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2019年07月23日 14:04:27 | 作者:69指南 | 来源:新华社
一次旅行 A Trip -- :: 来源: The summer holiday begins. I am very happy. Last week, I traveled to Zhuhai. It's a small but beautiful city. The streets are clean and the buildings are huge. The traffic of Zhuhai is good. There is almost no traffic jams here,because the transportation system is good. Macau is on the opposite of Zhuhai.We can even see the cars running in the streets of Macau. I hope I can step into Macau to visti this magical city.暑假开始了,我很开心上周,我到珠海旅游了它是个很小但是很美的城市街道干净,楼很高珠海的交通很好,几乎没有交通堵塞,因为交通系统很发达就在珠海对面我们甚至可以看到在大街上奔跑的车辆我希望可以踏入这座魔幻之城旅游我最好的朋友 My Best Friend -- :33:7 来源: I have many friends, since I go to kindergarten, I make friends now and then, but my friend is Li Ming. He is a boy, he lives next to me, we go to school everyday, we also play together. His family is very nice, they give me food when I go to ask Li Ming, my parents likes Li Ming, too. Li Ming and I are friends ever.我有很多朋友,自从我上了幼儿园,我时而不时地交朋友,但是我最好的朋友是李明他是一个男孩,住在我隔壁,我们每天一起上学,也一起玩耍他的家人很友好,每当我去找李明的时候,他们都给我东西吃,我的父母也很喜欢李明李明和我永远都是朋友My Hobbies 我的爱好 -- :51:37 来源: My Hobbies 我的爱好  I am a boy. I am eleven years old. I like collecting stamps and playing football very much. I have collected more than 1,000 stamps and really learned a lot from them, especially about Chinese history and western culture.  I play football on Thursday afternoon. If there is a football match on TV, I always watch it. Playing football and watching games bring me a lot of fun.我是一个岁的男孩我非常喜欢收集邮票和踢足球我已经收集了1,000多枚邮票,并且从中学到了很多,特别是关于中国历史和西方文化方面  我在星期四下午踢足球如果电视中有足球比赛,我总是要观看踢足球和观看足球比赛给我带来了巨大的快乐My family(6) --1 :1: 来源: My family(6)  I have a very lucky family. There are five people in my family, my dad, mom, sister and brother.  My dad is a host of the family. He is tall and strong. He is a boss. He works very hard. He likes singing and doing sports. He is very funny.  He cares about us. My mom is a boss, too. She likes planting. She is very busy every day. But she is very kind to us. We love her very much.  “ Tom, you are a naughty boy,” my mom always says. Yes, my brother Tom is really naughty. He likes sports very much. He usually makes funny of me.  When I am angry every time, he always says: “ You look like a monkey!” I am even mad, but he is much happier.  My sister is a sports player.  She is tall and strong. She has big eyes, small nose and mouth and two small ears. She is pretty and cute. She likes listening to music every much.  “ Proud of you” is her favourite English song. She can sing very well and she even teaches me sing this song.  I am a happy girl. I like listening to music, too. like playing pingpong . I love my parents and they love me, too

Jay Chou 周杰伦 -- :3: 来源: Jay Chou 周杰伦  He is quite and shy. He doesn't smile very often, but he is friendly to others. When you talk to him about music, he will have a lot to say. This is Jay Chou, my favourite Taiwanese POPsinger.  Chou grew up with his mother. He didn't talk much and did badly in many school subjects. When he was only three, his mother sent him to learn piano, and he loved it.  Chou is not very handsome. But he is really good at music, he can write his own songs, and he never follows others.  I like Longquan best of his songs, and is moves my heart.他很安静,很害羞,他也不常晓,可是他待人友好当你同他谈论音乐,他就有好多话说这就是周杰伦,我最喜欢的台湾歌星周杰伦是同母亲一起长达的他说话不多,学校的许多都学得很好当他年仅3岁时,他妈妈送他去学钢琴,二他就喜欢上了钢琴周不算太英俊,可是他擅长音乐,他能自己作曲,也从不追随别人在他所有的歌曲中,我最喜欢《龙拳,它使我感动

我的外国朋友 My eign Friend -- :3: 来源: I have a eignfriend. His name is Oliver and he comes from England. His home is nearby mine. Hemoves to China because his father is going to work in here. He can’t talk toomuch in Chinese, but he works hard on it. We often speak in Chinese because heneeds practices. I can learn English from him after he knows more Chinese. I oftenplay with him and my friends. I think he needs friends here. I can help him.

