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Xiaohua: Hello, and welcome to Roundtable’s Word of the Week. This week we are talking about different kinds of automobiles.John: Yeah. And There are so many different kinds. I’m gonna try to stay away from as much jargon as possible. Cars in general by model or type of car, they are generally separated into two-box cars or three-box cars. So, the boxes are basically, in a 3 boxed cars, example, the engine is one box, the passenger area is the other box, and then the trunk is the third box. So in a two-box, all you have is the engine area and then the passenger area and the trunk and storage area are all together. There are only two boxes.Xiaohua: 一般的车都是分为两厢车和三厢车,那么两厢车一般指的就是乘客的座位和后备厢是一起的车型John: Alright, Let’s take a look at the one of the two-box cars, called hatchback. And it’s actually a very small car at the back there is a hatch that opens up from bottom to top. And that’s why it’s called a hatchback.Xiaohua: 掀背车hatchback,很简单就是尾部通常会有一个尾门可以掀开,打开行李舱John: And a sedan usually seats four or more people and has a fixed roof and that is full-height up to the rear window and actually a two-door model of sedans are quite rare.Xiaohua: 轿车是Sedan 一般Sedan都指的是四门车John: And sedans are usually going to be the three-box, so the trunk and the passenger area are separate. And there is the station wagon, which is kind of like a sedan, but it’s a two boxed sedan, similar to a hatchback, where the back of it does open up, but it looks like a sedan.Xiaohua: Station Wagon 就是旅行车Usually the station wagon that I see are a little bit longer than a common sedan. Right?John: Yeah. They usually a little bit longer. Yeah.Xiaohua: I see.John: And then there is of course the sports utility vehicle, which is usually also a two boxed car, and again the back is gonna be similar to a hatchback. So, SUV, a sport utility vehicle, sometimes also called a Suburban Utility Vehicle, as I am sure that many of our listeners know, has becomes so popular over last ten years or even with rising gas prices. So, there are basically larger cars by volume, a little bit higher off the ground, supposedly designed to be able to go off road and have adventures, although no one seems to ever use them in that way.Xiaohua: SUV运动型多用途车,一般来说会比普通轿车要大一些,经常是四驱的,道路通过性也比较好John: And there is the pickup truck, which is one of the first actual trucks, actually utility vehicle I suppose you might say because it actually is useful. And because, all it really is, it’s a two-box pretty much, so the engine and then the passenger area, the passenger area usually only accommodate three people. There are pickup trucks that are a little bit bigger that can go up to four. But then in the back, instead of a having a trunk area, instead of having anything else, it’s just a open bed, where you can just store a bunch of stuff and transport it very easily.Xiaohua: Pickup truck, 敞篷小型载货卡车,又叫作皮卡,只得就是后面的载货部分是敞开的一种小型的卡车John: And now we are gonna move on look at some nicer cars, you might say. There is the grand tourer or in Italian, the gran turismo. It is a permance or luxury automobile, capable of high speed or long distance driving.Xiaohua: Grand tourer 指的是小型跑车So usually it’s a two-seat carJohn: Yeah. It’s usually a two-seat or a two-plus-two arrangement. Then, there is, of course, the convertible, sometimes called the cabriolet, a cabrio, a soft top, a drop top or a rag top.Xiaohua: Alright. That’s a lot of names. But in Chinese, convertible就是敞篷车I’m sure that is kind of cars that we see a lot in movies.John: In movies, Yeah, especially with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the hair is blowing in the wind and the things like that. Convertibles simply enough are just cars, basically just the top can fold down and it can convert from a car with a roof to a car without a roof. And then there is the supercar, sometimes known as an exotic car which is very expensive, and it’s a high permance sports car or a grand tourer. And if you play any really good racing games, you will know what a supercar is, like za, you play za, you drive some supercars. Man, they are difficult to control.Xiaohua: Alright, supercars. 超级跑车,万能车,作为一个普通人我们只要记住它很贵很贵,一般人都开不起就可以了John: And finally, we are gonna slow it down a little bit all you family people out there, there is the minivan, which is basically a van but a minivan is basically a smaller van more personal use. In some cases, it can fit up to 8 people.Xiaohua: Minivan又叫作厢式旅行车比普通的车肯定是要大一些,可以坐到8个人John: And you see in many American sitcoms, or comedy films, a man he has a really nice convertible car, and a couple of years later, he gets married and has to get a minivan.Xiaohua: So, it’s definitely family. And that’s all we have Roundtable’s Word of the Week. 366。

