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Learn what guys like with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast about men and love.观看Howcast这段视频,在恋情专家Jonathon Aslay的帮助下学习男人喜欢什么。What do men like? Well, in my book The Relationships Men Commit to and Why, I wrote about what I call the four keys to the kingdom. We need to be fed, we need it to be fun, we need it to be fresh and we need to have regular sex. Let#39;s face it.You#39;ve all heard the term the best way to a man#39;s heart is though his stomach. Men love to be fed, so that#39;s one of the first things we do like. Next, we need it fun. A relationship that doesn#39;t have fun isn#39;t going to rarely go anywhere. And we need it fresh. We need variety. So it#39;s about mixing things. Both of you need to do this. It#39;s not just your responsibility. It#39;s his responsibility, too. Have some spark, have some variety. Don#39;t always do the same thing. Do different things. And ultimately, men do need regular sex. The best way to keep a man happy in the relationship is when he#39;s having regular sex with you. While most men need respect, ultimately what they like in a relationship, they like to be fed, they like it to be fun, the like it fresh and they always like regular sex.男人喜欢什么呢?在我的《男人忠诚的恋情及其原因》一书中,我写了四个关键之处。我们需要被喂饱,我们需要乐趣,我们需要新鲜,我们需要经常进行性生活。让我们面对这些。你肯定经常听说这么一句话,要想拴住一个男人的心,首先要拴住他的胃。男人首先要被喂饱,所以这是男人最喜欢的事情。接下来,我们需要乐趣。一段没有乐趣的恋情注定难以细水长流。而且要保持新鲜。我们需要多样化,各种各样的新鲜体验。两人都应该努力。这并不只是你一个人的责任。也是他的责任。不时制造一些火花,多搞一些花样。不要老是做同样的事情。做一些不同寻常的事情。最后,男人需要经常进行性生活。在一段恋情中,让一个男人开心的最佳方式就是经常做爱。大部分男人都需要尊重,这是他们希望在一段恋情中得到的。喜欢被喂饱,喜欢有乐趣,喜欢新鲜,喜欢经常进行性生活。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/306750。

Young infants have a vise-like grip, used to cling on to mum for dear life.叶猴宝宝虎钳般的爪帮助他们附着在妈妈身上以保安全。As they get older, they get bolder and take more risks. Those that survive spend a lot of time travelling.随着年龄的增长,他们越发胆大并开始常识更多刺激。这些是经历诸多冒险后的幸存者。The experienced adults know exactly where to find seasonal foods in different parts of their range.在不同的守备范围内,经验丰富的成年叶猴深知到的哪里去寻觅当季的食物。In such steep terrain, travel involves a high level of climbing skill.在如此陡峭的地带,旅途顺利包含了高超的攀爬技巧。These monkeys are spectacularly good rock climbers from the time they learn to walk.这些猴子打会走路起就是卓越的攀岩专家。In langur society, females rule the roost and take the lead when the family is on the move.叶猴族群是母系社会,并且是举家迁徙的领队人物。 /201406/307166。

Ten days later, the trap re-opens.十天以后,陷阱打开,苍蝇只剩下一个空壳子,饱餐的捕蝇草重新设定,等下一个倒霉鬼送上门来。All that remains is a husk.苍蝇只剩下一个空壳子The plant has finished its meal and resets itself饱餐的捕蝇草重新设定for its next victim.等下一个倒霉鬼送上门来But there is one time of year when the Venus fly trap但每到特定时节needs some of the visiting insects to live.捕蝇草会给路过的昆虫一条生路It needs their help to be pollinated.它需要昆虫帮忙授粉It sends up flowers on tall stems,所以在远离下方陷阱的well away from the danger of the traps below.长梗上开花Here, insects can feed safely on nectar.昆虫可以放心地在这里吸食花蜜In return, they provide a vital service,并提供重要的carrying pollen from flower to flower.授粉务But the truce is only temporary.但和平是短暂的When pollination is over, it#39;s back to business as usual.授粉作用完成之后 一切恢复正常 Article/201311/263061。

Gong Aiai, nicked named ;house sister; in China, was sentenced to 3 years in jail for charges of forging and trading official documents.被称为中国房的龚爱爱,因伪造与买卖官方文件被判处3年有期徒刑。A court in northwest China#39;s Shaanxi Province Sunday annouced the verdict. Gong Aiai, was a former deputy head of a local rural bank in Yulin city. She owned multiple properties under forged identities.陕西靖边县人民法院于周日公布了此项判决。龚爱爱曾在榆林市当地某村镇担任副职。她以虚假身份拥有巨额财产。According to the police, Gong had four hukou IDs and possessed over 40 Beijing properties with a total floor space of about 10 thousand square meters. The total property value amounted to about 400 million yuan, or 65 million US dollars.据警方介绍,拥有四个身份信息的龚爱爱,其名下有40多套北京房产,总面积达1万平米左右。总价值达4亿元,合6500万美元While Internet users questioned whether the money Gong used to buy property was earned legally, police said they had not received reports that Gong was involved in illegal fundraising, absorption of public deposits, or contract fraud. During her trial on Tuesday, Gong denied the charges, arguing that all her identification documents were processed by police authorities.有网友质疑其用来购买房产的资金是否为合法所得,警方表示目前还未接到关于龚爱爱非法集资、非法吸收公众存款以及合同诈骗的举报。在周二的审判大会上,龚爱爱否认该项指控,声称她的所有身份件均为警方办理。 Article/201309/258710。

