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榆树市妇幼保健院无痛人流手术长春最好妇科长春医大二院医生的QQ号码 Allen Ho was still reeling from his arrest during a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, when armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents began interrogating the nuclear energy consultant about his work in China, without any lawyer present.何则雄(Allen Ho)仍对自己在佐治亚州亚特兰大参加一次会议时遭逮捕感到吃惊。当时,没有任何律师在场,持有武器的联邦调查局(FBI)人员开始就这位核能顾问在中国的工作进行询问。That business involved hiring retired US nuclear engineers and consultants to advise China General Nuclear Power Corp, the state-owned company that plans to invest in an £18bn reactor in the UK.此事涉及雇用退休的美国核工程师和顾问,为中国广核集团(China General Nuclear Power Group)提供咨询。这家中国国有集团计划在英国投资建造一座价值180亿英镑的反应堆。Mr Ho, born in Taiwan and a US citizen since 1983, was charged with violating a statute designed to prevent American scientists from helping other countries develop an atomic bomb. The case comes during an era of unprecedented nuclear co-operation between the west and China, but also a time of growing trade friction and accusations of cyber crime and espionage.生于台湾、自1983年加入美国国籍的何则雄,被控违反一项旨在阻止美国科学家帮助其他国家开发原子弹的法规。此案发生于西方和中国之间一段前所未有的核合作时代,那也是一段贸易擦日益加剧和对网络犯罪和间谍活动的指控不断增多的时期。After his arrest in April, Mr Ho’s imprisonment for six months in a maximum security cell in Tennessee has chilled Chinese technical co-operation with the international nuclear industry and raised accusations of racial profiling in the US.在4月被捕后,何则雄被监禁在田纳西州一个最高警戒等级安全牢房达长六个月,这令中国与国际核工业之间的技术合作冷却下来,并在美国引起了对于“种族定性”(Racial Profiling)的指控。Along with Mr Ho, CGN was also indicted on charges of producing “special nuclear material” outside the US without the required approval from the US Department of Energy.在何则雄遭指控的同时,中国广核集团也被控未经美国能源部(DoE)的必要许可,在美国以外生产“特殊核材料”。The company said in an emailed statement that it “has long been adhering to the principle of lawfulness and compliance in all our business operation and international exchanges and will carry on following such a principle”.该集团在一份电子邮件声明中称,“我们在所有业务运作和国际交流中一直秉承了合法、合规的原则,并将继续遵循这一原则。”Wary of being indicted if they step foot on US soil, CGN executives have since skipped meetings run by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Asme), which sets international standards for everything from school heating boilers to nuclear reactors.由于担心踏上美国土地会被起诉,后来中国广核集团的高管们已回避了美国机械工程师协会(Asme)举办的会议。该协会为从学校供暖锅炉到核反应堆的一切设施提供国际标准。This is an issue because engineering decisions made in China affect the world’s reactor fleet. China is the furthest ahead in constructing the European Pressurized Reactor destined for Hinkley Point in the UK as well as the AP1000, an American-designed reactor under construction in China and the US. And under bilateral accords CGN and other Chinese groups will supply components for US and UK reactors.这就产生了一个问题,因为中国的工程决策影响着世界上的众多反应堆。在建造用于英国欣克利角(Hinkley Point)的欧洲压水式反应堆(EPR)、以及在中国和美国建造的由美国设计的AP1000方面,中国目前已是遥遥领先。根据双边协议,中国广核集团和中国其他集团将为美国和英国的反应堆提供零部件。“China is the only country that can provide the information at present” for the AP1000, said Zhang Qiang, Asme’s chief representative in China. Other forms of international co-operation continue.