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More than meets the eyeMore 4 News discovers that when you turn the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce on its side you might just see something else.Now the government spends 142,000,000 pounds a year on advertising and branding, on things like this, which is the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce. But is it money well spent? Some people have been seeing things in the design that the designers may not have intended. As Rags Martel reports.Introducing the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce, but turn it on its side, and you just might see why this isn't the best thoughtout rebranding exercise, particularly considering it will be this way up when displayed on pens. I must say the first time I saw it, I laughed out loud. It's very funny. I think the logo should probably be scrapped almost immediately, and I think that's probably what the OGC are doing. I mean it's a bit of embarrassment, it's a funny episode. But that logo can never be taken seriously. If this is the corporate thought,the OGC, they are in trouble.14000 pounds was spent on the logo, expensive, especially for a government agency which aims to improve value for money to the tax payer.They are a bit embarrassed because when I turn it like that, what could you see?Oh, not very good. That's not very good at all.Cost 14 grandIs this a joke?No, it's not a joke.I think that's a bit of a joke.I think it is in color. It's just a logo.Or, what if I turn it like this.That looks like ha ha ha.Almost obscene.Now some people could say that they have dirty minds, because they are just seeing the naughty side of a logo. In fact, there's something in the brain which is called the amidol that gives you an interpretation of something from your points of view, rather what it actually is. The fact is, in this case, you know, it is what it is. And what it looks like, what it rather sticks out like a sour farm and that being generous.The OGC refused to comment on the logo, saying only that it had refocused its priorities for delivering high quality public services. But it can take some comfort that this isn't the first logo cock-up. And even in the controversial London Olympic logo, apparently some people see Lisa Simpson doing something unspeakable with Bart. The moral of the logo story yet seems always look at it both ways.Now, we do enjoy ourselves here. And if you didn't quite get that you can see it again on our website at the address on the screen around now, more4news.200811/55058

Biden: US Committed to Nokor Sanctions拜登:美国决心执行对北韩的制裁  Vice President Joe Biden says the ed States is committed to enforcing enhanced U.N. sanctions against North Korea, despite defiant statements from Pyongyang.美国副总统拜登说,美国决心执行联合国对北韩的更为严厉的制裁,尽管平壤发表了挑衅性的声明。North Korea says new U.N. sanctions could bring about war on the Korean peninsula and will not slow its nuclear program.北韩说,新的联合国制裁可能会给朝鲜半岛带来战争,而且也不会放慢它的核计划。Appearing on N's Meet The Press program, Vice President Biden pledged enforcement of the sanctions, which include financial penalties and authorize searches of North Korean ships suspected of carrying nuclear materials or ballistic missile components.副总统拜登在美国国家广播公司的“会见新闻界”节目中,保要执行制裁,其中包括经济惩罚,授权搜查怀疑载有核材料或弹道导弹部件的北韩船只。"We are going to enforce the U.N. resolution," said Vice President Biden. "North Korea is a very destabilizing element in East Asia. Everyone now realizes that. The Chinese realize it. The Russians realize it. They have gone further than they have ever gone in joining us on real sanctions against North Korea. And it is important we make sure those sanctions stick [are enforced]."  “我们将执行联合国的决议。北韩是东亚一个非常不稳定的因素。现在每个人都认识到了这一点。中国认识到了这一点。俄罗斯也同样认识到了这一点。它们在和我们一起对北韩进行真正制裁方面比以往任何时候都更为坚定。很重要的一点是我们要确保这些制裁是真正落实的。”Asked about North Korean threats, Biden observed that, as he put it, "They say a lot of things."  在被问到北韩的威胁时,拜登说,“他们说得很多。”The vice president professed bafflement on what President Kim Jong Il hopes to achieve in the latest standoff with the international community. 副总统承认,他对金正日主席想通过最近与国际社会的对峙得到什么感到迷惑。"God only knows what he wants," said Biden. "There are all kinds of discussions, whether this is about succession - [President Kim] wanting his son to succeed him, and whether or not he is looking for respect, whether or not he really wants a nuclear capability to threaten the region. We cannot guess his motives. We just have to deal with the reality: that a North Korea that is proliferating weapons and missiles is a serious threat and danger to the world." “只有上帝知道他想要什么。现在有各种各样的说法--他要他的儿子继任,或是他想得到外界的尊重,或者他真的想用核能力来威胁这个地区。我们不能猜测他的动机。我们必须处理现实问题,也就是,扩散核武器和导弹的北韩对全世界是严重的威胁和危险。”Tuesday, President Barack Obama is to meet with his South Korean counterpart, Lee Myung-bak. President Lee has urged a stronger, more coordinated front with the five governments that have engaged Pyongyang in talks since 2003. 奥巴马总统星期二将会见韩国总统李明。李明总统敦促5个自2003年以来参与和平壤会谈的国家建立一个更强大、更协调的阵线。06/74249

