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BRAINY FOOD使人聪明的食物Does your memory need a boost? While there are lots of ways to train your brain to better remember things, there#39;s a whole bunch of simple remedies that can be found on your plate. We reveal which foods you should be stocking up on at the supermarket.你的需要提高吗?虽然有很多的训练方法可使大脑的更好,但很多的简单疗法就在自己的餐盘中。本文透露出你需要在超市购买的一些食物。BLACKCURRANTS黑加仑They might be small but blackcurrants are packed full of Vitamin C, which is thought to have the power to increase mental agility and protect against age-related brain degeneration including dementia and Alzheimer#39;s.黑加仑虽小,但却富含维他命C。人们认为维他命C可提高思维的敏捷度,同时能防止老年性脑退化疾病,包括老年痴呆。COFFEE咖啡Caffeine lovers rejoice! There#39;s now a good reason for your morning cuppa. Researchers from the University of Innsbruck in Austria found that giving people the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee improved memory skills compared to those who didn#39;t consume caffeine. If that wasn#39;t enough good news a French study found women over 65 who drank three or more cups of coffee a day were better able to recall words than women who consumed little or none.咖啡爱好者该高兴了!现在早上喝杯咖啡就有充分的理由了。奥地利因斯布鲁克大学的研究员们发现:与没喝咖啡的参与者相比,用咖啡因(相当于两杯咖啡)的参与者他们的得到了提高。如果这还不算好消息,那么法国的一项研究发现:对于65岁以上的女性而言,相比不喝或少喝咖啡的女性,每天喝三杯或三杯以上咖啡的女性她们的更强。NUTS坚果A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that consuming vitamin E can help prevent cognitive decline, particularly in the elderly. Nuts, like almonds and walnuts, are an excellent source of vitamin E so why not make them part of your afternoon snack?《美国流行病学杂志》刊出的一项研究表明:摄入维他命E能有助于防止认知能力下降,尤其是防止老年人认知能力下降。杏仁和核桃一类的坚果富含维他命E,所以下午点心时刻为什么不吃些呢?OILY FISH油性鱼类Essential fatty acids (EFA) can#39;t be produced by the body, so we need to include EFA foods in our diet to get our fit, and a great source comes from oily fish like salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines. In fact, studies confirm that frequent fish eaters experience slower rates of cognitive decline as they age. These guys are also packed with EPA and DHA. Low DHA levels have been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer#39;s disease and memory loss, so pop some oily fish in your shopping basket.人体无法产生必须脂肪酸(EFA),所以我们的饮食需要包含必须脂肪酸食物,以使身体健康。鲑鱼、鳟鱼、鲭鱼和沙丁鱼等油性鱼类富含必须脂肪酸。事实上,研究实:随着年龄的增长,经常吃鱼的人认知能力下降率会更慢。这些油性鱼类还含有二十碳五烯酸和二十二碳六烯酸。低水平的二十二碳六烯酸与阿尔兹海默症患病几率增加以及衰退有关,所以在购物篮里放些油性鱼类吧。译文属 /201608/459282西安胃病医院排名There are very few people that actually find the prospect of cleaning the house exciting.几乎没有人会为将要打扫房屋欢呼雀跃。But these inventive hacks could make your least favourite chores a whole lot easier - or more fun, at the very least.但是下面这些别出心裁的小技巧能让你最讨厌的家务活变得轻松许多——或者至少,乐趣更多。Fellow slackers have been taking to social media to share their favourite cleaning tricks, ranging from the clever to the downright bizarre - not to mention disgusting.懒汉们在社交媒体上分享他们最喜欢的清洁技巧,这些诀窍既有巧妙的也有特别怪异的,更不要说恶心的了。While sellotape is more commonly used to wrap up presents, it also doubles up as an inventive way to dust.透明胶带一般用于包装礼物,但也可以独出心裁,兼做除尘工具。Simply stick a piece of tape onto the surface and pull it off. Voila, just like that the dust is removed.只需把一条透明胶带粘到物体表面再撕掉。瞧,灰尘就被粘掉了。Those fluffy socks you got at Christmas but have never worn could also be put into good use with this trick.