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World leaders on global crisis World leaders unveiled a set of sweeping plans on Saturday aimed at tackling the ever-expanding economic crisis. The main theme of Saturday’s emergency meeting of world leaders in Washington, the world’s economies are becoming more connected all the time and they are in big trouble these days. They are planning to get out of the economic slump, watch out for each other and let fast rising nations help out. Our Richard Quest runs up the summit from Washington. Richard, I understand that the summit there the leaders were there did leave / a plan, tell us about this plan. Well, the plan was detailed and extreme, it was some 20 pages long, and it breaks down pretty much into a commitment of recognition that something needs to be done now. What they called therapy effect, in other words help people who are struggling in recession, losing their jobs, countries going down the toilet, if you like, at the moment. Now that talked about cutting interest rates, increasing government spending. But, for the financial industry, there was an action plan. That was very detailed. It talked about regulation, accounting principles, it dealt with the reform of so called Bretton Woods Institutions, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. I would not rumbling along the fully 11 pages of the document. You can that yourself, just it is that the message went out: this is not business as usual.Ok, Richard, we have to keep it real here. There are 20 world leaders that are involved in this, will they all be able to work together to actually solve this global financial crisis? I mean there were times before when one side wants to do one thing and another side wants do something, is this actually feasible?I think that was the surprise of the document. President Bush eluded to that. Gordon Brown, said it well, when they decided who to be around table, how many should come in? When they decided that they weren’t sure if they had 20countries, if it comes out anything more than an agreement of coffee. But in the event, they did manage to come out with this and I think that speaks volumes to the fact that developing world, countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, they recognized they had a seat in this table. On the developed world, the G 7, Australia, Canada, they recognize that they are in deep deep/ trouble. This meeting was an accommodation, if you like, of the necessity. It was a realization of the reality. It was a coming together of the practicality. Ok, now, they meet again in April to kind of review their progress, we only keep our fingers crossed that there are actually some progress by that time. Oh, you are an old cynical. Even if you are young, you are cynical, its’ dripping. Look, the truth, by the time they meet again in April, in the April, several things would happen: their immediate response to the crisis, fiscal, monetary stimulants will have a good idea of how that coming along. On the reform of financial markets, there, we will be able to see how much the financing industry fall back. Let me put it a little cynicism myself in, when the finance industry, the hedge funds, wall street, the city, Asia, when they realize what coming down a road towards them, like a speeding truck, they will stop fighting back. They will haul we don’t need so much regulation, we don’t this, we don’t want that. Well, get over it, guys, those leaders, I can tell by their body languages, I can tell by what they are saying, they are angry, they are frustrated, and they annoyed, that they are having to deal with this, when they should be dealing with the manifesto, promises and/, spending money. They are pouring money into putting into the fire out, when they would like to doing, building brand new buildings. All right, Richard, we thank you for your insight. 世界各国领导人周六提出了一套志在解决不断扩大的经济危机的方案。在华盛顿世界各国领导人紧急会议的主题——世界经济现在比以往任何时候都和各国紧密相连,休戚相关。领导人计划走出经济低谷,希望相互帮助并且希望新兴的经济大国能够援助。我们的Richard Quest现在就在华盛顿的领导人峰会上。