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长春微管无痛人流费用长春省人民医院是不是医保定点医院Busted flush 好景不再How a Sino-Lao special economic zone hit the skids一个中国——老挝边境经济特区如何走向衰落May 26th 2011 | BOTEN, LAOS | from the print editionAT HOME and abroad, China is a byword for fast-track development, where yesterday’s paddy field is tomorrow’s factory, highway or hotel. Less noticed is that such development can just as quickly go into reverse. Golden City, in Boten, just over the border from China in tiny Laos, is a case in point.无论是在国内还是国外,中国都是超速发展的代名词。在那里,也许昨天还是一片稻田,而明天就发展成为工厂、高速公路或宾馆。然而很少有人会意识到,这种发展也可能会迅速走向萧条,位于中国老挝边境老挝一侧的磨丁黄金城经济特区就是这样。 When a Hong Kong-registered company signed a 30-year, renewable lease with the Lao government in 2003 to set up a 1,640-hectare special economic zone built with mainland money and expertise, Golden City was touted as a futuristic hub for trade and tourism. The builders promptly went to work, and a cluster of pastel blocks rose amid the green hills of northern Laos. Thousands of Chinese tourists and entrepreneurs poured into the enclave, drawn largely by the forbidden pleasures and profits of gambling, which is illegal in China, except in Macau. Today the main casino, inside a three-star hotel, lies abandoned, its baize tables thick with dust.2003年,一家香港注册的公司同老挝政府签订了一份30年可续期的合约。合约规定利用中国大陆的资金和技术建立一个1640公顷的黄金城经济特区,并致力于把那里打造成一个未来的旅游商贸中心。建设者们立刻开始行动,许多漂亮的社区出现在老挝的崇山峻岭之间。除了外,业在中国是违法的,然而出于所带来的快感和暴利的诱惑,成千上万的中国人开始涌入这块飞地——黄金城经济特区。现在特区最大的拥有一座三星级宾馆的已经关张,赌桌上落了厚厚的灰尘。 The trouble started in December, when Chinese gamblers found that the operators refused to let them leave until they had coughed up for betting losses. Officials from Hubei province apparently negotiated the release of several “hostages”, but many more continued to be held against their will. Accounts in the Chinese media say that casino recruiters lured gamblers with offers of free travel and hotel rooms, only to be kept captive and beaten when their credit ran out. Lao villagers swap grisly tales of corpses dumped in the river. 去年12月开始出现麻烦。中国的赌客发现如果不能还清欠赌债,就别想离开。尽管河北省政府已经解救了一些“人质”,但仍有很多人被继续扣押。据中国媒体报道,这些的外联人通过免费机票和住宿引诱赌客,当他们输光所有的筹码后,就会被拘禁和毒打。老挝村民中一直流传着尸体被丢到河里的恐怖故事。 Chinese authorities have since put the boot into Boten. In March the foreign ministry warned citizens not to gamble in Laos and accused Golden City of cheating its cross-border customers. It said it had demanded that Laos close down the casino. Last month the casino duly shut, and the smaller gaming halls have since gone too. The 232-room hotel, which is almost empty, will be next.中国政府已经开始关注磨丁问题。3月份,外交部警告中国公民不要去老挝,谴责黄金城欺诈中国跨境消费者,同时提请老挝政府关闭。上个月,适时地关闭了,一些小的游戏厅也消失了,接下来轮到一个有232个房间的边关,那里现在已经空无一人。201105/138364长春引产价格 Greek politicians have voted in favor of billion worth of austerity measures that were a precondition for Greece to receive international loans and stave off financial disaster. But as strikes take place across the nation and thousands gather in the capital Athens for a second day of protest.希腊政界人士已投票通过价值400亿美元的紧缩措施,这些措施是希腊为了接受国际贷款和避免金融灾难需要满足的先决条件。罢工席卷希腊全国,数千人连续第二天聚集在首都雅典进行抗议。Root problem Democracy was born in Greece and many still consider it the cradle of Western civilization.希腊是民主的诞生地。许多人把希腊看成是西方文明的摇篮。But in 2011 the bedrock of democracy in Greece, its parliament, has been defended by armed police against battalions of citizens who say their voice has been forgotten. 可是在2011年,希腊民主的基石--它的议会却由武装警察守卫着,不让大批民众进去。那些群众说,他们的声音已被忘却。The root of this crisis is money.这场危机的根源是资金。After years of borrowing, Greece is in debt. Faced with a massive deficit and under pressure from the international community, the government has revved up taxes and put the brakes on spending. 在借钱多年之后,希腊负债累累。面对巨大的财政赤字和国际社会的压力,希腊政府实行增税政策,并且大大减少了开。That's been bad news for most Greeks. Business profits are low and poverty rates are high.这对大多数希腊人来说是坏消息。公司的利润降低,贫困率升高。Austerity, many in Greece say, is destroying lives. 许多希腊人说,紧缩措施正在毁坏他们的生活。201106/142697长春治疗阴道炎较好的医院

