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My fellow Americans, This week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson, on the 250th anniversary of his birth. Jackson was an American hero. First, as the brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans saved our independence in the War of 1812. And later, as the seventh President of the ed States – when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day. Does it sound familiar? The memory of his leadership lives on in our people, and his spirit points us to a better future. This week, I also traveled to the Willow Run plant in Michigan. At that facility during the Second World War, the Ford Motor Company built not cars, but entire airplanes. At one point, workers there produced a complete B-24 Liberator every single hour – hard to believe. Today, on that site is a new facility, where the cutting-edge cars of the future will be tested. And this week, the old plant was filled once again with thousands of workers and engineers. I was there to share the good news for the American auto industry. We announced well be reversing an 11th-hour executive action from the previous Administration that was threatening thousands of auto jobs in Michigan and across America. And I mean threatening – it was very, very sad to see. In fact, we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting American businesses and American jobs. The first two job reports of my administration show that weve aly added nearly half a million new jobs. The days of economic surrender for the ed States are over. For too long, special interests have made money shipping jobs overseas. We need a new economic model – lets call it the American Model. Under this model, we will lower the burden on American Business but, in exchange, they must hire and grow America and American jobs. This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers. Lets buy American and hire American. Lets create jobs in America. Lets imagine new industries. And lets build a beautiful future together. Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady. You might have heard of her: they called her Rosie the Riveter. And when Rosies country called her, she answered the call. Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength – and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image. It said very simply: ;We can do it.; If Americans unite, and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson – I have no doubt that we can do it, and do it like never before. Thank you. Enjoy your week.201704/501612。

3 The Working Environment 工 作 环 境Part One: Expressions1. I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr. Smith, please.我想预约和史密斯先生见面。2. Could you tell me where his office is?你可以告诉我他的办公室在哪儿吗?3. Ted stopped by to see you.特德顺道过来拜访你。4. Can I leave this for him?我可以把这个留给他吗?5. Could you give him this message?你可以把这个口信留给他吗?6. Where is the meeting room located?会议室在哪儿?7. How do I use this copy machine?复印机怎么用?8. Just a second.稍等一下。9. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow morning.我不迟于明早会将它完成。10. Hard work pays off, you know.你知道,辛苦工作总会有回报。Part Two: Dialogues1. On the job工作中A: Is Betty Sue in her office?B: I’m sorry. She’s in a meeting right now.A: I see.B: Can I give her a message for you?A: Yes, please tell her I stopped by.B: And your name, please?A: Ted. Oh, and could you give her this document for me?B: Certainly.A: 贝蒂·苏在她办公室吗?B: 抱歉,她现在在开会。A: 是这样。B: 要我代您留个口讯给她吗?A: 好的,请告诉她我顺道过来的。B: 请问你的名字是…A: 特德。还有,你可以把这个文件给她吗?B: 当然可以。2. Working Supplies 工作设施A: Do you have a free moment?B: Sure. What do you need?A: I’m having some trouble. How do you use this printer?B: Well, first you have to turn this switch on.A: Silly me.B: Now press this button.A: Oh, and it’s out of paper. Do you have any more?B: Just a second. I’ll go get some.A: 你有空吗?B: 有空。怎么了?A: 我碰到一些麻烦。这个打印机怎么用?B: 哦,首先你把这个开关打开。A: 我真蠢。B: 然后按这个按钮。A: 哦,没纸了。你还有吗?B: 稍等一下。我去拿一些过来。3. A Successful Story 成功故事A: You look tired. *B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.A: Really? How come?B: My boss gave me a big project. I had to have it finished it by this morning. It was so difficult!A: You shouldn’t work so hard.B: I know. But hard work pays off, you know.A: What do you mean?B: Maybe now I’ll get that promotion I was hoping for.A: 你看上去很累。B: 是啊,我近来一直加班工作。A: 真的吗?怎么回事?B: 我的老板给了我一个大的项目,我必须在今天早上完成。真是够难的。A: 你不要拼命工作。B: 我知道,但是你知道,辛苦工作总有回报的。A: 怎么讲?B: 可能目前我快得到提升了,这是我一直期待的。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, is (Mr. Smith/ the director/ the manager) in his office?能为您效劳吗?哦,(史密斯先生/主管/经理)在办公室吗?2. A: Could you tell me where (his office/ the meeting room/ the copy machine) is, please? B: Sure. It’s just down the hall, on the right.你能告诉我(他的办公室/会议室/复印机)在哪里吗?当然。沿着这个厅走过去,在右边。3. A: Could you give him this (message/ report/ document), please? B: No problem.你可以把这个(口讯/报告/文件)给他吗?没问题。4. A: What’s the matter? B: How do I use this (copy machine/ fax machine/ hole-puncher)?怎么了?这个(复印机/传真机/打孔机)怎么用?5. A: I’m out of (paper/ staples/ folders). Do you have any more? B: Here you are.没(纸/订书针/文件夹)了,你还有吗?给你吧。6. A: Can you meet this deadline? B: Yes, I’ll have it finished by (tomorrow morning/ this afternoon/ Friday at 5pm).你可以在规定期限完成吗?可以,我会在(明天早上/今天下午/星期五5点)之前完成。7. A: Is Mr. Smith in his office? B: I’m sorry. He’s (in a meeting/ not at his desk right now/ out).史密斯先生在办公室吗?抱歉。他(正在开会/不在位子上/出去了)。8. A: I’m having some (trouble/ difficulties/ problems). Can you help me? B: What do you need?我遇到一些(麻烦/困难/难题)。 你可以帮我吗?要我怎么帮?9. A: You look (tired/ exhausted/ busy). B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.你看上去很(累/疲倦/忙碌)。是呀,我近来一直加班工作。10. A: The project was so (difficult/ time-consuming/ tedious). B: You shouldn’t work so hard.这个项目很(难/花时间/枯燥乏味)。你不要这么拼命工作。 /200703/11510。