你圣诞节买的那些从来没有穿过的毛茸茸的袜子用类似的办法也可以好好利用起来。Just pop them on your feet, walk around your kitchen and you#39;ve cleaned the floor. It#39;s as easy as that, according to one groundbreaking pioneer.一位颇具开拓精神的先驱说,你只需把袜子套脚上,在厨房里走一走,地板就擦干净了。就这么简单。Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of the dishwasher. One person showed how their children#39;s toy Stormtroopers could be washed along with all their cutlery.与此同时,可不要低估洗碗机的威力。一个人向我们展示了他孩子的帝国冲锋队玩具是怎么和所有餐具一起洗干净的。While blenders are fantastic for whipping up a healthy smoothie, it#39;s always a chore having to wash it up afterwards.尽管用搅拌机打一杯健康的鲜果奶昔特别棒,但清洗起来总是很麻烦。But instead of using your own elbow grease, it#39;s possible to use the power of the blender to let it clean itself.但是你不用自己费力气,利用搅拌机自己的力量就可以清洗干净。Simply put some soap and water into the kitchen appliance and turn it on.你只需往这个厨房小家电里放一点肥皂和水,再打开开关。You can upgrade this method by putting one part vinegar and one part water in your coffeemaker, and get it to churn it out afterwards.你可以改良一下这个方法,以1:1的比例给咖啡壶倒上醋和水,然后让它自己搅拌。If you cover your fridge with cling film, you can easily remove and replace it with another layer after any spills.如果你冰箱架子上盖的是保鲜膜,那么如果什么东西洒在上面,你只要再换一层就可以了。Similarly, if you always use tin foil when grilling your sandwiches you can avoid any unnecessary washing up. The only snag is that throwing away all that foil is not great for the environment.类似地,如果你总是用锡纸烤三明治,就可以避免不必要的清洗工作。唯一的问题是,扔掉那么多锡纸对环境不好。Using food packaging as a bowl is one way to get out of doing the washing up, as shown by this snacker who poured milk into her pack of cookies.食品包装当碗用是逃避洗碗的好方法,就像这个吃零食的人一样,把牛奶倒在饼干盒子里。Can#39;t budge the stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl? One social media user advises pouring a whole bottle of Coca Cola down the loo and leaving overnight. In the morning your pan will be pearly white with no elbow grease invested.洗不掉马桶下面的污渍?一位社交媒体用户建议往里面倒一瓶可口可乐,留一晚。不用吹灰之力,早上你家的马桶就会散发珍珠般白皙的光泽。The laziest household hackers have discovered that the solution to a stinky fridge is placing sheets of newspaper inside it. This apparently absorbs smells, catches grime and can be easily replaced.最懒的家务劳动者发现了一个解决冰箱味道难闻的办法,那就是在冰箱里铺上报纸。报纸能显著吸收异味,吸附污垢,并且容易更换。Another favourite life hack published on social media is to place an oven-proof jug of water with two lemons cut in half inside your microwave. Simply turn it on high for four minutes and your microwave will have been steamed clean.社交媒体上还有另外一个最受喜爱的生活小窍门,拿两个柠檬,每个切两半,放进微波炉适用的罐子里,里面加满水,放进微波炉。只需高火加热四分钟,你的微波炉就会被蒸干净。 /201605/442591三门峡第一人民医院胃病胃肠价格Call it life experience or the school of hard knocks, by 50 we all have the hindsight to know which decisions were good ones and which decisions were, well, a result of youthful na#239;veté.到了50岁,我们会后知后觉的意识到,过往的决定哪些是正确的,而哪些又不是。这可以称作人生经验或者生活磨练,又或许这就是年少无知的结果。But whether you#39;re a firm believer in ;everything happens for a reason; or you wish the brains at Google would develop a time machine, you#39;ve probably learned a thing or two from your failures.也许你是个坚信;事出必有因;的因果论者,也许你懊恼谷歌智囊为什么不发明个时光机器帮你重回青春……但不管怎样,你可能已经从失败中吸取到一些教训了。We asked our Facebook fans what they wish they#39;d known at 25 that they know now. Here#39;s what they said every 20-something ought to know about life.我们在脸书上对《赫芬顿邮报》的粉丝进行了调查,询问哪些事是他们现在已经知道的,而希望25岁时就明白的。以下所列的是他们认为20多岁的人应该知道的事。1. Speak up more.