Richard,我知道在各国领导人峰会上,他们提出了一个计划,请详细介绍一下这个方案好吗?这个计划非常详尽,长达20页。他们明确承诺,现在必须要采取一定的措施。他们称为“治疗效果”。如果乐意,可以换句话说,就是帮助在经济衰退中挣扎,失业的人,帮助经济下滑的国家拜托困境。现在只是在降低利率,增加政府出。但是,在金融产业也有一项行动计划。这个计划非常详细。它阐述了调控,会计准则,解决所谓的布林顿森林体系,世界货币基金组织和世界的改革。我几乎没有时间读完整整11页的文件。你可以自己阅读,只是传达出了一个信息:这不是闹着玩的。Richard,让我们回到会议本身。与会的有世界上20个国家的领导人,他们真的能够团结一致共同解决全球金融危机吗?我是说,以前经常各国之间经常会有分歧。这次的计划是切实可行的吗?我想这个文件确实有点出人意料。布什总统逃避这个问题。Gordon Brown说的比较好,他说当他们决定谁会来参加会议,会来多少个国家,他们也不确定20个国家会不会全来,能不能达成一致。但是在这个会议上,他们确实团结一致达成了共识。这更彰显了一个事实,就是像巴西,印度,南非这样的国家也意识到他们在这个会议上占有一席之地。发达国家方面,七国集团,澳大利亚,加拿大,他们感到自己深陷困境。这个会议是必须的。这是因为他们意识到形势的严峻。他们是为了解决问题而坐在一起的。他们在明年4月份还会再召开一次蜂会来观察这次会议的效果。我们祈祷到时真的会有进步。哦,你太激进了。即使你很年轻,你也太激进了。这是循序渐进的事情。事实上,当他们4月份再会晤的时候,有几件事已经发生了:他们对危机的迅速反应,财政,货币激励措施都会产生一定的作用。在金融市场的改革方面,我们也能够知道金融产业到底衰退了多少。让我插入一点我个人的,当金融产业,对冲基金,华尔街,亚洲,当他们意识到将来采取一系列的强有力的措施来解决这些问题的时候,他们就会停止反击了。他们会说我们不需要这么多调控,不需要这不需要那。算了,伙计们,我从那些领导人的肢体语言可以分辨出,他们非常生气,非常沮丧,非常愤怒,他们不得不处理这个问题,他们本来应该在处理宣言,承诺,应该在花钱。他们在把本来应该在建筑新的建筑的钱扔进了火坑。200811/56557Chris Cuomo's Perfect Job An award-winning psychologist designed a test to pinpoint the right job for you. Stunned by this award winning inside college, just to answer all these question[s]. What make you think how well you know yourself or you supposed to do? What if you change some of the answers ? Change some of your appetites or instinct. Will that change what you’re supposed to be doing? Hmm, anyway I took the test. I tried to be honest about it. You know, look Sam, he’s basically perfect. But see what I’m supposed to be doing. Shoos for me? Hey, everyone, the good news is gas prices are cropping…GMA has given me the chance to talk to characters from all walks of life, often I’m side by side by people on the most intense occupations. Sometimes, I began to try my hand at some of amazing professions. All of them are a far cry from dreams of my childhood which are granted impracticality. I like being a teacher, I always like the ideal of law, and I always like to eat.That’s it. Maybe my first job pointed to my current paycheck position. My first job was paper boy. Collection day was always tricky. People are not as quite available on collection days as they should. So with all experiences I had, I figured this test wouldn’t tell me anything I didn’t really know about what might be right for me. In other words , I was a cynic. I think that you can’t just bet at somebody would be good with what they do in life based on what their aptitudes are, the preferences. Often you wind up being good whatever you do because you become dedicated to it. I had never thought that I’d be good at what I’m doing now. Maybe I’m not.Still I sat down and answered all nine million questions with an open mind. Fix ? , I like that. ? cars , I like that.Pair cars , I like that.? You be a racer.Walking research office laboratory operate office machine. Who likes that?Finally I made through all the sections, subsections, and subsubsections.Is it mandatory that your feelings are attitude toward many kind of work like you’re automated ? machine(what’s that?) quick on yes put those activities you do well. I would love the ?answers.Ok, doneActually, I thought I fit more than three of the six personality categories the test identified, but if I had to pick three, realistic, investigative, enterprising. Turns out that I got two in three right. The test said I was social, enterprising and realistic. Then the ultimate career would reveal. First up, driving instructor. Very good at that, driving and instructing. And how about a, me as a master hair stylist. I like that. How am I doing by the way?Time to cook with chef chromo, executive chef. Nice , now we’re talking, on TV ?The first three were worlds away from my chosen path. But the fourth was at least evovable---lawman. I like to be police office, those guys are some of the bravest men and women I know.So it seems I might be trying something new and very different. That’s what makes every GMA day an adventure. You do have to pay to take the test by the way, but could be worth it, teach you something about yourself. What’s