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Facebook more than doubled its profits in the second quarter as the social media giant continued to reap the rewards of a fast growing mobile ad business.Facebook第二财季的利润增长超过一倍,快速增长的移动广告业务正在给这家社交媒体巨头带来持续的回报。In an earnings release Wednesday, Facebook reported quarterly profits of 1 million, more than double the same period a year earlier, or 30 cents per share.在周三公布的财报中,Facebook上一财季的利润为7.91亿美元,同比去年翻了不止一番,合每股收益30美分。Facebook’s revenue grew 61%, to .9 billion, topping Wall Street’s estimate of .8 billion.Facebook的营收增长了61%,为29亿美元,超出了华尔街28亿美元的预期。CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his satisfaction with the company’s second-quarter results, saying in statement that “our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world.”公司CEO马克o扎克伯格对第二财季的表现表示满意,他在声明中说道:“我们的社区仍在持续增长,随着我们与世界其他地区的联系日益紧密,我们将迎来更多机遇。”Nearly .7 billion of the company’s revenue this past quarter came from advertising, with roughly 62% of that total coming from mobile ads. That percentage is up from last year’s second quarter, when mobile ad sales made up 41% of Facebook’s advertising revenue. Facebook also said the number of its monthly active users increased 14% year-over-year to 1.32 billion, while its mobile monthly active users jumped 31% to 1.07 billion.公司上一财季的收入中,约有27亿美元来自广告业务,其中62%来自移动广告。该比例同比增长明显,去年第二财季,移动广告销售占Facebook广告总收入的41%。此外,Facebook表示其每月活跃用户量同比增长了14%,达到13.2亿人,而每月活跃移动用户量增长了31%,达到10.7亿人。Researcher eMarketer said in March that Facebook managed to increase its share of the billion U.S. mobile ad industry to 17.5% last year from just 5.4% in 2012. Zuckerberg’s company is expected to keep expanding its share of the market this year as the social media site continues to chip away at rival Google’s own hold on the market. The online search giant held about half of the mobile ad market in the U.S. last year, but eMarketer expects that stake to shrink this year.三月份,市场调查公司eMarketer的研究人员曾表示,去年,在价值180亿美元的美国移动广告市场,Facebook成功将份额从2012年的5.4%扩大到17.5%。今年,扎克伯格的公司将继续蚕食竞争对手谷歌(Google)的市场份额。去年,在线搜索巨头谷歌几乎占领了美国移动广告市场的半壁江山,但eMarketer预计,谷歌今年的市场份额将会缩水。Facebook’s stock closed Wednesday up 2.9%, before the earnings report. In after-hours trading, following the results, the company’s shares rose another 4% to just over .在周三公布财报之前,Facebook的股票在收盘时上涨了2.9%。而在财报公布之后的盘后交易中,公司股票又上涨了4%,达到每股74美元。 /201407/314740

The first time Eric Migicovsky saw his watch in the wild was at Toronto#39;s Pearson Airport last February. Disembarking a late-night flight, he ran into someone sporting a Pebble on his wrist. ;The guy saw me and was like, #39;Good work. I just got mine the other day,#39;; recounts Migicovsky, laughing. ;It was just the weirdest thing.;去年二月,在加拿大多伦多皮尔逊机场,埃里克?米基科夫斯基首次在现实生活中看到自己推出的Pebble手表。从一架午夜航班上下来时,他遇见了一个戴着Pebble手表的人。“那哥们看到了我,然后说:‘我这块Pebble手表刚买没几天。好用极了。’”米基科夫斯基笑着说:“这事真是太不可思议了。”Given its initial success, Migicovsky may want to get used to such encounters. His device, the Pebble smartwatch, became an overnight media sensation last year when it snagged almost .3 million in funding on Kickstarter -- over 100 times the original amount Migicovsky hoped to raise. (The Pebble also quickly became exhibit A for the crowdfunding site#39;s power.) The firm#39;s 11 full-time employees have shipped 25,000 watches to date, priced at for early supporters and 0 retail. They expect to ship another 50,000 this month.鉴于Pebble首战告捷,米基科夫斯基可能要对这种事习以为常了。Pebble智能手表项目去年在众筹网站Kickstarter上募得近1,030万美元——比米基科夫斯基原本想募集的金额高出100多倍,一夜之间引起媒体轰动(Pebble也迅速成为众筹网站Kickstarter最佳例案)。Pebble公司11名全职员工迄今已经发货25,000只Pebble手表,对初期持者的定价为99美元,而零售价为150美元。他们预计本月将再发货50,000只。If brisk sales continue, the Pebble is poised to become a significant player in the emerging wearable computing market, which Google (GOOG) will enter later this year with its augmented reality eyeglasses, Google Glass. Even Apple (APPL) may have a smartwatch of its own coming -- if rumors are to be believed. Gartner Research analyst Michael Gartenberg estimates wearable will become a whopping billion industry by 2015.如果Pebble继续旺销,它将成为正在兴起的可佩戴式计算机市场上的一家重要厂商。谷歌(Google)将于今年晚些时候携增强现实眼镜产品谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)进军这个市场。而且如果传言属实,苹果(Apple)也或将推出自己的智能手表。市场调研公司高德纳(Gartner Research)分析师迈克尔?加腾伯格预期到2015年,可佩戴式计算机将成长为产值高达百亿美元的产业。The sudden swell in backing came as a surprise to Migicovsky, a University of Waterloo graduate with an engineering degree, who first dreamed up the idea of a watch that connected wirelessly with a smartphone while he was out cycling one day. ;I thought, wouldn#39;t it be cool to see text messages, caller ID, and that kind of thing right there on your watch instead of having to take out your phone?; he recalls.米基科夫斯基拥有滑铁卢大学(University of Waterloo)工学学士学位。某天他在骑自行车时突发奇想,为什么不设计一款能与智能手机无线相连的手表呢?而Kickstarter上无比成功的募资让他异常惊喜。米基科夫斯基回忆说:“我想,如果能在手表上查看短信、来电等各种信息,而不是掏出手机,是不是非常酷?”Not everyone shared Migicovsky#39;s enthusiasm for wearable computing then. Early on, Micicovsky had trouble generating interest from many venture capitalists who were reluctant to invest in a hardware company with the exception of 5,000 raised from four angel investors, including Tim Draper, co-founder of the Menlo Park, Calif.-based venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. ;I was thinking, #39;what happens in a post-Apple world,#39; and I decided it was watches and glasses,; Draper explains. And while Pebble first passed through Paul Graham#39;s famed YCombinator, the same startup incubator that yielded Airbnb and Dropbox, it wasn#39;t until Kickstarter that Pebble really found its footing.不过,并不是每个人都看好米基科夫斯基的可穿戴式计算机设备。最初,米基科夫斯基很苦恼无法赢得风险投资家们的欢心,这些人可不愿意向一家硬件新创企业投资。只有四位天使投资人向米基科夫斯基抛出了橄榄枝,其中包括蒂姆?德瑞普。他是加州门罗帕克市德丰杰风投基金(Draper Fisher Jurvetson)的联合创始人。他们一共投资375,000美元。德瑞普解释说:“我一直在思索什么洞悉能够称雄‘后苹果时代’,我的看法是手表和眼镜有望成为真命天子。”保罗?格雷厄姆创建的风险投资公司YCombinator极富盛名,曾孵化出创新公寓出租务Airbnb和云存储技术公司Dropbox等新创企业。Pebble最初经过了YCombinator的孵化,但直到登陆Kickstarter,Pebble才真正得以立足。Although so-called smartwatches have been tried by other companies like Sony (SNE) and Motorola, the Pebble earned a slew of mostly positive reviews that applauded its sleek waterproof design, including that outdoors-friendly 1.26-inch power-sipping screen that was designed with subtlety in mind. Thanks to a 10-month design process that involved over 50 different prototype designs and 3-D-printed mock-ups, the Pebble looks less like those chunkywatches favored by Dick Tracey and more like a contemporary timepiece. It also works largely as advertised. So long as users have an iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth, Pebble owners can screen calls, check email and other messages. (The Pebble vibrates for every incoming email and text received.)智能手表不是什么新鲜事物,索尼(Sony)和托罗拉(Motorola)等公司都曾经推出过类似的产品。但Pebble出手不凡,迅速赢得大量好评。人们交口称赞它精巧的防水设计、用心打造的户外式1.26英寸低功耗显示屏。Pebble的设计周期长达10个月,一共设计过50多个不同的原型和3D打印模型。Pebble看起来可不像迪克?特蕾西所钟爱的那种笨重的手表,它可是一款时尚产品。它的功能就像广告说的那样:用户只需打开iPhone或Android手机的蓝牙,就能在Pebble上屏蔽来电、查看邮件和信息。(收到邮件或短信的时候,Pebble会震动。) /201303/230698