It is that spirit, born of the Enlightenment, that made us an economic powerhouse,这一精神起源于启蒙时代。正是这一精神使我们国家成为世界经济的引擎。the spirit that took flight at Kitty Hawk and Cape Canaveral;小鹰镇和卡纳维拉尔角起飞的航天飞机承载的也正是这一精神。the spirit that cures disease and put a computer in every pocket.在这一精神的指导下,我们治愈了疾病、将电脑放进了每个人的口袋。Its that spirit, a faith in reason, and enterprise, and the primacy of right over might,这一精神是一种信念,是对理性、进取心的信念,对权利应始终高于权力的信念,that allowed us to resist the lure of fascism and tyranny during the Great Depression;这一信念引导我们在经济萧条时期拒绝了法西斯和专制的诱惑,that allowed us to build a post-World War II order with other democracies,引导我们在二战后同其他民主政体一起建立了战后秩序。an order based not just on military power or national affiliations but built on principles,我们建立的战后秩序不仅基于军事力量和国家的团结,更是基于我们坚守的原则,the rule of law, human rights, freedom of religion, and speech, and assembly, and an independent press.法制、人权、宗教自由、言论自由、集会自由和媒体自由。That order is now being challenged, first by violent fanatics who claim to speak for Islam;这一秩序现在正经受挑战。首先,挑战来自号称伊斯兰代言人的狂热暴力分子;more recently by autocrats in foreign capitals who see free markets and open democracies and and civil society itself as a threat to their power.如今外国资本中的独裁者将自由市场、开放的民主政体和公民社会视为威胁他们权力的眼中钉,他们开始挑战民主秩序。The peril each poses to our democracy is more far-reaching than a car bomb or a missile.这两方面远比汽车爆炸和导弹对民主政体带来的威胁要深远。It represents the fear of change; the fear of people who look or speak or pray differently;他们带来的威胁源于对变化的恐惧,对不同外表、言行和信仰的恐惧;a contempt for the rule of law that holds leaders accountable; an intolerance of dissent and free thought;法治是保当权者承担责任的手段,他们却蔑视法治,他们对异见和思想自由从来不尊重。a belief that the sword or the gun or the bomb or the propaganda machine is the ultimate arbiter of whats true and whats right.他们认为刀、炸弹和宣传机器即是正义。201701/488713。

乐宁外教口语天天练No.73Jacky Chan is a top notch actor.Top notch means first rate or excellent.Jacky Chan is a top notch actor.Top notch means first rate or excellent.译文:成龙是位非常棒的演员 /200611/9647。

The critics gave the new movie mixed reviews.mixed reviews 意指 some reviews were good and some reviews were bad译文: 家对这部新电影评价不一。 /200608/9186。

