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2019年08月23日 20:14:26 | 作者:百科助手 | 来源:新华社
Getting your hands on the world#39;s ;cheapest smartphone; is not easy.想要入手一部全世界“最便宜的智能手机”并不容易。Freedom 251 is an Android phone advertised by Ringing Bells at 251 rupees (2.77 pound). In the hand, it feels somewhat like Apple#39;s iPhone 5. And, surprisingly for its price, its specifications are quite impressive:“自由251”是一款安卓智能手机,由Ringing Bells公司推出,售价仅为251卢比(约为2.77英镑)。把这款手机拿在手里,感觉有点像iPhone 5。而且让人惊喜的是,就这个价位来说,这款手机的配置相当不错:Camera on both front and back; 4in (10.2cm) wide; 8GB internal storage, expandable to 32GB. Quad-core processor providing more processing power when necessary but making less use of its battery at other times. There are two models, one black, one white.它装载了前置摄像头和后置摄像头。4寸(约合10.2厘米)屏幕。手机容量为8G,可以扩展到32G。这款手机还搭载了四核处理器,能够在有需要的时候提供更高的处理能力,但是有时候电池电量有点不够用。这款手机有两种样式,一款白色,一款黑色。As I handle the handset, it seems to work like a basic smartphone. But it is hard to really test its capabilities, as it has very few applications, covering only basic tasks.当我试用这款手机的时候,它看起来跟一般的智能手机没什么分别。但是真的很难对这款手机的能力进行测试,因为它只有非常少的应用程序,只有一些最基本的应用。Questions are being asked about whether the company will be able to deliver the millions of handsets it says it can.有人提出了疑问,质疑这家公司是否能像他们所说的那样,提供数百万台这样的手机。One member of the Indian parliament, Kirit Somaiya, has even suggested a ;huge scam; is being perpetrated, while the head of the Indian Cellular Association has said the sale seemed to be ;a joke or a scam;.印度议会成员基利特·索麦亚甚至认为一个“巨大的骗局”正在实施,而印度手机协会负责人则表示,这起销售计划看起来是“一个笑话或者一个骗局”。Mohit Goel, the founder and chief executive of Ringing Bells, denies the allegations of fraud. His family has been in the dry fruits business for decades, and he says it was a desire to be part of the digital India dream that drove him to the idea of a cheap handset.Ringing Bells的创始人和CEO莫西特·高尔否认了所有的欺诈指控。在过去的几十年里,他的家庭一直在经营干果生意。据他表示,想成为“数字印度”梦想中的一员的这个愿望,驱使他萌发了“最便宜智能手机”的想法。There is no denying the demand for such a product. India is the world#39;s second-largest mobile phone market, with one billion subscribers - many have joined those ranks thanks to other low-cost - but not this low - smartphones.不可否认的是,人们对这种产品的确存在着需求。印度是全球第二大手机市场,拥有10亿手机用户--归功于其他廉价智能手机(尽管比不上这一款手机的低价),许多印度人得以成为手机用户。The new handset is definitely a different model. The most obvious change is that it now has three buttons below its display, rather than just one.这款新手机毫无疑问是一个不同的机型。最明显的变化就是,这款手机的显示屏下方有三个按键,而不是只有一个。