  SEATTLE — Few golden geese in technology have survived as long as Office has for Microsoft.西雅图——在科技领域,像微软Office那样长盛不衰的摇钱树寥寥无几。The suite of applications that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, first released in 1990, generated nearly a third of Microsoft’s revenue during its last fiscal year — about billion of billion in total. By some estimates, the software accounted for an even higher portion of the company’s gross profits.这套包括Word、PowerPoint和Excel的应用程序于1990年首次发布,在上一财年里,Office带来260亿美元的营收,几乎占了微软总营收870亿美元的三分之一。据估计,该软件在微软总利润中的占比更高。But in a sign of the seismic changes underway in the tech industry, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, said on Thursday that it would give away a comprehensive mobile edition of Office. The free software for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets will do most of the most essential things people normally do with the computer versions of the product.但本周四,全球最大的软件公司微软表示,它将免费提供Office的完整移动版;此举是高科技产业正在发生翻天覆地变化的一个标志。Office的免费iPad、iPhone和Android平板电脑版本,将会持人们通常用Office计算机版本进行的大部分最基本工作。Just a few years ago, giving away a full free version of Office would have earned a Microsoft chief executive a visit from a witch doctor. Now, the move is following through on the rallying cry coming from Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new chief executive, who has pushed cloud and mobile computing as lodestars for the company’s future.就在几年前,如果微软首席执行官做出免费提供Office完整版的决定,人们会以为他发了疯。现在,这一举措是在响应新任首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)的号召。纳德拉已经把云计算和移动计算列为该公司未来的发展方向。The old Microsoft hemmed and hawed about creating Office apps for mobile platforms from Google and Apple, pushing its Windows platform instead. But the center of gravity in the tech industry has quickly shifted to mobile and cloud computing. And the company’s about-face comes after rivals like Apple and Google and many of the most successful new start-ups offered free software, often with premium perks for sale.之前,对于为谷歌和苹果的移动平台创建Office应用,微软有些犹豫不决,它把精力放在了推动自己的Windows平台上。但高科技业的重心已经迅速转移到了移动和云计算上。像苹果和谷歌这样的竞争对手,以及一些大获成功的新兴创业公司,都已经提供了很多免费的、但常常带有付费高级功能的软件,微软这次改弦更张,就是在这样的背景下进行的。“Lots of consumers don’t need a PC,” said Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura Securities. “They just need an Internet connection. They don’t need Office as much.”“很多消费者并不需要一台PC,”野村券(Nomura Securities)分析师里克·谢伦德(Rick Sherlund)说。“他们只需要设备连接上互联网。他们不是非常需要Office。”That reality has started to weigh on Office. While sales of the software to businesses grew about 8 percent last year, consumer revenue rose only 2 percent. Sales declined by double-digit percentage points during the first two quarters of the year.这一现象已开始影响到Office。虽然该软件面向企业的销售额去年增长了8%左右,但从消费者那里获得的营收仅增长了2%。今年前两个季度,Office销量下滑的百分率达到了两位数。The Office business suffered in recent years from a global slump in sales of PCs, which were hurt as people began to do more and more basic computing chores on tablets and smartphones. For years, Office was not available on mobile devices, and many consumers began to wonder whether they needed the software at all. Those who needed productivity apps turned to free or cheap alternatives from Apple, Google and start-ups like Evernote.近年来,人们日益用平板电脑和智能手机开展比较基本的计算任务,导致全球PC销售下滑,也给Office业务带来损失。多年来,Office一直没有推出移动设备版本,许多消费者已经开始思考,自己是否真的还需要它。那些需要工作软件的人,转而开始使用苹果、谷歌和Evernote等初创公司的免费或廉价替代品。The outlook for Microsoft’s apps has improved in recent quarters with the growth of Office 365, a cloud version of the product that includes constantly updated apps, unlimited online file storage and free Skype calling to traditional phones. Consumers pay to a month for the service, rather than buying a copy of Office for about 0.最近几个季度,随着Office365业绩的增长,微软应用的前景也获得了改善。Office365是这个套件的云版本,提供持续更新、不限量的在线文件存储空间、免费的Skype电话拨打务等等。消费者每月只需付7至10美元的务费,无需购买售价约150美元的Office。“We’d like to dramatically increase the number of people trying Office,” John Case, corporate vice president of Office marketing at Microsoft, said about the new offering. “This is about widening the funnel.”“我们希望能大幅增加尝试Office的用户人数,”微软Office企业营销副总裁约翰·凯斯(John Case)在谈到免费版时表示。“关键是拓宽渠道。”Microsoft started to suggest a more open posture earlier this year, when it released an iPad version of Office that could be used to documents, spsheets and presentations.微软表现出更加开放的姿态,是从今年早些时候开始的,当时它发布了iPad版的Office,可以用来读取文档、电子表格和演示文稿。If users wanted to edit or print those documents, though, they needed to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft. Now Microsoft is doing away with those hindrances. It is starting to test similarly full-featured and free Office apps for tablets running Android, Google’s mobile operating system. And it is updating Office apps for iPhone to allow editing, at a time when Apple’s new big-screen smartphones are making it easier to get work done on the devices.不过,如果用户想编辑或打印这些文档,就需要付订阅费给微软。现在,微软正在清除这些障碍。它正在开始测试同样功能齐备而且免费的Android平板电脑版Office应用;Android是谷歌移动操作系统。它也正在更新iPhone版Office应用,以便提供编辑功能。苹果新推出的大屏幕智能手机,让一些工作任务变得更易完成了。Microsoft says it has more than 7 million consumers subscribing to Office 365. It says there have been more than 40 million downloads of its Office apps for the iPad. In its most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 30, Microsoft said its consumer Office revenue grew 7 percent.微软表示,已经有逾700万用户订阅了Office365,iPad版Office应用的下载量超过了4000万次。微软表示,在9月30日截至的最近一个季度里,Office从消费者那里获得的营收增长了7%。