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福清中山妇科医院是不是正规医院南岭镇中医院线路Katie Couric: You might wanna think twice before you take your kids for a fast food meal today. A new study reports there may be a link between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels is the study's lead author. She's an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and a clinical epidemiologist at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. Good morning.Dr. Karin Michels: Good morning, Katie.Katie Couric: Is it Michels or Michelles?Dr. Karin Michels: Michels is just(lip-ing) fine. Thank you.Katie Couric: Ok, good. I am glad I've pronounced it correctly. So tell me a little bit about this study and the link you found between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. We found indeed that diet in pre-school age may indeed be associated with breast cancer risk later in life. We found that one additional serving of French fries per week during pre-school age was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer later in life.Katie Couric: And, and before we talk about specifically why French fries seem to be such a problem here, how many, how many people did you study and didn't you study mothers and children, or talked to them?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes, we interviewed mothers of participants of the Nurse's Health Studies in Boston. So we obtained information from the mothers as to what their children ate during pre-school age, that is when they were 3 to 5 years old. We studied about 2,200 women. As we asked the mothers to give us detailed information about the preferences of their daughters during pre-school age. And some of these women had developed breast cancer aly. So we linked the dietary information that we got from the mothers to their daughters' breast cancer incidence later in life.Katie Couric: And so what is it about the French fries that make them such a suspicious culprit of all these?Dr. Karin Michels: That of course is something we would like to find out. French fries are very high in saturated and trans-fatty acids, and that could potentially be the reason that we see this as association.Katie Couric: And what about other foods, other potatoes, for example, I understand, that mashed potatoes, including, which include butter, didn't have a link to breast cancer in any way?Dr. Karin Michels: That is correct. We asked for a whole number of foods to be reported by the mothers, and French fries was the only food that stood out to be associated with breast cancer risk. So we've also asked about mashed potatoes, or sweet potatoes; we also asked about ice-cream consumption, hot dog consumption, hamburgers, but none of these potentially also unhealthy foods stood out here to be associated with breast cancer risk. It was really only the French fries.Katie Couric: Were some of the people you spoke to overweight? Did that have an impact on the breast cancer incidence, in other words, does that you... make you more at risk if you are overweight or even obese?Dr. Karin Michels: Well, it depends whether you're a young woman or older woman with respect to the obesity. But in our analysis, we controlled for all of these factors, so they should not have any influence on the results.Katie Couric: Dr. Larry Norton, who's Deputy-Physician-in-Chief for the breast cancer program at Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center here in New York, warned against over-interpreting, the results of the study. He said: I wouldn't go out and change Americans' dietary habits on the basis of this, but it's certainly worth pursuing with additional research." So what are the implications here and how would you advise parents when it comes to their youngsters' diets?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. I think uh..we have to be very cautious and not over-interpreting the result from this one study. Of course we would like to see our findings confirmed in other studies. The reason why we looked at this early life phase is because there is increasing evidence that breast cancer may originate early in life. The breast of a young woman is much more susceptible to environmental and potentially carcinogenic influences than the breast of an adult woman. In terms of how we translate our findings for the public, there is plenty of evidence to be concerned about our youth's diet.Katie Couric: Right.Dr. Karin Michels: And, we