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后来,素甲鱼又开口了。它已经平静多了,只不过仍然不时地抽泣一声。它说,“当我们小时候,我们都到海里的学校去上学。我们的老师是一只老甲鱼,我们都叫他胶鱼。” These words were followed by a very long silence, broken only by an occasional exclamation of `Hjckrrh!' from the Gryphon, and the constant heavy sobbing of the Mock Turtle. Alice was very nearly getting up and saying, `Thank you, sir, for your interesting story,' but she could not help thinking there MUST be more to come, so she sat still and said nothing. `When we were little,' the Mock Turtle went on at last, more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then, `we went to school in the sea. The master was an old Turtle--we used to call him Tortoise--' `Why did you call him Tortoise, if he wasn't one?' Alice asked. `We called him Tortoise because he taught us,' said the Mock Turtle angrily: `really you are very dull!' Article/201103/128888

首先彬格莱先生是那么漂亮的一个青年,那么有钱,住的地方离她们只有三英里路,这些条件是令人满意的。其次,他的两个非常喜欢吉英,一定也象她一样地希望能够结成这门亲,这一点也很令人快慰。 His being such a charming young man, and so rich, and living but three miles from them, were the first points of self-gratulation; and then it was such a comfort to think how fond the two sisters were of Jane, and to be certain that they must desire the connection as much as she could do. It was, moreover, such a promising thing for her younger daughters, as Jane#39;s marrying so greatly must throw them in the way of other rich men; and lastly, it was so pleasant at her time of life to be able to consign her single daughters to the care of their sister, that she might not be obliged to go into company more than she liked. It was necessary to make this circumstance a matter of pleasure, because on such occasions it is the etiquette; but no one was less likely than Mrs. Bennet to find comfort in staying home at any period of her life.She concluded with many good wishes that Lady Lucas might soon be equally fortunate, though evidently and triumphantly believing there was no chance of it. In vain did Elizabeth endeavour to check the rapidity of her mother#39;s words, or persuade her to describe her felicity in a less audible whisper; for, to her inexpressible vexation, she could perceive that the chief of it was overheard by Mr. Darcy, who sat opposite to them. Her mother only scolded her for being nonsensical.;What is Mr. Darcy to me, pray, that I should be afraid of him? I am sure we owe him no such particular civility as to be obliged to say nothing HE may not like to hear. ;;For heaven#39;s sake, madam, speak lower. What advantage can it be for you to offend Mr. Darcy? You will never recommend yourself to his friend by so doing!;Nothing that she could say, however, had any influence. Her mother would talk of her views in the same intelligible tone. Elizabeth blushed and blushed again with shame and vexation. She could not help frequently glancing her eye at Mr. Darcy, though every glance convinced her of what she ded; for though he was not always looking at her mother, she was convinced that his attention was invariably fixed by her. The expression of his face changed gradually from indignant contempt to a composed and steady gravity. Article/201108/149151