By making an unabridged version of Office available for free on mobile, Microsoft is betting it can get even more people to start using the software, without stealing sales from the PC and Mac versions of the product, where it still makes truckloads of money.微软认为,通过免费提供完整的Office移动版本,会有更多的人开始使用Office软件,而且也不会分流PC和Mac版Office的销售额,计算机版Office仍然非常赚钱。The calculation is similar to the one made by software makers in the mobile industry. Instead of the one-time fees long associated with software sales, most app makers give away basic versions of their products — from games to productivity software to online storage services — while charging for premium features.这和移动领域软件开发商的思路很相似。在软件销售业务中,长期以来费用都是一次性收取的,而大多数应用开发商都会免费提供产品——从游戏到工作软件,再到在线存储务,但只限基本功能,高级功能则会收取费用。“We’re seeing the consumer valuation for those things start to approach zero,” said Wes Miller, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft, a research firm that tracks the company.“我们看到,消费者对软件的估值开始趋近于零,”分析微软状况的研究公司Directions on Microsoft的分析师韦斯·米勒(Wes Miller)说。Apple, for example, made its iWork suite of productivity applications free a year ago for new buyers of Macs and Apple mobile devices. Google has won converts to a free suite of Web apps that competes with Office.以苹果公司为例,一年前,它开始为Mac电脑和Apple移动设备的新顾客免费提供工作应用iWork套件。谷歌推出Web应用免费套件与Office竞争,也赢得了一些用户。Microsoft announced this spring that it would give away some versions of Windows, its other big cash cow, to hardware companies that want to put it on devices with screens smaller than nine inches.Windows是微软的另一棵大型摇钱树,今年春天,微软宣布会把某些版本的Windows免费提供给那些希望将其搭载在9英寸以下设备上的硬件公司。It was an attempt by Microsoft to claw its way out of a severe deficit in mobile by encouraging more companies to make Windows smartphones and tablets. Notably, the change in its terms did not include versions of Windows for personal computers, which have larger screens.微软企图通过此举来鼓励更多的企业制造Windows智能手机和平板电脑,以弥补它在移动领域的严重不足。值得注意的是,该变化并不涉及屏幕更大的个人电脑所使用的Windows版本。 /201411/341760



  One of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age.历史上规模最大、最严格细致的乳房X光检查研究之一,对所有年龄段的女性进行这种筛查的价值提出了强有力的新质疑。这项研究持续了四分之一个世纪之久,涉及9万名女性。It found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not. And the screening had harms — one out of five cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman#39;s health and did not need treatment like chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.该研究发现,在做过乳房X线检查和没有做过它的女性中,乳腺癌导致的死亡率和所有原因导致的死亡率并无二致。而且这种筛查本身具有危害——通过乳房X光检查发现并进行了治疗的癌症肿块中,有五分之一对女性的健康并不构成威胁,也不需要进行化疗、手术或放疗等治疗。The study, published Tuesday in The British Medical Journal, is one of the few rigorous evaluations of mammograms conducted in the modern era of more effective breast cancer treatments. It randomly assigned Canadian women to have regular mammograms and breast exams by trained nurses or to have breast exams alone.这项研究本周二发表在《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)上,在如今这个乳腺癌治疗手段更加有效的时代,对乳房X线检查进行的严格评估寥寥无几,它就是其中一个。在这项研究中,加拿大女性被随机分配给训练有素的护士,进行定期乳房X光检查和乳房检查,或者只进行乳房检查。Researchers sought to determine whether there was any advantage to finding breast cancers when they were too small to feel. The answer was no, the researchers report.研究人员希望确定,在乳腺癌肿块太小,患者感觉不到它的时候,发现乳腺癌是否有任何优势。是否定的,研究报告称。The study seems likely to lead to an even deeper polarization between those who believe that regular mammography saves lives, including many breast cancer advocates and patients, and a growing number of researchers who say the evidence is lacking or, at the very least, murky.这项研究很可能会导致更深的两极分化:一方是相信定期做乳房X光检查可以挽救患者生命的人,包括很多乳腺癌关爱活动倡导者和患者,另一方是越来越多的研究人员,他们认为这种说法缺乏据,或者至少是据不明朗。;It will make women uncomfortable, and they should be uncomfortable,; said Dr. Russell P. Harris, a screening expert and professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina. ;The decision to have a mammogram should not be a slam dunk.;“这会让女性感到不舒,她们也理应感到不舒,”筛查专家、北卡罗莱纳大学(University of North Carolina)医学教授拉塞尔·P·哈里斯(Russell P. Harris)说。“决定做乳房X光检查本来也不应该是一桩乐事。”The findings will not lead to any immediate change in guidelines for mammography, and many advocates and experts will almost certainly dispute the idea that mammograms are on balance useless, or even harmful.这些研究结果不会立刻导致乳房X光检查准则的更改,很多倡导者和专家几乎肯定会对“乳房X线检查总体无用,甚至有害”的观点进行质疑。Dr. Richard C. Wender, chief of cancer control for the American Cancer Society, said the society has convened an expert panel that is reviewing all studies on mammography, including the Canadian one, and would issue revised guidelines later this year. He added that combined data from clinical trials of mammography showed it reduces the death rate from breast cancer by at least 15 percent for women in their 40s and by at least 20 percent for older women.理查德·C·文德(Richard C. Wender)士是美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)癌症控制主任,他说该协会已经召集了一个专家小组,正在审查和乳房X光检查有关的所有研究,加拿大的这项研究也包括在内,今年晚些时候,他们将发布修订后的准则。他还说,乳房X光检查的临床试验的综合数据显示,在40多岁的女性中,乳房X光检查至少降低了15%的乳腺癌死亡率,在年龄更大的女性中降低了至少20%。That means that one woman in 1,000 who starts screening in her 40s, two who start in their 50s and three who start in their 60s will avoid a breast cancer death, Dr. Harris said.这意味着,在40多岁开始筛查的1000名女性中,有一名将避免死于乳腺癌,50岁开始的有两名,60岁开始的有三名,哈里斯士说。Dr. Wender added that while improved treatments clearly helped lower the breast cancer death rate, so did mammography, by catching cancers early.文德士指出,改善后的治疗方法显然有助于降低乳腺癌死亡率,做乳房X光检查也是一样,因为可以提早发现癌症。But an editorial accompanying the new study said that earlier studies that found mammograms helped women were done before the routine use of drugs like tamoxifen that sharply reduced the breast cancer death rate. In addition, many studies did not use the gold-standard methods of the clinical trial, randomly assigning women to be screened or not.但跟这项新研究同时发表的一篇社论说,那些发现乳房X光检查有利于女性的早期研究,是在如今常规使用的药物大幅降低乳腺癌死亡率之前进行的,这些药物包括他莫昔芬(Tamoxifen);此外,很多研究没有采用标准最高的临床试验方法,随机分配女性是否接受筛查。Dr. Mette Kalager, an epidemiologist and screening researcher at the University of Oslo and the Harvard School of Public Health who wrote the editorial, said there was a reason its results were unlike those of earlier studies. With better treatments, like tamoxifen, it was less important to find cancers early. Also, she said, women in the Canadian studies were aware of breast cancer and its dangers, unlike women in earlier studies who were more likely to ignore lumps.