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We are an obscure, poor people,though formerly of better account,我们是不为外人所理解 贫穷的人民 就算在之前乐观地考虑removed to a remote corner of the world without name and without alliances.我们也将孤苦去向世界尽头 默默无名并孤立无援In 1707, the deed was done.1707年 他们终于达成了一致A Treaty of the Union had been drafted.他们起草了联合条约It took just ten weeks to go through the Scottish parliament,six through Westminster.苏格兰议会仅用了十周时间就通过了条约 而英格兰议会只用了六周Scotland and England were now joined at the hip.苏格兰和英格兰终于紧密不可分割了What kind of nation was this Great Britain?这样的大不列颠是个怎样的国家呢To answer that,all you needed to do was to go to the new Royal Naval Hospital,想要找到 你只需要去一趟新成立的皇家海军医院a palatial retirement home for pensioned-off servicemen, in Greenwich.一家坐落于格林威治的 为那些遣散军人建造的豪华退休之家It was a triumphal statement of how Britain saw its place in the world in the early 18th century.那是十八世纪前期的英国 对自己在世界范围中定位的 胜利宣言On the ceiling, painted by Sir James Thornhill,该穹顶画由詹姆士·桑希尔爵士亲自完成a jubilant allegory celebrates the reign of William of Orange and his wife Mary.画中是一个歌颂奥兰治的威廉 和他的妻子玛丽统治时期的寓言故事 /201705/509112武汉治疗前列腺肥大男性医院TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463925湖北省中山医院割包皮In a surprise announcement, energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after the year 2020.在一个出人意料的公告中,代表几乎整个欧盟的能源公司承诺在2020年后不建新的煤电厂。National energy companies from every EU nation except Poland and Greece were a part of the announcement Wednesday. 周三,来自除波兰和希腊以外的每个欧盟国家能源公司参加了公告。The move stems from the Paris climate agreement, in which 195 countries vowed to take action to limit global warming.此举源自巴黎气候协议,195个国家誓言采取行动限制全球变暖。Coal is a good fossil fuel to start with because it releases the most carbon dioxide. And its toxic pollution travels across Europe. 首先,煤炭是一个很好的化石燃料,因为它释放的二氧化碳最多。它的有毒污染遍布欧洲。But while many clean-energy supporters praised the announcement, some told The Guardian they hope these countries will go further and completely phase out existing coal plants. 但是,尽管许多清洁能源持者称赞这一宣布,一些人告诉卫报,他们希望这些国家将进一步并完全淘汰现有的燃煤电厂。Climate experts say Europe will have to completely shut down its plants by 2030 to meet its goals for limiting climate change.气候专家称,到2030年欧洲将不得不完全关闭其工厂,以满足其限制气候变化的目标。译文属。201704/502356武汉华夏男子医院可以看早泄吗

武汉包皮手术哪里好?大冶市中医医院包皮手术多少钱East London in South Africa.这里是南非的东伦敦63 years ago, just before Christmas,63年前,就在圣诞节前夕the curator of the local museum was idly sifting through a fishermans catch down on the waterfront.当地物馆的馆长正漫不经心地挑选着渔民们从海滨捕来的东西Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer was then just 31 years old.Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer当时才31岁22nd December 1938 was a wonderful day.1938年12月22日是一个美妙的日子I came upon this most beautiful fish. It was just on, just on 5ft.我无意之中得到了这条最漂亮的鱼,它有5英尺长It was silver and gold and green and blue and had white kind of flecks on it体色是金、银、蓝、绿错杂,还有白色的斑点and to my horror it had these slim-like fins我感到震惊的是它竟然长着瘦长的鳍and I thought to myself what on earth can this be, Ive never seen a fish like this.我在想地球上怎么会有这样的动物,我从没看到过这样的鱼She rushed the fish off to have it preserved. Then she asked Dr. J.L.B. Smith, a South African academic, to identify it.她赶紧把鱼带回去保存起来,然后邀请J.L.B. Smith士,一位南非学者,对它进行鉴定He stood at the head of the table and he said, ;Well lass,; he said,他站在桌子一头说:“啊,小姑娘”;this fish will be on the lips of every scientist in the world. Its a coelacanth.;“这条鱼将成为全世界科学家谈论的焦点,它是一条腔棘鱼”Coelacanths were a breed of Devonian lobe-finned fish that were thought to have been extinct for over 76 million years.腔棘鱼是泥盆纪肉鳍鱼的一种,人们以为它早在7600万年前就已灭绝It was absolutely fantastic because it was... its living这实在太奇怪了,因为它还活着and it, its exactly like having found a live dinosaur or a live archaeopteryx.这种兴奋的感觉好比找到了一只活的恐龙或是一只活的始祖鸟。201702/492149Snow down the back.Okay, lets get into it.真是冻死人了 好了 下水吧The water was so cold,it immediately froze on the camera lens.水太冷了 以至于一碰到镜头就冻结成冰At this point, its critical to keep focus on reaching the other side.此时 最重要的就是集中精力 尽快到达对岸Of course, at you dont see as the audience is you cant feel how cold that is.作为旁观者观看这一幕 必然感觉不到有多冷And minus 25,you know, its where you put your meat or your veg to freeze.零下25度 这温度能冻僵人体的血肉So far, its looking,looking okay. Oh, hang on.Okay, were in.现在来看 情况还不错 坚持 我要浸入水中了Okay, its over the deep bit.Lets get ashore.Bloody Norah!Man, that is nice.好了 最深的地方过来了 上岸吧 天啊 上帝 真暖和Sometimes my boys watch these sort of programs,and they go, ;are they really that cold.;有时我儿子看这些节目的时候 他们会问;真那么冷吗;When you can show them a shoelace.Out horizontal,then you know its cold.那就向他们展示这根鞋带吧 都冻结实了 知道有多冷了吧In at number eight is the Sahara desert,where I found fluid in the strangest of places.精时刻第八名发生在撒哈拉沙漠 我在最难以置信的地方发现了水The Sahara is the largest and hottest desert in the world.撒哈拉是世界上最大最热的沙漠The temperature is 130 degrees,and finding fluid is my biggest priority.气温达到华氏130度 所以找到水是我的首要任务Ive been given a camel by a local Berber tribesman,an old beast that had been put out of its misery.当地柏柏尔部落的人给了我一头骆驼 一头年迈而刚离世的骆驼What Im looking for is the liquids.我要的是水I was hoping that the undigested contents of the camels stomach would contain vital fluid.我希望在骆驼胃里没消化的食物中 能有无比珍贵的水201612/484198武汉华夏男子医院割包皮挂什么科武汉华夏男子男科医院女

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