健康饱和脂肪的摄入;蔬菜可以抗氧化;食用瘦蛋白--比如半熟虾或鸡块--可以让你的饱腹感更持久。Dark Chocolate黑巧克力Yes, you have our permission to grab a bar when you#39;re stressed-but only if it#39;s the dark kind. ;Chocolate prompts the brain to release endorphins, or feel-good chemicals, and can lower blood pressure,; says holistic nutrition coach Andrea Moss. Opt for snacks with 70 percent cacao or more, since higher cocoa content means more antioxidants and a bigger boost to your endorphin and serotonin levels.是的,当你感到累了的时候,我们准许你吃一块--但只能是黑巧克力。;巧克力能促使大脑释放内啡肽或使人感觉良好的化学物质,还可降低血压。;全面营养教练安德烈·莫斯说道。选择可可含量不少于70%的零食吧,因为更高的可可含量意味着更多的抗氧化性,并且能更好的增加内啡肽和血清素水平。Cheese奶酪A Danish study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that participants who ate cheese every day for two weeks had higher levels of a chemical called butyrate, which is produced by bacteria in your gut. Butyrate is linked to lower cholesterol levels, and thus healthier hearts.《农业与食物化学杂志》发表的一项丹麦研究发现:连续两周每天都吃奶酪的研究参与者会含有更多的叫做丁酸盐的化学物质,这种物质是由肠道里的细菌所生。丁酸盐能降低胆固醇水平,因此能使心脏更加健康。译文属 /201607/453727哈尔滨人流哪里便宜哈尔滨输卵管堵塞治疗要多少钱



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