Headstone "Strange"的墓石 A lawyer named Strange was shopping for a tombstone. After he had made his selection, the stonecutter asked him what inscription he would like on it. "Here lies an honest man and a lawyer," responded the lawyer. "Sorry, but I can't do that," replied the stonecutter. "In this state, it's against the law to bury two people in the same grave. However, I could put ``here lies an honest lawyer" "But that won't let people know who it is" protested the lawyer. "Certainly will," retorted the stonecutter. "people will it and exclaim, "That's Strange!" 一个姓Strange的律师去买墓碑。他选好了以后,石匠问他,要在墓碑上刻什么碑铭。律师回答:“这里长眠着一个诚实的人,一个律师。”“对不起,我办不到,”石匠说,“要是这样的话,违反了一个坟墓只能埋葬一个人的法律。不过,我会刻上:‘这里长眠着一位诚实的律师’。” 律师抗议:“但是那样人们就不知道这里埋葬的是谁啊!”“当然知道啦,”石匠反驳道,“人们看到会惊呼‘太奇怪了!’ ” Article/200804/34631

3 A FAMILY OF WITCHES3 巫师之家I ran from Malkin Tower,down the hill into Newchurch.James followed me.我跑出马尔金塔,跑下潘德尔山来到了纽丘奇村。詹姆斯一直跟着我。#39;I want to go to Read Hall,too,#39;he said.“我也想去里德宅院。”他说。We ran through the trees to Sabden Brook.The noise of the river was beautiful in my ears.We went along the river to the village of Sabden, and then it began to rain.我们穿过树林来到了萨卜登小溪。潺潺的流水声在我听来十分悦耳。我们沿着河走到了萨卜登村,这时天下起雨来。Suddenly,we heard the noise of horses behind us.We got off the road, and watched the horses. It was Roger Nowell with some of his men. They saw us, and Mr Nowell stopped.忽然,从我们身后传来了马蹄声。我们离开大路,看着那些马匹。那是罗杰·诺埃尔和他的手下。他们看到了我们俩,诺埃尔先生停了下来。#39;It#39; s the Device children,#39; he said.#39; What#39;s your name,child?#39;“原来是迪瓦斯家的孩子们,”他说。“孩子,你叫什么名字?”#39;My name is Jennet,#39; I said.#39;We #39;re going to Read Hall. I want to talk to you.#39;“我叫詹妮特,”我说。“我们要去里德宅院。我想和您谈谈。”Roger Nowell looked at me with his warm brown eyes.#39;Very well,#39;he said.#39;Come home with me,and we can talk.#39;He lifted me up on to his horse, and the horse moved quickly a-long the road to the village of Read.罗杰·诺埃尔用他那双充满热情的棕色眼睛看了看我。“很好,”他说。”跟我一起回家吧,这样我们就可以谈谈了。”他把我举起来放到他的马上,马于是迅速地沿着大道向里德村行进。James ran along behind us.詹姆斯一路跑着跟在我们后面。Very soon,we arrived at Read Hall.The servant opened the door for us,and we went into the warm house.James came in,too, and sat down next to me near the fire.很快,我们到达了里德宅院。先生的用人打开屋门,我们走进了十分暖和的房子。詹姆斯也进来了,他挨着我坐在炉火边。Mr Nowell put his black hat down on the table.#39;Bring a hot drink and some food for these children,#39;he told the servant.#39; They#39; re cold and hungry.#39;诺埃尔先生把他的黑帽子放在桌子上。“给孩子们拿点热饮和一些吃的来。”