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今年世会正式举办时的拉动效应将达6.5个百分点,这是从统计的角度来说的。实际上也是这样,世会至少与20个产业相关,最直接的是旅游业,然后是与旅游相关的酒店业、商贸业、物流业、会展业,还有建筑业、装潢业、务业等。 Shanghai World Expo to boost economyGiven all this activity and excitement, what can a successful expo bring to the host city, especially at a time when the whole world is recovering from an economic slowdown? Shanghai is hosting the first ever World Expo in a developing country. And the Expo is shaping up to be another development opportunity for China. Hong Hao, Director-General of World Expo Coordination Bureau, said, "A successful expo will greatly boost the local economy. For example, the Osaka Expo in 1970 enabled Japan's economic takeoff. I believe the 2010 Shanghai Expo will also accelerate economic growth in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, and China as a whole." Massive infrastructure construction and stimulated consumption are set to drive the local economy. The expo is expected to contribute around 5 percentage points to Shanghai's GDP in 2010. The Yangtze River Delta region will also benefit from a 50 percent rise in investment during the expo year. Some 70 million visitors from home and abroad, are expected to attend the event. Revenue generated by tickets, food and souvenirs is expected to reach 11 billion yuan. Businesses related to travel and hotels are expected to pull in 80 billion yuan. But more importantly, analysts see the expo as an opportunity for Shanghai to upgrade its industrial structure. Sun LiJian, Deputy Dean, School of Economics, Fudan Univeisity, said, "The current financial crisis has forced Shanghai to think deeper about the city's future growth pattern. The city needs to shift its current processing and export-oriented growth model to a more advanced manufacturing and service oriented economy." Article/201003/98663。

L+sXbjAimPS2~YRBOBws9UZy2J6j~3xh2zI;O^rIngredients所需原料aH3sRENgJTu~Y;#8226; 300 g plain flour300克面粉#8226; 180 g caster sugar180克砂糖#8226; 15 g baking powder15克烘焙粉#8226; 100 g sunflower oil100克瓜子油#8226; 2 free range eggs2枚新鲜鸡蛋#8226; 120 g milk120克牛奶#8226; 150 g chocolate chips150克巧克力#8226; 1 tsp vanilla extract1茶匙香草精3J*Ktk[jRSx|ckMethod制作方法:owpPa|QZTPre-heat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius.首先将烤箱预热至190摄氏度69lPVE3dKo+qP。Sift the flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl and mix.将面粉,烘焙粉和糖倒入碗中并搅拌Gk1_;D(GBc18c|e。Add the eggs to the oil and whisk lightly, then add the milk and vanilla extract and whisk again.将鸡蛋打入油中使用搅拌器搅拌均匀后加入牛奶和香草精,之后再次搅拌m(J837EBU)C。Mix the chocolate chips into the flour, then add the wet ingredients and gently mix again until all the ingredients are combined.将巧克力与面粉混合,然后添加配料,再次轻轻混合直到所有材料均匀混合到一起D;Kxe1V,~Dkos。.1R]N%#S2cC+Divide the mixture between 12 muffin cases, filling each one approximately 3/4 full.将混合物分成12块松饼,每一块完全填充大约3/4-!%^ymTmNnP!ad|。Bake for about 16 minutes until they are well risen and golden brown.放入烤箱烘焙约16分钟,直到变得蓬松,颜色成金黄色X4,_7K.(.o8Huag1^n;。Check whether the muffins are y by pressing one and seeing if it springs back.通过按压一块松饼看其是否回弹来检验松饼是否已经烘焙得当FYx,[haq6_Q_mrp。Leave the muffins to cool for about 30 minutes before eating.静等松饼冷却30分钟即可享用6W_VqEp+e]EiW.9|#。^jmcKGOKhJW-2Pm+W;D8iuMIGF9eMRbk,W2B2kQk Article/201207/190530。

K-Pop hit ;Gangnam Style; continues to make waves around the world. South Korean singer Psy#39;s viral sensation has compelled people from all over to ape and parody his hit —in particular his horse-riding dance move. Now even pandas are in on it—and online it#39;s been called the cutest parody.韩国爆红流行歌曲“江南Style;继续风靡世界各地。韩国歌手PSY的引爆的流行风使得世界各地的人们开始疯狂模仿并恶搞他的MV,尤其是他的骑马舞步。现在,甚至熊猫也来凑热闹,在网上,它被戏称为史上最搞笑模仿。The follows a panda who, after watching Psy#39;s original music —goes out and leads a group dance with beautiful women and random passers-by. The whole was shot and produced in London—echoing previous Panda-themed events in the British capital, including ;Panda Awareness Week; in July and flash mobs in Trafalgar Square. They#39;re all part of the ;Chengdu Pambassador; project, a charity event to raise awareness of wild animal protection by Sichuan Province#39;s Chengdu Panda Base.视频上,一只熊猫仔观看完PSY的江南Style原版MV后, 便出来领着一群漂亮女孩和路人在街上大跳江南Style.这段视频在伦敦拍摄完成,意在响应之前在特拉法加广场举办的以熊猫为主题的“熊猫意识周 ”活动。该活动是 “成都熊猫守护使”项目的一部分,“成都熊猫守护使”项目是由四川省成都熊猫基地发起的一项慈善活动,旨在唤醒人们保护野生动物的意识。 Article/201211/207020。

