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The second set was a rout, however, as Ivanovic surrendered just seven points on her way to her convincing victory.Good morning, my buddies. Welcome to my class in the morning. I am Juliet. A saying goes, “An hour in the morning is worth two hours in the evening.” So, I hope we can spend a wonderful and meaningful morning together. (各位亲爱朋友们,欢迎来到早间课堂,我是Juliet俗话说:“一天之计在于晨”希望我们能在此共度过一段美好而又有意义的的时光)We have a way of asking if someone needs something explained more deeply in order to understand it. What’s it? Let’s listen to the following situational dialogue to get the answer:A:Why are Bob and Marta looking so sad?B:Do I have to speel it out you? They’ve been arguing.Have you got the answer? It is “Do I have to spell it out you?”This is a question, which is like asking “Should I say it to you more clearly?”. It’s similar to Chinese——你究竟要怎么样才能明白呢?As we know, the phrase in this sentence, “tospell out”,means “to explain more in detail”. It can be translated into Chinese——详细说明 another example: Please spell out what you mean, I dont quite understand.(译文:请详细解释一下,我不太明白你的意思)If someone says whether he has to spell it out you, it shows he is kinda tired of what you’ve asked and sort of angry about it, you can say “I get the point.(我知道了)” to break to the ice even if you are still confused about it . Let’s listen to another mini situational dialogue:A:I dont want anyone smoking in this building.B:I get the point. I wont do that.Today, we have learned two short sentences used in spoken English. One is that “Do I have to spell it out you?”The other is that “I get the point”.All right, my dear listeners, let’s call it a day. It is time to say goodbye to you. Have a nice day. Thank you your listing this time and see you next time. (又该和大家说声再见的时候了,祝您度过美好的一天感谢您的这次收听,我们下次再见)课后功课:请将文中的迷你对话翻译成中文Dialogue 1:A:Why are Bob and Marta looking so sad?B:Do I have to speel it out you? They’ve been arguing.Dialpgue :A:I dont want anyone smoking in this building.B:I get the point. I wont do that.参考:A:为什么Bob和Marta看起来不高兴?B:到底要我说你才能明白?他们俩吵架了A:我不希望有任何人在这幢大楼里抽烟B:知道,我不会的 190

A shopping mall in Northeast China Dalian city has rolled out wider and bigger parking spaces their female customers.The spaces, outlined in hot pink with a sign saying, ;Women only,; are located by the road and close to the mall entrances.Is it thoughtful or thoughtless to set up female-only parking? 37

女演员琳赛·罗翰回应卸责法庭判令一事,并称这是媒体制造的舆论,根本不是实情Singer Justin Bieber speaks at a ceremony where Michael Jackson's shoes and gloves are used to make hand and foot imprints in cement in the courtyard of Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on January 6, .请求指点-- :0: 请求指点Sentences(句子)1.Do you think I can take it?你看我可以接受它吗?. I'd like your advice about my study.我想请你对我的学习提些意见3. Do you think I should give it up?你看我应该放弃吗?. What do you think I ought to do?你看我该怎么办?5 .What would you advise me to do?你看我该怎么办?6. What would you do in my position?你处在我的位置会怎么办?7. What would you do if you were me?你要是我,你会怎么办?8. I would appreciate some advice from you.如果得到您的指点,我将十分感激9·I'd like to have your advice on my writing.我想请您对我的书法做些指导. How do you find things over there?Dialogue(对话 )Model 1A: It's fine today.今天天气不错B:Yes, what do you think we should do?是呀,你觉得我们该做些什么呢?A: How about going out a picnic?出去野餐怎么样?B: Sounds a good idea.这主意听起来不错Model A: How do you find things over here?你觉得这儿的情况怎么样?B: It's quite different from what I expected.和我预料的有很大的差别A: Have you got used to the life here?你适应这里的生活了吗?B: Not yet. But I'll try my best.还没有不过我会尽力的Model 3A: Do you think I should join the football team?你认为我应该参加足球队吗?B: Why not? If I were in your shoes, I certainly would.为什么不参加呢?我要是你肯定参加A:些,I'm afraid it'll take up much of nmy time.可我担心占时间太多B: You should take more exercise.你该多活动活动

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活细节改变生活Longevity长寿 Using data from about ,000 adults tracked over 50 years, scientists discovered that volunteering, especially altruistic motives, can be a life saver. 根据对000个成年人长达50年的追踪研究,科学家发现,志愿活动尤其是那些无私利心的,可以是救命稻草People who reported giving their time because they wanted to help others outlived those who didnt volunteer at all, as well as those who did so mostly their own satisfaction那些花时间帮助别人的人们要比其他人更加长寿,即使他们帮别人只是为了自己开心 altruistic adj.利他的,无私心的 例句:Foster the good quality of altruistic, friendly affection as a child.从小培养起无私 、 友爱的优良品质.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3990不过我不知道应该上哪所学校- :01: A:Did you go to university?你上过大学吗?B:Yes, I graguated with a BA in English from Qingdao Uinversity.是的,我是青岛大学英语专业的学士.A:When did you graduate?你是什么时候毕业的呢?B:Just a few years ago. What about you?毕业好几年了.你呢?A:I just graduated from high school.我刚刚才高中毕业.B:Are you planning on going to university?你打算上大学吗?A:I'd like to get a BA, but I don't know where I should go.我是想读个文学学士学位,不过我不知道应该上哪所学校.B:Have you applied anywhere yet?你现在申请什么学校了吗?A:Yes, I've applied to four universities and have been accepted into all of them.申请了,我申请了四所学校,他们都给我发录取通知书了.B:Congratulations! Which one is the cheapest?恭喜你啊!哪一所大学的学费最便宜呢?A:The tuition is the same all of them.学费都一样.B:Which one has the most interesting course?那么哪一所大学课程最有意思?A:I think the course at Leeds University is interesting, but I think the one at Manchester University would be more practical.我觉得利兹大学的课程最有意思,但是曼彻斯特大学的可能会更实用些.B:Where would you like to be located?你觉得哪所学校的地理位置最好?A:I'd really like to be in London, but it's the most expensive city in England to live in, so I don't know if I can afd to live there.我真是很喜欢待在伦敦,可是这是英格兰生活开销最高的城市,我不知道自己是不是能住的起.B:Have you applied grants or financial aid of some sort?你有没有申请助学金或者经济补助之类的?A:Not yet.还没.B:I think you should do that soon. It will help you make a decision about the school you go to.我觉得你应该马上去申请.这样有助于你决定究竟要去哪所学校.A:That's a good idea.这主意不错.B:Good luck!祝你好运!水资源问题英语对话-- :56: 就当代人而言,能源消耗超负荷,备受关注的便是水资源问题?假如地球上没有水,会怎么样?小编提示:节约用水哦!杰克:Is the environment a big issue in your country? It is in mine. 环境问题是在你们国家严重吗?在我们国家挺严重的凯西:It is in mine too. The biggest issue is water. The climate is dry and so water conservation is very important. 在我们国家也严重我们国家最大的问题是水资源天气非常干旱所以保存水资源非常重要杰克:What methods do you use to conserve water? 你们都用些什么方法来蓄水?凯西:Water is rationed.We can only use a certain amount each month. It means that we cannot use some modern household items, like washing machines. They use too much water. 水配额使用我们每个月只能用一定量的水这就意味着我们不能用很多现代的家用电器像洗衣机,它们太耗水了杰克:I see. 我知道了

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