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嘉善县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养黄腿象龟多少钱一只In a surprise announcement, energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after the year 2020.在一个出人意料的公告中,代表几乎整个欧盟的能源公司承诺在2020年后不建新的煤电厂。National energy companies from every EU nation except Poland and Greece were a part of the announcement Wednesday. 周三,来自除波兰和希腊以外的每个欧盟国家能源公司参加了公告。The move stems from the Paris climate agreement, in which 195 countries vowed to take action to limit global warming.此举源自巴黎气候协议,195个国家誓言采取行动限制全球变暖。Coal is a good fossil fuel to start with because it releases the most carbon dioxide. And its toxic pollution travels across Europe. 首先,煤炭是一个很好的化石燃料,因为它释放的二氧化碳最多。它的有毒污染遍布欧洲。But while many clean-energy supporters praised the announcement, some told The Guardian they hope these countries will go further and completely phase out existing coal plants. 但是,尽管许多清洁能源持者称赞这一宣布,一些人告诉卫报,他们希望这些国家将进一步并完全淘汰现有的燃煤电厂。Climate experts say Europe will have to completely shut down its plants by 2030 to meet its goals for limiting climate change.气候专家称,到2030年欧洲将不得不完全关闭其工厂,以满足其限制气候变化的目标。译文属。201704/502356东部网目鸡龟好养吗价格收藏推荐 At high altitudes, the monsoon rains fall as snow.高海拔地区的季风雨变成了雪Here, at the far eastern end of the range in China,这里是中国境内的山脉东部起点one inhabitant endures the bitter winters out in the open.有一位居民在户外忍受着严冬的寒冷Most other bears would be sleeping underground by now现在其它大部分熊都已躲在地下睡大觉but the giant panda cant fatten up enough to hibernate.可是大熊猫没能储备足够的脂肪冬眠Its food, bamboo, on which it totally relies,它完全依赖竹子为生has so little nutritional value that it cant build up a store of fat like other bears.但是竹叶没有太多营养价值,所以它无法像别的熊那样积累起脂肪Most of the creatures here move up or down the slopes with the seasons,这里的大部分动物都随着季节变化上下迁移but the panda is held captive by its diet, for the kind of bamboo it eats only grows at this altitude.只有大熊猫因为食物始终逗留此地,它吃的这种竹子只生长在这一海拔地区But these forests hold fewer challenges for the more mobile.不过这些森林对于更灵活的动物来说却没有什么挑战性The golden snub-nosed monkey, like the giant panda, lives only in China.和大熊猫一样,川金丝猴只生活在中国境内Their thick fur allows them to survive at greater altitudes than any other monkey.它们有厚实的毛发,所以能比其它猴类更能适应高海拔气候And when the cold bites, they have these upper slopes to themselves.每当严寒袭来,这些山坡就成了它们的天下。201704/503597TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447652咸水泥彩龟采购信息大全养殖方法

宁蒗彝族自治县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养There are two Harolds depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry,贝叶挂毯上描绘了两位哈罗德but which was the real one,the confident king who issued coins bearing the optimistic slogan ;Pax;,但哪一位才符合现实 是发行了印着拉丁字;和平;的硬币的the Latin for peace,or the guilty, twisted usurper,stricken by omens, haunted by a vision of ships?信心满满的国王 还是愧疚而扭曲 受凶兆折磨 被船只幻象困扰的篡夺者The phantom fleet which the embroiderers set in a border of the tapestry suggests Harold could all too well imagine the reaction across the Channel to his coronation.绣女们绣在挂毯边缘的幻影船队 暗示哈罗德可能把穿越海峡进行加冕的过程 想象得太容易了A Norman historian has William hearing the news while out hunting.一位诺曼的历史学家 告知了外出打猎的威廉When the Duke heard the news, he became as a man outraged.公爵听闻这消息之后 他变得狂躁暴怒Of he tied his mantle, of he untied it again and spoke to no man.他系上斗篷 复又解开 不和任何人说话Neither dared any man speak to him.也没人敢和他说话For ten years, William had confidently let it be known throughout Europe十年来 威廉一直信心满满地 向整个欧洲宣称that hed soon add England to his territories.自己马上就会将英格兰据为己有He was now in a lethally dangerous position of looking ridiculous.但此时 却极可能成为他人嘲讽哂笑的对象He consulted his feudal magnates in a series of assemblies他数次集合自己的封建财主进行商议and by no means all of them were particularly thrilled with the idea of an invasion of England.