有想法就尽情说出来As the saying goes, it#39;s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. You are your one and only true advocate, so never be afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your mind, because regret#39;s a b****.常言道:;会叫的孩子有糖吃;。你是自己唯一并且真正的拥护者,所以不要害怕表达自己的想法,捍卫自己的权益,因为世上没有后悔药。2. Know when to walk away.适时走开Many ers voiced that walking away, while it may be a difficult decision, is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. And the quicker you can come to this realization, the more you can save yourself from making up for lost time.许多读者称,离开可能是一个艰难的决定,但有时这是你最好的选择。越早的认清现实,就有越多的时间来弥补过失。3. Save more money.多存钱Retirement is no joke, as you#39;ll learn by 50. As you stare at the bleak reality of your 401K, you might find yourself counting every nickel and dime you wasted on frivolous expenses. So pack your lunch, find street parking (or take the bus) and remember that a penny saved is a penny earned, as cheesy as it sounds.到了50岁,你就会发现退休这件事真的不是玩笑。在了解了退休计划的惨痛事实后,你可能会意识到过去无意中浪费掉的每一分钱都是种奢侈。所以从现在开始自带午餐吧,将车停泊在街边停车位,或者改乘公交车。这虽然听起来很俗气,但记住:省钱就是赚钱。4. Re-think a college major.慎重考虑大学专业A few ers mentioned how they wish they#39;d re-considered their choice of college major, or even thought twice before dropping out.有几位读者提到,他们真希望能够重新选择大学专业,而且退学前一定要三思。5. Travel more.多旅游You#39;re only young once. So before you get tied down by responsibilities of a mortgage, a spouse and kids, it#39;s a good idea to explore the world and all it has to offer (as long as it doesn#39;t break the bank!). Consider working abroad. Visit the city you dream about all day. Just go somewhere that will make you look up and around rather than down at your smartphone.青春只有一次。所以在你被按揭贷款、婚姻和孩子束缚之前,多去看看世界,不管花费多大代价那都是值得的。可以考虑去海外工作。去你梦寐以求的城市旅游。去个能让你抬头看风景而不是低头看手机的城市。6. Incur less debt.少借债Don#39;t buy things you don#39;t need and think long and hard before getting a credit card. No matter what they tell you, it#39;s not free money, and no matter how high the limit, you shouldn#39;t go blow it all on designer duds and a fancy vacation. Debt sucks in any form. Instead, focus on building a solid credit history and credit score so you can finally nab a killer interest rate when you go sign a mortgage.不要买你不需要的东西,在申请信用卡前要三思而后行。无论推销人员怎么宣传,这些都不是;免费的午餐;。无论卡的最高限额到多少,你都不应该把钱花在购买高级装和奢侈假期上。不管从哪个角度看,欠债都不是好事儿。相反的,你应该把精力专注在建立良好信用记录和信用积分上,这样当你需要贷款时,你就能获得最低利率了。7. Wear more sunscreen.多涂防晒霜Basking in the rays may pay off in the short run with a glistening tan, but in the long run it leads to age spots, wrinkling and sagging of the skin. So grab the SPF year-round, reach for self-tanner or just embrace your skin tone for what it is.沐浴在阳光下可能会让你在短期内拥有闪耀的古铜色肌肤,但长期如此的话,会导致老年斑、皱纹和皮肤下垂。所以要全年涂防晒霜,用其他方法去获得古铜肌肤,或者欣然接受你本身的肤色。8. Think carefully before marriage.结婚前要深思熟虑Several ers voiced they would have waited to get married. One er said she would have waited until at least 30. While there#39;s no hard and fast rule everyone can apply, it#39;s sound advice at any age — to think carefully before you wed.一些读者表示他们希望当初能晚点结婚。有个读者说她希望当初能等到至少30岁再结婚。虽然并没有每个人都适用的硬性标准,但这给各个年龄段的人都提了个醒——深思熟虑之后再步入婚姻。9. Slow down.