这篇社论的作者梅特·卡拉格(Mette Kalager)士是奥斯陆大学(University of Oslo)和哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)的流行病学家和筛查研究员,她表示,这项研究的结果不同于早期的那些研究是有原因的。有了更好的治疗手段,比如他莫昔芬,提早发现癌症肿块就不那么重要了。此外她还表示,加拿大那项研究中的女性了解乳腺癌及其危险,而早期研究中的女性更有可能会忽视肿块。;It might be possible that mammography screening would work if you don#39;t have any awareness of the disease,; she said.“如果你完全没有乳腺癌的意识,乳房X光检查就有可能效果不错,”她说。The Canadian study reached the same conclusion about the lack of a benefit from mammograms after 11 to 16 years of follow-up, but some experts predicted that as time went on the advantages would emerge.在进行了11到16年的复查随访后,加拿大这项研究得出了乳房X线检查没有裨益的同样结论。但一些专家预计,随着时间的推移,乳房X线检查的优势将会显现。That did not happen, but with more time the researchers could, for the first time, calculate the extent of overdiagnosis, finding cancers that would never have killed the women but that led to treatments that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.这种情况还没有出现,但因为多花了一些时间,研究人员首次计算出了过度诊断的程度,即针对绝不会令女性丧生的癌症肿块,实施手术、化疗和放疗等治疗手段。Many cancers, researchers now recognize, grow slowly, or not at all, and do not require treatment. Some cancers even shrink or disappear on their own. But once cancer is detected, it is impossible to know if it is dangerous, so doctors treat them all.研究人员现在认识到,很多癌症肿块生长缓慢,或根本不生长,也不需要治疗。有些癌症肿块甚至会萎缩或自行消失。但是,一旦癌症肿块被检测到,你就不知道它是否会带来危险,所以医生会统统进行治疗。In the ed States, about 37,000,000 mammograms are performed annually at a cost of about 0 per mammogram. Nearly three-quarters of women age 40 and over say they had a mammogram in the past year. More than 90 percent of women ages 50 to 69 in several European countries have had at least one mammogram.美国每年大约要做3700万例乳房X线检查,每次检查的费用约为100美元(约合人民币600元)。40岁及以上的女性有四分之三表示曾在过去一年里进行过乳房X光检查。在几个欧洲国家,年龄在50至69岁的女性中有超过90%至少进行过一次乳房X光检查。Dr. Kalager, whose editorial accompanying the study was titled ;Too Much Mammography,; compared mammography to prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancer, using data from pooled analyses of clinical trials. It turned out that the two screening tests were almost identical in their overdiagnosis rate and had almost the same slight reduction in breast or prostate deaths.卡拉格士关于这项研究的社论标题是《乳房X光检查泛滥》(Too Much Mammography),文中使用来自临床试验的汇总分析数据,把乳房X光检查跟前列腺癌的前列腺特异性抗原(PSA)筛查相提并论。数据显示,这两种筛查的过度诊断率几乎相同,在降低乳腺癌或前列腺癌死亡率的效果方面也几乎同样轻微。;I was very surprised,; Dr. Kalager said. She had assumed that the evidence for mammography must be stronger since most countries support mammography screening and most discourage PSA screening.“我感到非常惊讶,”卡拉格士说。她原以为持乳房X光检查的据肯定会更加有力,因为大多数国家都持乳房X光筛查,反对PSA筛查。 /201409/331474After failing to gain significant market share with tablets running on Google Inc.#39;s Android operating system, Samsung Electronics Co. is now betting on new devices running on Microsoft Corp.#39;s Windows as it continues to battle it out for dominance with Apple Inc. in mobile devices. 由于未能凭借搭载谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的平板电脑获得大量市场份额,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)如今把赌注押到搭载微软(Microsoft Corp.) Windows操作系统的新设备上。目前,三星在继续与苹果公司(Apple Inc.)争夺移动设备市场的主导地位。 Following a major defeat in the U.S. last week where a jury awarded damages of more than billion to Apple ruling that Samsung copied the U.S. company#39;s designs and software patents, Samsung showcased its product pipeline for the second half of this year at a tradeshow in Berlin, Germany, Thursday. 三星电子本周四在德国柏林的一个展会上展示了今年下半年将推出的一系列新产品。此前,上周三星电子在美国遭遇了滑铁卢,陪审团认定三星侵犯了苹果公司的设计和软件专利,要求三星向苹果付逾10亿美元的赔偿金。 The company unveiled its ATIV line of products including a 10.1-inch tablet device running on Windows RT and a 4.8-inch smartphone running on the Windows Phone 8 system. The new products will be launched later this year and Samsung didn#39;t disclose the launch dates or the price. 三星在上述展会上推出了其ATIV产品线,其中包括搭载Windows RT操作系统的一款屏幕为10.1英寸的平板电脑,以及一款搭载Windows Phone 8系统的屏幕为4.8英寸的智能手机。这些新产品将于今年晚些时候上市,不过三星没有透露具体上市日期或产品价格。 Samsung has in the past relied heavily on Android-based devices to gain market share against Apple globally, but Friday#39;s U.S. verdict has put a spotlight on Android manufacturers, such as Samsung, and their heavy dependence on Google for mobile operating software. 三星此前严重依赖安卓设备同苹果在全球市场夺取市场份额,但上周五美国法院做出的裁决让外界开始关注三星等安卓设备厂商及其对谷歌手机操作系统严重依赖的问题。 Samsung said in a statement it is #39;committed to offering more choices based on the Windows 8 platform for consumers.#39; 三星在一份声明中说,该公司致力于向消费者提供基于Windows 8平台的更多选择。 #39;It#39;s highly likely that Samsung will seek to reduce its dependence on Google, while it continues to strengthen its Window-based product line up,#39; said Lee Sun-tae, an analyst at NH Investment amp; Securities. Mr. Lee said the Windows-based devices shows that Samsung is accelerating its shift from Android to Microsoft#39;s operating system. 韩国券商NH Investment amp; Securities的分析师Lee Sun-tae说,三星很有可能会争取降低对谷歌的依赖,同时继续扩大基于Windows系统的产品阵容。他说,推出Windows设备表明三星正在加快其从安卓向微软操作系统的转变过程。 Despite Samsung#39;s move, analysts are skeptical as to whether Samsung will be able to gain more share with Microsoft#39;s software. Sales for Windows phones have aly disappointed Nokia Corp., which receives regular payments from Microsoft to develop phones using its software. Sales of Nokia#39;s Lumia line of smartphones haven#39;t really taken off as Nokia also struggles from competition with Apple. 尽管如此,分析师对三星能否凭借微软操作系统获得更多市场份额持怀疑态度。Windows手机的销售情况已经令诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)倍感失望。诺基亚会定期从微软收到用于研发Windows手机的资金。由于来自苹果的竞争令诺基亚举步维艰,其Lumia系列智能手机卖得并不好。 Samsung#39;s partnership with Microsoft following the release of these devices is expected to strengthen, said Seo Won-seok, an analyst at Korea Investment amp; Securities. But he said the new products won#39;t help much in the near term because there hasn#39;t been significant growth for Windows-based phones due to weak consumer demand. 韩国券商Korea Investment amp; Securities的分析师Seo Won-seok说,在三星发布上述设备之后,预计三星与微软的合作将会加强。但他也说这些新产品在短期内对提振三星业绩没有多大帮助,原因在于消费者需求疲软导致Windows手机销量并没有大幅增长。 