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Corey Feldman Reveals All in #39;Coreyography#39; The 1980#39;s teen icon reveals dark side of growing up in Hollywood in his new memoir.Corey Feldman, a big star we were just talking about, a teen icon actually back tothe 80’s, now there’re revealing the dark side of growing up in Hollywood. Hehas had very public struggles and he discusses it all, words it all in a newmemoir called ‘Coreyography’. A’s Bianna Golodryga brings us the details.From‘Gremlines’ to ‘Stand By Me’ to ‘The Goonies’, he was quite literally the teenageloudmouth who’s still in center stage in some of those memorable movies of the80’s. But now, in his new tell-all autobiography ‘Coreyography’, Corey Feldmanreveals that he’s secretly battled many personal demons, which led to years ofdrug and alcohol abuse starting at the age of 14.‘Thatwas the guy who I had hanging up posters in my wall.’‘Thanks.’You don’tnecessarily see the coolest guy..’‘I’m very self-critical; I can’t help it.’Parts ofthat self-critisism comes from his tumultuous relationship with his parents.‘How much pressure was it to be the b winner?’‘There was nobody else tobringing the family income. The bottom line is this-children should not be partof the work force.’Despitehis negative views about child stars, when pressed, Feldman admits that not allof his Hollywood memories were bad ones.‘Gremlineswas the most fun. I mean I really had a great time.’In fact,he was on the set of ‘The Goonies’ where he met his idol and future friend, theking of pop, and he believes there’s more to the stories behind Michael Jackson’sdeath.‘I thinkMichael was much more involved with himself, and I don’t mean an accidentaldrug overdose.’ ‘Do you think he wanted to die?’ ‘This is it, it’s all I’mgonna say, this is it, this is it!’Feldmansaid it was the lost of his best friend, and fellow child star Corey Haim in2010 that finally drove him to write the book. He attributes his untimely deathto what he calls ‘Hollywood’s biggest secret’. ‘Yousaid the one problem in Hollywood was, is, and always will be the pedophilia.’ ‘Here’sthe part that really gets me. I gave the police the names of my predators. Didany of those men get investigated? No. All they wanted to hear was onename-Michael Jackson. And guess what, when I told them over and over and overMichael Jackson did nothing to me, but this guy did, but this guy did.’ ‘Theydidn’t even investigate?’ ‘Never investigated, never investigated that thosemen are walking free today.’A cleanand sober Feldman has turned his life around. But his ultimate pride and joy ishis 9-year-old son Zen. For good morning, America, Bianna Golodryga, ABS News,New York.Um,thank Bianna again, a very public from Corey Feldman, we wish him and his sonthe very best. So many people will go through. /201311/263833。

经济学家能从语言学家那里学到什么?行为经济学家基思·陈(Keith Chen)介绍了他的研究中发现的奇妙关联:没有区分将来时态的语言——“明天下雨”而不是“下明天的雨”——跟储蓄比例有很强的相关性。 Article/201312/268884。

After 1949,1949年之后the People#39;s Republic of China continued to address the Diaoyu Islands problem,中华人民共和国继续关注钓鱼岛问题but neither Chairman Mao nor Premier Zhou Enlai但毛泽东和周恩来forced the issue with ed States为了与美国保持友好关系which held the administrative rights对此事并未采取强硬措施because these Chinese leaders wanted to establish friendly relations with America.美国那时仍有对该岛的管辖权In the 1971 Okinawa Reversion Treaty1971年的《冲绳归还条约》中the ed States appointed Japan as its administrator美国委任日本为其在钓鱼岛的of the Diaoyu Islands.管辖人Later,这之后the pragmatic Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping务实的中国领导人邓小平striving for economic reform and peaceful co-existence with both一直致力于经济改革并与美国和日本America and Japan发展和平共处的外交关系made the famous statement他留下了一句和有名的话;let our grandchildren deal with this problem;.“让我们的子孙后代来解决钓鱼岛问题吧”However,但是China has never recognized America#39;s or Japan#39;s administrative rights中国从未认可美国和日本对钓鱼岛的over th Diaoyu Islands.管辖权Officially,从官方立场上说the ed States of America does not take a position on the ultimate sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands,美国也从未在钓鱼岛的主权问题上给出明确答复but it does recognize that the islands fall但却同意岛屿问题事关under the security treaty obligations the US has with Japan,美国对日本的安全条约义务the remained grave doubts as to the constructive role对于美国在这场持续不断的争端中the ed States will play将要扮演的建设性作用in this ongoing dispute.仍然是云遮雾绕There is ample evidence that the involvement of the ed States in Asian affairs足够的据表明 美国对亚洲事务的干预has more often to not heighten tensions更多不是去制造紧张关系rather than ease them.而是要缓和这些关系 Article/201409/329449。

