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栏目简介:Education officials from the World Bank Group and more than 30 countries are in Shanghai to learn about teaching methods used in local primary and middle schools. The citys education efforts have received international attention since local students scored the best in the world in math, ing and science test run by the Program for International Student Assessment in both and 2012. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201704/499889。

They must have been very carefully cherished, and we know that many of them were preserved in princely collections and in church treasuries.它们一定曾被人悉心收藏。我们知道,这些玻璃杯中有很多为皇室藏品或教堂珍宝,So its probable that many of them were in fact used as chalices in royal chapels and churches.极有可能在皇家礼拜堂或大教堂内被用作圣杯。Many of the surviving Hedwig beakers have been mounted with precious metal for use in the mass, and when you look at the foot and the sides of our beaker, you can see that it, too, once had metal mounts.现存不少海德薇玻璃杯都曾被置于贵金属制成的架上,在弥撒时使用。观察这个杯子的底部与边缘,也能看到金属架的安装痕迹。Fascinatingly, Hedwig was one of a new kind of saint.值得注意的是,海德薇属于新类型的圣徒。By the time she was canonised, in 1267, the number of women saints had hit an all-time high in the history of the church.1267年,她被宣布为圣徒之时,女圣徒的数量达到了教会史上的新髙,You really can say that this is the point where women broke through the glass ceiling of sanctity.并且终于打破了封圣无形的性别限制,A quarter of all new saints were now female.约有四分之一的新封圣徒为女性。This may well have had something to do with the religious revival fostered by the new preaching orders, the Franciscans and the Dominicans.这应该是得益于当时的新教派圣方济会和多明我会推行的宗教复兴策略。They believed that the true Christian life should be lived not in the cloister but in the town, and they insisted that women should play a full part in this.他们相信真正的基督徒不应该生活在修道院中,而应该生活在城镇里,也坚持认为女性应该在教会中与男性平起平坐。译文属201605/445163。

These steep slopes provide a sanctuary for the cubs.这些陡峭的斜坡也是小熊的庇护所A male bear would kill and eat them given the chance公熊只要有机会就会吃掉它们but big animals find it difficult to get about here.不过大型动物很难爬到这个地方Males may be twice the size of a female and even she can have problems.公熊体型可能是母熊的2倍,但即使是母熊也已是举步艰难Her cubs, however, make light of the snow and of life in general.可是它的幼崽在雪地里却是轻松自如,体型也和一般动物差不多But the mother faces a dilemma.母熊面临着一个进退两难的选择Its six months since she last fed and her milk is starting to run dry.它已经6个月没有吃东西了,它的乳汁也即将耗尽She must soon leave the safety of these nursery slopes and lead her cubs away from the mountain.它必须尽快离开这个安全的斜坡“托儿所”,把它的幼崽带离山地If she delays, the whole family will risk starvation.若是稍有耽搁,整个家族就会面临饥荒Summer reveals the true nature of the Rockies.夏天揭露了落基山的真实面目Stripped of snow, the peaks bare their sculpted forms.剥去雪层之后,山峰裸露出斧凿般的造型Only now can mountaineers reclaim the upper reaches.山地动物只有此时才能向更高的地方拓展疆土。201703/498842。

