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US Lawmakers Vote to Extend Sanctions Against Burma美国会推动立法加强经济制裁缅甸 U.S. lawmakers have been commenting on the situation in Burma as the U.S. Congress advanced legislation to strengthen and renew unilateral U.S. economic sanctions against the Burmese military government. 美国国会议员一直在关注缅甸的局势,目前美国国会推动新的立法,延长并加强对缅甸军政府实行单方面的经济制裁。The House of Representatives voted to extend U.S. trade sanctions against Burma's military government for one year, as companion legislation moved ahead in a Senate committee. 美国国会众议院投票同意美国对缅甸军政府的贸易制裁延长一年,与此同时,参议院一个委员会也在进行相关的立法程序。Sanctions prohibiting U.S. imports from Burma were first put into place in 2003, as a U.S. response to the refusal of Burma's military go restore democracy and improve human rights conditions. 禁止美国进口缅甸商品的经济制裁措施最初从2003年开始, 那是美国对缅甸军政府拒绝恢复民主、拒绝改善人权做法所做出的回应。In Wednesday's floor debate, Democrats and Republicans rose to support the extension, citing the Burmese military's use of force against democracy demonstrators last year, and its initial blocking of international relief aid for cyclone victims. 在星期三的国会辩论中,民主党人和共和党人都明确持延长制裁,并指出缅甸军政府去年使用武力来对付民主示威的民众,并在今年遭受强热带风暴后的初期阶段阻止国际社会对灾民的援助。"While there can be concerns about the universal effectiveness of unilateral sanctions, Burma clearly presents a unique situation. There is overwhelming evidence that Burma continues to blatantly disregard HR (human rights) and suppress democracy and it is therefore important to continue the important ban for another yearm" said Sander Levin, a Michigan Democrat. 桑德.利文议员是来自密西根州的民主党人。他说:“在人们担心单边制裁行动能否产生普遍效果的时候,缅甸却显然是一个特殊情况。有大量的据显示缅甸继续明目张胆地无视人权并压制民主,因此继续对这个政权实行禁运是重要的。”Republican Wally Herger describes himself as a skeptic where sanctions are concerned, suggesting that the U.S. import ban does not appear to have pushed Burma's military toward democracy and greater respect for human rights. 共和党人沃利.赫格说,他自己对经济制裁持怀疑的态度,他认为美国的禁运政策似乎没有发挥推动缅甸军政府向民主迈进以及更多地尊重人权的作用。Despite this, he says U.S. sanctions must continue because the situation has been getting worse rather than better. "That said, in light of the events of the past year I believe we have no choice but to continue these sanctions, not only to remind Burma's leaders that their actions are inexcusable but also to communicate to the impoverished Burmese people that we have not abandoned their cause," he said.  不过他说,美国的制裁必须继续下去,因为缅甸的局势更加恶化而不是好转了。他说:“尽管如此,根据过去一年的局势,我认为美国没有其它办法,只能继续实行制裁,不仅以此来提醒缅甸领导人他们的行动是不可原谅的,同时也向贫困的缅甸民众传达一个信息,就是我们没有不顾他们的事业放弃他们。”In addition to moving toward renewal of the U.S. import ban, Congress has acted on the Burmese JADE Act, which closes a gap relating to gem stones reaching the U.S from Burma through third countries. 国会除了准备延长美国的禁运之外,还推动了一项针对缅甸的另一项“玉石”法案,填补了有关缅甸玉石通过第三国进入美国的漏洞。Approved by the Senate Tuesday after earlier House passage, that measure also makes members of Burma's ruling military government along with other military officials and family members ineligible for U.S. visas. 这项法案经众议院通过以后,星期二参议院也予以批准,这个法案同时禁止缅甸军政府和其他军事官员以及他们的家属得到美国的签。At the same time, lawmakers stopped short of including a stronger provision that would have required the U.S. Chevron company to give up its share of the Yadana natural gas project in Burmese waters. 