are facing an epidemic of childhood obesity. There's also evidence that other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, and diabetes originate in childhood. So we really are concerned that our children adopt healthier diet and it is obviously a call on the parents to watch over their children's diet. We know that atherosclerotic plaques can always be found in the coronary arteries of children. So it is really preeminent to ensure that we're not, have a young generation grow up to have high incidence (Right.) of chronic diseases as a result of old bad diet.Katie Couric: Clearly. We have to start kid eating in a healthy way very early because as, as you mentioned in your new study found a 27% increase in risk of breast cancer if you have an extra serving of French fries, when you are a girl between the ages of 3 and 5. Dr. Karin Michels, thanks so much for you ,for coming in this morning. We've appreciated it.Dr. Karin Michels: My pleasure. Thank you. 200807/43918福清医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱呀 Negotiations between Kenyas government and the opposition have been suspended. The two sides have been unable to agree on the terms of a power-sharing arrangement to break the political deadlock gripping the country since a disputed presidential election in late December. 肯尼亚政府与反对派之间的谈判已经中止,谈判双方无法就权力分享安排达成一致意见。这项权力分享安排计划旨在打破自去年12月下旬有争议的总统选举以来在全国形成的政治僵局。The chief mediator for the talks, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, plans to consult with President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga on how to move the negotiations forward. 会谈的主要调停人、前联合国秘书长安南计划与肯尼亚总统齐贝吉和反对党领导人奥廷加就如何推动谈判进行协商。President Kibakis Party of National y has agreed to the creation of a prime ministers office that would be filled by the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, better known as ODM. 齐贝吉总统的全国团结党同意组建一个由反对党橙色民主运动成员组成的总理办公室。But the two sides have not agreed on how much power a prime minister would have. Nor is there agreement on what level of representation the ODM should have in the cabinet, or on whether new elections should be held if the coalition collapses. 但是双方没有就总理应该具有多大的权力达成一致意见,也没有就反对党在内阁应该具有的代表人数达成一致,他们也没有在联合政府如果瓦解后是否可以举行新的选举方面达成一致。Speaking after the negotiations adjourned, opposition negotiator Musalia Mudavadi criticized the government. 反对党谈判代表穆达瓦迪在谈判中止之后批评了肯尼亚政府。;We have been extremely frustrated as ODM, because there are moments we believe we have made ground and we realize the following day there is actually a reversal,; Mudavadi said. ;We as ODM ceded substantial positions. The other side is coming from a premise that the constitution cannot be touched.; 穆达瓦迪说:“作为民主橙色运动的成员,我们一直非常失望,因为有时我们认为,我们取得进展,但是接下来的一天我们却认识到这实际上是一种倒退。我们橙色民主运动放弃了实质性的职位,而对方的前提条件是宪法不得修改。”Both sides have agreed to a long-term constitutional review, once a political settlement is reached, but the opposition wants some constitutional amendments now to support a power sharing arrangement. 而谈判双方就对宪法长期进行审查达成了一致意见,一旦达成一项政治解决方案,反对党希望用现在对宪法进行的一些修改来持权力分享安排。Government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said his side is feeling unduly pressured in the talks. 政府谈判代表基伦佐说,政府方面在谈判中感到过度的压力。;We are not going around in circles,; Kilonzo said. ;It is just that we have firm positions on both sides. And the atmosphere for bridging the gap between the two of us is not fair. As I say, we have tended to feel that we are being railroaded.; 基伦佐说:“我们不会在一些圈子里打转,只不过是我们双方都具有坚定的立场。弥补双方之间差距的氛围不公平,就像我所说的,我们一直感到我们被迫草率行事。”U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited Kenya last week, issued a statement saying she is ;disappointed by the failure of leadership; in the negotiations, reiterating U.S. support for a political solution. 上星期访问肯尼亚的美国国务卿赖斯发表声明说,她对谈判中表现出的领导层的失败感到失望。赖斯重申,美国持政治解决方案。Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who currently heads the African Union, is to arrive in Kenya late Tuesday to contribute to the mediation effort.坦桑尼亚总统基奎特,目前任职非盟主席,在周二晚上将抵达肯尼亚,继续进一步调节呢工作。The opposition has notified the police of plans for widesp demonstrations on Thursday if no progress is made on the talks. Mudavadi refused to discuss the protest call. 反对党通知警方,如果谈判无法取得进展,计划星期四举行范围广泛的示威活动,穆达瓦迪拒绝讨论示威呼吁。The government has criticized the proposed demonstrations. While the opposition has said any action will be peaceful, other protests since the elections have led to looting and provoked violent responses from the police. 政府批评了计划中的示威活动。