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partly in the field, especially boilers.。

There were many women in Paris at that time who hated the nobles and wanted to see them die. But of all these women, Madame Defarge was the one most feared. All her life she had been filled with hate. It was nothing to her that an innocent man was going to die because of his father#39;s and his uncle#39;s crimes. She wanted more. Hidden in her clothes were a gun and a sharp knife, and with her usual confident step, she began to walk to Dr Manette#39;s house.那时的巴黎有很多妇女痛恨贵族并希望看到他们死。但在所有这些妇女中,得法热夫人是最可怕的一个。她的生命中充满了仇恨。一个无辜的男人正要因为他父亲或他叔叔的罪孽而死,这对她来说算不了什么。她所要的比这更多。她在衣里藏了一和一把尖刀,便迈着她一贯自信的步伐,开始朝马内特医生的住处走去。The house was not yet empty. Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher were there, preparing to follow Mr Lorry#39;s coach. Mr Lorry had decided that two coaches were better than one;with fewer passengers, each coach would travel faster. But Miss Pross was still worried. A second coach leaving from the house might suggest an escape.房子里的人尚未走空。普罗斯和杰里·克拉彻还在里面,正准备着跟上劳里先生的马车。劳里先生已断定两辆马车比一辆要好。乘客少些马车可以走得更快些。可普罗斯仍旧很担心,因为第二辆马车离开这座房子也许会显示出逃跑的迹象。#39;Mr Cruncher, #39;she said, #39;you must go and stop our coach coming here. Drive to the church instead, and I#39;ll meet you there at three o#39;clock. #39;“克拉彻先生,”她说,“你得去拦一下我们的马车别让它到这儿来,而是改去教堂。我会在3点钟时和你会合。”Jerry hurried away. It was twenty past two, and at once Miss Pross began to get herself y to leave. She was washing her face when she suddenly looked up and saw a figure standing in the room.杰里赶紧走了。那是两点20分,普罗斯立刻开始为离开而做准备。在她洗脸时,她突然抬头看到一个人正站在房间里。Madame Defarge looked at her coldly. #39;The wife of Evrémonde;where is she? #39;得法热夫人冷冷地看着她。“埃弗蒙的妻子,她在哪儿? ”背景简介:她留下了一个,即后来的得伐石太太。侯爵兄弟当时用一小盒黄金收买梅尼特医生,要他不要把事情声张出去。梅尼特医生回家后,出于义愤,还是把他所看到的写了一封揭发信交给一位政府大臣。可是那封信竟落到侯爵兄弟的手里。在一天晚上,医生被侯爵兄弟绑架了。他们当他的面把揭发信烧了。接着,医生被送进巴士的狱。从此,他再也没有见到自己的亲人了,人们都以为他失踪了。 /201306/242208。

英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 My father -- ::58 来源: My fatherMy father’s name is Wang Yaohan. He has an English name, Jack. He is thirty-eight years old. My father is a worker. He works in a factory. He has two big eyes and two big ears. He has short hair. My father is very thin. He is only fifty kilograms. He likes learning English very much. He learns English everyday. My father likes watching TV. His favorite television channel is CCTV-, because he can learn a lot English from the program Outlook English at that channel.English is my father’s good friend. I am my father’s friend, too.。


年6月四级图表类写作模板 --7 :: 来源: 年6月四级图表类写作模板   (1)模版1  According to the chart graph diagram table, we clearly learn that _________. As early as _________,___________. Then,_________. Last,__________. In contrast, by _________,__________.  There are many reasons ing _________. Firstly, _________.Secondly,__________. Finally,_________. As a result,_________.  As far as I am concerned,_________. one thing,__________. another,________. In brief, I hold that__________.  ()模版  What is shown in the chart graph diagram table above indicates that in recent years, more and more people pay attention to _________. The number of those who _________ has increased ________, and furthermore,____________.  There are two factors responsible the changes. In the first place,_________. Moreover,__________. Yet, it is noticeable that __________.  From the analysis, we can safely draw the conclusion that__________. It is possible that in the future, the tendency will__________.  (3)模版3  As is shown in the chart graph diagram table above, __________ has charged drastically in the past _________. While ___________,now the percentage of__________ is __________. Meanwhile, the number of _________ has soared up to ________.  There are mainly two possible reasons contributing to the rapid changes. The first is that _________. Secondly,__________.  In my point of view, the changes have a great influence on _________. At the same time,_______. To sum up ,_________.。