而他们都被进攻英格兰的想法 吓得不轻The risks seemed a lot more daunting than the enticement of new lands and wealth.田地和财富的诱惑 并不能打消对危险的恐惧 /201608/457793伯格海角陆乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么 So until the throne of England tempted him back across the Channel at the age of 36,直到英格兰王位之争 诱惑着三十六岁的他 横跨英吉利海峡回归祖国this was Edwards home,and while he was here a child was growing up who would change the course of British history.这里就是爱德华的家 在此 一个孩童长大成人 并将改写不列颠的历史It was at the site of this castle at Falles in 10271027年 就是在法莱斯的这座城堡里that William, known to his contemporaries though not to his face as William the Bastard, was born.威廉 这个被时人私下称为 ;私生子威廉;的人 出生了He was the illegitimate son of the Duke Robert of Normandy and the daughter of a tanner called Ellave.他是诺曼底公爵罗贝尔一世 和一个名叫艾尔莱芙的鞋匠女儿的私生子And in the cut-throat world of feudal Normandy,it was important that he learn, and quickly, how to survive.在封建的诺曼底这个弱肉强食的世界里 对他来说迅速学会如何生存比什么都重要He was only a child when his father died on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land,当他父亲死在朝圣的路上时他还只是个孩子leaving William, just eight years old, as his heir,a lamb thrown to the wolves.年仅八岁的的威廉成为了爵位的继承人 这无异羊入狼群Certainly Edward would have known the young William.毫无疑问 爱德华定对小威廉有所耳闻There were even suggestions that he was one of the hand-picked companions甚至有迹象表明 他是威廉之父罗贝尔公爵entrusted by Williams father, Duke Robert,with keeping an eye on the vulnerable young boy.亲自定下的托孤人选 负责照看这个羸弱的小男孩So Edward would have seen how William survived the traumas of his childhood,因此 爱德华已经目睹了 威廉如何在童年经历的劫难中幸存narrowly escaping assassination attempts;惊险地躲过暗杀how William was forced at just aged ten, to witness the brutal murder of his beloved steward in his bedchamber, before his very eyes.以及年仅十岁的威廉在卧房中亲眼目睹 自己亲爱的管家被残忍地杀害 /201607/456173尼木县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

大新县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over linking consonant to consonant.在这个美式英语发音视频里,我们来看一看辅音和辅音之间的连读。Linking is an important part of American English.If we break between each word, it sounds very choppy.连读是美式英语里面很重要的一部分。如果我们在每个单词之间都停顿的话,听起来就会很不连贯。But in American English, we like to link words together for a smooth sound.但是在美式英语中,我们会将单词连读起来,以此来达到通顺的效果。Ive aly made s on linking Vowel to Vowel and Consonant to Vowel.我之前已经做过关于元音与元音之间、辅音与元音之间连读的视频了。Linking Consonant to Consonant happens all the time in American English.辅音和辅音之间的连读在美式英语里很常见。In that sentence right there it happened four times: ng-kk, nt-tt, nt-hh, and ll-th.在上面那个句子里,它就出现了四次:ng-kk, nt-tt, nt-hh 和 ll-th。We cant cover every example of linking consonant to consonant as there are simply too many combinations for this , but I will give you some examples.我们不可能涉及到每一个辅音和辅音连读的例子,因为有太多的组合,这一个视频里不可能涉及到所有的组合,但是我会给你们举一些例子。First lets talk about linking the same consonant.Take the example ;gas station;.首先,我们来讨论相同辅音的连读。比如说“gas station”。Its not ;gas station;, with two separate Ss, its ;gas station;: one S, connecting the two words.不能读成“gas station”,两个分开的S,而要读成“gas station”,用一个S连接两个单词。;Im going to the gas station.;I aly used this example last year when I took a road trip.;Im going to the gas station.;我在去年旅行的时候已经用过这个例子了。Click here to see that , or go to the description.Another example: ;some might, some might.;点击这里看那个视频,或者去看视频介绍。另一个例子:;some might, some might.;Again, not ;some might;, but ;some might;, connected with one M.;Some might think so.;同样的,不是“some might”,而是“some might”,用一个M连接。;Some might think so.;The rule gets a little complicated when we bring in Stop Consonants.The six stop consonants are t, d, p, b, k, and g.当加入顿音辅音时,连读规则就变得复杂一些了。六个顿音辅音是 t, d, p, b, k 和 g。