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South Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye has been charged with bribery and abuse of power, a month after she was ousted from office over a corruption scandal that has rocked the country for months.韩国前总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)被控受贿和滥用职权。一个月前,朴槿惠因一宗冲击韩国数月的腐败丑闻而遭到弹劾。Ms Park is facing 14 charges that accuse her of allowing now-jailed confidante Choi Soon-sil to gain unauthorised access to classified documents, while allegedly colluding to extort m from businesses for two foundations in effect under Choi’s control.朴槿惠面4项指控,包括允许现已入狱的密友崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil)在未经授权的情况下接触机密文件,以及涉嫌合谋为两家由崔顺实实际控制的基金会从企业敲诈7000万美元。“We’ve made our utmost efforts to get to the bottom of the case,the prosecutors said yesterday, announcing their indictment of Ms Park.“我们已经尽了最大的努力彻查该案,”韩国检方昨日在宣布对朴槿惠提出控罪时表示。The move is the latest humiliation for the disgraced former president, who was ousted in March after months of street protests. The constitutional court upheld a parliamentary impeachment vote from December.此举是对这位颜面尽失的前总统的最新羞辱。在街头抗议活动持续数月后,朴槿惠于3月被弹劾。当时韩国宪法法院裁定去2月的议会弹劾投票有效。Ms Park became the country’s third president to be indicted by prosecutors after the former military dictators Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo were jailed on corruption and mutiny charges in the mid-1990s. Ms Park, the daughter of former South Korean President Park Chung Hee, has denied any wrongdoing, saying that “the truth will be definitely unearthed朴槿惠成为了第三位被检方提起公诉的韩国总统。上世纪90年代中期,前军事独裁者全斗焕(Chun Doo-hwan)和卢泰愚(Roh Tae-woo)因腐败和叛乱指控而被判入狱。身为韩国前总统朴正Park Chung Hee)之女的朴槿惠,否认有任何不当行为,称“真相必然会水落石出”。She was arrested late last month and remains in state custody. Prosecutors have questioned her six times at a detention facility near Seoul.朴槿惠上月下旬被捕,目前仍然被拘留。在距离首尔不远的一家拘留所,检方已经对她进行了6次讯问。Her criminal trial is expected to start in a few weeks and could take up to six months. If convicted, Ms Park could spend the rest of her life in jail, but talk of obtaining a pardon from the country’s next leader has aly become a hot topic among presidential candidates.预计她将在数周后开始接受刑事审判,可能会耗时6个月。一旦被定罪,朴槿惠可能在狱中度过余生,但是关于她可能得到韩国下任领导人特赦的讨论,已经成了总统候选人之间的热门话题。Her dismissal has left South Korea in the hands of Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn ahead of the presidential election pencilled in for May 9. The official campaign period began yesterday, with Moon Jae-in, the runner-up to Ms Park in 2012, leading in opinion polls, ahead of centrist Ahn Cheol-soo.朴槿惠被弹劾下台后,韩国暂时由总理黄教Hwang Kyo-ahn)领导,直日举行总统大选。官方竞选期于昨天开始,曾在2012年与朴槿惠竞选总统之位的文在寅(Moon Jae-in)目前在民调中领先,其持率高于中间立场的安哲秀(Ahn Cheol-soo)。Yesterday, prosecutors also charged Shin Dong-bin, chairman of South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group, with bribery. Mr Shin is accused of providing Won7bn (.2m) to Ms Park and Choi in return for business favours. “We find the decision on the indictment regrettable,Lotte said.昨天,检方还指控韩国综合企业乐天集团(Lotte Group)董事长辛东彬(Shin Dong-bin)行贿。辛东彬被控向朴槿惠和崔顺实提供0亿韩元(20万美元),以换取商业恩惠。乐天表示,“我们对公诉决定感到遗憾。”Mr Shin is the second-highest profile businessman to be engulfed by the scandal. In February, Samsung Group’s de facto leader Lee Jae-yong was arrested on allegations of bribery, embezzlement and other financial offences. Mr Lee is standing trial amid allegations that Samsung made donations worth nearly m to Choi in exchange for business favours. Mr Lee denies any wrongdoing.辛东彬是卷入该丑闻的知名度第二高的商业人物月,三星集团(Samsung Group)事实上的领导人李在镕(Lee Jae-yong)因行贿、挪用公款以及其他财务犯罪的指控被捕。李在镕正在接受庭审,被指让三星向崔顺实做出价值近4000万美元的捐赠,以换取商业恩惠。李在镕否认任何不当行为。Prosecutors did not charge SK Group chairman, Chey Tae-won, who has faced similar accusations to Mr Shin, because the conglomerate did not pay the bribe allegedly requested by Ms Choi.SK集团董事长崔泰源(Chey Tae-won)曾面临与辛东彬类似的指控,但检方未向他提出控罪,因为该集团最终并未付崔顺实据称索要的贿款。Woo Byung-woo, former senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, was charged yesterday with neglecting his duty by trying to hide the claims against Ms Park. Mr Woo denies the charges.昨天,青瓦台前民政首席秘书禹柄宇(Woo Byung-woo)被控玩忽职守,试图掩盖针对朴槿惠的指控。他否认这些指控。来 /201704/504554

I will back you up all the way.我会一直持你。back sb. up 直译过来就是:“用背扛起某人”,很容易联想到这个短语的正确意思:“持某人”。因此,当美国人说;I will back you up all the way.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I will always stand by your side.;、;I will always be there for you.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Im not on the layoff list. And my boss plans to send me to Paris for further training for about a month. Honey, do you think I should go?本杰明:我不在裁员名单之列,而且老板打算送我去巴黎深造一个月。亲爱的,你觉得我应该去吗?Shirley: Of course you should go. Just do whatever you want. I will back you up all the way.雪莉:当然应该去啊!想做什么就放开了做!我会一直持你的。搭配句积累:①Will you back me up if I give up this opportunity?如果我放弃这次机会,你会持我吗?②Choose what you like and love what you choose.选你所爱,爱你所选。③You dont have to worry about me.你不必担心我。④Were a team!我们是一个团队!单词:1. stand by 持Ill stand by you whatever happens.无论如何,我都持你。He had the guts to stand by his friend when he was in trouble.当他处在困境的时候,他仍有勇气持他的朋友。 If you have once made a decision, stand by it, dont allow yourself to be argued round.一旦做出了决定, 就要坚持下去, 不要因别人说而动摇.2. layoff n. 解雇It will close more than 200 stores nationwide resulting in the layoffs of an estimated 2,000 employees.它将关闭全国200多家店铺,估计会有2,000名员工因此失业。Stock prices broke when the firm suddenly announced layoffs.当公司突然宣布裁员时,股票价格便大跌。The brutal truth of the mass layoff really shook everyone.大批裁员的残酷事实让大家都很震惊。 /201305/241159

1. a buyer’s market 买方市场  market在这里是“行情”的意思。买方市场是有利于购买者的行情。与之相对的是a seller’s market(卖方市场)。  A: Have you bought the house? 你已买房子了吗?  B: I don’t know how to choose it. There are a lot of apartments on sale. 我不知道该怎么办,那么多房子,眼都挑花了。  A: It is a buyer’s market, you know. 现在是买方市场嘛! /201003/98887

main man 心腹英文释义 A close friend who can always be trusted (NOTE: usually mildly humorous)例句 The company president jokingly described the vice president of sales as his main man because the sales department had accomplished so much good work despite difficult conditions.公司总裁常常开玩笑说,销售副总裁是他的得力心腹,因为销售部在困难的形势下依然业绩出色。 /201208/196702

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