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2019年08月23日 22:33:19 | 作者:城市热点 | 来源:新华社
听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Each year the state of Michigan spends about million to clean up abandoned industrial sites. Contamination can threaten water sources and public health.Now, however, the state is about to run out of money to do that clean up.James Clift is policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council. He said in the past, Michigan used around million a year from the General Fund – the states big checking account filled with tax money – to clean up these sites.When that general fund started to dry up around 2008, Clift said voter-approved environmental bond money was used for cleanup. Thats the money the states running out of now.Governor Snyder has a proposal to fix this problem for one year by pulling from the Refined Petroleum Fund, which pays for cleanup of old underground fuel tanks.;Unfortunately youll see a lot of this in state budgeting in general,; Clift said, ;and a lot of it within the Department of Environmental Quality budget … always kind of seems like theyre scrambling around to figure out, ‘Where do we have some available funds to deal with the problem that we think is most immediate?;To address the funding gap long-term, Clift said some in Lansing are talking about introducing another bond proposal to voters in 2018, which would ;cost us at least one and half times; the cost of cleanup.But thats not the states only option.;So, if you look around the country, weve kind of liked the Minnesota model,; Clift said. ;A few years back what they did is they dedicated a quarter of one percent of the sales tax to dealing with their environmental issues. It actually funds their whole environmental agency.;Right now, Clift said there are approximately 15,000 polluted sites throughout the state.Over the last few decades, he said the state of Michigan has worked to address the worst of these sites – the ones ;threatening public health today.;;So theyll kind of rush in and spend a lot of money on that site,; he said. ;But they really havent put a big dent in the backlog of sites.;Clift said the state began addressing this backlog around three or four years ago by checking out 250 sites a year.Around 10% of them, he said, threatened public health and needed immediate attention. He said 30-40% needed work, but not immediately, and half of the sites surveyed did not pose threats to public health at the time.(That means its possible around 10% of un-surveyed backlogged sites could pose a threat to public health now.)For the full conversation, including Clifts rundown of options the state has to fill the funding gap long-term, listen above.201703/500177关键词:work hand in glove 密切合作短语释义:在每一期节目中,你都能学到一个习惯用语,先解释短语,然后通过例句来领悟,相信很容易记住。美国的成语或俗语和其他语言一样,同生活中的各个方面有关。有一些和食品有关,有的来自扑克牌游戏,还有的和穿着有联系。今天我们要说的习语就和手套有关系。Glove就是手套的意思。Work hand in glove,首先通过work我们能肯定地知道这个短语肯定和工作有关,如何工作呢?或者说这种工作有着怎样的特征呢?Hand in glove,手在手套里面,那么手和手套肯定是密不可分的。To work hard in glove准确的释义是:to do something in close combination with someone or something else,其实就是说“密切合作”,就像手和手套一样,非常密切地合作。情景领悟:1. The secretary and her boss worked hand in glove.秘书和她的老板在工作上配合密切。2.He is found to be hand in glove with the enemy.他被发现跟敌人勾结在一起。本节目属 /201303/229648正确发音小技巧/i#61509;/是由元音/i/和/#61509;/组成的,练习发这个音时,可以先发/i/,然后再过渡到/#61509;/。由于这是一个双元音,所以音较长。/e#61509;/ 是由元音/e/和/#61509;/组成的,练习发这个音时,可以先发/e/,然后再过渡到/#61509;/。由于这是一个双元音,所以音较长。/u#61509;/是由元音/u/和/#61509;/组成的,练习发这个音时,可以先发/u/,然后再过渡到/#61509;/。