“中国是目前唯一能为AP1000提供信息的国家”,Asme驻中国首席代表张强表示。其他形式的国际合作正在继续。Mr Ho does not deny helping CGN improve operations at its nuclear plants but his defence insists that is a far cry from making material for nuclear weapons. Frank Wu, chairman of the Committee of 100, an advocacy group, said the indictment had inflamed fears of “racial profiling” in the Chinese-American scientific community.何则雄并不否认曾帮助中国广核集团改进其核电厂的运行,但他的辩护词坚称,这跟制造核武器材料相距甚远。倡导组织百人会(Committee of 100)会长吴华扬(FrankWu)说,这份起诉书引起了中美科学界对“种族定性”的恐惧。The engineers Mr Ho employed told the FBI that they shared only publicly available information with Chinese nuclear companies, according to court documents. Some helped inexperienced Chinese engineers decipher technical manuals at Daya Bay, the French-designed reactor that supplies electricity to Hong Kong.根据法庭文件,何则雄所聘用的工程师告诉联邦调查局,他们只与中国核电企业分享了可公开获得的信息。有些工程师帮助没有经验的中国工程师解读了大亚湾(Daya Bay)核电站的技术手册。该核电站是由法国设计的,为香港提供电力。Others advised on developing a nuclear fuel process so that CGN could avoid paying hefty royalties to the French. They have not been publicly charged.其他工程师在核燃料开发流程方面提供咨询意见,这样中国广核集团就可以不用向法方付高额的特许权使用费。他们没有受到公开指控。The case against Mr Ho will rest on testimony from a Taiwanese-American consultant he employed who secretly pleaded guilty 18 months ago to selling subscription-only research reports on nuclear power to China.针对何则雄此案的审理,将依照他聘用的一名美籍台湾顾问的词。18个月前,该顾问已秘密认罪,承认曾向中国出售仅供订阅的、有关核能的研究报告。The case comes amid growing alarm at Chinese state-backed hacking and theft or copying of valuable intellectual property.此案发生之际,中国政府持下的黑客行动、以及盗取或复制宝贵知识产权的做法,正引起越来越大的警觉。Since the 1990s, the US government has prosecuted 173 cases under the economic espionage act, including 48 involving China. Mr Ho is one of seven people charged with spying for China under other statutes.自1990年代以来,美国政府已根据《经济间谍法》(EEA)提起了173起诉讼案,其中48个案子跟中国有关。何则雄是美国根据其他法规,以为中国从事间谍行动为由而指控的七人之一。“There’s nothing about this case that’s normal,” said Peter Zeidenberg of Arent Fox, Mr Ho’s lawyer who also represented Mr Xi. “There#39;s an undercurrent running through all these cases and it#39;s because of these individuals#39; association with China.”“在此案中,一切都是不正常的,”何则雄的律师、Arent Fox律所的彼得.蔡登伯格(Peter Zeidenberg)说。“所有这些案件的背后存在着一股潜流,这是因为这些人跟中国有关系。” /201610/473807长春阳光不孕不育医院好嘛

吉林长春妇女儿童医院的QQWHEN a woman breaks a glass ceiling and becomes the presidential nominee of a major political party, what should men think?当有一名女性打破玻璃天花板成为主要政党的总统提名人时,男性应当作何感想?Should men applaud that another barrier has fallen so that our world is more fair and equitable? Or should we fret that when women win, we lose — that soon we’ll have to give up grunting and football games for putting down toilet seats and talking about our “feelings”?男人们是应该欢呼,又一道藩篱倒下了,我们的世界变得更为公平公正了?还是应该感到烦恼,女人赢则意味着我们输——眨眼间我们就得放弃不屑一顾的态度和橄榄球,换成放下马桶坐垫、大谈自身的“感受”?The Democratic National Convention this past week was one long celebration of XX chromosomes and the emancipation of women. A spine-tingling moment came when 102-year-old Geraldine “Jerry” Emmett, born before women could vote in federal elections, announced Arizona’s votes for Hillary Clinton — and then cried.