原味人文风情:In many ways, plastic is the perfect material—we can make it strong and rigid enough to build spaceships and replace bones, or thin and flexible enough to make shopping bags that weigh as much as a nickel but carry up to eight kilograms. And unlike other materials, plastic doesnt rust or rot. It can last for centuries, even when we only need it to last a few seconds. We make tons of plastic precisely because its cheap, durable and yet expendable. But the features of plastic that make it so useful to us have also transformed life in the oceans, where as much as 10 percent of our discarded plastic, millions of tons per year, ends up.就许多方面来说,塑胶是完美材料--我们可以让它强韧坚固到足以建造宇宙飞船和替代骨骼,或让它够轻薄且有弹力,可以做出和五分钱硬币重量相同但却能耐重到八公斤的购物袋。和其它材料不一样,塑胶不会生锈或腐坏。它可以存在好几世纪,即使当我们只需要它存在几秒钟时。我们正是因为塑胶便宜、耐用但又可抛弃才大量制造。不过这些让塑胶对人类而言如此有益的特性也改变了海洋中的生命,我们抛弃的塑胶有差不多百分之十,也就是每年数百万吨,最后沉入海洋。Big pieces of plastic are definitely bad news for marine animals like whales, albatross, and sea turtles, which risk getting tangled in the debris or ingesting large pieces of it. Yet, despite the publicity about huge garbage patches in the sea, most of the oceans plastic isnt big. Our castaway shopping bags and soda bottles get weakened by sunlight and torn apart in the wind and the waves into little bits of plastic confetti. On the microscale, though, its still super durable. The microorganisms that decompose ripped-up bits of wood and seaweed down into simpler organic compounds cant easily digest plastic. So while the plastic confetti gets broken into smaller pieces, it doesnt go away. It just sps out over time, which is why weve found microplastics pretty much everywhere in the oceans, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from the seafloor to the surface.大型塑胶对像鲸鱼、信天翁和海龟这些海洋动物来说无疑是坏消息,牠们会有困在垃圾残骸或吞下大块塑胶的风险。然而,尽管人们关切大面积的海洋垃圾带,大多数的海洋塑胶并不庞大。我们丢弃的购物袋和汽水瓶会因阳光变脆弱,接着在风及海浪中被分裂成微小的塑胶碎屑。虽然体积变得极为微小,塑胶还是能撑超级久。将木头和海草碎屑分解成更简单的有机化合物的微生物无法轻易消化塑胶。所以尽管塑胶碎屑被分解成更小块了,它还是不会消失。它只会随着时间扩散,这也就是为什么我们几乎在海洋的每个角落都发现微塑胶,从北极到南极,从海底到海面。Unlike the easy-to-observe impacts of large plastic trash, the effects of microplastics are as subtle and difficult to trace as the fragments themselves. The durable fragments can serve as new real estate on which small ocean creatures grow and multiply, or choke slightly larger ocean creatures that think the plastics are food, or attract and collect toxic chemicals which become introduced into the food chain if the particles are eaten, and probably a million other problems we havent noticed yet, because weve only recently started paying attention to all these microplastics in the oceans. But its undeniable how much plastic trash weve introduced into marine ecosystems, and the wonderful durability of plastic guarantees itll be an issue for years to come.和大型塑胶垃圾很容易就能观察到的影响不同,微塑胶的影响就和那些碎屑本身一般微妙且难以追踪。这些能存在很久的碎屑可以作为小型海洋生物生长和繁殖的新家,或让以为这些塑胶是食物的稍大型海洋生物噎死,或引来和收集若塑胶颗粒被吞下时就会进到食物链的有毒化学物,或许还有一百万个我们还没注意到的其它麻烦,因为我们是在最近才开始注意到海洋里这所有微塑胶。不过我们带给海洋生态系统多少塑胶垃圾是无可否认的事实,而塑胶极佳的耐用度也保了它在未来几年会是一项议题。Its possible we can decrease further impacts by switching to biodegradable plastics, dumping less plastic in the oceans, or cleaning up the patches of sea most strewn with plastic. But until we do, the question is, Will the oceans be plastic enough to deal with our favorite material?我们有可能可以藉着改用可生物分解塑胶、丢较少塑胶到海洋里来减低更长远的冲击,或清理散布最多塑胶的海洋区。但直到我们那样做之前,问题是,海洋有跟塑胶一样顽强到能对付我们最爱的材料吗?201706/513271。