Android has given Samsung#39;s smartphone business a shot in the arm. The company became the world#39;s biggest smartphone maker by shipments earlier this year when it overtook both Apple and Nokia. Based on data from IDC, a market researcher, Samsung had a 32.6% share of the global smartphone market in the second quarter, ahead of Apple#39;s 16.9% and Nokia#39;s 6.6%. But in tablets, Samsung has trailed behind significantly. Apple#39;s iPad still had an overwhelming lead, with 68.2% of the market. Samsung#39;s share of the tablet market is just 9.6%, according data from IDC. 安卓系统已经给三星智能手机业务打了一针强心剂。按发货量计算,今年早些时候三星一举超越苹果和诺基亚成为全球最大的智能手机制造商。市场研究机构国际数据公司(IDC)的数据表明,今年二季度三星在全球智能手机市场的份额达到32.6%,领先于苹果的16.9%和诺基亚的6.6%。但在平板电脑市场,三星就显示出明显的落后。苹果iPad以68.2%的市场份额在这一领域遥遥领先。IDC的数据表明,三星在平板电脑市场的份额仅有9.6%。 On Thursday, Samsung also showcased a successor to its Galaxy Note device which runs on Android and combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet into one. 周四三星还展出了新一代Galaxy Note跨界产品。该产品搭载的是安卓系统,融合了智能手机和平板电脑的各种功能。 Samsung attempted to create this new product category called #39;phablet#39; when it launched the first Galaxy Note in November last year as its patent fight with Apple began escalating around the globe. Apple first sued Samsung in April last year alleging that Samsung #39;slavishly#39; copied the design and the feel of its iPad and iPhones. Samsung countersued, saying that Apple violates various patents related to telecommunications technology. 三星试图创建这一名为“平板手机”(phablet)的新产品类别。去年11月,就在三星和苹果的专利战在全球范围内不断升级之际,三星推出了第一代Galaxy Note。去年4月,苹果首先对三星提起诉讼,称三星“完全”抄袭了苹果iPad和iPhone的设计和外观。三星随后提出反诉,称苹果侵犯了其与电信技术相关的多项专利。 The Galaxy Note has grown to become one of the biggest profit contributors to Samsung#39;s mobile business, along with the company#39;s flagship Galaxy smartphones. In the second quarter, more than 60% of Samsung#39;s total operating profit of nearly billion came from the sale of mobile devices. Galaxy Note已经成为三星移动设备业务最大的利润来源之一,作为三星旗舰产品的Galaxy智能手机也是主要利润来源。今年二季度,在三星近60亿美元的营业利润总额中,超过60%来自移动设备的销售。 The Galaxy Note II has a larger 5.5-inch screen and allows users to use a pen to write and browse the Internet. Since the launch of the first model, Samsung said it has sold more than 10 million units. Galaxy Note II屏幕尺寸更大,为5.5英寸,用户可以使用一种特制的笔在屏幕上进行书写并浏览互联网。自第一代Galaxy Note上市以来,三星说其销量已经超过1,000万部。 Samsung has said the design of Galaxy Note is different from the iPhone with a bigger screen and more rounded edges. Throughout the trial in the U.S., Apple argued that Samsung#39;s smartphones with their rectangular shape looked too much like the iPhone. 三星表示,Galaxy Note的设计和iPhone不同,前者屏幕更大,边角更圆润。在美国进行庭审的整个过程中,苹果始终认为三星智能手机的长方形造型看上去和iPhone过于相似。 On Monday, Apple filed a motion to ban 8 Samsung smartphones from the U.S. market. So far, sales of those products in the U.S. have amounted to more than billion since they came into the market in 2011, according to court documents. 周一,苹果公司提交了一份动议,请求法院禁止三星八款智能手机在美国市场进行销售。法庭文件显示,自2011年这些产品上市以来,到目前为止其在美国的销售收入累计超过30亿美元。 Samsung is hoping that the new Galaxy Note II can help cushion the blow from a potential sales ban in the U.S. later this year. 三星希望,一旦其智能手机今年晚些时候在美国遭遇销售禁令,新一代Galaxy Note II能够帮助其缓解由此带来的冲击。 /201208/197523Regulations proposed by the Chinese government for the country#39;s burgeoning smartphone market, aly the largest in the world, are prompting concern from industry groups representing companies such as Apple Inc. and Google Inc.中国政府针对本国迅速成长且已居世界第一的智能手机市场拟议的监管法规引起代表苹果(Apple Inc.)、谷歌(Google Inc.)等公司的行业团体的担忧。The draft law, for which the public-comment period ends this weekend, is the beginning of China#39;s effort to regulate the fast-growing mobile-applications market and could force industry leaders to censor what applications they offer, build phones with China-mandated security requirements and include features that would help the government identify users.《关于加强移动智能终端进网管理的通知》(征求意见稿)公开征求意见的时间即将于本周末结束。这标志着中国开始采取措施监管快速成长的移动应用市场,并可能会强制要求业内领头企业审查它们提供的应用程序,按中国安全规范生产手机,并加入有助于政府识别手机用户的功能。China#39;s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology says the proposed rules are designed to protect the personal information of smartphone users. Chinese media have reported that the regulation would target malicious software─common on cheap, unbranded smartphones in China-that can steal users#39; personal information and incur charges by sending text messages.中国工业和信息化部说,这些拟议中的规定是为了保护智能手机用户的个人信息。中国媒体曾报道,这部法规将打击可能窃取用户私人信息、通过发送短信产生费用的恶意软件。这类软件在中国价格便宜的无牌智能手机上相当常见。Industry groups say the effect on companies would likely be higher costs and slower growth in one of the most important markets for electronics suppliers. Apple sold two million smartphones in China in the first quarter, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. sold 7.8 million and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. sold 1.5 million, according to Analysys International.行业团体认为,这些规定可能会造成企业成本增加,并使电子产品供应商在世界最重要的市场之一的增长速度放缓。据易观国际(Analysys International)的数据,今年一季度苹果在中国市场卖出智能手机200万部,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.)卖出780万部,托罗拉移动公司(Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.)卖出150万部。The size of China#39;s total smartphone market has more than tripled in less than three years, with 31.2 million smartphone devices sold in the first quarter, compared with just 7.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2009, Analysys says.不到三年时间,中国智能手机市场的总体规模就扩大了三倍还多。据易观国际的数据,今年一季度中国市场智能手机销量为3,120万部,相比之下2009年第四季度的销量才720万部。The rapid adoption of new mobile devices and applications by Chinese consumers has outpaced authorities#39; ability to regulate them. China#39;s mobile-apps market currently is largely unregulated.中国消费者接纳新手机和应用程序的速度已经超出了有关部门监管能力的提升速度。目前中国的移动应用市场基本上处于无监管状态。The proposed measures mandate that handset makers ensure that preloaded apps and those made available through other means meet with Chinese laws in order to be licensed to sell the phones in China. That could mean companies would be forced to remove applications deemed offensive or antigovernment by China from devices and app stores offered on phones.征求意见稿规定,手机生产商要获得在中国市场出售手机的牌照,必须确保预装的、或以其他方式提供用户安装的应用软件遵守中国法律。这意味着企业将被迫从手机上、从手机应用商店中删除被中国视为有冒犯性或反政府的应用程序。The proposed law also says new phones must be made in accordance with Chinese standards. If new standards put forth by the government-guided China Communications Standards Association are approved, the law could force handset makers to cooperate with China#39;s government to identify customers and track their app use.征求意见稿还规定,新手机必须按中国标准生产。如果政府指导下的中国通信标准化协会(China Communications Standards Association)制定的新标准得到批准,拟议中的法规就有可能强制要求手机生产商配合中国政府识别用户身份并跟踪他们对应用软件的使用。 /201206/188675