过去这一周的民主党全国大会(Democratic National Convention),是对XX染色体及妇女解放的悠长庆祝。一个让人激动到全身战栗的时刻是,102岁的杰拉尔丁·“杰里”·埃米特(Geraldine “Jerry” Emmett)宣布亚利桑那州投给希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的票数——继而流下了眼泪。她出生的时候,女性尚不能在联邦选举中投票。Yet Democratic strategists also worry, rightly I think, that the giddy enthusiasm for gender progress may turn off men. Aly, Donald Trump has a huge lead among white men with no college degree, and that’s the reason the overall polls are close.不过,民主党策略师也担心,这种对性别进步的欢欣鼓舞或许会让男性倒了胃口。我认为这一担心不无道理。唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)已然在没有本科学位的白人男性当中取得大幅领先。正是由于这个原因,两人在民调中的整体持率不相上下。So let me try to make the case that when women win, we men win, too.因此,请允许我明,当女性赢的时候,我们男性也会赢。Put aside your feelings about Hillary Clinton: I understand that many Americans distrust her and would welcome a woman in the White House if it were someone else. But whatever one thinks of Clinton, her nomination is a milestone, and a lesson of history is that when women advance, humanity advances.先按下大家对希拉里·克林顿的情绪不表:我明白有不少美国民众不信任她,假如换个女性候选人就会很乐意让女人入主白宫。不过,不管对克林顿怎么看,她获得提名都是一座里程碑,一堂“女性进步便意味着人类进步”的历史课。Grant Miller of Stanford University found that when states, one by one, gave women the right to vote at the local level in the 19th and early 20th centuries, politicians scrambled to find favor with female voters and allocated more funds to public health and child health. The upshot was that child mortality rates dropped sharply and 20,000 children’s lives were saved each year.斯坦福大学(Stanford University)的格兰特·米勒(Grant Miller)发现,各州在19世纪到20世纪初相继给予女性在地方层面的投票权时,政坛人士争相讨好女性选民,将更多的资金分配到公共卫生与儿童健康领域。结果,婴幼儿死亡率大幅下降,每年有两万名孩子的生命得到拯救。Many of those whose lives were saved were boys. Today, some are still alive, elderly men perhaps disgruntled by the cavalcade of women at the podium in Philadelphia. But they should remember that when women gained power at the voting booth, they used it to benefit boys as well as girls.活下来的儿童里面,有许多是男孩。时至今日,其中一些人仍然健在,变成了或许会对费城讲台上络绎不绝的女性演讲者心生不悦的老头。不过,他们应该记住,当女性通过投票站获得权力时,她们使用了这种权力来同时惠及男女。Another area where the shattering of glass ceilings by women seems to have benefited everyone is policing. Amalia Miller of the University of Virginia has found that in police departments that added more female officers, women in the area were more likely to report domestic violence, which prevented escalation.女性打破玻璃天花板似乎让所有人收益的,还有另一个领域:警察部门。弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)的阿马利娅·米勒(Amalia Miller)研究发现,在增添女警员人数的警局里,当地女性举报家庭暴力的几率增加,从而防止了暴力升级。A result was fewer domestic violence killings in those cities, particularly of men (often men who had battered their wives or girlfriends). Thus the forward-thinking decision to add female police officers ended up saving the lives of backward-thinking men who beat women.结果是,这些城市里源于家暴的死亡人数下降了,尤其是男性(往往是生前殴打妻子或女友的男性)。也就是说,增加女警员这个有先见之明的决定,到头来拯救了殴打妇女的后进男性的生命。Esther Duflo, an economist at M.I.T., tells me that discrimination seems to harm not only the direct victims, but all of society. Research suggests that’s partly because the groups that make the best decisions are not those with the highest-I.Q. members, but rather those that are more diverse in gender and in other ways. In one study of 12-member teams of students running businesses, teams that were all male or all female didn’t perform as well as those that were more evenly divided. The optimal mix was 55 percent female.