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福清一都镇专业治疗淋病男科医院A 49-year-old underwear model has accused the fashion industry of ageism as she says she can no longer get any work because she looks too young.49岁内衣模特控诉时尚圈年龄歧视。她说,自己失业是因为长得太年轻。Carolyn Brennan, from Leicester, has been modelling lingerie and bikinis for more than 20 years but in the last 12 months her work has dried up.卡洛琳-布伦南,来自英国中部城市莱斯特,她为女士内衣和比基尼泳衣做模特已经20多年了。但是在过去的一年里都没有接到模特拍摄的工作。She said she has been repeatedly told she#39;s #39;not suitable#39; for jobs because she looks younger than her years.卡洛琳表示,她一再地被告知“不适合”模特的拍摄工作,因为她比自己的实际年龄看上去年轻太多。She said: #39;I find it quite shocking that the fashion industry seems to have forgotten a huge swathe of women who are middle-aged but not y to wear cardigans just yet. Why should I wear shapeless dowdy clothes just because I’m nearly 50?#39;卡洛琳说,“我感到很奇怪,时尚圈似乎忘记了很多中年女性,她们还不打算穿开衫。为什么我一定要穿松松垮垮、不修身的衣只因我快50岁了?”In the early 90s, Carolyn modelled for Harley Davidson, was a catwalk model at dozens of NEC trade shows for Peugeot and worked for Aspire magazine.在上世纪90年代初期,卡洛琳为哈雷车当过模特,也在多场NEC交易会上为标致车走过猫步,还为Aspire杂志工作过。But she can no longer gain jobs posing in clothes aimed at her age group because she looks too young.但是,如今卡洛琳无法为那些目标用户为50岁的装当模特,因为她看上去比同龄人年轻。And in a cruel twist, she is also unable to get work for the younger fashion market because she is considered too old.讽刺的是,她也无法为年轻人的时装当模特,因为她又太老了。#39;I#39;ve always been told by the photographer#39;s I#39;ve worked with that I have good legs for modelling. They haven#39;t really changed over the years but the work has dried up anyway.“以前和我一起工作过的摄影师经常对我说,我的腿型很适合当模特。那么多年来,我的腿还是保持着很好的状态。但是我就是找不到模特拍摄的工作。”#39;After approaching so many modelling agencies I know that I would get more work if I looked older but I’m not prepared to fit the stereotype.#39;“在去了那么多家模特公司后,我知道,如果我看上去显得老一点的话,我还是有很多工作机会的。但是我不愿意向这种偏见妥协。” /201309/255808福清城头镇男尿道炎医院 Are sunny skies overhead the key to a sunny disposition? New research from the ed Arab Emirates shows a strong link between positive moods and time spent outdoors in sunlight.我们头顶的晴空是否能助我们获得一个阳光的心情?阿联酋最近的一项研究给出了肯定的回答,正能量与多晒太阳有着很大的关系呢。;This is just a pilot study and we need larger sample size but we found that behavioral change is associated with mood change and vitamin D status,; study co-author Dr. Fatme Al Anouti, an assistant professor in Zayed University#39;s college of sustainability sciences and humanities, told The Huffington Post in an email. ;So participants who adopted a more outdoor lifestyle got better in terms of mood and vitamin D status.;“这只是初次研究,我们需要更大的样本。不过我们的确发现心情变化与体内维生素D的含量有关。”本项研究的作者之一 Dr. Fatme Al Anouti 说,他是萨义德大学可持续性自然与人文学院的教授。Dr. Fatme Al Anouti 在一封 email 中告知赫芬顿邮报,“研究参与者中,热衷户外运动的人心情比较好,维生素D的含量也更高。”For the study, researchers identified 20 individuals with depressive symptoms and low blood levels of vitamin D from a group of more than 100 people. Some of these individuals were encouraged to spend more time in the sun for seven weeks while others were encouraged simply to see a doctor, Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National reported.