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you aly know this, but we face—we face some pretty big threats in this country.女士们先生们,大家都知道,我们这个国家面临着一些巨大的威胁。You know, Isis, Iran, the looming specter of a Deez Nutz presidency. All very real.比如ISIS恐怖组织,伊朗核问题,和可能会成功当选总统的演员。这都是真实存在的。But for one neighborhood in New York, a recent threat has overshadowed them all. Take a look.但是在纽约的一条街,最近出现了一样东西威胁着所有人的生活。一起来看看。Everyones got problems, of course. But this one is a bit unusual.每个人在生活中都会遇到困难。但是这个有点不寻常Some people in a neighborhood are having to worry about a cat.有条街上的居民的正常生活就受到了一只猫的威胁Yes, a house pat. Apparently it is ferocious.对,家养的宠物猫。很明显这只猫很凶It has got so scary that police are sending out reverse 911 calls telling people to be on the lookout.它看起来很可怕,甚至911开始给市民打电话提醒大家注意安全Is there a part of the story were missing? Did the cat learn how to use a gun?这个事情里我们是不是漏掉了一些信息?比如说这只猫会开之类的?They said theyre making reverse 911 calls.新闻中说911都给市民打电话了The police are calling people to warn them about a cat! Thats not how emergencies work.警察给市民打电话让他们小心一只猫!紧急求助电话可不是这么用的!If theres a problem, send cops. Send firemen. Dont just call me.如果真出了什么事儿,找警察啊,或者找消防啊,别光给我打电话啊Hey, theres a killer loose in your neighborhood so keep your head on a swivel and dont get murdered. OK. Bye-bye.听着,现在有个逃犯跑到了你们街上,小心点儿,别被杀了,好了挂了Ive moved to Los Angeles, and Ive never once gotten a phone call from the police.我搬到洛杉矶去住了,可我从来没接到过警察给我打的电话And this is the city that invented the bloods and the crips.这可是一个发明了臭名昭著的bloods and crips这种黑帮说唱的城市啊Apparently it has gotten so bad, some people are taking drastic measures.很明显事态恶化的很严重,有些人已经开始采取极端措施Some people say they are so scared they are not even leaving their homes. Others say they only feel safe in the pool.一些人说他们很害怕,所以决定不再出家门半步。其他人说只有待在泳池里才会让他们觉得比较安心He came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he just leaped a at me and I kicked him and he came again.那只猫无处不在。它突然出现在我面前,我就一脚把它踢开了,结果它又来了I mean, you know the old sayings, a cat has nine lives.你们都听过这个说法吧,猫有九条命A cat always lands on its feet.它们被从空中扔下的时候永远是四脚着地。If a cat scratches you, move into your pool.如果猫挠了你一下,赶紧躲到水池里Are they going to sleep in the pool?他们要在泳池里睡觉吗?All right, everyone take turns on the pool noodle.好了,泡沫浮条大家轮流着用You know well take shifts. Danny, youve got first watch. Grab your flashlight and slingshot. OK?中间会换人。丹尼,你先看。拿好手电筒和弹弓But dad, my skin is so pruney! Just do it! And you would do it too.可是爸,我的皮肤都泡胀了。照我说的做!然后你就按他说的做了Because lets not forget, this is a man who admitted to kicking a cat on television,大家可别忘了这个人甚至敢于在电视上公开承认他踢过猫,so when that dad asks you to move into the pool, you move into that pool.那么,他叫你躲到泳池里去,你就得去But it is a problem, and if you dont want to live in your pool, theres only one solution for a problem like this.还有个问题,如果你不想一直住在泳池里,就只有一个办法可以解决这个难题This guy says he got into his house and his cat sat on the welcome mat waiting for him to come out.这个人说他进屋了,猫就坐在他家门口的软垫上等他出来He said he was so scared he took his family to stay at a relatives house. The cat is still out there.他说他实在是很害怕,于是就带上家人躲到亲戚家去了。然而那只猫还在那This is a cat, and all of these people are acting like they owe Tony Soprano ,000.不过是只猫而已,然而所有人都表现得好像他们欠了托尼·色谱拉诺四万美元一样That family had to go and stay with their relatives. How desperate was that phone call?那家人不得不搬去亲戚家。那通电话该有多绝望啊?Hey, Dave, listen. Were in a bit of a bind.嗨,戴夫,是这样的,我们碰上了点儿小麻烦Can we come and stay with you for a couple of months?我们能搬来你们家住几个月吗?Theres a house cat outside our front door and we cant leave!因为有只宠物猫一直在我家大门口守着不让我们出去!OK, all right. Guys, grab everything you need.好的,大家把能带的都带上Socks, underwear, passports, because we dont know when were coming back.鞋子,内衣,护照之类的都要,鬼知道我们什么时候才能回来I mean from the way I see it, weve got one shot from the door to the car. And kids, some of us might not make it.我觉得,有个机会可以让我们从门口跑到车里。孩子们,我们中可能会有人跑不过去Here is the plan. Im going to roll a ball of yarn, and when I do, run for your life! Go! Go! Go!以下是我的计划。我会扔一团毛线去吸引它的注意,我一扔,你们就赶紧逃命去吧!快!快!快!201706/512880。

We have to open our hearts and do more to help refugees who are desperate for a home.我们必须敞开心扉,做更多的事来帮助那些渴望有一个家的难民。During his final speech to the U.N. Assembly, President Barack Obama intensified his call for world leaders to accept refugees.在联合国大会的最后一次演讲中,奥巴马总统加强呼吁世界领导人接受难民。He urged leaders to put themselves in migrants shoes and help those in need, in spite of the politics.奥巴马敦促领导人抛开政治偏见,设身处地为难民着想,帮助那些需要帮助的人。We have to imagine what it would be like for our family, for our children, if the unspeakable happened to us.我们必须设想,如果这种不可言喻的事发生在我们身上,我们的家庭,我们的孩子会怎样。He added that many countries are aly doing this. 他补充道,许多国家已经在做这件事了。But he said nations that have more money and better geographic locations can do more.但他表示,有更多资金和更好地理位置的国家可以做更多的事情。Obamas speech comes just days after police say a naturalized citizen born in Afghanistan set off bombs in both Manhattan and New Jersey.奥巴马讲话的前几天,出生在阿富汗的入籍公民在曼哈顿和新泽西引爆炸弹。And the candidates battling for Obamas seat wasted no time addressing the issue.争夺奥巴马席位的候选人没有浪费时间解决这个问题。Hillary Clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands of these same people that are, you know, they have such hatred and sickness in their hearts. Its sickness.希拉里·克林顿想让成千上万这些相同的人,他们的心中有这样的仇恨和疾病。这是疾病。So I am absolutely in favor of, and have long been an advocate for, tough vetting for making sure that we dont let people into this country, and not just people who come here to settle, but we need a better visa system.所以我完全赞成,并一直提倡通过严格审查确保人们不能进入这个国家,不只是那些来定居的人,我们需要一个更好的签系统。According to U.N. estimates, there were about 21.3 million refugees worldwide in 2015.据联合国估计,2015年全球约有2,130万名难民。译文属。201609/467488。

