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聂荣县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养哈米顿氏龟批发采购价格报价墨竹工卡县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养 春天代表生机盎然,女生们自然也不会错过这个让自己光照人的机会。但是沉留在肌肤里的暗淡无光也在困扰着很多人。 Complexion is kind of grey, that is very annoying, because of spring is coming, we want to look refresh and energetic. In winter, our skin cannot absorb the skin products as quickly as usual, which causes darkness and roughness of our faces. If our skin is less absorbent, we should exfoliate it to use the facial scrubs to move dead cells. But exfoliation is very dangerous in spring because of our skin is very sensitive. But still necessary, do it as gently as possible. You can DIY skin scrub, just adding a little bit brown sugar into a spoon of honey and use it once a week, your skin will be whitened. Traditionally, honey water is actually good drink to girls and take it on every morning will help us exclude toxins in our bodies and smooth our skin. 当春天到来的时候,暗沉的肤色变得很烦死,因为在这明媚的季节里,我们希望自己的皮肤看起来焕然一新,充满活力。在冬季,由于皮肤减缓了对护肤品的吸收,所以导致肤色的暗沉,粗糙。这时,我们应该使用磨砂膏吸取死皮, 可是春天里去死皮是很危险的,因为会很容易伤到皮肤。但是确实必须要做,我们可以尽量轻缓一些,使用自制的磨砂膏,只不过是向一勺蜂蜜里加一些红糖就行了。一周一次,皮肤就能很快白起来了。另外,喝蜂蜜水对女孩特别好,每天早上喝一些能帮助排除体内毒素,光滑皮肤。When we apply the skin products, the order is like toner, cream, lotion, wait 1-2minutes when you apply each layer, giving some time to let them fully absorbed, gently touching your face your palm to accelerate the process. 使用护肤品时,一般的步骤就是先爽肤水,面霜,再护肤液。我们每涂一层时,最好停顿1-2分钟,让皮肤充分地吸收,用手掌轻轻拍打面部利于加快吸收。 Sometimes, we may look very good in the morning after we use the skin products and cosmetics. But what is frustrating is that no matter how hard we try in the morning, we just cannot prevent our complexions turning dull in the afternoon. This is actually the result joint action of pressure, pollution and tiredness.有时,因为早上刚刚使用过护肤品和化妆品,我们一般在上午的时候会看上去气色不错。但令人沮丧的是,无论早上我们多么地费心去打扮,一到下午,肤色还是会变得暗沉起来。这其实是因为压力,污染,劳累综合所致。Warm your hands before you use them to apply moisturizer and foundation on our faces, because according to a report, when our skin temperature increases by 4 degree, its absorbence also increases by 20 percent. Another thing is Chinese people like white skin, so lots of girls choose lightest color when they buy the foundation. The truth is that if your foundation is lighter than your skin tone, it will make your skin looks very grey and dirty, especially when it comes to the afternoon. The right way to choose the foundation is to apply it a little bit on your chin. If it turns invisible, it is the most suitable color for you.使用保湿霜和粉底之前,最好先温暖双手,因为据一个报道说,我们的皮肤温度上升4度时,其吸收能力也提升了20%。另外,中国人喜欢肤色白一些,因此,很多女孩买粉底时会选择最亮的颜色。其实道理是,如果你使用的粉底比自己的肤色还亮的话,你会看上去比较暗淡,干燥, 特别是在下午的时候。选择粉底正确的方法是少取一些涂在下巴上,若变没了,那么这一款粉底的颜色就是最适合你的。Besides the skin tone, what also make us a little dull are the dark circles of the eyes. Temporary solution is to hide them by makeup. 除了肤色外,黑眼圈也会让我看起来比较暗淡,暂时的解决方法也就只能靠化妆来遮盖。Our hair looks even much more dim and dull after the winter than our skin, because the static causes the dryness and frication. Haircut is very needed after winter is over. It is very healthy, as damage had aly been caused at the end of hair. If you don’t cut them off, your hair will grow very slowly and lose its natural glow. 冬天结束后,我们的头发常常因为静电所致会看起来比肤色更暗淡,干燥。这时,剪断头发是很必要的,也是很健康的,因为发尖已经受损,如果不剪掉,会影响头发的生长速度和光泽。 /201103/128811At a meeting of the nation#39;s top oncologists in Denver a couple of years back, Dr. David Agus, a prominent cancer researcher, was giving a keynote address. Agus talked about the need to take a new approach to treating cancer. He argued that focusing on killing or slowing the sp of cancerous cells was not enough. After all, despite a half-century of research by some of the best medical minds in the world, the death rate from cancer hasn#39;t changed much since the 1950s. Instead, doctors should try to keep a patient#39;s entire system healthy so the disease is less likely to take root in the first place. He said we should be able to control cancer without fully understanding it. At that, hisses arose from the audience.