蛟河妇女医院怎么预约Bush: U.S. to buy bank shares The federal government plans to use a portion of the 0B financial rescue plan to purchase equity shares in U.S. banks. Today I am announcing new measures of American’s taking into implement the G7 action plan than strengthening the banks across our country. First, the federal government will use a portion of the 700-billion-dollar financial rescue plan to inject capital in the banks by purchasing equity shares. The new capital will help healthy banks continue making loans to businesses and consumers, and this new capital will help straggling banks fill the hole created by loss during the financial crisis, so they can resume landing and helps for job creation in economic growth. This is essential short term measure to ensure the viability of American’s banking system. And the programme is carefully designed to encourage banks to buy their shares back from the government when the market stabilized and they can raise capital for private investors second effective and immediately. The FTIC will temporarily guarantee most new debts issued by insured banks, this will address one of the central problems plugging our financial system. Banks have been unable to borrow money and that is restricted their abilities to lend to consumers and businesses. When money flows more freely between banks, you will make it easier for Americans to buy a * cars and homes and push more businesses to expand. There the FTIC will immediately and temporarily expand government insurance to cover all none interest burry transaction accounts. These accounts are used primarily by small businesses to cover day to day operations. When assuring every dollar needs in accounts, we will give small business owners a piece of mind and bring stability to the * greater stability to the banking system. Fourth of Federal Reserve will soon finalize work on the new programme to serve as a * resolve for commercial paper, the key source of short term financing for American businesses and financial institutions. And by unfreezing the market for commercial paper, the Federal Reserve will help American businesses meet payroll and purchasing material and invest to create jobs.200810/53259长春做人流的好医院 China's plastic surgery queen Shi Sanba is a face of new China, a face that has had dozens of cosmetic procedures. CNN's John Vause reports There is no mistaking who runs this plastic surgery clinic in Beijing. There’s a lifelike mannequin in the foyer, her oversized photo on the wall, oh, there she is. She is Sanba, 56 years old, divorced and a walking billboard for almost every cosmetic procedure. “I’m an example for all Chinese women who pursue beauty,” she told me. “Most of them are my fans.” Sanba has had her wrinkles smoothed, chin shaped, nose raised, breasts firmed, stomach flattened and more. So many operations, she says she's lost count. This is how she looked 20 years ago before having any work done. All of this has turned her to a mini celebrity here and that keeps the customers coming in. This year, she says, about 3000 people had some kind of cosmetic procedure performed, by one of the dozens of surgeons who works for her. And while Chinese economy has dramatically slowed, she doesn’t expect any major impact on her business. “The desire for beauty is getting stronger and stronger,” she says, “the old want to be young; the ugly want to be pretty.” Twenty-three year(句首一般不用阿拉伯数字)old Fen Shu wants her chin bones, jaw, chin, lips and nose reshaped. “I work in international finance,” she says, “I have to meet many different people, and I think a good appearance will help me make a better connection.” Each year, the Chinese spend more than 2 billion US dollars on some kind of cosmetic procedure. Many undergoing the knife are students, often paid for by their parents, who believe a better look will lead to a better job. Sanba says business picks up during June and July when school finishes. It’s all about trying to stand out in a crowd. Not easy, when you are in a crowd of more than a billion people.John Vause, CNN Beijing01/60463长春大学白求恩第一医院四维彩超预约

