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上海瘦肩上海玻尿酸丰胸The English We Speak是英国B电台为英语学习者量身打造的一档英语学习节目,在我们的第一期中已经有所介绍 今天,两位主持人在一个阳光明媚的日子走进了一个美丽的花园,让我们跟随录音,看看他们今天会教给我们什么英语Helen: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Helen.William: Hi, I'm William. Today Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is opening.Music, birdsongHelen: Oh, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – the world's largest flower show! I've seen it on the news bee. If only I had a garden!William: Ah yes, you live in an apartment, don't you Helen?Helen: Yeah. So William, let me guess, today we are going to do a phrase relating to flowers and gardening?William: Exactly.Helen: So...? What's the phrase?William: Er... Well, how about... how about... er. No, it's gone. It's no good. I can't think of a phrase right now.Helen: Oh well. Let's just have a chat instead. I'm tired of learning new phrases anyway.William: OK. Well, how are you Helen? How are the kids?Helen: Oh they are both really well. My little boy eats too much chocolate though!William: Oh really? Well, you want to nip that in the bud.Helen: Eh? Nip it in the bud?William: Nip it in the bud. If you nip something in the bud, you stop it bee it becomes a problem. Listen to this example from a business context:Man: The last few deliveries we've had from this company have all had broken parts in them.Woman: Well, we need to nip that in the bud. Tell them that unless their service improves, we're going to look another supplier.Helen: So in that example, the man was complaining about poor service from a supplier. The woman wanted to nip it in the bud.William: That's right. She wanted to take steps to improve the service bee it got even worse.Helen: So where does this phrase come from William – to nip something in the bud?Birdsong and musicWilliam: Well, it comes from gardening, actually. A bud is the part of a plant that becomes a flower, a leaf or stem. If you nip something in the bud, you cut the bud off the plant bee it has time to grow.Helen: Oh. That's not very nice.William: Well, gardening is a tough game, Helen. You have to nip things in the bud sometimes. You also have to kill slugs and snails.Helen: Eugh! I'm glad I don't have a garden.William: Bye!Helen: Bye! 这段节目为我们介绍的俚语是nip something in the budNip是“掐断”的意思,而bud是“芽”或者“花梗”的意思To nip something in the bud来源于园艺,意思是在开花之前就掐断芽,引申为:“在问题出现之前就将它阻止”,所以我想,翻译成“把罪恶扼杀在襁褓之中”比较合适 朋友,你有没有什么坏习惯呢?现在看起来没什么,但是可能后患无穷的坏习惯?If so, you better nip that in the bud.注释及其他语言点:Hampton Court Palace Flower Show:汉普顿宫花展全球最大的花展,每年的七月初,由英国皇家园艺协会在西伦敦区的汉普顿宫举办If only I had a garden!:要是我有个花园就好了! If only:要是......就好了gardening:园艺slug:鼻涕虫snail:蜗牛 679上海玫瑰整形美容美容中心 Photographer André Vicente Gon?alves loves to travel and loves collecting things. He is, in his words, “all about details.” One detail he has paid particular attention to over the past five years is windows.摄影师André Vicente Gon?alves爱好旅游以及收集东西用他自己的话来形容自己,就是“十分注重细节”过去五年里,他极其关注的一个细节就是——窗户Gon?alves recently sat down to assemble over 3,000 photographs of windows into collages, giving birth to his series Windows of the World. He didnt select the prettiest windows, but rather ones that together conveyed the essence of a place. Of the windows he photographed in Venice, instance, he featured those with stone details and warm or red colors.近来,Gon?alves坐下,着手于将3000多幅窗户的摄影做成拼贴画,他的“世界之窗”系列自此诞生了Gon?alves没有挑选最漂亮的窗户,而是选择了那些组合在一起能够体现出地方精髓的举个例子,在拍摄的照片中,Gon?alves选择了带有石头和暖色调或是红色来体现的特色The architectural details in many of Gon?alves photos provide a glimpse into the history and culture of cities. He hopes to learn more about the windows different elements.Gon?alves摄影作品里的很多建筑细节都隐隐显露出当地的历史和文化Gon?alves希望了解窗户的不同元素 5866上海市长海医院胎记多少钱