尽管反对党表示所有的示威活动都将是和平的,但是自选举以来举行的其他抗议活动已经导致抢劫,并且激起警方做出强烈反应。Police also said they have arrested around 200 youths who were said to be engaged in military training in Kenyas west. 警方还表示,他们大约逮捕了200名年轻人,据说,这些年青人参加了肯尼亚西部的军事训练。Last week, the International Crisis Group, a research organization based in Brussels, warned of the ongoing mobilization of armed groups in the country supporting both the government and opposition.上周,布鲁塞尔的一个研究机构——国际危机组织,对持续活动的武装组织进行了警告,这些武装组织有的是持政府,有的是持反对派。The authorities say 1,500 people have been killed in violence following Decembers presidential elections, which the opposition charges were rigged. The country has returned to relative calm in recent weeks. 有关部门表示,在12月总统选举之后的发生暴力事件中,已经有1千500人死亡,反对党指控选举存在舞弊现象。最近几个星期来,肯尼亚已经恢复到相对平静状态。200802/27899福清妇科医院多少钱

福清包皮过长手术哪里好Global Poll Shows Doubt About al-Qaida Role in 9/11 Attacks许多人不信911袭击是基地所为   Seven years after terrorist attacks killed several thousand people in the ed States, a new global public opinion poll shows that many people do not believe the attacks were the work of the al-Qaida terror network. 7年前发生的911恐怖袭击事件导致几千名美国人死亡,但是一项新的全球民意调查显示,许多人并不相信911袭击是基地恐怖组织所为。An independent U.S.-based group called World Public Opinion.org asked 16,000 people in 17 countries who they thought was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. 美国的独立机构“世界民意网”在17个国家向一万六千人提出了下面这个问题:是谁发动了2001年9月11号对纽约和华盛顿的袭击?Majorities in only nine of the 17 countries believed that al-Qaida was behind the attacks, a finding that surprised World Public Opinion.org's director, Steven Kull.  在这17个国家中,只有9个国家的大部分受访者相信是基地组织策划了这些袭击,这一结果令“世界民意网”的主任库尔感到吃惊。"I think it is very striking, given that even bin Laden has publicly made statements affirming that al-Qaida was behind the September 11th attacks," he said. 他说:“我认为这非常令人吃惊,因为本·拉登自己都公开发表声明,承认基地组织策划了911袭击。”An average of 46 percent of the people polled in each country blames al-Qaida for the attacks. If not al-Qaida, then who? Kull says an average of 15 percent say the U.S. government plotted the attacks.  每个国家中平均有百分之46的受访者说基地组织策划了袭击。可是,如果不是基地组织,那又是谁呢?库尔说,平均每个国家有百分之15的受访者说,是美国政府阴谋策划了那次袭击。"In Turkey, 36 percent have this view, Turkey, one of our allies. Palestinian territories, 27 percent have this view. In Mexico, 30 percent have this view, and perhaps most surprising of all, in Germany, 23 percent have the view that the ed States was behind the 9/11 attacks." 他说:“在土耳其,百分之36的人这样认为。土耳其可是美国的盟友之一。在巴勒斯坦,百分之27的人持这种观点;在墨西哥,百分之30的人是这么想的,而可能最令我们惊讶的是在德国,居然有百分之23的人认为美国自己发动了911恐怖袭击。”Of those who said the ed States was the perpetrator, Steven Kull says many believe it was an attempt to justify an impending U.S. invasion of Iraq.  他说,在那些认为美国发动了袭击的人中,有许多人认为美国这么做是为了给入侵伊拉克寻找理由。"Some people backed themselves into the belief, saying, 'Well, the U.S. had an interest in this, therefore it is clear that it must be the case.' And that interest that is suggested is that the U.S. was looking for an excuse to go to war with Iraq," he said. 他说:“一些人促使自己相信这种论点。他们认为‘这样做对美国是有利的,所以很显然一定是美国发动了袭击’。而他们所说的利益就是,美国在为发动伊拉克战争寻找借口。”Seven percent of the people polled blame Israel for the 9/11 attacks, and one in four questioned say they do not know who was responsible. 百分之7的受访者认为以色列发动了911袭击,还有百分之25的受访者说,他们不知道是谁发动了袭击。People in the Middle East, especially Muslims, were especially likely to tell the pollsters they believe the ed States plotted the attacks. Kull says his group's polling over time shows that Muslims believe the attacks were morally wrong and contrary to Islam.  中东地区的人,特别是穆斯林信徒,尤其可能对调查者说美国阴谋策划了袭击。库尔说,“世界民意网”经过一段时间的调查发现,穆斯林信徒认为,这些袭击在道义上是错误的,而且是违背伊斯兰教信条的。"So it is very hard for them to accept that a Muslim could do such a thing. At the same time, they do feel some resonance with many of the things that bin Laden says, so they feel some conflict about this," he said. "They are basically using a kind of defense mechanism to deny the strong evidence that al Qaida was behind 9/11, as a way of resolving the kind of internal conflict they feel."  他说:“因此,他们很难接受这些袭击是穆斯林信徒发动的。同时,他们也确实觉得本·拉登所说的一些话能引起他们的共鸣,所以他们对这件事的看法比较矛盾。从根本上说,他们在使用一种自我保护的思想来否认基地组织策划了911的有力据,以此来解决他们心里的矛盾。”Kull says he interprets the global ambivalence about the origins of the 9/11 attacks as a result of doubts about the ed States' role in the world.  库尔说,他认为世界各国对911发动者的矛盾看法是由于人们对美国在世界上所扮演角色持怀疑态度而造成的。"Broadly, I think what this tells us is that there is a lack of confidence in the ed States around the world. It is striking that even among our allies, the numbers that say al-Qaida was behind 9/11 do not get above two-thirds, and barely become a majority. So this is a real indication that the ed States is not in a strong position to, in a sense, tell its story. The American narrative is not as powerful in the world today." 他说:“从总体上看,我认为这表示全世界人民对美国缺乏信心。令人吃惊的是,即使在美国的一些盟国中也只有不到三分之二的人认为基地组织策划了911袭击,这勉强达到大多数。因此,这确实是一个迹象,说明美国说的话并没有太大说力,在当今的世界中,美国的话没有以前那么有力了。”Respondents with a positive view of the U.S. influence in the world are more likely to blame al-Qaida for 9/11, and less likely to blame the ed States, than those with a negative view. 和那些对美国持负面态度的人相比,那些对美国在世界上的作用持正面观点的人更可能会认为是基地组织策划了911袭击,不大可能指责这是美国所为。200809/48209福清什么男科医院好 福清中山药房