Some Pakistanis are shocked and angry over the U.S. commando attack that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.一些巴基斯坦人对美国特种部队到巴基斯坦袭击并击毙基地组织领导人本拉登表示震惊和不满。Crowds of people flocked to the compound in Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden had been hiding.人们从阿伯塔巴德各处成群结队涌向本拉登的藏身处这座大型居民建筑。And so has worldwide media -- to cover what many see as a major historical development. 同样接踵而至的是来自世界各地的媒体,他们前来报道很多人认为是历史发展重大事件的新闻。But many Pakistanis from around the area just came to look. Some to be a witness to history. And some to verify with their own eyes what happened.不过很多巴基斯坦人从附近地区来到此地就是为了亲眼看一看,一些人可以成为历史事件的见人,也有一些人是要亲自核实所发生的事件。"We have come to see whether all this is true or not. Such a big event has occurred here. The whole world is talking about it. I cannot believe that it is true. How can such a well-known person live in such a house?, said local resident Alam Sher.这位说:“我们到这里来看看所有这一切是不是真的。这么大的事件竟然发生在这里,全世界都在谈论。我都不敢相信这是真的。这么有名的人居然住在这所房子里。”Guards still stopped anyone from actually entering the compound.保安人员仍禁止任何人进入这所大宅院。But for the first time, people got to see the entire exterior from nearby rooftops -- and get a clear view of the villa where Osama bin Laden died.不过人们倒是首次可以从附近的房顶清楚地看到这个住宅的外表,还能看到本拉登被击毙的那座别墅。Earlier in the day, security was much tighter -- keeping people much further away, as an unnamed high ranking Pakistani officer inspected the site.一大早时,警力非常严密,一位不具姓名的巴方高级官员巡视这处建筑过程中,安全人员把人们拦截在很远的地方,不得靠近。Not far away, crowds expressed anger and frustration over what they see as a violation of Pakistani sovereignty. They say, the fact that the U.S. conducted the mission without Pakistani authorization means their country is not well defended.不远以外,人群表达着愤怒和挫折,他们认为巴基斯坦的领土主权受到了侵犯。他们说,美国执行军事行动而没有得到巴方当局授权,这意味着他们的国家没有了安全保。"We want to convey that we are insecure. Today, Americans came and they did what they wanted to do. Tomorrow, India will come and they will do what they want to do. Where is our security?," said one Pakastani.“我们要表达的是我们不安全。今天美国人来了,想干什么就干了什么,明天印度人来了也想干什么就干什么,我们的安全在哪儿啊?”In the city of Multan, local imams led prayers for the dead.在木尔坦市,当地的阿訇带领人们为死者祷告。The prayer service turned into a protest, praising bin Laden and condemning the ed States.祷告仪式逐渐变成了抗议,赞扬本拉登同时遣责美国。But the protests so far have been small and isolated. 不过抗议目前仍很有限,规模也是零星的。"I think the reason why there are no big protests, demonstrations in Pakistan is due to the fact that support for every kind of militant -- whether al-Qaida, whether Taliban, Jihadi -- that has gone down. It doesn't mean that the people of Pakistan are now supporting the U.S. There's still a very strong anti-U.S. sentiment in Pakistan," said Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusafzai.巴基斯坦的一名记者说:他说:“我认为巴基斯坦没有出现大规模抗议和游行的原因是因为持各种武装分子,不论是基地组织、塔利班、真主党的力量都大大削减了。这并不意味着巴基斯坦民众目前持美国,巴基斯坦仍然有很强的反美情绪。” Sentiment that has been inflamed, some say, by the killing of America’s enemy number one on Pakistani territory.有人认为在巴基斯坦领土击毙美国头号敌人本拉登的行动,点燃了反美情绪。201105/134931

Will the Dollar fall further?Andrew Wilkinson, analyst at Interactive Brokers, says the US dollar won't likely fall further with investors pricing in interest rate cutsI’m Lisa Twaronite, with market watch. How will the recently battered dollar fare in 2008? And joining me today is Andrew Wilkinson, senior market analyst with Interactive brokers.Thanks for having me, Lisa. Thank you for being here. With the US Federal Reserve poised to cut interest rates further, how far do you think the dollar's gonna fall?I don't think the dollor's got that much further to fall if at all. There are so many intereste rate cuts aly priced into the Euro- dollar strip, that i find it difficult to see that investors can't , can't aly discount the prospect of a better economy later on this year for the ed States. And that would help out global growth.To what extent do you think the dollar's fall so far relfects a lack of confidence in the US economy.There are other fundamental reasons, such as the wild trade and the budget deficits, that have helped drive down the value of the dollar over the last five or six years, and with the strong motor of growth that the US economy provided and particularly over