复旦大学附属浦东医院口腔科At the end of the th century, only percent of all patents were awarded to female inventors. When you compile a list of the most famous inventions of the past few centuries, few women will show up as the creators of those items. It not that women lack ingenuity or a creative spirit, though; it just that women have faced many hurdles in receiving credit their ideas. Take the case of Sybilla Masters, a woman who lived in the American colonies. After observing Native American women, she came up with a new way to turn corn into cornmeal. She went to England to obtain a patent her work, but laws at the time stipulated that women couldnt own property, which included intellectual property like a patent. Such property was considered to be owned by the woman father or husband. In , a patent Sybilla Masters product was issued, but the name on the document is that of her husband, Thomas.截止世纪末,世界上授予女发明家的专利只有%当你在清单上列出过去几个世纪以来最著名的发明创造时,你会发现几乎没有什么是女性发明的这并不代表女性缺乏创造力和创新精神,而是因为女性在获取发明专利时会遇到很多阻碍比如西比拉·马斯特斯,她是一个居住在美国殖民地的著名发明家通过观察美国原住民妇女,她想出了一个将玉米磨成粉的新方法之后她去英国申请专利;但是当时的法律规定女性不能拥有财产,其中包括专利等知识产权人们都认为这些东西都归属于其父亲或者丈夫年,西比拉·马斯特斯的专利产品发布了,但专利所属人却是她的丈夫托马斯Such property laws prevented many women from acquiring patents inventions several centuries ago. Women were also less likely to receive a technical education that would help them turn an ingenious idea into an actual product. Many women faced prejudice and ridicule when they sought help from men in actualizing their idea. And some women came up with ideas that would improve life in their households, only to see their inventions treated with scorn being too domestic and thus unworthy of praise. Mary Kies was the first American woman to earn a patent in her own name. In 18, she developed a way of weaving straw into hats that was an economic boon New England. By receiving that piece of paper with her name on it, Kies led the way other female inventors to take credit their ideas. In this , well salute things invented by women.这种产权法在过去的几个世纪剥夺了很多女发明家申请专利的权利另外,由于那时的女性很少有机会接受技术教育,所以无法将自己的想法转化为发明当这些妇女企图从男人们那里寻求帮助来实现自己的想法时,她们经常遭到歧视和嘲笑一些妇女在做家务的过程中想出了一些简化家务劳动的办法,但她们的发明常常因为仅用于家庭而被忽视玛丽·凯斯是第一位用自己的名字获得发明专利的美国女性18年,她发明了一种编织稻草帽的方法,这种方法成为了新英格兰的经济福利凯斯收到专利文件之后,开启了其他女发明家成功为自己申请专利的序幕在本文中,我们将一起向这件由女性发明发明的东西致敬!.Circular Saw.圆锯In the late 18th century, a religious sect known as the Shakers emerged. Shakers valued living communally (albeit celibately), equality between the sexes and hard work. Tabitha Babbitt lived in a Shaker commy in Massachusetts and worked as a weaver, but in 18, she came up with a way to lighten the load of her brethren. She observed men cutting wood with a pit saw, which is a two-handled saw that requires two men to pull it back and th. Though the saw is pulled both ways, it only cuts wood when it pulled ward; the return stroke is useless. To Babbitt, that was wasted energy, so she created a prototype of the circular saw that would go on to be used in saw mills. She attached a circular blade to her spinning wheel so that every movement of the saw produced results. Because of Shaker precepts, Babbitt didnt apply a patent the circular saw she created.在18世纪晚期,一种被称为震教的教派出现了震教徒的信仰在于追求共产主义生活(尽管保持独身生活)、平等的两性关系和努力工作塔比莎·芭比特是一名纺织工,住在马萨诸塞州一个震教徒聚居地但是在18年,她想出了一种方法帮她的教友减轻工作负担她通过观察发现,如果男人用大锯子锯木头,需要两个人来回用力拉扯锯子虽然锯子来回拉动了两次,但是只有往前时才有作用,拉回锯子时却是在做“无用功”在芭比特看来,这样做无疑是在浪费人们的力气,她制作了最原始的圆锯,随后在锯木厂得到了使用她将一张圆形刀片绑在自己的手摇纺车上面,这样锯子的移动都是有用的令人感到遗憾的是,由于震教组织的信仰,芭比特没有为圆锯申请专利9.Chocolate Chip Cookies9.