英语学习笔记:loss words 无话可说 表达一种无奈的状态all over the world 全世界的kinds words 善意的more than 不止dedicate to 致力于做...Almost wanted to cry when I saw this picture it too precious words.当我看到这张照片时候简直想哭,无法描述的珍贵——Britney SpearsThank u to so many all over the world the kind words. I wanted to make you smile at halftime amp; maybe give you 1 new dream u havent had.谢谢大家来自世界这么多的人的赞誉,我想要在中场秀给大家带来快乐,也许也能给你一个你曾经没有的新的梦想——Lady GagaRemember that you are perfect just the way you are, but you’ll never spell ‘bureaucracy’ [bj?’rɑ?kr?si] right.你要记住,做你自己就是最完美的,但是你可能永远也不会拼对bureaucracy这个词——John MayerSaddened by the passing of Rob Stewart. The world has lost a man who dedicated his life to protecting our oceans amp; sharks. Hell be missed.对于Rob Stewart的突然去世感到痛心,这个世界失去了一个一生都致力于保护海洋和鲨鱼的男人他一定会被怀念—— Leonardo DiCaprio更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 55。

90  The Secrets of Happiness  You just think you know what will make you happy. Researchers in the new science of happiness know better. They have evidence that married people on average end up being no happier than they were bee the wedding. Winning the lottery will probably reduce your pleasure in the ordinary events that used to make you happy. And being in good health isnt as much of a factor as the right genes when it comes to life satisfaction.  Depressing, isnt it? Well, there is one bit of good news: Research from around the world suggests that most people are happy, not unhappy. ;It one of the things were absolutely sure abut,; says Michigan psychologist Richard Lucas.  Once Illinois college students were under a study aimed to find out what the happiest percent had in common. They were extroverts, had more friendships and romantic relationships, but didnt exercise more and didnt feel they had more good events in their lives than those who werent as happy. No real surprises there, but like other research in the field, it produced a bit more hard data.  ;It amazing how long happiness has been a problem, but how recently science has turned its attention to it,; says Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard professor of psychology. ;It only been in the last years that what was a hobby of a few has become a central focus in psychology.;  Some of the results come as a surprise. A classic study of lottery winners and people with spinal cord injuries, instance, found that neither event changed their lives as much as observers thought they would.  Gilbert is looking into how accurately people predict what will make them happy. It turns out, not accurately at all. What we think will bring us pleasure -- a new car, the home team winning the NCAA championship -- usually doesnt bring us as much as we expected, and the positive impact doesnt last as long. The good news is that we also overestimate the impact of catastrophic events.  Why that matters, of course, is that we base our present actions on our inaccurate predictions. As Gilbert says, ;The future spoils the present.; ;The first thing to realize,; he adds, ;is that you could know exactly what would be in your future and not know how youll feel about it. So is there any way to be more accurate in predicting how happy well be? Yes,; says Gilbert, ;but almost no one wants to do it.;  Even with data from research pouring in, scientists still dont have an easy answer to what we all want to know: How do I get long-term life satisfaction? The answers they do have are often the same ones that philosophers and priests have been giving us centuries. It just nice to have them backed up with hard data. 187。

Ive seen the world看过繁华Done it all, had my cake now历尽沧桑,人已老Diamonds, brilliant, and Bel-Air now金钱,成就,如过眼烟云Hot summer nights mid July仲夏午夜When you and I were ever wild疯狂的你我The crazy days, the city lights放纵的日子,城市的灯光The way youd play with me like a child我们孩提般的嬉戏Will you still love me when Im no longer young and beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你是否还会爱我Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul当我一无所有,只留悲伤,你是否还会爱我I know you will, I know you will我知道你会,你会I know that you will你会的Will you still love me when Im no longer beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你还会爱我Ive seen the world, lit it up as my stage now看过这世界,把它点亮,做我的舞台Channeling angels in, the new age now安排演员,创造,新的时代Hot summer days, rock and roll炎热夏日,四射The way youd play me at your show你给我的表演And all the ways I got to know和那一切关于Your pretty face and electric soul你面庞和心灵的记忆Will you still love me when Im no longer young and beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你是否还会爱我Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul当我一无所有,只留悲伤,你是否还会爱我I know you will, I know you will我知道你会,你会I know that you will你会的Will you still love me when Im no longer beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你还会爱我Dear lord when I get to heaven主,当我升入天堂Please let me bring my man请允许我带上爱人When he comes tell me that youll let me当他到来,请告诉我Father tell me if you can告诉我可否Oh that grace, oh that body那优雅,那外形Oh that face makes me wanna party那面庞,都让我雀跃He my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds他是我的太阳,赐予我钻石般的光芒Will you still love me when Im no longer young and beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你是否还会爱我Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul当我一无所有,只留悲伤,你是否还会爱我I know you will, I know you will我知道你会,你会I know that you will你会的Will you still love me when Im no longer beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你还会爱我Will you still love me when Im no longer beautiful当我青春不再,容颜已老,你还会爱我Will you still love me when Im not young and beautiful你仍会爱我 378670。