the last couple of years. The two things don't really match, so, i'm not convinced this is a lack of confidence based upon the decline in the housing market, or the explosion of the housing market, so i think, i think they'are looking forward to the dollar's prospects a little brighter.And do you think the weaker dollar is one of the reasons that US Sovereign wealth funds have been buying stakes in US financial firms so far?Certainly, i think, the value, the outright value of the dollar makes those investments appealing. But, i think that having fallen by more than 30% a lot of these banking stocks look extremely appealing, particularly to overseas investors, so this is a double whammy forward, and i think this is a great long-term investing relationship for the Sovereign Wealth funds, and it's curious particularly a time when the retail investors and probably a lot of institutional investors on this side of the Atlantic, are throwing in the town, and we are seeing some capitulation in the stock markets.At what point this year do you think the dollar is going to solidly turn around?I think January, 2008, is right now, is going to be a point of turnaround, probably for both the stock market, and for the dollar. I think, we've, it's curious to see that the value of the Euro hasn't made a fresh height for this move, given the absolute plummet in the value of the stock indices. So if it's not gonna happen now, it says, certainly doesn't feel like its gonna happen later this year.All right, thank you very much. Thanks Lisa. Andrew Wilkinson from interactive brokers.02/62761

Etiquette with your Ex, we went to the streets of New York and we asked women about situations in which they might need help when it comes to dealing with a former love.Ginny from New Jersey wanted to know whether it's better to tell or not to tell on an ex.My friend is dating my ex. I know something about my ex that she really should know. Do I tell her or do I let it go?Whoop, well here to help us is Janet Taylor, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Columbia University Harlem Hospital. And she sits on the advisory board of Family Circle and she's here with tips on ex etiquette 101.Janet Taylor, good morning.Thank you, good morning. Hannah. What do you think about the question from that last woman? She knows something, should she tell her friend about her ex?Well, it's a great question. Simple answer--let it go.Really, why?Because she doesn't wanna. . . you don't wanna be in the middle. One of the benefits of having an ex is that you have your own freedom to determine yourself and take control. You put yourself in the middle, if you're, if it’s your friend, she is gonna come back and ask you. You need to be prepared to tell the truth. But you don't wanna be the one who is micro-managing your ex-husband in the situation/, it's your time.Yeah, that sounds awful. That sounds like a very dangerous territory as well.Very dangerous territory.Em, something that people have a lot of problems with an ex. Together they have one set of friends. When they split up, what happen? So let's take a look at another question, Ok?OK.How are we going to deal with mutual-friends in a social situation?Wow, what advice to give people about that?Well, the dynamics is changed, so the relationship is changed, but your friends don't necessarily have to. A lot of times, friends don't know what to say, who do I invite, do I invite her, do I invite him? Test the waters, if they're really your friends, you'll know and they will be there for you. If not, then maybe you just have to re-engage new friends or find people who support you.It's not only friends that can be an issue, but also family members and one Family Circle er writes in this question. " I love my in-laws. I divorced their son, not them. And they're still my kids' grandparents. What's the best way to maintain my relationship with them? A lot of people have a problem with that.Exactly, embrace your in-laws, a lot of times grandparents are the only ones at difficult times to show unconditional love. Your kids need that, you need that. Older individuals, a lot of times have wisdom that you could take in. But the fact is just because you divorce their son; your kids still need them and your family.You know, sometimes there is a temptation, even though it's their son, to still ask your in-laws to take your side. And that's something that you really shouldn't do, right?Well, it's hard to say shouldn't, it's natural. I mean most divorces aren't necessarily pleasant. And so the sense is you take a