他吩咐用人说。“他们又冷又饿。”The servant brought b and hot milk for us, and James and I ate hungrily. I felt warm and happy in Mr Nowell#39; s house.I wanted to stay there all my life; I never wanted to go back to Malkin Tower.用人给我们拿来了面包和热牛奶,詹姆斯和我大吃起来。在诺埃尔先生家里,我感到既温暖又快乐。我希望一辈子呆在那儿;我再也不想回到马尔金塔去了。When we finished eating,Mr Nowell looked up from his book.#39;You wanted to talk to me,#39;he said quietly.#39;Well, I#39;m listening.#39;我们吃完了饭,诺埃尔先生不再看书,抬起头来。“你有事想对我说,”他轻声说。“好吧,我听着呢。”I got up ,went across the room and stood in front of Mr Nowell.#39; I#39;m afraid of my mother,#39; I began.#39; I#39;m afraid be-cause she#39; s a witch and she can kill people.#39;我站起身,穿过房间,站在诺埃尔先生面前。“我害怕我妈妈,”我开始说道。“我害怕,因为她是女巫,她能杀人。”The room was quiet.Mr Nowell said nothing,but his brown eyes were kind.房间里十分安静。诺埃尔先生什么也没说,但是他的棕色眼睛是友善的。#39;My mother and her friends are at Malkin Tower,#39;I told him.#39;They want to go to Lancaster Castle and kill the guards.They#39; re going to bring Old Demdike and Alizon home again.#39;“现在,我妈妈和她的朋友们正聚在马尔金塔,”我告诉他说。“他们想要去兰开斯特城堡杀死看守。他们打算把老德姆代克和艾丽森带回家。”Mr Nowell got up and left the room.After some time, he came back with two of his friends.They all sat down at the table.诺埃尔先生站起身离开了房间。过了一些时候,他和他的两个朋友一起回来了。他们全都在桌前坐了下来。#39;Jennet, I want you to tell me again about your mother and her friends.#39;“詹妮特,我要你再对我说一遍有关你母亲和她朋友的事。”#39;They want to kill the guards at Lancaster Castle and bring Old Demdike home to Malkin Tower,#39;I said.Then I began to cry.“他们想杀死兰开斯特城堡的看守,然后把老德姆代克带回马尔金塔。”我说。说完,我哭了。#39;Den#39;t cry,#39;Mr Nowell said kindly.#39;We can help you,but we must talk to your brother first.James!#39;he called.#39;Tell me about your mother. Is she a witch?#39;“别哭,”诺埃尔先生和蔼地说。“我们能帮助你,不过我们必须先和你哥哥谈谈。詹姆斯!”他喊了一声。“给我讲讲你母亲的事。她是女巫吗?”#39; She#39; s a witch. We#39; re all witches,#39; James began.#39; Old Demdike#39;s a witch.One night,she went to the church at Newchurch and got some teeth from dead bodies there.“她是女巫。我们都是巫师。”詹姆斯说。“老德姆代克是个女巫。一天夜里,她去了纽丘奇村的教堂,从那里的尸体上取下了一些牙齿。The Devil talked to her and she brought the teeth to Malkin Tower.They#39;re under the ground by our door!#39;魔鬼和她对了话,随后她把牙齿带回了马尔金塔,它们就在我家大门旁的地下。”#39; Old Demdike#39; s a witch; we know that,#39; Mr Nowell said.#39;Tell us about your mother.#39;“老德姆代克是个女巫,这我们知道,”诺埃尔先生说。“把你母亲的事告诉我们。”#39;Mother#39; s a witch,#39; James said.#39; She killed Mr Robinson,from Barley village. She made a clay picture, and then she broke it, and Mr Robinson died a week later.#39;“妈妈是女巫,”詹姆斯说。“她杀死了巴利村的鲁滨逊先生。她做了一个泥像,然后把它打碎,一星期后鲁滨逊先生死去了。”James smiled at Mr Nowell. He liked Mr Nowell because Mr Nowell didn#39; t shout at him.#39;And I#39;m a witch, too! I can kill people!#39;詹姆斯对诺埃尔先生微笑了一下。他喜欢诺埃尔先生,因为诺埃尔先生不冲着他大喊大叫。“还有,我也是个巫师!我能害死人!”#39;No, James!#39; I cried.#39; You#39; re not a witch! You don#39; t kill people!#39;“不,詹姆斯!”我喊道。“你不是巫师!