不过,国会议员却没有在法案中加入一个更强硬的条款,要求美国雪佛龙公司放弃他们在缅甸海域亚达纳YADANA天然气工程的股份。Instead, the JADE Act contains only non-binding language urging Chevron to consider divestment from the project if the military government does not move toward democratic and other reforms. 然而,“玉石法案”仅以不具约束力的行文敦促雪佛龙考虑,如果缅甸军政府不实行民主、不进行其它改革,就从该工程中撤回投资。Burma also came up in a separate House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing focusing on China and the 2008 Olympics. 在众议院外交关系委员举行另外有关中国和2008年奥运会的一次听会上,缅甸问题再次出现。There, Republican Dana Rohrabacher criticized Beijing for its support of Burma's military and its involvement in such places as Sudan. "Let's note, why is the dictatorship in Burma in place? Because of the dictatorship in Beijing. Burma is a vassal state of the Chinese Communist party," he said.The primary House sponsor of U.S. import ban legislation, Democrat Joseph Crowley, called Wednesday for the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) and the European Union to do more to step up financial and other pressure on Burma's military. 这项美国经济制裁议案的发起人、众议院民主党人约瑟夫.克劳利星期三呼吁东南亚国家联盟和欧盟各国作出更多的努力,在金融和其它方面对缅甸军政府增加压力。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told ASEAN leaders meeting in Singapore that it is in the organization's interest to press Burmese military rulers to begin a dialogue with democracy leaders. 美国国务卿赖斯在新加坡对参加东盟会议的各国领导人说,推动缅甸军事统治者开始和民主派领袖对话符合东盟的利益。200807/44780UN Devotes Day to Human Trafficking联合国敦促各国打击全球人口走私  The ed Nations aimed the spotlight on human trafficking Tuesday. The General Assembly devoted the entire day to discussing the issue of forced labor and exploitation. 联合国这个星期二把焦点集中在人口走私问题上。联合国大会星期二全天讨论了强制性劳动和剥削等问题。The ed Nations estimates that at any given time 2 1/2 million people find themselves in situations that are defined as forced labor or sexual exploitation. Fifty-six percent, 1.4 million, are in Asia and the Pacific. 联合国估计,在任何一个时段,都有250万人处于被强制劳动或者是遭受性剥削的状态。其中百分之56,也就是140万人在亚太地区。The global organization says human trafficking affects more than 160 nations that serve either as a source, a transit point or a destination. 联合国表示,人口走私涉及160多个国家,这些国家或者是人口来源国、转口国、或者是目的地国。General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim says the full-day debate on the issue is the first time the General Assembly has dealt with human trafficking in a comprehensive way.  联大主席斯格杨.克里姆说,星期二的全天讨论是联合国大会第一次以彻底的方式来应对这个问题。"If there is an evil on earth which we are facing nowadays as nations and as peoples and individuals, then together with drug trafficking and illicit trade, it is human trafficking," he said.  他说:“人口走私同毒品走私和非法交易一样,是我们今天作为国家、民族和个人所面临的一种罪恶。”According to figures from the International Labor Organization, the majority of trafficking victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. The ed Nations Children Funds, UNICEF, estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. Another recent study says that 95 percent of trafficked people experience physical or sexual violence. 国际劳动组织公布的数字显示,被拐骗的人口年龄通常在18到24岁。联合国儿童基金估计,每年有大约120万儿童被拐卖。最近的另外一份研究显示,在被拐骗的人口当中,95%遭遇了性暴力或者是其他形式的虐待。Actress Ashley Judd spoke to General Assembly in her capacity as a board member of Population Services International (P.S.I.), a group with health programs in 65 nations worldwide. She says she stumbled upon the issue of human trafficking while working with P.S.I. 