九台区结扎恢复多少钱Island Nations Top African Governance Index; Somalia Ranks Last岛国在非洲治国名录上名列前茅A newly-released list that ranks the effectiveness of governments in sub-Saharan Africa shows small island nations such as Mauritius, the Seychelles and Cape Verde at the top, and conflict-ridden countries such as Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia at the bottom. The rankings were released in Addis Ababa. 最近发表的一份名录是撒哈拉以南非洲地区国家政府的治国效率排名。这份名录显示,像毛里求斯、塞舌尔和佛得角之类的小岛国名列前茅,而诸如苏丹、刚果民主共和国和索马里之类在战火蹂躏下的国家名次最差。这份名单在亚的斯亚贝巴发表。The rankings indicate two thirds of African governments are getting better year-by-year. Liberia is perhaps making the biggest strides toward good governance.  这一排名显示三分之二的非洲国家政府都在逐年改进。利比里亚可能是向良好治理迈进途中进步最大的国家。On the other end of the scale, a few countries, particularly those where wars are being waged,are failing. Somalia, ungovernable for more than a decade, ranked last of the 48 countries surveyed. 在另一极端,有几个国家,尤其是那些战火蔓延的国家治理越来越差。索马里十多年来一直处于无法无天的状态,它在被调查的48个国家里是最后一名。Those are the findings of the, an annual ranking of sub-Saharan African nations according to quality of governance. They are based on data for 2006, compiled and analyzed by experts from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 这是易卜拉欣非洲国家治理名录所发现的情况。这个名录每年把撒哈拉以南的非洲国家根据治国质量来进行排名。他们的依据是2006年的资料数据,哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院的专家对这些资料进行了编撰和分析。The Index is the idea of Sudanese businessman Mo Ibrahim, who made a fortune bringing mobile-phone technology to much of Africa during the past decade. He is now devoting his time and a substantial portion of his fortune to addressing what many consider Africa's biggest failing, bad governance. 编排这份名录是苏丹企业家穆.易卜拉欣的主意,易卜拉欣在过去十年里因为把手机推广到非洲的大部分地区而发财致富。如今他把自己的时间和相当大部分的财产用来研究治国无方问题,许多人认为这是非洲的最大绊脚石。Ibrahim unveiled his second annual index at a news conference in Addis Ababa. He was joined by several board members of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. Among them were Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and U.N. Human Rights chief, as well as Salim Ahmed Salim, the former head of the Organization of African y and former prime minister of Tanzania.  易卜拉欣在亚的斯亚贝巴的记者会上公布了他的第二次年度名次名录。穆.易卜拉欣董事会的几位成员也和他一起出席了这次记者会,其中有爱尔兰前总统和联合国人权主管玛丽.鲁宾逊,非洲统一组织的前主席,也是坦桑尼亚的前总理萨利姆.艾哈迈德.萨利姆。One of the most disturbing findings is that the quality of governance deteriorated between 2005 and 2006 in the Horn of Africa and the surrounding region, including Sudan. Salim Salim says regional conflicts are undermining all progress. 最令人忧心的发现是2005年到2006年间,非洲之角及邻近地区,其中包括苏丹,治国质量恶化。萨利姆说,地区冲突破坏了所有的进展。"You talk about conflicts. You talk of Somalia. You talk of the situation right now in Somalia which affects Ethiopia," he said. "You talk of the Ethiopia-Eritrea situation. You talk of Sudan, [this all] is involved in deterioration of the situation in Sudan, so the number-one problem that has affected this region has been the issue of conflict." 他说:“谈到冲突就会谈到索马里。你谈起索马里的目前形势,这一形势也影响埃塞俄比亚。你随即也会谈起埃塞俄比亚-厄里特里亚的局面。你也会谈到苏丹的形势全面恶化,所以影响这一地区的首要问题向来都是冲突问题。”Ibrahim admits the Governance Index is not perfect for two important reasons. First, the data is often provided by the rated governments themselves, and he says governments lie. Second, the picture is aly dated, since the most recent data is from 2006, the last year for which statistics are available.  易卜拉欣承认由于两个重要因素这个治国名录并非完美无缺。首先那些资料数据往往是那些被评比的政府自己提供的。他说,政府不说实话。第二,那些情况已经过时,因为最近的资料也是2006年的,这是能得到有关统计数据的最近的一年。But he says the index is a valuable tool, giving governments an assessment of the quality of services provided to their citizens. He says when he began looking at ways of re-investing the millions he made from his African company Celltel, he recognized good governance as the top priority. 