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2019年08月22日 05:17:14 | 作者:丽报 | 来源:新华社
African elephant populations are continuing to dwindle, and a new report says poaching is to blame. 非洲大象数量持续减少,一份最新的报告称偷猎是罪魁祸首。The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has been tracking this. CITES says while poaching is down overall, the number of elephants dying at the hands of poachers is still larger than the number being born. 濒危野生动植物国际贸易公约对此进行了追踪。CITES称尽管偷猎整体减少,但死于偷猎者手中的大象仍比出生量多。High levels of poaching are still taking place in Central and West Africa, and the illegal ivory trade is a big incentive. CITES data shows about 60 percent of elephant deaths are due to poaching, and the World Wildlife Fund estimates as many as 30,000 elephants are poached every year.在非洲中部和西部,高水平的偷猎仍在进行,非法象牙交易是一个巨大的诱因。CITES的数据显示,约百分之60的大象死于偷猎,世界野生动物基金会估计每年多达30,000头大象遭偷猎。South Africa was thrust into the spotlight in 2014 when an elephant was poached at Kruger National Park for the first time in a decade. And the numbers continued to increase from there. 2014年南非成了公众注意的中心,一头大象十年来首次在克鲁格国家公园被偷猎。从那里开始数字继续增加。One side of the park borders Zimbabwe, a country where poaching is on the rise. The park itself is home to tens of thousands of elephants. 公园边界的国家津巴布韦,偷猎正在上升。公园本身就是成千上万头大象的家园。A lot of the areas in which the study saw increases in poaching may be sustainable for the elephant population, but not long term. CITES secretary general said the trend could be stopped, however. 在许多地区,研究发现偷猎的增加可能对大象种群数量是可持续的,但并不是长期的。CITES秘书长称这一趋势可能会停止。He said in a press release, ;There are some encouraging signs, including in certain parts of Eastern Africa, such as Tsavo in Kenya, where the overall poaching trends have declined, showing us all what is possible through a sustained and collective effort with strong political support.;他在一份新闻稿中表示,“有一些令人鼓舞的迹象,包括在东非的某些地区,如肯尼亚的察沃,整体的偷猎趋势有所下降,向我们展示在强力的政策持下,通过持续和集体的努力就有可能。”译文属。201603/429515These people were people that Michael allowed into his life,这些是迈克尔允许踏入他的世界and he befriended them.并与他交朋友的人And the next thing we knew, this kid was claiming that Michael had molested him.然后突然这孩子就指控迈克尔性侵他Back in 1993, this was unbellievablle to aII of us who knew MichaeI Jackson.1993年时这对认识迈克尔·杰克逊的人来说 根本不可思议Because we just really didnt think of Michael in any kind of sexual way.因为我们都不会将迈克尔与性联想在一起He was sort of asexual in our minds at that time.他在我们脑中似乎是个无性别的人lf you know Michael, you know his heart.若你认识迈克尔 了解他的内心Michael was probably one of迈克尔可说是the most gentle people that one would ever want to meet.世上最温柔的人Michael always told me he loved children because they were innocent.迈克尔说他很喜欢小孩 因为他们很单纯They never wanted anything from him.他们对他没有要求Michael was always so protective of children.迈克尔向来是很保护孩子的The side that l saw of him, he was such a family-oriented person.我所看到的是很顾家的一面All of us, growing up, you may know about,我们从小长大你也知道l mean, we always had a baby in our arms, on our laps,可能都抱着个婴儿and we always gravitate to kids.我们都很喜欢小孩l mean, its just an innocent thing and thats as far as it would ever go.真的是很单纯的喜欢l was sick to my stomach,令我想作呕because I knew that MichaeI wouldnt do a thing like that.因为我知道迈克尔不会做出这样的事And l was wondering, why are they lying on him like that?我心想 他们为什么要撒这种谎?And l can imagine how Michael mustve felt.我能想象迈克尔当时的感受201510/402642Chinas economic slowdown benefits global economy中国经济增长放缓对全球影响巨大Zhu Min, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said in a recent speech that Chinas economic slowdown is a result of policy adjustments, which in the long run could benefit the global economy.国际货币基金组织总裁朱民在最近的一次演讲中谈到中国经济放缓是政策调整的结果,而且从长远看此举有益于全球经济。Meanwhile, Zhu also gave some reasons for the growth slowdown in China, saying the governments regulations in the credit market and property market are two main drivers.同时朱民也提到了一些增长放缓的原因,他表示政府在信贷及地产市场的调控是两个主要因素。201501/355092

How Is HIV Transmitted?爱滋病毒,这样会传染吗?How is HIV transmitted?爱滋病毒如何被传播?HIV is present in the blood, breast milk, and the semen, vaginal fluids from infected people. The virus can only be passed on to another person if these fluids get into his or her body.爱滋病毒存在于来自受感染者的血液、母乳,以及、阴道分泌液中。这病毒只在这些液体进到他或她的体内时才有可能被传给别人。The ways HIV can be transmitted are sex without a condom, sharing infected needles, syringes, or other injecting drug equipment; from an HIV-positive mother to her baby during pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding.爱滋病毒会被传播的途径有:无套性交、共用受感染针头、注射器,或其他药物注射器具;也会从一位阳性反应的母亲在怀期间、生产,或哺乳时传给她的宝宝。But HIV cannot be passed on through kissing, touching, spitting, coughing, or sneezing; through toilet seats, swimming pools, or shared facilities, even utensils. And it cannot be passed on by insects, like mosquitoes.但爱滋病毒不会透过亲吻、触摸、吐口水、咳嗽,或打喷嚏被传递;也不会经由马桶座、游泳池,或共用设备,甚至是餐具来传递。而且爱滋病毒不会透过昆虫传递,像是蚊子。No ifs, no buts, no maybes.没有万一、没有但是、没有也许。201508/393256



Im going to trying and flag a few of them down我打算举牌子吸引他们停下to ask how they do it.问问他们的秘诀- Hello! How are you? - Hello!-你好 你好吗 -你好- How old are you? - 78.-您多大了 -七十八岁- And how old are you? - 81.-您高寿 -八十一Whats the secret, then, running?那您年轻的秘诀是什么 跑步吗Magic wand!魔法棒Just eating well.只要吃得健康Hard work son, thats all!只要记住加油再加油 孩子Anyone who can run a marathon in their 70s任何一位七十岁跑马拉松的人deserves my respect,都值得我尊敬but Im waiting for a man但是我在等一个人who makes septuagenarians look youthful.和他相比 这些七旬老人都还算年轻Fauja Singh is amazing.费加·辛恩是位传奇He has been active all his life,他一生都辛勤劳作but he only took up serious running in his 80s.但他八十岁才开始认真地跑步So what is it that keeps him是什么让他始终保持so remarkably fit and energetic?如此健康的体格 又精力充沛- Hi, there. - Hello. - Nice to see you.-你好 -你好 -很高兴见到你重点解释:1.flag down 挥手(或旗)使 ... 停下例句:A policeman flagged down the car with his flash light.警察挥动闪光灯让那辆车停下。2.wait for 等候; 等待例句:She has impatience to wait for the bus.她没有耐心等公共汽车到来。3.take up 开始;从事例句:When did you take up Japanese as a second foreign language?你什么时间开始选修日语作为第二语言? 201509/397804


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