国际人口务是一个在65个国家里设有公共卫生项目的组织。美国电影女演员艾什莉.贾德以该组织理事的身份在联大会议上表示,她是在为该组织工作期间,碰到人口走私问题的。"I have been to 12 countries worldwide and spent a great deal of time in brothels, slums, hospices, youth drop-in centers, in both public hospitals as well as rural clinics. It is very difficult to leave behind people I know are victims of human trafficking. I defy anyone to walk out of a brothel or to walk out of an orphanage leaving those people behind. So I have been making a series of sacred promises: I will never forget you' and 'I will tell your story.' I know that the unheard are helped when they are heard," he said. 她说:“我去到过12个国家,用好多时间走访妓院、贫民窟、福利院、儿童赡养所、公立医院和乡村卫生所,看到很多被拐卖的人,每一次都很难从他们身边走开。我想去到妓院或者是孤儿院参观的人,都会有一样的感受。因此,我一直在内心里保说,‘我不会忘记你们的,我会讲述你们的故事’。我知道,对那些沉默中的人来说,能够让外界了解他们的处境,对他们就是一种帮助。”UN studies show that the estimated annual global profit from trafficked people is almost billion. Almost half of that is generated in industrialized economies.  联合国的研究显示,国际间每年从人口走私中获利近320亿美元,其中几乎一半是在工业化国家赚取的。The Foreign Affairs Minister of the ed Arab Emirates Anwar Gargash says economically successful countries will always face problems such as human trafficking. He says the use of imported children as jockeys in camel racing first brought the issue to the fore in the UAE. 阿拉伯联合酋长国的外交事务大臣加尔加什说,经济发达国家总会碰到人口走私等问题。他说,让从外国买来的儿童充当骆驼比赛的骑手,阿拉伯联合国酋长国是由此开始关注这个问题的。"We realized that tackling that problem means for us to look beyond what a traditional sport is. At the same time, to understand that we cannot tackle these issues except through international partnerships. This is what we did with UNICEF. We are starting to tackle the other forms of human trafficking. Mostly what we have is the issue of sexual exploitation. We understand that it is not a stigma to have human trafficking, but the stigma is not to do anything about it," he said. 他说:“我们意识到,要解决这个问题,就意味著必须要重新审视骆驼比赛这一传统体育项目。同时,要明白只有通过国际合作才能解决这个问题。所以我们开始和联合国儿童基金会合作。我们也开始处理其他形式的人口走私问题,其中最多的是性剥削问题。我们明白,存在人口走私现象不是耻辱,而面对这种现象无所作为才是耻辱。”So far, 116 nations have ratified a UN protocol against trafficking, the only international agreement that addresses human trafficking as a crime. The Trafficking Protocol requires ratifying nations to criminalize human trafficking and help victims. 迄今,已经有116个国家批准了联合国反人口走私议定书。议定书将走私人口视为犯罪,要求签署国制裁人口走私行为,并帮助受害者。200806/41194But if we do that once, all our clients will start asking for 20% off everything.但如果我们这么做过一次,那么所有客户就会开始要求一切打8折。No, I disagree.不,我不同意。Well be bankrupt! No, youre wrong.我们会破产! 不,你错了。Anna, maybe you should find a better way of saying you disagree with Denise.安娜,或许你应该用更好的方法表示你不同意丹尼斯说的。Im so frustrated! I cant think of the right words.我很沮丧!我找不到合适的词表达。It helps if you try phrases like: Well, Im not so sure about that...then explain why.如果你尝试这种表达会对你有帮助:我对此不确定……然后解释原因。Or start your sentence with but when you want to disagree with what has just been said.或者当你想否定刚才说的话时以“但是”为句子开始。Or, to seem more polite, you can try: I see your point, but actually I think... Ill try.或者表现得更有礼貌,你可以试着说:我明白你的意思,但事实上我认为…… 我会试试的。And dont be aggressive Anna and give your reasons too, or youll upset Denise again!不要咄咄逼人,安娜,并且给出你的理由,否则你又要让丹尼斯不安了!OK.Well, Im not so sure about that.好的。我对此不是很确定。I think it will improve our sales of lemons and make our clients happy.我认为这将提升柠檬的销量,并且让我们的客户感到满意。Happy clients will come back to buy more.感到满意的客户会再来买更多的产品。Yes, thats a good point Annabe... Anna.是的,说的好,安娜贝……安娜。 /201612/483819