it? Nine dollars, fast ten dollars? Yeah we have to pay for the test as well. Yeah. Chef ha? I can see can. I would like that, I love those TV cooking shows. I like to watch, I don’t know about working in a restaurant, very hard, very stressful. Suppose if it’s a job which is just peach. I got coach, definitely, ‘cause you always take … don’t know if I’m brave enough to do it for they leave house every day put what they do in a line. But good job!Well, it’s interesting to see the spectrum of things that you can do happily given your personality ‘coz sometimes we think you know, we don’t think. That also suits the things I love. Who could not cross the street the wrong way if you look at this right now? 200810/54096Despite a sluggish economy, charitable giving by American people and companies rose more than 6.5 percent last year from .虽然经济仍不景气,但是一项新的调查发现,2010年,美国人和美国公司的慈善捐款比年增加了6.5%还多。A study, by the research group Atlas of Giving, suggests the growth in giving was fueled primarily by a robust stock-market performance and greater awareness of people facing tough times because of the economy.一个叫作“捐赠总汇”的组织所做的调查显示,慈善捐款增加的主要原因是股市强劲回升,以及人们更多地意识到经济给很多人带来的经济困境。Increased donationsEach week an Arlington, Virginia food bank delivers donated goods to a senior citizens residential building. Without the the items such as canned food, dairy products and frozen meats, many on fixed incomes would be forced to go without or sacrifice other things. 每个星期,维吉尼亚州阿灵顿的一个食物都为一家养老院捐赠食物。如果没有这些罐头食品、奶制品以及冷冻肉,很多像玛丽·兰尼这样只有养老金收入的人,只好不吃这些东西,或者牺牲其它的东西来买这些食物。"Well a lot of people have to pay for medicine and different small items, but with this here that helps them be able to keep a little more as far as carrying them through the month," says Mary Lanier, as she fills a bag with donated food. 兰尼说:“很多人得付医药费以及其它一些零星费用。有了这些捐赠的食物,他们可以多留一点钱,至少能够撑到月底。”Without donations from individuals and corporations the Arlington Food Assistance Center would be unable to get food into the hands of about 3,000 people who need it. Despite the economic downturn, donations here grew 26 percent over and more than a million dollars was raised last year.如果没有个人或者公司的捐赠,阿灵顿食品赞助中心就不可能为大约3千个人提供他们所需要的食物。虽然经济不景气,但是,阿灵顿食品赞助中心2010年收到的捐助物品比年增加了26%,还筹集到100多万美元的善款。"Arlington County residents have traditionally been very generous with AFAC and I think they are coming out of this recession earlier than most, and are willing to give back to their fellow neighbor," says Charles Meng, executive director of the Arlington Food Assistance Center. 中心执行主任查尔斯·孟说:“阿灵顿郡的居民长期以来对我们中心非常慷慨。他们比美国大多数人更早走出经济衰退,他们也更愿意回馈给社区其他人。”Donors like Alois Michalak are among those giving back to their fellow neighbor. "Over the past four years, my wife and I have donated more and more each and every year so I do expect that to continue to happen."像阿罗斯·米夏尔克这样的捐赠者就很愿意在现在经济困难的时候帮助他人。他说:“过去4年来,我和太太每年都比前一年捐得更多,我想我们会持续这么做的。”201103/128280#Ug^16aFiAw5@2dL4d,sgn.Xc#a]mID6He changed our lives.Steve Jobs had a vision.Like the world lost a John Lennon.He demanded perfection.He could rip into people, be tough to work for.And led a technological revolution.^|_bhc^LkR0RYluEV他改变了我们的生活!KO)_cp!r888rBa!。史蒂夫;乔布斯独具慧眼SRF.n*nYB。就像世界失去了一个约翰;列侬一样h%y,YNRb_pi#K)K*。他要求尽善尽美Yb5|~hS,cs!Jl@EF!o。他对人严厉抨击,对事一丝不苟,vv,jmru6Qd*。他领导了一个技术革命U4Gh4xPax),s。tzIya~Vn5OFfThe personal computer. A light bulb goes off. And he says, wow, I can put computers on every desktop.个人电脑x9FV1~^90bCa6。一个灯泡灭了Hk(Gc*eRh39#|。他说道,哇,我可以把电脑放在每个人的桌子上A-]5,UL(QJwV。uJAmi~y),E8B|The iPod.When they first came out, oh, my god, they are so sleek, they are so sexy.It was new and small. I had to have it.iPod当他们第一次登台的时候,他说道,我的上帝,它们多么柔滑,性感;5N1dT8|Ssk.e%CZ!W。如此时尚新潮,小巧玲珑6nekkXYb%)#fWHiA。我必须拥有它_aqsSv0bla];HeU。The iPhoneI have an iPhone, which is an extension of me and I love using it.I was able to text messages and send them.iPhone我有一部iPhone,这是我的延伸和我就是喜欢使用它BWq#Se_MlH89Ms#9ir。我能读短信,并且将它们发送出去beOhEy@E!JoMyw。Ufh(Eo6]LX6The iPadPeople didnt know they want it or need it and turns out they did.Its kind of like, well, were gonna make a portable music player. I need that.Were going to make a phone. I need that.Were going to make a toaster. I need that.iPad人们不知道他们想要或需要它,结果人们还是拥有了它cccig-patB~V-]9gl9!;。