喝酒 Drinking -- ::53 来源: Now, many peoplelike drinking. They think it’s cool, but I don’t agree with them. I thinkdrinking is bad us. Drinking is bad to our health. It’s the cause of somediseases. Some people even die of drinking. Besides, we must remember notdriving after drinking. It’s illegal. The most important is that it could causecar accidents. Theree, driving after drinking would be punished. Every bodyshould not drink or drink less. After all, it’s not good to us.如今,很多人喜欢喝酒他们认为喝酒很酷,但是我不这么认为我认为喝酒对我们是有害的喝酒有害我们的健康,它是一些疾病的根源一些人甚至是死于喝酒此外,我们必须牢记不要酒后开车,它是违法的,最重要的是它会引起交通事故,酒后驾驶会被惩罚每个人都不应该喝酒或者少喝毕竟喝酒对我们是不好的

人英文话剧剧本:五一劳动节 -01- 18:6: 来源: One day, the class is over,student A and B walk together.)A: Labour Day is coming, we should relax a little on vacation, what are you going to do.B:I have no idea no.How about you?A:I intend to go to the Baotu Spring,It’s said that it is a good interest of place.B:En,yes,it is the first spring of the world. A: Why not go with me? I believe you will be satisfied with it. B: About it let me think.(Student A and B come acoss C.)C:Hi!What do you discuss?A:Hi!We are talking about the plan of the Labor Day.C:Where do you plan to go?A: Baoto Spring.Visit together?C: Oh! No! I have been there in the Tomb Sweeping Day.B:Really?How about the sight of it?C:Very great!There are so many birds and trees.When I go there I was attracted by the beauty of the scenery deeply.B:Really?C:Yes.The surroundings is so good,beyond description.There are some photoes in my moblephone,have a look.B:How great!Is this Baotu Spring?C:Oh,no!It is Baizheng Spring.In fact,there are many other springs,such as Mapao Spring,Dukang Spring whose funtain(泉水) is so clear and sweet.A:It sounds great!Are there some fishes in these springs?You know I like fish very much.C: Oh.There are many kinds of fishes with different colors, red, black, even colorful .I am sure you will be lost in the beautiful scenery.B:En,it is a great meal to eyes.My desire to visit there become stronger and stronger.C:It is only a part of the Baotu Spring.A:It is said that there are many historical relics,such as Memorical Hall of Li Qingzhao.C:Oh,yes!Except it,Jinan Massacre(惨案) Memorical Hall is also worth visiting.The Massacre is our stigma(耻辱),which happened on May Third.A: It is of great significance to pay a visit on Labor Day.B: Wonderful! I decide to visit there.A:Ok!C:May you have a good time!A:Thank you!What about you ?C:En,I want to climb Mount Tai.A:Mount Tai?Unattainable feeling!B:It is so famous its majesty(雄伟).A:When you go there?I mean when you climb the Mount Tai,Evening?C:Of course.I intend to watch the sunrise.The view from the top of the hill was superb(美丽极了).B:A good pursuit!I hear that the top of the Mount Tai is very cold,you’d better wear enough clothes.A: en, health and strength is above all gold.C: Oh, yes! Thanks your advice.Now I have to search some inmation about how to get to Mount Tai. See you later!A:Take care of yourself!B:See you! D: Hi, what are you doing? Is it Student C?B: Oh, he is busy preparing to go on holiday.D: Holiday?A: En, yes, Labor Day, we intend to go to Baotu Spring. What’s your plan?D: Oh, I don’t have an idea. Now I’m not sure if I have a free time.B: Why? What happened?D: you know, I have applied the National Sports Volunteer, the train may be started recently.B: That is a pity!D: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to climb Mount Tai. As a Shandong person, it is very pity not to climb Mount Tai.A: Never mind. It’s also meaningful to train as a volunteer.D: Of course, on the other hand, my dream can also come true on Summer Day, in a word; I believe I can reach the top of Mount Tai some day. B: May you make it!A: Where there is a will there’s a way.D: Thanks, have a wonderful time, see you later.A: See you! 人英文话剧剧本

寒假去哈尔滨旅游 --3 :38:57 来源: 寒假去哈尔滨旅游 last winter holiday, i went to harbin with my mother. it's very cold in winter. there is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world. you must wear warm clothes. the most exciting thing is playing with snow. skating is also very interesting there.i will' always remember harbin, the snow, the ice and all the beautiful things. i love harbin.

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