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Hello, Steve, can you hear me? Thats great.史蒂夫 能听到我说话吗 很好To build a complete picture of which parts of the brain为了构建一幅大脑在我们所有人体内are involved in language in all of us,作用于语言的完整图景Cathy Price matches the exact nature of a speech defect凯茜·普赖斯将言语缺陷的确切状态with the exact position of damage in the brain.与大脑确切的受伤部位进行配对When I look at Steves brain here,我观察史蒂夫大脑这块的时候I can see that hes lost a very extensive set of regions注意到他的大脑左半球丢失了一大块区域in his left hemisphere that are important for speech那是负责说话功能的重要部位and he can still produce some speech他仍能讲一些话 but it will be extremely difficult for him.只是会异常困难A fully-fledged ability to communicate with language发育完全的语言交流能力relies on many separate processes working together within us.依赖于我们体内多种单独进程共同合作We need to use our memory, our senses需要用上我们的记忆和感官and have precise motor control over our mouths and tongues.还有精确地控制自己的嘴和舌头的能力What Id like you to do我要你做的是is to point to the picture that matches with the words, ok?根据我说的话 指出相应的图 好吗So the words are, ;The pen is under the paper.;我要说的是 ;钢笔在纸下面;Cathy needs to identify the problems steve has with speaking凯茜要找出史蒂夫失语问题的所在before she can link them back to the precise areas in his brain.进而找到大脑中与之对应的受损部位201411/345332Miranda Lambert Denies Rumors of Weight Loss Surgery The country star says the pounds came off the old-fashioned way: diet and exercise.These rumors about Miranda Lambert. Country music super star slamming reports that shes had a weight loss surgery since the punsking of the old fashion way diet and exercise. As Sarah Heinz has the story. She won big and rocked the stage of the country music awards. But Miranda Lambert debuted a whole lot more than her new duet with Kieth Urban that night. What really had tongues wagging was her spelled new figure. Noticeably slimmer then she was just six months earlier at the Kentucky Derby. Even her husband Blake Shelton couldnt help but twit: My wife is so hot. Its ridiculous. I fluctuate all the time in my weight, and um, its really annoying. At the time, she told E News and People Magazine it was all about diet and exercise. I have been working a lot, working out and drinking juice. But soon came the rumors that Lambert actually underwent weight lost surgery. This morning, the white liar singer is calling the reports just that - lies. Writing on her blog: I wanted to set the record straight, I lost my weight the healthy and old fashioned way, watching what I eat and working out. Safe weight loss is anywhere from one to two ponds a week, and shes a passive woman so its absolutely within realistic expectations that she would have lost the weight as she claims. Lambert says its not about a scale, its about how you feel and on November 10th, when I turned thirty, my skinny jeans were finally baggy. Mission accomplished. She doesnt normally comment or speak to things in the tabloids. But this time, she felt it was important to set the record straight. For Good Morning American, Sarah Heinz, A News New York. /201312/267350

Knowing your enemy is important advice in the battle against bug bites and is key to selecting a repellent capable of providing maximum protection from insect-borne diseases.了解你的敌人是应对昆虫叮咬的重要建议,也是选择能够提供最大保护,以免感染昆虫传播疾病的驱虫剂的关键。You Will Need你需要DEET or picaridinDEET或卡瑞丁Labels标签Plant-oil ingredients植物油成分Discount, drug or outdoor stores折扣店,药店或户外用品商店Internet access上网Controlled-release bug repellent (optional)可控释驱虫剂(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Buy controlled-release bug repellent for up to 10 hours of protection from mosquitoes and ticks.1.购买可控释驱虫剂,可以提供长达10小时的保护,免受蚊虫侵扰。STEP 2 Consider individual factors2.考虑个人因素Consider individual factors in bug repellent selection which may affect protection, such as personal chemistry and sweating levels.选择驱虫剂时考虑可能会影响效果的个人因素,例如个人体内化学成分和出汗水平。STEP 3 Buy stronger concentrations3.购买较高浓度的产品Buy products with stronger concentrations of active ingredients for protection in areas dense with insects.在蚊虫密度比较大的地方,选择活性成分浓度较高的产品。STEP 4 Read the label4.阅读标签Read the product label to determine whether the product protects against bug species you expect to encounter.阅读产品标签,看一下该产品是否能够消灭你希望杀灭的蚊虫。STEP 5 Consider a plant-oil repellent5.考虑植物油驱虫剂Consider a natural product with active plant-oil ingredients, such as citronella and oil of lemon eucalyptus for short periods outdoors.考虑购买含有植物油成分的天然产品,例如香茅和柠檬桉油,用于短时户外活动。Spray bug repellents are useful for applying over clothing.驱虫剂喷雾喷洒在衣上效果显著。STEP 6 Shop6.购买Shop for bug repellents at discount, drug or outdoor stores and online, keeping a supply on hand so the next time you get an itch to barbecue or hike, the bugs wont be invited.在折扣店,药店或户外用品商店,或互联网上购买驱虫剂,经常准备一份,这样下次外出烧烤或远足的时候,蚊虫就不会缠着你。There are more than 150 mosquito species in the ed States.美国共有超过150种蚊子。视频听力译文由。201409/327839