Hello, welcome back to Tip Top Trading where Anna is going downstairs to speak to warehouse manager, Mr Ingle.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,安娜正往楼下走准备跟仓库经理英格尔先生谈谈。You’re looking a bit nervous…你看起来有点紧张……I am. Denise says if I speak to him in the wrong way, he might bite my head off!确实。丹尼斯说如果我说话的方式不对,他可能会咬掉我的头(发怒)!Relax Anna. It’s just an expression to mean he might be a bit aggressive.放松,安娜。这种表达只是说他可能会有点生气。You’ll be fine, just use the right polite phrases… oh, and smile!不会有事的,只要使用正确的礼貌用语,并且微笑!OK, I will. Oh look here I am…好的,我会的,看,我到了。Mr Ingle, are you there?英格尔先生,你在那里吗?I’d be most grateful if you could give me some…我会很感激的,如果你能给我一些……Oh, what’s that smell… and smoke… Mr Ingle!这是什么味,还有烟……英格尔先生!Mr Ingle. You’re smoking!英格尔先生,你在抽烟!Well… it’s my lunch break… so I’m allowed to smoke a cigarette, aren’t I?这是我的午休时间,所以我可以吸烟,不是吗?Really? Are you sure?真的?你确定?No, he’s not Anna! Smoking inside a public building is illegal – it’s against the law.不,他不行,安娜!在公共场合内吸烟是违法的。It’s dangerous too - you’ve got to do something about this.这还很危险,你得做点什么。Oh right. Mmm, er, Mr Ingle, you mustn’t smoke… it’s wrong.好吧。英格尔先生,你不能吸烟,这是不对的。 /201702/490898

McCain, Obama Urge Congress to Act on Financial Rescue Plan美国两党候选人共推金融救市计划 Both major U.S. presidential candidates are sounding a rare note of agreement as they urge Congress to act quickly on a plan to rescue the weakened U.S. financial sector.美国民主、共和两党总统候选人少有地发出共同声音,敦促国会迅速就一项挽救美国金融市场的计划采取行动。After days of clashing on the economy, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama both appeared to be on the same page in pushing Congress to try again on a financial rescue plan, one day after a compromise plan was voted down in the House of Representatives.共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和民主党总统候选人奥巴马多少天来,一直就经济问题发表着不同的意见,但是在国会众议院否决了一项救市妥协方案一天之后,两位候选人在推动国会再次努力方面看来站到了一起。Senator McCain spoke to a group of small business owners in Iowa.麦凯恩参议员在爱奥华州对一些小企业主发表讲话说:"We cannot allow a crisis in our financial system to become a crisis in confidence," he said. "I call on everyone in Washington to come together in a bipartisan way to address this crisis." “我们不能允许金融体系中的危机演变成信心危机。我呼吁华盛顿所有的人,不分党派,为解决这个危机而共同努力。”"I know that many of the solutions to this problem may be unpopular, but the dire consequences of inaction will be far more damaging to the economic security of American families, and the fault will all be ours," he added.“我知道,解决问题的很多方法可能不得人心,但是无所作为的严重后果会给美国家庭的经济安全带来严重得多的损害,而那将完全是我们的错。”McCain and his Democratic rival, Senator Obama, both talked by phone with President Bush earlier in the day, who also urged Congress to act swiftly on a rescue plan.麦凯恩和他的民主党对手奥巴马参议员当天早些时候都同布什总统进行了电话交谈。布什总统也敦促国会迅速就一项救市计划采取行动。Obama and McCain both proposed the government increase the limit on bank deposit insurance from the current figure of 0,000 to 0,000.奥巴马和麦凯恩都建议政府把储蓄保险金的上限从目前的10万美元提高到25万。Obama urged Americans to get behind the financial rescue plan during a campaign appearance in Reno, Nevada.奥巴马在内华达州雷诺市竞选时敦促美国人持救市计划。"