China has dismissed four officials over a stampede at a mosque in the country#39;s northwest region that left 14 people dead.宁夏一清真寺发生踩踏事件,造成14人死亡,当地4名官员被免职。The Sunday tragedy in Xiji county of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is blamed on poor organization and management. It happened as Muslim believers flocked to the mosque for a special flatb being distributed to commemorate a religious figure.周日,宁夏回族自治区西吉县发生悲剧,该踩踏事件被认为是因组织和管理不善而造成的。当日,为纪念某宗教人物,当地一清真寺分发一种特殊面包,而正当穆斯林信徒蜂拥进入该清真寺时,该悲剧发生。Those sacked includes the head of county government Ren Lixin, as well as the county#39;s director of religious affairs, deputy police chief, and a township head. The mosque#39;s administrator was detained on suspicion of criminal negligence Tuesday.被任免的官员包括西吉县县长任立新,宗教事务办主任,公安局副局长,西吉县涉事乡乡长。该清真寺管理员于周二因涉嫌过失犯罪而被拘留。 Article/201401/272288。

Nike Basketball 耐克Zoom Kobe VIII最新广告:CountOnKobe,风云变幻,大江东去,日复一日,挥汗如雨天翻地覆——科比解决对手,教训所有人,科比拥有篮球场上的一切,超越一切,战胜一切,无人可挡。以下是中英对照:This is how the world works. The sun shines. The grass grows. Kobe Bryant arrives to practice at three… the other three.这是世界如何运作的方式。太阳照耀。青草生长。Kobe Bryant三点(下午)抵达练习…另一个三点(凌晨)。Chickens bock, bock, bock. Broccoli can fight cancer. Rice provides energy. Kobe eats rice, broccoli, chicken, and the world turns.鸡群咕咕、咕咕、咕咕叫。花椰菜能够抗癌。稻米提供能量。Kobe吃米饭、花椰菜、鸡肉,而世界运转着。Earthquakes shake. Bakers bake. Kobe Bryant shakes and bakes defenders.地震摇晃着。糕点师傅烘培着。Kobe Bryant左右晃动「料理」防守者(注)。Philosophers ponder existence. Scholars . Kobe Bryant takes everyone to school.哲学家仔细思索着生活。学者阅读。Kobe Bryant给大家上了一课。Rain falls. Waterfalls dump water. Kobe owns the bucket… that bucket.雨水降落。瀑布倾泻流水。Kobe拥有那桶子…是掌握那球框。Snakes are light, low and fast. Kobe’s shoes are like snakes.蛇轻巧灵动、重心低沉且迅速敏捷。Kobe的鞋子就如同灵蛇。Bees sting when threatened. Kobe Bryant is never threatened.蜜蜂受到威胁时便螫人。Kobe Bryant不曾受到威胁。Best is ahead of better. The basket is ahead of the ball. Kobe is light years ahead of them all.顶尖球员领先较好球员。篮框位在球的前方。Kobe遥遥领先所有其他球员。This is the way it was. This is the way it is. This is the way it will be.这是过去的状况。这是现在的状况。这是未来的趋势。 Article/201405/292959。

Today in History: Saturday, April 06, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月6日,星期六On April 6, 1917, Congress approved a declaration of war against Germany as the ed States entered World War I.1917年4月6日,美国加入第一次世界大战,国会批准对德国宣战。1830 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was organized by Joseph Smith in Fayette, N.Y.1830年,约瑟夫史密斯在纽约建立耶稣基督后期圣徒教会。1896 The first modern Olympic Games opened in Athens, Greece.1896年,第一届现代奥运会在希腊雅典开幕。1909 Explorers Robert E. Peary and Matthew A. Henson purportedly became the first men to reach the North Pole. (The exact location they reached has since been called into question.)1909年,据称探险家E. Peary和Matthew A. Henson成为第一个到达北极的人。(他们到达的确切位置引发质疑。)1971 Composer Igor Stravinsky died at age 88.1971年,作曲家伊戈尔·斯特拉文斯基去世,享年88岁。1983 Interior Secretary James Watt banned the Beach Boys from the 4th of July celebration on the Washington Mall, saying rock #39;n#39; roll bands attract the ;wrong element.; 1983年,内政部长詹姆斯·瓦特禁止海滩男孩在华盛顿广场举行7月4日的庆祝活动,称摇滚乐队吸引了“错误的元素。”1992 Science fiction author Isaac Asimov died at age 72.1992年,科幻作家艾萨克·阿西莫夫去世,享年72岁。1998 The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 9,000 points for the first time.1998年,道琼斯工业平均指数首次收于9000点以上。1998 Pakistan successfully tested a medium-range missile capable of striking neighboring India.1998年,巴基斯坦成功试射可以打击邻国印度的中程导弹。2001 Algerian national Ahmed Ressam, accused of bringing explosives into the ed States days before the millennium celebrations, was convicted on terror charges.2001年,阿尔及利亚的莱萨姆被被指控在千年庆典前将炸药带往美国,被判恐怖罪。2004 Jordan#39;s military court convicted eight Muslim militants and sentenced them to death for the 2002 killing of U.S. aid official Laurence Foley in a terror conspiracy linked to al-Qaida.2004年,约旦军事法庭宣判八名穆斯林激进分子有罪并判处他们死刑,因其在2002年一次与基地组织有联系的恐怖阴谋中杀害美国援助官员劳伦斯·弗利。200 5Prince Rainier III of Monaco died at age 81.2005年,纳哥兰尼埃三世亲王去世,享年81岁。本节目属 /201304/233465。

Residents terrified by incidents台湾市民受到爆炸事件影响For the latest developments, we#39;re joined by CCTV#39;s correspondent Andy Lee who#39;s live in Taipei.为了解这一事件最新进展,我们马上连线位于台北的央视记者安迪李。Q1.Andy, how is the search and rescue work going at the explosion site?Q1.安迪,爆炸现场搜救工作进行的如何?Q2.And how are residents dealing with aftermath?Q2.居民善后处理工作进展如何? Article/201408/317288。