题外话:在Westlife的 Seasons in the sun 中,就有一句 I was the black sheep of the family…你听出来了吗??。

四六级资讯 年月大学英语四级冲刺精讲-翻译篇() -- :19:19 来源: 练习  筷子(chopsticks)是最能反映中国饮食文化特色和传统的重要象征之一筷子有着悠久的历史,有关筷子的记载可以追溯到3000多年以前无论到何时何地,中国人吃饭都很难离开筷子此外,筷子还可以作为礼仪(etiquette)、馈赠、寄情、收藏的特殊工艺品和礼品如今,筷子已经出现在全世界很多国家的餐桌上,西方还流行起了“为了您的健康,请您拿起筷子来”的时潮  句1:筷子(chopsticks)是最能反映中国饮食文化特色和传统的重要象征之一  思路点拨:本句的句子主干为“筷子是…之一”,译为chopsticks are one of…; “最能反映中国饮食文化特色和传统”可处理成定语从句,来修饰“重要象征”,译为that can most reflect the characteristics and   traditions of Chinese food culture“象征”译为symbol.  译:Chopsticks are one of the important symbols that can most reflect the characteristics and traditions of Chinese food culture.  句:筷子有着悠久的历史,有关筷子的记载可以追溯到3000多年以前  思路点拨:本句可处理成and连接的并列句句中“悠久的”可用long来表达;“有关…的记载”译为the records of…; “追溯到”译为be traced back to  Chopsticks have a long history and the records of them can be traced back to more than 3000 years ago.  句3:无论到何时何地,中国人吃饭都很难离开筷子  思路点拨:本句中“无论到何时何地”可处理成状  语;后面部分可用句型“it is +形容词+ sb. to do sth.”“离开筷子”即“没有筷子”,可译为without chopsticks.  Wherever and whenever, it is hard Chinese people to have meals without chopsticks.  句:此外,筷子还可以作为礼仪(etiquette)、馈赠、寄情、收藏的特殊工艺品和礼品  思路点拨:本句中 “…可以作为…”可处理成…can be used as…的形式“此外”可以译为in addition; “馈赠”可译为gifting;“寄情”即“表达情感”,可译为expressing feelings  In addition, chopsticks can also be used as special handicrafts and presents etiquette, gifting, expressing feelings and collection.  难点注释:  句1:白色污染指的是塑料污染(plastic pollution)  “指的是”可译为refer to.  White pollution refers to plastic pollution.  句:不可回收的(unrecyclable)塑料午餐盒沿途到处都是  Unrecyclable plastic lunch boxes are all along roads.  句3:塑料购物袋在空中飞扬  “在空中飞扬”可译为dance in the wind.  Plastic shopping bags dance in the wind.  句:如果我们继续使用这些会发生什么呢?  If we continue using them, what would happen?  句5:有一天,它们会将我们埋葬在白色垃圾堆中  “会将我们埋葬在白色垃圾堆中”可译为might bury us in an ocean of white rubbish.  One day they might bury us in an ocean of white rubbish.  句6:那时的地球—我们共同的家园将成为一个垃圾桶(dustbin)  Then the earth, our common homeland, would be a dustbin.  句7:为防止这个噩梦成为现实,政府间应该互相紧密合作并将口头承诺付诸实际行动  “为防止这个噩梦成为现实”译为目的状语:To prevent this nightmare from coming true; “互相紧  密合作”译为work closely with each other; “将口头  承诺付诸实际行动”译为back up their verbal commitment by actions.  译:To prevent this nightmare from coming true, governments need to work closely with each other and back up their verbal commitment by actions. 英语四级 大学。

  如:If the small hot spots look as expected,that will be a trumpet…. (1998年第7题)。

最近,有关专家在公示语翻译错误现象时对“眼科医院”英译为eye hospital提出了质疑对此,笔者认为,“眼科医院”英译为eye hospital是完全可以的,而ophthalmology hospital则显得更加专业根据Google搜索引擎的检索结果,西方国家,尤其是英国国家确实大量使用eye hospital这一说法,如Manchester Royal Eye Hospital,The Sydney Eye Hospital.。

I have my limit 我的忍耐度有限。