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英语口语中关于送“礼物”(gift)的日常英语 -- :55: 来源: 这是送给你的 This is you. This is you. (这是送给你的) That very nice of you. (太谢谢你啦) Here something you. I got this you. 这是你的那份 This is your share. *share“(一个一个分开的)分成的份儿,分开” This is your portion. This is your part. This portion is you. 过生日想要什么礼物? What do you want your birthday? What do you want your birthday? (过生日想要什么礼物?) I want gloves. (我想要副手套) 噢,来喽! Ta-dah! *把礼物等送到别人面前时的一种表达方式 Here you are! (请收下) Here you have it! 日常英语 英语口语Old John And The Devil(An American Folktale) This folktale1) comes from the South eastern ed States. It takes place in the days bee automobiles when everyone used horses. A blacksmith――a man who makes horseshoes and other items from metal――was at that time quite an important part of the commy. Because every one needed horseshoes and pots and pans and metal tools and things like nails, which the blacksmith made, the black smith shop also became a commy gathering place where neighbor met neighbor. Once there was a blacksmith everyone called Old John. He was the only blacksmith miles a round and since he did very good work, his shop was frequently crowded with neighbors and old friends and other shopkeepers from the village. Old John himself, however, was not a friendly person. In fact, he was considered a terrible grouch, a very mean-spirited and temperamental) person. He was always complaining about people borrowing his tools, and sitting in his rocking chair to pass the time away in idle chatter, and tearing branches off his sythia bush to use as whips their horses. People generally tolerated Old John because they had to and because he was a good workman. Given that he was comparatively well off and an important member of the commy, no one could understand why he was so mean. One day when John was not very busy, a figure in a long, white robe appeared beside him as he clanged away making tools. “Old John,” the figure said. “I have come to give you a chance to redeem yourself and save your soul. ”Old John kept right on hammering. “You have, have you?” he said with a grin. “And who says I need redeeming3) anyway?”“Everyone knows, ”the figure said, “you are a person of no generosity) and a very mean spirit. ”“Is that right?”Old John said, lifting his hammer in his visitor’s face and giving it a shake. “And just what it is you propose to do about it?”“I am authorized, ”the figure said, “to grant you three wishes. ”“Well, I am authorized, ”Old John said, “to tell you I don’ t believe a word of it, and if you don’t haul your behind out of here and quit bothering me with all this work to do, I’ll put you out myself. ”“I insist I am quite serious about this, ”the figure said, “and furthermore you had best consider carefully what you wish as your chances going to heaven depend upon it. “Old John just laughed. “Why I figure my chances of going to heaven are just as good as anybody’s, ”he said. “I don’ t do anything but work, eat and sleep. And kick the dogs when they get under my feet. And chase away these loafers5) that are always hanging around here. What’s wrong with that?”The figure just shook its misty head. “What are your three wishes, Old John?I don’t have much time to spend with you. ” 80英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- ::51 来源: . Obligation1. You’re supposed to do your homework bee 5:00.. I have to finish my homework first.3. You must do it right now.. You ought to have your breakfast first.5. You should do it first.6. Are we required to work out the plan today?7. Is there any need us to get a visa?8. I think it is necessary.9. I don’t really think you want to.. I’m obliged to offer my resignation.Dialogue 1M1: Well, Peter, you have to do better than that next time, won’t you?M: Have I really got to do those exams again, Dad?M1: Of course, you have. You must try harder this time.M: And must I go back to school?M1: No, you needn’t do that. You’d better get a part-time job somewhere and go to evening classes.M: But Dad, I should be working full-time at my age. I’m nearly .M1: You ought to have worked harder then you wouldn’t have failed your exams. You have to take a job and study.M: What else I’ve got to do? Join the army?M1: Who knows! That might come to later.Dialogue W: Do I have to write the invitation cards?M: No, you don’t have to. But I think you ought to.W: Oh, well. If I must, I must.Dialogue 3W: You