When these meet in between two words, like ;hot today;, you have to stop the air to signify the first consonant, then release the sound into the next word.当这些辅音出现在单词之间时,比如“hot today”,你要停顿一下来表示第一个辅音,然后再发下个单词的音。So, its not ;hahtoday, hahtoday;, but ;hot today;, with a stop, ;hot today, hot today;.因此,不是“hahtoday, hahtoday”,而是“hot today”,中间停顿一下,;hot today, hot today;。So to make that stop, Im just holding the air in my throat, for a fraction of a second, ;hot today, hot today.;因此停顿的时候,我将气息保留在喉咙处,停留不到一秒的时间,;hot today, hot today.;Another example, ;bad dog;.Its not ;baadog;, but ;bad dog, bad dog, bad dog;, with a stop.另一个例子,“bad dog”。不是“baadog”,而是;bad dog, bad dog, bad dog;,停顿一下。This is true in general when were linking a stop consonant to any other consonant.在把顿音辅音和其他的任何辅音连读时,这个规则一般都是适用的。For example, ;peanut butter, peanut butter; – stopped T, released B, ;peanut butter;.比如,;peanut butter, peanut butter;——顿音T,发出B音,;peanut butter;。Not ;peanuh butter, peanuh butter;, with no stop, but also not ;peanut butter; with a released T, but ;peanut butter, peanut butter.;;Flip phone.;不是;peanuh butter, peanuh butter;,没有停顿,也不是;peanut butter;,发出T音,而是;peanut butter, peanut butter.;;Flip phone.;Here we stop the sound with the lips in position for the P, then go straight into the F consonant without releasing the P.在这里,当唇部做出P音的形状时停顿,然后直接发辅音F,不发P音。;Flip phone, flip phone.;Its not ;flip phone;, with a full release, and its not ;flihphone;, with no stop of air.;Flip phone, flip phone.;不是;flip phone;,将P音完全发出,也不是;flihphone;,没有停顿。We have to stop the air.;Flip phone, flip phone.;我们必须停顿。;Flip phone, flip phone.;This way of linking ending stop consonants to words that begin with another consonant is a great trick to add to your English if you havent aly.这种将单词结尾的辅音与其他以辅音开头的单词连读的方法是一个很好的技巧,如果你还没有用过这种技巧的话,可以把它加入你的英语当中。Some students have trouble with this, and add an additional schwa sound between words in order to link in these situations.一些学生在做这个时有点问题,会把单词中间加入一个弱读音,以此来在这些情况下连读。So ;hot sauce; becomes something more like ;hot-uh-sauce, hot-uh-sauce;.所以,;hot sauce;变成了;hot-uh-sauce, hot-uh-sauce;。So remember, dont release that ending stop consonant, just stop the air.因此要记得,不要把结尾的顿音辅音发出来,停顿一下就好了。For all other cases, youll just need to isolate the two sounds in question and practice.对于所有的其他情况,你只需要把两个音分开练习就好了。Lets take for example ;Its a tough one;.Here were linking the F and W sounds.Practice them separately, ff, ww, ff, ww.比如说;Its a tough one;。在这里,我们要把F音和W音连读。把它们分开练习,ff, ww, ff, ww。Now practice them together, sliding slowly from one sound to the other, ff-ww, ff-ww.现在把它们放在一起练习,慢慢地从一个音滑向另一个音,ff-ww,ff-ww。Really think about what youre moving to transition in-between these two sounds.想一下在这两个音之间你要怎样过渡。In this case, my bottom lip was touching the bottom of the top front teeth, ff, and then the lips round out.在这个例子中,我的下唇抵着下排牙齿的上端,发出ff音,然后双唇放松。My tongue doesnt have to move.;Ff-ww, ff-ww, tough one, tough one.;;Tough one. Its a tough one.;我的舌头不需要移动。;Ff-ww, ff-ww, tough one, tough one.;;Tough one. Its a tough one.;So, isolate the sounds, practice them separately, practice them together slowly, speed them up and put them back into the context of the words and eventually the sentence.所以,把音分离出来,然后分开练习,放在一起慢慢练习,加快速度,然后把它们放回单词里,最后放回句子里练习。Lets look at one more example.Well link the N sound to the R sound: On Rachels desk.让我们再看一个例子。我们要把N音和R音连读:On Rachels desk.Here, my lips and tongue have to move.;Nn, rr, nn, rr.;Now link them together slowly: ;nn, rr, nn, rr.;在这里,我的唇部和舌头都要动。