side or another, but as adults, and thinking about what's best for yourself and your children. The cleaner you can be, and understanding that everyone needs support, it's better.Yes, so don't put your in-laws in a bad situation.I would try not to.Yeah, you know sometimes a lot of people have joint custody. They are dealing with two different households. And we had a question from Amy from Missouri about her and her ex who have different parenting styles.My ex and I have different parenting styles, so our children are getting mixed messages when they stay at each home. So what can we do to compromise for them?This is a tough one because people discipline differently, and it can be very confusing for the kids. So what should you do?Don't confuse parenting styles with parenting rules. Obviously, you are gonna have a different style, you're different individuals. The key is to decide, to communicate and decide on some parenting enforceable rules, maybe one or two, then you can agree upon. And then focus on that.So are these practical things like this "the kids are gonna go to bed at this time" or something like that?Again enforceable rules, bed time, who's gonna clean up after dinner. You know some issues that can be decided beforehand that can help with consistency in both households.Right, coz those kids need that stability,don't they? As much as they can living in two different households.Absolutely.Emm. . . thank you so much. Really appreciate your answering these questions.You're welcome200810/52525

Strong growth in Europe 2:46CNN's Charles Hodson speaks with Bank of America's Holger Schmieding about Europe's first-quarter growthWell the Germany economy had no winter in January and February and as a result, construction was much stronger than usual this time of the year. On top of that, the consumers which had paused over Christmas return to the shops early in 2008, and that propelled German growth up.What things are amazing that the rest are getting glum, certainly ed States, certainly in Britain and one or two Euro-zone economies, but the Germany is doing so well, is it just a blip?I think it is mostly a blip. We will probably see in the second and the third quarter that the growth trend is actually much weaker. On top of that, we yet have to see the full impact of the extremely strong Euro as well as of the extremely high oil price. So the start into 2008 was very good for Germany, less good for others, but even Germany is not gonna hold up going forward.Well, certainly. What's sort of a role is the strong Euro gonna play again, looking more broadly, certainly in terms of exporting into the dollar zones, it's getting more and more difficult for this year Euro, Euro-zone company, isn't it ?Yes. Euro-zone exports to the ed States are aly falling largely because US demand is so weak but also because the currency is starting to hurt and remind you it takes typically about nine months for the full impact of the exchange rate moves to come through. So we learned today that the Eurozone could cope with the exchange rates we had last summer. How the Eurozone will fare with the exchange rates of the last few months? We only have learned over this summer and the news is likely to be this exchange rate of the recent month has been too high.OK, well, clearly that does give us grounds for pessimism in terms of the start of fall, the end of 2008, start of . It may be that we might see kind of recession or certainly a sharp slowdown towards the end of the, um, essentially mirroring what's been happening in the ed States right now this first quarter?We'll probably see a sharp slowdown in the second quarter aly extending onto close to the end of the year. Well, whereas at the same time, the US economy may hit bottom, so the economic fortunes of the two regions which currently are diverging a lot will probably converge with significant extend by the end of this year, yes.Let's look at what is if you like the sick man of Europe, or at least the sick man of the Eurozone, and that, that is Spain, I mean, that is clearly suffering some punishment. Is it all housing related?It is in Spain mostly housing related. Year over year, actually Spain is not doing that badly, they are still growing at an annual term at 2.7% rate. It is just that by their own standards that they have slowed down a lot and they will likely slow down to growth rates of no more than 1%, which is the current US pace within the next one or two quarters, for Spain that feels like real pain.01/61303

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