To the Democrats and Republicans who opposed this plan yesterday, I say step up to the plate and do what is right for this country," he said. "And to all Americans, I say this. If and when I am President of the ed States, this rescue plan will not be the end of what we do to strengthen our economy, it will only be the beginning."他说:“我要对昨天反对这个计划的民主党人和共和党人说,面对挑战,做对国家有利的事情。我还要对所有的美国人说,假如我当选美国总统,这个救市计划不会是我们加强国家经济的最后一步,它将仅仅是开端。”Obama said unless there is congressional action, Americans will find it increasingly difficult to get a mortgage to buy a home or secure loans to buy a car or finance college.奥巴马表示,除非国会采取行动,否则美国人会发现越来越难得到房屋抵押贷款,越来越难为买汽车或者上大学贷款。The continuing focus on the economy in the election campaign seems to be helping Obama.Public opinion polls during the past week show Obama pulling into a slight lead over McCain, and political experts like Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News expect Obama will continue to focus on the economy in the final weeks of the campaign."Eighty percent of the people think the country is on the wrong track, and so Obama is going to spend most of his time hammering away on economic issues and saying that if you liked eight years of George Bush, you will love four more years with John McCain because that is what you will get with his economic and tax policies," he said.The economy is likely to be a major topic in Thursday's one and only debate between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden.两位副总统候选人共和党的佩林和民主党的拜登之间唯一一场辩论定于星期四举行。经济问题很可能是一个主要议题。200810/51427Visa formalities签手续A: Nina, have you had everything organized yet?A: 妮娜,一切都安排就绪了吗?B: Except your visa, everything is y. I have reserved a hotel room in the downtown area of Paris.B: 除了您的签,其他的事情都准备好了。我已经在巴黎市中心给您预订了宾馆。A: OK, thank you. Then when can I get my visa?A: 好的,谢谢你。那我什么时候能拿到签呢?B: There are some difficulties. You have to apply for the visa one month ahead of time, we were a little late when we started applying for it. And also we need an invitation from Firth Company.B: 这有些困难。申请签必须提前一个月,我们申请得有点晚。而且还需要福斯公司给我们出具邀请函。A: It really sounds complicated. Now what should I do?A: 听起来确实很复杂。我该怎么办?B: Dont worry. I have talked to the visa office and they promised that once we got the invitation, you would get your visa within 1 week.B: 不用担心,我已经和签办公室谈过了,他们说我们一拿到邀请函一个星期之内保就能拿到签。A: Great. Did you book my fight there?A: 太好了。你帮我预定机票了吗?B: Of course, I have booked the flight for 24th. You dont have to worry about these trifles.B: 当然了,我已经预定了24号的机票,你不用担心这件小事。A: I appreciate it. I am very lucky to have a secretary like you.A: 非常感谢,有你这样的秘书我真是很幸运。B: You are welcome.B: 不客气。 /201603/428816

I'm Laura Rich, and I'm the Editorial Director of Inc.com and Fastcompany.com. We decided about a year and a half ago that we really wanted to look at where are the next jobs coming from. We decided on four criteria to come up with our list: job growth, salary range, investment education, the, the innovation factor. We look at who's going to need personal finance advisors in the next five years, don't forget about the aging baby boomers. Chiropractor, believe it or not, is a top job for the next five years. And that's because of an increased focus on more holistic living and alternative medicine. Epidemiologist, this is one of my