  Neutrino communications中微子通信ET, phone home外星人,致电家中The world#39;s first neutrino-messaging service世界上首次中微子通信务PARTICLE physics is all very well for addressing trivial matters like ;why are we here?; (see article). But some people question its practical usefulness. To answer such naysayers a group of physicists at Fermilab have just submitted a paper to Modern Physics Letters A in which they describe how they have built themselves a neutrino-powered telephone.粒子物理学总是能很好地解决我们生活中遇到的像;为什么我们在这里?;这类的琐事。但是一些人会质疑它的实际可行性。为了消除类似的质疑,费米实验室的一群物理学家刚向物理学界权威杂志Modern Physics Letters A提交了一篇论文,论文中描述着他们怎样为自己成功定制了利用中微子载波的无线电通信电话。Naturally, their neutrinophone is digital. A pulse of neutrinos (small, elusive subatomic particles with no electric charge) corresponds to the digit ;1; while no pulse corresponds to ;0;. The neutrinos themselves are created by smashing bunches of protons into a target made of graphite. They are detected roughly 1km away by researchers who, in their day jobs, work on a neutrino collaboration called MINERvA. By modulating the pulses of protons the group was able to send a message in binary that, when translated, ;neutrino;. Whether this will go down in history alongside Alexander Graham Bell#39;s first message, ;Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you,; remains to be seen.显然,他们的中微子电话通信是数字化的。一个中微子(一种不带电荷形态诡异的亚原子粒子)脉冲对应着逻辑电平;1;,没有脉冲时就对应着逻辑电平;0;。中微子产生于一些质子束轰击一个石墨目标后产生脉冲介子,介子随后衰变而成。整天工作于一个「主注入器之中微子V-A交互作用实验(MINERvA)的研究员们在大概在一公里远处能检测到中微子。通过对质子束脉冲的调制编码后,以二进制码的形式进行中微子传输。是否这将延续亚历山大?格拉汉姆?贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell)的历史,以;Watson先生,请过来,我想见到你;进行首次中微子通信,我们拭目以待。The point, though, apart from sheer wackiness, is that neutrinos are not easily intercepted by collisions with other sorts of matter. If humanity wanted to broadcast its existence to intelligent life forms that might be out in the galaxy listening, a modulated beam of neutrinos would be a good way of doing so. Conversely, some people argue that listening for ET at radio frequencies is the wrong approach. The right one, they think, would be to build a neutrino-receiver. And that would mean plenty of work for neutrino physicists. Perhaps, then, from its makers#39; point of view, the neutrinophone is not such a nutty idea, after all.然而,重要的不仅是其古怪性而且中微子在传输中当受到其他物质的撞击时不容易被破坏。如果人类想让远在系的地方听到充满智慧生命存在性的广播,那么经过调制的中微子光束则是使他实现的一种很好的方式。相反,一些人认为利用无线电广播频率收听外星人是一种错误的方式。他们认为正确的方式应该是搭建一个中微子载波的接收器。这就意味着中微子的物理学家将需要做大量的工作。那么,也许中微子电话的制造商会认为,毕竟中微子电话并非是一个疯狂的创意。 /201208/193894Tech geeks, rejoice! After the widesp disappointment last fall when we learned that the new iPhone would only be the 4S (what, we couldn#39;t make the jump all the way to 5?), Apple has finally announced the release of the iPhone 5. As promised, it boasts a new design and can do some new things. And it#39;s shiny. Which is all I really need to know to decide that I want one now. Anyone with me?科技迷们,欢呼吧!在失望情绪不断蔓延的去年秋天当我们得知新的iPhone将只是4S的时候(什么,我们不能一下子跳到iphone5?),苹果公司终于宣布iPhone5的发布。如所承诺的,它拥有全新的设计,可以做一些新的东西。同时它很闪亮。这就是我真正需要知道的全部并以此决定我现在就想要一部。有人跟我一起吗?According to CNN, Apple Vice President Philip Schiller introduced the iPhone 5 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. ;It#39;s an absolute jewel,; he said.据CNN报道,苹果公司副总裁菲利普#8226;席勒星期三下午在旧金山Yerba Buena中心介绍iPhone 5时, “这是一个绝对的宝石,”他说。Let#39;s get down to the nitty gritty. What makes the new iPhone bigger (literally) and better than before?让我们来看看细节。是什么让新的iPhone更强大(字面上),比以前更好了呢?- The iPhone 5 is taller and slimmer (it#39;s 7.6 mm thick) than previous models. It is also 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S.iPhone 5比以前的型号更高,更薄(厚度为7.6毫米)。这是比iPhone4S还轻20%。- It has a four-inch, 136 x 640 pixel display that will allow you to view five rows of icons at once.它有一个4英寸,136×640像素的显示屏,将允许您一次查看五行图标。- It will be compatible with 4G LTE wireless networks on carriers including Verizon, ATamp;T, and Sprint (as well as a number of oversea networks).它将兼容4G LTE无线网络的运营商包括Verizon,AT&T和Sprint(以及一些海外网络)。- It is powered by the A6 chip, a new, smaller, and more potent chip.- 它配备A6芯片,一个新的,更小,更强大的芯片。- Major changes have been made to the camera and iSight. For those of you who know about technology (unlike me — I like shiny things), here#39;s what CNN says, ;The camera now has an 8 megapixel sensor, 3,264 x 2,448 pixel resolution with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture, is 25 percent smaller and can take panoramic photos.; In layman#39;s terms, the camera can take better pictures.摄像头和iSight已做出了重大改变。对于你们这些了解技术的人(不像我 - 我喜欢闪亮的东西),这里CNN说道,“该相机现在有一个8万像素的传感器,3,264 x2,448像素的分辨率,背面照明,混合IR过滤器,五行镜头,F2.4光圈,小25%,可以拍摄全景照片。“通俗的说,相机可以拍到更好的图片。- The camera can now shoot in 1080p HD, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.现在的摄像机可以拍摄1080P高清,搭载iOS6的FaceTime超过了3G。- The iPhone 5 will also have a new dock connector, which is being called ;Lightning.; To use your old cord (which will from here on out be referred to as ;Thunderbolt;) Apple will release an adaptor.iPhone5也将有一个新的基座连接器,被称为“闪电”。为了使用旧线(它将会从此被称之为“霹雳”)苹果将推出一个适配器。- Apple claims the battery will last eight hours during 3G talk time and browsing, 10 hrs for Wi-Fi browsing and watching, 40 hrs playing music, and 225 hrs on standby.苹果公司声称,该电池将持续8个小时的3G通话和浏览,10个小时的Wi-Fi浏览和视频观看,40小时音乐播放和225小时待机时间。- Apple also confirmed that they will be replacing Google Maps with its own Maps app — which will be able to provide turn-by-turn navigation.苹果公司也实了他们将用自己的地图应用程序取代谷歌地图,这将能够提供轮流导航。- Siri has learned how to post on Facebook.Siri已经学会了如何在Facebook上发表。- It will come in black and white.它将会以黑白色面世。- The release date is September 21, so mark your calendars!发布日期是9月21日,在您的日历上做好标注吧!And did I mention that it#39;s shiny?我提到过它很闪亮吗? /201209/199539