几年前,在丹佛举办的一次全美顶尖肿瘤学家的会议上,知名癌症专家大卫;阿古斯士做了一次专题演讲,指出有必要采取一种新的方法来治疗癌症。他认为,只关注如何杀死癌细胞或减缓癌细胞的扩散是不够的。半个世纪以来,尽管世界各地的医学精英为攻克这一难题进行了不懈的研究工作,但今天的癌症死亡率并没有比上世纪50年代降低多少。因此,医疗人员应该想办法保持病人整个机体的健康,从根本上降低肿瘤在人体内扎根的可能性。他表示,虽然我们目前还不完全了解癌症的病理机制,不过我们依然应该有办法控制癌症。说到这里,听众中响起了一阵嘘声。A few Bronx cheers aren#39;t enough to discourage a scientist as determined as Agus. He believes he has found a new way to greatly reduce the odds of getting sick and has set out his philosophy in a potentially game-changing new book, The End of Illness, which just became a New York Times bestseller. In it, he offers his prescription for preventive medicine, and backs it with studies and lively anecdotes.不过这点嘘声并不能使像阿古斯这样坚定的科学家感到气馁。他相信他已经找到了一种办法,可以大大降低人体生病的几率。阿古斯把他的理论写成了一本有可能具有颠覆意义的新书;;《疾病的终结》(The end of illness),这本书刚刚登上了《纽约时报》(New York Times)的畅销排行榜。阿古斯在书中阐述了他的防病理论,并用相关研究和生动的病例进行了佐。When I caught up with this slim, casually dressed man, he rattled off ideas as if he couldn#39;t let the world know fast enough about his thinking: ;I want doctors to treat toward health and not treat toward disease,; he said. Agus had his eureka moment after ing a 2004 Fortune article called ;Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer,; by Cliff Leaf. Himself a cancer survivor, Leaf, a Fortune editor at the time, wrote that researchers have come to treat the individual features of cancer rather than putting their efforts into directly controlling cancer. ;We have forgotten that curing cancer,; says Agus, who was on the team of doctors who treated Steve Jobs in the last years of his life, ;starts with preventing cancer in the first place.;我采访这位身材瘦削、衣着随意的医学家时,他飞快地介绍着他的想法,仿佛唯恐全世界不能尽快了解自己的思想。他说:;我希望医生们从病人健康时就着手治疗,而不是到生病时才去治。;阿古斯的灵感来自他2004年在《财富》杂志(Fortune)上读到的一篇文章:《为什么我们输掉了与癌症的战争》(Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer)。文章作者克里夫;利夫当时担任过《财富》杂志编辑,他本人就是一名癌症幸存者。他写道,癌症研究人员们习惯于治疗癌症的各种症状,而不是设法直接控制癌症。史蒂夫;乔布斯去世前的最后几年,阿古斯也是乔布斯治疗团队的一员。阿古斯说:;我们忘了治癌要从防癌开始。;Today, if we get cancer, we attack the cells. If we get a heart attack, we perform a bypass. That#39;s fine, but why not avoid the disease in the first place? Agus believes that diseases like cancer and heart disease should be thought of as verbs and not nouns. In his lexicon, ;cancering; suggests a systemic problem. He points to a study of women who, after treatment for breast cancer, were given either an osteoporosis drug or a placebo. The ones who took the drug had a 40% lower rate of recurrence of the cancer, as their system was changed and the cancer didn#39;t grow back. ;Keep the soil healthy,; says Agus, ;and the bad seed won#39;t grow.;今天,一旦病人得了癌症,我们就会试图去杀死癌细胞。如果病人心脏病发作,我们就做心脏搭桥。这无可厚非。但我们为什么不能;防病于未然; 呢?阿古斯认为,我们应该把癌症和心脏病这类疾病看成一个动词,而不是名词。在阿古斯的字典里,;患有癌症;意味着一个系统性的问题。他指出,在一项研究中,一组女性在接受了乳腺癌治疗后,医生向她们发放了一些治疗骨质疏松的药物或安慰剂。但用了这些药物的患者的复发率却比平均水平低了40%。随着她们的身体系统发生良性改变,癌症没有再复发。阿古斯说道:;只要保持土壤健康,坏的种子就无法萌芽。One way to keep your body#39;s soil healthy is to treat inflammation. When something is wrong with your body, it goes into panic mode and triggers inflammation, a process that rallies the vascular, immune, and cellular systems to heal injured tissue. Numerous studies show that patients who take statins ; which not only lower cholesterol but reduce inflammation ; lowered cancer rates by 40%, although no one knows exactly why. That#39;s not all. A growing body of evidence suggests that inflammation may be linked to a host of other diseases, from heart attacks to Alzheimer#39;s to diabetes. This doctor#39;s orders? Ask your physician if you should be on Lipitor or other statins and a regimen of baby aspirin, which help curb your body#39;s inflammation.保持身体土壤健康的方法之一是治疗炎症。身体出毛病的时候,人体机能就会进入一种恐慌模式,引起炎症。发炎这个过程就是身体在调动血管、细胞和免疫系统来修复受损的组织。大量研究表明,用他汀类药物的病人,患癌几率会降低40%,只是具体原因尚不明确。他汀类药物不仅能降低胆固醇,还可以消炎。此外还有越来越多的据显示,炎症可能与大量其它疾病有着联系,如心脏病、老年痴呆、糖尿病等。阿古斯对此有何建议呢?可以询问医生,看看是否可以用立普妥(Lipitor)或其它的他汀类药物,或经常用小剂量阿斯匹林来养生,这有助于人们控制身体的炎症。 /201202/172296亚达伯拉象龟多少钱一只

