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  • If we wanted to make a cloud entirely from scratch,we#39;d first need a fleet of jumbo jets or several hundred hot-air balloons to haul hundreds of tons of water up to the sky.And then,somehow,we#39;d need to disperse all that liquid into a mist of droplets small enough to float.如果我们想从零开始造一朵云出来,首先我们需要一队喷气式客机,或是几百只热气球,将大量的水运到空中,然后我们需要通过某种方法,把这些水变成细小到能够漂浮的水雾。In short,it wouldn#39;t be easy.And yet,our atomosphere manages to pump out one cloud after another all over the world at altitudes of up to 20 kilometers above sea level,using water and fuel carried all the way from Earth#39;s surface.Cumulus clouds,for example get their start when solar energy evaporates water from oceans,plants,and soil by breaking the bonds that hold water molecules together.总之,这很难办到,但是,我们的大气层可以,世界范围内选出一朵又一朵的云,在海拔20千米的高空,从地表弄到所有的水和燃料,例如,积云的形成,首先太阳能破坏水分子间的连接,让它们从海洋,植物体内,和土壤中的水分蒸腾出来。As the patch of air above collects moisture and heat,cooler heavier air sinks around it pinching it off and pushing it aloft like an invisible hot air balloon.Surprisingly,this balloon#39;s cargo doesn#39;t weigh it down-in fact,the more water vapor it collects before lift off,the lighter it gets.As weird as that sounds,it#39;s because water vapor is a gas just like the nitrogen and oxygen that make up most of the atmosphere.上层的空气将水分和热量凝聚,冷空气下沉将它们包裹在一起,像一只无形的热气球带着水和热升向空中,神奇的是,热气球承载的货物不会导致坠落,事实上,在起飞前,热气球搭载的水分越多,它就越轻盈,这听上去很诡异,事实上水蒸气和组成空气的氮气,与氧气一样都是气体。Basic physics dictates that a given volume of gas the same number of molecules regardless of what those molecules are.And water is made of H plus h plus O,which is lighter than both two Ns and two Os.So warm,humid air is even more buoyant than warm,dry air.As the invisible balloon goes up,the falling pressure outside allows it to keep ballooning,which sps out its internal heat and lowers its temperature.基础物理定律:一定体积的气体,分子数相同,无论哪种分子都一样,水是由H+H+O组成的,比两个N和两个O轻,因此热的湿空气要比热的干燥空气要轻,随着无形的热气球上升,外部降低的气压会让它保持膨胀,这会分散它的内热,导致降温。Eventually,the air at the top cools enough for the water vapor there to condense into droplets,which look from after like a thin wisp of cloud.And as the rest of the balloon rises,water vapor continues to cool and condense at the same altitude,creating a flat bottomed cloud that appears to grow upward out of nothing.最终,顶部的空气温度降低到足以令人其凝结成水珠,从远处看就像薄薄的一片小云,随着热气球剩余部分的上升,水蒸气继续在相同的海拔高度处冷凝,形成一朵平底云,这朵云就像是凭空长出来的。What#39;s more,as the condensing water vapor molecules bond together into liquid droplets,they release the energy they absorbed from Earth#39;s surface when they evaporated.This heats the surrounding pocket of air,giving it lift and sucking more moist air up behind it,which cools and condenses and releases heat,which fuels lift and strengthens the updraft.Even in small cumulus cloud,the total energy released from condensation is huge-equivalent to about 270 tons of TNT.此外,随着冷凝的水蒸气凝结成水滴,它们会释放出从地表蒸腾时吸收的能量,这些热能充盈于气囊里,令其上升,同时带动下方空气上升,这些空气冷却,凝结并且释放热量,能量上升,上升气流增强,即使只是一小朵积云,冷凝所释放的总能量也大得惊人,大约相当于270吨TNT。And if the supply of water vapor is much larger,the energy released can produce stratosphere high pillars of cloud wigh violent updrafts,fierce electrical storms,and grapefruit sized hailstones.Not good weather for hot air ballooning.如果水蒸气的供给足够多,所释放的能量就可以形成平流层高度的云柱,伴随着猛烈的上升气流,造成猛烈的雷暴,下起葡萄柚大小的冰雹,这对热气球而言,可不是好天气。 Article/201505/376886。