  Gartner and IDC don’t always agree, but on this they are united: Apple was overtaken in U.S. PC sales in the second quarter of 2014 by Lenovo.高德纳(Gartner)与国际数据公司(IDC)常常看法不同,但在这一点上,他们的意见是一致的,那就是:2014年二季度,联想(Lenovo)在美国的个人电脑销量超过了苹果(Apple)。There are a few caveats worth mentioning (see below), but there’s no getting around the fact that Lenovo — a Chinese company founded in Beijing in 1984 — is on a tear.在此,有几点值得一提(见下文),但一个不可回避的事实是,联想作为一家1984年在北京成立的中国公司,发展相当迅猛。o It bought IBM’s personal computer business in 2005 and by 2013 had become the world’s largest PC vendor by unit sales.o 联想于2005年收购了IBM的个人电脑业务,并在2013年成为全球销量最高的个人电脑厂商。o It entered the smartphone business in 2012 and is aly the largest vendor of smartphones in mainland China.o 联想于2012年开始涉足智能手机业务,目前已成为中国大陆地区最大的智能手机厂商。o It has agreed to take off Google’s GOOG -0.86% hands a storied U.S. brand – Motorola Mobility — picking up for .91 billion the better part of a company for which Google paid .5 billion just two years ago.o 联想已同意斥资29.1亿美元,从谷歌(Google)手中收购知名美国品牌托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)的大部分资产。而就在两年前,谷歌收购托罗拉移动可是花了125亿美元。.形势的变化极具讽刺意味。当年,IBM因为Windows设备的利润率太低而选择退出个人电脑市场。联想收购了IBM的确利润微薄的ThinkPad品牌,如今,联想公司正在美国市场上大举攻城略地。This is a deeply ironic turn of events. IBM IBM -0.38% got out of the PC business because the margins on Windows boxes were too thin. Lenovo took over IBM’s ThinkPad brand – thin margins and all — and is chewing up the U.S. PC market待到联想凭借托罗拉品牌进入美国智能手机市场时,Android设备厂商们可有得受了。I wouldn’t want to be selling Android boxes when Lenovo enters the U.S. smartphone market with the Motorola brand.需要注意的是:Those caveats:o 国际数据公司和高德纳公司都没有将iPad或平板电脑算作个人电脑,尽管高德纳算上了它所说的移动个人电脑(但没有算上Chromebook),而国际数据公司将上网本和Chromebook都算上了。平板电脑销量虽然有所放缓,但如果将平板销量统计在内,苹果将是美国最大的个人电脑厂商,而不是屈居第四位。o Neither IDC nor Gartner counts iPads or tablets as PCs, although Gartner counts what it calls mobile PCs (but not Chromebooks) while IDC counts both netbooks and Chromebooks. Tablet sales may have slowed, but if they were counted, Apple would be in the No. 1 PC maker in the U.S., not No. 4.o 上季度美国个人电脑销量激增,是因为微软(Microsoft)从四月份开始不再持Windows XP,这促使IT经理们换掉了数百万台老旧的Windows电脑。而苹果Mac的销量没有类似的激增。o PC sales in the U.S. got a bump last quarter because Microsoft in April discontinued support for Windows XP, prompting IT managers to replace millions of aging Windows boxes. The Mac got no such bump.高德纳和国际数据公司的公开预测是“初步的”,而且不可实。苹果公布每季度的Mac销量,但不会分别公布在各国市场的销量。2013年二季度,苹果在全球售出了375万台Mac电脑。据高德纳和国际数据公司称,其中有170万台Mac电脑被运往美国。o Gartner’s and IDC’s public estimates are “preliminary” and not verifiable. Apple releases quarterly Mac unit sales, but doesn’t break them down by country. In Q2 2013, it sold 3.75 million Macs worldwide. According to Gartner and IDC, 1.7 million of those Macs were shipped to the U.S.以下分别是国际数据公司和高德纳给出的2014年二季度各大厂商个人电脑在美国市场的发货量(从上至下一次为惠普、戴尔、联想、苹果、东芝及其他)。 /201407/311633

  Thousands of telecom and tech CEOs, vendors, suppliers government officials, reporters and gadgets junkies are descending on Fira Gran Via exhibition center in Barcelona this weekend for the start of Mobile World Congress.成千上万名电讯、科技公司首席执行长、零售商、供应商、政府官员、记者本周末齐聚巴萨罗那Fira Gran Via展览中心,参加全球移动大会(Mobile World Congress),同时亮相的还有最新的电子产品。It may not have the cachet of the Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas. But MWC has over the years transformed itself--from largely a trade show for European telecom executives and telco suppliers, into a global showcase in its own right for gadgets and tech companies.全球移动大会可能不像每年1月份在举行的消费电子产品展(Consumer Electronics Show)那么有名,但是多年来它已经从欧洲电讯业高管和电讯供应商参加的贸易展逐步转变为电子产品和科技公司展示自己的全球性舞台。Much of the show#39;s new swagger comes thanks to the explosive intersection of computing and mobile devices in recent years. Underscoring its new position in the tech world, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is giving one of the show#39;s keynotes.全球移动大会近年来日益引人注目的主要原因是电脑和移动设备正在呈现爆炸式的交融。Facebook Inc.首席执行长扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)将在移动大会上发表主题演讲,更凸显了大会在科技世界的新地位。Jan Koum, WhatsApp chief executive and the guy who just agreed to sell his company to Mr. Zuckerberg for billion, is also addressing the congress, along with a stable of chiefs of the world#39;s biggest telecom companies.WhatsApp首席执行长库姆(Jan Koum)也与世界最大科技公司的一众老板们一道出席大会;库姆刚刚以190亿美元向扎克伯格出售了WhatsApp。And there will be plenty of old-tech CEOs, like Virginia Rometty at IBM and John Chambers from Cisco Systems.参会人员还有许多旧科技公司的首席执行长,包括国际商业公司(IBM)的罗曼提(Virginia Rometty)和思科系统(Cisco Systems)的钱伯斯(John Chambers)。Last year#39;s show attracted more than 72,000 attendees, including 4,300 CEOs from mobile operators, device manufacturers and technology firms. There were 1,700 exhibitor. Oh, and 3,400 journalists.去年的移动大会吸引了超过72,000人参加,包括4,300名移动运营商、设备制造商和科技公司的首席执行长,还有1,700名参展商和3,400名记者。So what are the biggest things to watch?那么,最值得关注的事件是什么呢?-- Samsung#39;s new flagship: Samsung hosts its #39;Unpacked#39; event on Monday evening, where the company is expected to unveil its next Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone.三星电子(Samsung)的最新旗舰产品:该公司将在周一晚间举行发布仪式,预计将推出下一代Galaxy S5旗舰智能手机。--The future of Tizen: Samsung is also expected give its home-grown OS a leg up by offering its own Tizen-driven devices. They unveiled the first, a Tizen-powered smartwatch, just a few hours ago.Tizen操作系统的未来:三星也通过推出自己的Tizen设备,来推广其自行开发的操作系统Tizen。他们已经在数小时之前推出了首款运行Tizen操作系统的智能手表。-- Nokia#39;s first Android phone: Having lost its footing on the fast-growing sub-0 smartphone market, the Finnish company is expected to introduce a low cost-smartphone, aimed for consumers in emerging markets that runs Android...without promoting Google#39;s的首款安卓(Android)手机:在售价低于100美元的智能手机这一快速增长市场错失机会后,诺基亚预计将推出低成本智能手机,瞄准新兴市场消费者,然而没有采用谷歌(Google)开发的某些关键功能。-- Zuckerberg#39;s keynote: Faceook#39;s founder will make his first public appearance after his WhatsApp deal. The acquisition, as well as Mr. Zuckerberg#39;s presence at the mobile fair, highlights Facebook#39;s metamorphosis into a mobile company.扎克伯格的主题演讲:Faceook创始人将在收购WhatsApp之后首度公开亮相。此次收购以及他出席移动大会都凸显出Facebook正在转型为一家移动公司。-- Telco deals?: A long-expected wave of European telecom consolidation will also be on CEOs#39; minds when they gather for closed-door meetings. Will ATamp;T#39;s Randall Stephenson and Vodafone Group#39;s Vittorio Colao end up in the same room together? ATamp;T has made no secret of its interest in buying big into the European market.电讯业的并购交易?欧洲电信业期待已久的整合大潮也将成为首席执行长们参加闭门会议的议题。美国电报电话公司(ATamp;T)的史蒂芬森(Randall Stephenson)和沃达丰(Vodafone Group)的克劳(Vittorio Colao)会走到一起吗?此前美国电报电话公司已经毫不掩饰其在欧洲市场进行大举收购的兴趣。 /201402/277286。