How to Control Your Wife怎么管你老婆There were three guys talking in the local pub. Two of them are talking about the amount of control they have over their wives, while the third remains quiet.三个人在当地的小酒馆里喝酒其中的两个在大谈自己怎样管老婆,第三个人一直都没说话After a while one of the first two turns to the third and says, ;Well, what about you, what sort of control do you have over your wife?;过了一会儿,那两个中的一人转向他说:“嘿,你怎么样,你怎么管老婆的?”The third fellow says,;Ill tell you. Just the other night my wife came to me on her hands and knees.;他说:“我告诉你们,有一天晚上,我老婆跪着向我爬过来”The first two guys were quite amazed. ;Wow! What happened then?; they asked.那两个很是吃惊,问道:“哇,怎么会这样的?”The third man took a healthy swallow of his beer, sighed and uttered, ;She said, Get out from under the bed and fight like a man.;他喝了一大口啤酒,叹口气道:“她说,:‘从床底下出来像个男人一样跟我打’” 67381。

来自爱尔兰的恩雅(Enya)凭借其在01年上映的热门影片《指环王:护戒使者中献唱的一曲《May It Be被提名第届美国奥斯卡最佳电影歌曲恩雅(Enya)名字来自凯尔特神话她曼妙地唱着精灵、天使的神话故事我们听她轻轻地吟唱,淡淡的声音却拥有无比的穿透力,听着听着竟也成了故事里的人,你会是跋涉艰辛只为摧毁魔戒的弗罗多(Frodo),还是坚定不渝追随他的山姆(Sam),还是为了抵抗黑暗势力的中土大站的一个成员? Enya1961年生于爱尔兰,八、九十年代风靡世界,她的音乐清泠沧淳柔美清雅,融合爱尔兰传统根性与高科技的现代传译,著重和声及气氛的营造,藉合成乐器繁复之美经营出超凡脱俗深邃飘渺的意境,她那乐器及人声交互重叠的音质效果给人强烈震撼,她本人朴直雅静脱俗'93、'95两次拿到葛莱美奖的New Age 专辑冠军被称为 New Age 音乐之后 Artist:Enya Song:May It BeMay it be an evening star shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home.Mornie Utulie (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way Mornie Utulie (darkness has come)A promise lives within you now                  May it be the shadow's call will fly awayMay it be your journey on to light the dayWhen the night is overcomeYou may rise to find the sunMornie Utulie (darkness has come)Believe and you will find your wayMornie Utulie (darkness has come)A promise lives within you now。

英语学习笔记:thrill n. 激动seeker n. 搜索者horror movie 恐怖电影Sky diving 跳伞professional adj. 专业的cowboy n. 牛仔raging adj. 狂暴的I think thrill seekers are people who want to live life to the fullest. People who don’t actually fear death. These are the kind of people that are able to really live ever moment and when they’re on their death beds, theyll have no regrets because they will have done everything they wanted!我觉得寻求刺激的人是那些想要完整生命体验的人他们不惧怕死亡,只是想在当下体验生活当他们走到生命尽头的时候,他们不会觉得遗憾,因为他们已经尽可能的做了他们想做的一切 !It’s safe and it gives you a great scare. Really makes you feel alive. But then some people may find it too scary and other might need something a little crazier. But me, it’s just perfect.它很安全,也能给你足够的恐惧让你觉得自己还活着有人觉得过山车太过于吓人,但也有人觉得还不够疯狂但是对我来说,已经很不错了If you want a thrill without getting outta the house, watch a horror movie or a good fight. But you guys are in China, you can go off to Macau and do the second biggest bungee jumping the world!如果你在家里想被吓一吓,看个恐怖片或者动作片也不错在中国,你可以去的世界第二大的蹦极体验下Sky diving, bungee jumping, bull riding. Bull riding is a bit dangerous though. Only professionals should do that. It’s when a cowboy tries to stay on a raging bull without falling off a certain amount of time.跳伞,蹦极,骑牛大赛但是骑牛是有点危险的,只有专业的骑牛手才能做这样的事情一个牛仔骑在非常愤怒的牛上,一旦上去就要保持在一定时间内保持不掉下来You want to have a real thrill? go to your girlfriend. Look her dead in the eye and tell her she ugly and needs to loose weight. Then run like hell.你想要真正的兴奋感吗?找你的女朋友然后看着她的眼睛,告诉她她很丑,需要减肥那你就得赶紧跑了~更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 3686。