麻省理工学院(MIT)的经济学者埃斯特·迪弗洛(Esther Duflo)告诉我,歧视伤及的似乎不仅是直接受害者,而是全社会。研究显示,其中的部分原因在于,做出最佳决策的并非成员智商最高的群体,而是在性别等维度上更为多元的群体。一项研究针对的是12人的学生团队做生意的情况,结果发现,全男性或全女性阵容的表现均不及更为均衡的团队。最佳配比是总人数的55%为女性。Women may improve decision-making partly because they rein in a male penchant for overconfidence and risk-taking. One study found that men trade stocks 45 percent more than women do, actually reducing their returns by 2.7 percentage points per year.女性也许能改善决策的一部分原因是,她们会收敛男性对过分自信与冒险的偏好。一项研究发现,男性买卖股票的频率高出女性45%,实际上却让他们的收益每年减少了2.7个百分点。Other researchers found that the testosterone level in the saliva of male financial traders predicted profits earned that day, because risk-taking often earns more profits. But when things go bad, the result is a spectacular crash. I’ve noted that Lehman Brothers might have been better off with more female executives, but the optimal arrangement wouldn’t have been Lehman Sisters but rather Lehman Brothers and Sisters.其他一些研究人员发现,男性金融交易员唾液中的睾丸酮水平预示了当天的盈利情况,因为冒险通常会带来更多的利润。但当形势恶化时,结果惨不忍睹。我说过,如果女性高管再多一些,雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)的情况可能会更好一些,不过最理想的安排不是雷曼,而是雷曼兄弟。Higher education is another area where women have made huge inroads, despite early hostility from men.高等教育是女性取得进展的另一个领域,尽管早期受到了男性的敌视。“What is all this nonsense about admitting women to Princeton?” asked one Princeton alumnus in 1968. “A good old-fashioned whorehouse would be considerably more efficient, and much, much cheaper.” A forthcoming book on coeducation, “Keep the Damned Women Out,” by Nancy Weiss Malkiel, notes that the first female undergraduates at Princeton were derided as “critters.”“所有这些关于普林斯顿招收女生的胡话是什么意思?”普林斯顿的一名男性校友在1968年问道。“一个不错的老式妓院会有效得多,也会便宜得多得多。”南希·韦斯·马尔基尔(Nancy Weiss Malkiel)即将出版的有关男女同校教育的著作《让该死的女人走开》(Keep the Damned Women Out)指出,普林斯顿的第一批本科女生被嘲笑为“怪物”。Yet empowering women as students and scholars elevated American higher education in ways that benefited almost everyone, and the women quickly proved that they were far from airheads: In 1975, just the third year Princeton officially graduated women, its No. 1 and No. 2 graduates were both female.但赋予女性成为学生和学者的权利这种做法,提升了美国的高等教育,惠及几乎所有人。那些女性很快便明,她们并不是笨蛋:1975年,也就是普林斯顿正式有女生毕业的第三年,该校毕业生中的第一名和第二名均为女生。Scholars have also found that female-owned businesses (and companies abroad with more women on the boards) were less likely than male-owned businesses to lay off employees during the Great Recession. This hurt short-term profits but may have been worth it to sustain morale and retain talent. Some male chauvinists may have grumbled about female bosses, but those bosses may have been the reason they kept their jobs.一些学者也发现,在大萧条期间,老板是女性的企业(以及董事会中女性成员更多的外国公司)裁员的可能性低于老板是男性的企业。这种做法会损害短期利润,但从保持士气和留住人才方面来说,可能是值得的。一些男性沙文主义者可能会抱怨女老板,但或许正是因为这些女老板,他们才得以保住饭碗。