根据总部在阿布扎比的 The National 报报道,在这项调查中,调查者从100名参与者中选出了20名有抑郁症状和维生素D含量较低的人。这20人中,一部分鼓励他们在未来的七个星期里多晒太阳,另一部分则只让他们去看医生。What did the researchers find? The individuals who were encouraged to get more sun ;showed less symptoms of depression,; Dr. Al Anouti told The National. ;In this study we showed that if you improve your vitamin D level, you will improve your mood.;研究者们发现了什么呢?那些被鼓励多晒太阳的人“表现出更少的抑郁症状,” Dr. Al Anouti told 告诉 The National 报纸,“这项研究表明如果你提高体内维生素D的含量,你的心情就会变好。”Psychologist Dr. Michael Terman, professor at Columbia University and author of the book ;Reset Your Inner Clock,; told The Huffington Post in an email that this new research implies the antidepressant benefit comes from exposure to ultraviolte rays that act on the skin to stimulate vitamin D production.哥伦比亚大学教授、《重置你的生物钟》一书的作者、心理学家 Dr. Michael Terman 通过 email 告诉赫芬顿邮报,这项新研究说明:阳光能有抗抑郁的效果,是因为紫外线照射皮肤刺激了维生素D的产出。But another factor may be at play.不过另一个因素也可能影响着实验结果。;The primary antidepressant effect of light must lie in the visible range,; he noted. ;So the Zayed subjects likely showed improved mood because of increased retinal light exposure rather than increased skin exposure to UV in sunlight.;“阳光的抗抑郁效果必须是在有可见光的情况下才有用。”他注意到,“萨义德研究中的参与者的情绪好转,可能是因为视网膜接收到了阳光,而不是因为皮肤接收了阳光中的紫外线。”This new study is not the first to suggest a link between mood and vitamin D levels. A 2006 study linked vitamin D deficiency in older adults with lower moods. More recently, research at the Loyola University Chicago Niehoff School of Nursing showed that vitamin D supplements improved the moods of women with type 2 diabetes and signs of depression.这项研究并不是第一项指出情绪与维生素D有联系的研究。一项2006年的研究显示,心情不好的老年人通常缺少维生素D。洛约拉大学护理学院最近的一项研究表明,补充维生素D可以使有抑郁症状和Ⅱ型糖尿病的女性情绪好转。 /201310/259371福清海口镇治疗软下疳好的医院

福清尖锐湿疣治疗医院LYON: A 33-year-old French man was sent to prison after phoning andtexting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times, admitting that, with hindsight,;it was stupid;.里昂:法国一名33岁男子因通过电话和短信骚扰前女友21807次而被捕,他后来承认说:“这种行为很愚蠢”。The unnamed defendant, who had made the calls to demand the woman thank him forfixing up their flat, was given a 10-month sentence — six months ofwhich was suspended — and a 1,000-euro (,300) fine.这名未透露姓名的被告数次打电话要求前女友感谢他修理了他们的公寓,这名男子已获10个月监禁以及1000欧元(1300美元)罚款——其中有6个月是缓期执行。 He will also have to undergo psychiatric treatment and is barred from allcontact with the woman he harassed, lawyers in the case told AFP.该案例的律师们对法新社说,他还将接受精神病治疗并被限制同前女友进行任何联系。The defendant, who comes from Rhone insouthern France,had aly accepted responsibility for the barrage of phone calls and textmessages over a 10-month period, and had accepted an earlier demand to ceasecontact with his ex.这名被告来自法国南部的罗纳河,他已经为自己10个月来频繁通过电话和短信骚扰女友造成的后果承担责任,他也接受了之前要求他停止与前女友联系的判决。He had been hospitalised in the past for depression, and struggled to cope whenhis girlfriend broke off their relationship in 2011. He demanded compensationfor work he had carried out in their apartment.他过去有因抑郁症而入院的病史,他努力应对着2011年女友提出与他分手的事实。但他要求女友补偿他为修理公寓所作的努力。;At the time, my logic was that untilshe returns the money ... or at least says thank you, I would not stop thecalls,; he told the court in Lyon.她对里昂的法院说,“那时候,我想的就是在她把钱还我。。。或至少对我说谢谢之前,我是不会停住给她打电话的”。