福清市中山男科医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗 South Korea Seeks Regional Fund to Shield Against US Credit Crisis韩国提议创建东亚基金防金融冲击South Korea is taking the lead in creating a prospective pool of money with its cash-rich neighbors to prevent the worst effects of the American economic situation from spilling over in the region. Meanwhile, top financial officials are telling South Korean banks to do what it to obtain U.S. dollars and make them available as loans. South Korea is pumping billions of dollars into the local economy, as the American credit crisis deepens. 韩国率先提议同拥有巨额现金的邻国一道创建一个资金库,防止美国不断恶化的经济形势给东亚地区带来严重的后果。同时,高级金融官员告诉韩国尽力买进美元,并且用这些钱来发放贷款。在美国信贷危机加深的同时,韩国正在把数十亿美元注入本国经济。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is proposing a joint fund of about billion between South Korea, Japan and China, to shield the region from the American credit problems. Lee administration officials are expected to push for the plan on the sidelines of an International Monetary Fund meeting, next week. Mr. Lee is scheduled to discuss it in a three-way Beijing summit, later this month. 韩国总统李明建议,由韩国、日本和中国一道建立一个总数大约为8百亿美元的基金,保护东亚抵抗美国信贷问题的冲击。李明政府官员预计将在下星期国际货币基金会议外推动这个计划。李明定于本月晚些时候在北京举行的三方高峰会议上讨论这个计划。South Korea's Finance Minister, Kang Man-soo warned a gathering of bankers Monday in Seoul, it may take a long time for President Bush's signing of the financial bailout law, last week, to have positive effects. In the meantime, he is telling banks to get proactive about turning their overseas holdings into dollars that can be lent to South Korean businesses. 韩国财政部长官姜万洙星期一在首尔一次家的会议上警告说,布什总统签署的金融救市法律要产生正面效果,可能要很长时间。布什是上星期签署救市计划,使之成为法律的。同时,姜万洙告诉各,积极行动起来,尽力把它们在海外的资产变成美元,以后可以用这些钱贷给韩国的企业。He is telling the business community not to rely on the government, alone. He says banks need to work their way out of the problem. He advises then to raise dollars by selling foreign assets, as soon as they can.  姜万洙对商业社会说,不要只依赖政府。他说,需要自己解决问题。他然后建议各企业尽快用出售海外资产的办法筹集美元。As in other countries, South Korea is experiencing a shortage of U.S. dollars. Its economy, the world's 13th largest, is heavily dependent on exports of goods and imports of oil, both of which are chiefly sold in dollars. Markets for even the most conservative short-term loans are constricting in the ed States. Many financial institutions are hoarding dollars, in case of more trouble, and that is making it hard for companies to borrow cash for basic needs, like purchasing raw materials and expanding their business. 跟其他国家一样,韩国也在经历美元短缺。韩国的经济规模在全球占第13位。韩国经济严重依赖出口产品和进口石油。这两项贸易都主要以美元结算。目前在美国信贷市场上,即使最保守的短期贷款也很难得到。许多金融机构都在囤积美元,以防不测。这种情况导致各公司很难借到现金以满足基本需要。这些需要包括购买原料,扩大业务。Jun Gwang-woo, chairman of South Korea's Financial Services Commission, urges South Korean banks not to follow suit. 韩国金融务委员会主席全光宇敦促韩国不要效仿美国的做法。He says banks should be y to provide promising small and medium-sized enterprises with strong support, because they face a shortage of cash. 全光宇说:“韩国应该准备向那些有前途的中小企业提供有力持,因为这些企业面临现金短缺。”South Korea is arranging to help small and medium businesses with billion, through various trade deals. It is also injecting ten-billion dollars into the financial system, to make it easier for banks to lend. 韩国正在安排用50亿美元来帮助中小企业完成各种贸易交易。韩国还向金融体系注入100亿美元,使向外借贷变得更容易。As an export giant, South Korea holds one of the world's largest dollar reserves, about 9 billion. These reserves have declined for six consecutive months, raising some preliminary alarm bells among investors and leaders here. South Korea's currency, the won, has fallen to its weakest level against the dollar in six years, amid fears of worsening exports. 韩国是出口大国,它的外汇贮备量名列世界前几名,大约有2390亿美元。过去6个月,韩国的外汇储备连续下降,使韩国的投资者和贷款机构惊恐不已。韩国货币韩元对美元的比价已经下跌到6年来的最低点,原因是人们担心出口日益恶化。200810/52057福清市做无痛人流医院的服务怎么样福清中心医院哪个医生比较好



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