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Hashtagging the hottest trends CNNs Atika Shubert takes a look at the explosion of social media during London Fashion Week.From New York to London, Milan to Paris, the Tweeters, Instagramers and Facebookers are strutting the latest trends. Designers in London broadcasted live cat-walks presenting digital schedules and even held a live Qamp;A session on Tweeter.Hi, Im Daisy and Im here to answer all of your London Fashion Week questions.According to the Britain Fashion Council, the hashtag LFW has had almost 300,000 mentions with more than 80,000 Instagram posts.Its a lot to do with the changes within the cat-walk show. So previously, it was a very exclusive experience, you know. You have to get a ticket. You have to be invited to TV shows. Now with social media, its very inclusive, you know. You can watch a show live stream straight through your computer. You can still see behind the scene-shots. You can see the cat-walk show happening as it airs through things like Instagram, or even through tweeterfeeds as well.At Paris Fashion Week, Chanels Karl Lagerfeld turned his cat-walk into a supermarket. The brands Youtube post wrapped up 73000 hits in 48 hours. What do the numbers really mean?I think people can be quite careful by who they are following, you know. You can have maybe additional 50 followers one week. And then suddenly that number was also depleted. So its about the quality of the content, not what speaks out the loudest. I think all with these show technologies, it makes things a lot more inclusive. Everyone gets a voice. But its the quality of the voice which will then soon to stand the test of time.So whether youre a blogger, an Instagramer or just a fashion forward, staying connected to your favorite and most popular voices and fashion will keep you ahead of the trends.Atika Shubert, CNN, London. /201403/279719滴水不漏的逻辑,智慧,与“公共卫生怪胎”眼镜,Elizabeth Pisani揭开了当今政治体系中,种种妨碍资金有效防止HIV蔓延的不连续性问题。她的对高危人群的研究——从监狱中的瘾君子到柬埔寨街上的性工作者——像我们展示了有时违背意愿的措施却能有效地阻止艾滋的传播。201311/265198I think that was probably the most important moment in our Champions League compaign,我觉得这可能是欧冠最终要的时刻,because I think if we had lost 4-1 at Napoli,因为如果我们输那不勒斯4球,I think psychologically for us,it would be very difficult to overturn in the home leg.对我们来说心理上,想要在主场逆转就太难太难了。重点词汇: campaign 战役例句:The campaign to seize the city was a failure.攻占这个城市的战役失败了。 视频介绍:如果不是阿什利·科尔在门线上解围,切尔西在本场比赛中将是以4-1的大比分失利,这样一来第二轮比赛的难度是不可想象的。201404/289487How To Make Friends. Need some new friends? Youre not alone. ;How to make new friends; is a universal dilemma. We are all social creatures and want human attention and company all around us. Happily, the seeds of new friendships are everywhere and it shouldnt be too difficult once you know where to look. VideoJug has put together this guide to help you make friends.怎样交朋友。需要一些新朋友?你并不孤单。“如何结交朋友”是一个普遍的困境。我们都是社交生物,希望引起人们的注意,希望有人陪在我们身边。令人高兴的是,新朋友的种子到处都是,一旦知道到哪里去寻找,结交朋友并不困难。VideoJug制作了这段视频,帮助你广交天下朋友。Step 1: Talk To Lots of People1.多和别人交流Have you heard the old saying, ;You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince?; Well, you have to talk to a lot of people to find a friend! Look at this as a numbers game: The more people you get to know on an ;acquaintance; basis, the better chance you have of finding someone with whom youll ;click.; Make small talk with the people you meet. If you are shy or just out of practice, this can seem excruciatingly difficult, so just break the ice by asking them questions like ;Where do you live?; or ;What do you do?;. Compliment them, by saying ;I like your shoes/top. Where is it from?;. This is a conversation starter and everyone likes to be complimented!你有没有听说过这个说法,“你必须亲吻很多青蛙,才能找到你的王子。”也就是说,你必须和很多人交谈才能找到一个朋友。把它看作一个数字游戏,你首先要认识一些“泛泛之交”,这样才更有机会从中找到情投意合的朋友。和你遇到的人进行简单的对话。如果你很害羞,或者缺乏练习,这看上去有点困难,所以,可以问一些问题来打破冷场,例如“你住在哪里?”“你是做什么工作的?”赞美他们,可以说,“我喜欢你的鞋子。你在哪里买的?”这是开启对话的一种方式,每个人都喜欢被赞美。Step 2: Join A Group2.多参加活动团体A great way to meet new people is to join a social group, like a book club, an exercise class, salsa or pottery - anywhere where you can meet people. Joining something like this not only means that you will automatically have something ;in common; to talk about, but being around people in an organized setup also means that you will see these people regularly, and therefore will have a much better chance to get to know them.认识新朋友的一个好方法就是参加社交团体,例如读书俱乐部,训练班,萨尔萨舞或陶器制作兴趣小组——任何你能够和人们相遇的地方。参加这样的团体并不意味着你们一定要有共同的话题,而且,参加有组织的团体意味着你可以经常见到他们,更有机会了解识他们。Step 3: Spend Time Together3.多抽时间和朋友在一起After youve identified some potential friends, its time to make a small gesture. Send a birthday card. Invite her out to coffee. Dont be shy; youll need to take this small risk to let them know youre interested. Activities such as shopping, going to the cinema and discussing the film afterwards, or ing the same books are helpful at this stage of a friendship because they allow you to discover each others attitudes and find some common ground. Some friendships never move beyond this level, remaining casual, and others end at this stage. Others will grow and flourish and become solid, lifelong friendships.鉴别出一些潜在的朋友之后,是时候采取一些行动了。赠送生日卡片。邀请她外出喝咖啡。不要害羞,你需要冒一点小小的风险,让他们知道你对他们感兴趣。在友谊的这个阶段,购物,看电影,随后讨论电影情节,或者读同样的书等活动非常有帮助,因为可以让你们相互了解对方的态度,寻找共同点。一些友谊从来没有超出这个水平,一直平淡无奇,甚至在这个阶段结束。而另外一些友谊则在这个阶段开始滋长,发展,成为牢固的,持续一生的友谊。Step 4: Make Friends Your Priority4.把朋友放在首位If having friends is important to you, you must make time for it in your busy schedule. Make friendship a priority in your life. Commit to making two phone calls a week, or extending one invitation a week, or whatever you need to get the results you want. Be consistent and dont give up. Remember to expect some rejection. Not everyone has room in their lives for new friends. Thats not your fault. At the same time, be willing to take some risks in your quest for new friends. Tell yourself youve got nothing to lose, and the lifelong benefits of friendship to gain.如果拥有朋友对你来说是很重要的,你必须在繁忙的日程中为朋友留出时间。结交朋友是你生活中的主要任务。坚持每周打两个电话,或者每周邀请对方一次,或者任何你想要获得预期效果的方式。坚持,不要放弃。记住,要预料到对方可能拒绝。并不是所有人的生活中都有结交新朋友的空间。这并不是你的错。同时,在要求结交朋友的时候愿意承担一些风险。告诉自己,你不会有什么损失,却有可能获得受益终生的友谊。201312/269670