你不杀人!”#39; Yes, I do,#39;James said angrily. His face went red.#39; My dog,Dandy, is the Devil and he killed a man for me.“不,我杀人。”詹姆斯生气地说。他的脸红了起来。“我的丹迪是魔鬼,它为我杀过一个人。I wanted a shirt and Mr Duckworth was going to give me one of his old shirts.有一次我想要一件衬衣,达克沃思先生准备把他的一件旧衬衣给我。But in the end, he didn#39; t give it to me and I was very angry. I nearly killed Mr Duckworth!But I called Dandy,and he killed Mr Duckworth for me!#39;可是最后他没有给我,我非常生气。我差点儿杀了他!不过我喊来了丹迪,它为我杀死了达克沃思先生!”I began to cry.My brother was a witch,too! All my family were witches!我哭了起来。我的哥哥也是个巫师!我的全家都是巫师!#39;Don#39;t cry,Jennet,#39;Mr Nowell said.#39;Someone must take care of you.You can stay here at Read Hall with me.#39;“别哭,詹妮特,”诺埃尔先生说。“必须有人照顾你。你可以留在里德宅院,和我在一起。”When Mr Nowell#39; s men brought my mother to Read Hall, she said nothing at first.诺埃尔先生手下的人把我妈妈带到了里德宅院,起初她一言不发。#39;Tell us about the pictures of clay,#39;Mr Nowell said.#39;My men found pictures of clay at Malkin Tower.#39;“把泥塑像的事告诉我们,”诺埃尔先生说。“我手下的人在马尔金塔找到了一些泥塑像。”My mother said nothing.我妈妈没有作声。#39;Your mother,Old Demdike,is a witch.Your daughter is a witch,#39;Mr Nowell said.#39;Your son killed Mr Duckworth be-cause of shirt.Now,tell us about the clay pictures.#39;“你的母亲老德姆代克是女巫。你的女儿是女巫,”诺埃尔先生说。“你的儿子为了一件衬衣杀死了达克沃思先生。现在把泥塑像的事告诉我们。”My mother said nothing.我妈妈什么也没说。#39;James told us about Mr Robinson of Barley,#39;Mr Nowell said .#39; Did you kill him?#39;“詹姆斯对我们讲了巴利村鲁滨逊先生的事,”诺埃尔先生说。“是你杀了他吗?”Suddenly, my mother#39; s face went red and she began to shout at James.#39;A good son,you are! You told this rich man about Jack Robinson of Barley.突然间,我妈妈的脸涨红了,她冲着詹姆斯大喊:“你真是个好儿子!你把巴利村杰克·鲁滨逊的事告诉了这个有钱人。Well, you told the truth. I killed him! I made a clay picture, and then I broke it, and a week later he died.I killed him because I hated him.#39;是的,你说的完全属实。是我杀了他!我做了一个泥像,然后把它打碎,一星期后他就死了。我杀了他是因为我恨他。”She stopped and looked at me . I wanted to run away but Mr Nowell#39;s servant stood in front of the door.她停下来看着我。我想跑开,可是诺埃尔先生的用人正站在门前。Then my mother laughed. #39;Jennet Device, witch#39; s daughter! You hate us, I know that. Well, it doesn#39; t matter because you#39;re right: you are different.妈妈哈哈大笑着说:“詹妮特·迪瓦斯,巫师的女儿!我知道,你恨我们。嗯,这没什么,因为你是对的:你是不一样。You #39;re my daughter,but you#39;re not the daugh-ter of my husband. Your father was a rich man, but he never gave me money.你是我女儿,但你不是我丈夫的女儿。你的父亲是个有钱人,可他从来不给我钱。A witch#39; s child,he called you.And when you were born,he never came near me ngain.Jack Robinson learnt the truth about your father.他管你叫巫师的孩子。从你一出生,他就再也没靠近过我。杰克·鲁滨逊得知你亲生父亲的真相后,He told the villagers of Barley and they called me a bad woman, but they didn #39;t call your father a bad man! Nobody in Barley gave me food again, because of Jack Robinson.I hated him,and so I killed him!#39;便告诉了巴利村的居民们。他们说我是坏女人,却不说你父亲是一个坏男人!从那以后,在巴利村,再也没有人给我吃的了,这都是杰克·鲁滨逊造成的。