favorites, personally, because I think it's so fascinating. We've seen, um, the, er, outbreak of bird flu in China become big headlines here. That's what epidemiologists study and that's going to become even bigger headlines going forward. Computer system analyst, as the world and business continues to move at a faster and faster pace and it's increasingly relying on technology, computer system analysts are going to become even more and more important. Producers and directors are going to have lots of different outlets to, to bid for, so that's going to be a big job in the next five years. Lawyer is a good job to the next five years as there're more businesses, as there're more small businesses which we are seeing. Um, we'll need more lawyers. The airline pilot or co-pilot, in the next five years, don't expect to see the travel industry turn around, but demand for travellers is expected to increase. Geoscientist, there's been a lot of focus on um, um, oil in the last year, and geoscientists are very big part of drilling for oil, finding other natural resources, so they're going to be in demand in the next five years. Medical and health services manager, again, think about the aging baby boomers. We are going to have a lot of need for people into the health industry. Every single person is going to have to remain flexible in their position and their career and constantly be looking for ways to evolve their careers in order to maintain not only just longevity and success, but also some sort of satisfaction in their jobs. 200808/46403Australian Combat Troops End Iraq Deployment澳大利亚作战部队开始撤离伊拉克   Australian combat troops have begun leaving Iraq. Their departure fulfills an election promise by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who pledged to pull his country's out of Iraq by the middle of 2008. 澳大利亚作战部队开始撤离伊拉克。这项撤离兑现了陆克文总理在竞选时的诺言。陆克文竞选时曾经保,一旦当选,将在2008年中开始把澳大利亚军队撤出伊拉克。For Australia's 550 combat soldiers, the war in Iraq is over. 对澳大利亚的五百五十名战斗人员来说,伊拉克战争已经结束。They have begun leaving their base at Tallil, 300 kilometers south of Baghdad, where they have been helping to train Iraqi security forces. 他们开始撤离位于巴格达以南三百公里的塔里尔基地。他们过去在那里协助训练伊拉克安全部队。They have handed their military responsibilities over to American units.In southern Iraq, a ceremony was held to mark Australia's exit from a conflict that has been widely unpopular back home. 在伊拉克南部,举行了纪念澳大利亚军队撤离伊拉克的仪式。伊拉克战争在澳大利亚非常不得人心。The commanding officer of Australia's Overwatch Battle Group, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Websdane, told the departing soldiers that their mission had been a success. 澳大利亚监督战斗团的指挥官维布斯丹中校,对这些即将离开伊拉克的澳大利亚军人说,他们的使命已经成功。"The work here is now done and it's time to return to your families and loved ones. You should be proud of your achievements. I am," he said. "You should be proud of your personal sacrifices and the part you have all played in bringing hope and prosperity to the people of Al Muthanna and Dhi Qar." 维布斯丹说:“在这里的工作已经完成,现在是你们回到家人和所爱的人身边的时候了。你们 应该为你们的成就感到骄傲。我本人就很骄傲。你们应该为你们的个人牺牲感到骄傲,你们应该为你们所扮演的,将希望和繁荣带给伊拉克穆参纳和迪卡尔人民的部分角色感到骄傲。”There also were words of appreciation from U.S. Lieutenant General Lloyd Austin, who is commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq... 伊拉克多国部队指挥官、美军中将奥斯丁也表达了感谢之意。"