这是一种喜欢,嗯,我们要制造便携式音乐播放器@;UT5+~pRE。那是因为我需要它mv~;xeA3s-@y07k。我们需要制造电话12*XXjzkvx_。那是因为我需要它]_PiWs)hBwDlbu0eOr)0。我们要做一个烤面包机;Fe)vtM^J+rR48。那是因为我需要它rLdK7tPf-vO@r。BFpj)(e-AiGenius Steve Jobs Change the World.天才史蒂夫;乔布斯改变世界uAg6vpQBJnQLdi|O+1POL,tM2gdAD0mr_8su3g9zH]T.N(mQ^Zd201111/160665Cola warPepsi and Coca-Cola are branching out to offer healthier alternatives for consumers. CNN's Richard Lui reportsOn this week’s Fortune First, Coke or Pepsi.It is the question that has fueled the rivalry known as the 'cola wars' for decades, but the fight is no longer just about the cola.Americans are drinking less carbonated sodas and they want healthier things. Coca Cola launched Coke Zero, a calorie-free drink sweeter than Diet Coke and recently purchased Vitamin Water. The company also created 'Make every drop count ,'an interactive program which encourages coke drinkers to live healthy and active lifestyles. Pepsi is not missing a beat either.They’ve been buying healthier brands, Naked Juice, Star Foods, one of their key divisions is Quaker Foods which of course makes a variety of healthier alternatives. They had a whole chain of fast food restaurants they don’t own those any more. One of the things that they have done which is kind of innovative is they put together a theatre group. Basically it’s an alternative to the focus group.These plays don’t promote Pepsi so much as healthy lifestyles to the audience of retail Executives and Pepsi sales teams.Coke and Pepsi are not the only companies that are struggling to meet consumer demands. Many fast food giants have added healthier options to their s.Rivalries are ultimately always a good thing for the consumer at least because they spur competitiveness. Notes: Theatre group: 剧组02/62535

French government subsidies help the film industry prosper in France. CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney reports"The class" wins the Palme d'Or at Cannes. The French docudrama starring a cast of non-professional actors features the rough and tumble of school life in a tough multi-cultural section of Paris. It's the first French film to win the festival's most prestigious prize in more than 20 years, another badge of pride for the country's resurgent cinema.This story, this woman, who is still alive by her voice, her songs, I mean, she wrote LA VIE EN ROSE. Earlier this year, Marion Cotillard's portrayal of iconic French singer, Edith Piaf, in La Vie En Rose, won her an Oscar, the first for a French actress since Juliette Binoche in the English Patient 12 years ago.The French have always taken film-making seriously. After all, it was in Paris that the first cinematograph was demonstrated in 1895. Louis Lumière screened his single reels of film clips to patrons of the Grand Café in Paris, not long after singing clubs were dotted in the country.But French filmmakers really made their mark in the late 50s and early 60s with the New Wave movement. Among those pioneers of the Jean Rose were such great Franccedil;ois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. They provided inspiration for a younger generation of American directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg.Today, France is the second largest exporter of films in the world after the US. The health of the country's cinema is largely due to the French state, which protects and promotes the industry. Movies made in France are heavily subsidized by the country.It's important every country to have its own cinema, to be able to, to, to see images, to export its images, to see also, for them and probably for the others, the characters, what is going on in the society. I think movies are in a certain way, the private life of a country. So it's important the private life to be known outside.France also places its a limits on the import of foreign films. Still, subsidies and as can't keep Hollywood out of France. US movies took almost 50% of French box office receipts through last year. But there is a difference. Truffaut once said he preferred the reflection of life to life itself. And French movies have always been thought provoking rather than action packed. So, no danger at Cannes of confusing the French production Class with the Hollywood blockbuster Indiana Jones. Fionnuala Sweeney, CNN, Paris.200812/59400