甘德县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养A council has become the first in London to rule that smokers will no longer be able to foster children.Redbridge Council's cabinet agreed Tuesday night to a ban on placing children with foster carers who smoke unless there are exceptional circumstances.The local authority in northeast London said the decision, which will come into force in 2010, was made to protect children from the "damaging effects of passive and second-hand smoke."Other councils around the country have introduced similar measures, particularly relating to very young children, but Redbridge's ban is thought to be the most far-reaching."We know this is a difficult issue because some people will feel it is an intrusion on personal freedoms," said Councilor Michael Stark."But we also know that smoking increases the risk of serious illness in childhood. On balance, we have decided children in our care shouldn't grow up breathing second-hand smoke."The council cited scientific evidence that showed passive smoking caused lung cancer and childhood respiratory disease.Existing smokers will be told of the new policy and given help to quit.The Fostering Network, a charity which represents groups involved in fostering, said it believed no child under five should be placed with carers who smoked.However the charity, which estimates there is a shortfall of some 10,000 carers, said it did not want potentially good foster parents to be put off because they had an occasional cigarette.Tobacco lobby groups said the move was part of an "ongoing campaign to stigmatize smokers.""It's going to exclude people who could be outstanding foster parents," said a spokesman for pro-smoking group Forest."It sends out an insidious message that smokers in general are unfit parents and I don't think any politician has the right to do that." 英国伦敦某区政府日前通过一项禁令,规定吸烟者不可收养小孩。这一禁令在伦敦还是首例。位于伦敦东北部的雷德布里奇区内阁于上周二晚通过该禁令。禁令规定,除非有特殊情况,否则吸烟者不可收养小孩。雷德布里奇区政府称,决定颁布这一禁令是为了让儿童免受被动吸烟或 “二手烟”的危害。该禁令将于2010年开始实施。英国其他一些地方政府也采取了类似的禁烟措施,尤其针对一些年龄很小的孩子。但雷德布里奇的这项禁令被认为是其中影响最大的。议员迈克尔-斯塔克说:“我们知道这是一个艰难的决定,因为一些人会觉得这侵犯了他们的个人自由。”他说:“但同时,我们也很清楚吸烟会增加儿童患疾病的风险。经过权衡后,我们决定,不应该让生活在我们这一辖区的孩子受到二手烟危害。”雷德布里奇地区政府称,有科学据表明,被动吸烟会导致肺癌和儿童呼吸道疾病。该区政府将告知吸烟者这一新政策,并会帮助他们戒烟。儿童领养慈善机构“领养社区”称,五岁以下的儿童的确不能由吸烟者领养。但该组织称,他们也担心一些条件很好但偶尔吸烟的人也会因此被拒之门外。目前该机构还需要约1万名领养者,烟草业游说团体称,此举是“对吸烟者的一种污辱’”。吸烟持组织Forest的发言人说:“这项禁令会把一些很出色的领养者拒之门外。”“这等于是在说,吸烟的人都不适合做父母。可谁都没有剥夺别人做父母的权利。” /200811/55689洪雅县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养 Rabbit’s Foot Some people believe that the rabbit’s foot will protect its holder against bad luck, because the rabbit is the only animal that sleeps with its eyes open, and it is in this way protected against the evil eye.The Garlic-Filled Bag People suppose that a bag of garlic hanging around a child’s neck has supernatural power and can protect the child from illness. Such a bag may have power, but probably the power lies in its smell, which keeps other children away, so that the wearer of the bag might not catch a disease from them.吉祥物兔爪 据说百兽里只有兔子睡觉不合眼,可避免魔眼的伤害。因而兔爪也有辟邪的功效。大蒜口袋 有人认为一袋大蒜挂在小孩子的脖子上,会有祛病魔力。挂大蒜的确有效,但实际上是大蒜的气味把别的孩子赶开了,减少了传染疾病的机会。 /200906/74730哈米顿氏龟好养吗价格收藏推荐

改则县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 We tend to regard hair only as a reflection of our personal style, but as a living, growing part of our body, it's also tied in to our physiology. "Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. There are three parts to your hair: the hair shaft (the fiber), the hair bulb (the root) and the hair cycle (the period of rest and regeneration). Most problems are related to one of these three things, says Mirmirani. 我们习惯于把头发仅仅当作个人风格的一种反映,但是作为我们身体的一个不断生长的部分,头发与我们的生理系统息息相关。美国皮肤学会教员、皮肤科医学士马诺莫尼表示:“头发可以反映出身体内部的变化——比如疾病、营养和压力。” 我们的头发包含三个部分:毛干(纤维),毛球(根部)和毛发周期(休息和再生的周期)。马诺莫尼表示,大多数的头发问题都与其中的某个部分相关。 /200903/65881海龟繁殖养殖注意事项天镇县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养



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耿马傣族佤族自治县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养光明对话长顺县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养 辉南县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养 [详细]
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