由于这是一个双元音,所以音较长。/#61509;u/是由元音/#61509;/和/u/组成的,练习发这个音时,可以先发/#61509;/,然后再过渡到/u/。由于这是一个双元音,所以音较长。这四个音中都带有/#61509;/这个音,发好/#61509;/这个音,就能更好地发好这四个双元音。/i#61509;/ hear beer fear sheer deer /e#61509;/ there bear fair share dare/u#61509;/ tour poor actually sure cruel/#61509;u/ hope boat photo show cold唇舌训练: I hear a bear and a deer on a boat, for this I'm sure. /i#61509;/ /e#61509;/ /i#61509;/ /#61509;u/ /u#61509;/ There is a poor man drinking beer on a cold and dark night. /e#61509;/ /u#61509;/ /i#61509;/ /#61509;u/ I hope I could tour around the world taking photos and share them with my friends. /#61509;u/ /u#61509;/ /#61509;u/ /#61509;u/ /e#61509;/Actually, I sheer fear nothing; I dare try anything new as challenges. /u#61509;/ /i#61509;/ /i#61509;/ /e#61509;/It's not fair that you've said such cruel words to your parents. /e#61509;/ /u#61509;/ /e#61509;/单词中字母的发音规律一般发/i#61509;/的字母 e zero, inferior, serious ea weary, idea ear dear, hear eer deer, beer ere persevere, sincere, adhere ier fierce, pier ie alien, orient ior senior, inferior iou serious一般发/e#61509;/的字母 ae aerial, aero air stair, fair, hair are care, fare ear pear, bear ere where, there一般发/u#61509;/的字母 u plural, cruel ua usually, actually ure sure oor poor our tour一般发/#61509;u/的字母 o hope, over, cold, social oa coat, boat, road ou soul ow grow, bowl, fellow oe toe, hoe eau bureau, plateau ough although, dough 请注意: 以上4个音标中,发该音的字母中如果带有‘r’字母,在美音中,这个‘r’会发出/r/的音,如这些单词:sure, poor, senior, deer, hear, where, there, sincere; 但值得注意的是,如果发该音的字母中没有‘r’字母,一定不能发出/r/的音,如这个单词:idea。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Home 家Home is the one place in this entire world where hearts are sure of each other. /#61509;u/ /e#61509;/ /u#61509;/家是这个大千世界里唯一一个心灵相系的地方。It is the place of confidence. 它是自信的滋长的地方。It is the place where we tear off that mask of guarded and suspicious coldness, /e#61509;/ /e#61509;/ /#61509;u/在家里,我们撕下伪装及冰冷的which the world forces us to wear in self-defense; /e#61509;/这个世界迫使我们不得不戴上的自卫面具;and where we pour out the unreserved communications of full and confiding hearts. /e#61509;/在家里,我们坦诚地毫无保留地倾诉心声。It is the spot where expressions of tenderness gush out, /e#61509;/家是温柔迸涌倾出的地方,without any sensation of awkwardness,不带丝毫的尴尬,and without any d of ridicule.或担心被嘲笑。There is nothing like staying at home for sheer comfort. /e#61509;/ /#61509;u/ /i#61509;/没有任何地方可以像家那样让人坦然。 /201110/156103A new study suggests that many young people could reap long-term benefits from psychological counseling.一项新的研究表明,许多年轻人可以从心理咨询中获得长期的好处。Ian Goodyer, a professor at the department of psychiatry at the University of Cambridge in England, 英国剑桥大学精神病学系教授Ian Goodyer称,said Depression can seriously impair peoples lives, and in many cases begins during their teenage years. 抑郁症可以严重影响人们的生活,多数情况下开始于青少年时期。If we can tackle it early on, evidence suggests we can reduce the chances of severe depression returning.如果我们能及早处理,有据表明我们可以减少严重抑郁症复发的机会。According to background material provided in a university news release, about 70 percent of adolescents with depression benefit in the short term from psychological treatments. 据一所大学新闻稿中提供的背景资料,约有百分之70的抑郁青少年通过心理治疗获得短期好处。The study authors noted that how these patients fare in the long term is unclear.该研究的作者指出,这些患者的长期进展如何还不清楚。译文属。201612/481448

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 合得来Did you guys hit it off?你们合得来吗?【讲解】hit it off: 合得来,志趣相投。表示人与人之间相处融洽的意思。【情景一】我始终觉得人和人之间的相处是很微妙的,投机的话,自然相处得很好,不投机的话,半句话也嫌多。He hit it off with them from the start.从一开始他就和他们相处得很好。【情景二】不管是在生活中还是在工作上,我们都必须要跟身边的朋友和同事相处融洽。Fortunately John and his new employer hit it off from the very beginning.幸好约翰和他的新老板从一开始就相处得很好。 /201203/175684