The Overwatch Battle Group was instrumental in establishing self-sustaining governance and security in Al Muthanna, in improving the security situation in Dhi Qar, and in the continued development of the Iraqi security forces," he said. 奥斯丁说:“监督战斗团在建立穆参纳自给自足的管理和安全方面,在改善迪卡尔的安全形势方面,以及在伊拉克安全部队的继续发展方面,都至关重要。”Some Australian military personnel will remain in Iraq to protect diplomats and a navy vessel will continue to patrol the Persian Gulf. 但是,一些澳大利亚的军事人员将继续留在伊拉克保护澳大利亚外交官,一艘澳大利亚军舰也将继续在波斯湾水域巡逻。The withdrawal of Australian combat troops fulfills a campaign promise of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was swept into office in November largely on the promise that he would bring the soldiers home by the middle of 2008. 澳大利亚作战部队从伊拉克撤出,兑现了陆克文竞选时的承诺。陆克文去年11月高票当选澳大利亚总理,主要原因就是他保到2008年中将澳大利亚部队撤回。Mr. Rudd said Australia's deployment in Iraq had made his country more of a target for terrorism and that the reasons for going to war in the Persian Gulf were flawed. 陆克文说,澳大利亚军队驻扎在伊拉克,使澳大利亚更可能成为恐怖主义的目标,而且当初参加伊拉克战争的理由就有问题。 The government in Canberra has been eager to stress that the Iraq pull-out would not damage its close alliance with the ed States. 堪培拉政府一再强调,从伊拉克撤军不会损害澳大利亚和美国的紧密联盟关系。Prime Minister Rudd remains committed to keeping Australia's one-thousand troops in Afghanistan. 此外,陆克文总理仍然承诺,澳大利亚会继续在阿富汗驻军一千人。 200806/41039Cooking lunch for Tom. You what?给汤姆做午饭。你干什么?Tom asked me to have lunch y for 12.30. Did he indeed?汤姆让我在12:30准备好午饭。他真的这么做吗?Er, Anna. Hi Tom! What are you doing?安娜。你好,汤姆!你在干什么?Spring rolls, followed by crispy duck in black bean sauce.先是炸春卷,然后豆豉香酥鸭。No, I mean, why are you cooking?不,我是说为什么你在做饭?Well, if I dont start now, it wont be y for you by 12.30.如果我现在不开始做,那么12:30就不能给你准备好了。Oh, you misunderstood me, Anna.安娜,你误会我了。When I said ;Can you do lunch?; it didnt mean ;Can you make me lunch?;当我说“Can you do lunch?”时,它的意思不是“你能给我做饭吗?”It meant ;Are you available to come to lunch with me?; In a cafe or something.它的意思是“你有空和我一起吃饭吗?”在小餐馆或别的地方。Mmm...something smells good, but whats going on here?闻起来很香,但是这里发生了什么?Anna thinks its her job to cook for people!安娜认为她的工作是给人做饭!No, no, I misunderstood!不,不,我误会了!Anna just got a bit confused.安娜只是有点迷糊了。 /201612/479875

Conversation 1会话 1A:Hello,A Company.A:您好,A公司B:Hello,could I speak to Mr. Wang,please?B:您好,能让王先生接电话吗?A:I am sorry. Hes out in a meeting now. Could I ask who is call-ing?A:很抱歉,他现在正出席一个会议,请问您是哪位?B:This is Mr.Smith of XYZ Company. When will he be back?B:我是XYZ公司的史密斯先生,他什么时候回来?A:Hell be back at about five in the afternoon. Could I take a message?A:他大约今天下午五点回来,要留言吗?B:Yes. Please tell him I called and ask him to return my call as soon as possible. Its about the PPT contract.B:是的,请告诉他我给他打电话了,并让他尽快给我回电 话,是关于PPT合同的。A:All right,Mr. Smith. Ill be sure he gets your message.A:好的,史密斯先生,我会转达给他的。Conversation 2会话 2A:Drexler,may I help you?A:德瑞斯勒公司。我能为你效劳吗?B:Yes,Id like to speak to Mr. Baker.B:我想请贝克先生听电话。A:May I ask whos calling?A:请问你是谁?B:This is Mr. Stewart,his accountant.B:我是他的会计师史图尔特先生。A:Please hold. Ill tell him youre calling. (To Mr. Baker)Sir,Mr.Stewart is on the phone. Do you wish to talk to him?A:请稍等,我告诉他你打电话来。(对贝克先生说)先生, 史图尔特先生找你。你要跟他说话吗?C:Yes,of course. Put him through.C:当然,请接进来。 /201604/438186

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