放慢脚步Too many of us waste precious moments because we#39;re too busy connected to our digital devices or on social media or worrying about the next career move. Life is short. Savor it. We think a er put it perfectly: ;I would not have been so driven to be successful and work 80 hours a week to make partner all those years. I would have lingered. I would have defined myself by more than what I did for a living.;我们总是忙于各种电子设备和社交媒体,忙着担忧未来的事业变动……浪费掉太多宝贵的时间。生命短暂,要尽情享受。我们觉得有一位读者说得很好:;如果能够重来,我一定不会为了追求成功,那么多年努力地开拓客户、每周工作80个小时。我想要慢慢品味时光,我要用更多的方式定义生活,而不只是工作。;10. Get a better education.接受更好的教育As the saying goes, nobody can take your accomplishments away from you. Education is one of those accomplishments. Many ers wished they would have either gone to or stuck to college. Whether it#39;s to land you the career of your dreams, or to meet people from different walks of life or to learn to see things a little differently, education is always a good choice, whatever form it takes.俗话说,没有人能够夺走你的成就。你所受的教育就是这些成就之一。许多读者希望他们接受过大学教育,或者当时能坚持读完大学。不论目的是在于实现职业梦想,还是结识来自各行各业的人,或者为了从另一个视角看待事物,教育总是一个好选择,什么样形式的教育都可以。11. Consider health issues.关心健康问题By 25 you might have noticed your metabolism slowing down. Looking after yourself at this time is about creating habits (and breaking bad ones) that will lead to a long life in which you#39;re healthy enough to do everything you want to do. So quit smoking or cut back on the alcohol. As many of you said, little changes can lead to big benefits in the long run.到了25岁,你可能已经注意到新陈代谢开始变慢。在这个年纪照顾好自己主要在于养成良好的习惯(还包括戒除一些坏习惯),这些好习惯有助于延年益寿,使你有足够健康的身体去做你想做的事。所以要戒烟或少喝酒。正如大家说的,从长远来看,小改变可以带来大益处。 /201604/436206西安胃萎缩严重吗

三门峡市第一人民医院消化病在哪西安市中心医院胃病胃肠收费标准周至县胃肠科地址官网According to government officials in Anhui, starting from March, the province will offer between one to two days leave a month for women who are the victims of painful periods.  安徽省政府官员声明,从三月份起,省内生理期期间的女性将能够享受每月一到两天的“姨妈假”。  The new rule was decided during the 67th annual meeting of the Anhui provincial government held in January. During the annual meeting, Anhui authorities passed a new law on the protection of female employees in the province. Other measures including maternity leave and one hour a day breastfeeding leave for mothers with babies under the age of one.  该决议是在一月份召开的安徽省政府第67次年度会议上决定的。年会期间,安徽省政府人员通过了一项新的保护女性员工的法规。其他措施还包括:假、不足一岁婴儿的母亲每天将享受一小时的哺育假等。  According to the rule, all women taking the #39;menstrual leave#39; would have to get a note from their doctor to give to their employers, allowing the leave to take place.  根据这项法规,所有申请“姨妈假”的女员工都要从医生处获取明,并交给老板。  Anhui isn#39;t the first province in the country to introduce leave for severe menstrual pain. Hubei and Hainan provinces also offer this type of leave however the take up has been fairly low. Hainan province haven#39;t made the leave compulsory and so most employers have not made it company policy.  安徽省并非国内首个引入“姨妈假”的省份。湖北省和海南省之前就引入这一假期制度,但执行率很低。海南省尚未把“姨妈假”列为强制要求,所以大多数的老板并未将其列入公司政策。  According to China.org, an investigation carried out last year showed that around 20 percent of women would not take up the opportunity for various reasons including exposing their private lives and causing delays in work.  据中新网报道,去年一项调查显示,20%的女性因为各种原因不愿请假,具体原因包括担心暴露私生活以及可能耽误工作等。  Other countries and regions in Asia aly offer days off. Indonesian women are entitled to take two days a month of menstrual leave.  其实亚洲许多国家和地区都已经通过了“姨妈假”制度。印度尼西亚女性每月享有两天的姨妈假。 /201604/436675陕西省肿瘤医院消化病怎样预约

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