The phone costs about 1,180 rupees to make, and Ringing Bells claims to subsidise it via tie-ups with some of the apps that will be pre-installed. Mr Goel says the business will still lose about 150 rupees on each phone and hopes the government will step in with subsidies.这款手机的制造成本大约是1180卢比,但是Ringing Bells公司声称,他们和手机中预装程序的公司有合作,因此可以得到补贴,从而降低手机的售价。高尔先生表示,从他们目前的业务情况来看,每个手机的成本还是要比售价高150卢比的,他们希望将来政府能够给他们提供进一步的补贴。 /201607/453533For many of us, checking our bank balances can result in a nasty shock if they have been unable to control their spending habits.对我们很多人来说,如果控制不了购物习惯,查看存款余额的时候就会目瞪口呆。But now a British company is hoping to turn this into a real physical sensation.但是现在,一家英国公司希望把这种震惊转化成生理上的真实感觉。A wristband that delivers a 255 volt electric shock can now be linked to bank accounts, to send a shock when the user#39;s bank account reaches below a certain threshold.现在,一款可传导255伏电击的手环可与账户绑定,一旦用户的存款下降到一定的额度,就会发射电击。The wristband was first launched in 2014 by a US-based company called Pavlok.此款手环在2014年由一家叫做巴甫洛克的美国公司第一次推出。At first it was designed as a #39;personal coach on your wrist#39; and, to encourage the development of good habits and could even be used to help stop overeating.起初,这款手环的设计思路是“手腕上的私人教练”,可以鼓励良好习惯的养成,甚至能够用于阻止暴饮暴食。Now British firm Intelligent Environments has launched software that can link the wristband to people#39;s bank accounts.现在英国的智能环境公司已经推出了一款能够绑定手环和账户的软件。The idea behind the shocking invention is that the two milliampere shock will condition wearers to develop and stick to good habits by associating the bad habits with the uncomfortable yet effective shock.这一发明令人震惊,其背后的想法是,两毫安的电击虽不舒,却可以有效更正坏习惯,有利于佩戴者形成并坚持良好的习惯。It could also be used to save heating bills, by working with smart metres and encouraging people to turn their thermostats down.它还可以与智能电表合作,鼓励人们调低暖气温度,节省取暖费用。Chief executive David Webber said the idea was about consumer choice.首席执行官大卫#8226;韦伯说,此想法是为了帮助消费者做选择。#39;This is about reacting to changes in your financial well-being,#39; he said. #39;Willpower is great if you#39;ve got it - not everybody has.#39;他说:“这款设备旨在帮助人们应对财务状况的变化。如果你意志力强当然很好,但不是每个人都能控制住自己。”But Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert from Surrey University, told the B the more connections which are made between devices, the greater the risk of a security weakness.但是萨里大学网络安全专家艾伦#8226;伍德沃德教授对B说,绑定的设备越多,安全风险越大。#39;According to reports, the device can link to a customer’s bank account, which could leave the door open for cybercriminals to access bank details.#39; Liviu Itoafa, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab said.卡巴斯基实验室安全研究员利维乌#8226;依托亚法说,“据报道,这款手环可以和顾客的账户绑定,为黑客盗取账户的详细信息打开了大门。” /201605/446120