但是他又说,这份名录是有价值的工具,它评估了政府为本国公民务的质量。他说,当他开始考虑把自己从非洲赛特尔公司赚取的几百万美元重新投资的各种途径时,他意识到治国有方是首选项目。"We could have given this money to the people in the camps in Darfur, to the vaccine for AIDS," Ibrahim said. "These are all pain killers, what we need is to define the root for conflict. Why Darfur happened. Why Somalia happened. Why DRC happened. What we need is to deal with the root of the disease, not to give aspirins. That is why I decided to give the money to this foundation." 他说:“我们可以把这笔钱花在达尔富尔难民营的难民身上,也可以花在艾滋病的疫苗上。这些都是止痛药,然而我们所需要的是挖掘冲突的根源。为什么会发生像达尔富尔那样的情况?为什么会出现索马里的灾难?为什么会有刚果的战乱?我们需要的是解决这些弊病的根源,而不是给一颗阿斯匹林来止痛。这就是我决定把这笔钱用在这个基金会的原因。”This year's index ranked Mauritius as the best governed sub-Saharan African nation for the second year. Next came Seychelles, Cape Verde, Botswana and South Africa, in that order. Liberia showed the most progress, jumping more than 10 points on the index, to move up to 38th place among the 48 countries surveyed.  在今年的名单上,毛里求斯再次被列为撒哈拉以南非洲地区治国最有方的国家。名列第二的是塞舌尔,随后依次排列的是佛得角、茨瓦纳和南非。利比里亚显然取得的进步最大,它在这个名单上的得分跃升了10分以上,在48个被调查的国家里,上升到第38名。After Somalia, Africa's worst governed countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Sudan, Angola and the Central African Republic.  治国最差的国家是索马里,其它排名最低的国家依次倒数分别是刚果民主共和国、乍得、苏丹、安哥拉和中非共和国。Zimbabwe ranked 33rd among African nations in 2006, though analysts say recent developments will push it further down in future surveys.  在这份2006年的名单上,津巴布韦在非洲国家中排在第33名,但是分析人士说,最近津巴布韦的局面将使得它在未来调查中的排名更低。The index measures governance based on five criteria: safety and security; rule of law; transparency and corruption; participation and human rights; economic opportunity and human development. 这份名单根据五项标准来衡量国家治理的优劣,即安全和保安、法治、透明度和腐败程度、民众参政和人权、以及经济机遇和人才发展。200810/52058 European Union Begins 2010 With New Look年终报道:欧盟排除障碍向前迈进It is holiday season in Brussels. Belgians and tourists stroll through Christmas markets that sell hot, spiced wine and Belgium's famous waffles. They pause before an enormous Christmas tree in the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels that is surrounded by elaborately decorated old "guildhalls."在布鲁塞尔,节日气氛很浓。比利时本地居民和来自其他国家的游客们都聚集在圣诞集市上,这里销售着温热的红酒、还有比利时有名的烧饼。布鲁塞尔市中心竖立着一棵巨大的圣诞树,很多人也在圣诞树这儿流连忘返。Profound changeThese old European rituals are taking place at a time of profound change in Europe. For the first time, Europeans have a permanent president of the European Union, former Belgian prime minister Herman Van Rompuy, who takes office on January 1. They have a new EU foreign policy chief and new EU commissioners, and after years of setbacks European governments finally ratified a pact called the Lisbon Treaty to bind the bloc together 这些庆祝圣诞节的活动和往年没有什么不同,不过,欧洲大陆的政治格局,在过去这一年里,却出现了很大的变化。比利时前首相赫尔曼.范龙佩被选为欧盟第一位常任主席,并将于一月一号正式上任。另外,欧盟外交政策新一届负责人以及欧盟委员会新一届成员,新年伊始,也都将走马上任。经过多年的协商之后,里斯本协定终于被纳入实施。Nowhere are the changes felt more keenly than in Brussels, the administrative center of the 27-member bloc. Angelo Callant, a Flemish speaking Belgian, says he supports the Lisbon Treaty and he is proud that a Belgian is the EU first president. 在欧盟总部布鲁塞尔,可以强烈地感觉到这些变化。来自比利时的名叫安哲罗.加兰特的游客说,他持里斯本协定,而且对欧盟第一位常任主席将由自己国家的前首相来出任,感到骄傲。"I am for a stronger Europe, so it is a good evolution now ... Europe has an important job in some issues. We need a stronger Europe for the economy and other things," Callant said.他说:“我赞成欧洲更强大,所以很高兴能往这方面发展。在一些问题上,欧洲能发挥很重要的作用。在经济发展和很多其他议题上,我们都需要一个强大的欧洲。”French tourist Jacques Tacquoi is also pro-European Union. As a businessman, Tacquoi says, having a European Union and the euro currency makes a difference. He says he feels more European than French. 来自法国的游客雅克.德库瓦也对欧盟表示赞成。他说,作为一名生意人,欧盟和欧元的存在,确实有好处。他认为自己首先是欧洲人,然后才是法国人。12/93143长春专业的无痛人流医院长春阳光是几甲



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