  John Donahoe may have rescued eBay from decline, but the e-commerce company has yet to convince some corners of Wall Street it can sustain its rapid growth.约翰?多纳霍似乎已将eBay从颓势中挽救了回来,但这家电商公司还得向华尔街明,它能维持快速增长的态势。In its first-quarter financials out this week, eBay (EBAY) slightly beat earnings estimates, with net income up 19% year over year to 7 million on revenues of .7 billion, led by PayPal#39;s continued rise and the recent turnaround of Marketplaces, which includes the eBay website. But a lower-than-expected second-quarter outlook -- between .8 billion and .9 billion in sales vs. analysts#39; consensus of .95 billion -- paired with PayPal#39;s slowest growth period in some time, did not sit well with investors. The news sent eBay shares down 2% in after-hours trading.它的增长主要是由贝宝(PayPal)的持续增长及市场复苏带来的,其中就包括了eBay自己的网站人气回升。但是第二财季低于预期的业绩展望——销售收入在38亿美元到39亿美元之间,而分析师一致预期该收入为39.5亿美元——加之贝宝的业务不时停滞不前,让投资者颇为不安。消息传来,eBay股价在收盘后交易中下挫了2%。The results have left some analysts wondering: with the turnaround in its rear-view mirror, how can eBay keep up the pace?这个结果让一些分析师不免心生疑窦:眼看着市场迎来转机,eBay怎么才能保持增速呢?At the company#39;s Investor and Analyst Day last month, eBay CEO Donahoe and other executives outlined their goals for the next three years. The company projected revenues as high as .5 billion come 2015 -- vs. last year#39;s .1 billion in sales -- tied to 0 billion in global commerce from eBay#39;s Marketplaces, PayPal, and GSI Commerce, the last of which builds and manages online shopping sites for big retailers. Just as ambitious? Donahoe wants to double eBay#39;s user base to 200 million-plus by 2015.eBay上个月举行投资者与分析师通气会(Investor and Analyst Day)时,公司首席执行官多纳霍和其他高管一起阐述了未来三年的目标。公司预计,2015年收入将高达235亿美元——而去年销售收入仅为141亿美元。这个预测的基础是eBay市场、贝宝和GSI Commerce全球3,000亿美元的商务价值。其中GSI Commerce是专为大型零售商创建和管理网购平台的。这个目标算是雄心勃勃吗?实际上多纳霍还计划,到2015年实现eBay用户翻一番,达到2亿人以上。To achieve such lofty goals, eBay is focusing on boosting its customer experience. Marketplaces, for instance, will be rolling out features in the coming months and years that will amplify users#39; relationships with the retailer and use mobile devices in new ways. At Investor Day, eBay put together an impressive demo of a mobile feature dubbed Neighborhoods. Far from finished, Neighborhoods will be a comprehensive mapping feature that aggregates available items from all participating stores -- large and small -- in your neighborhood (e.g. New York City#39;s West Village). Items will be displayed onscreen and can be purchased with a few finger taps, then shipped home, possibly via same-day delivery, or picked up in-store.为了实现这些宏伟目标,eBay正致力于提升用户体验。比如,eBay市场就将在未来数月和数年中推出各种新功能,加强用户与零售商的关系,并用全新的方式运用移动设备。通气会当天,eBay推出了一项名为“社区”(Neighborhoods)的移动应用功能演示,令人印象深刻。目前这项功能还远未开发完成,未来它将是一个包罗万象的地图功能,能把用户所在社区(比如纽约的西村)所有加盟店——不管规模大小——的所有在售商品都集中起来。这些商品将在移动设备上展示出来,只需点击几下就能购买,随后就能快递到家,还可能实现当天快递送达!或者也可去实体店自提。Although PayPal remains the fastest-growing eBay segment, its 18% growth last quarter falls short of any quarter last year, indicating that the payments business could be feeling the squeeze from competitors like Square and Intuit, both of which are also developing online, offline, and mobile payment solutions. This likely explains why the company is aggressively pushing into brick-and-mortar locations. PayPal announced a deal late last year that will allow shoppers to pay using their PayPal accounts at any one of the 7 million-plus brick-and-mortar stores that take Discover (DFS), for instance.尽管贝宝仍是eBay增长最快的业务板块,但它上季度18%的增速已低于去年任一季度。它表明,付业务可能正受到竞争对手如移动付技术公司Square和Intuit的挑战。这两家公司也都在开发线上线下及移动付解决方案。这或许能解释,为什么eBay眼下正在大举进军实体店。去年年末,贝宝宣布达成了一项交易,可让购物者在其700多万家可使用Discover购物卡的合作实体店用贝宝账户付款。EBay has its eye on additional international expansion. Indeed, 61% of Marketplaces revenues aly come from outside the U.S. In China, where American online retailers are often rebuffed, eBay announced eBay Style, a partnership with luxury online retailer that allows Chinese shoppers to buy items from abroad. Meanwhile, handles domestic tasks like shipping and customer service, helping eBay gain a foothold in the region. ;When we did that, we knew it was a small step back into the market,; Wendy Jones, eBay VP of geographic expansion and cross border trade, told Fortune earlier this year. But she suggested the partnership with could be done with other Chinese companies to widen local distribution.eBay还着眼于在国际市场进一步扩张。实际上,它61%的市场收入已来自美国以外的市场。尽管美国电商在中国屡遭挫败,但eBay却宣布成立了“eBay Style”。这是一家与奢侈品电商Xiu.com合作的公司,中国消费者可通过它购买海外商品。与此同时,Xiu.com还负责中国国内的发货及客户务等业务,帮助易趣在中国市场获得了一席之地。今年年初,eBay负责区域扩张和跨境贸易的副总裁温迪?琼斯向《财富》杂志(Fortune)表示:“我们从一开始这么做的时候就明白,这只是为重返中国市场迈开的一小步”。她还暗示,也可和其他中国企业开展类似与Xiu.com的合作,以拓展中国本地分销渠道。EBay also has big plans for eBay Now, the iPhone app that offers one-hour shipping of items from partners like Target (TGT) and Home Depot (HD) in three cities. The service will eventually find its way into Marketplaces, and Donahoe told Fortune recently he hopes the service will be ubiquitous, whether a customer lives in a big urban sprawl or small suburban town. Such an expansion would call for partnerships with third-party shipping and transportation systems. ;I#39;ve had newspaper companies come to me and say, we have all these trucks. We deliver these newspapers, and these trucks don#39;t get used after 8 a.m. in the morning ... Can we help deliver?; Donahoe recently told Fortune, who pointed out that newspaper trucks are in every city in America.Bay还为eBay Now制定了宏伟规划。eBay Now是一个iPhone上的应用,它能在三个城市为用户提供一项特别务,在一小时内送到来自eBay合作伙伴如塔吉特(Target)和家得宝(Home Depot)的商品。eBay市场最终也会提供这项务。此外,多纳霍近期还向《财富》杂志表示,他希望这项务能不分远近,不管客户是住在大城市还是小城镇,都能享受到它。要实现这一大举扩张,就需要和第三方物流运输体系开展合作。多纳霍说:“已经有报社来找我了,它们表示自己有卡车。这些车平时用来送报,早上8点以后就闲置不用了。所以是否能让它们来负责送货呢?”他指出,实际上美国所有城市都有这样的送报卡车。That#39;s a growth opportunity if ever there was one.如果增长机遇确实存在,这绝对算一个。 /201304/236760

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