know, you really ought to get a new pair of jeans. Those are falling to pieces.M: But this is how I like them, Mum. They’re just beginning to look right.W: Well, you’d better get another pair work at least or your sacking on the sport.Dialogue M: How’re you today?W: Pretty good, thanks. And you?M: What’s the main idea in this essay?W: The ed Nations should have more authority.Dialogue 5W: What’re you doing now?M: I’m watching TV.W: You’re supposed to clean your teeth bee you go to bed.M: I will.W: And don’t ever get it.Dialogue 6M: Betty, something is burning. Can you smell it?W: You’re right.M: Look! The iron is still on.W: I should have turned it off. I’ll turn it off now.M: Look at my nice blue shirt, there’s a big hole in it.W: I’m sorry, Jim.M: Never mind, dear.I have some obligations today. I should copy these sentences, add this figures, but I don’t feel like it. Then my mother comes back. She complains she also has some obligations. She ought to tidy the room, dust the furniture, polish the floor and cook meal. My father is no exception either. He’s supposed to wash the car, repair the fence and post these letters. What a busy day! 小时 上半 每天 英语口语情感口语:如何友善拒绝表白 -- ::8 来源: 俗话说强扭的瓜儿不甜,强求的爱也不会香每个人多少都有告白或者被人告白的经历,被人拒绝当然是一件痛苦的事,但有时拒绝别人更是一件痛苦的事今天我们就来说一说对那些我们希望维持友好关系或是需要一起共事的人,如何友善地拒绝对方的表白1. 赞美对方,修饰原因告诉表白对象你觉得他她很好很出色,或者让你的拒绝原因中带着一些你无法控制的因素,比如工作太忙或是尚未准备好投入一段感情等等You're a great guygirl, but I'm just too busy to pursue a serious relationship right now.你是一个很好的男人女人,但我实在太忙了,没有时间投入到长期、稳定的恋爱关系中I'm flattered that you asked, but I'm not y to start a relationship right now.你会这么问让我很是受宠若惊,但我现在还没有准备谈恋爱Work has been keeping me too busy, I don't think I'm a good boyfriendgirlfriend material.我工作非常忙,所以我觉得我不具备一个很好的男朋友女朋友的资质I'm still hung up over my previous relationship, and I'd rather us just be friends.我对前一段恋情还是很放不下,我希望我们就做朋友吧I've just gotten out of a bad relationship and I don't want to start anything too hastily.我刚经历了一段不堪回首的感情,我不希望太过着急开始另一段恋情. 坦白直率,愿友情长存直接告诉对方你觉得双方可能不太合适做恋人,但希望还能继续保持现有的友情如果对方不愿跟你继续交往,那也不用太强求了I like you, but I'm just not interested in you in that way.我喜欢你,但我对你的感情不是那种恋人间情感You're a great friend, and I'd rather that we keep it this way.你是一个很好的朋友,我希望我们能继续保持这样的关系I'm not the right guygirl you. I hope that you can understand and that we can still be friends.我不是适合你的男人女人,我希望你能够明白,并且希望我们还能够继续当朋友I like you as a friend, and I hope that we wouldn't have to give up our friendship over this.我喜欢和你做朋友,我希望我们的友谊不会因为这件事而结束 拒绝 如何 口语 情感运用想象力,在你的心灵呈现一张自己的照片,照片中的你再次变得健康,令你满意而那有病痛的部位也在你的想象中变得完好和健康你的身体将恢复到它本来应有的健康状态大自然的设计使我们的身体能保持在健康的状态Welcome to the hypnotic garden. The latest scientific investigations of the mind have been able to prove the ancient wisdom. The fact of the intimate connection between the mind and body. The body produces what the mind dictates. Whatever is held in the mind, the physical body will produce. The diseases of the body can and mostly are caused by ill feelings, or bitterness towards another person. All of the emotions intense passion, hatred and longstanding jealousy, affect the body negatively. And corroding anxiety and bad temper actual induce physical diseases. The heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, and body cells are destroyed. Worry causes untold life-threatening diseases such as heart troubles, nerves breakdowns, and blood-pressure problems.If the bad thoughts are destroyed, bodily diseases and problems will vanish. This is the hypnosis technique which can help self-healing. It is a relaxation technique that you can utilize just to simply relax. I just want to give you some idea of how it feels, to experience the wonderful euphoric feeling of hypnosis relaxation. If you have any discomt in any area of your body, or diseased, I want you to send a loving thought to that area.Visualize, put pictures in your mind of your body becoming healthy and well again. That area of your body you can see in your mind's eye becoming healthy and well again. Healthy as it should be. Nature made our bodies to stay healthy,To heal itself. Nature only needs the cooperation and assistance of the mind to operate naturally and heal.I want you to get you a comtable position, preferably to stretch out on the floor or on a bed, with a small pillow to support your neck or possibly roll up some clothing and place under your neck.Get comtable. Place a light cover or towel on you. We'll just have a small break while you get prepared. 18