The calls kept coming -- averaging morethan 73 per day. ;She tried to block her line, but he phoned herparents instead and her workplace,; said Manuella Spee, lawyer for thevictim, a 32-year-old teacher who was also not named.电话持续打进来——平均每天超过73个。受害者的律师Manuella Spee说,“她试图让他联系不到她,但他改成向她的父母和她的工作地点打电话”。Manuella Spee是一名32岁的教师,姓名未详。It was only when she finally said thank you, during a meeting organised by amediator, that the harassment stopped. He has not contacted her since.直到前女友在调停者组织的会议上对他道了谢,他才停止了骚扰。此后,他再没联系过前女友。I tell myself, with hindsight, that it wasstupid,; he told the court yesterday.他昨天在法庭上说,“后来,我对自己说这样做很愚蠢”。He said he wanted to return to school to train to be a legal assistant, andadded that he had a ;passion for writing;.他说自己想要重返学校接受成为法律助理的培训,他还说,他有“写作的热情” /201410/333621 If you still love the summer dress, then keep wearing it! But don#39;t forget to add a simple little vest , it will make the dress look more special. Besides, the belt on the waist comes from the TOYO inspiration , and this detail can help you follow the fashion trend of this year.如果还没过完夏日长裙的瘾,那就继续吧!但是别忘了外面加一件小马甲,让长裙看起来特别一些。并且,腰间的腰带是BG今年的东瀛灵感,这样的小细节能帮你很好的follow新的流行。The show of Coach seems much younger than ever before. We have no idea about the opinions of the faithful fans of Coach, but the author thinks that this mix and match style is young enough to attract attention. So please copy this style: cartoon T-shirt + leather skirt +neutral vest+ pearl necklace!Coach今年比以往都年轻了起码20岁!且不说Coach的忠实粉们是否能接受这样的变化,反正编辑觉得这混搭的年轻气非常招人喜欢,所以你请你拷贝,卡通T恤+皮质半裙+中性马夹+珍珠项链的搭配!Blouse is always in vogue . This kind of apparel modelling is well suited to the following autumn. You can just wear like this, and don#39;t miss the unilateral earring.衬衫的流行:这套造型太适合接下来的秋季,你就这样穿,连模特的单边耳环都不要放过。If you try to choose a suit in this season, then you can choose the suit featuring with printed floral, a profiled jaket and a dress with silt design. Likewise, don#39;t forget to wear a belt!今季要选套装,就选全印花、夹克有廓形感、裙子有开衩设计的,同样,别忘了系上腰带!Please remember long blouse plus long suit is the year#39;s fashion! And the high heels with pointed toes is the key of being chic.今年请记得穿长衬衫+长西装,够长才够流行!其中尖头高跟鞋是让一切都变得更“chic”的关键!Adding a long vest outside the long shirt will look much nicer, and the most important thing is to wear flat shoes.在长衬衫外面加一件长款马夹,看起来就丰富多了。并且,穿上平底鞋才是最重要的!This deress becomes fashionable starting from the popularity of diving-suits fabric . If you add a belt and a pair of flat shoes, your look will be impeccable .从潜水面料走俏开始,这种挺括感的连衣裙就一直非常流行。加上一条腰带再来一双平底鞋,你的LOOK就无懈可击了。Short TOP has been popular for several seasons, you can still wear it this year, and it is recommended that you choose long bottoms to match!短TOP已经持续流行了好几季,今年你依旧可以穿它,编辑推荐你选择长款下装搭配,更有腔调!You can wear the short print dress of summer for a little longer, just match it with a light nine point pant.夏日的印花短裙你也可以再穿一阵子,搭配一条质感同样轻薄的九分长裤就够了。Wearing see-through dress need you to have a good control about the degree. Matching the see-through with the opaque is in the year#39;s fashion.掌握好透视的比例,用透与不透相互搭配着,才是今年的流行。 /201410/334717福建福清市妇幼医院做血常规检查福清哪里做包皮手术



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