巧克力奇普饼干There is no doubt that many treasured recipes came about through accidental invention in the kitchen, but we must single out one of the most enduring -- and delicious -- of these recipes: the chocolate chip cookie.毫无疑问的是,很多不可多得的食品都是在厨房里偶然发明出来的,而我们将挑出其中长盛不衰、美味无限的一种:巧克力奇普饼干Ruth Wakefield had worked as a dietitian and food lecturer bee buying an old toll house outside of Boston with her husband. Traditionally, toll houses were places weary travelers paid their road tolls, grabbed a quick bite and fed their horses. Wakefield and her husband converted the toll house into an inn with a restaurant. One day in 1930, Wakefield was baking up a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies her guests. The recipe called melted chocolate, but Wakefield had run out of baker chocolate. She took a Nestle chocolate bar, crumbled it into pieces and threw it into her batter, expecting the chocolate pieces to melt during baking. Instead, the chocolate held its shape, and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Nestle noticed that sales of its chocolate bars jumped in Mrs. Wakefield corner of Massachusetts, so they met with her about the cookie, which was fast gaining a reputation among travelers. At Wakefield suggestion, they began scoring their chocolate (cutting lines into the bar that allow easier breaking) and then, in 1939, they began selling Nestle Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels. The Wakefield cookie recipe was printed on the back of the package; in exchange, Ruth Wakefield received free chocolate life.露丝·韦克菲尔德和他的丈夫曾经做过营养师和食品讲师,后来在波士顿郊外买了一处收费站陈旧的房子收费站除了收取过路费,还可以向过往的旅客提供快餐及喂养马匹等务韦克菲尔德和丈夫却将房子改造成了一个带有餐厅的旅店1930年某一天,韦克菲尔德要为她的客人们烘焙一些黄油夹心曲奇做这种食品需要将巧克力融化,但是烘培用的巧克力已经用完了,于是韦克菲尔德把雀巢巧克力条弄碎,扔进了面糊,希望巧克力会在烘焙时融化然而,这些巧克力还是维持原样,就这样巧克力奇普饼干诞生了雀巢公司发现自己的巧克力在马萨诸塞州的韦克菲尔德家附近的销量猛增,随后拜访了韦克菲尔德夫妇,谈到了巧克力奇普饼干的事情——这种饼干赢得了过往游客的赞誉在韦克菲尔德的建议下,雀巢公司开始改良巧克力(在巧克力条上划线以便切碎)1939年,雀巢公司开始销售“雀巢收费站半甜巧克力食品”韦克菲尔德的配方就印在包装袋后面;同时作为交换,露丝·韦克菲尔德将终身获得免费的巧克力8.Liquid Paper8.修正液Bette Nesmith Graham was not a very good typist. Still, the high school dropout worked her way through the secretarial pool to become the executive secretary the chairman of the board of the Texas Bank and Trust. It was the 1950s, and the electric typewriter had just been introduced. Secretaries often found themselves retyping entire pages because of one tiny mistake, as the new model carbon ribbon made it difficult to correct errors.贝蒂·奈史密斯·格莱姆并不是一个出色的打字员,且高中就辍学了,但她却从一个小小的秘书做到了德克萨斯信托行长执行秘书的职位世纪50年代,电动打字机才刚刚问世秘书们常常会由于一个小错误而不得不重打一整页文字,因为在新型的条带复写纸上太难修改了One day, Graham watched workers painting a holiday display on a bank window. She noticed that when they made mistakes, they simply added another layer of paint to cover them up, and she thought she could apply that idea to her typing blunders. Using her blender, Graham mixed up a water-based tempera paint with dye that matched her company stationary. She took it to work and, using a fine watercolor brush, she was able to quickly correct her errors. Soon, the other secretaries were clamoring the product, which Graham continued to produce in her kitchen. Graham was fired from her job spending so much time distributing what she called ;Mistake Out,; but in her unemployment she was able to tweak her mixture, rename the product Liquid Paper and receive a patent in 1958. Even though typewriters have been replaced by computers in many offices, many people still have a bottle or two of that white correction fluid on hand.