【新闻精讲】Tycoon living begins with a private jet. Whereas yachts are dispensable (not everyone wants to float around for weeks with the same dinner companions) private jets are necessities for the aspiring billionaire. They save valuable time. Even first-class passengers have to wait an hour or so for their flights.要享受大亨式的生活首先得有一架私人飞机。游艇是可有可无的(并非每个人都喜欢花上好几周时间漂游海上,天天和同一群人用餐),但对于未来的亿万富翁而言,私人飞机则是必需品。拥有飞机可以节省宝贵的时间。即使头等舱乘客也得为航班等候一小时左右。jet n.喷气式飞机whereas conj.然而yachts n.游艇dispensable adj.非必须的 (not necessary)- Computers have made typewriters dispensable.companion n.同伴necessity n.必需品- Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for the beach.aspiring adj.有抱负的- aspire v.渴望获取(职业/某种成功)- She aspired to a career in medicine.Private-jet owners can turn up when they want and climb on board. The planes can double as flying offices, and you don’t have to worry about other passengers eavesdropping on your deals or objecting to your sping papers. The flight is smoother (private jets typically fly at 45,000 feet), the seats are more throne-like, and you can bring your pets.而私人飞机机主则可随心所欲地即时登机。飞机可以充当空中办公室,不必担心其他乘客听到你谈的交易,摊开报纸也不会有人提意见。飞行也更顺畅平稳(私人飞机一般在45,000英尺的高度飞行),座椅更加豪华舒适,乘客还可以带上宠物。double v. 又可作为 (to have a second job or use)eavesdrop v.偷听- eavesdropper n.偷听者object v.反对sping adj.展开的smooth adj.顺畅的throne n.王位No longer do you need a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars to have one. With 700 jets, NetJets is now the fifth-largest airline by number of planes, after Southwest Airlines, and it has access to thousands of private airports. Its main innovation was to apply the principle of fractional ownership, or time-sharing, to the ultimate executive tool. Customers buy a share in a jet which entitles them to, say, 200 hours of travel a year.如今,你并不需要身家数亿美元才能坐拥私人飞机。备有700架喷气式飞机的NetJets现已成为排在西南航空公司之后的第五大航空公司(按飞机数量计算),可抵达数以千计的私人机场。该公司的主要创新是把所有权共享或分时共享的原则应用在私人飞机这一“高管终极交通工具”上。客户购买私人飞机的部分所有权进而获得一定使用权,比如,每年200小时的飞行时数。net worth 净值apply v.运用fractional adj.部分的ultimate adj.终极的- The ultimate goal is to increase income.entitle v.使...有资格 (to give a right to someone)- The card entitles my grandmother to the discount for senior citizens.NetJets is skilled at providing its rich clients with an entrée into the cultural world of the super-rich, with hard-to-get tickets to events such as Art Basel, a series of art fairs, and to private dinners with celebrities. The company is also finding ways to bring down the cost: one of its latest ideas is the private-jet equivalent of London Underground’s electronic ticket, the Oyster card. Rather than buying a share in a jet you can buy a pre-paid card that entitles you to a certain number of flying hours a year, with 25 hours’ worth of flights adding up to about201703/498337。

Sometimes, one second requires everything youve learned in your whole life.有些时候,你需要穷尽一生的努力才能完成一秒钟的成就All your dreams.你所有的梦想。Everything you achieved.你达成的每个目标。Everything that put you to the test.每样考验你的事物。All the commitment.所有投入的心血。Everything that kept you ticking.你专注的每分每秒。All the failures.或是所有的失败。And all your perseverance.以及你所有的坚持。All for that one second.全都是为了那一秒钟。That decides... Everything.而这决定了...一切。201703/499887。