大家好,欢迎来到。有的句子听起来特别容易,但当你真正要用的时候又不一定说得出。今天我们就来说说三个简单的句子。1. Someone to see you./You have a visitor.“有人来找您。”直译的话特别简单:Someone to see you. 这句话省略掉了谓语,其实完整的句子是Someone is here to see you. 我们在口语中可以将它简化为Someone to see you. 有人来找您。或者你也可以说“你来客人了”——You have a visitor. Visitor是visit(游览)的名词形式,表示“访客”。这时候相应的回答则是:Please let him in. (让他进来吧。)2. Did you call for an appointment? 当遇到不速之客来找你的老大,这时候当然不能直接让你的boss出来,谁也不知道对方究竟是为了何事而来,更不知道对方是否有提前约好。那么你可以礼貌地问上一句“Did you have an appointment?”您预约了吗?Appointment意思就是“约会”,不过不表示男女朋友之间的约会,而通常指因为一些事情而做的预约。你也可以说did you call for an appointment? (您电话预约了吗?)3. Theres nobody here by that name.通常你会遇到一些访客问这儿有没有一个某某先生或者某某,而你告诉别人“这里没有叫那个名字的”,这句话英文怎么说呢? Theres nobody here by that name. By that name 就是指“叫那个名字的”。 Theres nobody here by that name.这里没有叫那个名字的人。或者说Theres nobody named ... here. (我们这儿没有叫xxx的。)别人若还抱着一丝希望会再问“(你能不能再找找看?”Double指“双重的,两倍的”,check表示“检查,核对”。Double-check的意思是“复核、再确认”。Could you double-check?你能不能再找找看呢? 正在播出,美图+英语,茶余饭后随时下到手机观看和收听,坚持积累,你一定会有所收获的。下一期的与您有约,再见!背景音乐:Jessica Simpson-When You Told Me You Loved Me本节目属 /201410/333321

One common protein-contact prediction is that, if the side chain of one member of a pair of amino acids brought close together by folding is long, then that of the other member will be short, and vice versa.一种比较普通的蛋白质接触预测就是,如果一对氨基酸的一个侧链折叠后很长,那么里一个侧链就会很短,反之亦然。In other words, the sum of the two lengths is constant.换句话说,两个氨基酸侧链的总长度是恒定的。If you have but a single protein sequence available, knowing this is not much use.只知道一个蛋白质中氨基酸分子的排列顺序没有太大用处。Recent developments in genomics, however, mean that the DNA sequences of lots of different species are now available.不过基因组学最近的进展表示,现在许多不同物种的DNA分子的顺序是可以获取的。Since DNA encodes the amino-acid sequences of an organism’s proteins, the composition of those species’ proteins is now known, too.因为DNA分子编码生物体蛋白质中氨基酸分子的顺序,那么这些物种的蛋白质的组成也就可以获悉。That means slightly different versions, from related species, of what is essentially the same protein can be compared.这意味着,功能相同,但属于近缘物种的,在组成上稍有不同的蛋白质,可以进行比较。The latest version of Rosetta does so, looking for co-variation (eg, in this case, two places along the length of the proteins’ chains where a shortening of an amino acid’s side chain in one is always accompanied by a lengthening of it in the other).最新版本的Rosetta所做的就是寻找蛋白质的相关变异。(比如:在这个例子中,沿着蛋白质链长度方向的两个地方,如果一个氨基酸的侧链变短了,另一个氨基酸的侧链就会变长)。In this way, it can identify parts of the folded structure that are close together.用这种方法可以辨别紧密接触的折叠氨基酸的结构。Though it is still early days, the method seems to work.虽然现在是初期阶段,不过这个方法还是有用的。None of the 614 structures Dr Baker modelled most recently has yet been elucidated by crystallography or NMR, but six of the previous 58 have.Baker士近期所建立的614种蛋白质模型中,没有被晶体学或者磁共振所实的,但是之前的58个模型中有6个被实。In each case the prediction closely matched reality.在每一个模型中,预测的蛋白质结构与实际蛋白质分子的结构相差无几。Moreover, when used to “hindcast” the shapes of 81 proteins with known structures, the protein-contact-prediction version of Rosetta got them all right.此外,应用最新版本的Rosetta对已知结构的81个蛋白质进行“追算”,结果表明,蛋白质接触预测的蛋白质结构都是正确。There is a limitation, though.然而它是有局限性的。Of the genomes well-enough known to use for this trick, 88,000 belong to bacteria, the most speciose type of life on Earth.已熟知的,并且适用这种方法的基因组中,有88000种属于地球上最多的物种-细菌。Only 4,000 belong to eukaryotes—the branch of life, made of complex cells, which includes plants, fungi and animals.仅仅有4000中属于真核生物,生命的另一种形式。它是由复杂的细胞组成,有动物、植物、真菌。There are, then, not yet enough relatives of human beings in the mix to look for the co-variation Dr Baker’s method relies on.