某天,格莱姆偶尔看到有工人为庆祝节日在窗口上画装饰画,她注意到他们画错了的时候就简单地用一层颜料把错误遮住格莱姆灵光一现,想到她打字粗心犯错的时候也可以用这种方式解决她用搅拌机把水性颜料和与公司纸张颜色一致的染料混在一起,再借助一把小巧的水笔刷,这样就能在工作时简便快捷地更正自己的错误了很快,其他秘书也都嚷嚷着想要这种产品,格莱姆只好在自家厨房里不断生产这种产品由于格莱姆在调配她称为“错误消除神器”的产品上花费了太多时间,她被开除了但在她失业期间,她不断完善混合比例,把终极成品重命名为修正液,并在1958年取得了专利即便现在很多办公室都用电脑取代了打字员,很多人仍习惯手里有一两瓶修正液7.The Compiler and COBOL Computer Language7.编译程序和通用商业语言(COBOL)When we think about advancements in computers, we tend to think about men like Charles Babbage, Alan Turing and Bill Gates. But Admiral Grace Murray Hopper deserves credit her role in the computer industry. Admiral Hopper joined the military in 193 and was stationed at Harvard University, where she worked on IBM Harvard Mark I computer, the first large-scale computer in the ed States. She was the third person to program this computer, and she wrote a manual of operations that lit the path those that followed her. In the 1950s, Admiral Hopper invented the compiler, which translates English commands into computer code. This device meant that programmers could create code more easily and with fewer errors. Hopper second compiler, the Flow-Matic, was used to program UNIVAC I and II, which were the first computers available commercially. Admiral Hopper also oversaw the development of the Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL), one of the first computer programming languages. Admiral Hopper received numerous awards her work, including the honor of having a U.S. warship named after her.每当说起计算机方面的成就时,我们很容易联想到查尔斯·巴贝奇、艾伦·图灵和比尔·盖茨等等,但格蕾丝·莫尔·霍珀上将在电脑行业也是个名声赫赫的人物193年,霍珀上将参军后被安排在哈佛大学,研究美国国际商用机器公司开发的哈佛马克一号电脑,这是美国首台大型电脑她是第三个为这台电脑编程的人,并亲手写了一册操作指南,以便让后续参与研究的学会她的编程世纪50年代,霍珀上将发明了一种能将英文命令转化为电脑编码的编译程序使用此装置可更简便地编程,同时减小犯错率霍珀的第二种编译语言是“the Flow-Matic语言”,被用于第一代商用电脑:通用自动计算机一号和二号霍珀上将还指导了COBOL语言的发展——这是首批电脑程序语言之一霍珀上将在职业生涯中获得了无数荣誉,甚至有艘美国军舰都是以她的名字命名的6.Colored Flare System6.有色照明弹系统When Martha Coston was widowed in 187, she was only 1 years old. She had four children to support, but she hadnt a clue about how to do so. She was flipping through her dead husband notebooks when she found plans a flare system that ships could use to communicate at night. Coston requested the system be tested, but it failed.玛莎·科斯顿在187年就成为寡妇,当时她才1岁她要抚养四个孩子,但她不知道该怎样做当她翻阅她死去的丈夫的笔记簿时,她发现了一些平面图,上面画有可以让船只在夜晚传递信息的照明弹系统科斯顿为这个系统申请了测试,但是测试失败了Coston was undeterred. She spent the next years revising and perfecting her husband design a colored flare system. She consulted with scientists and military officers, but she couldnt figure out how to produce flares that were bright and long-lasting while remaining easy to use at the spur of the moment. One night she took her children to see a fireworks display, and that when she hit upon the idea of applying some pyrotechnic technology to her flare system. The flare system finally worked, and the U.S. Navy bought the rights. The Coston colored flare system was used extensively during the Civil War. Untunately, the flare system wasnt the best way Coston to support her family. According to military documents, Coston produced 1,0,000 flares the Navy during the Civil War, which she provided at cost. She was owed ,000, of which she was only paid $,000; in her autobiography, Coston attributed the Navy refusal to pay to the fact that she was a woman.科斯顿不为所动在接下来的十年里,她不断修改和完善她丈夫设计的有色照明弹系统她咨询过科学家和军事人员,但她不知道如何制作出既能在短时间内方便使用,又可以持久发出明亮光线的照明弹一天晚上她带孩子去看烟花,偶然想到了将烟花技术应用到照明弹系统的主意这个系统终于可以使用了,美国海军买下了专利权科斯顿有色照明弹系统在内战中得到广泛使用不幸的是,对科斯顿来说照明弹系统不是养活家人的最好方式根据军方文件,科斯顿在内战中成本价为海军生产了0万枚照明弹她本应该得到万美元,但是海军只付她1.5万美元;在她的自传里,科斯顿把海军拒绝付款的原因归咎于她是个女人审校:敖有没 来源:前十网 55上海哪家医院割双眼皮好 上海市做文眉手术价格

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