  • line choice 雪道选择We gonna take a look at line choice. Massively important.下面我们要来看一下路线选择的问题。这个非常重要。We gonna take an average slope, like a blue run down here.我们将要选择一个中级水平的雪道,就像这个蓝道(中级道)一样For the few obstacles on that and try look at a few ways to make it as easy for you as we can.只有很少的障碍,试着看一下我们介绍的几种方法,你也会像我们一样得心应手。Looking ahead is the key and exactly the same as driving.最关键的一点是向前看,就像开车一样。The faster you#39;re skiing, the further you#39;re looking down the hill.你滑的越快,就要往山下看的越远。Ski it as a slope, not just think about one turn and then the next, give you much more time to react to obstacles, trees, people, anything.把它想象成你只是在斜坡上滑行,不要考虑一个又一个的转弯,给自己更多的时间对障碍物、树、人等作出反应。So let we go.那么让我们开始吧!So there#39;s my first turn. I#39;m aly aware of the trees on my left and a slightly steeper pitch on the right.现在是我的第一个转弯。我已经注意到了左边的树木和右边略陡一些。I#39;m looking down the hill and I#39;m thinking where I#39;m gonna to be in the next few seconds.我一直向山下看,并想着几秒钟后我将在什么位置。Where you#39;re looking is extremely important.你往哪看是非常重要的。Stop this focus on just looking for the next turn.不要只想着下一次转弯。Turn the eyes, look down the slope.注意顺着斜坡往下看。You gonna have much more time to avoid obstacles and you gonna start to ski it as a slope.你将有更多的时间避开障碍物,然后就像在一个斜坡上一样开始滑雪。If you seek any flat, carry the speed onto it.如果你寻找到平坦的地方,尽快滑到那里去。The flip side of that, if you seek any steeper, control your speed before you#39;re on it and you#39;ll have a lot more chance skiing it in control.相反的,如果你想找一些更陡的斜坡,在你滑到那之前控制好你的速度,而且之后你要更好的控制。The first turns here I#39;m looking a couple of meters in front of my skis.我要找的第一次转弯是在雪板的几米前处。I haven#39;t got a lot of idea what#39;s coming up at me.我不太清楚我将要面临的是什么。Now I#39;m going to start to keep my eyes much more down the slope and cause I#39;m looking where I#39;m going, I can anticipate the flat and start to let it run.现在我要把更多的注意力放在斜坡上面,因为我要看着我往哪走,找到平地,然后开始滑。I hope you found that useful.我希望这会对你有帮助。Remember if you are having problems, go back a step and try to link those turns together and make everything nice and smooth.记住,如果你遇到什么问题,就后退一步,试着把所有的转弯连起来,让一切变的既美好又顺利。Rolling those edges on will help with the control and then try to look further down the slope.让板刃立起来会让你控制的更好,然后试着向山下看的更远一些。Remember don#39;t get obsessed with the individual turns, ski it as a run.记住,不要一心沉迷于个人的转弯当中,滑雪要像跑步一样。Next time we gonna be looking at engaging those edges a little bit earlier in the turn, skiing some steeper terrain and exploring the mountain a bit more.下次,我们在转弯当中将会立刃更早些,在更陡的地势上滑行,挑战更多的山区。The snow is great and I#39;m going to go for a ski.这儿的雪非常棒,我要爽滑一下啦!注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201504/371377。
  • l said, #39;You go out there and you mess up now, #39; l said,我说 你待会要是唱错#39;They#39;re gonna tell all the rest of the girls out there.她们一定会去跟外面其他的女生说的#39;You#39;re gonna be one ugly little boy everywhere you go. #39;那你不管走到哪都成了丑男了He used to go out and do one take.他以前上台都一次搞定When we were on the road, Michael would worry you to death.我们巡回时 迈克尔很让人担心l hear somebody knocking on my door and say,我听到有人敲我的门说#39;Hey, man, what#39;s wrong? #39; #39;Oh, man, what you doing? I wanna come in. #39;怎么了啊? 你在干嘛? 我要进来so l#39;d let him in. l#39;d say,我放他进来后问他#39;Man, why don#39;t you hang out with Jackie and them guys? #39;你怎么不跟杰基他们一起呢?;Hey, man, they got somebody in their room.;他们带人回房里l said, ;Well, how do you know?;我问 你怎么知道?He said, ;#39;Cause l Was listening to the door for about an hour.;他回 因为我在门外偷听一个小时He was like a little boy, l mean, he.他就像个小男孩 我是指.l said, #39;What were they doing? #39;我问 那他们在干嘛?He said, #39;They were talking, but they won#39;t let me in. #39;他说 他们在聊天 但是不让我进去They were like little kids and they were very, very happy他们就像是一群小孩子 而且很快乐and very carefree.无忧无虑Michael loved being Michael Jackson at that age.迈克尔当时很享受在台上当迈克尔·杰克逊He loved touring, he loved recording at Motown.他很喜欢巡回演出 也很爱在城录音He loved his fans, he loved performing.很爱他的粉丝 也热爱表演 Article/201509/397463。
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