然而,在这个大家族中,没有足够多的与人类具有亲缘关系的物种,所以无法研究相关变异,而这是 Baker士的方法所需要的条件。Others think they have an answer to that problem.对于这个问题,其他人认为他们有解决方法。They are trying to extend protein-contact prediction to look for relationships between more than two amino acids in a chain.他们尝试扩展蛋白质接触预测的范围,在一条链中寻找不止2个氨基酸的相互关系。This would reduce the number of related proteins needed to draw structural inferences and might thus bring human proteins within range of the technique.这将会减少结构上不同的相关蛋白质的数目,并可能因此将人类蛋白质引入技术范围内。But to do so, you need a different computational approach.但是如果这么做的话,就需要一个不同的计算方法。Those attempting it are testing out the branch of artificial intelligence known as deep learning.想要尝试的人正在对以深度学习为人熟知的人工智能的分技术进行检测。Deep learning employs pieces of software called artificial neural networks to fossick out otherwise-abstruse patterns.深度学习采用一些称为人工神经网络的软件来搜寻其他深奥的模式。It is the basis of image- and speech-recognition programs, and also of the game-playing programs that have recently beaten human champions at Go and poker.它是图像和语音识别程序的基础,也是最近在围棋和纸牌游戏中打败人类冠军的游戏程序的基础。Jianlin Cheng, of the University of Missouri, in Columbia, who was one of the first to apply deep learning in this way, says such programs should be able to spot correlations between three, four or more amino acids, and thus need fewer related proteins to predict structures.哥伦比亚的密苏里州的大学的程建林最先把深度学习应用到这个方面。他说,这个程序能够找到三个、四个或者更多氨基酸之间的相互关性。并且需要更少的相关的蛋白质分子来预测其结构。Jinbo Xu, of the Toyota Technological Institute in Chicago, claims to have achieved this aly.芝加哥丰田技术研究所的徐金波声称现在已经达到这种技术水平。He and his colleagues published their method in PLOS Computational Biology, in January, and it is now being tested.他和他同事在一月份将这一方法发表在《PLOS计算生物学》上,现处于测试阶段。If the deep-learning approach to protein folding lives up to its promise, the number of known protein structures should multiply rapidly.对于蛋白质分子折叠,如果深度学习的方法达到了预期的效果,那么已知蛋白质结构的数目应该会迅速增加。More importantly, so should the number that belong to human proteins.更为重要的是,对人类蛋白质结构的了解也会增加。That will be of immediate value to drug makers.对于制药公司来说将会有即时的好处。It will also help biologists understand better the fundamental workings of cells—and thus what, at a molecular level, it truly means to be alive.这也将会帮助生物学家更好的理解细胞的基本功能。如此一来,意味着分子水平的研究真正开始了。考研英语时事阅读 /201704/504209

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Dennis Potter is still doing what he discovered he loved in 1977. He ties flies for fly fishing. He says he still remembers tying his first one.“To take that fly that I tied – I can show you within six inches on a log where I caught my first trout on the Au Sable River almost 40 years ago,” Potter said.Dennis Potter was hooked.He took a fly-tying class, but he says his real education came from being fortunate enough to know a lot of good fly tyers.He studied their patterns and techniques. He also studied the insects fish prey upon.“Trout in particular can become very selective, not only to a specific species of insect that they’re feeding on, but to a certain stage of the life cycle of that insect. So, if you don’t have the right bug, it can be difficult,” he said.Potter and his family live in a nice house on a private drive. They also own a place on the Au Sable River. I had to ask: How did he manage to get to the point where he could make a living at tying flies? He scoffed. He told me he’s not.He says he retired from the family business, traded places with his wife, Karen, and became what he calls the “househusband.” And he tied flies.