Cleaning and moisturizing your face are the cornerstones of good skin care. Here#39;s a simple routine to help you always put your best face forward.正确的洗脸和保湿是良好的皮肤护理的基石。以下简单的习惯将帮助你的面部永远处于最佳状态。Step 1 Choose cleanser1.选择洁面产品Choose a non-comedogenic, or non-pore-blocking, facial cleanser appropriate for your skin: dry or sensitive skin needs something gentle, fragrance-free, and dye-free; oily skin will likely benefit from a product containing salicylic acid, which helps clear out clogged pores.选择不生粉刺,或者不堵塞毛孔,适合自己皮肤的洁面产品:干性或敏感皮肤需要一些温和,无香味,无染料的洁面产品;油性皮肤比较适合使用含有水杨酸的产品,可以帮助清洁堵塞的毛孔。Avoid ingredients such as acids, botanicals, and irritating preservatives such as ethanol and propylene glycol.避免含有酸,植物性药材,和刺激成分的产品,例如酒精和丙二醇。Step 2 Wash hands2.洗手Wash your hands with soap and water to rid them of dirt and grease.用香皂和水洗手,消除污垢和油脂。Be sure to pull your hair back so it does not get in the way.一定要把头发束在后面,这样才不会妨碍你洗脸。Step 3 Wet face3.湿润面部Wet your face by splashing it with warm water.向面部洒一些温水,润湿。Step 4 Apply cleanser4.涂抹洁面产品Following the product instructions, put an amount of cleanser into your hands and work it into a lather. Apply it gently to your face with your fingertips using small circular motions.根据产品说明,向手心中挤出一些洁面乳,揉搓至泡沫丰富,轻轻用指尖打圈涂抹在面部。Don#39;t forget to wash your hairline, eyebrows, and beneath your jaw.不要忘了洗一下发迹,眉毛和下颚。Step 5 Rinse off5.清洗Rinse the cleanser off by splashing your face with warm water.用温水清洗。Step 6 Dry face6.擦干Pat your face dry with a clean towel.用干净的毛巾把脸擦干。Step 7 Apply toner7.涂抹柔肤水Apply a natural, alcohol-free toner, such as one based on rose water or witch hazel, with a cotton ball or pad.用化妆棉涂抹天然无酒精的柔肤水,例如玫瑰水或金缕梅水。Step 8 Apply moisturizer8.涂抹保湿霜Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 15 and is appropriate for your skin type: sensitive skin needs something dye- and fragrance-free; dry skin needs a rich product, and oily skin needs an oil- and fragrance-free product that contains exfoliating agents, like salicylic or fruit acids.涂抹防晒系数至少15的不生粉刺,适合自己皮肤的保湿霜。敏感皮肤需要不含染料,没有香味的保湿霜;干性皮肤需要营养比较丰富的,油性皮肤需要不含油,没有香味,有去角质效果的产品,例如水杨酸或果酸。 Article/201301/220019。

Today in History: Thursday, February 07, 2013历史上的今天:20132月7日,星期四On Feb. 7, 1964, the Beatles arrived in New York for their first American tour, kicking off rock #39;n#39; roll#39;s ;British invasion.;1964年2月7日,甲壳虫乐队第一次美国之旅抵达纽约,拉开了摇滚乐“英国入侵”的序幕。1812 Author Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England.1812年,作家查尔斯·狄更斯在英国朴茨茅斯出生。1944 Germany launched a counteroffensive at Anzio, Italy, during World War II.1944年,二战期间,德国在意大利安齐奥发起反攻。1962 President John F. Kennedy imposed a full trade embargo on Cuba..1962年,约翰·肯尼迪总统对古巴实施全面贸易禁运。1974 The island nation of Grenada won independence from Britain.1974年,格林纳达岛国从英国获得独立。1984 Space shuttle astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart went on the first untethered space walk.1984年,航天飞机宇航员布鲁斯·麦卡二世和罗伯特L·斯图尔特第一次实行脱缰太空行走。1986 Haitian President-for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier fled his country, ending 28 years of family rule.1986年,海地终身总统ean-Claude Duvalier逃离自己的国家,结束了28年的家庭统治。1990 The Soviet Union#39;s Communist Party gave up its monopoly on power by agreeing to let other political parties compete for control of the country.1990年,苏联共产党放弃其垄断权利,同意让其他政党争夺这个国家的控制权。1991 Jean-Bertrand Aristide was sworn in as Haiti#39;s first democratically elected president.1991年,Jean-Bertrand Aristide 宣誓就任海地首任民选总统。1992 European Community members signed the Maastricht Treaty, which led to creation of the euro.1992年,欧洲社区成员签署《马斯特里赫特条约》,此举导致欧元的制造。1995 Ramzi Yousef, the alleged mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.1995年,涉嫌策划1993年世界贸易中心爆炸案的Ramzi Yousef在巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡被捕。1999 Jordan#39;s King Hussein died at age 63.1999年,约旦国王侯赛因去世,享年63岁。2011 AOL Inc. announced the 5 million purchase of The Huffington Post website.2011年,美国在线公司宣布以3.15亿美元收购《赫芬顿邮报》网站。 /201302/224853。

In the west to the far eastern Kuril Islands, Russians have begun casting their votes in the country#39;s presidential election.Local media says some 65 percent of the 109 million eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots in some 94 thousand domestic polling stations. Russians will also be able to vote at 384 overseas stations in more than 140 countries.Video surveillance is being conducted at 91 thousand polling stations and over 1 million Internet users have registered to monitor the vote online. The Russian Interior Ministry says over 380 thousand police officers are on duty for election day.Opinion polls show most voters are expected to support current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But he may be forced into a second round contest if he gets less than 50 percent of the vote in the first round. The winner will be inaugurated as president in early May.俄罗斯总理普京2日表示,如果当选总统,他将继续推动改革,不会借机打压反对派。总统选举定于3月4日。民意调查结果显示,普京有望赢得大约60%选票。普京称,尚未决定是否角逐2018年总统选举。 Article/201203/173389。