我们在解剖学上还有很多东西待发掘。我们对基因组学,蛋白质组学和细胞生物学了解很多,但正如Diane Kelly在TED医学大会上所阐明的,有许多关于人体的基本事实,我们还需要学习发现。比如说,哺乳动物的勃起是如何运作的? Article/201312/270234。

Today in History:Thursday, June20, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月20日,星期四June 20th, 1893 Some folks say she didn#39;t do it, and another say how she did it. But that all dreams of Lizzie.B was a problem kind kidA jury finds Lizzie Borden innocent of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe at their home in Fall River, Massachusetts. The grisly killings and Borden#39;s trial received massive media attention for its time in the ed States.1837,In London, Britain#39;s Queen Victoria begins her record reign of 63 years, following the death of her uncle, King William the Fourth.1943,Race related rioting erupts in Detroit, a sign of unrest on America#39;s home front during World War Two. Federal troops are sent in two days later to quell the violence, which leaves more than 30 people dead.1967,In Houston, boxer Muhammad Ali is convicted of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted during the Vietnam War. The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately overturns Ali#39;s conviction. Aly stripped of his title, Ali is allowed to return to boxing more than three years later.And 1975,;Jaws;, Steven Spielberg#39;s movie about the terrifying great white shark, is released. The monster box-office hit is widely considered to be the film that launched the Hollywood blockbuster.Today in History, June 20th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/245003。

All right. As promised.Nice board.Where#39;s the rest?The rest? This is all of them.好了 说到做到,这主机板不错,其余的部分在哪儿?其余的? 就这些了I asked for 50 computers.That#39;s keyboards, cases, monitors, and power included.我要的是50台电脑,包括键盘 机壳 屏幕 电源等全部的东西。Not just boards.Just boards? Excuse me? Just boards? These are state-of-the-art.不是光秃秃的主机板。什么叫光秃秃的主机板? 这可是最新科技。The logic boards alone are... Nobody#39;s making anything like this.They#39;re, what, how dare you! How dare you!我们的逻辑电路板是...没有人做得出来,他们是 你怎么能这么说话?I think what my colleague is saying is that...You#39;re not seeing the possibilities here.我同事是想说...你没看到这蕴藏的大好机会That is indeed one unbelievably kick ass computer.Not to the consumer.这实际上是一台令人难以置信的;强悍;的电脑,对顾客来说可不是。Well, then maybe your consumer should start to learn how to...How to even work that, don#39;t you think?呃 所以可能你的顾客,应该学学怎么用...怎么使用这种电脑 不是吗?Listen, boys.You sold me on a home computer.That#39;s a keyboard and monitor.This is a board.听着 兄弟,你们卖给我的应该是一台完整电脑,有键盘和荧幕的那种。这就一个主机板 没了Now, I#39;m sure this makes a very capable starter kit,but the everyday person,the kind of person that#39;s not an engineer,or in a computer club like you,they#39;re not gonna know what the hell this is.现在 这是个不错的基础,但对于一般用户,不是工程师的那种人,也不是向你一样的电脑俱乐部出身,根本搞不懂这东西怎么用。The average Joe doesn#39;t want to build their own computer.一般用户根本不想学自己组装一台电脑They just want to buy it.They want to take it out of the box, plug it in,and have it work.Steve.Are you listening to me?他们只想买回去。拆开盒子 插上电源就能用了,你觉得呢 史蒂夫?你有在听吗? /201404/288384。