“There are very, very few people who make a living – e, une – being commercial fly tyers. It’s an unbelievable commitment and you virtually have to tie every day,” Potter said.He adds you’d be lucky to pull in about ,000 a year. But, Potter’s done OK. He designs patterns for a company called Umpqua Feather Merchants. His flies are duplicated in factories Sri Lanka, Thailand, other places. He gets a small commission from that. He makes money from his own retail operation, Riverhouse Fly Company. And he speaks at shows and workshops and produces instructional s.“I absolutely love the teaching aspect of this. And, it sounds corny, I’m driven to share all this information that I’ve borrowed, stolen from others, come up with on my own. By far, the greatest satisfaction that I get is helping someone get better at what they’re doing,” he explained.The entire time we talked, Potter was tying flies. He grabbed a bit of this, a scrap of that and in two minutes – actually, a shorter time than that – he’d tied a fly using all kinds of materials around him.“The natural materials: deer hair, elk hair, calf tails, peacock, turkey feathers, virtually any fur, any hair, any feather can and probably has been in fly tying,” he said. He pointed at a fly he’d been working on while we talked.“Many, many years ago that fly would have been deer hair or elk hair, but it gets wet, it breaks, it gets heavy. So, anything I can do with synthetic, I’m going to do,” he said.Synthetic materials are lighter. They don’t soak up water. They stay on the surface of the water better just as many insects do. Some materials are shiny just like some bugs.Like a lot of the Artisans of Michigan I’ve met, Potter takes pride in his work. He believes he stands out because he puts in more effort than some of his competitors.“Every fly that I tie for a fly shop or my retail customers is tied exactly the same way as the flies that go into my fly box. And that’s not the case with a lot of commercial tyers. They’ll crank out something quick, quick, quick that doesn’t have the durability, they don’t all look the same. I just simply refuse to do that. So, could I tie faster? Yes. Absolutely, but I don’t.”I had to ask him: Do you have to think like a fish when designing a fly?“Do you have to think like a – well, uh, not when you’re tying. Well, yeah, I guess you do. You know, I’ve tied enough that when I do come up with something new, I can look it and and know, wow, that’s going to catch fish! You simply know,” he said.And it only took tying a few hundred thousand flies to get there.That’s Dennis Potter with Riverhouse Fly Company, our latest Artisan of Michigan.201706/513184

According to a news study published Tuesday, there were 1.13 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide in 2015. 周二发表的一项新研究指出,2015年全球有11亿3000万人口有高血压。Majority of them live in low and middle-income countries. 他们大多数生活在低收入和中等收入的国家。The study found that the number of people affected by high blood pressure has almost doubled in the past 40 years. 研究发现,在过去的40年中,受高血压影响的人口数量几乎增加了一倍。In most countries, men were discovered to have higher blood pressure than women. 在大多数国家,男性比女性有更高的血压。It was also found that Half of the worlds adults with high blood pressure in 2015 were living in Asia. 同样发现,2015年世界有高血压的成年人一半生活在亚洲。The ed States, Canada and South Korea had the lowest rates in the world. 美国、加拿大和韩国具有世界最低比率。The UK had the lowest proportion of people with raised blood pressure in Europe.在欧洲国家,英国血压偏高的比例最低。译文属。201611/478569

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