;Nn, rr, nn, rr.;现在慢慢地把它们连在一起:;nn, rr, nn, rr.;You may see my lips are rounding a little bit as Im making the N, thats in preparation for the R, ;nn, rr.;你可能看到我在发N音时唇部稍微有一点圆,这是在为R音做准备,;nn, rr.;The tongue goes from having the top part of the front of the tongue at the roof of the mouth here, ;nn, rr;,舌头位置的变化是,从舌头前面部分接触上颚,“nn, rr”,to having the front part of the tongue touching nothing as the tongue pulls back for the R.到舌头收回,为发R音做准备时,舌头前面部分不接触任何位置。So for the R, the middle part of the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth, or maybe the insides of the teeth, about here.因此,发R音时,舌头中间的部分是抵着上颚的,或者是牙齿的里面,大概在这里。;Nn-rr. Onn-Rr, Onn-Rrachels.;Im really feeling the tongue move up and then back, ;on Rachels, on Rachels.;;Nn-rr. Onn-Rr, Onn-Rrachels.;我真的感觉到了舌头向上移动,然后再回来,;on Rachels, on Rachels.;;On Rachels desk.;Check out the other s that Ive made, that address some consonant to consonant linking.;On Rachels desk.;看一下我做的其他视频,那些视频讲了一些辅音和辅音之间的连读。Take any short text and look for words that should link consonant to consonant.选择任何的短文章,然后找一些带有辅音和辅音连读的单词。For each case, think about what kind of linking it is.Is the consonant the same?Is the first consonant a stop consonant?对于每个例子,想一下它是哪种类型的连读。辅音是一样的吗?第一个辅音是顿音辅音吗?Practice it slowly.Linking is a crucial part of smoothing out speech, sounding American.慢慢练习。连读是在做到演讲通顺、听起来更美式当中一个很重要的部分。Put an example of a simple sentence where you would need to link consonant to consonant below in the comments.在下面的里写出一个简单的你认为需要连读辅音的句子。Practice with the sentences that everyone else puts!Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.练习一下其他人的句子!这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516339 原味人文风情:Being born a girl means clearing a lot of hurdles, and it begins right at the starting line. Sex-selective abortions are frequent in countries like India, where girls are often seen as a financial burden.Discrimination begins even before birth.生为女孩代表要清除许多障碍,而那在起跑线就开始了。选择性别堕胎在像印度这些国家很常见,女孩们在这些国家常被视为经济负担。不公平对待甚至在出生前出现了。Sexual mutilation is the fate of at least 200 million girls in 30 countries. It often leads to serious infections and even death. Time for school...for some. In Afghanistan, 90 percent of women cannot or write, massively reducing their chances in life. Sixty-three million girls in the world are kept out of school.割礼是三十个国家内至少两亿名女孩的命运。那经常引起严重的感染甚至死亡。该上学囉...对一些人来说。在阿富汗,百分之九十的女性无法读或写,大幅减少了她们的人生机会。全世界有六千三百万名女孩被挡在学校外。Before even getting close to adulthood, 700 million girls are forced to get married, often to much older men. Many women go through life without the right to control their own bodies or sexuality. Every year, 22 million women and girls put their health and lives at risk by having unsafe abortions. In some countries, like Senegal, they may end up in jail.就在甚至能成年前,七亿名女孩被迫结婚,常常是嫁给年长许多的男性。许多女性一生无权掌控自己的身体或情欲。每年,两千两百万名女人和女孩进行不安全堕胎,将自己的健康和生命置于险境。在一些国家中,象是塞内加尔,她们还可能沦为阶下囚。Many who make it to adulthood face entrenched discrimination that leads to violence. Way too often, home is not a safe haven, as women are beaten and abused by their own partners. In France, a woman dies of domestic violence every 2.7 days. Even the lucky ones can never stop fighting for equal pay, equal opportunities, and equal rights. Being born a girl means clearing a lot of hurdles.许多顺利长大的女孩遭受根深蒂固、造成暴力的歧视。有太多时候,家不是安全的避风港,因为女性被自己的另一半殴打和虐待。在法国,每 2.7 天就有一名女性死于家暴。即使是幸运的那群也永远无法停止争取同等薪资、同等机会,以及平等权利。生为女孩代表要清除许多障碍。8 March—the struggle for womens rights cannot be a one-day fight. FIDH works daily for their respect. Share this and help us to sp the word.三月八号--女性权益的争取不能只是一日战役。国际人权联盟每天都在为女性应受的尊重努力。分享这部影片,帮助我们将这些话传出去。201705/507516敖汉旗靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养平顶山市马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养



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