Putin: Sanctions will also hurt American businesses普京:制裁也会损害美国企业Earlier we spoke to our reporter Jake Rashbass in Moscow,on Russian President Vladimir Putins reaction towards the latest round of U.S. sanctions against Russia.早些时候我们曾与驻莫斯科记者杰克通话,讨论俄总统弗拉基米尔·普京对美国最新一轮制裁俄罗斯的反应。201407/312929

Are you y for a job change, or should you stick it out in your current position? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide.你是准备换工作,还是继续留在现在的职位?问自己下面的问题可以帮助你做决定。You Will Need你需要Time to reflect反省的时间The ability to be honest with yourself坦诚面对自己的能力Steps步骤Step 1 Note how you feel1.注意自己的感受Note how you feel on Monday morning. Are you sick to your stomach at the thought that there are five days between you and another weekend? Not good.注意一下周一早上的感受。一想到距离下一个周末还有五天的时间就感到反胃?这可不是好现象。If anxiety starts to set it on Sunday, that’s a bad sign.如果周日早上就开始感到焦虑,这是坏的迹象。Step 2 Consider your workload2.考虑工作量Think about your workload. Has it recently doubled—or halved? Either scenario is a valid reason to be unhappy.考虑一下工作量。最近的工作量加倍还是减半了?任何一种情况都让人不开心。Step 3 Weigh pros and cons3.权衡利弊Draw up a list of the job’s pros and cons. Do the cons outnumber the pros? Are the cons more troubling than the pros are enticing? Note: free coffee doesn’t count as a pro.列出工作的利弊。弊是否大于利?弊端造成的烦恼是否超过利处带来的快乐?记住:供应免费咖啡不能算作益处。Step 4 Assess your value4.评估自己的价值Assess your value to the company. Do you feel you’re being paid what you’re worth? Is your boss appreciative of your efforts? If the answer is no to both, it’s time to go.评估自己对公司的价值。你是否感觉自己的付出物有所值?老板是否肯定你的努力?如果两个问题的都是否定的,那么你应该离职了。Unless there is a company-wide salary freeze at your firm, not getting a raise at your last performance review is a sign that you’re not valued.除非整个公司范围冻结薪水,上次工作评估时没有得到加薪也是你的价值没有得到肯定的表现。Step 5 Weigh your options5.考虑多种选择Weigh your options. If you quit, could you afford to live without a salary for a while? The average job hunt takes six months—more, if you’re earning over ,000.考虑一下自己的选择。如果离职,你是否能够在一段时间没有收入的情况下生活无忧?如果你的薪水超过60,000美元。一般求职需要六个月或更长时间。Employment experts say job seekers must figure on one month of searching for every ,000 they earn.职业专家表示,求职者要赚的每一个10,000美元都需要耗费一个月的求职时间。Step 6 Rate the difficulty6.评估困难程度Be honest: could a trained seal do your job? Then you’re y for a challenge.诚实一点:是否谁都可以做你的工作?这样的话你就要做好迎接挑战的准备了。Step 7 Measure your crap threshold7.衡量忍受废话的极限Measure your threshold for taking crap. Is it lowering? Are you on the verge of telling your boss at the morning meeting, By the way, nobody really wants to hear about your weekend potty-training the puppy—let’s get this show on the road. Ta-ta and good luck.衡量一下自己忍受废话的极限。是否忍受能力下降了?早上开例会的时候是否有种冲动要告诉老板,“没有人想听你周末怎样训练宠物,散会吧。”哈哈,祝你好运了。More than three-quarters of survey respondents said theyre suffering from burnout at work, and more than half claimed theyre under a lot of on-the-job stress.超过四分之三的受调查者表示,他们工作时精疲力尽。超过一半的人宣称他们承受着许多工作压力。201501/351592

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