我恨他,所以我杀了他!”The room was very quiet and my mother laughed again.房间里静悄悄的,我的妈妈又大笑起来。My hands felt cold and my face was hot, but I didn#39; t cry.When Mr Device died, I cried for days. But he was not my fa-ther.我的手冰凉冰凉,我的脸热辣辣。不过我没有哭。迪瓦斯先生去世时,我哭了好几天。然而他不是我父亲。I looked at my mother,at her dirty hair and her ugly face, at her angry eyes. I hated her then, and I hated her for many years.我看着妈妈,看着她那肮脏的头发、丑陋的面容和愤怒的双眼。在那一刻,我真恨她,许多年来我一直恨她。 Article/201203/175997

4 The death of David Riccio第4章 达维·里奇奥之死It was a Saturday evening in March 1566. I was in Edin-burgh with some friends. David Riccio was there, with six or seven other people. We were in a small room, but there was a good dinner on the table, and we were happy. It was dark outside, but inside it was warm and friendly.1566年3月的一个星期六晚上。我和一些朋友呆在爱丁堡。达维·里奇奥也在那里,另外还有六、七个人。我们在一间小屋子里,桌上摆着丰盛的菜肴,我们都很高兴。虽然外面夜幕笼罩,但屋子里充满了温暖和友好的气氛。Suddenly, a door opened behind me. In the door was Henry Darnley,my husband.I stood up and smiled.突然,我身后的门被打开了,门口站着我的丈夫亨利·达恩利。我站起来朝他笑。;Good evening, my lord,;I said.;Please come in. Would you like something to eat?;“晚上好,我的丈夫,”我说道,“请进来吧,你想吃点什么吗?”;No, thank you,;he said.;I#39;m not hungry.But I want to sit next to you, wife. Please tell that man to move.;“不,谢谢,”他说。“我不饿。但我想坐在你身边,我的妻子。请叫那个人走开。”A man got out of the chair next to me and Darnley sat beside me.Then he put his arms round me. I did not like it. His face was hot, and his eyes looked unhappy. But I smiled and said,;I#39;m happy to see you, my lord.;一人从我身旁的座位上站起来,达恩利坐到了我身边。然后他伸出手环抱着我。我不喜欢这样。他的脸很热,他的眼神看起来很不高兴。但我还是笑着对他说。“很高兴见到你,我的丈夫。”;Are you, Mary?;He laughed.;Are you really?;“是吗,玛丽?”他笑道。“是真的吗?”;Yes, of course, my lord. But—;“是的,当然是的,我的丈夫。不过——”Then the second door opened and his friend, Lord Ruthven,stood there.He had a knife in his hand. His face was red, and he looked very angry.接着,第二扇门打开了,他的朋友——鲁斯温勋爵站在那儿。他手里拿着一把刀。他的脸红红的,满脸怒容。At first no one moved. Then Ruthven said,;Your Majesty,send David Riccio out of this room, now! I want him!;起初,谁也没有动。然后鲁斯温说道,“陛下,把达维·里奇奥从这房间里赶出去,马上!我要他!”I looked at Riccio. He was afraid.;Why?;I said.;Why do you want him?;我看着里奇奥,他显得很害怕。“为什么?”我问,“你为什么要他?”;He is a bad, wicked man!;Ruthven said.;Send him out!;“他是个不道德的坏人!”鲁斯温说。“把他赶出去!”;No!;I said.;You want to kill him. David Riccio is my friend! He stays here, with me!;“不!”我说。“你想杀他。达维·里奇奥是我的朋友!他呆在这里,和我在一起!”;He goes out, woman!;Lord Ruthven said.; King Henry,hold your wife, please!;“他得出来,女人!”鲁斯温勋爵说。“亨利亲王,抓住你的妻子,快点!”I stood up, but Darnley held my arms and I could not move.David Riccio ran behind me and held my dress. My friends in the room stood up too, and moved towards Ruthven angrily. But he had a knife in his hand.我站了起来,可是达恩利抓住我的胳膊,我不能动弹。达维·里奇奥跑到我身后抓住我的衣。我房间里的朋友们也站了起来,愤怒地向鲁斯温逼近,但是鲁斯温手里拿着刀。 Article/201204/176717

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