So to those men who worry about being hurt by the shards from one more shattered glass ceiling, I’d say: Not only is this inevitable, not only is it a matter of fairness, but the evidence is also overwhelming that when women gain power and a seat at the table, we men benefit as well. So let’s relax and join the celebration.因此,对那些担心被另一块打破的玻璃天花板的碎片伤到的男同胞,我想说的是:这不仅不可避免,不仅是个公道问题,而且有力的据表明,当女性获得权力,拥有一席之地时,我们男性也会受益。所以说,大家放轻松,一起庆祝吧。In June, I wrote about an incredible young Afghan woman, Sultana, who lived in the Taliban heartland but secretly taught herself English, science and advanced math — and then was denied a visa to study in the U.S. I’m thrilled to report that Sultana finally obtained a visa and has just arrived in America.今年6月,我写过一篇文章,是关于一个令人难以置信的阿富汗年轻女性的。她叫苏丹娜(Sultana),生活在阿富汗腹地,但却偷偷自学英语、科学和高等数学,不过在申请来美国留学时被拒签了。现在,我高兴地告诉大家,苏丹娜最终拿到了签,并且刚刚抵达美国。 /201608/458133公主岭市人民医院治疗不能怀孕 Cities aren#39;t for everyone. And even fans of exciting, bustling metropoles can find some urban sprawls too extreme to enjoy when they visit.并非所有人都喜欢城市。但即使是热爱大都会繁华刺激的人,也会在游览时对一些过度的城市扩张接受不能。Travellers have been sharing details of the cities they would never go back to, and some of their choices are surprising.旅行者们分享了他们绝不会再去的那些城市的细节。其中某些城市选择让人颇感意外。While many feature places such as Las Vegas and Dubai high on their bucket lists, those who have trodden the path instead describe bland or ugly destinations that are best avoided.尽管许多特色城市,比如和迪拜,总会高挂在人生清单上,而去过之后,人们反而将它们描述为乏味或丑陋的旅游目的地,表示最好不要去。In a Reddit post, hundreds of disgruntled travellers named and shamed the vacation spots that they regretted wasting valuable holiday time on.在美国新闻社交网站Reddit的一个帖子里,数百名心有不满的旅行者点名批评了一些度假地点。他们后悔将自己的宝贵假期浪费在了这些地方。One of the biggest criticisms seemed to centre around newer cities, which were built in the last 100 years as magnets for holidaymakers.受批评最多的旅游地似乎集中于近百年来建成的较新的度假城市。This included the popular tourist hotspot Las Vegas, which was criticised for its ugly architecture.大热的旅游胜地就名列其中,被批建筑丑陋。A user called SuperDude said: #39;It was amazing how ugly the place was! So many run-down buildings right next to tacky new structures and none of them match each other. Hideous city.#39;网友SuperDuede说:“这地方真是丑到拍案惊奇啊!如此多的破败楼房就紧挨着俗气的新建筑,建筑风格还互不搭调。可怕的城市。”A similar criticism was levelled at Dubai by Thokeshwar, who said: #39;Looking past its glitz and glamour, it#39;s just feels fake.网友Thokeshwar对迪拜提出了类似的批评:“看透它的浮华魅影,只觉得太假。”#39;Also the discrimination, if you#39;re an Arab the service you receive will be on a whole new level than compared to a westerner or Asians.#39;“还有歧视问题。如果你是个阿拉伯人,比起西方人或亚洲人,你得到的务将是一个全然不同的级别。”For other cities, the attitudes of the locals was the feature that made the area so unpleasant to visit.对于其他城市,旅游者感到不快的主要原因是当地人的态度。Naples in Italy is famous for its beautiful buildings and inventing pizza, but it has stuck in other visitors#39; minds for its aggressive drivers.意大利的那不勒斯以美丽的建筑和发明了披萨而闻名,可留给一些游客深刻印象的,却是当地蛮横的司机。A user called Usa-is said: #39;Italian drivers are aly aggressive, which is fine, but Naples takes this to a whole new level.名为Usa-is的用户说:“意大利司机已经挺蛮横了,这倒也罢了。但那不勒斯司机的蛮横简直是登峰造极。”#39;Taxis will take two parties to the same hotel [sharing a cab] and charge each party full price [and I came across a] pizzeria with a wood fire oven, using wood from old coffins.#39;“出租车会拉两个人去同一家旅馆(拼车),每个人都要付全价。