虽然告别圈已有三载,但王菲在各类媒体和组织上的曝光率和关注度就好像她从来没有离开过。全球最大的保护动物的组织---善待动物组织一个月以前发起了一场票选最性感素食艺人的评选,王菲最终战胜多位亚洲素食美人,当选亚洲最性感素食艺人。Chinese singer and actress Faye Wong was Wednesday named Asia's sexiest vegetarian(素食者) woman in a poll run by animal rights group PETA.Wong, often called the "heavenly queen" or the "diva of Asia," beat last year's winner Maggie Q, star of "Mission: Impossible III," in the vote organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).Beijing-born Wong starred in "Chungking Express," directed by internationally acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. She has also graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man in the month-long poll.PETA has a history of using celebrities to attract public attention to its campaigns, notably persuading supermodels including Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to pose naked for posters bearing the slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." /200806/42590

Scientists in China have unveiled multiple tasks they plan to carry out as part of the lunar exploration program at the just-concluded Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017) in Beijing.在刚刚结束的于北京举行的2017全球航天探索大会上,中国科学家在月球探测项目中公布了他们计划实行的多项任务。Among them, the creation of a ;mini ecosystem on the moon#39;s surface; is due to be led by researchers with Chongqing University, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.据《重庆晨报》报道,在这些任务中,在月球表面建立微型生态系统将由重庆大学的研究人员领导进行。The ;mini ecosystem; will actually be contained in an 18X16cm cylinder.这个“微型生态系统”实际上是一个18x16厘米的缸体。It#39;s due to be put on the moon#39;s surface as part the Chang#39;e-4 mission in 2018, according to Professor Xie Gengxin, head designer of the project.据该项目的总设计师谢更新教授表示,2018年“嫦娥四号”任务中的一环就是将该缸体放置在月球表面。Potato seeds and the larvae of insects, including the silkworm, will be inside the cylinder.土豆种子以及包括蚕在内的昆虫幼虫都会被放置在其中。The goal is to determine whether the potatoes can grow on the moon, and whether the insects can survive.该项任务的目标是确定土豆能否在月球生长,以及昆虫能否在月球存活。If they can, this will be major step toward ultimately putting a fully-functioning human colony on Mars.如果可以的话,这将是最终在火星上建立一个功能完备的人类殖民地的重要一步。Scientists and researchers from 28 different universities in China are now working on designing the hardware needed to carry out the various tests.来自中国28所大学的科学家和研究人员正在努力设计需要进行各种实验的硬件。 /201706/515115

Search giant Google has replaced iPhone makers Apple to be the world#39;s most valuable company in the Brand Finance#39;s Global 500 2017 report.在咨询公司Brand Finance的《2017年全球500强》报告中,搜索巨头谷歌超过了iPhone的制造商苹果公司,成为了全世界市值最高的公司。Google#39;s brand is now worth more than 109 billion U.S. dollars, around 2 billion dollars more than Apple, making it the most lucrative in the world.谷歌的品牌价值现在超过了1090亿美元,比苹果公司要高大约20亿美元,这使其成为了全世界最赚钱的公司。This marks the first time that Google has topped the list since 2011.这是自从2011年以来谷歌首次荣登榜首。After Google and Apple, are Amazon and Microsoft.在谷歌和苹果之后的品牌包括亚马逊以及微软公司等。A total of 16 Chinese companies are in the top 100 on the list, including China Mobile, Alibaba and Tencent.包括中国移动、阿里巴巴和腾讯的16家中国企业进入了该榜单的前100名。Ranked 10th position, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the highest ranking Chinese company on the list.而中国工商排在榜单的第十位,是该榜单上排名最高的中国企业。 /201702/492233

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter on Monday announced they had joined forces in an attempt to curb explicit terrorist imagery online.Facebook、谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)和Twitter周一宣布,它们已联手努力遏制网上带有明显恐怖主义色的图像。The move follows criticism from Brussels that big US social media groups have made insufficient effort to clamp down on hate speech.此前,欧盟曾批评美国几大社交媒体公司在遏制仇恨言论方面不够努力。In a statement, the technology groups said they were building new technology that would identify extremist content, including terrorist recruitment s and images of executions, via a digital fingerprint known as a “hash”, which would then be compiled into a shared global database. Once created, the hash would be attached like a watermark to content, which would then be easy to identify and take down.这些科技公司在一份声明中表示,它们正在打造新技术,通过一种名为“散列”(hash)的数字指纹来识别极端主义内容,包括恐怖分子招募视频和处决图片,这些数字指纹将被汇集至一个共享的全球数据库。散列一经创建,将像水印一样附着在内容上,令这些内容易于被识别和删除。“Our companies will begin sharing hashes of the most extreme and egregious terrorist images and s we have removed from our services,” the companies said. “By sharing this information with each other, we may use the shared hashes to help identify potential terrorist content on our respective hosted consumer platforms.”这些公司称:“我们将开始共享已从我们的务中删除的那些最极端、最恶劣的恐怖主义图片和视频的散列。通过彼此分享这一信息,我们可以利用共享的散列来帮助识别我们各自的托管消费者平台上的潜在恐怖主义内容。”The project will be presented at the EU Internet Forum on Thursday, with the database launching in early 2017.该计划将于周四在欧盟互联网论坛(EU Internet Forum)上公布,相关数据库将于2017年初推出。Facebook and Twitter insist the new hash database will not act as a generalised censorship tool but instead assist human users in flagging the most egregious content.Facebook和Twitter坚称,新的散列数据库不会被用作泛泛的审查工具,而是用来帮助人类用户标识最恶劣的内容。 /201612/482065

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