Dont feel like youre underwater when you get out of your pool or tub. Get your ears crystal clear after swimming or taking a bath.当你走出游泳池或浴缸的时候,不要感觉好像刚刚从水底浮出水面。游泳或沐浴后,清理干净耳朵里的水吧。You Will Need你需要Towel or tissue毛巾或纸巾Blow-dryer电吹风White vinegar白醋Rubbing alcohol外用酒精Medicine dropper医药用滴管Doctor医生Steps步骤STEP 1 Dry ear1.擦干耳朵Dry your ear with a towel or tissue.用毛巾或纸巾把耳朵擦干。Do not use a cotton swab to dry your ear.不要用药棉拭子来擦耳朵。STEP 2 Tilt your head2.倾斜头部Tilt your head to the side with the plugged ear.把头倾斜到进水的耳朵一边。STEP 3 Pull lobe3.拉耳垂Pull your ear lobe downward to allow the water to drain out.向下拉扯耳垂,让水流出来。STEP 4 Use a blow dryer4.使用电吹风Hold a blow-dryer a few inches from your plugged ear. Put it on the lowest setting and turn it on, but be careful to not burn your skin.把电吹风放在距离进水的耳朵几英寸处。设置为最低档打开,注意不要烫伤皮肤。STEP 5 Mix a solution5.配制溶液Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a medicine dropper and drip a few drops into the ear.将等量的白醋和外用酒精混合,加入医药用滴管中,向耳朵中滴几滴。STEP 6 Consult a doctor6.向医生咨询Consult and seek treatment from a doctor if the problem persists.如果问题持续,向医生咨询并治疗。Ear infections are among the most common illnesses for young children.耳部感染是幼童中最常见的问题。视频听力译文由。201406/307251But 300 years ago,但是三百年前the Suns spots didnt just vanish for a few years太阳黑子不仅仅是在11年的循环周期中in the 11-year cycle.消失了几年They disappeared for two generations.两代人的时间里 它们都难以寻觅The impact on Britains winter weather这对英国冬季气候的影响was recorded by 17th-century weathermen all over the country.被17世纪英国的气象员记录在案This period coincided在这段时期with a series of exceptionally cold winters in Britain.英国恰好出现了一连串异常寒冷的冬天The Thames froze over and frost fairs were held on the river.泰晤士河结冰 霜冻嘉年华在其上举行The period from 1650 to 17001650至1700年这段时间has become known as the Little Ice Age.被称为小冰河时代In fact, the coldest winter ever recorded事实上 有记录的最冷的冬天was in 1683-84.是在1683-84年间Its interesting to see the care看到人们记录天气之认真with which things are recorded,是非常有趣的but also the colourful language people use还有当时华丽的语言that we dont actually use nowadays.我们现在已经不再用了;Profound cold; things like that is sort of wording例如;深刻的冷;这种措辞that we cant use in a modern scientific paper,在现代的科学论文中是不能使用的but actually means quite a lot.但是其实意义丰富201410/337943

Auto China 2014 to be held on April 21-29“2014汽车中国”将在4月21日至29日举办The 13th Beijing Automotive Exhibition, or Auto China 2014, will open Monday at the China International Exhibition Center. More than one thousand automobiles will be exhibited including 118 foreign cars that will be making their debut.“第13届北京车展”暨“2014汽车中国”将于周一在中国国际展览中心开幕。届时将会有1000多个展览品,其中包括118辆国外车首次亮相。More than 2,000 companies from fourteen countries and regions will be showcasing vehicles. This year, the theme of the show is “Driving To A Better Future”. Its expected around 120,000 people will visit the exhibition daily.本次车展有来自14个国家和地区的2000多家企业参加。今年车展的主题是“驶向更美好的未来”。预计每天将会有约120000人参观本次车展。With a history of over two decades, and with China being the worlds largest car market, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has been recognized as the one of the most important auto shows in the world.随着中国成为世界最大的汽车市场,拥有20多年历史的北京国际车展被认为是世界最重要的车展之一。201404/289944

Half time reached at the Etihad Stadium,半场之后,Manchester City have one hand back on the Premier League trophy.曼城已经把一只手放在英超奖杯上。重点词汇: trophy 奖杯例句:His name was inscribed on the trophy.他的名字刻在了奖杯上。 视频介绍:半场比赛的比分如果保持到全场比赛结束,曼城就将捧起英超奖杯,然而1:0的比分并不那么保险。201404/284741

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