(我还遇到)一家烧柴火炉的披萨店,使用的木头是旧棺材板儿。”The same was said of San Francisco in California, except the city#39;s homeless population was criticised instead of the local cabbies.加州的旧金山也同样被批,只不过说的是城市流浪人口而非当地出租车司机。One user called MyNervesHurt said: #39;I hate the fact that homeless people there EXPECT people to just give them a handout, [they will] aggressively get in your face and ask for your money.#39;网名MyNervesHurt的用户表示:“那里无家可归的人就指望着人们给予施舍。(他们会)气势汹汹地冲上来跟你要钱。我很讨厌这一点。”These issues seem to pale in comparison to Nessie7#39;s experience of the living in Cali, Columbia though.而以上这些似乎都比不上网友Nessie7在哥伦比亚城市卡利的生活体验。She said of her time in the city: #39;Spent two months there, and experienced eight-nine attempted robberies, and an armed robbery of the hostel I was staying at.#39;她讲述了自己在卡利的日子:“我在那儿待了俩月,经历了八九次抢劫未遂,所在的旅馆还遭遇过一次持械抢劫。”Elsewhere, some cities became victims of their own success.还有一些城市成为自己盛名在外的受害者。For example in Florence, Italy, most of the blame was directed at fellow visitors by B00mgoesthedynamit3, who said: #39;It#39;s not a bad place by any means [apart from the] hordes of tourists, lines for every attraction, people peddling stuff every two feet/people also trying to rob you..比如意大利的佛罗伦萨,网友B00mgoesthedynamit3对它的大部分批评都指向游客:“无论如何,这不是个糟糕的地方。(除了)成群的游客,景点的长队,每隔两英尺就有叫卖东西的人,还有人想抢劫你……”#39;Just go to Siena about 30ish miles away and have an immensely better experience with a fraction of the hassle.#39;“只要去30多英里外的锡耶纳,旅游体验就能得到极大提升,麻烦会少得多。”Florence isn#39;t alone - a town or city#39;s popularity can often be its downfall it seems, with Corfu in Greece also criticised for being a tourist trap.一个小镇或城市大受欢迎,似乎常常会带来声名的衰落。佛罗伦萨并非唯一,希腊的科孚岛同样被批为旅游陷阱。JoeyBulgaria said of the place: #39;It was the most generic touristy city I#39;ve ever been to.网友JoeyBulgaria评价科孚岛:“这是我去过的最一般的旅游城市。”#39;It didn#39;t seem like there was anything that city had which you couldn#39;t find a better version of in another Greek city.“这地方的所有东西,你似乎都可以在希腊其他城市找到同类更好的。”#39;It#39;s just salespeople selling expensive gift type things, and markets and shopping.#39;“就是些推销员卖着昂贵礼物一类的东西,还有市场啊购物什么的。” /201606/451161吉林省长春二院官方网

长春市吉大第四医院网上预约As fears intensify over terrorists threats in Europe, a cloud of worry hangs over the refugee camps on the continent.随着人们日益担心欧洲发生恐怖袭击的威胁,欧洲难民营里的很多人开始担心自己的命运。In Germany, Syrians say they fear backlash if they are blamed for Islamic State militants’ increasingly horrifying campaign.在德国,一些叙利亚人说,他们担心伊斯兰国组织日益频繁的攻击行动会导致人们对他们的责备。In the wake of the Paris attacks, he said, Syrian refugees in Europe are sometimes feared and politicians around the world are warning that terrorists may be hiding among the refugees.巴黎恐怖袭击发生以后,一些人对叙利亚难民感到害怕,很多国家的政界人士警告说,恐怖分子可能隐藏在难民之中。By some estimates, 1.5 million from the Middle East, Africa and increasingly other places will have migrated to Europe by the beginning of 2016.据估计,到2016年初,将总共有大约150万人从中东、非洲以及其他地区进入欧洲。President Barack Obama said he will veto legislation that puts more restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees.在美国,奥巴马总统说,他将否决任何给接收1万名难民增加附加条件的法案。 /201511/411305 吉林大学第一附属医院是正规医院嘛长春乳腺医院



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