World Bank President Says Too Soon for China to Roll Back Stimulus世行行长持中国继续扩张经济政策After meeting with Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao, World Bank President Robert Zoellick says he agrees the country should continue expanding the economy instead of looking for an exit strategy from current stimulus spending.世界行长佐利克与中国总理温家宝会见之后表示,他同意中国应该继续扩张经济,而不是从当前刺激经济的出努力中开始实施退出战略。World Bank President Robert Zoellick says China is pleased with its recovery, but leaders recognize there are still large uncertainties. He told reporters in Beijing he is not worried about inflation in China, and agrees China should stay the course with its stimulus policies.世界行长佐利克说,中国对其经济的复苏感到满意,但是中国领导人意识到,仍然存在很大的不确定性。他在北京对记者说,他不担心中国会出现通货膨胀,并且同意,中国应该继续实行刺激经济的政策。"China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures," said Zoellick. "Recovery may be here, but it could falter."佐利克说:“中国的行动阻止了全球危机进一步恶化。我同意中国领导人的看法,停止实施宽松的货币和财政政策还为时过早。经济复苏可能已经开始,但可能出现曲折。”Zoellick says to maintain recovery, China should keep markets open and resist protectionism.佐利克说,为了持续的经济复苏,中国应该保持市场的开放,抵制贸易保护主义。In June, the World Bank upped its forecast for China's growth in , from 6.5 percent to 7.2 percent. Zoellick says he predicts China will grow more than eight percent this year. 世界今年6月把对中国年经济增长的预测从6.5%上调到7.2%。佐利克说,他预计中国今年的增长将会超过8%。While he praises China's growth and domestic demand as key contributors to boosting world confidence, he also cautions the financial crisis will come in waves. Therefore, he says Chinese leaders are correct to remain cautious even though the country's economy is growing.佐利克赞扬说,中国的经济增长和内需是提升全世界信心的关键因素。但是他同时提醒说,金融危机可能会分阶段接踵而来。他说,因此,中国领导人在经济增长的同时保持谨慎是正确的。This is Zoellick's third visit to China as World Bank president. Besides discussing China's economic recovery and ways to boost domestic demand, he says a big focus of this trip is potential cooperation between the World Bank and China in Africa.这是佐利克担任世行行长以来第三次访问中国。他说,除了讨论中国的经济复苏和促进内需的方法以外,他这次访问的一个重要焦点是探讨世行和中国在非洲展开合作的可能。Zoellick says some World Bank economists, including chief economist Justin Lin, are interested in the possibility of Chinese manufacturing firms investing in Africa beyond resource development and infrastructure. Zoellick spoke with China Commerce Minister Chen Deming about possible cooperation on industrial zones in Africa.佐利克说,包括林毅夫在内的一些世界经济学家对中国除了在非洲的资源开发和基础设施项目以外,由中国制造业公司在非洲投资的可能感兴趣。佐利克与中国商务部长陈德明讨论了在非洲建立工业区进行合作的可能。Zoellick says during all his meetings with Chinese leaders he constantly raises the issue of investment in other developing countries.佐利克说,他在所有会见中国领导人的场合中,每次都提到在其他发展中国家投资的问题。"For every hour that I spend discussing ways that we could help China's development, we probably also spend an hour discussing ways we can work with China in supporting development elsewhere," he said.佐利克说:“我每次会谈的时候,花在讨论我们如何与中国合作帮助其他国家发展的时间和讨论我们如何帮助中国发展所用的时间一样多。”Zoellick says the world cannot rely on the American consumer, and developing countries in places like Africa can offer sources of demand and become future regions of growth. 佐利克说,世界不能依靠美国的消费者,包括非洲国家在内的其他发展中国家也能成为需求的来源,也能成为未来经济增长的地区。Zoellick will travel Thursday to Anhui province to visit several World Bank agriculture and forestry projects, as well as a science and technology university. He will also visit an energy-efficient cement plant.佐利克星期四将前往中国安徽省考察世界在那里的农业和林业项目,以及参观一所科技大学。他还将参观一座有效利用能源的水泥厂。On Friday, the World Bank president leaves China for the G-20 finance ministers meeting in London. There, he says he hopes to press the need for more support for developing countries.世行行长佐利克星期五将离开中国,前往伦敦参加20国集团财长会议。他说,他希望在会上强调向发展中国家提供更大的持。09/83236

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