新东方英语900句提高篇51 过去和未来 -01-7 ::58 来源: Lesson Fifty -one Past Future 过去和未来高速下载1. first thing first 开门见山. go to details 讲细节3. a clear time logic 清晰时间顺序Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and we decided to go a drive.昨天天气很好,我们决定开车去兜风We prepared a picnic and drove down by the river.我们准备好了野餐,开车沿着河边一路驶去On the way back home, we had a flat tire.在回家的路上,我们有一个轮胎漏气了It was after dark when we got back, and we were all tired.当回来的时天色已黑,我们都很累了A strange thing happened to me this morning.I was crossing the street and was almost hit by a car.tunately I jumped back in time and avoided being hit.It was a terrible experience and I won‘t get it.Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and we decided to go a drive.昨天天气很好,我们决定开车去兜风It‘s a beautiful day.It'a a lovely day.It's a nice day.We prepared a picnic and drove down by the river.我们准备好了野餐,开车沿着河边一路驶去by the river along the river 沿着河边On the way back home, we had a flat tire.在回家的路上,我们有一个轮胎漏气了on the way home on the way back homeIt was after dark when we got back, and we were all tired.当回来的时天色已黑,我们都很累了dog tired 很累I used to have a lot of fun when I was a student.学生时代我有着很多的乐趣I used to be a teacher.I used to work in a factory.I used to live in China. But now, I live in America.I can‘t recall the exact circumstances.我记不起具体的情形了I can‘t recall I can‘t rememberI can‘t recall your telephone number.I can‘t recall his address.I can‘t recall the phone number of your office.We never imagined that John would become a doctor.我们从来没有想象到约翰会成为一名医生Never too old to learn. 活到老学到老Never say never. 永远不要把事情说得过于绝对If it doesn‘t rain tomorrow, I think I‘ll go shopping.如果明天不下雨,我想我要会去购物If it doesn‘t snow tomorrow, I‘ll go to Shanghai.If it doesn‘t snow tomorrow, I‘ll go to take a business trip.If I get my work finished on time, I‘ll leave Sydney Monday.如果准时完成工作,我将于星期一前往悉尼on time 准时in time 及时go to some place leave some placesick leave 病假home leave 探亲假paid leave 带薪假期I hope I remember to get a haircut tomorrow.我希望我能记得明天去理个发I hope I remember to turn off my mobile phone in the class.One of these days, I’d like to take a vacation.过些日子我要休一次假One of these days, I’d like to take a trip to HongKong.One of these days, I'd like to take a trip to .on the weekendAs soon as I can, I’m going to change jobs.只要可以,我想尽快换工作As soon as I can, I’m going to find a new job.As soon as I can, I’m going to take a vacation.As soon as I can, I’m going to see my parents.There‘s a chance he won‘t be home Christmas.有可能他将无法回家过圣诞节There‘s a (good) chance he will be late.There‘s a little changce he will come here.As long as you keep practicing, your spoken English will be more and more fluent.只要你坚持练习,你的口语一定会越来越流利spoken English oral EnglishOn the condition that I get a scholarship, I would consider studying abroad.如果能得到奖学金,我就会考虑出国留学consider doing sth.1. first thing first 开门见山. go to details 讲细节3. a clear time logic 清晰时间顺序If...I‘ll...I hope I remember...One of these days...As soon as I can, I’m going to...There is a chance...As long as...On the condition that... 未来 过去 提高 英语

Five Balls in the AirImagine life as a game in which you are juggling1) some five balls in the air.You name them―work,family,health,friends and spirit,and you’re keeping all these balls in the air.You understand that work is a rubber ball.If you drop it,it will bounce back.But the other four balls are made of glass.If you drop one of these,it will be irrevocably) scuffed,marked,nicked,damaged or even shattered.They will never be the same.You must understand that and strive balance in your life.How?Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself to others.It is because we a re- different that each of us is special.Don’t set your goals by what other people deem3) important.Only you know what is best you.Don’ t take granted the things closest to your heart.Cling to) them as you would to life, without them,it’s meaningless.Don’t let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or in the future.By living your life one day at a time,you live ALL the days of your life.Don’ t run through life so fast that you get not only where you’ve been,but also where you’ re going.Don’ t use time or words carelessly.Neither can be retrieved5).Life is not a race,but a journey to be savored each step of the way.Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,and today is a gift.That’ s why we call it―The Present.□by Bryan Dyson 7

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