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A: Hi! Does this hotel have an exercise facility?B: But of course! We have a great exercise facility.A: Good. Now exactly where is it?B: It's located right under our lobby. Just take the elevator or the stairs one flight down.A: Is this going to cost me anything?B: No, sir. The gym is absolutely free. However, be sure to take your room key with you.A: When does the gym open and close?B: The hours couldn't be better, 7.A: Very good. Now, is there a trainer down there?B: I wish I could tell you yes, but no, there isn't. 97A: Doctor, what is the best way to stay healthy?B: Having a good diet is probably the most important thing.A: It is very confusing to know what to eat.B: You need plenty of fruits and vegetables, small amounts of protein, and whole grains.A: Are there certain things that I should avoid?B: You shouldn’t consume too much sugar or caffeine. Also, watch your intake of fatty food.A: After watching my diet, what else should I do?B: You need to stop smoking, and make sure that you get 30 minutes of exercise every day.A: Can I have a glass of wine now and then?B: As long as you don’t overdo it, a glass of wine a day should be OK. 66

At dinner 用餐A:This is your seat, Mr Blair. Sit down, please.这是您的位子,布莱尔先生,请坐B:Thank you. Mr. Wang, Im really somewhat nervous now. I know nothing of your table manners. It would be in bad taste a guest to make blunder.谢谢,王先生,我现在真的有些不安了我不懂你们饭桌上的礼节如果客人失礼了,那就难堪了A:Dont worry. Mr. Blair. As table manners, there is only one rule you must observe. That is to make yourself at home.不用担心,布莱尔先生至于席间的礼节,您只要遵守一条原则就行了,那就是像在家里一样不用客气B:No wonder people say the Chinese are hospitable. Now, I have seen it with my own eyes.难怪人们都说中国人非常好客现在我算亲眼看到了A:Mr. Blair, which do you prefer, Brandy, Mao-Tai or Wine?布莱尔先生,您喝哪一种酒?白兰地、茅台、还是葡萄酒?B:Brandy and Mao-Tai are too strong me. Just a glass of dry red wine, please.白兰地和茅台度数太高了,我不行来杯干红就行了A:Would you like to use chopsticks or knife and k, Mr. Blair?您用筷子还是刀叉,布莱尔先生?B:I think Ill try chopsticks and see if I can manage.我想试试筷子,看看行不行A:Let me show you. Look, at first place both sticks between the thumb and the e finger, then, keep one still and move the other, so as to make them work like pincers.先让我给您示范一下您看,先把两根筷子放在大拇指和食指之间,接着固定这根再移动另一根,这样就可以使用它们像钳子一样灵活了B:Let me try... Well, how is that?让我试试,……哎,看怎么样啊?A:Fine, you are learning fast, Mr. Blair. Well, to your health and success in business. Cheers.好极了,您学得真快来,祝您身体健康,生意兴隆,干杯B:And to yours. Cheers.也祝您健康,生意红火,干杯 195

第一句:May I have some entry cards and customs declarations?我可以要一些入境卡和海关申报单吗?A: May I have some entry cards and customs declarations?我可以要一些入境卡和海关申报单吗?B: Certainly. Well be handing them out passengers to fill out.当然我们马上把它们发给旅客填写A: Therere members in our group.我们组有二十人第二句:Do you have any idea how long it will take to go through the Immigration?你知道入境需要多长时间吗?A: Do you have any idea how long it will take to go through the Immigration?你知道入境需要多长时间吗?B: It all depends on traffic from other arriving aircrafts.完全取决于其他到港航班的交通状况A: What happens after that?然后呢?B: Your next stop is the baggage claim area.下一步就是到行李提取处immigration card 入境登记卡 customs declaration m 海关申报单 9

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