即学即用英语会话词典A部分:约会 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14901。

Now, let me spend the rest of my time on the third big problem,现在,让我把余下的时间花在对第三个重大问题的探讨上。because its more subtle and perhaps difficult to grasp.因为这个问题更加微妙,也可能难以把握。Think about some time in your life --试着回忆一下你生命中的某些时刻——some people might never have experienced it -- but some people,有些人可能从未体会过——但有些人there are just those moments that you have experienced where life was fantastic.在他们生命的某些时刻体会到生命的美妙。It might have been at the moment of some great, creative inspiration它可能是当你进入心流体验时you might have had when you just entered this flow stage.所经历的很棒的、产生创造性灵感的时候。Or when you understood something you had never done before.或者是当你弄懂了某件以往从未涉足的事情的时刻。Or perhaps in the ecstasy of romantic love.或者是浪漫爱情中那销魂迷醉的时刻。Or an aesthetic experience -- a sunset or a great piece of art.或者是一种对美感的欣赏——如一次落日,或一幅名画。Every once in a while we have these moments,时不时的,我们便会经历这样的时刻,and we realize just how good life can be when its at its best.我们意识到,生命最美好的时刻是多么令人陶醉。And you wonder, why cant it be like that all the time?然后你就想,为什么生活不能总是那么美好呢?You just want to cling onto this.你就是想抓住此刻不放。And then, of course, it drifts back into ordinary life and the memory fades.然后呢,当然,生活又回到了常态,美好记忆悄然消退。And its really difficult to recall, in a normal frame of mind, just how good life can be at its best.对我们来说,以一颗平常之心是非常难以回想生活在最精的时候是多么的美好,Or how bad it can be at its worst.或在最差劲的时候是多么的糟糕。The third big problem is that life isnt usually as wonderful as it could be.第三个重大问题是,生命通常达不到它可能达到的美妙状态。I think thats a big, big problem.我想这是一个非常,非常大的问题。Its easy to say what we dont want.我们很容易指出出我们不喜欢的东西。Here are a number of things that we dont want以下都是我们避之而不及的东西illness, involuntary death, unnecessary suffering, cruelty,疾病、非自愿死亡、不必要的痛苦、残酷、stunted growth, memory loss, ignorance, absence of creativity.发育停滞、健忘症、无知,以及缺乏创造力。Suppose we fixed these things -- we did something about all of these.假设我们解决了这些问题——我们对所有这些都采取些措施。We were very successful. We got rid of all of these things.我们对此非常成功。我们摆脱了所有这些难题。We might end up with something like this,我们可能会变成这样。which is -- I mean, its a heck of a lot better than that.我的意思是,这将比原来的境况要好一百倍,But is this really the best we can dream of?但是,这真的是我们能想到的最好结果吗?Is this the best we can do?这真的是我们所能做的最好程度吗?Or is it possible to find something a little bit more inspiring to work towards?还是有可能找到一些更加鼓舞人心的目标来为之奋斗?And if we think about this,如果我们这样想,I think its very clear that there are ways in which we could change things,我认为,有一点非常明确,那就是如果想改变现状,not just by eliminating negatives, but adding positives.除了消除负面因素,还可以增加积极因素。On my wish list, at least, would be:至少在我的愿望清单上会有——much longer, healthier lives, greater subjective well-being,更长久、更健康的幸福,更美满的康乐安宁,enhanced cognitive capacities, more knowledge and understanding,更强的认知能力,更多的知识和领悟力,unlimited opportunity for personal growth超越目前人类生物极限的无限的个人成长机会,beyond our current biological limits, better relationships,更好的人际关系,an unbounded potential for spiritual, moral and intellectual development.更宽广的精神,道德以及才智方面的发展空间。If we want to achieve this, what, in the world, would have to change?如果我们想达到这些目标,世界应如何改变?And this is the answer -- we would have to change.是——该改变的是我们。Not just the world around us, but we, ourselves.不仅仅改变我们周围的世界,更应该改变我们自己。Not just the way we think about the world, but the way we are -- our very biology.不仅仅改变我们看待世界的方式,还有我们自身存在的方式——我们自身的生物特性。Human nature would have to change.人类本质必须要改变。201607/456973。

At the beginning of the project, I numbered all those buildings on my sketch,项目初期,我在我的设计稿上给所有的这些建筑编了号and there was no real interaction with the community.但这些并没有真正的与社区产生互动People didnt get the point of all this.人们并没有在这一点上参与进来But fast enough, those building numbers became family names.但很快,这些建筑的代号变为了家庭的名字The first building was the house of Uncle Ibrahim.第一个建筑是易卜拉欣叔叔的房子Uncle Ibrahim is such an enthusiastic person.易卜拉欣叔叔是一个非常热情的人He was always singing and making jokes,他爱唱歌,开玩笑and his daughters and sons saved me from his bull who wanted to attack me on the fourth floor.是他的儿子和女儿帮我躲过了他在四楼的公牛的攻击Actually, the bull saw me from the window and came out on the balcony. Yeah.事实上,那只牛从窗户看见我后走到了阳台。是的Uncle Ibrahim was always hanging out on the balcony and talking to me while I was painting.易卜拉欣叔叔总是在阳台上散步,当我在喷绘时他会和我聊天I remember him saying that he didnt go to the mountain for 10 years, and that he never takes a day off.我记得他跟我说他已经10年没去过山上了,他一天都没有歇息过He said that if he stopped working, who will stop the garbage?他说如果他停止工作,这些垃圾要谁来清理呢?But surprisingly, at the end of the project, he came all the way to the mountain to look at the piece.但惊讶的是,在项目结束后,他来到了山上去看整个的作品He was really proud to see his house painted,当他看到他的房子被添加了色,他感到非常的自豪and he said that this project was a project of peace and -- sorry -- Thank you.他说这个项目是和平与--抱歉--谢谢。He said that it was a project of peace and unity and that it brought people together.他说,这是一个和平与团结的工程,它把所有人凝聚到了一起201611/478096。

乐宁外教口语天天练No.70"T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today ."T.G.I.F" 意指Thank God It’s Friday."T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today .译文 : 每个人都很开心,因为今天是周五。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9634。

2_08 Receiving a Gift (2) What can I say? 我该说什么呢? I’m speechless. 我说不出话来了. You shouldn’t have. 你不该这么做的. I really don’t deserve it. 我实在不敢当. You’re too good to me. 你对我太好了. I really like this gift. 我真的很喜欢这个礼物. It’s very useful. 这个东西很实用. I was going to buy one. 我本来要买一个. You my mind. 你真是了解我. /200706/14105。